Monster Hunter World review: king of beasts Video Description

Sensible, practical tweaks abound. There’s a new system that helps you find the target monster by searching for tracks, rather than hoping you randomly bump into it. There are options for more Western-style control schemes — for example, you can select items through a radial menu, or click in the left analog stick to sprint. The item crafting system is streamlined to the point of almost being automatic. Drinking health potions no longer requires you to stand in place and hold a celebratory pose for an agonizingly long amount of time, opening you up to an attack. My favorite change is that attacks now show the damage dealt in hit points, MMO-style — purists can turn this off, and I thought I might, but in the end I wouldn’t. The immediate feedback makes it easier to experiment and figure out what’s working, whereas before you had to rely on simple blood splashes; World ’s complex environments enable a wider variety of attacks, and it’s useful to know exactly what’s happened when your target is hit by a falling rock or a fiery blast from a rival monster.

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