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Apple Patent Describes Dumb Laptop Powered By iPhone

Could the future of the MacBook be as an accessory device requiring an iPhone or iPad to function?

Deadpool butts in where he doesn't belong in this NSFW 'Beauty and the Beast' parody

Of course this happened.

How Fake Fixes To Fake News Could Lead To Real Problems | Fast Company

Poor solutions to misinformation by technology companies and others don’t address systemic civic problems—and could lead to self-censorship.

4-year-old gets Siri to help save mom's life

Commentary: A UK child unlocks his unconscious mother's iPhone by pressing her thumb to the home button and asking Siri to call for help.

Hulu’s trailer for The Handmaid’s Tale is appropriately chilling

Hulu's original series The Handmaid's Tale, which debuts on April 26, is based on Margaret Atwood's 1985 novel, which is a work of fiction. Try to keep that..

Samantha Bee: Trump's budget reveals he 'has no f*cking clue'

American carnage!

Potter Puppet Pals' 'Mysterious Ticking Noise' is 10 years old, so you're basically dying

Snape, Snape, Severus Snape.

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Batman hands Aquaman his trident in 'Justice League' teaser

He also dominates the short teaser released on Thursday, first standing in front of a wild wave and letting it crash around him, then taking his trident from Batman, then apparently controlling the oceans, which for him is probably as easy as turning off a faucet.

WikiLeaks: CIA tools could infiltrate MacBooks, iPhones

One tool revealed on Thursday, dubbed "Sonic Screwdriver" in the alleged CIA documents, could infect MacBook firmware through the Thunderbolt port. The approach takes advantage of a flaw similar to a problem described by security researcher Trammell Hudson in 2015. They developed a hacking tool they dubbed "Thunderstrike 2" that infected MacBook firmware through the Thunderbolt port based on the flaw, which Apple patched in 2015.

With reactions and mentions, Facebook Messenger will feel even more like a social network

Employees are also encouraged to always try to accommodate customer requests as much as humanly possible. Last week, one customer came to the with an elaborate plan to surprise his significant other with a scavenger-hunt-like experience that required the help of the staff. They immediately agreed. Rovito believes that each customer that has a superlative experience will advocate for the brand and, so far, that's proven true.  ES

Senate votes to overturn Obama broadband privacy rules

Under the rules approved by the Federal Communications Commission in October under then-President Barack Obama, internet providers would need to obtain consumer consent before using precise geolocation, financial information, health information, children’s information and web browsing history for advertising and internal marketing.

What we love and hate about 'Mass Effect: Andromeda'

As for the narrative -- I love the idea of colonizing a new galaxy for the human race. That's an incredible premise for a video game, though it definitely has been done before. With such a pure sci-fi premise, Andromeda has to nail its storytelling arcs and build believable, complex characters and relationships; otherwise, the entire game becomes bland. Unfortunately, the details are precisely where the story falls apart for me. I don't care much about my crewmates yet, partially because I can hardly see their faces while I'm talking with them, and the story beats don't always align with the personality choices I make.

Instagram will start blurring “Sensitive Content”, opens two-factor authentication to all

Instagram says it will start blurring “Sensitive Content” that doesn't merit removal and opens two-factor authentication to all

WikiLeaks unveils how CIA reportedly hacked our Apple products

WikiLeaks opened Vault 7 — a massive collection of alleged CIA hacking secrets — earlier this month. Now its released “Dark Matter,” new documents from the Vault dating as far back as 2008 which “demonstrate [the CIA’s] use of EFI/UEFI and firmware malware.”

Say Goodbye to Virgin America

Repainting Virgin America planes with the Alaska Airlines and completely merging the two brands makes total sense. For one, Alaska Airlines has been paying Branson royalties for using the Virgin brand since the acquisition, and retiring the brand makes good financial sense. The newly merged airline says that it plans to incorporate Virgin America’s “flair” into its entire fleet, albeit with some slight tweaks. The pink and purple mood lighting in the cabins will soon be blue, and all of the flight staff will get new uniforms. Free in-flight entertainment and fast wi-fi will be a permanent fixture on all Alaska Airlines flights in the near future, as well.

Instagram will start blurring 'sensitive' photos in your feed

Another change announced today is one everyone should take advantage of: two-factor authentication. It's been around in limited fashion for a while, but now it's available to everyone. It works just like you'd expect -- once turned on, you'll need a code sent to your phone via text message every time you log in. Before you turn it on, just make sure that the phone number linked to your Instagram account is the current number you're using.

Misfit Vapor with Android Wear could be one of the best fitness watches

The Misfit Vapor will also cost $199, which would make it one of the most affordable Android Wear smartwatches on the market. If its performance matches the features, it could end up being an Android Wear 2 standout. But based on these specs, it doesn't look like it has NFC or Android Pay.

ABC News learns a hard lesson about Twitter account security

Several of the tweets linked to an account, @the6clerk, which has since been suspended by Twitter. Others expressed a pro-Donald Trump sentiment, which I’m almost certain was tongue-in-cheek.

New WikiLeaks docs show how the CIA hacks iPhones and MacBooks

For years, the CIA has been developing tools for hacking into Apple products — and thanks to WikiLeaks, those tools are now public. Today, the group published a new set of documents dubbed “Dark Matter,” part of the ongoing Vault 7 publication on CIA hacking tools . Today’s documents focus specifically on Apple products, detailing the CIA’s methods for breaking into MacBooks and iPhones.

People want to know: Why are there no good bots?

The power of these bots is easy to misunderstand when you don’t have a bot yourself to monitor and analyze usage. One of the main reasons for this is the exact same reason why these things work well. They are private communications. External parties can’t listen in on the conversations or the usage of the bots. Which means from the outside, you have no idea how successful they are. It’s “dark social,” it’s 1-1 communications. This is one of the many powerful things about these bots.

Facebook adds Mentions and Reactions to group chats on Messenger

The reactions are useful for the same reason they are on Facebook proper: They give you more ways to acknowledge you’ve read a post and express your feelings towards it instead of a generic Like. In fact, Messenger also offers a thumbs down reaction, something you can’t use on Facebook. Here it’s probably meant to serve more as a ‘no’ than a ‘dislike’ button, which will come in handy for, say, deciding what restaurant to eat at with a group of friends.

It Sure Looks Like That Viral 'Trump Cat' Site Is a Massive Troll

While any usable contact information was scrubbed when the domains were registered, there is one element of the barebones site that suggests it’s the work of trolls. The site auto-plays Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” It’s a meme older than dirt, and a classic internet bait-and-switch: deceptive text or a disguised link would lead credulous people to the forgettable ‘80s jam instead of whatever they were looking for. It’s hard to say what’s really going on, but it sure looks like an opportunist who wanted their site to go viral managed to troll the Observer , the Reporter , and, in the end, us.

US Senate votes to let internet providers share your web browsing history without permission

Assuming these rules get overturned, the FCC is going to have to formalize a new set of privacy requirements for internet providers. When that happens, it’s likely they’ll be quite similar to these rules — banning ISPs from sharing information on children or their subscribers’ health — but without the restriction on sharing general web browsing history, which is what internet providers are really up in arms about.

The Handmaid's Tale Trailer Shows a World Where Fear Breeds Contempt

The trailer takes us fully into the world of Offred, a woman whose rights were persecuted and subsequently stripped away, turning her into a breeder for wealthy couples. The show presents a world that’s not unlike ours, showing how easily we could fall into the abyss ourselves through compliance and tolerating intolerance. It’s no wonder woman are dressing up as these characters at Texas legislature meetings to let doctors lie to female patients about fetal defects. We’re one red hood away from the point of no return.

Instagram begins blurring some sensitive content, opens two-factor to all

Instagram is already doing a lot to spot and censor posts that violate its community guidelines, like outright porn, but now it’s also taking steps to block out potentially sensitive material that might not technically run afoul of its rules. The social network is adding a blurred screen with a “Sensitive Content” warning on top of posts that fit this description, which basically means posts that have been reported as offensive by users, but don’t merit takedowns per the posted Instagram guidelines.

Twitter might build a paid subscription service for power users

Twitter is considering offering an advanced TweetDeck experience, with more powerful tools to help marketers, journalists, professionals, and others in our community find out what is happening in the world quicker, to gain more insights, and see the broadest range of what people are saying on Twitter. Whether you use Twitter for work or just want to be more informed on the latest news, sports, entertainment, political viewpoints, and information in today’s world, this advanced TweetDeck experience will be designed to help you get even more out of Twitter.

Google and Howard University partner for more diversity in tech

Diversity (or the lack thereof) at Silicon Valley companies like Google has been a hot topic in the tech industry of late -- just about every major tech company out there now is publishing diversity numbers and pledging to make their workforces more than just white men. Google today has just announced a new partnership with Howard University to help improve its own diversity. As Google VP Bonita Stewart (herself a Howard alum) writes , the new "Howard West" program is a residency at Google's Mountain View campus for black computer science majors.

US ordered social media checks for some Visa applicants

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ordered "mandatory social media checks" on all visa applicants who visited ISIS-controlled regions, according to memos seen by Reuters . That could explain why some visitors to the US have complained about increased demands by customs officials to access phones and passwords for Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts.

Samsung Meeting Overshadowed by Trial, Questions Over Structure

Elliott lost a fight to prevent the 2015 merger of two affiliated units, Cheil Industries Inc. and Samsung C&T Corp., which helped to cement Lee’s control over the empire founded by his grandfather. The allegations against Lee include assertions that he won support for the merger from Korea’s National Pension Service in exchange for helping a friend of former President Park Geun-hye. Still, if Samsung turns into a holding company, Lee would solidify his control over Samsung Electronics without a huge cash outlay, because he can rely on his stake in Samsung C&T, which owns more than 4 percent of the technology division.

Apple will start producing iPhones in India in 4-6 weeks | Cult of Mac

Given that the iPhone 6 and 6s are no longer the present model for Apple, starting out producing them is a good way of testing manufacturing without risking the main in-demand products should something go awry. Interestingly, today’s report differs from previous ones, which suggested that Wistron would start out producing the iPhone SE.

What startups and enterprise companies should learn from game devs - TechRepublic

Crowfall developers J Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton explain how the $100 billion game industry blazed a trail for cloud services, micro-transactions, AI, and cyber defense strategy.

Samsung finally has an LTE model of the Gear S3 Classic

There's no word yet on how much it will cost or when it will be available, but we do know AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon will offer it. Both the S3 Classic and Frontier currently cost around $350, so it's likely the new model will be in that range. Like its predecessor, the new S3 Classic will have the same minimalist look and silver rotating bezel, which lets users answer or reject calls, read messages and access apps. It also comes with a 1.3-inch circular display that's always on so you can check the time, built-in GPS, Tizen OS and Samsung Pay. We don't know if adding LTE will change the watch's size, but it's unlikely, since the original Classic isn't much smaller than the Frontier.

Republican Senators just sold your privacy to the highest bidder

The policy, originally proposed by then acting FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler outlined clear guidelines for how ISPs were to handle your data. In short, they couldn’t use it without your permission and they certainly weren’t able to share sensitive information like browsing history and location data with advertisers.

Are vehicles the mobile sensor beds of the future?

New vehicles are being built with an increasing number of sensors. These sensors are not only measuring how the vehicle is operating, but are starting to measure the environmental conditions they are being used in too. Future vehicles will effectively become mobile sensor beds, collecting data, at a granular level, across the whole planet.

Apple reimagines the iPhone as a MacBook touchpad

The first shows an iPhone that docks into a laptop, taking the place of a trackpad. In this example, the laptop acts as a dumb terminal, with all the computational leg-work taking place in the iPhone.

29 Apple iCloud ransom demands: The facts you need to know

ZDNet has uncovered several loose ends with a claim regarding millions of iCloud accounts held for ransom, and questions remain. Users should act out of an abundance to protect their accounts.

What the Hell Did Superman Just Do to the DC Comics Universe?

This obviously has ramifications— monumental ones—that stretch far beyond the lives of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. We have yet to see the evidence of it in the wider DC Comics roster, but this is essentially a brand new DC Universe. Moments from before the New 52 reboot in now exist again, alongside the events of the New 52 universe itself.

Top 10 cities for women in tech: Washington DC, not Silicon Valley, is No. 1 - TechRepublic

The third Best Cities for Women in Tech in 2017 by SmartAsset took a look at the 59 largest cities across the US to see how different locations stack up when it comes to representation and pay for women in tech. The research examined the gender pay gap, the percentage of women in tech jobs, their income after housing expenses, and four-year growth in the total number of computer and math-related jobs for men and women from 2012-2015.


Verizon, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson and other major companies have pulled advertisements from YouTube after learning they were paired with videos promoting extremism, terrorism and other offensive topics, The New York Times reports . Among the other companies involved are pharmaceutical giant GSK, HSBC, the Royal Bank of Scotland and L'Oreal, amounting to a potential loss of hundreds of millions of dollars to the Google-owned company. The boycott began last week after a Times of London investigation spurred many major European companies to pull their ads from YouTube. American companies swiftly followed, even after Google promised Tuesday to work harder to block ads on "hateful, offensive and derogatory" videos. Like AT&T, most companies are only pulling their ads from YouTube and will continue to place ads on Google's search platforms, which remain the biggest source of revenue for Google's parent company, Alphabet. Still, the tech giant offered up a slew of promises to assuage marketers and ensure them that they were fixing the problems on YouTube. Due to the massive number of videos on YouTube -- about 400 hours of video is posted each minute -- the site primarily uses an automated system to place ads.

Gorillaz announce a new album with a bonkers list of collaborators

Humanz will be released on April 28, and the list of collaborators revealed via Instagram is pretty incredible. Grace Jones, Carly Simon, Pusha T, Mavis Staples, Danny Brown and D.R.A.M. are among the artists tagged in the series of posts announcing the album.

In airline laptop ban, some in Turkey see commercial agenda

ISTANBUL As Istanbul builds a massive new airport and Turkish Airlines pursues aggressive route expansion, some in Turkey see the ban on large carry-on electronics on U.S. and Britain-bound flights as a ploy to undermine their aviation industry.

TechRepublic on Twitter

Report: More than 1/3 of tech workers fear Trump's election will hurt industry diversity efforts

5 features in iOS 10.3 that business users should be excited about - TechRepublic

Professionals who use iCloud storage will soon get a much clearer idea of how much storage they are actually using from the Settings app in iOS. In addition to seeing how much storage is being used, they will be able to see what kinds of files are being stored, and which devices are using most of the storage space. This could help an enterprise user get a better idea of how they could shift some files around to free up room.

Did you know you shouldn't feed ducks bread? These people didn't.

Did you know you shouldn't feed ducks bread? These people didn't.

Memes don't just look good on the internet, they also look good on your eyelids

Memes don't just look good on the internet, they also look good on your eyelids

The Han Solo Movie Covers Six Formative Years in the Smuggler's Life

I’m sure I’ll say this a million times leading up to 2018 but I have mixed feelings about this. Lots of what makes Han Solo so great is his mysterious past and all these events just being hinted at. Now we’re going to actually see them, and as exciting as that is as a fan, you also don’t want the character to be demystified. All we’ve imagined about the young Han will be difficult to top in reality. Then again, with Lawrence and Jake Kasdan writing, as well as Phil Lord and Chris Miller directing, there’s a good chance seeing these things play out will equal our expectations. Or at least we hope.

Europe’s first sex doll brothel moves underground

According to Spanish newspaper El País , Barcelona police had begun investigating the legality of the brothel where the four polymer dolls were kept. When they arrived to inspect the premises, however, they found the place empty.

Report: Here are the 5 most (and least) innovative states in the US - TechRepublic

The report looked at 50 US states, plus D.C., to see how each measured up in terms of technology innovation. The analysis examined two factors—"human capital" and "innovation environment"—using 18 different metrics that relate to these areas, including things like "share of households with internet access," "drone friendly regulations," and "AP exam participation."

Read the email a Google recruiter sent a job candidate to prepare him for the interview

We have openings across all of our products in areas such as Consumer, Mobile, Apps, Enterprise and Infrastructure to name a few. As a brief outline, we have an agnostic interview process in which we aim to hire PM "generalists", who may have niche experience but can easily float through our evolving product lines. We find this keeps our Product Managers fresh and with distributed, homogeneous experiences for our project teams. So, in a nutshell, we do not hire for a specific product, but rather, are seeking generalists who can work on multiple products. As such, you'll interview with PM's working on any number of our various products. At a later point, our leadership reviews your interests, background, and interviews to identify relevant projects that align with business need.

Two-Thirds of All Cancer Mutations Are Unavoidable, Scientists Claim

While across the board, these “bad luck” cancers account for about two-thirds of all cancers, each cancer type has its own story to tell. In pancreatic cancer, for example, 77 percent of cases are the result of random DNA copying errors, 18 percent are due to environment, and the remaining five percent to hereditary. For prostate, brain, and bone cancers, the “random” (R) factor jumps to 95 percent (the researchers defined R as mutations caused by normal DNA replication, and not those influenced by inherited genetic factors and/or the environment). Most of the mutations in breast cancer were attributed to R, but some were due to health factors (obesity being a contributing factor). Lung cancer is quite different, with the environment accounting for 65 percent of cases (attention smokers). Around 35 percent of lung cancer is the result of copying errors, while heredity plays a virtually non-existent role.

Vudu's smartphone app can turn your old DVDs into HD digital copies

The new Vudu program isn’t free, but it's significantly cheaper than re-purchasing your DVD content in digital form. Vudu charges $2 per disc for a one-to-one conversion, such as Blu-ray to a high-definition (HD) digital copy, or DVD to standard-definition (SD) copy. If you want to go all the way and swap out old DVDs for a digital HD copy, you’ll have to fork over $5 per title. Vudu users will also get one free conversion via the smartphone app.

New Japanese solar cell is closest to reaching maximum efficiency

According to Arstechnica UK , the new silicon-based solar cell is able to achieve stunning 26.3 percent efficiency. The old record was a solar cell capable of harnessing 25.6 percent of the energy of sunlight, but most commercial cells are closer to the 20 percent mark.

2017 Guide: Top 10 Laptops With the Best Battery Life -

SKIP THE TOUCH SCREEN.  Of course, if you opt for a 2-in-1 convertible, you can't ditch the touch screen; touch is in these machines' very nature. But if you're in the market for a traditional laptop that offers both touch and non-touch displays (like the Dell XPS 13), going with a non-touch model may add significantly to battery life. As convenient as it can be to reach out and tap a dialog button or scroll down a Web page with your finger on a screen, adding touch to a screen means a whole other layer of always-on electronics that are constantly waiting for your finger to tap or swipe the glass. If you use touch only occasionally, it's not worth the drain on battery life—especially if battery longevity is one of your main priorities.

Ripcord Removes the Pain of Paper Cuts With Robot Digital Filers

The machines aren’t going on sale. Ripcord is aiming to deploy hundreds of the giant devices in warehouses where hoppers of paper will be moved around by robots. Fielding is keen to point out that his automated system isn’t putting people out of work, it’s going to change the way that filing work is done. The machines still need human input in preparing files and supervision of the speedy process, even though it has built-in error correction and will even divert through a trap door multiple sheets or paper with sticky notes attached.

The Greatest Scientific Breakthrough of Our Time Is This Drip-Free Wine Bottle

There are several ways to prevent those inevitable wine bottle drips from staining your tablecloth. You can wrap the bottle in a napkin while you pour, just skip the wine glass altogether and drink straight from the bottle, or use your physics degrees to re-engineer the bottle’s spout so it never drips again .

The future of AI: 10 scenarios IBM is already working on - TechRepublic

While there's fear about artificial intelligence taking jobs or wiping out humanity, IBM sees the future in far more practical terms. It's using AI to assist human problem-solving.

Software bug makes Nest Cams vulnerable to hacks

That may sound involved, but it basically means folks aware of this glitch can temporarily knock out a Nest Cam's feed when they're within Bluetooth range. The same goes for the other two glitches -- all of which involve relatively little coding, as Doyle outlines on Github.

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74 Nasa is building an interplanetary internet out of lasers
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