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The first 'Iron Fist' Season 2 trailer finally brings Danny back to his crimefighting roots

Yay, he's actually using his iron fist!

Fertility app blamed for 37 unwanted pregnancies is now FDA approved in the USA

Controversial fertility app, Natural Cycles, has been approved by the FDA in America. The app was responsibile for 37 out of 668 unwanted pregnancies.

'Jurassic Park' returning to theaters for 25th anniversary

"Hold onto your butts."

Turkey's president wants people to buy this homegrown phone instead of the iPhone

Can handsets from Vestel Venus truly rival Apple's iPhone?

Here's what Bollywood movie to watch based on your favorite Hollywood romance

Some are straight remakes, but some are just excellent odd couples.

MacBook Air: Could a 2018 refresh of the budget MacBook be on the way?

A refresh of the MacBook Air to celebrate a decade of sales could rejuvenate a MacBook model that has seemingly been left behind. Could Apple be planning to update the MacBook Air, and if so, what changes are on the cards?

The Great Filter: Why You Shouldn’t ICO on Ethereum

It’s an open secret that Ethereum is simply the wrong technology for most of the stuff being built on it. Here, with data from our own at-scale load tests, we show why many high-profile projects wi…

EA teases battle royale in new ‘Battlefield V’ trailer

EA teases battle royale in new ‘Battlefield V’ trailer exploring one of the game's settings: Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

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Glimpse the inside of Apple's gargantuan Arizona data center | Cult of Mac

Apple is very secretive about its data centers. For good reason: they’re at risk from criminals, foreign spy agencies, terrorists, and more. But the company gave a local newspaper a look inside its Arizona server farm.

Facebook raised $300M during first year of birthday fundraisers

"Facebook is developing a new way of philanthropy for young people that didn't exist before," said Braden Lay-Michaels, chief development officer at The Trevor Project, a nonprofit focused on suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth. Before birthday fundraisers, the organization used to raise about $1,000 a month through other donations on Facebook. A year ago, after the launch of birthday fundraisers, The Trevor Project raised over $10,000 for the first time. During Pride Month, the organization raised over $200,000.

Google's Firebase intros in-app messaging, BigQuery integration | ZDNet

Among the key updates is the introduction of a new in-app messaging tool that gives developers a way to engage with users who are actively using their apps. Developers can nudge users through the app funnel via targeted and contextual messages, Google said. The tool also provides analytics on how each messaging campaign is performing, tracking impressions, clicks and conversions by date.

The best way to update and install apps on Ubuntu

The thing that needs to be considered, for Ubuntu, is that they are migrating over to GNOME in 17.10, which means the now-defunct Ubuntu Software Center is officially switching to GNOME Software. This is a good thing on so many levels. First off, the Ubuntu Software Center has been broken for a long time. Also, with the old system, you had to install software from one tool and upgrade software from another. Now, thanks to the new GNOME Software tool, everything happens in one happy location.

6 China's looks to warehousing assets to help revive profits

BEIJING (Reuters) - China’s second-largest e-commerce firm, Inc, said it is shifting management of its warehousing assets to a separate unit, in a move it hopes will revive profits after it swung back to a loss in April-June.

7 Kroger starts testing self-driving grocery delivery in Arizona

You now have a chance to try Kroger's self-driving grocery delivery ... if you happen to live in the right part of Arizona. The chain has launched its driverless delivery pilot at a single Fry's Food Stores location in Scottsdale, giving you a chance to receive foodstuffs courtesy of Nuro's autonomous vehicles. Order through the Fry's website or app and the robotic courier can deliver either the same day or next day for a $6 flat fee. You'll have to live in the same 85257 ZIP code, so you can't make them drive across town just to satisfy your curiosity.

Aretha Franklin, the queen of soul, dead at 76

Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin died Thursday at the age of 76, the Associated Press reported.

Elon Musk’s Boring Company proposes one-way, 3.6 mile tunnel to Dodger Stadium

Although The Boring Company claims that this tunnel could alleviate traffic to Dodger Stadium during games and concerts, the tunnel will only be one-way, so the company will have to stage many of the eight- to 16-person electric skates that run through the tunnel before a game or it will have to pause outbound trips to bring more electric skates to the western terminal. The Boring Company says it would be able to transport about 1,400 people per game, pre-selling tickets for trips at an arranged time. "Based on City and community feedback, it could be possible to increase ridership per game to 2,800 per game or event," The Boring Company writes. For context, Dodger Stadium's capacity is 56,000.

10 NYU Makes Tuition Free for All Medical Students

New York University said Thursday that it will cover tuition for all its medical students regardless of their financial situation, a first among the nation’s major medical schools and an attempt to expand career options for graduates who won’t be saddled with six-figure debt.


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Preorders open for the GLAS thermostat by Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls' smart thermostat does promise some unique features you can't currently find elsewhere. The GLAS is supposed to track humidity and indoor and outdoor air quality. If the the thermostat senses poor indoor air quality, it's supposed to automatically enlist a fan or ventilation system to help.


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Newspapers banded together to defend the press and Lil' Trump threw a tantrum

The Boston Globe, which was sold to the the Failing New York Times for 1.3 BILLION DOLLARS (plus 800 million dollars in losses & investment), or 2.1 BILLION DOLLARS, was then sold by the Times for 1 DOLLAR. Now the Globe is in COLLUSION with other papers on free press. PROVE IT!

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16 Valve may offer tools to play Windows games on Steam Machines

Valve's Steam Machine platform hasn't really taken off, and it's not just because of the hardware. When few developers are willing to release Linux-native versions of games to run on Steam OS, there just isn't a lot to play. Thankfully, the company may have a way to bring more titles to the platform... sort of. Reddit users have pointed out that Steam's graphical interface files now include a section with not-so-secret references to a Steam Play feature that would auto-load "compatibility tools" to play games "built for other operating systems." In other words, Steam OS might include some kind of emulation.

Motorola announces its list of phones that will receive Android Pie

Android Pie is here and Motorola has announced which phones in its lineup that will get the latest and greatest software.


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19 Exclusive: Amazon considering UK insurance comparison site - sources

LONDON (Reuters) - Inc ( AMZN.O ) is sounding out some of Europe’s top insurance firms to see if they would contribute products to a UK price comparison website in what would be a major foray by the U.S. online retail giant into the region’s financial services.


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Nikon releases fourth teaser video for its upcoming Z6 and Z7 mirrorless cameras

Nikon has released a fourth teaser video for its upcoming Z6 and Z7 full-frame mirrorless cameras, ahead of the August 23 launch event.

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We moved fast from internet era, society didn't get a chance to evolve around it, instead we ran into a wall. Very soon this pressure will grow, UBI will be here and only top engineers, doctors etc will have prominent jobs.

Possible Python rival? Programming language Julia is winning over developers | ZDNet

"We want something as usable for general programming as Python, as easy for statistics as R, as natural for string processing as Perl, as powerful for linear algebra as Matlab, as good at gluing programs together as the shell. Something that is dirt simple to learn, yet keeps the most serious hackers happy. We want it interactive and we want it compiled."

She works for Trump. He can’t stand him. This is life with Kellyanne and George Conway.

And that may be true. But as I spent time with Kellyanne and George, I saw an alternative symbol: The Conways, like the rest of the country, have been jolted by the Trump presidency. They love each other, are exasperated by each other, talk about each other behind each other’s backs. They share a roof and live in different bunkers.

Phishing attacks hit financial services, tech companies hardest: How to stay safe

"The permanence of attacks targeting financial organizations reflects the fact that more and more people are using electronic money," Nadezhda Demidova, lead web content analyst at Kaspersky Lab, said in the press release. "Still, not all of them are sufficiently aware of the possible risks, so intruders are actively trying to steal sensitive information through phishing."

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Only BlackBerry has the Patents and rights to offer a physical keyboard on a phone. Others making negative commenting about a physical keyboard on a phone in 2018, while using a laptop and iPad with a physical keyboard are just sour grapes.... @BlackBerry @wsj @business $BB

5 reasons why you aren't hearing back from that tech job

The job descriptions have specifications for a reason, so candidates must pay attention to them. "Avoid disappointment - don't apply for jobs for which you lack qualifications. Yes, the company is trying to find the most qualified candidate; yes, they are trying to weed people out. It's not personal, it's business," said Meghan Biro, CEO of TalentCulture, in her Glassdoor post about career advice.

Intel teases its first dedicated consumer graphics cards that are coming in 2020

As you can see for yourself below, the video confirms that Intel’s discrete GPUs are still planned for 2020, which is the year “we [Intel] will set our graphics free.”

Google One officially launches with cheaper storage plans

15GB of storage is still free. 100GB will cost you $1.99 per month, 200GB is $2.99 per month, and 2TB for $9.99 (a significant upgrade since you only got 1TB for that price on Drive). The pricing for plans over 2TB is the same as before.

30 Tencent shares hit by profit drop, freeze on new game approvals in...

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Shares in China’s Tencent Holdings lost more ground on Thursday after it logged its first quarterly profit decline in nearly 13 years and said it did not know when it would get Chinese approval to make money off its most popular game.

Data recovery do's and don'ts for IT teams

A conversation with Commvault's Deepak Verma, director of product management, applications, and file systems, revealed a variety of useful advice on the subject. Data recovery plans are best when they give you confidence—but not so much confidence that you can get burned. "It's the confidence that the backups that you've been making all along, all the time and money and the infrastructure, are going to work when you need them to—[but] how do I know they're working?" Verma said. The simplest way is spot-checking, where you recover random backups. Testing everything would take too long, he noted.


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34 Starboard eyes Symantec board seats after taking stake

(Reuters) - Hedge fund Starboard Value LP has nominated five directors to Symantec’s ( SYMC.O ) board after taking a 5.8 percent stake in the cybersecurity firm, it said on Thursday, upping pressure for moves to improve performance.


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Botched CIA Communications System Helped Blow Cover of Chinese Agents

Although they used some of the same coding, the interim system and the main covert communication platform used in China at this time were supposed to be clearly separated. In theory, if the interim system were discovered or turned over to Chinese intelligence, people using the main system would still be protected—and there would be no way to trace the communication back to the CIA. But the CIA’s interim system contained a technical error: It connected back architecturally to the CIA’s main covert communications platform. When the compromise was suspected, the FBI and NSA both ran “penetration tests” to determine the security of the interim system. They found that cyber experts with access to the interim system could also access the broader covert communications system the agency was using to interact with its vetted sources, according to the former officials.

Apple macOS vulnerability paves the way for system compromise with a single click

Synthetic events are when attackers can virtually "click" objects in order to load code without user consent. If a threat actor is able to "click" a security prompt and load a kernel extension, this could lead to the full compromise of an operating system.

Beware, this apple pop-up shop isn't selling iPhones | Cult of Mac

Apple fans in NYC eager to visit the company’s first ever pop-up shop in The Big Apple are going to be in for a rude surprise when they show up to the doors tomorrow morning.


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Report: 2018 iPhone X and iPhone X Plus to Feature Apple Pencil Support

The report claims that Apple will be limiting Apple Pencil support to the OLED variants of its 2018 iPhone lineup. This means that the 2018 5.8-inch iPhone X and the 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus will feature Apple Pencil support, while the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone will miss out on it.

China’s first ‘fully homegrown’ web browser found to be Google Chrome clone

A Chinese software startup has become a laughing stock on Chinese social media after claiming to have developed China’s first fully homegrown browser only to be promptly exposed for copying Google.

Google Launches Searchable Database on US Political Ads

The new site offers an eye-opening view of how online political ad spending through Google can work. It offers a breakdown on individual ad campaigns, including a catalog of what ads were served and to which demographic groups.

How houseplants could save us from toxic buildings

“Houseplants are ubiquitous in our home environments,” says Stewart. “Through the tools of synthetic biology, it’s possible for us to engineer houseplants that can serve as architectural design elements that are both pleasing to our senses and that function as early sensors of environmental agents that could harm our health, like mold, radon gas or high concentrations of volatile organic compounds.”

Get six months of Apple Music free with Verizon Unlimited

The offer is open to all new and current Verizon Unlimited wireless customers. Once you register after August 16th your six-month free trial for Apple Music will begin. With Apple Music you get access to a catalog of over 45 million songs ad-free.

Best iPhone 2018 leaked photos and renders so far

Best iPhone 2018 leaked photos and renders so far

NotPetya malware attack: Chaos but not cyber warfare | ZDNet

While the Russian military run cyber attack was economically damaging, it doesn't cross the threshold into warfare, claims report by Marsh.

I don't want to stream with Ninja, either

But, speaking in my capacity as a woman, I say on Ninja’s decision: Yeah, I get it. I don’t think my viewpoint represents all women on Twitch, or that it should, obviously. But, as a member of the gender he’s allegedly discriminating against, I can see where he’s coming from and I can’t say I’d stream with him for his massive audience were I given the opportunity.

Tim Cook, Diana Ross, Hillary Clinton, and others mourn Aretha Franklin’s death

It’s a huge loss for both the world of music and the world in general. Franklin has been a constant in the American psyche since the 1960s, when she first rose to prominence. She began as a gospel singer in the ’50s and transitioned to more secular soul music. Her songs, driven by her signature joy-filled belt, captivated the nation for decades. Singles like “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman,” “Respect,” and “Think,” have become anthems in their own right.

Diablo III: Eternal Collection Confirmed for Nintendo Switch

If you missed Diablo III on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, and Xbox One, the wait was probably worth it as the Switch is getting a version with all the content bundled as well as some impressive multiplayer options thrown in.

Google: Expect Android Pie Go on new phones this fall with more storage space | ZDNet

The Go edition of Android Pie 9.0 will be available at some point this fall, which is also when Google aims to release the full version of Android Pie to devices in its beta program from HMD/Nokia, OnePlus, Sony, Oppo, and Essential.

51 FBI sought location data to catch robber
52 Kroger launches autonomous grocery delivery service in Arizona
53 NASA picks three winners in Freelancer robotic arm contest | ZDNet
54 The best crossover couples that defy the boundaries of fictional universes
55 Oculus Rift support is coming to HTC's Viveport VR store
56 Drake dances on tour with indoor micro drones | ZDNet
57 How to use Apple Pencil: 21 features, tips, and tricks | ZDNet
58 The “neuropolitics” consultants who hack voters’ brains
59 'Pokémon Go' will offer parental controls with a log-in for kids
60 Google expands bug bounty program to include fraud protection bypass, free purchases | ZDNet
61 Our first look at Alphabet’s smart city
62 Firefox add-on snoops on 200,000 users' browsing activities | ZDNet
63 Hands-on with Linux Mint Debian Edition 3 Beta | ZDNet
64 Sony's PSVR still going strong as sales hit 3 million
65 A $2,000 iPhone: It's coming. It's inevitable | ZDNet
66 OneDrive tips and tricks: How to master Microsoft's free cloud storage | ZDNet
67 Amazon is looking to acquire a brick-and-mortar movie theater chain
68 Google One brings cheap cloud storage to the masses | Cult of Mac
69 The Practical Security Guide To Prevent Cyber Extortion
70 Chinese hackers targeted U.S. firms, government after trade...
71 Twitter
72 Researchers teach Hearthstone bot to dominate Legend rank players
73 Google intros Android 9 Pie (Go edition), will become available this fall
74 Twitter
75 Dating app Bumble launches fund to invest in women-led startups
76 Slack goes down for some users in the U.S.
77 Apple Store seen growing to 600 locations worldwide by 2023
78 Australians who won’t unlock their phones could face 10 years in jail
79 The top 10 most successful cities in the US
80 Twitter and Facebook Are Publishers, Not Platforms
81 See Apple Park's massive lunchroom doors open in epic fashion
82 Office Q&A: How to modify Word's TOC field to display specific heading levels
83 What your smart devices know (and share) about you
84 Tim Cook tweet pays "Respect" to the late Queen of Soul
85 Twitter’s relationship with third-party apps is messy — but it’s not over
86 The accidental Super Like: Tinder's most awkward phenomenon
87 Tech companies need to tackle motion sickness, and fast
88 The Best Robot Vacuums of 2018
89 Kellyanne Conway's getting mocked for trying to diss her husband off the record
90 8 hurdles IT must overcome if they want open source success
91 How To Be A Video Star, According to Casey Neistat and Nas Daily | Fast Company