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Apple wants you to share your AirPods this Christmas

Commentary: Cupertino releases a Holiday ad that shows the true meaning of love. Or, at least, dancing.

These Thanksgiving-themed cover songs are stuffed with corniness

If you’re looking for some sick holiday jams to liven up your turkey binge today, look no further! YouTube and Twitter are full of the perfect holiday-themed covers to get you in the spirit to eat...

The best way to roast a turkey

Welcome to your spatchcocking primer.

Are TVs really cheaper than ever? We go back a few decades to see

Beyond the Black Friday deals and disposably cheap TVs, are televisions getting more or less expensive? Let's find out.

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The Best Black Friday Tech Deals 2017

The sheer volume of Black Friday discounts can be overwhelming, but we have pored over circulars and scoured the web for some of the Best Black Friday deals.

The best Black Friday deals at Walmart

We don't know a lot about this Element 39-inch Smart TV -- Walmart leaves the details vague; we know only that it Netflix, Vudu and YouTube, as well as "many more built-in apps." But at $125 for a 39-inch LED HD TV, it might be worth taking the plunge. (The photo shown is a 39-inch model from Element's website, which may or may not be the same model that Walmart is selling.)

Dealmaster: All the Black Friday tech deals we can find

Greetings, Arsians! Courtesy of our friends at TechBargains , we have a massive list of Black Friday deals to share. You know the situation: Black Friday is upon us, the holiday season is here, and a whole lot of discounts are  being rolled out to get people shopping.

You Should Get Drunk and Cause a Scene Today

Are you avoiding your family right now? So desperate to escape them that you’re sitting in the bathroom reading a productivity blog on Thanksgiving? Dreading the inevitable fight over Fox News or your lack of a plus-one or which kid hogged the college fund? Here’s your solution: Get drunk and cause a scene.

Video: How to get involved with internet governance organizations

Did you know anyone can help run the internet, if only in a very small way? Here are five ways to learn more.

End of an open source era: Linux pioneer Munich confirms switch to Windows 10

​The German city of Munich, famous for rejecting Windows in favour of using Linux on its PCs, will return to Windows after the move won the backing of the full council.

Marvel's The Punisher: "Gunner" Review - IGN

Unfortunately, there are still some areas where the series struggles to find its footing. For fear of sounding like a broken record, there were parts of “Gunner” that made Madani’s time back in the office interesting but only for a second. Her encounter with Karen was just OK. It was nice to see the two ladies engaged in verbal combat, but it lacked emotion and just felt like another excuse to get Karen in the show. Unlike Karen’s talk with Frank by the water, which was superb, her encounter with Madani felt forced and unnecessary. Marvel is obsessed with building their movie/TV universes, but when it comes at the cost of telling a compelling story, they should just leave it alone. We know Karen is a part of the Netflix Marvel franchise and her chemistry with Frank is fantastic, but she doesn’t need to be this universe's, Nick Furry.

The best Black Friday deals on Apple iPads, MacBooks, Mac desktops | ZDNet

This is pretty much the time to score the lowest price on Apple's laptops, with the base MacBook Air going for as little as $788 from Fry's or $799.99 from Best Buy (or $999.99 for the pricier Air with twice the solid-state storage). If you don't want to jump through doorbuster hoops, you can pay a little more at B&H Photo ($869.99), which also has savings on the more powerful Core i7-equipped Air (as does MacMall). Adorama joins B&H in providing the biggest savings on the 12-inch MacBook, slashing $150 off the price of select configurations.

HP patches severe code execution bug in enterprise printers | ZDNet

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Tesla completes the world’s largest battery for Australian wind farm

Tesla has managed to deliver something on time, even if it \’s falling behind its projections for the Model 3 electric car: It has completed production of a massive battery farm in South Australia, which is designed to capture and store energy produced by a wind farm and distribute it to the grid when it’s needed most, in an effort to curb frequent summer blackouts.

The best Black Friday 2017 games deals on Nintendo, PS4, Xbox, and PC

We’ve rounded up the best deals on standard console hardware and PC parts, games, and accessories so you don’t have to comb through those confusing, anachronistic holiday flier PDF files. With Black Friday starting this Thursday on Thanksgiving and going through Cyber Monday, be sure to double check store hours and whether a certain retailer is offering discounts for in-store purchases, online-only, or both.

The BBC is adapting Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys as a radio drama

The six-part radio drama will premiere on Christmas day on BBC Radio 4, and will run through Friday, December 30th, and it will also be available online for overseas fans. The play will star Lenny Henry as Anansi/Mr Nancy, Jacob Anderson and and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett will voice Charlie and Spider, respectively. Dirk Maggs, who adapted BBC Radio’s adaptations of Stardust , Neverwhere and Good Omens, will helm this adaptation.

I am the CEO of Duolingo and if our passive aggressive push notifications don't make you learn French, I don't know what will

But then, we thought of passive aggressive notifications: a reasonable balance between nice and mean that reminds you to practice French with a subtle dig to your psyche that makes you feel like you're spiting us by completing a lesson. Now users last an average of three weeks, and after that, the data shows that we can't save them.

Facebook's latest feature test looks like Snapchat's streaks

Facebook has been emulating (read: copying) Snapchat for a while now, whether through Instagram or on its own . So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that it's at it again. This time the company is playing around with a feature for Messenger akin to Snapchat's streaks (direct snaps sent back and forth between friends, which come with emoji rewards). Twitter user @CaseSandberg spotted the experiment, with Facebook confirming to Mashable that it is in fact testing it, complete with emoji-like icons. The social network claims it's a way to glean fun facts about your pals, but it's clearly just a ripoff aimed at drumming up more engagement.

Tesla readies Australian mega-battery

It appears the company will meet the 1 December deadline for installation of the battery array, which will be connected to a wind farm run by French renewable energy company Neoen.

The best Laptop and Macbook deals on Black Friday 2017 (US)

We've combed the web to bring you the absolute best laptop and MacBook deals for Black Friday 2017. So many online stores are slashing their prices, it can be difficult to keep on top of all the deals. So, we've assembled this list so you can score all of the very best deals from a single web page.

Why technology alone won't save us from fake news

Amy Webb, Founder of the Future Today Institute and author of The Signals Are Talking, discusses how fragmented government regulation, hidden algorithms, and social media have made it easy to generate fake news and why technology alone isn't the answer.

How a Linux stronghold turned back to Windows: Key dates in Munich's LiMux project

As the LiMux project enters its final days, here's the entire history of the Munich's move to open-source, dating back to its inception, together with what's in store in the years to come.

Google Alphabet's Schmidt: Here's why we can't keep fake news out of search results | ZDNet

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​Google: Here's how we predict battery life based on your usage patterns | ZDNet

The Battery section in Settings displays both the percentage of battery life remaining and an estimate of how many hours and minutes this translates to, based on the model's analysis of usage patterns.

3-Ingredient Happy Hour:  The Cranberry Sauced

Happy Friday, my lushes, and welcome back to 3-Ingredient Happy Hour , the weekly drink column featuring super simple yet delicious libations. This week I’m leaning into the holiday spirit with one of the real heroes of Thanksgiving: jellied cranberry sauce.

Intel ME bug storm: Is your machine among 100s just named by Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo? | ZDNet

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How to share folders to your network from macOS High Sierra

There are times when it is a necessity to share folders across a network—regardless of your platform. It should come as no surprise that the ability to share folders is built into macOS. The process for sharing out these folders is incredibly painless. I'm going to show you how this is done with macOS High Sierra on a MacBook Pro. As you might expect, the process is handled completely through a GUI—so no commands need apply.

Korea tops APAC in government support for business R&D: OECD | ZDNet

Australia came in second, with direct government funding and tax support for business R&D accounting for 0.2 percent of the nation's GDP in 2015, followed by Japan at 0.15 percent, China at 0.13 percent, and New Zealand at 0.08 percent. These are compared to 0.12 percent, 0.14 percent, 0.1 percent, and 0.09 percent in 2005, respectively.

3 ways your company can stay secure on Cyber Monday

During the holiday season, it's inevitable that your employees will shop online, but don't let their purchases cost your company too.

Tesla releases ‘expected price’ of semi electric truck: $150,000 to $200,000

After focusing on the cost of operation instead of the purchase price during the unveiling event last week, Tesla has now released what it refers to as the “expected price” of the Tesla Semi electric trucks.

After Justice League, Henry Cavill Is Excited to Play the Superman of the Comics

I’ve always enjoyed the traditional, very classic view on Superman in the comic books. I think there’s an enormous complexity to that character. I know when I was working with Joss he and I saw eye-to-eye on some of the aspects of Superman. That paragon of hope. That ideal. That wonderful feeling of, ‘Oh, good, Superman’s here!’ I have also developed a very personal and protective relationship over this character, and it was just lovely to have the opportunity to smile and feel good.

Despicable tea? An adorable Minions cafe bursts out of Japan

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. A total of 14 different items are on the menu at the Minions Cafe. They all look pretty, but don't expect to be blown away by the taste. Gru and two larger Minions made an appearance at the media preview.

Like the Original, Blade Runner 2049 Is Scifi Film Noir at Its Finest

Noir heroes often face rich, powerful, and politically connected antagonists who control vast swaths of the setting where the story happens. In Blade Runner 2049 , Jared Leto’s Wallace fits the archetype and his mission to hunt down the baby born from replicant Rachael hooks into another familiar plot device in the noir genre, the illegitimate child. In the 1940s and 1950s, when the foundational texts of noir were created, having a child out of wedlock was a scandal that could ruin lives. The stigma grew exponentially when a baby came from a coupling of bodies from different social castes. As social mores changed, that stigma lessened. By setting his modern-day noir Brick in a high school, Rian Johnson was able to put this old-school genre convention in a place where it still had the weight of scandal. The creators of Blade Runner 2049 pull a similar trick, where the baby that shouldn’t exist comes from parents that shouldn’t even have been able to conceive.

19 whiskey gifts for the sophisticated drinker in your life

This pen is made with resin that has been tinted and textured with malted barley from a real distillery in Tennessee. Look, your loved one (probably) can't drink at work, but at least they can hold a piece of whiskey without alerting HR.

Lyft just raised another $500 million— now it's valued at $11.5 billion

The additional funding round, led by Alphabet’s CapitalG, is an extension of the $1 billion round announced in October.

Firefox will soon flag sites that have been hacked

Hunt is working with Mozilla on the code, but isn't quite sure how the final feature will work. "Firefox is just looking at which sites have been been breached and we're discussing other ways of using the data in the future," he told Engadget in a message. "They've got a broad reach and surfacing this info via Firefox is a great way to get more exposure around data breaches."

Beer in space: Budweiser makes plans for life on Mars

“For the national lab, we’re always looking at how researchers can take advantage of microgravity environments to benefit life on earth,” Center for the Advancement of Science in Space marketing and communications manager Patrick O’Neill told Fast Company last Spring. “When we’re working with Budweiser, the caveat is always ‘How is the Earth benefitting?'”

Gigaom on Twitter

You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

Vsauce on Twitter

I was expecting, right at the end, for a single piece to be removed just to prove that it's actually balancing on the center of gravity.

Techmeme on Twitter

Workers at Amazon's main distribution hub in Italy and at six German distribution centers plan to strike on Black Friday over pay disputes ( @za_lentina / Reuters) … …

Hiding a hack? Uber promised not to do things like that

That's why hiding this breach could be a big problem for Uber, McAndrew said. "At the very time they were negotiating a consent order with the FTC, they were knowingly not disclosing it." The terms of the settlement also require Uber to swear under penalty of perjury on an annual basis that it's in compliance with the settlement order. That anniversary hasn't come up yet.

Garmin Vivomove HR hides its fitness under the surface

Garmin Vivomove HR hides its fitness under the surface

Uber told SoftBank about data breach before telling public

(Reuters) - Uber Technologies Inc said on Thursday that it discussed a massive data breach with potential investor SoftBank Group Corp ahead of going public with details of the incident on Tuesday.

'Stranger Things' Erica offers snarky Thanksgiving advice

The one-minute video includes some memorable season 2 moments, including the KFC dinner, walkie-talkie fun, and even a few He-Man appearances. It was probably smart for the "Stranger Things" crew to enlist Erica in their battle against the demogorgons last year. If she can handle Thanksgiving family, she can surely survive the Upside Down.

Gifts for Your Soon-to-Be Ex

As you sit around the fire, your arm lifelessly draped around the person you know you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with but who you misguidedly bought a roundtrip ticket to your parents house for the holidays, consider a painfully mediocre gift. Something that says, “I heard you repeatedly hint that you wanted that cool leather jacket, but here, have a nice pullover I bought at the airport.”

How to Switch Between Apps Faster on iPhone X

This is a great feature for the real-life use case when you’re using two to three apps together and need to quickly switch between them. For me, it’s usually Safari, WhatsApp, and an email app. Just swiping sideways left or right to switch to Safari, seeing the information there and then switching back to WhatsApp happens so quickly it seems straight out of the future (like many things about the iPhone X).

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals Wiki Guide - IGN

There's no need to wait for Black Friday, IGN covers deals every day. follow IGN Deals on twitter and sign up for our newsletter to find the best deals before they're all gone!

Family getting you down? Check out these dogs watching the National Dog Show.

Many, many people noticed their dogs watching right along with them as the best of their species competed at the national level. And the real MVPs shared pictures to Twitter so we could all witness their joy and feel better about the world.

You might catch a glimpse of the Galaxy S9 earlier than you think

Whatever the debut strategy may be, speculation around the devices are swirling. The Galaxy S9 Plus, for instance, is rumored by the same source to have more RAM and a dual-camera in addition to a bigger display. This is different from the current S8 and S8 Plus, which only differ in size.

Yep, It's Still Not a Good Idea to Eat Raw Cookie Dough

For some, sneaking a mouthful of raw cookie dough while baking is an indelible—and certainly delicious—part of the process. But while we’ve been told to avoid dough containing raw eggs, a new investigation confirms that tainted raw flour was responsible for an E. coli outbreak in 2016—a finding that will surely test our temptation to lick the bottom of the bowl.

A pricier, better sounding alternative to Apple's AirPods

The SoundSport Free also sound better than the AirPods, with more bass and richer sound overall. For those familiar with the "corded" SoundSport Wireless, the SoundSport Free has a very similar sound profile. As I said about that model, there's some clarity missing (the highs are a little recessed), but you get lots of bass and the midrange sounds pretty natural and warm. They also sound pretty open and played plenty loud (for me anyway).

Latest Windows 10 'Redstone 4' PC test build adds more feature refinements | ZDNet

Microsoft is continuing to deliver lots of fixes and a few minor feature updates to testers of its next Windows 10 feature release with Insider Build 17046.

Moto Z Play is a must-buy smartphone at 50% off before Black Friday

Perhaps the biggest selling feature of the Z Play is its compatibility with Moto Mods . These optional mods elegantly snap onto the back of the Z Play via magnets and really expand upon what it’s capable of. The list is growing by the month, but some of the more interesting applications include a portable projector and a gamepad that turns your phone into a portable gaming console.

Hold on to your wallets: Steam's Autumn sale is now live

Need more PC game discounts? Fine -- GOG's Black Friday sale starts today, too.

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