Pokemon's Super Bowl ad is the very best Video Description

Today saw the release of the ad's extended cut — created by an LA-based agency called Omelet — and it does a damned fine job burying the lede. For the first forty seconds, you'll see a diverse crew of young people inspired to dream big and work hard (which in this case involves playing speed chess and getting psyched for a football game). Better still, these scenes are accompanied by the same punchy, aggressive drumline percussion that seems to wind up in every other high-minded sports apparel ad during Super Bowl season. The only real hint that you're watching something a little different is a sign above a locker room door that proclaims "LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS," a nod to the old-school theme song you're probably already humming now. And after all that? A guy steps into stadium, Pokeball in hand, staring down a Gyarados, a Magneton, a Charizard and a Mega Lucario. Things just got real .

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