The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game gives a raspberry to random card packs Video Description

The 30-card decks you make can follow the playstyles from other card games. Colors at the top show which cards belong to one of four spheres. Walaszek showed me what he characterized as a midrange deck (which falls under the purple sphere Leadership, which Aragon epitomizes), one that’s good at several different aspects but doesn’t excel in any and wants to flood the board with minions, like a Paladin in Hearthstone. A green sphere Lore character like Arwen has a control deck that focuses on healing and keeping heroes and minions alive. Frodo is a blue Spirit sphere character with a high Willpower, as it took a lot of internal strength for him to bear the One Ring, and fend off its pull for so long, and these heroes care about completing objectives. Red is for tactics, the sphere of heroes like Gimli.

Videos for 1/15/2018