Watch SpaceX launch its first Falcon 9 rocket after September’s launchpad explosion Video Description

The pressure is on for today’s launch, since SpaceX’s launch delays have had some important consequences. The company had to push back all of its launches last year, including the first flight of its Falcon Heavy — a larger heavy-lift vehicle that is essentially three Falcon 9 cores strapped together. SpaceX had also been planning to relaunch one of its landed rockets for the first time before the end of last year, a big milestone in its quest for reusability; that too had to be put on pause. The launch hiatus was also partially responsible for pushing one of SpaceX’s customers, Inmarsat, to book a different rocket for one of its spacecraft. Plus, an exclusive report from The Wall Street Journal reveals that SpaceX experienced a $260 million annual loss following its previous rocket explosion in 2015, as well as a 6 percent loss in revenue. So the health of the business may also be a concern following last year’s launchpad accident.

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