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New 'X-Files' trailer might be the best yet

Are you sick of being teased yet? Of course you're not.

Watch today as SpaceX tries to launch and land its rocket again

Fresh from its December rocket landing, SpaceX is gearing up to launch another Falcon 9 again on Sunday. The mission will send NASA's Jason-3 ocean-monitoring satellite into orbit, but of course,...

Go back to Hoth with this surprisingly great Star Wars fan film

We're still about 12 months out until the next Star Wars film, the spinoff installment Rogue One, brings us back to the days of the original trilogy. If you're itching for some '80s-inspired...

Netflix is bringing 'Jessica Jones' back for a second season

It also provided dates for 'Orange is the New Black' and other big shows.

Uber's helicopter business may take flight soon

Cars are so 2015. Uber is said to be partnering with Airbus, a European aircraft company, on a test program to provide helicopter rides on demand through its application just as...

SpaceX tries to land a second Falcon 9 rocket - The Verge

SpaceX is attempting to land one of its Falcon 9 rockets on a drone barge in the ocean after launching a satellite into space. Stay tuned here for the latest updates as the company tries to stick the landing.

Animal brought back to life from 30-year deep freeze - CNET

Technically Incorrect: Japanese scientists say they've resuscitated a tiny waterbear from a frozen moss sample.

Karaoke in virtual reality is about as weird as you’d expect

One collective has taken Gear VR's Oculus Social Alpha app a step further by hosting not one, but two karaoke nights on the service.

Google Maps 'Driving Mode' Predicts Where You're Going

Driving Mode analyzes a user's Internet searches and recent location data to guess where they may want to go.

Check Out the Trailer for Netflix's Love - IGN

Check out the trailer for the new Netflix comedy from Judd Apatow, starring comedian Paul Rust and Community's Gillian Jacobs.

YouTubers will ask questions during Sunday's Democratic debate

YouTube said four of its creators will be involved in Sunday's debate.

'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' gets Season 2 premiere date, Season 3 renewal

Netflix has announced Season 2 of Ellie Kemper's 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' will debut on April 15.

Marco Rubio is so worried about ISIS he bought a gun to fight them off

GOP candidate Marco Rubio is so worried about ISIS attacking his home, he bought a gun to defend himself.

Netflix wasn't amused by NBC's attempt to hack its ratings

Netflix boss Ted Sarandos dismisses the ratings presented by NBC earlier this week.

Adele and James Corden slay Carpool Karaoke with flawless harmonies

Adele's (slightly sweary) Carpool Karaoke with James Corden is finally here.

Ask Siri to beatbox for you right now. Seriously, do it.

Apple's possibly-sentient personal assistant Siri can do a lot of things, but did you know she can beatbox?

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Forbes Tech News on Twitter

YouTube star PewDiePie is getting to be the boss of his own YouTube network

The man who studies the spread of ignorance

"While some smart people will profit from all the information now just a click away, many will be misled into a false sense of expertise. My worry is not that we are losing the ability to make up our own minds, but that it’s becoming too easy to do so. We should consult with others much more than we imagine. Other people may be imperfect as well, but often their opinions go a long way toward correcting our own imperfections, as our own imperfect expertise helps to correct their errors,” warns Dunning.

Finally, a chance to read the contents of the TPP.

...but do you know what's in it? Right now, the Obama administration and giant corporations are spreading misinformation about the Trans-Pacific Partnership and how it will affect Americans. But if you read it, you'll see that the TPP threatens to corrupt our democracy by giving corporations control over the government.

Engadget's guide to the 2016 presidential election

After eight years in office Barack Obama will move out of the White House and take a long overdue break from the stresses of running the country (or at least attempt to). But, before someone new sets up shop in the Oval Office, he or she will have to convince America that they deserve to be president. At Engadget we're firm believers in the power of an informed electorate, so to help you find the candidate right for you, here is a look at the contenders and where they stand on a swath of issues related to science and technology. We'll be updating this guide throughout the election season to reflect current polling numbers and new comments from the candidates regarding the issues.

String Theory Meets Loop Quantum Gravity | Quanta Magazine

An effort to solve some of LQG’s own internal problems has led to the first surprising link with string theory. Physicists who study LQG lack a clear understanding of how to zoom out from their network of space-time chunks and arrive at a large-scale description of space-time that dovetails with Einstein’s general theory of relativity — our best theory of gravity. More worrying still, their theory can’t reconcile the special case in which gravity can be neglected. It’s a malaise that befalls any approach reliant on chunking-up space-time: In Einstein’s theory of special relativity, an object will appear to contract depending on how fast an observer is moving relative to it. This contraction also affects the size of space-time chunks, which are then perceived differently by observers with different velocities. The discrepancy leads to problems with the central tenet of Einstein’s theory — that the laws of physics should be the same no matter what the observer’s velocity.

The 19th Century plug that's still being used - BBC News

After rumours that Apple was going to get rid of the headphone jack in its imminent iPhone 7, more than 200,000 people have signed a petition asking them to reconsider. This humble plug is a rare example of technology that has stood the test of time, writes Chris Stokel-Walker.

The Muscular Dystrophy Patient and Olympic Medalist with the Same Genetic Disorder

I talked to Priscilla first, and then she and Jill talked on the phone. Jill sent Priscilla the same 19-page packet she’d sent me. And it wasn’t any of the abstruse science that caught Priscilla, it was the childhood stories Jill shared about kids pointing at the veins in her legs. As a little girl, Priscilla would come home asking her parents to get the veins removed from her legs because the boys were making fun of her. One of Priscilla’s cousins had looked into lipodystrophy, but nobody in the family had ever gotten a firm diagnosis, nor did they know much about the condition. They just knew there were a lot of strong and well-defined people in the family, especially the women. But there wasn’t much impetus to do a deep investigation. After all, when Priscilla was a kid she wasn’t falling like Jill, she was getting strong, and fast. She earned a track scholarship to Nebraska, where she became one of the best athletes in the university’s history and won a national championship. After college she turned professional, and won her Olympic medal.

Netflix’s VPN Ban Isn’t Good for Anyone—Especially Netflix

For users abroad, Netflix in, say, Portugal, Poland, or South America isn’t exactly Netflix as Americans know it. Even the offerings in the UK, Ireland, and Canada are significantly more limited than what we in the US have. Netflix has long known that the path to growing its global audience isn’t just making its streaming service available in a country—it also needs to offer the stuff that people in that country want to watch. But until now, this problem wasn’t a huge issue: International users have happily paid for Netflix and used VPNs to get access to Netflix’s content in the US despite Hollywood’s groans over its content licenses .

SpaceX sea landing fails thanks to a broken leg (updated)

So much for SpaceX's successful ground landing representing a sign of things to come. SpaceX has confirmed that the first stage of its latest Falcon 9 rocket suffered a "hard landing" on its attempt to land at sea , breaking one of the landing legs and sending the vehicle crashing down. We're still waiting on full details (we'll update as necessary), but the failure isn't shocking. SpaceX had warned of choppy seas before the rocket took off, so there was little doubt that this was going to be tough. Let's just hope that the company can learn more from this third failed experiment -- while it's no doubt happy that the ocean-tracking Jason-3 satellite is still on track, it probably wants to avoid these costly mistakes in the future.

Facebook is testing a new browser that will make sure you never leave the app

It’s also an interesting contrast to Instant Articles , which are bare-bones renderings of sites in order lessen load times. Still, both options have the same goal: make sure you never need to leave the Facebook app. With a good enough browser, the Facebook app could essentially become a self-contained ecosystem.

SpaceX fails a third time to land its Falcon 9 on a drone ship in the sea

SpaceX has failed to land its Falcon 9 rocket on an autonomous drone ship in the Pacific Ocean after launching the vehicle into space. The company originally said that the rocket came in too hard, but after further review of the data, SpaceX concluded that one of the rocket's legs failed to lock, causing the whole thing to tip over. Waves at the landing site today were 12 to 15 feet high, which may have contributed to difficulties in landing. But when asked if the same scenario would have happened on land, Musk answered, "Probably."

SpaceX fails a third time to land its Falcon 9 on a drone ship in the sea

SpaceX has failed to land its Falcon 9 rocket on an autonomous drone ship in the Pacific Ocean after launching the vehicle into space. The vehicle made it to the ship, but came in too hard and broke one of its landing legs. This marks the third time the company has failed to land the rocket upright on the floating ship; the last two times the company attempted ocean landings, the  rockets exploded . SpaceX successfully landed a rocket after a trip to space for the first time in December, but that vehicle had the easier task of landing on solid ground .

Google's self-driving car campus has the best street names on the planet

As soon as I saw that Google's self-driving car testing facility — named "Castle" after its former life as the Castle Air Force Base — had a street named after Vin Diesel's character in the Fast & Furious series, I knew I was okay with these autonomous cars.

14 WATCH LIVE: SpaceX To Launch A Satellite And Attempt Drone Ship Landing

Today's mission also had a scientific purpose beyond returning the rocket home. The launch was meant to "deliver the Jason-3 satellite to low-Earth orbit for the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), French space agency Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES) and the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT)," SpaceX said on its site (PDF) . "If all goes as planned, the Jason-3 satellite will be deployed approximately an hour after launch."

If The 2016 Candidates Were Tech Companies

Please keep in mind that this list is tongue-in-cheek. We are being silly. If you take this list seriously, and complain, we shall giggle at you.

Uber deal with Airbus gives you more helicopter rides

It might not be long before Uber helicopter rides are more than just expensive novelties. Uber has forged a deal that has Airbus supplying helicopters for a transportation test project launching in "several weeks." Details of how it'll work aren't available just yet, but the hope is that this will lower the cost of Uber-by-air options -- they may eventually be inexpensive enough that you can realistically take a chopper when a normal ride would be inconvenient (or just plain boring). The pact isn't surprising given Uber's recent attempts to diversify beyond cars , but it's welcome all the same.

New sex toy on Indiegogo wants you to 'train' your penis

Rather than implying the toy is solely for sexual pleasure, Blewit wants customers to think of the toy as a "trainer" for sex with a partner — in order to "stay hard" longer and improve self-confidence.

Alexa can now read Kindle books aloud from an Amazon Echo for free | ZDNet

You can use your voice to ask Alexa to begin reading by simply saying "Alexa, read book title." Or you can navigate in the Alexa companion app under the new Kindle Books section to see which of your titles she can read to you. Out of the 200+ Kindle books I own, only a handful of titles aren't supported by the new service.

Qualcomm teams up with Chinese province to design ARM-based server chips

In addition, Qualcomm also will establish an investment company in Guizhou that will serve as a vehicle for future investments in China. The overarching agreement establishes a long-term commitment between the two parties to work closely together to identify and pursue business opportunities in the province. Qualcomm is licensing its server technology to the joint venture and will assist with research and development.

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jonny evans on Twitter

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AOL's identity crisis: The company may ditch the 'AOL' brand

Wolff OlinsAOL last redid its brand image in 2009 "If you ask me today, I could say, 'I feel very strongly about the AOL brand. It has a lot of legacy and meaning, and we shouldn’t move away from it!'" Kline says. "But if we met tomorrow, I could be like, ‘Yes! We need a new name!’ It’s a very hard needle to thread for us."

Gallery: Fairy tales as you've never seen them before

Russian artist Uldus (TED Talk: Wry photos that turn stereotypes upside down ) makes fantastical and intricate photographic portraits of people — as they imagine themselves to be . In the process, she smashes stereotypes about modern Russian culture. In her latest series, Russ Land — a Slavic name for Russia — she’s diving into the past, deep into the magical world of pre-Christian Russian fairy tales and folklore. Exploring ancient pagan archetypes, femininity and magic, Uldus’ modern take on traditional tales provides a visual way into the complexity of Russian identity. She shares the stories behind the images.

24 How to Watch Tonight's Democratic Debate Online

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Use the jailbreak tweak PrettyRespring to Repspring in Style

Although the tweak may not make a huge difference, it definitely makes the device stand out and adds to it instead of showing just a boring Apple logo when SpringBoard crashes and reboots. PrettyRespring works with crashes but works best when iOS’s built in method for respringing is used. Users running iOS 9 on iPhones and iPads can try this tweak out. If interested, take a look at how to install it below, as there are two different ways:

SpaceX launches its Falcon 9 rocket carrying ocean surveillance satellite

SpaceX, based in Hawthorne, California, was founded in 2002 by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk. The goal was to develop the technology to reuse rocks, thereby reducing the cost of sending them into space and (eventually) enabling the colonization of Mars. The company developed both the Falcon 1 and Falcon 9 launch vehicles specifically to be reusable. The company launched its first Falcon 1 into orbit in 2008. On December 21, 2015, it managed to successfully return a first-stage booster back to the ground at Cape Canaveral.

Microsoft is making a keyboard app for iPhones

Ever since Apple began accepting third-party keyboards in iOS 8, we’ve seen a huge influx of alternatives , including Android mainstays like SwiftKey . But now iOS is getting a keyboard from something of a surprising source: Microsoft .

Jessica Jones is returning for a second season, Netflix says

Netflix did not provide a possible date for the premiere of the second season of the show, which features Krysten Ritter as the titular Marvel character , but the online streaming company announced the premiere dates for a bunch of other shows.


Falcon 9 doesn't quite stick the landing, but SpaceX mission a success

SpaceX delivered on its primary mission, to propel the Jason 3 satellite into orbit. The secondary mission, a barge landing, didn’t go quite as planned.

Netflix’s Global Growth Faces New Threats

They were growing increasingly frustrated that the streaming juggernaut is scooping up exclusive rights to top shows as it pursues an aggressive global expansion, locking them out in their home markets. It was time to mount a response.

This startup you've never heard of is an expert at predicting what you want to do next

Unless you're a transaction-based app, like an Uber, the majority of your revenue comes from advertising. Instead apps like FourSquare can introduce a commerce component — you booking an Uber, for instance — and have a new revenue stream. Plus by driving traffic from other apps to their own, companies can also show more advertising and earn more revenue that way.

Get 20 Percent Off New Games With Amazon Prime

Stephanie began as a PCMag reporter in May 2012. She moved to New York City from Frederick, Md., where she worked for four years as a multimedia reporter at the second-largest daily newspaper in Maryland. She interned at Baltimore magazine and graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (in the town of Indiana, in the state of Pennsylvania) with a degree in journalism and mass communications. More »

Why (almost) everything you know about food is wrong

There's also the issue of food replacement: When you chose to eat something, you're usually eating less of something else. So if a person decides to stick to a diet mostly composed of legumes, for example, that means he's not eating red meat or poultry. This raises a question in studying his health outcomes: Was it the legumes he ate lots of or the meat he didn't eat that made the difference?

Penthouse drops print magazines to deal with internet porn

Internet porn just claimed another casualty . Penthouse has announced that it's dropping its print magazine after 51 years of publication -- from an unspecified point in the future, you'll have to go online to get those articles and racy photos (okay, mostly the photos). There will be a transition period, if you're not yet ready to ditch paper. Also, the move will see the magazine close its New York City offices and move into the Los Angeles location of its parent company, FriendFinder Networks.

Astronauts grow their first flower in space

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly can brag about having a green thumb all day long, and we wouldn't mind at all. He's earned that right by successfully growing the first flower in space after the zinnia plants the ISS crew planted almost died. The astronauts started growing zinnias late last year, but a mere two weeks later, the team noticed symptoms of excessively high humidity and limited air flow. The plants' wicks (seed containers), for instance, leaked water, and the leaves became unnaturally bent and curled. Around Christmastime, things came to a head when some of the plants grew mold.

iOS mail attachments at your fingertips with AttachmentFlow

In today’s day and age, everyone constantly sends and receives emails multiple times a day and many times attachments are included in the email. Typically, users on Apple’s Mail app have to open each message individually and scroll to the bottom of the page to view the attachment(s). If you have AttachmentFlow, you can just view attached images or documents right from the message list. The way this tweak works is once you open up the Mail app, there will be a paperclip at the bottom left of the screen, which users can click. Once the paperclip is tapped, all emails with photos attached will show up in the email preview like this:

How to Stream NBC News' Democratic Debate Tonight, No Cable Required

The Democratic presidential candidates are having their first debate of the year tonight, this time on NBC News. If you’re interested in watching, they’re making the debate available to as many people as possible. Here’s how to watch.

Popular Nintendo characters are coming to mobile this year

Former Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, who passed away last July,  previously said that Nintendo wouldn't "do anything that may hurt Nintendo's brand image," when it came to adapting popular franchises for mobile. Nintendo is expected to launch four additional mobile games by March 2017, and the company is also partnering with The Pokemon Company and former Google subsidiary Niantic Labs on the augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go .

Your favorite Netflix series are coming back with new seasons – here are the dates

Today, Netflix announced the return of Marvel’s critically acclaimed ‘Jessica Jones.’ Currently, the show doesn’t have a release date, but a return seemed all but guaranteed after the success of the debut season.

Hit indie game 'Axiom Verge' gets a vinyl soundtrack

When we say "limited," though, we mean it. There will only be 1,000 copies available when the vinyl goes on sale January 18th at 12PM Eastern, and a mere 250 of those will come in a special orange/red hue. To put it mildly, you'll want to watch that order page like a hawk if you want any hope of flaunting your fandom through your music collection.

Microsoft will give you a nice hunk of cash for your Apple Watch*

Microsoft has introduced a new "trade-in and trade up" scheme to get you buying the Band 2, and while it does include a number of different smartwatches and fitness wearables from other companies, an Apple Watch could get you up to $250.

Netflix is missing a trick by dismissing VR

“In real life, if you look at the Sun, it hurts your eyes but when you look at the Sun on a television, it doesn’t hurt at all. That’s because the television’s not as bright as real life.” Hastings is keen to bring the experience of eye-hurting suns to Netflix subscribers via HDR. He doesn’t think internet bandwidth will be an issue, as the overhead is only marginally higher than the 20mbps requirement for 4K.

Why it's time to give Twitter back to the community | ZDNet

On This Week in Tech , I mentioned that the best thing that could happen to Twitter would be to become an open platform again. Since my comments generated plenty of feedback, I decided to explain why an open Twitter would be an infinitely better Twitter. Better for the company. Better for its users. Better for the organizations that want to use its powerful data sets. And, better for the developers who want to build on top of it.

Oculus and Alienware cofounders geek out about taking VR to the masses

When Frank Azor, the cofounder of Dell’s Alienware gamer PC division and the general manager of XPS, saw a demo of Oculus VR’s virtual reality headset for the first time, his first question was, “How can we help?” That was awhile ago, and at the recent 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas, Alienware showed how it would help.

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Sunday's Best Deals: $2 Kindle Books, AeroGarden, WD My Cloud, and More

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AOL's identity crisis: The company may ditch the 'AOL' brand

Apple acknowledges battery percentage not updating for some iPhone 6s and 6S Plus users

If you’ve manually set the time and date on your iPhone 6S or 6S Plus and notice that the battery percentage is no longer updating properly, Apple knows about the issue. The good news is that the company is working on a fix and has published a support page dedicated to the issue. The bad news is that an official solution isn’t yet available.

Watch as SpaceX Launches a New Ocean Satellite and Attempts a Barge Landing [LIVE!]

Waves in the landing zone are forecast to be better for surfing than a barge landing at 10-13 feet (3-4 meters) high. Even so, SpaceX is optimistic about their chances. During a prelaunch press conference on Friday, SpaceX vice president Hans Koenigsmann said,“I’m pretty hopeful. We had a really good landing last time, so things are looking good at this point in time.” During the last landing attempt, the Falcon 9 rocket touched down but tipped over.

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