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How to watch - or avoid - the Trump Inauguration online

Whether you’re looking forward to the next four years or completely petrified, we’ve compiled a list of how to the watch the event and how to hide from it.

Trump may have the best words, but these Urban Dictionary submissions are pretty good too

Remember back to the campaign when Donald Trump famously said: “I’m very highly educated. I know words; I have the best words.”? Well, just in case, here it is. “The most awesome stage” Last year, Facebook's VP of Design thought the TNW Conference main stage was the best she'd ever been on. FIND OUT WHY …

Boomshakalaka! NBA Jam update lets you play as LeBron, Trump, Harambe and others

One of the greatest arcade games of all time just got an update that allows you to trade in the likes of Karl Malone and John Stockton (what a great combination) for players like LeBron James, Steph Curry, and other 2017 fan favorites. Or, you can just go all Teen Wolf on the game and …

Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Fallon give terrible Yelp reviews a dramatic voice

We give this 5 stars.

Should Twitter dump Trump? Ellen Pao makes a compelling argument

Just hours before Donald Trump was scheduled to be sworn in, tech execs Ellen Pao and Laura I. Gómez wrote an

South Korean 'World of Warcraft' cooking show goes live tonight

Finally, a killer Murloc Soup recipe perfect for office potlucks.

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Apple is suing one of its most important suppliers

"For many years Qualcomm has unfairly insisted on charging royalties for technologies they have nothing to do with. The more Apple innovates with unique features such as TouchID, advanced displays, and cameras, to name just a few, the more money Qualcomm collects for no reason and the more expensive it becomes for Apple to fund these innovations. Qualcomm built its business on older, legacy, standards but reinforces its dominance through exclusionary tactics and excessive royalties. Despite being just one of over a dozen companies who contributed to basic cellular standards, Qualcomm insists on charging Apple at least five times more in payments than all the other cellular patent licensors we have agreements with combined. To protect this business scheme Qualcomm has taken increasingly radical steps, most recently withholding nearly $1B in payments from Apple as retaliation for responding truthfully to law enforcement agencies investigating them. Apple believes deeply in innovation and we have always been willing to pay fair and reasonable rates for patents we use. We are extremely disappointed in the way Qualcomm is conducting its business with us and unfortunately after years of disagreement over what constitutes a fair and reasonable royalty we have no choice left but to turn to the courts.


The Inauguration of Donald J. Trump

Uber hires former Google search chief Amit Singhal as SVP of Engineering

“At Uber, this team is actually hiding so much deep science behind a very simple interface of pushing a button and having a car show up,” Singhal explained. “The science that goes on behind that is equally as complex as what we had to do at Google. My expertise is taking deep science, building amazing engineering to implement that science, and in the process building great teams so that from a user’s perspective, the complexity is hidden, and their lives are improved in one way or another.”

Watch the chilling House of Cards season 5 teaser trailer

As it's Inauguration Day here in the US, it's particularly fitting Netflix decided to drop its first teaser trailer for season 5 of the political drama House of Cards right before Donald Trump took the Oath of Office.

Tidal may have been inflating its subscriber numbers

According to a lengthy report from the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv, Tidal has been inflating its subscriber totals to the public since the company was acquired by Jay Z two years ago. Dagens Næringsliv says it obtained internal reports from the streaming service that show Tidal only had 350,000 subscribers in September 2015, the same month when Jay Z tweeted that Tidal had reached 1 million users.


The Inauguration of Donald J. Trump

Trump's tech transition: Will the president's new phone change his Twitter game? - TechRepublic

US President Donald Trump has officially traded in his personal smartphone for one with limited features, which could impact the way he interacts with social media.

The White House's climate change and LGBT rights pages have disappeared

We’re approaching two hours after Trump officially became our 45th President, and his transition to the White House has already led to change — to the official White House website. Gone are all mentions (sitewide) of climate change. Also missing is the former LGBT rights page, which now redirects to an opt-in form to receive the Trump newsletter.

India's cities get smarter with new project to boost data tracking

Tata Trusts is partnering with the Toronto-based World Council on City Data (WCCD) which is an organization that provides a platform for standardized city data. The WCCD also provides certification for the international standard ISO 37120 Sustainable Development of Communities: Indicators for City Services and Quality of Life that allows benchmarking for progress and innovation.

The White House's climate change and LGBT rights pages have disappeared

We’re approaching two hours after Trump officially became our 45th President, and his transition to the White House has already led to change — to the official White House website. Gone are all mentions (sitewide) of climate change. Also missing is the former LGBT rights page, which now redirects to an opt-in form to receive the Trump newsletter.

Apple sues Qualcomm for ~$1B, says Qualcomm overcharged them over patent royalties

Apple sues Qualcomm for ~$1B, says Qualcomm charged royalties for tech the chip giant didn't invent, retaliated for Apple's cooperation in Korean antitrust case

Amazon Dash Buttons Go Virtual

Not everyone in a household, however, shares the same domestic needs: You may have run out of FIJI Water, while your spouse needs new guitar strings, and the kids are hankering for more Play-Doh. So instead of sharing your phone's passcode or crowding around the computer screen, simply keep Wi-Fi-connected Dash Buttons in your home.

What does a Trump presidency mean for tech? It's complicated

The decisions Trump and his administration make over the next four years will determine whether America remains a leader in innovation and beyond; but what does this mean in practice?

National Park Service Banned From Tweeting After Anti-Trump Retweets

The National Park service retweeted some sick Donald Trump burns, noting how, uh, lightly attended his inauguration was compared to Barack Obama’s in 2009. But now, the NPS has been ordered by its Washington support office to “immediately cease use of government Twitter accounts until further notice,” according to an internal email obtained by Gizmodo.


Stand down from battle stations. Star Trek rights holders CBS and Paramount have seen the logic of settling a copyright suit against Alec Peters , who solicited money on crowdfunding sites and hired professionals to make a YouTube short and a script of a planned feature film focused on a fictional event -- a Starfleet captain's victory in a war with the Klingon Empire -- referenced in the original 1960s Gene Roddenberry television series. Thanks to the settlement, CBS and Paramount won't be going to trial on Stardate 47634.44, known to most as Jan. 31, 2017. According to a joint statement, "Paramount Pictures Corporation, CBS Studios Inc., Axanar Productions, Inc. and Alec Peters are pleased to announce that the litigation regarding Axanar's film Prelude to Axanar and its proposed film Axanar has been resolved. Axanar and Mr. Peters acknowledge that both films were not approved by Paramount or CBS, and that both works crossed boundaries acceptable to CBS and Paramount relating to copyright law." Peters' Axanar video and script, which feature such arguably copyrighted elements as Vulcan ears, the Klingon language and an obscure character from a 1969 episode, sparked a lawsuit in December 2015.

The @POTUS Twitter account now belongs to Trump; here's how to keep track of the Obamas

PSA: The @POTUS Twitter account is no longer managed by Barack Obama’s team. As of his inauguration today, the account belongs to the 45th President of the United States and noted Twitter aficionado – Donald J Trump.

Samsung will blame 'irregular sized' batteries and manufacturing problems for its exploding Note 7

The problems didn't stop there. Samsung stepped up phone production to make up for the Note 7 shortfall but, according to the report, that resulted in more problems. This time, the batteries had an unspecified manufacturing issues that again caused the phones to explode, leading Samsung to issue its full recall in October.

Trump's White House Is Already Tearing Up Obama's Websites

Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States today, and very shortly after taking oath of office, his administration began the fairly new and complicated digital transition process.

Trump's White House website deletes climate change, LGBT pages

As Donald Trump takes over the White House today, a number of folks on Twitter have been pointing out that many crucial pages on have disappeared, including those relating to climate change and the LGBTQ community. While certainly troubling to the many millions of Americans worried about how the incoming administration will handle such topics, what's happening on the White House website is little more than a transition -- every page that was up on the site under the Obama administration has been removed, not just ones relating to topics that the new president doesn't care about.

Flight attendant shouts out all the 'nasty women' headed to the Women's March on Washington

"You guys are going to the Women's March, right? Let's get a round of applause for all the nasty women on board," she said. "Stay safe, stay hydrated, have a good time, watch out for your fellow sisters. Just remember, we don't take no 'ish' from no man."

Donald Trump becomes America’s 45th president

“CARNAGE”. That word—one not usually associated with inaugural addresses or any appeal to national unity—formed the smouldering, incendiary core of President Donald Trump’s first speech after taking his oath of office on January 20th. The term is how Mr Trump summed up the past few decades of social and economic change witnessed in America. Other presidents have called for reconciliation in their inaugural addresses, celebrated progress or appealed to the “better angels of our nature”—soft, hand-wringing naïfs that they were. Not Mr Trump. Speaking to Americans who live far from the West Front of the Capitol, the 45th president addressed himself to those citizens that he called “righteous people” and “forgotten men and women”. He told them that they were part of an unprecedented historical movement that had taken back power from the corrupt and selfish elites that control both political parties in Washington, an establishment that had enriched and protected itself while leaving the real America wracked by poverty, crime and insecurity. No longer, the new president promised. “This American carnage stops right here and stops right now.

Scientists Are Searching For Life On This Nearby Exoplanet

With all this talk about human colonies on Mars, why not dream a little bigger? Dr. Stephen Kane and his team of researchers at San Francisco State University are looking about 14 lightyears away from our solar system for some potentially inhabitable real estate.

Improve Windows 10 Battery Life With New Power Slider

"We are conducting experiments on features which help improve battery life for Windows devices," Sarkar said, encouraging folks to comment via Feedback Hub under the Power and Battery > Settings category. "We'll be working with [manufacturers] to determine the best settings for their customers, so they can ship those on new Windows 10 PCs."

Nissan to start European autonomous car tests in London

Japanese automaker Nissan has said it will start autonomous car tests in London next month, as it looks to branch out its self-driving program to European roads.

Why we badly need standardization to advance IoT

What IoT promises is that all of your boring “things” like refrigerators, ACs, light bulbs, microwave ovens, washing machines, even cars will become “smart connected devices” and will be able to talk to each other using some sort of technology like Bluetooth, infrared, WiFi and more.


An ode to Obama: Thank you from the tech community

As a woman in tech, I am vaguely familiar the struggle for minorities in such a fast paced and absolutely necessary industry, I felt it necessary to pay tribute to the man who has not only inspired multiple demographics, but has also vastly increased the value and support of technology – an industry close to my heart (and paycheck).

Shia LaBeouf debuted a 4-year anti-Trump live stream: 'HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US'

On Friday, the day of Trump's inauguration, LaBeouf announced a project called "HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US," which is live-streaming footage from a camera installed outside the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, New York. You can watch the live stream at .

Steam now lets you move your games' install folders

With its most recent Steam client update , Valve has added the ability to move the install folders for your Steam games. Before this update, you had to either install a third-party app or use a lengthy workaround to move the install folders for your games if you wanted to avoid re-downloading games to a new hard drive. Now, this ability is but a click away.

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

Apple is willing to make iPhones in India, but it wants a helping hand, source says

Poll: Will Trump improve or harm cybersecurity and digital privacy? - TechRepublic

The new administration may trigger profound changes in digital security, encryption, personal privacy, and innovation. Do you think the cybersecurity changes will help or hurt business?

Kickstarter suspends campaign for Adoptly, the dubious looking ‘Tinder for adoption’

As a commentary on the way we use modern dating apps to judge people instantaneously based on completely superficial values, it’s not a bad campaign. But as a real service, should Adoptly actually be aiming to make one, it’d be exceptionally crass, essentially creating a “Hot or Not” for kids in need of a home.

Apple Sues Qualcomm Over Licensing Practices

Apple Inc. sued Qualcomm Inc. alleging the chip supplier demanded unfair terms for its technology, escalating long-simmering tension between companies at the heart of the global smartphone industry. The suit, filed Friday in federal district court in the Southern District of California, claims that Qualcomm leveraged its monopoly position as a manufacturer of baseband chips, a critical component used in cellphones, to seek “onerous,...

Donald Trump reportedly set to name net neutrality foe Ajit Pai to lead the FCC

When the Wheeler-led FCC’s net neutrality rules were passed in 2015, Pai was one of the most vocal sources of dissent, along with fellow Republican commissioner Michael O'Rielly. After Trump’s ascent to the presidency, concluding with today’s inauguration, those rules are in danger, and Pai’s nomination will do little to ease concerns for supporters of the rules.

Flag-waving photo on Trump's @POTUS from Obama's inauguration?

Commentary: There seems to be a touching irony to the background photo that was briefly on Donald Trump's new @POTUS account.

CNET on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

100% Free Genealogy -

Welcome to! We have one of the largest collections of genealogy records anywhere, and they're all 100% free to search! Start researching your family tree by entering a name above and see what we find, or start your family tree now.

Samsung reportedly concludes ‘irregularly sized’ batteries caused Galaxy Note 7 explosions

As Samsung prepares to release its findings,  a Wall Street Journal report  citing “people familiar with the matter” claims the investigation found some devices were prone to overheating because they contained “irregularly sized” batteries that did not properly fit the phone. Beyond that core assessment, the Journal wrote that Samsung’s report also found that further manufacturing problems impacted so-called safe devices, which ultimately caused a full recall.


These details were included in an SEC filing for the quarter ending on December 31, 2016. DirecTV Now launched on November 30, 2016. The filing also notes the additions only include paying customers. To be clear, there's no free tier for DirecTV Now, but the company has been offering free trials so customers can kick the tires before committing to a subscription plan. Of course, it's not entirely surprising that DirecTV Now was able to gain so many customers in such a short period of time. On paper, at least, the service sounds compelling.

Livestream follows 'GTA' characters around San Andreas

The stream makes its return today in time for the inauguration of our 45th president. Watanabe is using the same basic programming as the deer that, in this case, allows the citizens to wander around and make decisions of their own accord. The only difference is the audio recordings (of what surely must be ugly crying) attached to them.

Uber Will Pay $20M Over Misleading Claims to Drivers

Uber claimed on its website that the median annual income for drivers in New York City was more than $90,000, when in reality less than 10 percent of all drivers in the city made that much, according to the FTC's complaint. Uber's leasing program is also misleading, the FTC said, with median lease payments above $200 per week from 2013 to 2015, despite the company's claim that cars could be leased for $119 per week regardless of an applicant's credit history.

Trump will make a vocal opponent of today's 'open internet' laws the next FCC boss, report says

If Pai is named Wheeler's official replacement, however, it would allow him and the Republican-led Senate to put their plans in motion as soon as possible, according to Ernesto Falcon, legislative counsel at the nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation. Any changes to net neutrality laws and the like would take months, though, and include a period of public comment.

Newborn baby becomes ideal wingman in father's surprise proposal

After two years of being together, the father slipped the pair's newborn into a onesie bearing the paramount question, "Mommy, will you marry my Daddy?"

Japan is testing USB phone charging stations in public transport buses

According to Japanese news outlet IT Media , a public transport bus in the Tokyo area has introduced, and is currently testing, USB charging stations for commuter phones and tablets.

The National Park Service is slyly taunting President Trump on Twitter

President Donald Trump took over the sprawling US government today, and some of his new employees are using the occasion to poke at him on Twitter. Whoever is running the National Park Service's Twitter account is subtweeting the new president with messages that appear to challenge his ideas and his stature.

Killing Ground Looks Like a Brutal Twist on the Camping Trip Horror Genre

Making an international premiere at this year’s edition of the Sundance Film Festival, Killing Ground follows two sets of campers as they look to get away from it all in the Australian wilderness. People go missing, creepy locals show signs of sinister intent and, most terrifying, there’s a baby in the middle of the danger. It seems as if the film has yet to be picked up for distribution but, based on that trailer, I think some distributor would want to put it in theaters sometime this year.

Google shutting older versions of Drive, G Suite apps

The move affects users on Android and iOS, and targets versions of the apps released before before Nougat and iOS 10 made their respective debuts. Google explains that users will begin seeing the prompts on March 1 warning them that the version they are using is too old and no longer supported. Additionally, some users with very old versions will be forced to upgrade when they receive the dialogue box.

The Science And Politics Of Counting The Crowds At The Inauguration And Women's March

UCF's system can keep counting when the images are too poor for people to make sense of. "Even if the humans are not able to count by hand, our algorithms still give good results, because we can train our algorithms based on some blurred images," says Idrees. "The accuracy may go down slightly but still the accuracy will be better than human counting." The UCF effort can go even farther, sampling patterns of light and dark pixels, for instance, to make a guess at how many people are present in a photo where nothing that a human eye would recognize as a person is present.

'Inside' team teases its next project following company turmoil

It's been quite the week for Playdead fans. First came some explanation for why the typically lock-jawed studio behind Limbo and Inside lost one of its cofounders last July. Then, the team tweeted out a teaser image for its next project. Absolutely nothing is known about the game other than it might have something to do with a comet and that its protagonist might be an astronaut of sorts. Oh, and it's using a subdued color palette and stylized visual motif. Par for the course here, really.

This female tech CEO is urging all women to protest against Trump's 'bullying' tactics

She's not only attending this event but is calling on all women leaders in business to stand up, speak up and get active now to protect women's rights, even though in today's political climate, taking such a stand could be dangerous, she told Business Insider.

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