How to stop WhatsApp from sharing your data with Facebook

If you're happy with how WhatsApp works right now, you should opt out to prevent future targeted ads on the platform. However, if you want to use WhatsApp to interact with businesses in the future or to make finding friends on WhatsApp easier, linking your accounts will allow this to happen.

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Apple reportedly readying iPhone for Japan with tap-to-pay

Since its launch in 2014, Apple Pay has expanded to more than half a dozen countries around the world, but Japan isn't one of them. Besides its already wide acceptance, FeliCa's advantage over Apple Pay is said to be in speedy transaction time - just 0.1 seconds, according to Sony -- because its transaction process isn't hobbled by required bank approval.

Remains of the Day: Apple Issues Important iOS Security Update

Security researchers have discovered an unprecedented exploit on iOS that was used by a “digital arms dealer” to spy on political dissidents and high-value targets.

Department of Homeland Security Investigating Leslie Jones Hack

Now, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security, is looking into the matter. Previously, high profile hacks of celebrities—like last year’s “Fappening” —have been investigated by the FBI. No word on why ICE and not the FBI is looking into Jones’ case.

Report: Apple Prepping Snapchat-Like Video App

people familiar with Apple's strategy," Bloomberg says Apple is testing a standalone app that would let users record video and add things like filters and drawings before sending them to friends or posting to social networks like Twitter.

Playing solitaire and tic-tac-toe is as easy as a Google search

A Google search is handy for getting info on nearly anything , but now the company is making it easier to play two timeless games on both mobile and the web. When you search for "solitaire" or "tic-tac-toe," you'll be able to play them both from the comforts of your browser on the desktop or inside the Google app on your phone or tablet. The company has been keen on adding these bits of whimsy to its search tool for a while now as these games follow animal sounds and a coin flip . You know, in case you need to decide who's picking up the check in today's cashless society. There's also those Google Doodles that have been a mainstay for years, most recently offering Olympic-themed games .

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[TECH NEWS] Hyundai joins start line at Willow Run self-driving test track:  #IoT #News

Apple patents a way to collect iPhone thieves' fingerprints

The system is pretty simple. The Touch ID sensor, front camera and microphone are already there, they simply need to be switched on without alerting the bad guy. In one scheme, the system could capture biometric data after a single failed passcode attempt; in another, it would only store it after a pre-determined number of failed attempts. On top of storing video, audio and fingerprint data, it could save and transmit "forensic" info like a GPS location. (The patent doesn't specifically mention the iPhone or iPad, but those are Apple's only devices with fingerprint sensors.)

Reporter’s Notebook: Testing Out the World’s First Self-Driving Taxi

SINGAPORE—As my chatty human cabdriver dropped me off in the business district of one-north, I wondered whether it would be cruel to tell him why I was there: to test the world’s first publicly available self-driving taxi.

The co-creator of 'Rick and Morty' just founded a VR studio

The new company hasn't yet announced any games in production, but Roiland certainly has ideas. In 2005, the creator told PCGamer that he'd filled three notebooks with VR game idea, said he's trying to figure out how to allow players to talk to virtual reality NPCs in a way that feels natural and unrestrictive. For now, though, Squanchtendo Games is mostly just looking for staff to help them build their first title. The company's website (and hilarious hand-drawn press release ) focuses almost exclusively on finding artists, designers, producers and programmers to help them build great VR experiences.

A new Duke Nukem game might be on the way

The 1996 release saw a reprise in 2011, in the form of Duke Nukem Forever , but the game was panned by critics and players. But now, 20 years since the original title came out, there are rumblings of an all-new Duke Nukem game, thanks to this new website .

Samsung's Note 7 Pen Functions Are Still Searching For A Raison D'être

The most immediately useful trick of the pen is probably the simplest—the ability to write a note or list on the display without even having to turn on or unlock the device. You just remove the pen and start writing, then save. Actually this function was available on the last Note, the Note 5, and it still works fine on the Note 7. What’s new with the 7, Samsung says, is the ability to pin these notes to your home screen. I don’t see this as a major bump in utility. You still have to unlock your phone to get to the note you created. The ability to access the note from the "always on" screen without having to unlock the phone would be more useful.

Assange: WikiLeaks will reveal 'thousands' more Clinton documents before the election

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange promised he’s not done leaking information that could be damaging to Hillary Clinton. During an interview yesterday with Fox’s Megyn Kelly he said the documents would be “significant” in perhaps turning the tide of the 2016 election by giving voters a better understanding who they’re electing.

Jill Stein Attempts to Clarify Her Beliefs On Vaccines, Amongst Other Things

Vaccinations are a critical part of our health infrastructure and we badly need them, so I think what I have raised questions about is just influence peddling in the FDA. Right now there’s a lot of distrust for government agencies and for government in general. That’s another reason to stop the revolving door, for example, between Monsanto lobbyists who then wind up as heads of major departments...

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“Always stay curious. Curiosity instills creativity.”

Did Uber just burst the sharing economy bubble? - Roadshow

"Uber has long since left behind the sharing economy," he said. Uber's been a catalyst for the on-demand economy, which is evident every time you hear about a company that wants to be Uber of whatever.

Dropbox is resetting passwords for accounts that haven’t changed them since mid-2012

Russia's free, PC multiplayer Halo game has been cancelled

According to the Halo Online page on VK, Russia's largest social network , the future of the game was in question for the last six months -- with both the team and fans waiting on Microsoft for an announcement. The post says that Microsoft failed to make a decision during the past six months, but said it knows now that "the current form of the game will not be released." Players have until the end of the month to use any in-game currency they might still have.

The Flying Bum Just Crashed—So Why Are We Building Airships?

Then there’s the worry of what happens if a well-aimed bullet—or an especially pointy bird—punctures the wrong part of the airship, Girimaji says. Because a few tons of cargo falling from the sky (even slowly) is not a good look, developers also need to find a material that’s strong enough to stay together, and light enough to make it feasible. It would be even more exciting if they could operate off of photovoltaics, hydrogen fuel cells, or lithium-ion batteries, to get emissions closer to zero.

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[TECH NEWS] Now it's a party: Even North Korea gets in on IoT:  #Tech #News #IoT #DPRK

Your iPhone 6 could be falling victim to 'touch disease'

Weirdly enough, replacing the touchscreen isn't a proper fix. The gray bar will creep onto the new screen even when it's been swapped out, because it's not exactly a problem with the screen. It's a problem with the Touch IC chips on the board inside the phone. They must be replaced for the problem to completely go away, and Apple's Geniuses aren't able to open up phones to go inside and replace them. Hence, the quandary. Instead, people are turning to smaller, third-party repair shops who are "unauthorized" to fix the issue.

22 Apple issues critical iOS update after governments caught spying

The text, it turns out, was malware that allowed an iPhone to be jailbroken in one tap. The malware, codenamed Pegasus, allowed an attacker to steal and intercept all data on an iPhone. Calls could be intercepted, contacts lists exposed and text messages stolen.

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[TECH NEWS] Are IoT return on investment expectations over-hyped?:  #Tech #IoT #ROI

Fujifilm’s X-A3 Camera Mashes Up Retro Looks and Selfie Smarts

That’s right. As with the X-A1, the X-A3’s three-inch touchscreen tilts all the way up so you can see it from the front. This latest model, though, picks up a few tricks that help you take smarter selfies. When you flip the screen up, the camera automatically focuses on your eyes. There’s also a feature that automatically triggers the shutter when you smile, or when people huddle in front of the lens. When you’re using the camera to shoot the world around you and not just your own beaming face, the touchscreen offers smartphone-like touch-focus and pinch-to-zoom controls.

Travel Back in Time With the Master of Photo Colorization

Then comes the research. Amaral contacts historians and other experts who help her identify the right colors for objects, whether an ancient pot or a military uniform. She also references present-day photographs of the locations, ideally shot at the same time of day. And she studies people’s faces in real life to understand how light interacts with skin. “I try to be as accurate as possible with the colors, because I’m aware that this is history,” she says. “It’s not my job to modify it and make it look the way I want it to look.”

National Parks Visitors Who Complain About Wi-Fi Should Be Thrown Into Old Faithful

I filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the National Parks Service to see what kind of official complaints visitors have filed about wi-fi and cellphone service. In an effort not to overburden the Parks Service, I only filed a request for three parks: Yellowstone, Joshua Tree, and Yosemite. But as some of the most popular parks in the country, they provide an interesting snapshot of what we might see elsewhere.

Snapchat is bringing its real-time sports filters to high schools

“Dynamic Geofilters are a visual and timely way for sports fans to express the here and now of the game in their Snaps,” Ben Schwerin, Snapchat's director of partnerships said in a statement. “ScoreStream’s crowd-sourced content is far more local and personal than any other sports content currently available, and will fuel the high school spirit of our Snapchatters like never before.”

WhatsApp to Share User Data With Facebook

Under the changes to WhatsApp, Facebook will now be able to recognize when someone is using its main service as well as WhatsApp. By sharing a phone number with Facebook, WhatsApp said, the social network can improve on friend suggestions and show relevant ads. WhatsApp claims it can better fight spam using more personalized data from Facebook.

The alt-right has had its moment in the sun. Now what?

Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016, will be remembered as the day the alt-right had its coming out party in the United States.

Want to Hang Out with POTUS in VR? You Can!

Did you know today marks the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service? It’s true—there’s a Google Doodle for it and everything. Today is also a Thursday, which means you’re probably not really in a position to head out and take in some wilderness. That’s too bad. If you want to, though, you can take a tour of Yosemite National Park—with President Obama. Through the Ages is a VR experience created by Felix & Paul Studios, Oculus, and National Geographic to commemorate the centennial and, in a twist, get people to take off their VR rigs and go outside. “The irony is we’re putting you in virtual reality and transporting your mind and your heart, ideally, to this place, but we don’t want you to stop there,” says Ryan Horrigan, chief content officer, Felix & Paul, “we want you to actually go see this place.” Preview the experience, which is also available on the Oculus Store for Gear VR and the first VR experience featuring a sitting president, above.

Samsung's Dolby Atmos soundbars are ready for your living room

After announcing a pair of Dolby Atmos-equipped soundbars at CES, Samsung is finally shipping the duo in the US. The HW-K950 and HW-K850 are both available now, so long as you're willing to part with either $1,499 or $999, respectively. What are you getting for the extra dough? Samsung's HW-K950 is a more a complete sound system with a soundbar, two satellite speakers and a subwoofer. The whole group is wireless so you won't have to worry about hiding any unsightly cables. What's more, both the soundbar and the pair of smaller speakers project sound upward for any overhead effects the Dolby Atmos tech employs.

Frank Ocean, Apple Music, And The Headache Of Streaming Exclusives

This new reality differs from the one we were promised. Back in 2005, academics David Kusek and Gerd Leonhard envisioned an almost utopian world in which we would access "music like water," essentially paying for access to music just like another monthly utility bill. At the time, their book, The Future of Music: Manifesto For The Digital Music Revolution , may have sounded radical, coming as it did two years before Spotify or even the iPhone. But indeed, the rise of streaming services has put tens of millions of songs into the pockets of listeners for a monthly fee. And while no streaming service will be completely comprehensive (SoundCloud and Bandcamp are excellent, essentially freemium ways to augment the libraries of Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music with newer, more under-the-radar artists), fans have a reasonable expectation to be able to conveniently access new, popular music without jumping through hurdles or switching between services. The problem is that it's one thing to sign up for Tidal because it offers the back catalogs of Prince and Neil Young. It’s another to regret the decision because Apple scored the exclusive rights to the next Drake album.

PewResearch Internet on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

'Don't Starve Together' arrives on PS4 with a huge bundle

The 'Don't Starve Mega Collection' features a few single-player expansions and couch co-op.

Lawnmower Triggers False Alarm for Northern Lights Display

A group of scientists at Lancaster University in England are constantly monitoring geomagnetic activity, to get a heads-up for the spectacular night sky display known as the Northern Lights. So a couple of days ago, they were thrilled to get a strong reading that an aurora was likely imminent.

Kurt Russell Is Getting His Own Art Show Because Sometimes the World Is a Good Place

Kurt Russell is one of the most fascinating actors in the world. From his start at Disney, to his background in baseball, his wacky comedies, insane list of cult classics, and current resurgence, it feels like there’s nothing he can’t do. So who better to be the subject of their own art show than Jack Burton, Snake Plissken, R.J. MacReady, and Wyatt Earp himself, Kurt Russell?

Apple again rumored to axe iPhone home button in 2017

Apple is again rumored to be on track to remove the iconic physical home button from its flagship mobile product, the iPhone, when a next-generation version of the device launches next year. Home button-less iPhone concept via Martin Hajek. Mentioned as part of Bloomberg's report on Apple's supposed decision to include FeliCa tap-to-pay support in an upcoming iPhone, the home button-less smartphone is thought to see release next year as part of a dramatic redesign. The report jibes with information from AppleInsider's own sources, who two years ago said removing the home button from iPhone is a longterm goal for Apple that could happen as soon as 2017 . Rumors that Apple was on the verge of removing the home button from its mobile lineup date back to at least 2011 . It was plausible that the component could be replaced by a software analog — which would free up precious space for a larger display — until the company introduced Touch ID in 2013. Touch ID is completely integrated into Apple's home button design, from the steel actuator ring to the fingerprint sensor seated beneath a sapphire glass cover.

Explore the wonders of Yosemite with President Obama in VR

Saddled with the rather unfortunate title "Through the Ages: President Obama Celebrates America's National Parks," the experience provides an "up close and personal look into President Obama's trip to Yosemite with his family while he remarks and reflects on conservation, preservation, and climate change. You'll explore every angle of the breathtaking surroundings of Yosemite National Park including El Capitan, the Cathedral Rocks, Mariposa Grove, Yosemite Falls, and the Merced River."

The Soundjump Bluetooth Speaker may be compact, but it packs some serious audio (30% off)

While the Soundjump may be small and portable, it isn’t lacking in the power department like other Bluetooth speakers. Thanks to some serious tech — namely its dual 45mm full range drivers — it’s guaranteed to deliver the highest highs and deepest lows with pristine clarity.

iPhone 7 could have tap-to-pay feature for Japan's subways

Since the feature would also require being able to store virtual transit cards to the Wallet application, Apple is reportedly in the midst of negotiating with providers. The feature's launch with the next phone depends on the success of those talks. If Cupertino fails to hash out an acceptable agreement, it will have to delay the feature's launch.

Report: Alphabet asking Google to scale back Fiber rollout

Fiber was always a big gamble for Google, but left most dreaming of a day their city would get Gigabit internet at a reasonable cost. Now it feels like Fiber is another moonshot that just isn’t going to hit its mark.

Are Hollywood Blockbusters Worse This Year? Not Really.

Fast Company looked at data for the top 10 domestic grossing movies over the last six years and compared their percentages on Rotten Tomatoes' "Tomatometer," an aggregate of critical reviews. (A snapshot of the rankings was taken on Tuesday and is likely to change as the year progresses.) There are some important qualifiers here. We only looked at movies in the top 10, per Box Office Mojo, so some of the really awful ones weren't included. The aforementioned Independence Day: Resurgence , for example, is currently No. 17 on the domestic charts. Still, the numbers paint an interesting picture. Bad blockbusters have been around for a while now.

This is How South Florida Ends

It’s a scorching midsummer day, and the sawgrass is still under a pale blue sky. Waist-deep in water and sinking slowly into the muck, I fend off mosquitos as a man from South Florida’s Water Management District mixes a bag of salt into a hot tub-sized bucket on the side of the road. Thirty feet away in the marsh, another city official wearing waders and a bug hat stands on a narrow steel walkway, dangling the end of a long hose over a plexiglass chamber.

You can now pre-order cases for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Like you and I, Spigen thinks it knows exactly what the next iPhone will look like. In a bit of a gamble, it’s released 30 (!) new iPhone 7 cases you can pre-order today.

Experts Answer Your Biggest Questions About Earthquakes

And I’m not being condescending here. I have written about quakes many times, and yet I still wound up Googling what seem to be some very basic questions. After the quake, my editors and I found ourselves asking each other all sorts of very basic questions. To wit: I legit had to Google whether there was a link between earthquake activity and Earth’s circadian patterns. So, with the help of some seismologists, here is WIRED’s guide to some common earthquake questions.

Wirecutter's best deals: Save $25 on Jaybird X2 wireless headphones

On the bag's construction and features, "The Farpoint is made from thick, sturdy-feeling 210-denier mini hex diamond ripstop nylon. Its big zippers are lockable. Its shoulder straps and hip belt are wide, but not as padded as those of some competitors. A cover, which stores in the bottom of the pack, zips up to cover the straps so you can check it as luggage. Thick padded handles on the top and side let you carry it as hand luggage in a pinch."

How the NFL and its stadiums became leaders in Wi-Fi, monetizing apps, and customer experience | ZDNet

More teams are monetizing their apps by selling merchandise, food and drinks to fans, as well as tickets for future games. This is another reason it's important to have a strong Wi-Fi connection and plenty of beacons in place. The beacons pinpoint where a fan is located within the stadium. By knowing this, the team can send messages about discounts, whether on merchandise or hot dogs at that moment in the stadium. The beacons also allow the stadium to give helpful information to fans such as how long the nearest bathroom wait is going to be.

Amazon Vehicles Is a Massive Database for Researching and Comparing Cars

Since you obviously can’t go and order a car through Amazon Prime, the main purpose of Amazon Vehicles seems to be comparison shopping. Like any Amazon product, anyone can write a review and each car has a Q&A section, which could prove useful if you’re curious about something specific, especially with older cars. You can search for cars using a variety of parameters, including body type, year, MPG, and features, which makes this a pretty comprehensive starting point when you’re researching cars. Once you do land on a car, you can compare trims, engine types, and other features.

DJI Osmo+ for iPhone offers more bang for the same buck

DJI , best known for making the best consumer drones around, also make a pretty spectacular Osmo gimbal for use with iPhone. Today, they’re updating it with digital zoom.

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