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A photographer shows what happens if you try and shoot the eclipse without a filter

The solar eclipse set to take place on August 21st is going to be a sight to behold — provided you have the proper protection for your eyes and camera. Looking at the sun can cause permanent...

This solar eclipse time lapse will get you pumped for Monday

Get ready for the Aug. 21 solar eclipse with a gorgeous time-lapse video showing the 2012 eclipse in Australia.

Solar eclipse: Desperate brands leap on the sunny side

Commentary: So many brands squeezing their products into the solar eclipse frenzy, hoping to make a buck. But a small brand does something delightful.

Tree-Planting Drones Are Helping Replant Our Forests by Seeding 100,000 Plants a Day

BioCarbon Engineering is leading reforestation efforts by using drones to plant up to 100,000 trees a day. They hope to plant 1 billion trees a year.

Samsung teases the Galaxy Note 8's dual camera in new ad

It's clear when you know what you're looking for.

Get a OnePlus 5 for $453 RIGHT NOW from TomTop

This is NOT a drill, Android Guys. Get a US version OnePlus 5 (6/64GB RAM/ROM) for $453 shipped when you use coupon code LSRONEPLUSA at checkout on TomTop. OnePlus may not have completely blown us away with its latest and greatest, but the OnePlus 5 is still a helluva deal, and when you can find it

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Is This the Electric Car That's Going to Kill Tesla?

Yes, this rolling test-bed is stripped of much of the weight that the finished sedan will carry (this temporary body is made of easy-to-produce and -replace carbon fiber panels, not aluminum and steel), but it’s also dialed down to half the 1,000 horsepower the production vehicle will sport from the 130 kWh battery pack integrated into the floor. When the driver hits the go pedal (don’t say “gas”), we are literally pinned to our seats. Moreover, with an electric motor and active air dampers at each wheel, and all that weight down in the battery lowering the center of gravity, the car feels remarkably planted as we slalom down a steep hill that leads to the ocean. Once we turn around and take off back up the hill, we leave behind the scent of smoking rubber.

Ethereum Co-Founder Says the Crypto Coin Market Is a Ticking Time-Bomb

Initial coin offerings, a means of crowdfunding for blockchain-technology companies, have caught so much attention that even the co-founder of the ethereum network, where many of these digital coins are built, says it’s time for things to cool down in a big way.

Toyota To Unveil Self-Driving Cars At 2020 Summer Olympics In Tokyo

Toyota plans to show of its self-driving cars at the 2020 Summer Olympic games in Tokyo, a similar timeframe to most automakers. The Japanese government is hoping to have autonomous cars driving before that time , to help with the influx of visitors to the country.

After Sikka's dramatic exit, Infosys faces recruitment headache

MUMBAI/BENGALURU (Reuters) - The dramatic departure of Vishal Sikka as chief executive of Infosys, following a months-long public battle with the tech giant's founders, has left the company with another messy problem: how to find someone willing to replace him.

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Your social media use is helping scientists monitor the world’s ecosystems

For speakers or headphones, how much bass is enough?

Which brings us to bass over headphones -- that's a very different thing. First, and mostly because it's all in your head, a lot of folks miss the whole body sensation of bass. I agree, but at its best, headphone bass is clearer, better defined and more articulate than speaker or subwoofer bass. I'm not talking about muddy or boomy headphone bass -- those are just cheap thrills -- but solid low bass response from in-ear or over-the-ear 'phones has its own satisfactions.

Here’s a pint-size speaker with a big sound

The Transparent Zero is a bi-amplified speaker system with built-in twin 48 watt Class D digital amplifiers. One amp drives the 1-inch soft dome tweeter, the second drives the proprietary 4-inch aluminum woofer, and there's also a 4-inch passive radiator that augments the little speaker's bass output. An onboard digital converter supports up to 24 bit/96 kHz PCM digital audio. The Transparent Zero measures just 7.5x4.75x9.75 inches -- that's awfully small for something that sounds as good as this. The small remote control lets you adjust bass and treble on the fly.

Serious about online privacy? Try these 2 browsers

Browsing in private or incognito mode isn't enough to keep all your data safe. For better security, try the Tor and Epic browsers.

Samsung Portable SSD T5

The Samsung Portable SSD T5 corrects the T3's most glaring omission by including a USB-C cable, and improves its dollar-to-gigabyte ratio and its performance significantly. At $799 for 2TB, it's made for well-heeled hobbyists and graphics artists. But with it, you'll have speedy access to a massive library's worth of data that fits in your jeans pocket. It's particularly handy for 4K video editors and photographers with huge archives. With more than twice the capacity, a (much) smaller body, and significantly faster performance than the Sandisk Extreme 900, it's our top pick for portable SSDs. If you don't have that kind of scratch handy, the Oyen Digital MiniPro is a less-expensive alternative, at $299 for 1TB in a much larger package. And if you don't need an SSD, you can get a solid storage deal on a traditional external hard drive .

Civilian Team Finds Wreck of USS Indianapolis, Lost in 1945 With 880 Crew

A team of civilian researchers has discovered the wreck of the USS Indianapolis, a US Navy cruiser which Imperial Japanese forces sunk in July 1945 to the loss of nearly three quarters of its crew.

Six features the iPhone needs to stay ahead of Android | ZDNet

Forget wireless charging, which is always much better in theory than in reality -- what the next iPhone really needs is fast charging. Fast charging does away with having to leave your iPhone tethered to an outlet for hours, and also means that if your battery does get low, a few minutes of charging gives you hours of power.

Your first serverless Python function with OpenFaaS

You can try out the functions in the UI, for instance The function named func_hubstats will tell you how many Docker Hub images a user has. I typed in my user account and found out I have almost 200 already!

3D printing: The smart person's guide

For engineering firms, having the ability to create an object using an onsite 3D printer (rather than sending the design to a manufacturing facility, perhaps on a different continent) can speed up a given workflow by weeks and save substantial amounts in courier fees alone. With in-house prototype manufacturing, worries of IP theft by a third-party facility are nonexistent. For finalized designs, 3D printing in manufacturing can reduce warehousing costs by moving to a just-in-time production model. This is particularly helpful for niche products with low install bases.

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The organizer of the Charlottesville neo-Nazi rally said that the death of Heather Heyer was 'payback'

It's not just about recruiting women in tech, it's keeping them

Innovate for diversity like you do for tech. The design thinking process can be applied to your diversity efforts. Empathize by listening to your employees to uncover roadblocks. Define the problem you're going to solve. This means choosing the critical few and leaving others untouched, at least for the time being. Ideate with a big enough group so you can gather diverse potential solutions. What works for midcareer tech women, for instance, may not be ideal for those in early career. Prototype rapidly at a small scale to try out your ideas. Finally, test by including a feedback loop so you know what's working and what you need to adjust.

The movies we had to leave before the end

I watched " Sex and the City 2 " during a flight, so I couldn't safely walk out, but I *did* turn it off. I occasionally enjoyed the TV show when it was on, but the movie was pure unbridled hate. It's not a romantic comedy as you might expect; it's a horror show of smug elitism that not only rested on crass stereotypes but dug deep into them as well. Add in one of the most unlikeable characters ever to grace our screens, Carrie Bradshaw, and you've got a film that should have been recognized as a national shame.

Asus ZenFone 4 Max offers dual-cameras for less

Apart from those dual cameras and their metal unibody construction, the Max and Max Pro don't really stand out. Unless you're desperate for a cheap dual-camera phone, your best bet is still to skip this and get the normal ZenFone 4 instead. Don't be fooled by the misleading Max moniker, you're just getting a bigger battery at most.

Finally, a phone that does selfies!

And because it's designed as a selfie camera, the front cameras come with built-in software designed to make you look even better, such as features that let you slim your cheeks, one that softens your skin and one that makes your eyes bigger. I've tried phones with similar features before -- they work sometimes, but other times it just looks like you overdid the airbrushing.

Nebula Mars Portable Cinema review

The Nebula Mars is a compact portable projector that delivers decent video quality for its size, and has built-in sound via dual 10W speakers and a rechargeable battery that delivers up to 3 hours of battery life. It's Android-powered and has apps such as Netflix and YouTube for streaming video via the projector's integrated Wi-Fi. You can also easily connect a streaming stick to it or play files from a USB thumbdrive.

It's official: Supercomputing is now ho-hum (thanks, cloud) | ZDNet

Such supercomputing power also will play a role in design, Friedman says, "exploring multiple options to develop new approaches and not just validate completed designs." With supercomputing for all, "everyone can have their own cluster for the size they need when they need it. These are the people that are truly driving HPC forward in the coming years. These are the people that don't have computer science, electrical engineering, or other classic technical degrees; they are people from the design or marketing or sales or production side of the world that are using these technologies to approach their work a new way. And these people don't care about the hardware."

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The end of solar eclipses is coming—here's why @StarTalkRadio

CallPlus Adds New Features to the iPhone Phone App [Jailbreak Tweak]

The Phone app is probably one of the frequently used apps on iPhone. Users depend on it to make calls to their contacts and listen to voicemails. While the app offers most of the essential features that a normal user would require, there’s still some important functionality that is missing.

This new smart dimmer switch from iDevices works with everything

That puts iDevices squarely in between those higher-end dealer setups and cheaper, self-installed gadgets like the Belkin WeMo Dimmer , which costs $80. That rival already works with Alexa and with Google, but won't work with Siri until Belkin releases its upcoming Apple HomeKit plug-in bridge later this year. Even after it arrives, the iDevices Dimmer is still likely to be the more tempting option for anyone who wants to build their smart home around Siri given that it doesn't require you to purchase any extra hardware to hop in with HomeKit.

Sylvania's colorful new smart bulb syncs with Siri

The Sylvania Smart Plus Multicolor LED is a connected, color-changing light bulb that you can sync up with Siri for voice-activated color changes. Unlike Philips Hue bulbs, the Sylvania bulb doesn't need you to plug an extra hub device into your router -- just screw the bulb in, turn it on, and connect with Apple HomeKit on your iOS device.

Tech companies have learned they have a responsibility to weed out extremism

Even after it was apparent that the spread of fake news did play a role in the outcome of the election, the tech world wasn't sure it could or should stop it. One tech executive told me last December that so much content is uploaded to various tech platforms every day that properly policing all of it would be impossible. Plus, there are all those free speech issues the tech companies would have to navigate. There was just no way to fix the problem, the tech industry said.

Business continuity is the ultimate killer application for cloud | ZDNet

At the same time, the ultimately responsibility for data security, protection and backup still is on the enterprise, not the cloud provider. The best strategy may be hybrid: cloud backs up on-premises data, and on-premises systems back up cloud data. As the Druva survey report's authors put it: "while initially the IT community was skeptical about the cloud's robust security, these perceptions are changing as professionals understand how it reduces the possibility of costly downtime and promotes productivity." Forty-two percent intend to have virtual infrastructure both on-premises and in the cloud.

Jeff Immelt emerges as frontrunner to become Uber CEO

That could certainly change, said sources, and there are two other executives who are also still being considered, neither of whom is a woman, as some had hoped. Sources said a vote of Uber’s directors is likely to happen within the next two weeks, which does not have to be unanimous, although most directors are hoping it will be.

Google Searches for Ways to Boost News Subscriptions

Google is working on new tools to help news organizations sell subscriptions, a move that could help ease its strained relationship with publishers.

The Essential Phone's super slick, but it's no iPhone or Google Pixel killer

The Essential Phone has a 5.7-inch display that feels smaller than it is because of the almost complete lack of bezels. Despite its large screen, this phone is no phablet; it's only slightly larger than the iPhone 7, which only has a 4.7-inch screen and much smaller than the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus. So if larger phones is something you expect from a flagship, you’ll be disappointed. If however, you fall into the camp of people who want phones that don’t feel like they were designed for literal giants (I do), the smaller frame is just right.

If you're really concerned about browser security, Incognito isn't enough

I've tested both Chrome and Firefox and have witnessed both of them retaining browser history. What does this mean for you, the user? It means if you need serious privacy for your web browsing, or if you need to safeguard data while working on company sites, you might have to turn to a speciality browser, such as Tor Browser or Epic Browser. Tor Browser is available for all platforms, and Epic Browser is only available for Mac and Windows. Both browsers not only ensure your history will not be retained, but they also work with the help of a proxy system to keep your browsing encrypted and private.

Use Facebook Messenger to send and receive money

It's a little-known fact that Facebook's chat app can also make like PayPal. Here's how to set it up.

Frankfurt commuters may soon jump aboard self-driving shuttles

Continental, a German auto manufacturer, has announced plans to test a “robo-taxi” in Frankfurt. The CuBe (Continental Urban mobility Experience) will be a blueprint for the future development of autonomous shared transport in urban areas.

The smart oven that recognizes your food gets a built-in upgrade

But June, the company that shares its name with its products, has designed the June Pro to become a more integral part of your kitchen design. The company will send professionals out to install the June Pro, a more involved installation then the June Intelligent Oven, which just sits on your countertop. The need for a more involved installation makes the June Pro a bigger investment than its predecessor.

TCL cancels one of the year's best TVs in 50 and 65 inches

When I asked TCL's representative via email why the company ditched the other two sizes, the best response I got was, "We'll be shifting our focus from the remaining 2017 P-series models (50 and 65 inches) to the next-generation P-series portfolio featuring new, cutting-edge technology to further enhance the home entertainment experience," along with a promise to discuss "factors that led up to this decision" at a later date.

Nvidia launches virtual workstation software, aims for compute intensive workloads | ZDNet

With virtual workstation software powered by its GPUs, Nvidia is looking to bring thin workstations and high-performance computing to more enterprises.

iOS 11 Patches Bug Used By $500 Machine Which Can Crack Open iPhone 7's Passcode

The box works by guessing the four-digit passcode that will unlock the iPhone. The problem here is that it can make those rapid guesses only for the first 10 minutes after the passcode is changed. If this 10-minute threshold is crossed, the process slows down greatly. So, for example, if the four-digit passcode of an iPhone has been changed just a few minutes back, this $500 box would take more than 3 days to unlock the phone. And if it’s a six digits passcode that was changed recently, it could end up taking more than a year to guess the correct combination.

How Bitcoin helped fuel an explosion in ransomware attacks | ZDNet

"The reality is cybercriminals will always use what is available to them. In many ways they're inherently lazy, so if Bitcoin wasn't there they'd find a different process to channel funds through. But because it exists, it's certainly something which has provided them with an existing process to perform that money flow," says Greg Day, VP and CSO, EMEA at Palo Alto Networks.

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This site wants to improve collaboration between tech journalists and experts

Jack Ma Sees Decades of Pain as Internet Upends Old Economy

Ma was at times brutal in his criticism of companies that won’t adapt. At one point, he said cloud computing and artificial intelligence are essential for business -- and if leaders don’t get that, they should find young people in their companies to explain it to them. Another time, he called for traditional industries to stop complaining about the internet’s effects on the economy. He said Alibaba critics ignore that Taobao, its main online marketplace, has created millions of jobs.

The Nest thermostat might be getting a facelift

The Nest Learning Thermostat is now in its third generation, and aside from software updates, the device has largely retained its appearance since it was first introduced in 2011. That could be changing. According to gadget leak specialist Evan Blass , the device could be in for a whole new look.

Paper + Wood Shavings Fuel Briquettes

You've probably heard of fire briquettes made from compressed mix of paper pulp and sawdust (or solely paper), If you don't, go look it on YouTube or... pretty much anywhere. Although paper-sawdust combination, probably works the best, there's another waste materials that can be turned into fuel this way, and in this and, probably, couple more instructables I want to kind of try to investigate those other alternatives in practice.

The Best Home Security Cameras of 2017

If you want to keep an eye on the rooms of your home, there are plenty of options. If you want to keep an eye on your driveway, backyard, or front porch, you need to be more choosy. Not all home security cameras are rugged enough to be mounted outdoors. You need a camera that's waterproof and can stand up to rain, snow, and sun, and survive the extreme temperatures of summer and winter. The Netatmo Presence and Netgear Arlo Pro are two models built specifically for use outdoors, while the Logi Circle and the Nest Cam Indoor might not survive the next rainstorm if you mount them over your garage door.

This Excerpt from WIRED cofounder Louis Rossetto’s New Novel Parties Like It’s 1998

Louis Rossetto cofounded WIRED in 1993. From his perch as editor in chief, he watched as the nascent internet took off, fulfilling his prediction that the world was about to be swept by a digital “Bengali typhoon.” Among other things, that epochal storm spawned a dotcom wave that was cresting in 1998. Now, two decades later, Rossetto has written a novel that captures the optimism, greed, fervor, and madness of that era. Set in a fictional San Francisco,

8 Steps To Follow Before You Publish Your Next Blog Post - smqueue

6. Check that your videos are loading and working properly - If you produce a video as a component of your post, make sure it is working properly before publishing your article. Again user experience must be your priority. Check to see the audio is also working properly and that it is clear and distortion free. One tip we want to share is once you finish editing your video, upload it in private mode and watch your video again to check if it plays properly. That way you still have the opportunity to go back and fix any issues before making your video public. Once you are satisfied, then embed your video in your post and publish your article.

How do Flat Earth truthers explain the eclipse? These weird-as-hell videos explain it.

Mic went down the rabbit hole, interviewing Flat Earth truthers and noting that people in this camp have two theories as to how this eclipse proves their point. First, they seem to think that, if the Earth is spinning from west to east, then the path of totality should travel from east to west, right?

Microsoft cloud cybersecurity attacks up 300% in last year, report says

In volume 22 of Microsoft's Security Intelligence Report, the Redmond giant outlined some of the biggest cyberthreats facing its users.

iOS 11 Beta 6 vs iOS 10.3.3 Speed Test

Speed tests conducted across a range of iPhone and iPads when iOS 11 beta first dropped showed that its performance was not up to the mark when compared to the latest iOS 10.3 release. With the release date of final iOS 11 build closing in and six betas already out, it’s once again time to compare how iOS 11 compares to the latest iOS 10.3 release in terms of performance.

Xbox One X 'Project Scorpio Edition' could be on the way

The Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition looks to feature a blacked-out controller with 'Project Scorpio' running down the middle in an electric green font. The console itself is tattooed with the same marking, and it appears to have a textured, mesh-y finish that's unlike the matte plastic casing of the standard Xbox One X. 

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Doom 2 reimagined as Diablo 2 is trippy as hell

August is the Sunday of the year

Sunday night, you get the same feeling. Monday is quickly approaching and no matter how much you try to will it away, it comes anyway, bringing sadness and stress with it. That same icky feeling lingers in your gut all day, starting from when you wake up and not going away until you go to bed that night. Sunday is one long countdown to the end of the weekend, much like August is to the end of summer. Both are bad, both are sad, both are unwanted.

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