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Asking Siri this math question will make her play a sick beat

A video of three Indian musicians teaming up with Siri to create a catchy classical Indian mash-up has gone viral.

Microsoft Alarm App Makes You Play Games, Take Selfies

Rise and shine! To shut off Mimicker Alarm, you must mimic the action given.

Watch this robot solve a Rubik's Cube in about a second

Ah, the Rubik's Cube. Few novelty puzzles have had as long of a career.

Watch your favorite Star Wars characters die adorable 8-bit deaths

The Star Wars movies aren't terribly violent, so when a major character dies, the series tends to make it count. To honor those memorable scenes, YouTube channel pipocaVFX has created this adorable...

26 Xbox One tips and tricks to get the most out of your console

Let no feature hide away unused

The VR arcade of the future will look something like this

I knew I was on solid ground. I knew that no matter if I misstepped, I wouldn't fall hundreds of feet, plummeting to my death in some CG-Egyptian ruin. And yet,...

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Blizzard Shuts Down East Coast With Possible Historic Snowfall

A massive nor'easter blizzard blanketed much of the East Coast in the heaviest snow seen in years, shutting down Washington, Baltimore and New York City, which as of Saturday even had been hit by the third heaviest snowfall in its history.

9th Annual Crunchies Awards

The Oscars of Startups and Technology. TechCrunch kicks off 2016 with the 9th Annual Crunchies Awards Show, the award ceremony to recognize and celebrate the most compelling startups, internet, and technology innovations of the year.

5 Donald Trump gets his own blustery programming language

You can tinker with the TrumpScript code right now, although the creators warn that it might not work properly. That's not surprising given that it was whipped up in less than 20 hours as part of a hackathon. However, the presence of source code lets you not only fix flaws yourself, but add your own features -- you don't have to wait to slip Trump's latest audacious soundbite into your syntax. Whatever you think of the man, it's clear that Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't the only well-known political figure with his own computer code.

The unheard story of the Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is one of the most iconic buildings on earth — but there's a lot you probably don't know about it. In this tour-de-force talk, art historian Elizabeth Lev guides us across the famous building's ceiling and Michelangelo's vital depiction of traditional stories, showing how the painter reached beyond the religious iconography of the time to chart new artistic waters. Five hundred years after the artist painted it, says Lev, the Sistine Chapel forces us to look around as if it were a mirror and ask, "Who am I, and what role do I play in this great theater of life?"

The blizzard blanketing the East Coast is a stunning giant in this view from space

The potentially historic snowstorm is dumping up 20 to 30 inches of snow or more across parts of the East Coast, and bringing damaging coastal flooding and crippling travel disruptions to millions of people in its path. On Friday, NASA released a rarely seen supercomputer-generated simulation of the entire storm's evolution, showing its growth into a major blizzard.

The 10 Best Keyboards of 2016

Maybe your old keyboard has typed its last letter. Maybe you've become frustrated by a subpar model slowing you down during work. Perhaps your gaming ambitions have left you dissatisfied with the mediocre model that came with your desktop PC. Whatever the reason, anyone can benefit from a better keyboard. Upgrading the one you have may not seem like an important thing to do, but you would be surprised what a difference a well-made model can make in terms of comfort, efficiency, and overall satisfaction. After all, is there any part of your computer more hands-on than your keyboard? For these reasons, and more, it pays to know what makes a one a good fit.

The Patriots' Surface tablets all broke for a while during the AFC Championship game

It's conference championship weekend in the NFL, and the highlight game between Tom Brady's Patriots and and Peyton Manning's Broncos has an unwanted storyline: all the Microsoft Surface tablets on the Patriots sidelines all broke for a while. The tablets are used to  watch real-time replays and study the opposing team.

5 Ways to Improve Your Snapchat Marketing : Social Media Examiner

Music producer DJ Khaled has created one of the most engaging Snapchat communities with over 2 million followers, a quarter of which watch his snaps within the first 5 minutes. With his 24-hour Snapchat stories, he provides daily insights, otherwise known as “keys to success,” through inspirational advice and commentary on his life’s adventures.

23 time-wasting websites perfect for a snow day

But don't worry, we've compiled a list of 23 websites that are perfect for wasting your time on this snow day.

Twitter pushes out four top executives in surprise restructuring

A major investor in Twitter confirmed that the departures were the result of a long-planned restructuring. The four executives — Katie Stanton, head of media, Kevin Weil, head of product, Alex Roetter, head of engineering and Jason Toff, head of Vine — were all allies of former CEO Dick Costolo and "were not people in whom Jack has the highest faith," the source said.

Microsoft's Surface takes a hit during NFL playoff game - CNET

"They're having some trouble with their Microsoft Surface tablets, CBS' sideline reporter Evan Washburn reported during the game. "On the last defensive possession the Patriots' coaches did not have access to those tablets to show pictures to their players. NFL officials have been working at it. Some of those tablets are back in use, but not all of them. A lot of frustration that they didn't have them on that last possession."

Could Donald Trump make Apple build its ‘damn computers’ in the US? | ExtremeTech

As has been pointed out many times before, this conversion to economic protectionism is quite hypocritical in the context of the past behavior of Trump’s own companies. A hardcore capitalist like Trump might argue that it’s his obligation as a politician to make the rules more just, and his obligation as a businessman to maximize profits within those rules, regardless of whether he thinks they’re the right rules for America. Like the high-minded philosophy of a defense lawyer, the businessman is supposed to be ruthlessly loyal to the shareholders, the President to the electorate.

This Fun Literature Project Replaces Google Ads With Short Stories

Imagine that you search for "short story" in Google. More likely than not, any ads that pop up next to your search will (hopefully) be related to short stories, or fall within the realm of literature in general.

Amazon May Refund Your Potentially Explosive Hoverboard

Officials aren't too confident in the product's overall ability to not ignite.

Three of Twitter's top execs are leaving

Weil, who had been at Twitter for 6 years, first joined the company in 2009 as an engineering lead before working his way up to senior vice president of product. Stanton joined Twitter following jobs with Google and Yahoo, and served on President Barack Obama's social media team during the first part of his presidency.

How to Create LinkedIn Ads That Generate Results For Your Business : Social Media Examiner

I l­ef­t m­y desk job an­d now I get paid eighty five dollars hourly. How? I am working online from home! My old work was bad for me,s­o I decided to take my chance on something different… 2 yrs have passed since And I can say it was a best decision I ever made! Check it out, what i do…

To rule search on iPhone, Google paid Apple $1 billion dollars

Apple and Google may be fierce competitors, but that doesn't mean the two companies have turned away working with each other from time-to-time. Case in point: we've learned that in 2014, Google paid Apple $1 billion dollars to direct traffic to its search engine above all others.

​What's the best Windows 10 web browser? The benchmarks are in | ZDNet

Taken all-in-all, Chrome's my first pick for Windows 10. However, I can see why some of you would prefer Edge. I will be watching Edge closely. I'm told by friends at Microsoft that the company is putting lots of resources behind it. By this time next year, Edge may be the unqualified best Windows 10 web browser, but it's not there yet.

iPhone 6c? Nah, Try iPhone 5se (Yep)

The iPhone 5se will also borrow a few features from the iPhone 6's successor, Apple's iPhone 6s. It'll allegedly come with the same 802.11ac Wi-Fi chip and support for Bluetooth 4.2 and Voice over LTE. Though it'll also support the iPhone 6s's Live Photos feature, it won't have 3D Touch. You'll apparently be able to pick up the iPhone 5se in the same colors as the iPhone 6s: rose gold, silver, gold, or space gray.

An "iPhone 5SE" might come as soon as March

Apple is believed to be working on a new 4-inch iPhone, and now  9to5Mac claims to have details on what we should expect. The new phone is reported to be an improved version of the iPhone 5S: Apple is essentially said to be taking the guts of the iPhone 6 and stuffing them into the 5S's smaller body. So this new phone would have the iPhone 6's 8-megapixel rear camera, 1.2-megapixel front camera, NFC chip for using Apple Pay, A8 processor, and improved connectivity due to improvements like faster Wi-Fi.

Hoverboards keep exploding. So what happens now?

Nowadays, prototypical Segways are most commonly associated with police departments and tourism, so it's easy to forget that they had their own dangerous past — one that may prove instructive as to why the current generation of hoverboards will survive.

Lucas Mearian on Twitter


Google to pay £130 million in back taxes to the UK

Google has agreed to pay the UK £130 million (roughly $185 million) in back taxes. The deal covers the company for the past decade, and comes after a years-long investigation by the government's tax agency, HMRC, into the search firm's accounting practices in the UK.

Star Wars: Episode VIII delayed to December 2017 | News |

The other six Star Wars movies all saw American theatrical release in the month of May: Star Wars was released May 25, 1977, The Empire Strikes Back was released on May 17th, 1980. Return of the Jedi was May 25, 1883, The Phantom Menace was May 19, 1999, Attack of the Clones was May 16, 2002, and Revenge of the Sith was May 19, 2005. Star Wars movies usually kicked off the summer movie season in the years that they came out, now it looks like the rest of the series might park itself in December so as not to compete with other blockbusters in the supercharged summer where future years will see Marvel and DC comic book movies duke it out over box office earnings.

How to dress like Scully from 'X Files'

is a leading global media company that informs, inspires and entertains the digital generation. Mashable is redefining storytelling by documenting and shaping the digital revolution in a new voice, new formats and cutting-edge technologies to a uniquely dedicated audience of 45 million monthly unique visitors and 26 million social followers.

Apple needs a new hit or Alphabet will overtake it as the most valuable company in the world

On Friday, Alphabet’s equity value rose above $500 billion, putting it about $60 billion behind Apple’s market capitalization at the close of day. That might sound like a whole bunch of money – and it is – but long-term investments are about momentum, and investors are now classifying Apple alongside old tech behemoths like Cisco and Oracle, according to The New York Times .

Donald Rumsfeld is now a video game developer

His first release, now available on iOS, is a very special game called  Churchill Solitaire , which (as the story goes) British Prime Minister Winston Churchill played during World War II to keep his mind sharp and in the wartime mindset. Rumsfeld later learned the game from a confidant of Churchill's.

Big Exec Departures at Twitter: Media Head Stanton and Product Head Weil Leaving

In a major executive upheaval, two of Twitter’s top executives — media head Katie Jacobs Stanton and product head Kevin Weil — are departing the company, according to sources close to the situation.

The Best Robot Vacuums of 2016

In addition, robot vacuums have reached the point where they're basically just as effective and powerful as regular vacuums. The robots rounded up here use filters, side brushes, and spinning brushes that will do an equally good job of cleaning your home as their upright equivalents. They're also fairly compact, so they won't take up much space in your storage closet. And they're able to travel underneath most couches and tables, so you won't have to rearrange furniture. Even if you do, the more advanced robots on this list use memory banks to note where furniture is placed, so as not to bump into anything on a future pass. 

Piku Piku lets you record GIFs with live filters on your iPhone

There’s hardly a shortage of apps that let you do a variety of different things with GIFs – whether that’s Giphy’s , Tumblr’s , LiveGIF  or even Giffage’s GIF keyboard  – and now the world has one more to judge.

Google Is Offering A Free Online Class About Deep Learning

Reading the flurry of recent popular press around deep learning, you might rightfully wonder: isn’t deep learning just a ‘Big Data’ thing? Don’t I need the computing resources of Google or Facebook to take advantage of it? Isn’t there a lot of ‘black magic’ involved in making these models tick? And wouldn’t it only work for a narrow spectrum of perception tasks in the first place? As someone from industry who accidentally fell into deep learning while working on Google Voice Search just five years ago, I’ve seen how nothing can be further from the truth. At that time, I didn’t use Google’s bazillion machines to get started with deep learning: I bought a modest computer with a GPU.

'Exploding Kittens' addictive card game is now a multiplayer app

The mobile version of game is addictive and incredibly well executed, full of sounds, fun animations and new cards that aren’t in the real world game. There’s no global multiplayer — yet — so you’ll need to play with people you’re around.

Researchers can work out your location based on whom you talk to on Twitter

This is a testament to the power of "metadata," the additional information associated with communications beyond the content itself. (For example, an email's metadata would include the sender and addressee, and the time it was sent.) While previous studies on Twitter user location have tried to analyse language used for clues to location, the HRL Laboratories team ignored the content of the tweets.

How to Create Custom Instagram Feeds : Social Media Examiner

With Mashfeed and Iconosquare, you can create easy-to-digest Instagram feeds. This allows you to see and interact with the content you care about the most, no matter how many Instagram accounts you follow.

This guy used the blizzard as an opportunity to go snowboarding behind a Jeep through the empty streets of New York City

Like most New Yorkers this weekend, Neistat found himself trapped in the city during the big snowstorm. With an official travel ban in effect, the streets were mostly empty. But instead of staying indoors, Neistat grabbed his snowboard and some friends to go film what it would be like to go snowboarding through the empty streets — towed behind a Jeep Wrangler, of course.

These Are The Most-Watched Vines Of The Year

Vine is an online platform that enables users to create short looping video clips for friend and family. These 6 second videos can be shared on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Its mobile application is available on iPhone, Android, and Windows platforms. Vine was launched by Colin Kroll, Rus Yusupov, and Dominik Hofmann in January 2012.

Exclusive: Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is adding new members to the main crew | News |

Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) will once again be returning with his core crew of Drax (Dave Bautista), Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Rocket (Bradley Cooper) and yes, Groot (Vin Diesel). That’s not all, though: according to a source close with the production, Peter Quill will be signing some new members onto the roster; he’ll be joined by Yondu, bad girl Nebula, and newcomer Mantis.

Download Soundcloud for desktop Windows/Mac/Linux, no need to install and native media keyboard available

Linux (64) size 37mb

Inside Pablo Escobar's estate: Dinosaur statues and loose hippos

The entrance was decorated with a Piper airplane identical to the one used by Escobar to fly his first shipment of cocaine to the United States, and the grounds were populated with statues of dinosaurs and other creatures. The hacienda also boasted a robust zoo, complete with horses, elephants, rhinoceros, hippopotamuses and giraffes.

Three of Twitter's top execs are leaving

Weil, who had been at Twitter for 6 years, first joined the company in 2009 as an engineering lead before working his way up to senior vice president of product. Stanton joined Twitter following jobs with Google and Yahoo, and served on President Barack Obama's social media team during the first part of his presidency.

To let girls in, the tech industry is thinking pink. But that isn't enough.

When it comes to getting girls invested in coding, the tech space has one main tactic — turning up the ultra-feminine ethos. Whether it’s layering on a veneer of blushed tones or upping the “cute” factor of events, there's a big assumption that to welcome girls into coding, we need to think pink.

Mercedes-Benz's Michael Hafner talks hands-off driving and semi-autonomy video - Roadshow

Mercedes-Benz's Michael Hafner talks hands-off driving and semi-autonomy The E-Class can drive itself -- but not all the time. We learn about its limitations with Michael Hafner, Director Driver Assistance Systems and Active Safety.

Google Play Games soon won't require a Google+ account

On the dev side of things, Google says that most games shouldn’t see need any changes at all, but that games that ask for the Google+ ‘scope’ unnecessarily will need to be altered to remove pop-up consent windows. Likewise, games that use the Google Play Games player ID for other APIs will no longer return any valid data.

Jack on Twitter

Was really hoping to talk to Twitter employees about this later this week, but want to set the record straight now:

Jailbreak Tweak Griddy is now available for download in Cydia

With Griddy, you can have a better overview of the apps that are running in the background and quickly toggle through them with ease. The best feature of the tweak is the dynamic resizing of the grids with a pinch in or pinch out gesture. If you want to view more apps at once in the App Switcher, you can do a pinch out gesture to make the size of grids smaller. Similarly, a pinch in gesture will enlarge the grids and display a fewer number of apps.

10 essential dos and don'ts when visiting a sex shop

I had a woman ask me how many times I had to call the cops on people having sex in the parking lot and was upset that I “ruined her image of a sex shop” when I told her zero. I had another woman ask if our bathrooms had “men underneath to look up." Really?! For every “creep,” we got 20 “normal” people, and those truly are relative terms.

Too young for Tinder, LGBTQI youth find love through Tumblr

In comes Tumblr. The social platform responsible for cat memes and horrifying Disney Princess art has become, in many ways, an informal dating site for queer and trans youth. While adults have access to Tinder and OkCupid, LGBTQI youth are left in the digital dark. Facebook requires people to use their real identities. Twitter relies on 140-character soundbites. Tumblr — more visual than Twitter, more private than Facebook, less horrible than Reddit — lets youth create new screennames, craft new identities.

Barriers to Championship Performances - Freelap USA

The below are a collection of thoughts and observations acquired through 40 plus years of coaching and interaction with Championship Performers from across the globe. Championship Performance is no easy feat … I hope some of these points may offer clarity on the reality of what it takes:

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