Playing all the games at Nintendo's Switch event Video Description

Is it WarioWare , or is it Wii Sports Club ? A little bit of both, but with a smarter controller. While none of the short, snackable mini-games used that crazy shape-detecting sensor that's embedded into one of the Joy-Cons, several demos offered a great demonstration of the refined haptic feedback you'll get from the Switch controllers. I fought a samurai, bested a rival cowboy at quick-draw, cracked a safe and copied a dance. The safe-cracking mini-game, where I had to tilt the controller until I felt an uneven "tick" from the controller in order to unlock a safe. It hints and the nuanced possibilities of Nintendo's party-game-in-the-making. That's a good start, but I want to see how Nintendo packages them all together.

Videos for 1/15/2017