Werner Herzog's internet doc Lo and Behold is a must-see for anyone on social networks Video Description

As the film hurtles toward its finale, Herzog attempts to tie a handful of the many threads together, only to drop them for a banjo jam session in the small town of Green Bank, West Virginia. Introduced earlier in the film, the community, built around the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope, is free of radio waves and cellular signals. Even spark plugs and microwaves are banned as threats to the telescope’s ability to collect data from the cosmos. Such unusual circumstances have attracted a modest group of women and men who claim a sensitivity to radio signals. As a result, their world consists only of the basics. And so they spend their afternoon with Herzog plucking the banjo, beating the drum, and huddling around the technology that sent humans down this path all those millennia ago: a roaring fire.

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