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Tornado at the Rose Bowl

In fanfest area the day before Rose Bowl game a 'Dust Devil' wreaks havoc. Fortunately nobody was injured. #RoseBowlTornado

What we read about deep learning is just the tip of the iceberg

The artificial intelligence technique known as deep learning is white hot right now, as we have noted numerous times before. It’s powering many of the advances in computer vision, voice recognition and text analysis at companies including Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Baidu, and has been the technological foundation of many startups (some of which were…

Time-lapse videos of Earth capture line between life and death - CNET

Astronaut Alexander Gerst combines more than 12,000 photos taken about the International Space Station in 2014 into a collection of spellbinding videos that show our lively planet in gorgeous HD.

Manila's NYE fireworks looked bonkers

Sorry, New York, Sydney and London -- Manila's fireworks dominated New Year's Eve celebrations.

The official keyboard music video

In honor of IBM’s clicky Model M keyboard, The Verge orchestrated a performance of iconic keyboards throughout the ages. Read how The Verge made the video at...

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We Identify the Worst Technologies of 2014 | MIT Technology Review

The plan was too audacious. It called for collecting brain signals with an EEG cap. But the signals produced that way just aren’t good enough to control an exoskeleton. When the World Cup cameras cut in to show the demo during the opening ceremony, it was for three brief seconds—only enough to see a soccer ball rolling down a ramp and a paralyzed man steadied by two assistants raising his fists in triumph. Nicolelis declared that “17 months of insane work” had succeeded. But to TV viewers interested in the technology, or those seeing it for the first time, it was hard to know what had really happened. Rather than a man rising from a wheelchair and walking, the exoskeleton seemed to have achieved a simpler task of moving one foot forward to hit the ball.

A guide to binge-watching 'Friends' on Netflix

Thankfully, Netflix has created a handy episode guide in the form of a subway map — even though we've never seen Rachel on a train — giving hardcore fans various tracks to watch all 236 episodes. So if you prefer to watch only episodes featuring the Ugly Naked Guy or the chick and the duck, you won't have to slog through all that messy Ross/Rachel "we were on a break" stuff.

Byte Rot: Future of Programming - Rise of the Scientific Programmer (and fall of the craftsman)

Thank you for the nice post which makes you think about a lot of things. I agree with you about many points in it. But I can't accept the main idea that IT world needs more science and mathematics(for the current moment). Your point that in 80s IT has more math is explained by one fact. In 80s the major customer of IT was science and programmers solve a science problems. And it's hard to solve these problems without knowledge of math, physics, etc. But let's look into 2015. How is the main customer? A business of a different sizes and private persons. Do they deal with science a lot? Well, sometimes it's needed to save money, but mostly it isn't so important. That why programming nowadays has a small part of science. Also, on my opinion(23 years old kid with some years of experience), programming is more close to engineering or building process, rather than math. Because it wraps the knowledge and rules of the area which it's used. So if we write a code for a university its full of science, for banks - money and economics, for teenagers - hippy staff. And it's OK, because we all hired to solve a problems of our clients and not ours.

One more reason to get a good night’s sleep

The brain uses a quarter of the body's entire energy supply, yet only accounts for about two percent of the body's mass. So how does this unique organ receive and, perhaps more importantly, rid itself of vital nutrients? New research suggests it has to do with sleep.

This is why people leave your company

Just asking this question can convince someone they made the right choice by joining your company. The critical thing is to follow through. If a marketing hire says they want to learn Ruby, or an engineer says they want to learn presentation skills, don’t let it drop. Record it somewhere, and then make the best introductions you can. Don’t stop there either. Go the extra mile to suggest how these people might work together to make learning possible. Perhaps advise that they meet a certain number of times a month for a time-bounded period. That makes it sound low-lift, and if they do become close and everything is working well, they can decide to continue the relationship. Keep in touch with the mentor on the progress the employee is making, and then give them a chance to show off their new skills where you can.

All it takes is 10 mindful minutes

When is the last time you did absolutely nothing for 10 whole minutes? Not texting, talking or even thinking? Mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe describes the transformative power of doing just that: Refreshing your mind for 10 minutes a day, simply by being mindful and experiencing the present moment. (No need for incense or sitting in uncomfortable positions.)

The world's most boring television ... and why it's hilariously addictive

You've heard about slow food. Now here's slow ... TV? In this very funny talk, Norwegian television producer Thomas Hellum shares how he and his team began to broadcast long, boring events, often live — and found a rapt audience. Shows include a 7-hour train journey, an 18-hour fishing expedition and a 5.5-day ferry voyage along the coast of Norway. The results are both beautiful and fascinating. Really.

9 GIFs That Explain Responsive Design Brilliantly

Can't tell a responsive website from a merely adaptive one? These GIFs courtesy of Froont will turn you into a pedant in no time.

5 dangerous things you should let your kids do

At TED U, Gever Tulley, founder of the Tinkering School, spells out 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do — and why a little danger is good for both kids and grownups.

Disney rendered its new animated film on a 55,000-core supercomputer

Disney's upcoming animated film Big Hero 6 , about a boy and his soft robot (and a gang of super-powered friends), is perhaps the largest big-budget mash-up you'll ever see. Every aspect of the film's production represents a virtual collision of worlds. The story, something co-director Don Hall calls "one of the more obscure titles in the Marvel universe," has been completely re-imagined for parent company Disne y. Then, there's the city of San Fransokyo it's set in -- an obvious marriage of two of the most tech-centric cities in the world. And, of course, there's the real-world technology that not only takes center stage as the basis for characters in the film, but also powered the onscreen visuals. It's undoubtedly a herculean effort from Walt Disney Animation Studios, and one that's likely to go unnoticed by audiences.

Never Forget Someone's Name Again With This Memory Trick

I always thought this technique of memorizing stuff was too complicated. I know it works for some people though. I think the best way to have a good memory is to use it and use it often. I used to be a server and I was one of those servers that never writes down orders, but always gets them right. Now that it has been a while since I was in the restaurant biz, I find my short term memory went to hell. I didn't use any special technique. I just was always working that muscle so it stayed toned. Since I don't use it like that anymore It has gotten flabby.

Indian Government Orders 32 Web Sites Blocked, Including GitHub, Archive.Org, Pastebin, DailyMotion And Vimeo | Techdirt

It now appears that the blocks are being carried out on the instructions of [India's] DoT (Department of Telecom). The telecom body reportedly issued a notification regarding the same on December 17. A screenshot of the circular has been posted on Twitter by Pranesh Prakash. The notification mentions that 32 URLs including Pastebin, video sharing sites Vimeo and DailyMotion, Internet archive site and a web-based software code repository), have been blocked under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, 2000. DoT has also asked ISPs to submit compliance reports. However, we have not been able to verify the authenticity of the circular.

A Westerner's guide to Japanese toilets

Dirt, stains, effluent, material, the load, waste, matter. These are the words my tour guides at Toto's toilet factory and research center in Kyushu used to verbally pirouette around what exactly its porcelain thrones deal with: shit. Japanese toilets are probably the best in the business at getting rid of your business, but for many Westerners, that first moment of contact can be terrifying. There are so many buttons, so many unknown symbols and open-to-interpretation stickmen figures; not to mention the (unfounded) fear that you could be sprayed with toilet water by merely approaching one. The Washlet, as Toto's combination bidet/toilet is called, doesn't come cheap. And yet, in Japan, they are everywhere. In fact, compared to plain, old, featureless toilets, washlets occupy the majority of restrooms. Gallery | 13 Photos Toto's Museum: The history of the toilet + See all 13

The History Of Web Design Explained In 9 GIFs

CSS. First unleashed in 1998, CSS was the answer to a lot of the design problems of the early web. By seperating the way a site looked from the site's content, designers finally had a technology that allowed them to make a website look exactly the way they wanted, custom-tailored to the device it was being displayed on. The earliest versions of CSS weren't very flexible, but eventually, CSS became the most important technology for designers on the web to master.

4 Habits of People Who Follow Their Dreams

Yet some of us follow those childhood dreams no matter what. They ignore the naysayers. They don’t take "no" for an answer. And they do what it takes to make it work. Here are four famous people who followed the calling they had as a child and the habits they had that kept them going.

10 best tech companies to work for in 2015

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 40 million unique visitors worldwide and 20 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Coffee Alternatives That Are Better For Productivity

That chill you feel in the office may be causing your productivity to drop along with your temperature. Cornell University researchers found employees working in offices with low temperatures (of 68 degrees) committed 44% more errors and were less than half as productive than employees working in a warm office (of 77 degrees). When the body’s temperature drops, it uses up energy to stay warm. This leaves the brain with less energy to concentrate or to be creative. If you can’t raise the office temperature, be sure to pack a sweater or get a space heater.

How I hacked online dating

Amy Webb was having no luck with online dating. The dates she liked didn't write her back, and her own profile attracted crickets (and worse). So, as any fan of data would do: she started making a spreadsheet. Hear the story of how she went on to hack her online dating life — with frustrating, funny and life-changing results.

Get in shape (for real this time)

It is the New Year’s Resolution that you make over and over again. Here, talks to help you actually stick to it—and do it in a kind, effective way.

The optimism bias

Are we born to be optimistic, rather than realistic? Tali Sharot shares new research that suggests our brains are wired to look on the bright side — and how that can be both dangerous and beneficial.

How One Brand Hunts Cool Young Customers--And Captures Them

While PBR has made itself an institution among grungier hipster types, the secret to Hendrick’s enduring appeal is how it constantly plays into hipster’s fascination with things that are both vintage and idiosyncratic. The brand has invented an elaborate world full of playful, unusual things that they have never seen before. After all, gin is just a drink; what brings it to life is the magical associations that consumers bring to it from events they may have attended. "We want our consumers not just to enjoy the terrific taste of our cocktails, but to jump into our brand’s world, which is a unique and special place," says Walpert. "This world has such a rich look and feel, we find ways to nurture and bring it to life each year."

Life's third act

Within this generation, an extra 30 years have been added to our life expectancy — and these years aren’t just a footnote or a pathology. In this talk, Jane Fonda asks how we can think about this new phase of our lives. (Filmed at TEDxWomen.)

The science of setting goals

A meaningful goal — one that truly inspires you to change — requires going deeper. “Give yourself permission and time to think about what it is you want to experience in your life or what’s getting in the way,” says McGonigal. Think about what you want in the coming year, then ask yourself why you want that — three times in a row. For example, if you want to quit smoking, ask why do you want to quit? Then, if you want to quit for your health, ask why do you want good health? Then, if your answer is to be alive long enough to meet your grandchildren, ask why do you want to meet your grandchildren? “You get to something that just feels so obviously important to you,” says McGonigal. It really drives home why that goal matters, and that motivation can bolster you as you work toward the goal.

The cost of US wars since 9/11: $1.6 trillion

The $1.6 trillion in war spending over that time span includes the cost of military operations, the training of security forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, weapons maintenance, base support, reconstruction, embassy maintenance, foreign aid, and veterans' medical care, as well as war-related intelligence operations not tracked by the Pentagon. The report tracks expenses through September, the end of the government's 2014 fiscal year. Here's a breakdown of where most of that money went:

7 social media resolutions for 2015

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 40 million unique visitors worldwide and 20 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Revealed: The Lost Chapter of Interstellar | WIRED

Before Cooper left his daughter to find humanity a new home in space, there were the Lazarus missions. Led by Dr. Mann, this was NASA’s first attempt to locate a hospitable exoplanet. So what happened to Mann on the other side of the wormhole? We teamed Christopher Nolan with award-winning comic-book artist Sean Gordon Murphy to tell Mann’s story.

Your brain on improv

Musician and researcher Charles Limb wondered how the brain works during musical improvisation — so he put jazz musicians and rappers in an fMRI to find out. What he and his team found has deep implications for our understanding of creativity of all kinds. (Filmed at TEDxMidAtlantic.)

Peter Gabriel: Tech Can Make Video Evidence a Cornerstone of Justice | WIRED

Justice flourishes in the light, in openness and transparency, in which the defense and prosecution are seen to be treated fairly and given equal opportunity. Injustice is bred in darkness, in closed hearings and in a hidden process in which cozy backroom relationships can develop. In these situations, it is easy to put a slant on a case or prevent critical evidence from being seen or heard. The Internet revolution has exposed so much of what has, for so long, been hidden in our world. It’s time for justice to become a new focus.

The 10 games we can't wait to play in 2015

This year was a pretty great one for new game releases . But being a site about the future, we can't help but look ahead — and it seems like 2015 might be even better. Next year will see new entries in some of the biggest franchises around, from The Legend of Zelda to Halo , while brand new names like No Man's Sky look to shake things up with fresh ideas. Of course, there's plenty that will come out next year that we don't even know about — mobile games like Threes often launch with little build-up, for example — but even still there's plenty to look forward to. Here are the 10 games that have us most excited to boot up our consoles.

Here's how to have a dramatic impact on the quality of your music

For most of us, spending $10 a month on a service like Spotify or $200 on a decent pair of headphones is plenty , thank you very much. But if you're obsessed with squeezing every last drop of audio performance that you can out of your setup, the sky's the limit: you can spend tens of thousands of dollars on headphone amplifiers, digital-to-analog converters, ultra-luxe portable players, and the headphones themselves. With the  recent launch of Tidal , you can even spend more to get lossless streaming music, which delivers better audio quality at a significantly higher bitrate. (You've got to be careful that you don't blow through your data cap on an LTE connection — but if you're spending thousands on audio gear in the first place, perhaps you have some cash to spare.)

Withings Activité review: a slightly smarter watch

None of that, of course, has much to do with the Activité. All the watch does is feed data into that system. If you tap on the sapphire, the hands will quickly rearrange to show you what time your alarm will go off, but otherwise there’s no two-way interaction at all. In a way that’s frustrating, because you need your phone to do everything, including set the time, but it’s actually quite clever. Since the Activité is just a dumb data-collection device, you’ll never need to upgrade it to get new functionality. Withings can upgrade the Activité’s firmware to read more and more accurately, and it can update its app to do absolutely everything else. Most smartwatches, especially above a certain price, are going to run into an upgrade problem: why would I spend a thousand dollars on a watch I’m going to need to upgrade in a year? The Activité doesn’t have that problem, because it doesn’t try to do anything. You’ll upgrade your phone in a year, Withings will update its app far more frequently than that, and suddenly your watch will become even more useful.

2014 Kinda Sucked: A Look at Our Slow Descent Into Dystopia | WIRED

This year was, to put it as gently as possible, the devil’s playground. Oh sure, every year has its horrors and there are far worse annums behind us (the Crusades, anyone?), but 2014 proved to be a year in which long-festering social, environmental, and political problems were exposed in ways we have not seen in a very long time.

Once upon a time, my mother ...

Storyteller Carmen Agra Deedy spins a funny, wise and luminous tale of parents and kids, starring her Cuban mother. Settle in and enjoy the ride — Mama's driving!

King of Clickbait

Web development is a low-overhead enterprise, especially when you live with your parents. MuggleNet made hundreds of thousands of dollars through advertising, and Spartz funnelled his earnings into a new company: Spartz, Inc. His first employee was his younger brother Dylan, who designed the site; during college, at Notre Dame, Emerson started working with Gaby Montero, then his girlfriend and now his wife. After graduation, they started building rudimentary Web sites, sometimes as many as one a month: GivesMeHope (“ ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’—the twenty-first-century, Twitter-style version”); Memestache (“All the Funny Memes”); OMG Facts (“The World’s #1 Fact Source”). Many of the sites fizzled out; others gained a following. When Internet culture developed a fascination with “fails”—news bloopers, errant autocorrects—Spartz created a site where users could post funny mistakes from Facebook (Unfriendable), a site featuring gaffes from television (As Failed On TV), and one about garbled text messages (SmartphOWNED). When the data indicated that optimism was attracting more visitors than Schadenfreude, Spartz let his “fail” sites languish and focussed on promoting GivesMeHope, a repository for anonymous, uplifting anecdotes.

Don’t Write Off ET Quite Yet - Issue 101: In Our Nature - Nautilus

Consider too that the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope—a sky charting behemoth currently under construction—will take 10 years to detect 90 percent of all potentially hazardous (to us) asteroid and comet bodies larger than about 140 meters. It’ll be a remarkable accomplishment, yet the missing 10 percent likely totals 2,000 objects. That’s a lot of critical stuff that we simply can’t find in our own solar system. This doesn’t mean that there are alien spacecraft or artifacts floating around our neighborhood, but if there were, there’s no guarantee we’d have spotted them.

Apple's 2015: Building on an already huge 2014 - CNET

"I am incredibly optimistic about the future," Cook said during Apple's most recent earnings call. "We've already announced two new categories in the last 60 days or so...with Apple Pay and Apple Watch. So [we're] shipping the watch early next year and obviously we're working on other things as well and to the degree that I can keep that in the cone of silence, I am going to do it....We look at a lot of different things and we're fortunate to have a lot of creative people here that want to change the world and have a lot of great ideas."

Why 90-Day Goals Are Better Than Year-Long Ones

The notion of setting 90 day goal was a key theme in Vern Harnish's "Mastering the Rockefeller Habits". Of course what makes the goals work is the accountability that goes with the goals. Peer-to-peer accountability (as Pat Lecioni points out in his book "Advantage") is the most powerful form of accountability. Just as your business owners were in an accountability group of peers. Gino Wickman has been delivering a very effective implementation of 90 day goals that are derived from a one year plan which support a longer term vision. With the right accountability, accomplishment of you current 90 day goals leads to achievement of your annual and longer term goals.

The TheTechNewsBlog Daily

The TheTechNewsBlog Daily, by TheTechNewsBlog: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Your iPhone Can Be Hacked With A Photo Of Your Thumb

Your fingerprint may not keep your iPhone safe any more. Someone has figured out how to use photos and commercially available software to break through an iPhone 6's fingerprint sensor, known as Touch ID.

Quantum Physics Just Got A Tiny Bit Easier To Understand

The proposed unification of the two features may bring new advances in cryptography, Dr. Patrick Coles, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Waterloo's Institute for Quantum Computing in Canada and one of Wehner's collaborators, told The Huffington Post in an email. For example, he said, it could point the way to provide "perfectly secure" online credit card transactions. In addition, the advance promises to make it easier for physics students to make sense of a field that is notoriously difficult to understand. Instead of having to learn two separate phenomena, Coles said, "they can just learn the uncertainty principle and then deduce the competition between wave and particle behavior as a consequence of the uncertainty principle."

Reconnecting with compassion

The term "compassion" — typically reserved for the saintly or the sappy — has fallen out of touch with reality. At a special TEDPrize@UN, journalist Krista Tippett deconstructs the meaning of compassion through several moving stories, and proposes a new, more attainable definition for the word.

Celebrate New Year's with almost two minutes of movie explosions

The folks at  Screen Junkies cut together one minute and fifty seconds worthy of explosions from popular movies. The Dark Knight, Transformers, Star Wars, and Dr. Strangelove make appearances, as do plenty other films with extravagant pyrotechnic budgets. You obviously shouldn't try to recreate any of this at home, but here's a fun little explosive experiment for you and the friends to try. All you need is a little baking soda, vinegar, and a junior high school degree.

Start the year off right with a clean PC

Unsavory detritus lurks in the vents and crevices of your computer hardware: Hair, dust, cigarette smoke, and pet dander can accumulate in your PC and also in your peripherals, even down between the keys of your keyboard. Some of it’s just gross. However, buildup on fans and other key components can increase the heat stress on your machine, potentially making it unstable and shortening the life of individual parts. That’s no way to start a new year. With thanks to Marco Chiappetta’s detailed rundown on how to clean a dirty PC , we’re adding information on how to clean  peripherals as well.

What Is a Hangover?

When alcohol enters your bloodstream, it tells your pituitary gland not to produce vasopressin, which is the hormone that typically keeps your body lubed up with moisture. Without vasopressin, liquids get siphoned straight to your bladder, which is why you really open the floodgates after the first time you pee during a boozy evening. When you're drinking, you lose about four times more liquid than you gain, which also causes the dehydration that leads to that wonderful cotton mouth and headache that come with a hangover. Ever wonder why exactly dehydration causes a headache? It's because your organs are so desperate they steal water from your brain, which causes your brain to shrink. A shrunken brain pulls on the membranes that connect the brain to the skull, and that, naturally, hurts like a mother.

The best gift I ever survived

Stacey Kramer offers a moving, personal, 3-minute parable that shows how an unwanted experience — frightening, traumatic, costly — can turn out to be a priceless gift.

Another Reason 20-Somethings Should Avoid Binge Drinking: Study

When it comes time to ring in the New Year this Wednesday night, many 20-somethings will be celebrating with a drink... or two, or five. But researchers warn that heavy drinking could have a more detrimental effect on the body than we may have previously realized.

10 Tricks to Make Yourself an Evernote Master

Evernote is well established as the go-to app for organizing just about everything in your life. Whether it's notes for a novel or bookmarks from the Web, Evernote can take pretty much anything you want to throw at it. But are you using the platform to its full potential? Here are 10 quick tips for turning yourself into an Evernote power user.

Natural wonder and human woe in 2014's best satellite shots - CNET

You are being watched. From music festivals to political conflict, check out some of the most spectacular and startling satellite images of Earth captured in 2014.

A Magician’s Best Trick: Revealing a Basic Human Bias

The guy had played us every step of the way. First, there was his “poor” performance at guessing—hey, we concluded, this guy puts on his pants one leg at a time. Then he complimented my son with “Hmm, you’re hard to read.” Next, The Magician gave a plausible explanation for my son’s success: “The experience with rock/paper/scissors, of course.” Finally, as my son’s run continued, The Magician indicated it was now a given that my son was virtuosic at this game: The point now was to analyze how he was doing it. Hook, line and sinker.

Bill Murray, Corvettes, and 3D portraits: these are the White House's photos of the year

"You gotta love Bill Murray. The actor had been invited to the White House along with other cast members of 'The Monuments Men' for a movie screening in the Family Theater of the White House. Prior to the screening, the President was to greet some of cast members in the Diplomatic Reception Room. A White House staff person had told Murray where to stand, meaning before the greet. But when the President walked into the room, Murray stayed put, saying 'they told me to stand here.'" (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

51 The One Where Netflix Started Streaming All Ten Seasons Of Friends
52 Millions Of Workers Will Get A Raise On New Years Day
53 Street style before everyone became a fashion blogger
54 Photos from Afghanistan: Longest war in U.S. history comes to an end
55 This year, I resolve to ban laptops from my classroom
56 The Tech That Will Change Your Life in 2015
57 36 dead, 47 injured in Shanghai New Year's celebration stampede
58 Muzli Chrome Extension Dishes Up Design Inspiration
59 Why is it so difficult to eat real food in the 21st century?
60 2014 Year in Review: The Events That Shaped a Turbulent Year
61 The End of Gangs: Cleaning Up Los Angeles, California
62 The 11 most useful web tools of 2014
63 A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Out of Debt
64 5 ways to listen better
65 The Best Time to Buy Anything During the Year
66 LG will show off curved, 21:9 and 4K monitors at CES
67 The name of the fungus | Science News
68 MH370 relatives view AirAsia crash with empathy, and envy
69 CIA takes blame for more than half of UFO sightings in late 1950s and 60s
70 Getting the best TV picture: The complete guide - CNET
71 NASA Released Decades Worth Of Space Sounds On SoundCloud
72 Reading and Rewriting DNA: The Year in Biomedicine | MIT Technology Review
73 The young entrepreneurs modeling their weed farm like a startup
74 Unlike All Those Dumb Crowdfunding Campaigns, This Smart Ring Exists
75 Take A Tour Of The World's Best Hope To Survive After A Climate-Change Apocalypse
76 50 Resources to Help You Create Customers for Life
77 9 Tips for Retailers to Generate More Online Sales in 2015
78 Japan suffers lowest number of births on record as population shrinks
79 Pringle the bearded dragon is the selfie king of the reptile world
80 The World's 19 Weirdest Hangover Remedies
81 The Growing Asexuality Movement On College Campuses
82 How To Create Seriously Cool Portraits Of The World’s Funniest People
83 Dust Off That Day Planner For These Compact Solar Charging Panels
84 11 New Year's tech resolutions for a righteous 2015
85 North Korea/Sony Story Shows How Eagerly U.S. Media Still Regurgitate Government Claims - The Intercept
86 How the internet’s engineers are fighting mass surveillance
87 Twitter’s ‘While You Were Away’ Recap Feature Is Rolling Out To Many Users
88 Extreme Shooting: Capturing The Harsh, Hallucinatory Beauty Of Antarctica
89 Looking for a new job in 2015? 6 things to do before you quit
90 Bento boxes and gear for geeks with lunch breaks - CNET
91 Engineering prof: Young people have no clue how to fix things - CNET
92 Help Mark Zuckerberg decide what his 2015 personal challenge will be
93 IBM Builds a Brain-Inspired Chip Using Phase-Change Memory | MIT Technology Review
94 Exploding Slingshot Ammo Is a Banger of a Good Time
95 10 Useful Chrome Extensions You May Not Have Tried