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Watch SpaceX’s first launch since its September 2016 rocket explosion here

SpaceX is launching its first mission since a Falcon 9 rocket exploded on a launch pad during preflight routines in September of last year. The launch is set..

Eonite VR tracking software ensures you don’t lose your virtual head

Computer vision firm Eonite has launched new software to track users’ position in virtual reality (VR) with high levels of accuracy and low latency.

Watch SpaceX’s first launch since its September 2016 rocket explosion here

SpaceX is launching its first mission since a Falcon 9 rocket exploded on a launch pad during preflight routines in September of last year. The launch is set..

Video shows inflatable pack saving snowboarder from avalanche

A first-person video shows the harrowing moments when a snowboarder is caught in an avalanche and protected by his high-tech backpack.

Ossic's amazingly immersive 3D headphones give you an earful of VR audio's glorious future

The Ossic X 3D headphones raised more money on Kickstarter than any other VR campaign, and their sound is utterly transformative.

Watch SpaceX’s first launch since its September 2016 rocket explosion here

SpaceX is launching its first mission since a Falcon 9 rocket exploded on a launch pad during preflight routines in September of last year. The launch is set..

Sony's new PlayStation headset is premium in name alone

The fit, finish and sound quality don't merit the $150 price.

Google Maps now lets you get an Uber without leaving the app

Everything happens right in Maps now.

Nintendo will have a Switch app to help with parental controls

Set time limits, daily use and game rating restrictions.

Playing all the games at Nintendo's Switch event

Sorry, though, no 'Super Mario Odyssey.'

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Watch SpaceX Launch a Rocket For the First Time in Months

After some setbacks—including, but not limited to, an explosion in September —SpaceX will attempt to launch a Falcon 9 rocket from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California at 9:54:34am PT (12:54:34pm ET). We’ll all be watching and sweating profusely—including Elon Musk, presumably.

Uber To Build Autonomous Research Center In Michigan

Uber has settled on Wixom, Michigan as the base for its new autonomous vehicle research center, which will focus on embedding the company’s self-driving system into cars.

Star Wars will not digitally recreate Carrie Fisher for future movies

Recreating actors with digital techniques has been used going back to Brandon Lee’s performance in The Crow , but that was primarily piecing together existing footage and using it in different contexts. In Rogue One , however, Industrial Light & Magic was able to recreate Peter Cushing and a 19-year-old Fisher with a combination of stand-in performers and digital artistry. But just because something can be pulled off technologically does not mean that it should, particularly when it comes to the moral and ethical concerns inherent in digitally resurrecting a beloved actor. In this particular case, it seems clear that Star Wars will be showing Carrie Fisher the respect she deserves.

Trump cybersecurity advisor taken to task over his own insecure website

His latest mishap comes from a cabinet appointment, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani. It’s Giuliani, now, that’s tasked with protecting our nation from the best and most sophisticated cyber criminals both foreign and domestic. And it’s Giuliani that today got schooled on the perils of not practicing what you preach.

SpaceX returns to flight in style, launching satellites and landing another rocket

The company returned to flight in style, too, by landing its seventh rocket stage back on Earth after delivering a payload to space. The landing was a secondary objective for the mission, but it was gorgeous. The booster landed dead-center on a small remotely-operated barge in the Pacific Ocean.

Fitbit Continues Spending Spree With Acquisition Of Vector

Fitbit has extended its spending spree with the acquisition of luxury smartwatch maker Vector, a European startup that entered the market less than a year ago.


The best business gadgets of CES 2017 | ZDNet

Enterprise staff that take work home with them may appreciate a higher level of security in their house, and that is where the Fortress UTM comes in. Showcased at CES 2017, the device is a unified threat management (UTM) system which monitors Internet-connected products -- such as PCs and Internet of Things (IoT) appliances for suspicious activity or intrusions.

Windows 10 is about to get a high-performance Game Mode

Microsoft made a big fuss out of the Windows 10 Creators Update's gaming features , and it's nearly ready to start delivering on them... including some that have remained mysterious. The company has revealed that it'll start trotting out a largely unknown Windows 10 Game Mode as part of Insider previews "this week." The improvement won't be fully functional until later releases, but Microsoft has at last shed some light on what it is: it'll fine-tune your PC to speed up gaming performance. This mode should help both legacy Windows games (Win32) and modern titles (UWP), so you won't have to be picky about what you're playing to notice a difference. You should "soon" hear a lot more about how it works, Microsoft says.

Outgoing FCC Chairman Defends Net Neutrality

In his last public speech as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Tom Wheeler said on Friday that the FCC is a referee for the American Internet and implored its next leaders not to mess with net neutrality rules, one of the signature achievements of his three-year tenure.

The Genius Who Lived in a Storage Locker for $200 a Month Was Evicted

“If you’re going to live in a storage unit, you’re going to need to be invisible as you can possibly be,” the man in the video tells us. And he would know. According to a spokesman for the company, U-Haul kicked the YouTuber known as o07craft out of his home before his how to live in a storage locker video went viral this week.

Learn all the tricks that savvy pros use to grow their businesses for under $30

, you’ll have the “insider” knowledge to set your business sales on fire in a short amount of time. This complete package of growth hacking coursework is on sale at

A Reboot Worth Making: How Netflix’s “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” Gets It Right

But given their history, Sonnenfeld shared many of Handler’s ideas for reimagining the Baudelaires’ world, making him an ideal partner to tackle the project. The decision to spend two episodes on each book (this inaugural season covers "The Bad Beginning," "The Reptile Room," "The Wide Window," and "The Miserable Mill" for a total of eight parts) came early. Both knew that a serialized and more leisurely approach would allow them to go deeper into each installment, which tied into their mission of going smaller. Where the movie had lost its integrity in its decision to go broader and more comedic, the series would pare down the fluff and keep the world contained, thereby preserving much of the books’ tragicomic sensibilities.

WhatsApp again dogged by privacy questions, but there's a fix

But there's a fix. WhatsApp users can opt in to find out when someone they're communicating with changes their encryption key. This change happens often enough, when users switch to a different device or SIM card. If you see that your contact has a new encryption key and you're worried someone might have forced the change to intercept your message, you can ask your contact if he switched devices, said John Geater, chief technology officer at Thales e-Security, a firm that helps companies manage their encryption keys.

15 Nintendo Switch: hands-on with the world's strangest games console

Arms is reminiscent of the boxing game in Wii Sports, albeit with characters whose arms extend on springs and end in a variety of weapons. Hold two Joy-Con vertically and turned so that the buttons face inwards – which is still comfortable but makes you grateful for the wrist strap – and punch. You can also tilt the controllers to move, turn them inwards to shield, punch both at once to grab, press L and R to dash and jump, and press ZL or ZR to use a character’s special move - heal while shielding, hover, teleport and so on. There’s plenty of strategy here, but just as boxing was the lesser played of the Wii Sports games because it required each player to have a nunchuck, Arms is likely to suffer from its need for two Joy-Con each, especially given their listed price of £75 a pair.

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How to preorder the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo says online gaming services will be free for a trial period after the console is released, but will become a subscription service this fall. The unit will come with a Switch console, two Joy-Con joysticks, two Joy-Con wrist straps, a Joy-Con Grip, the Nintendo Switch Dock, a HDMI cable and an AC adapter. (Confused? Here's more information about the new Joy-Con controllers .)

SpaceX successfully returns to launch with Iridium-1 NEXT Falcon 9 mission

SpaceX has succeeded in launch a Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, its first launch since a Falcon 9 rocket exploded on a launch pad in pre-flight procedures in September 2016. The launch took place at 9:54 AM PT Saturday, during an instant launch window. It’s a huge victory for SpaceX, which has had to delay its launch schedule since the explosion.

App Store users can bring antitrust lawsuit against Apple

Apple did not immediately respond to our request for comment, but has argued in the past that it basically rents out space to developers in the App Store. Apple gets a percentage of the revenues and developers get to sell their apps on the platform.

Former Android chief ready to take on the iPhone -- again

The guy responsible for Android, Google's blockbuster mobile phone software, is reportedly coming back with a new consumer hardware company and a new high-end smartphone.

Superbug Resistant to All Available U.S. Antibiotics Claims Victim

Perhaps even more troubling than this particular superbug’s resistance to all 26 antibiotics, though, is its particular resistance to one, colistin. Colistin is often considered the last-resort antibiotic, and resistance to it is usually caused by the mcr-1 gene. However, according to the CDC, “Because of a high minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) to colistin, the isolate was tested at CDC for the mcr-1 gene, which confers plasma-mediated resistance to colistin; the results were negative.”  So not only was this superbug resistant to colistin, we don’t know why it was resistant.

SpaceX launches its first Falcon 9 since last September's mishap

Saturday is the SpaceX's first attempt to send anything to space since last September, when one of their rockets—carrying a $200 million satellite—blew up on a Florida launchpad.

The Morning After: Weekend Edition

Most tech companies shoot their proverbial wads at CES, showing off their finest wares for the coming year and beyond. Usually, this means that the second week in January is a peaceful time, meant for reflection upon the technological wonders seen in Las Vegas. Nintendo, however, is not most tech companies.

Use This Tasker Action to Find Out If Your Train Is Delayed

Android: If you use public transit to get to work, Google will sometimes let you know if your train is delayed. However, it might not tell you until you get to the station. This Tasker action can help by letting you make on-demand requests to find out.

Demand for secret messaging apps is rising as Trump takes office

Founded in 2013 by idealistic cryptographer Moxie Marlinspike, Open Whisper developed the protocol adopted by not only WhatsApp, but Facebook Messenger’s “secret conversations” feature, and Google Allo’s “incognito mode.” Open Whisper also has its own flagship messaging app called Signal, and people have been flocking to it since the election. On November 9th Signal vaulted up App Annie’s ranking of the most popular iOS social networking apps, from 98th place to 45th. Worldwide downloads grew 70 percent in the last quarter of 2016, with nearly half a million downloads coming from the US. As activists and wary citizens prepare for a president-elect who seemingly disdains the First Amendment, flirts with the idea of creating a Muslim registry, and will soon sit atop a powerful surveillance apparatus, Signal has become the gateway drug to the encrypted life.

Mark Zuckerberg will testify in a $2 billion lawsuit that claims the VR startup he bought was based on stolen tech

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will testify in court on Tuesday, January 17 for a potentially explosive lawsuit that claims the Oculus VR startup he acquired for $2 billion was based on stolen technology.

Could IoT’s consumer data riches save insurers $6 billion a year?

“Insurance companies will benefit because for the first time, they will have data that shows that the devices are fitted and functional in the consumer’s home,” said ROC-Connect’s Kevin Meagher. “We will move from the crazy position we are in today where insurance companies are offering discounts on security systems and fire sensors when 50% of customers do not switch the alarm on and there are no batteries in the fire sensor.”

The Tangled TV Movie Actually Looks Pretty Damn Cute

While the animation does look pretty cheap, that’s kind of part of the charm. The style is kind of a mix of classic storybooks and old episodes of Rocky and Bullwinkle. Plus, Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi reprise their roles as Rapunzel and Eugene, and Alan Menken wrote some new songs for it. Sadly, there’s no Brad Garrett, or Donna Murphy as Mother Gothel. But the latter one makes sense since she’s, you know, dead.

Former DirecTV Spokesman Rob Lowe Calls Out DirecTV for Being Shitty

Rob Lowe, the former pitchman for DirecTV, has a message for the company that he used to promote: You suck!

Listen in Awe to the First Taste of the Logan Score

Director James Mangold teased out the first peek at the crew recording the original score for Logan , the third and likely best Wolverine film in the franchise. It’s only about 25 seconds, but it’s a helluva 25 seconds. It’s clear they’re going for a dark Western vibe with this thing — which isn’t much of a surprise, considering they used a Johnny Cash song in the first trailer. But still, damn.

CES 2017 recap video: Big trends, top products, and wackiest tech | ZDNet

On the CNET Stage at CES 2017, ZDNet and TechRepublic editors wrapped up the show with a discussion of the most important trends and product categories at this year's CES.

Best phones for $400 (roundup)

Fast forward to now and you 'll notice that midrange phones offer a lot, especially the ones that cost about $400. Oftentimes, they can even be more tempting than their high-end rivals that run up to $600 or more. That's because these handsets deliver either comparable or equally powerful hardware and a solid design -- all at about a fraction of the cost. Read on to find more about our recent favorites.

Snapchat Launches a New Universal Search Bar to Navigate Faster

TechCrunch is reporting that Snap, the company behind Snapchat, is rolling out a universal search box that sits at the top of every screen within the app, which should make it easier for users to get around. The search bar will let users find contacts, Stories, groups, and more, no matter where they are in the app.

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Here's to 10 more years of iPhone-related distraction

Mercedes-Benz Expects Zone Restrictions For Self-Driving Cars

Mercedes-Benz wants to have its first autonomous vehicle on the roads by 2020, but expects there will be roadblocks for the first few years as regulators and infrastructure remain in the age of human-controlled cars.

Tesla is taking a huge risk with the Model 3 — and it may not pay off

And it should be noted that Tesla is kind of making the same mistake with the Model 3 that it made with the Model S — bringing to market a car rather than an SUV. You could forgive Elon Musk and his team for not seeing the SUV revival coming back in the early 2010s, when the Model S arrived. But that's not the case with the Model 3. And because the Model 3 will be built on a flexible platform that could support everything from an SUV to a pickup truck to a sports car, the decision to launch with a sedan is questionable (even if almost 400,000 potential buyers don't think so).

Airbnb packing in visitors for Trump inauguration weekend

One DC Airbnb host, Jade Moore, expects to have guests from all over the US next week, including Texas, North Carolina and Indiana. Some guests will be watching Trump get inaugurated, while she'll protest with others at the Women's March on Washington. She doesn't mind that she may not see eye-to-eye with all of them on political issues.

When smart clothes start chatting up smart cities it could get crazy

For those wishing never to be lost in the crowd again, U.K. researchers are developing connected clothing that will turn its wearers into mobile sensors for smart cities.

39 iPhone 8 To Feature Forge Stainless Steel Chassis Frame

The next-generation iPhone is expected to abandon its conventional aluminum back cover design and will adopt a new design using two reinforced glass panes and a metal frame in the middle. The metal bezel will be made of stainless steel using a forging process to enhance its sturdiness and reduce costs and manufacturing time.

Andy Rubin is Building an 'Essential' High-End Smartphone

But AI has apparently gripped Rubin, and, according to Bloomberg , he is currently has at work on building not only a brand new, high-end smartphone, but also an entire series of consumer products that are all bridged together by artificial intelligence. The new company’s name is Essential, and Rubin intends to unveil the company at the same time it announces the new smartphone and other consumer devices.

Apple Seeds iOS 10.2.1 Beta 3 to Developers

Apple has officially seeded developer beta 3 of iOS 10.2.1. The first developer beta did not have any major forward-facing new additions to the mix. With the minor point upgrade, Apple is focusing on fixing any issues discovered since the public release of iOS 10.2, as well as boosting overall performance.

Use a smartphone as a Dial Up Modem?

But the problem with cell phones is that they've never provided a full 64kbps digital audio channel like the landline PSTN did. They use lossy codecs to compress your voice audio down to fit into a 9600 bps channel. So if you want to try to do audio-modulated signaling over that channel, I think you'd be lucky to get 4800 bps (4.8kbps = 0.6 KibiBytes/sec) out of it. And that's assuming you design custom modulation schemes to get the most out of what that audio channel gives you. I have no idea if any of the traditional modulation schemes used by POTS modems would work well over GSM voice channels. For all I know, an off the shelf POTS modem may just completely fall on its face and not even be able to sustain the ages-old 300 bps rate over a GSM voice channel.

How to Check Your Internet Speed

Once you've run it a few times and want to put those numbers in context, just click the "My Results" link at the top of the page. Ookla will then visually plot out your various tests and compare them to the global average speeds. On the side, your best speed score will be awarded a letter grade, corresponding to the following scale (the percentage is how you compare to other Internet users on the national and global level):

Increase Camcorder Power Supply Time, proprietary

Increase Camcorder Power Supply Time. How I hacked an odd shaped, (proprietary). How I hacked an odd shaped, (proprietary), plug to my JVC GZ-HM960BEK Camcorder to my power supply to use a Battery Bank LCD External Power Backup Dual USB Battery Charger to increase the Camcorder battery time This has shown to be reliable over many, many months of use. I mainly use as a backup power for my Camcorder it gives me much longer Camcorder battery time I use this with a hack to the power lead for a JVC GZ-HM960BEK but this hack can be used for almost any USB charged unit. This has shown to be reliable over many, many months, years, of use. I mainly use as a backup power for my Camcorder it gives me much longer Camcorder battery time:- How to video, Increase Camcorder Power Supply Time

10 features of Google Docs you should be using

Go to Tools > Preferences and you'll see a list of automatic substitutions that Google Docs makes. Most involve the style in which fractions are displayed along with a few symbols and arrow styles. You can add your own, but substitutions based on the capitalization of a word does not work.

Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation | Udacity

Artificial Intelligence is transforming our world in dramatic and beneficial ways, and Deep Learning is powering the progress. Together with Siraj Raval, Udacity provides a dynamic introduction to this amazing field, using weekly videos, exclusive projects, and expert feedback and review to teach you the foundations of this future-shaping technology.

Here’s What It Takes to Get Banned From the Freest Free Speech Site

Last year represented a breaking point of sorts for major online platforms. The swelling tide of abuse, hate-speech, and politicized misinformation finally grew too big to be ignored. But the ensuing crackdown—as painfully slow and largely ineffective as it was—has led to a concurrent rise in largely-unknown sites and services clamoring to be the Most Free for free speech absolutists.

8K TV: Everything you need to know about the futuristic resolution

Absolutely – and they have had for a few years. At there was a 65-incher from SkyWorth, the 65-inch Chang Hong 65ZHQ3R and 98-inch Hisense LED98NU9800V ULED TV, to name but three. Another 98-incher, the 98ZHQ2R, was showing on the Chang Hong booth, which appeared to be held in place by something akin to scaffolding, so thick were the supports. “There are no plans to release this because there’s no 8K content out there, but you could use it as a PC monitor,” said Yuxiao Zhao at Chang Hong Electric to TechRadar. 

Here’s what we know about the Nintendo Switch

What? The Nintendo Switch , the convertible console formally known as the NX. The product walks the line between a home and portable console, courtesy of a docking tablet and a pair of detachable controllers that work in a number of different configurations. It also features out-of-the-box multiplayer functionality, connecting up to eight devices via Wi-Fi.

What a teen's recent livestreamed suicide reveals about mental health and social media

Ben Michaelis, a clinical psychologist and consultant for Crisis Text Line , said that while the medium may have been shocking in Davis' case, it's common for someone in the midst of a mental health crisis to yearn for connection. Young people who've grown up communicating often exclusively through a smartphone may naturally turn to social media to talk about suicidal feelings. What's less instinctive, however, is knowing where to find life-saving aid and comfort online.

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