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Quadrantids meteor shower peaks January 3

Lucky meteor watchers may be able to catch a fireball among the meteor sparks during the annual appearance of the Quandrantids.

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Fiat Chrysler and Google team on Android in-car tech

Fiat Chrysler and Alphabet are already working together via Waymo , the former Google self-driving car project, and now Google is also teaming with the automaker for in-car system tech, using Android as the base for a new infotainment and connect car platform. The new FCA in-car system is called Uconnect, and uses Android 7.0 to deliver a range of features, including Android app compatibility alongside more traditional in-car controls like AC and heat, also with terrestrial radio.

Samsung unveils water-resistant Galaxy A phones with USB-C

The new 720p Galaxy A3, meanwhile, has a 13-megapixel rear camera, as before, but now packs a larger front 8-megapixel selfie camera. RAM goes up from 1.5GB to 2.0GB and the battery is a slightly larger 2,350 mAh and fast-charging, again thanks to USB-C. Both devices now have "enhanced" MicroSD, letting you add up to 256GB of storage, along with Android 6, an always-on display and Samsung Pay support. You can get them in four colors: Black Sky, Gold Sand, Blue Mist and Peach Cloud.

What to expect at CES 2017

As big as it is, CES isn't usually where companies show off major mobile innovations.. That's reserved for Mobile World Congress, which kicks off at the end of February. This doesn't mean that the mobile world will twiddle its thumbs at the 2017 trade show, however. In fact, CES this year promises to be more exciting than usual for smartphone and smartwatch fans. Big names in the business are expected to either stage a comeback or make a big splash in the US, and cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality and 5G will edge closer to practicality.

You only have two weeks left to buy a Tesla with free supercharging

A few months ago, Tesla gave its customers the bad news : new buyers will have to pay for their own electricity. It was a small surprise, considering the fact that free use of Tesla's Supercharger network was a big bonus for buying the company's vehicles. The free access was supposed to drop off for any vehicle purchased after the start of the year, but the company seems to be offering a slight reprieve: prospective Tesla buyers now have two weeks to buy a car with unlimited free access to the charging network .

Ariana Grande is coming to a Final Fantasy mobile game

The free-to-play RPG based on the popular sci-fi franchise will see pop star Ariana Grande feature as a character, dressed in her outfit from the video and album cover for her recent record, Dangerous Woman. You can see her animated sprite in action above. Grande also posted a photo of herself discussing the character with studio execs:

The Best 13-Inch Laptop Isn't Made by Apple

For years, the MacBook Pro was the weapon of choice for people willing to plunk down good money for a powerful laptop with slick design. That it’s a staple of both hip coffee shops and design studios reflects just how elegantly it balances the needs of the aesthete and the power user. But when it comes to sleek, well-designed, powerful laptops, it’s no longer the obvious choice. Nearly every laptop maker has a striking machine that’ll bring tears to your eyes when your credit card bill arrives.

Dell has turned one of the best Windows laptops into a 2-in-1 hybrid

Dell is really taking one of the best Windows laptops out there and flipping it into a convertible model. This new XPS 2-in-1 isn’t designed as a successor to the XPS 13 or even a replacement, it’s simply a new model that is an option if you really want this type of computer. Dell is planning to start shipping the 2-in-1 later this month starting at $999. That’s a $100 premium on top of the regular XPS 13 to get a slightly smaller and lighter model that converts into a tablet. Most people will probably stick to the regular XPS 13 laptop, but we’re hoping Dell brings some of these 2-in-1 hardware changes over to the regular model in time.

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French workers who don't feel like responding to after-hours email now have the law on their side.

Get iTunes' Essential 10-Film Collection for $9.99

Bonus deal: Speaking of movies, a little something for the Android crowd: Google Play is offering another 99-cent movie rental. Just redeem the offer between now and Jan. 23. Beyond that, usual rental rules apply. My recommendation: "Captain Fantastic," which I watched on my flight home and thoroughly enjoyed. In fact, I can't think of another 2016 movie I enjoyed more (save perhaps for the final third of "Rogue One"). What's your pick?

4 mobile gaming predictions for 2017 — like esports on national TV

Mobile games had a big year in 2016. Analysts projected mobile game revenues to surpass PC and console earnings for the first time. VR games grew with the release of several consumer headsets. And Pokémon Go crossed from casual pastime to technological breakthrough, becoming a global cultural phenomenon.

12 New Year’s Resolutions for Introverts - Quiet Revolution

I appreciate these tips very much. I just wanted to comment on the link that I see between #7 and #2. I agree that meaningful conversations are the best; I would rather have a 2-minute high-quality conversation than an hour-long superficial one. Yet, speaking from experience I would also caution introverts against being too easily drawn into deep conversations with people they do not yet know and trust, simply because they’re reluctant to engage in small talk. Sometimes those needy people you refer to in #2 are the very ones who want to get into deep topics right away. As an introvert I have made the mistake of thinking I’m really close with someone when in fact the other person is more interested in having their own needs met. I think introverts should be prepared and able to make chitchat as a way of maintaining boundaries. It can be a useful tool for self-preservation.

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10 tech trends that will rule CES 2017

CES is traditionally a big TV show — and a show about big TVs — although the room for innovation in the category has gotten very slim. Everything is 4K now, high dynamic range (the hot display tech from CES 2016) is common, and the race for the biggest screen got old a decade ago. Ultra-thin OLED displays can still wow, but they'll be pretty much limited to LG's models. And curved? Please!

Can't be bothered to organize your Android phone? Install this

Take Spotlight search, one of my favorite iOS capabilities. Tap a few letters and you can quickly locate an app, contact or just about anything else on the web or your device. It can be a big time-saver, especially when the alternative is manually sifting through the data yourself.

Samsung drops Galaxy A 2017 with better waterproofing and 16MP cams

Besides sporting a dedicated shutter button for quick selfies, the boosted front and rear cameras will also offer better performance in low-light conditions as well as faster autofocus capabilities. Unlike the A5 and the A7, the A3 will come with slightly less powerful cameras – a 13MP shooter at the back and an 8MP camera at the front.

Let's fix this shit!

When there’s chaos or uncertainty, you feel numb and powerless at first. But then you pick yourself up and start fixing shit. So let’s do that! Get ready for 2017. The world needs your imperfect, different and special skills.

'Twin Peaks' actress Sherilyn Fenn tweets a cryptic clue

"It's happening again.....this year....sooner than you think..." Fenn tweeted on Monday. The tweet includes a mysterious image of Agent Cooper, played by Kyle MacLachlan, standing inside the Black Lodge , a parallel universe that Cooper finds while dreaming about Laura Palmer's murder. Here's hoping the new Showtime series gives fans more insight into this extra-dimensional place.

Bitcoin jumps above $1,000 for first time in three years

LONDON Digital currency bitcoin kicked off the new year by jumping above $1,000 for the first time in three years late on Sunday, having outperformed all central-bank-issued currencies with a 125 percent climb in 2016.

ASUS' ZenFone AR is ready for Google Tango and Daydream

The second Tango-ready smartphone has arrived -- kind of. It looks like ASUS is preparing to reveal the ZenFone AR during its press conference at CES on Wednesday, January 4th, but chip-maker Qualcomm published a blog post about the phone a few days early. According to Qualcomm, the ZenFone AR takes advantage of the Snapdragon 821 processor, which also powers Google's Pixel and ASUS' ZenFone 3 .

Steam's 2016 top sellers include 'No Man's Sky' and 'Rocket League'

As for other, less drama-laden games? Some of the biggest successes were actually hits from 2015, such as Rocket League , Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt . Major add-ons and evergreen gameplay go a long way toward keeping a game fresh, folks. And importantly, the size of a studio didn't guarantee high placement on the chart. It's more than a little significant that indie champs like Ark: Survival Evolved and Stardew Valley were in the "gold" tier alongside heavyweights like Doom and Call of Duty: Black Ops III . About the only obvious domination by a big-leaguer was Valve itself. Its games were strewn across the chart, and the Steam Controller even managed to squeak on to the list (hardware counts, apparently).

Peter Mayhew to Star Wars fans: 'It's okay to grieve'

"For most of us, it's real grief, whether you met her or not, we all knew her," Mayhew writes. He invites fans who see him out to stop by and talk about Fisher and share condolences. He also reminds the community to "tell a joke and be happy, because it's what she would want us to do."

Users Gave Super Mario Run 10 Minutes And Weren't Impressed

The problem, users say, is that kingdom-building is a shallow affair. The small variety of items to buy and limited map size means most villages won’t differ much from player to player. That’s a far cry from other games such as Pokemon Go, where a high number of pocket monsters, each with unique characteristics, made catching them all a highly personalized experience. By comparison, Super Mario Run does little to make items in Kingdom Builder seem anything more than inanimate objects.

4 ways Industry 4.0 will look different in the coming year

This year  ThyssenKrupp  launched the use of Microsoft HoloLens technology in its elevator service operations worldwide. Currently, the global elevator service industry is valued at over $44 billion per year, and more than 12 million elevators transport over 1 billion people each day. Microsoft HoloLens is the first fully self-contained wearable holographic computer running Windows 10. It is completely self-contained–no wires, phones, or connection to a PC needed. Microsoft HoloLens allows you to place holograms in your physical environment and provides a new way to see the world. The special mixed reality device empowers more than 24,000 of the company’s service technicians to do their jobs more safely and efficiently, and keep people and cities moving better than ever before.

Make 2017 the year you become an elite coder with this top-down training

It’s one of those perennial New Year’s resolutions for the tech-inclined: learning to code. If you’re in the dark about where to start, look no further than this

A closer look at Honda's fabled Type R performance models - Roadshow

All of the expected go-faster changes are present and accounted for, with larger air intakes, carbon-fiber front splitter, 20-inch wheels and a honkin' rear wing, but the most noteworthy bit of news is that the new Japanese hot hatchback will finally be sold in the US. When the Civic Type R lands in dealerships in the States some time next year, it will mark the first time a Honda-badged Type R model has ever been officially offered in our market.

5 ways the new connected agriculture world changed in 2016

Alerts are delivered whenever any of these metrics fall out of the ideal growing range. The data collected from users also enables Freight Farms to improve their services, giving them greater insight into how customers are utilizing their products. Container gardening is nothing new in urban areas, but it’s foreseeable that the water-efficient containers could be of benefit to regions where drought causes a barrier to farming.

The Google Tango-enabled Asus Zenfone AR was accidently leaked by Qualcomm

Qualcomm let slip some information about an upcoming Asus smartphone — and a very interesting one at that. The company seems to have accidentally published a blog post containing information about an “Asus Zenfone AR,” which is only the second consumer-facing Google Tango-enabled smartphone. So why do we think that the blog post is a leak? Well, it’s dated January 4, it is about a phone to be unveiled at CES and has since been taken down — but not before publications like GSMArena saw it.

These doomsday shelters for the 1% make up the largest private bunker community on earth

Its new development, Vivos xPoint , is billed as the largest private shelter community on earth. The bunker community houses up to 5,000 people and can withstand a 500,000-pound blast.

Samsung updates Galaxy A phones with 16 MP cameras, water resistance, microSD slots

Samsung has announced an upgrade to its Galaxy A series of smartphones, bringing many features from its S7 lineup to its 5.7-inch A7, 5.2-inch A5, and 4.7-inch A3 mid-range devices. The 2017 editions contain 16 megapixel front and rear-facing cameras, water and dust resistance, support for microSD cards, and more.

Benedict Cumberbatch related to Sherlock Holmes' creator

Genealogists discover the "Sherlock" actor is a distant cousin of the character's creator, author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

SpaceX targets January 8 launch as explosion investigation ends

The results of the investigation point to the issue that caused a Falcon 9 rocket to explode in September during pre-launch fueling. SpaceX’s investigation team found that there was a failure of a pressure vessel found inside a tank used to store liquid oxygen for the rocket’s second stage fuel burn. The problem in this case was that oxygen built up between the liner and overwrap of the vessel, which was probably made worse by loading helium so cold it turned the pooled oxygen from liquid to solid. SpaceX says it will enact both short- and long-term fixes to address these problems and is confident they will ensure a safe fueling process both immediately and in the future.

How carpool apps could take 10,000 taxis off NY streets

It's no secret that carpooling can help reduce traffic. But what if everyone in New York turned on the carpool option in ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft? Researchers at MIT found that just 3,000 four-person cars could serve 98 percent of the demand currently being met by almost 14,000 taxis.

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ICYMI: @Apple gave Instagrammers all over the world iPhone 7s to capture New Year's Eve celebrations

8 of your best predictions for the future of IoT in 2017

“Initially, we overhype technology. I’d like to think that maybe for the first time we’re moving beyond the overhyped phase of IoT and we’ve moving into a much more sober analysis of what IoT is actually able to do. We’re seeing that it’s not going to do everything that we thought it would be able to do by now.  IoT predictions historically tend to include ridiculous numbers of the high economic impact and I think that next year the numbers will be much smaller and more importantly, they’ll be real. They’ll be more grounded estimates about what’s happening in the industry based on real production deployment using full blown data analytics. Maybe 12 months from now, we’ll actually be doing real work rather than hypothesizing about what could be.”

Asus ZenFone AR revealed, the second Google Tango phone

Every company tries to be the first with the biggest CES announcement, but Asus has been preempted today by hardware partner Qualcomm, which has revealed the upcoming ZenFone AR smartphone with Google Tango support. At the same, prolific leaker @evleaks has provided an image of both the front and back of the new phone.

Lifehacker on Twitter

If you want to avoid a mid-life crisis, keep cultivating opportunity rather than sticking to one life plan:


One of the biggest mysteries of 2016 will come to an end sometime this month. Samsung will make public the results of its months-long investigation into what caused several Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to turn into flames later this month , according to a report on Reuters. From the report: The South Korean firm said in October it was examining all aspects of the phone, suggesting there may be a combination of factors that contributed to one of the costliest product safety failures in tech history. Samsung has also previously noted that it was working with several third-party sources and experts to figure out what could have caused the error. A popular theory among many is that Samsung attempted to further slim the form factor of the Galaxy Note 7, which resulted in the battery to be held too tightly within the device -- which in turn, caused the layers of lithium cobalt oxide and graphite to touch .

Best iPhone or iPad apps for 2017 | ZDNet

Kick off the new year with some of the very best productivity apps available for the iPhone and iPad. Deleting a built-in app is the same as deleting any other app, just press and hold on the icon on the Home screen until they jiggle, and then tap the X. Press the Home button when you're done. (Updated Jan 2, 2017)

The 14 PC games we can't wait to play in 2017

We’ve already rounded up the best PC games of 2016, plus the year’s overlooked gems, and now with ol’ Father Time officially dead and reborn as a beautiful, flaming phoenix or whatever, it’s time we turn our attention to 2017.

Best Android smartphones for 2017 | ZDNet

Want to kick off the year with a new Android smartphone? Here are a selection of high-end Android-powered smartphones that will satisfy even the most demanding users.

The Chrysler Portal is the all-electric self-driving minivan for your futuristic family

Fiat Chrysler is unveiling its first all-electric, self-driving concept car at CES this year, but it’s not some sporty, sleek number that’s all design and no functionality. Quite the opposite: the Portal is a family-focused minivan, and an unabashedly futuristic one to boot.

This company just gave us a masterclass in bad customer service

There are a number of ways to deal with complaints and negative reviews. Some companies, when presented with an irate customer, will try to placate them with freebies and discounts. Others will try use legal threats and anti-disparagement clauses to get them to hush up – a practice that mercifully became illegal last month .

Finland just launched an experiment giving 2,000 people free money until 2019

Regardless of whether they find work during that period, the money will keep coming in at the beginning of each month — a trial version of basic income, one of the past year's most popular theories of how to solve poverty.

A Spoonful of Grainy Mustard Makes Any Vegetable Dish Shine

A good, grainy mustard adds both a kick of flavor and texture just by mixing a spoonful in. You can use a plain grainy mustard, or step it up a notch with a flavored or spicy one for even more layers. Cook your vegetables as normal, whether you plan to steam, roast, or anything else, then just before serving or packing them up, toss with a little mustard. If you want to tone down the mustard’s tang, also add agave nectar or a touch of honey. This technique is perfect for spicing up dishes like green beans, roasted cauliflower or brussel sprouts, and steamed broccoli.

Study: Automation stands to disproportionately punish women in tech

The danger posed by automation to our workforce is apparent, but perhaps slightly misunderstood. A 2013 study at Oxford Unviersity predicted as many as 47 percent of all jobs in the US are at risk of automation. Less optimistic studies have set the bar at 80 percent .

Facebook censors nude Neptune statue, writer says

Currently, Barbari's Facebook page enjoys a picture of the Neptune statue from behind, his muscular buttocks perhaps making a symbolic gesture toward Facebook's censors. Her page does, however, also enjoy a link to an article about Facebook's alleged actions, with a full-frontal image of Neptune.

11 things we think will happen in business technology in 2017

As Amazon, Google, and Microsoft expand the Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities of their cloud products, and as general interest in these IoT devices grows, expect to see a lot more clever uses for these products in the office, the retail store, and the industrial setting alike.

5 steps to help your employees adopt new software - TechRepublic

Offer individual assistance to encourage adoption among the late majority. I've often asked a person to stay after a meeting a few minutes so that I can help them. Other times, I've scheduled a brief one-on-one web meeting. If your team's time doesn't permit this, you may be able to ask someone who is an early adopter to take on this task. After the individualized help session, I usually follow up with a brief email (with links!) that summarizes what we covered.

Dell's convertible XPS 13 laptop starts at $1,000

The convertible also features 2 USB 3.0 ports, one of which is Thunderbolt 3.0 compatible. You'll be able to charge the laptop, or power up to two 4K display at once, from the Thunderbolt port. And, in a nice gesture, you'll also get a USB-A to USB-C adapter for connecting your older peripherals. Another port or two would have been nice, but don't be surprised if plenty of ultraportables this year end up settling on just two USB-C ports. (2017 will truly be the year of the dongle.)

What to expect from CES 2017

For most, this week marks the beginning of the holiday season. Presents and office parties and an extra day off here and there. In the tech world, it means we’re a mere two weeks away from the Consumer Electronics Show, the annual event held the first week of the year in Las Vegas that will set the tone for the next 52 weeks’ worth of hardware announcements.

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