TurbineOne - Basic Wind Turbine That Anyone Can Make Video Description

<p>Certainly I am appreciating this project, as I have tried the same all most 25 years back . As I am staying din India and at Pune, that is in tropical zone with a problem that in this area the wind speeds are very low that is light air to light breeze almost 75 to 80% of the year and hence this is not useful in the range areas of Cancer and Capricorn.on all over the earth. In the recent past few amateurs from Cameroon and Gabon asked me for the guidance and at that time I have given the above explanation too. In the said condition only way is to design maximum number of permanent magnets say closed to 40 to 50 nos. and in the rotor similar +/- 2 stator coils at the centre just like ceiling fan. I have a plan to try out the same but at present I ambusy in Solar Heat Project for direct cooling by Ammonia Absorption system of 2TR and simultaneously screw-expansion machine generator of 1 KW.3 or 1 Phase. Well come to contact me, I ( Ramesh S. Bhide ), am 71 years young Consulting Engineer [ Reverse Engineering since 1979 ] &amp; Geophysicist. - - rameshbhides@gmail.com </p>

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