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Nintendo Labo lets you build Switch accessories out of cardboard

It calls these paper-craft add-ons "toy-cons." Clever.

So a meteor exploded over Michigan and caused an earthquake

It sounds like something out of a Roland Emmerich disaster movie, but it really happened. At around 8:10 pm local time last night a meteor streaked across the skies of Michigan and exploded in the atmosphere, reports ABC. That explosion, 5 miles west-southwest of New Haven, Michigan, caused a 2.0 magnitude earthquake in the area. … <a href="" class="more-link">Continue reading “So a meteor exploded over Michigan and caused an earthquake”</a>

Vine's been gone for a year, but we still think about these Vines every day

The immortal Vines.

Dog in truck gets super excited to see a herd of antelope running on street

It's like Fenton! But trapped inside a car.

Dude goes heli-skiing and immediately drops his ski down the mountain

'Let's do this!'

Clever YouTuber plays the Cantina theme from 'Star Wars' by solving a Rubik's Cube

More people making music with nonmusical things

Instagram Stories is getting a new ‘Type’ feature

Instagram is taking another swipe at Snapchat with a new feature called “Type.” It allows users to post text to their Stories — without adding a photo or video.

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USA TODAY Tech on Twitter

Nintendo Labo will let you make cardboard Switch accessories, for the cool price of $70

Google Project Fi now has an unlimited plan – with strings attached

Building off of the MVNO carrier’s $10 per GB, Google Fi's Bill Protection puts a hard cap on how much you can spend in a month. That's perfect if you commonly go over what you set out to use in your data plan. Project Fi will allow users who tip over 6GB of data usage per month to keep going without paying extra, with $80 being the most that Google’s carrier will ever charge.

Apple Gives Employees $2,500 Bonuses After New Tax Law

Apple Inc. told employees Wednesday that it’s issuing a bonus of $2,500 worth of restricted stock units, following the introduction of the new U.S. tax law, according to people familiar with the matter.

Someone is attacking Apple buses outside of San Francisco

On an internal Apple email thread viewed by Mashable, one Apple employee speculated that the culprit may be firing "rubber rounds" at the buses. At least one of the buses only had the outer pane of its double-paned windows broken.

USA TODAY Tech on Twitter

YouTube cracks down on Tide Pod challenge videos

Under threat: Cyber security startups fall on harder times

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A wave of cyber attacks by criminals, spies and hacker activists should make these heady days for U.S. cyber security startups.

How to speed up your iPhone if the Spectre patch slows it down | Cult of Mac

The Spectre fixes are really just prophylactics. Software updates cannot fix the problem, so you’ll have to wait for new chip designs that eliminate the vulnerability. That means waiting for the next wave of Mac and iOS devices, and those won’t be around until later this year. So perhaps you should hold off upgrading to that new iPhone X until fall, when you can most likely buy a non-vulnerable iPhone instead.

Apple promises next iOS update will address iPhone battery woes

Cook’s promise is that the next iOS 11 update – expected to arrive next month – will give users the ability to disable this throttling feature at will, thus keeping their iPhones performing optimally but risking unexpected shutdowns (or other issues) caused due to the depreciated batteries.

Digital Trends on Twitter

Tune in to see @NintendoAmerica Switch's new "interactive experience" announcement! It goes live at 2pm PST. To watch: 

Apple, Returning Overseas Cash, to Pay $38 Billion Tax Bill

“They’re going to have well over $200 billion by the end of this year that will be available for incremental investments, capital returns and M&A,” said Matthew Kanterman, a New York-based Bloomberg Intelligence analyst. The new tax law lets U.S. companies bring overseas cash reserves back home in one year and pay the resulting tax bill over eight years. “And Apple hasn’t historically done big M&A,” he said.

Apple to invest $350 billion to the US economy in the next 5 years

Tech giant says it will add more than 20,000 jobs and build a new campus with the location to be announced sometime later this year.

Kristen Wiig on tap for new Apple-funded scripted comedy series

Apple has teamed up with Reese Witherspoon's production company for the third time, to deliver the comedy vehicle starring Kristen Wiig in her first role outside of movies in over five years.

61% of businesses have already implemented AI

Tech innovation is often driving AI's enterprise adoption: Of the nearly 200 executives surveyed, 71% said their company has an "innovation strategy" to push investments in new technologies like AI. And 59% of companies said they had a budget to invest in innovation, and 62% said that budget has increased in the past year.

Apple says it will pay a $38 billion tax bill to move foreign money back to the US

Apple was a major winner of recent changes to the tax code, which significantly cut corporate payments. The company has about $250 billion in cash stored overseas, but under changes to tax law, companies can bring that money back to the US with lower penalties.

USA TODAY Tech on Twitter

This timeline is where you’ll spend most of your time, getting instant updates about what matters to you.

Bitcoin's Plunge Turns the Winklevoss Twins Into Ex-Billionaires

Still, the twins may not be too concerned. They intend to hold their Bitcoin for the long-term and expect it to “appreciate by 10 to 20 times its current value,” Cameron Winklevoss said in a Dec. 8 interview with Bloomberg.

How to use the Siri News Podcast feature | Cult of Mac

Thanks to an iOS upgrade, a simple question — “Hey, Siri, what’s the news today?” — will now play you an NPR podcast. It’s just like turning on the radio in the morning to catch up on events, only you don’t have to use sucky radio. Here’s how to use Siri News.

Having Wi-Fi problems? Google Cast could be the culprit

The streaming protocol used by Chromecast, Google Home, and other Google devices can accidentally flood Wi-Fi networks with packets, and the only solution is a reboot.

Gizmodo on Twitter

YouTube unveils new monetization rules killing ad revenue for small creators

IBM and shipping giant Maersk launch blockchain company for global logisics

IBM and Danish transport conglomerate Maersk announced today they are launching a joint venture to redefine the global shipping industry for the blockchain age. The new company, which hasn’t yet been named, will focus on simplifying the complex process of moving goods across different trade zones.

The FTC is investigating Broadcom about potential antitrust tactics with customers

Broadcom is under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission, according to a story published Wednesday by the Wall Street Journal.

South Korea considers shutting down domestic cryptocurrency exchanges

SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korean policymakers joined the global chorus of virtual-coin critics on Thursday, saying Seoul is considering shutting down domestic virtual currency exchanges as the new breed of market exposes users to speculative frenzy and crime.

Net neutrality allies are ready to fight. But can it be saved?

In this case, the court is likely to say that the FCC can classify broadband networks as a utility or not and then apply the law based on that classification. The US Supreme Court upheld the FCC's authority to make this decision in its 2005 Brand X decision. The courts have also repeatedly reaffirmed independent government agencies' right to change their mind and reverse course on regulation, which means the arguments net neutrality supporters are making likely won't hold up in court.

Google Search will start ranking faster mobile pages higher in July

Google today announced a new project to improve its mobile search results: factoring page speed into its search ranking. As the company notes, page speed “has been used in ranking for some time” but that was largely for desktop searches. Starting in July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches on Google as well.

25 Apple plans new U.S. campus, to pay $38 billion in foreign cash taxes

(Reuters) - Apple Inc ( AAPL.O ) will open a new campus as part of a five-year, $30 billion U.S. investment plan and will make about $38 billion in one-time tax payments on its overseas cash, one of the largest corporate spending plans announced since the passage of a tax cut signed by U.S. President Donald Trump.

The top 10 security challenges of serverless architectures | ZDNet

1. Function event data injection: Injection flaws in applications are one of the most common risks and can be triggered not only through untrusted input such as through a web API call but due to the potential attack surface of serverless architecture, can also come from cloud storage events, NoSQL databases, code changes, message queue events and IoT telemetry signals, among others.

Apple is building a new campus and will hire 20,000 new employees

Apple says it will make a "direct contribution" of more than $350 billion to the U.S. economy over the next five years. The company plans to make new investments as well as purchase materials from American companies. Apple said it estimates that it will spend $55 billion this year on American suppliers and manufacturers, with payments going to over 9,000 companies.

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

We should be able to tune increasingly popular LED lighting so it doesn’t emit the frequencies that negatively affect certain ecosystems. 

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

Last week’s #CES2018 technology show sold a vision of driverless cars—but the Detroit auto show this week appears to disagree. 

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

. @Google just made it a lot easier for you to try your hand at developing your very own AI—before the machines take over completely, that is. 

Apple, Capitalizing on New Tax Law, Plans to Bring Billions in Cash Back to U.S.

Apple is one of several multinational giants that have kept a total of roughly $3 trillion in global profits off their domestic books to sidestep the previous 35 percent federal corporate tax rate. Under the new tax law, companies that make a one-time repatriation of cash will be taxed at a rate of 15.5 percent on cash holdings and 8 percent on nonliquid assets. That is lower than the new 21 percent corporate rate. And under the new tax code, Apple would also have been taxed whether it brought the money back or not.

Gizmodo on Twitter

Nintendo's latest nostalgia gimmick is $70 pieces of cardboard and I think I hate it

Apple says it will add $350 billion to U.S. economy | Cult of Mac

In a public statement this morning, Apple revealed its plans to contribute $350 billion to the U.S. economy over the next five years now that the fee for repatriating its mountain of overseas cash has been significantly lowered.

Twitter may soon tell you personally if you saw Russian propaganda tweets

Twitter fans, don’t think your Facebook-using friends were the only ones who were subjected to Russian propaganda during the 2016 election. You almost certainly were, too. And now Twitter says it’s getting ready to let you know just how many tweets you saw.

Slack debuts private shared channels | ZDNet

Today, Slack is introducing private shared channels, and as the name suggests, the new functionality lets users keep certain conversations out of public view. Admins will have the ability to choose whether a shared channel is public or private for their respective workspace, meaning that a shared channel could be public or private on both work areas, or public on one side and private on the other.

Digital Trends on Twitter

The @NintendoAmerica #Labo is like they took the refrigerator box we used to play with as a kid and made it into a video game! 

Turn your iPhone/Android into a satellite phone | ZDNet

Being out of cellphone reception is no problem if you own a satellite phone. Here's how to never miss a call again no matter where you are in the world, and yet still keep your iPhone or Android device.

Microsoft brings 15-inch Surface Book 2 to 17 more countries

Microsoft first launched its new 13- and 15-inch Surface Book 2 laptops back in November, but the larger model has only been available in the US so far. Starting today , the 15-inch Surface Book 2 will be available in 17 new countries, including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

New G Suite security center offers security analytics and best practices from Google

The addition of such insights could make it easier for G Suite admins to better understand any current or future a security risks in their environment. And the additional features make G Suite a more attractive enterprise option for business leaders who are considering moving their office apps to a software as a service (SaaS) model.

China Uses Facial Recognition to Fence In Villagers

The country is on track to represent 46 percent of the $17.3 billion global video surveillance market by year end, and three-quarters of all deep learning-enabled servers for analyzing the data, according to Jon Cropley, a senior principal analyst at IHS Markit. All told, China earmarked 938 billion yuan ($146 billion) for domestic security in 2015 -- the last time such figures were released -- more than its military budget at the time.

Bitcoin’s price is now half of what it was at the end of 2017, stoking bubble fears

Plenty of experts have warned recently of a cryptocurrency bubble—including financier extraordinaire  Warren Buffet himself—and they may be proven right sooner rather than later. Bitcoin’s value dipped to below $10,000 today for the first time since December, and it’s continuing to drop. At last check, the digital currency was around $9,635. A month ago, bitcoin was worth about twice that amount .

How to use the Essential Phone's portrait mode

When I first purchased the Essential PH-1, I was blown away by everything but the camera app. It functioned, but was far from impressive. It took photos, none of which were really worth reporting on. In fact, I went so far as to say installing a third-party app, such as Manual Camera , was a better route than the stock app. A few short weeks later and Essential has done a masterful job of getting that camera up to speed with the competition. Is it a worthy contender to take down the Pixel 2 camera? Probably not. But at this point, the PH-1 camera should not be a reason for anyone to avoid this mid-priced, high-end, flagship device.

Gizmodo on Twitter

Divers in Mexico have discovered the world’s largest flooded cave

No, you're probably not going to blow a 'sneeze hole' in your throat

Don't misunderstand me – I love this story! The patient is 100 percent FINE! And who knew a stifled sneeze could potentially ruin your whole week? But should we be dialing 911 in the half-second before we feel one coming on? Definitely not.

Cyberattacks are third largest threat to global society over next 5 years

"Geopolitical friction is contributing to a surge in the scale and sophistication of cyberattacks," John Drzik, president of Global Risk and Digital, Marsh, said in a press release. "At the same time cyber exposure is growing as firms are becoming more dependent on technology. While cyber risk management is improving, business and government need to invest far more in resilience efforts if we are to prevent the same bulging 'protection' gap between economic and insured losses that we see for natural catastrophes."

Quit everything, 'Chicken nugget taste-tester is now a job you can have

The catch? You're only paid £25 (or about $34) per month. And it's in vouchers to spend at B&M stores. But it's fine. It'll be fine!

Gizmodo on Twitter

The gig economy is exposing workers to greater security risks, researchers find:

Gizmodo on Twitter

Alexander the Great and Xerxes will clash in Frank Miller's long-awaited 300 prequel

This Electric Car Can Float on Water

Tsurumaki’s electric city commuter, which is about the same size as a golf cart, features a lightweight body and batteries under each of its four seats. It accelerates by pulling a lever on the steering wheel, which is partly to save space. The batteries are replaceable, so users won’t have to wait the six hours it takes for a full charge. The car will travel as much as 160 kilometers (99 miles) on one charge, with a top speed of 80 kilometers per hour.

Gizmodo on Twitter

Ironically, the author advocates exactly the type of censorship of Damore and his views she says doesn't really exist. She literally says Wired shouldn't have given him an interview and heard what he had to say. Amazing.

51 Apple plans to open a new US campus and add 20,000 jobs
52 Samsung Unveils 2018 Winter Olympics-Themed Note 8
53 The Current Status of iOS 10 - iOS 10.3.3 Jailbreak
54 Slow websites will be harder to find on phones because Google says we don't like them
55 Google Chrome extensions with 500,000 downloads found to be malicious
56 Home – Nintendo Labo Official Site – Trailer, product information
57 Why IT is the most problematic department in your company
58 Amazon has added a new "$10 and Under" section to its app and website
59 Skygofree Android malware is 'one of the most powerful ever seen'
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61 A new pathway to roles in IT Support
62 Senators rip Trump over his attacks on the media
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64 Ford introduces a new Transportation Mobility Cloud for smart cities
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66 Bitcoin Storms Back From Dip Below $10,000 in White-Knuckle Ride
67 Google’s Project Fi now caps data bills at $60
68 Toshiba sees $3.7 billion balance sheet improvement from Westinghouse
69 This Photographer Flips Gender Roles In Sexist “Mad Men” Era Ads
70 HODL becomes a rallying cry in the midst of cryptocurrency crash
71 Meltdown and Spectre patches now available for Oracle systems
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73 Will Smith's trip to the zoo will give you life
74 Beautiful Australian Shepherd is high as a kite and doesn't care about anything
75 Owning An Electric Car Is Twice As Cheap As Owning A Gas Vehicle
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77 “I Knew I Was F—ed”: The Best Parts Of Ellen Pompeo’s Delightfully Candid New Interview
78 Damage #1 Review - IGN
79 Microsoft taps 'Minecraft' leader to run its game studios
80 Verizon says new U.S. tax law to increase fourth-quarter earnings
81 Apple diverting worker shuttles because of smashed windows
82 Bill Gates made these 15 predictions in 1999 — and it's scary how accurate he was
83 IT infrastructure spending shifting toward cloud deployments | ZDNet
84 IGN on Twitter
85 BitConnect winds up cryptocurrency exchange operations, BCC crashes | ZDNet
86 DoorDash's delivery drivers will take restaurant leftovers to food banks
87 BI Tech on Twitter
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91 GENE MUNSTER: Apple could use its repatriated cash to buy Magic Leap or Peloton
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