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Watch the new video for the Chemical Brothers and Beck track 'Wide Open'

UK duo The Chemical Brothers have just shared a new video for the Beck-featuring track "Wide Open," the debut single off their 2015 album Born in the Echoes. The clip, directed by Dom & Nic,...

This might be the best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game yet

Licensed video games are a crapshoot: sometimes you get GoldenEye 007, sometimes you get Superman 64. And as a franchise, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been on both sides, with fondly...

GoPro and Periscope Team Up So You Can Livestream Being Extreme

Xtreme livestreams.

Watch an engineer lift a car with his homemade exoskeleton

Inventor James Hobson's powered exoskeleton helps him lift a 2,524 lb Mini Cooper.

'Meow the Jewels' video will haunt your dreams. Your dog's too.

It's paws-itively feral.

Japan and Trains: The Love Affair

Snowfall causing train delays is nothing new. In the UK, where I'm from, this happens with hilarious, infuriating regularity. But last week, the first snow of 2...

Donald Trump says he's skipping Fox News' debate due to 'wise guy press release'

The GOP frontrunner made good on his threat, saying he's skipping Thursday's debate.

Neil deGrasse Tyson drops diss track at B.o.B., flat Earth truthers

Neil deGrasse Tyson isn't taking B.o.B.'s diss track lying down.

Drunk in an Uber? Here, Have a Toy

The next time you get an Uber home from the bar, you may find a toy in the back seat to keep you occupied.

'Five Nights at Freddy's World' removed from Steam

If you bought 'Five Nights at Freddy's World,' a refund is heading your way.

Squirrel drinking a McDonald's shake is lovin' it

My milkshake brings all the squirrels to the yard.

Spotify goes beyond music into video this week

A range of partners will produce content for the platform, but it's early days for now.

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Barack Obama: Why we must rethink solitary confinement

That’s why last summer , I directed Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch and the Justice Department to review the overuse of solitary confinement across U.S. prisons. They found that there are circumstances when solitary is a necessary tool, such as when certain prisoners must be isolated for their own protection or in order to protect staff and other inmates. In those cases, the practice should be limited, applied with constraints and used only as a measure of last resort. They have identified common-sense principles that should guide the use of solitary confinement in our criminal justice system.

This is Microsoft’s iPhone keyboard

Microsoft is  bringing its Windows Phone keyboard to iOS . The software giant is currently testing an early version of the keyboard internally, and will make it available to public testers soon. Sources familiar with Microsoft's plans have revealed to The Verge that the iOS keyboard includes a special one-handed mode.

Monument Valley's stunning soundtrack is getting an elaborate vinyl release

Monument Valley , the  gorgeous M.C. Escher-inspired mobile puzzle game , has a haunting and ethereal soundtrack, and now the game's music is getting a physical release as a double LP. Musicians Stafford Bawler, Obfusc, and Grigori composed tracks for the 32-song, two-part collection, the second half of which will be available for the first time as part of the limited pressing. The vinyl, which comes with a digital code for the soundtrack, is available through with preorders starting tomorrow and a ship date set for some time this spring.

Apple says it now has 1 billion ‘active’ devices

So while analysts and pundits are clamoring over the company’s future and the declining sales of the iPhone, Apple wants to put things into perspective and show that its ecosystem of products are still being used.

Artificial intelligence luminary Marvin Minsky has died at 88

In 1959, he and John McCarthy — the person who created the LISP programming language and coined the term “artificial intelligence” — founded the MIT Artificial Intelligence Project. Minsky served as co-director of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory from 1959 to 1974. In 2003, the AI Lab and MIT’s Laboratory for Computer Science came together to form today’s CSAIL. CSAIL has had many spinoffs , including Boston Dynamics, Meka Robotics (both acquired by Google in 2013), Akamai, and Dropbox. In addition to his work in the AI Lab, Minsky was also part of the MIT Media Lab.

7 Live blog: Apple earnings

Live blog: Apple earnings USA TODAY updates numbers, conference call discussion with live blog Check out this story on

Apple reports a quarterly profit of $18.4 billion, the largest in history

As usual, iPhone sales were by far the largest revenue driver at Apple. New products like the Apple Watch and new Apple TV may have sold well, but it's difficult to tell how well, because the financial results from those products are still lumped into "other products," an ever-expanding black hole which is simultaneously the most interesting part of Apple's earnings and the most difficult to tease apart for detail.

Apple plans to offer subscription content through News app

Subscriber-only publications that work with Apple News now can either share their articles for free or just share excerpts of articles and direct readers to log on to their own websites for more. For example The Wall Street Journal, which has a paywall for most of its content, posts a handful of articles a day to Apple News.

An exec who just bailed on Twitter is heading to Facebook to lead product for Instagram

An exec who just bailed on Twitter is heading to Facebook to lead product for Instagram

Google experiments with showing content from U.S. presidential candidates directly in search results

Google today gave a teaser of what it has in store for the final Republican debate ahead of the 2016 U.S> presidential primaries, which will air on Fox News Channel at 6 p.m. Pacific on Thursday, January 28.

Mozilla demotes Firefox OS as push notifications appear in Firefox 44 | ZDNet

At the same time, Mozilla released Firefox 44 overnight, with the newest addition being support for H.264 videos. A system decoder for the codec is available, turning on WebM/VP9 codec support for systems that do not support H.264, supporting brotli compression, and allowing Web Push notifications.

AI Benchmark Will ask Computers to Make Sense of the World | MIT Technology Review

A few years ago, a breakthrough in machine learning suddenly enabled computers to recognize objects shown in photographs with unprecedented—almost spooky—accuracy. The question now is whether machines can make another leap, by learning to make sense of what’s actually going on in such images.

14 Social Media Marketing Tools Recommended by the Pros : Social Media Examiner

These tools are a treasure! Social media marketing can take up so much of your time and if you don’t invest in the right marketing or automation tools, you might end up not getting any results.

Apple plans to offer subscription content through News app

Subscriber-only publications that work with Apple News now can either share their articles for free or just share excerpts of articles and direct readers to log on to their own websites for more. For example The Wall Street Journal, which has a paywall for most of its content, posts a handful of articles a day to Apple News.

Microsoft's 'News Pro' app for iOS leverages Bing news and social media to create your feed

As the name suggests, this app seems to be focussed on professionals who need to know everything about an industry or area of focus quickly. I can’t say News Pro can or should replace your existing reader, but it seems to do a good job of hyping a few points of interest really well.

Chrome gets a security panel to help developers deploy HTTPS

HTTPS is a more secure version of the HTTP protocol used on the Internet to connect users to websites. Secure connections are widely considered a necessary measure to decrease the risk of users being vulnerable to content injection (which can result in eavesdropping, man-in-the-middle attacks, and other data modification). In August 2014, Google’s search algorithm started prioritizing encrypted sites in search results with a slight ranking boost, and in December 2015, Google started indexing HTTPS pages by default .

Apple doesn't think it will sell as many products in the future

Other significant Apple product lines didn't fare much better: the company sold just 16.1 million iPads in the holiday quarter, own from 21.4 million a year earlier. Even the introduction of the larger iPad Pro could not stop the tablet's decline. Sales of the Apple Watch may be growing, but Apple continues to refuse to disclose hard numbers on the smartwatch.

Uber offering toys to drunk passengers is insulting

That’s just it. Uber is branding all of its passengers who consume alcohol as being childlike and easily amused with this experiment. By making the toy available on all bar runs or for anyone who appears to have had a drink, the company is also inadvertently saying these people pose a threat to its drivers. Which is not the case.

Microsoft: The NFL's Surface tablets haven't broken once — not even when Johnny Manziel beat his head on one

Microsoft: The NFL's Surface tablets haven't broken once — not even when Johnny Manziel beat his head on one

Facebook's price-earnings ratio near record low ahead of fourth-quarter report

Facebook's PE hit a record low of 31 in 2012 following the company's botched public listing, which left its stock below its initial public offering price for more than a year. In the past year, Facebook's stock has gained 25 percent and it was flat on Tuesday.

Sales growth of all three major Apple products is dead in the water

Apple doesn't break out numbers for the Apple Watch or Apple TV, so we don't know how unit sales of those product fared. (It's worth noting though, that Apple lumps both the Watch and the Apple TV, along with other products, in the "Other" category, which saw revenue increase 62% year-over-year in the December quarter).

Apple had a record first quarter, but iPhone sales fell flat

Apple still turned a record profit for Q1 2016, though, so its fortunes don’t hinge on the iPhone; it’s just the cash cow, which some alarmists may scream is now running dry. The company brought in $18 billion in profit.

Man spends 48 hours in VR, survives existential crisis

Since the early days of the Oculus Rift DK1, one of the biggest drives for commercial VR ventures has been in making VR a nausea-free experience. Just a few years later, with improved frame rates, better lenses, and many other clever visual tricks, it looks like we’re getting much closer to that ideal. A recent demonstration of these advances was provided by Thorsten Wiedemann, founder of the “A Maze” festival, who spent 48 hours inside an HTC Vive.

Oregon standoff militia leader Ammon Bundy arrested, one militia member killed in shootout

Oregon standoff militia leader Ammon Bundy was arrested alongside several others militia members following a traffic stop on Tuesday night and one militia member was killed in an ensuing shootout with law enforcement.

Google files patent for drone 'delivery receptacle'

Alphabet and Inc are among a growing number of companies that are trying to make package delivery by drones a reality. But drone deliveries are not expected to take flight until after the Federal Aviation Administration publishes final rules for commercial drone operations, expected this year.



Apple doesn't think it will sell as many products in the future

Other significant Apple product lines didn't fare much better: the company sold just 16.1 million iPads in the holiday quarter, own from 21.4 million a year earlier. Even the introduction of the larger iPad Pro could not stop the tablet's decline. Sales of the Apple Watch may be growing, but Apple continues to refuse to disclose hard numbers on the smartwatch.

VMware Confirms Layoffs In Earnings Statement As It Prepares For Dell Acquisition

VMware stockholders have taken a dim view of VMware’s role in that acquisition since day one. Consider that on October 7th just five days before the Dell deal was announced, VMware was rolling along with a share price of $82.09. By October 21 the price had plunged to $55.42, and even though it stabilized a bit after that, it still continued to drop. The price as of close today was below $50 at $49.30.

Far Cry Primal: Can something old bring something new to the formula? (hands-on)

It was clear that I was playing a Far Cry game, with all the hallmarks from the start. But despite going into my gaming session feeling like I might be experiencing a little Far Cry fatigue, I genuinely enjoyed the game. Four hours isn't a lot of time when we're talking about an open world like Primal, but the clever setting and the new gameplay elements have me very interested to see what the full title will be like when it launches on February 23 for PlayStation 4 , Xbox One and PC.

CIA document from the 60s details how to take better photos of UFOs

As we all learned from X-Files, the truth is out there. Or, in this case it might be hidden somewhere in 130,000 formerly classified documents from the US Air Force’s (USAF) UFO investigations between 1947 and 1969.

Dear Angelica is Oculus' third virtual reality film, and it's being made in VR

After putting on the Oculus Rift, all I can see is one word: "Hello." From the front, it looks like ordinary cursive. But using the Rift's tracking camera, I can walk to the side and see the letters collapse into a tangle of meaningless black loops. A few moments later, the world's white background begins to fill with three-dimensional illustrations. They fade in line by line, a cloud-streaked sky being navigated by a sleek flying dragon, carrying two small figures on its back. It's like a painting that floats in mid-air.

Clever stuff: This deck of cards is actually a music album

That might sound like a lot of work compared with clicking ‘play’ and listening to the whole album in an app, but music used to be a lot more about ceremony – placing a needle in a groove, taking it off at the end of side one, flipping the disc and repeating. Far from a chore, it was about devoting time and attention to the music.

Forget iPhone sales, Apple isn't sharing its most interesting sales numbers

Yes, revenues have gone up in the three quarters since the Apple Watch was introduced. Other Products  brought in $4.3 billion in revenue compared to $1.6 billion in the first quarter the Apple Watch went on sale. That is easily the best yearly growth rate for any category of Apple products. But it’s unclear how much responsibility the Apple Watch has for that growth. Apple says this quarter garnered record Apple Watch sales, but it said the same about the Apple TV. Is the Apple Watch growing at a dramatic clip or barely setting sales records? Is the Apple TV and Beats products bringing in the lion's share of revenue? With the Apple Watch, does Apple have another product with growth potential like the iPhone or iPad, or is this another Apple TV, which will take a bit of time to be adopted by the market?

Pope Francis Met Apple's Tim Cook At The Vatican Last Week

Still, some have defended  the pope on the issue, saying he's at least shown a willingness to engage in dialogue with LGBT people. He met with a gay couple during his recent visit to the United States, and reportedly  met with a transgender man from Spain who felt marginalized by his local faith community.

The Big Picture: Singapore's artificial natural paradise

Singapore is one of the most densely-populated states on earth. It's also growing. Through reclamation its landmass has grown by an estimated 24 percent since 1960, with 5 percent (37 square kilometers or 14 square miles) added in the past 15 years alone. This artificial growth is fueled by materials from its own hills, the sea bed and imports from other countries. Along with creating new areas for residence, the reclamation has allowed Singapore to create large public spaces and entertainment complexes, including the Gardens by the Bay, a lush parkland created under the remit to turn Singapore from a "Garden City" into "A City in a Garden."

SoundCloud finally gets serious about music discovery with top charts

You could be forgiven for wondering what SoundCloud has been up to lately, as it’s been somewhat quiet. But, today, it’s finally rolled out top charts .

AMD wants to open up PC graphics chips

AMD isn't just depending on ever-faster chipsets to boost graphics performance -- it thinks coders can lend a hand, too. The company's new GPUOpen effort gives developers the kind of open source code and documentation they need to use low-level PC video card features, port apps and otherwise understand GPU aspects that are normally kept hush-hush (outside of game consoles, at least). If everything goes smoothly, you'll see games that look nicer on current hardware, and general computing tasks that lean more on GPUs to crunch numbers.

Microsoft just launched an iOS news app for some reason

While most news app try to simplify the process of choosing which news to follow, News Pro gives you extensive options. In its Explore tab, you can choose from a large list of industries, companies, skills and products to follow. There's also a "Pilot" mode that lists some recommended topics to follow. I was both impressed and overwhelmed with News Pro's customization capabilities. I'm sure some users would love tweaking how, exactly, their news appears. Personally, the list of options made my eyes glaze over.

Apple misses estimates with 74.8 million iPhones shipped last quarter

Apple's iPhone unit shipments barely delivered growth in the December quarter, coming in at 74.78 million units, up from 74.5 million units in the same period last year. But at least it wasn't a decline.

Still use Peach? Well, now it's on your browser

Are you still using the flash-in-the-pan minimalist social network Peach ? Well, good for you! I think it’s safe to say you’ve outlasted most. But if you’re an early adopter who likes to see things grow, then you’ll be happy to know that the platform has an unofficial, (very) minimal browser version for your desktop enjoyment.

The iPhone Is Starting To Struggle

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc <AAPL.O> reported lower-than-expected iPhone sales in the latest quarter, its slowest-ever growth in shipments, and forecast sales below Wall Street's estimates for the current quarter as the company began to feel the effects of economic softness in the critical Chinese market.

Apple CEO Tim Cook: It's time to invest 'confidently'

"Obviously from a cost point of view the downside of some economic stress is that some asset prices get cheaper, commodity prices get cheaper, and that sort of thing. So I think this is exactly the period that you want to invest and do so confidently," Cook said.

Google helps you hear directly from presidential candidates

Trying to understand presidential candidates' positions through debates can be an exercise in frustration. You might get a sense of where they stand on the issues... or might watch helplessly as their voices are drowned out by boisterous rivals. Google thinks it has a better way to keep tabs on politicans. It's testing a feature that lets candidates share their views, photos and videos in real-time while you're searching for a debate. If a would-be leader has smart ideas, you'll know even when they don't get a chance to speak up on TV. The feature will first be available during Fox News' debate on January 28th (at 7PM Eastern), but it's easy to see this becoming a mainstay for future events.

Neil deGrasse-Tyson blesses a flat-earth rap diss

It's reusing the naming and beat from Drake's diss towards Meek Mill, although I don't think the quality of the bars is high enough to inspire any videogame spinoffs. You can listen to both tracks here, and while the battle was kind of over before it started (since the Earth isn't flat, which you can prove with a basic application of math and/or physics), it's no surprise that SoundCloud thinks its the real winner.

Juniper Networks buying cloud provider BTI Systems | ZDNet

Juniper's general manager for innovation hinted at which markets the networking provider plans to target with its new assets.

9 successful entrepreneurs share their best career advice

ShutterstockSurprisingly, "drink a lot of coffee," didn't make the cut When Chris LoPresti decided that he wanted to launch a startup, the first thing he did was reach out to a bunch of other Yale alumni entrepreneurs for advice.

HERE COMES THE BIG ONE: Apple to report its most important earnings in a long while

Analysts across the board are saying that Apple's iPhone business is going to be negative for the first time in history during the first three months of this year.

'Birth of a Nation' shatters Sundance record with $17.5 million sale

In an old fashioned post-screening bidding war that went late into the night, The Birth of a Nation , Parker's willed-into-existence epic about the 1831 slave rebellion in Virginia led by Nat Turner, is being sold to Fox Searchlight for $17.5 million — making it the richest movie deal the festival has ever seen.

Why You Need A Boss, Even If You Hate Her

Wouldn't it be great to have the stability of a corporate job without having the annoyance of a boss? Not so fast. You may dislike your boss, but you probably need her more than you know.

51 Uber’s using gyrometer and accelerometer data from smartphones to verify user feedback
52 Google cuts Nexus 5X and 6P prices by $50 for Valentine's Day promotion
53 The complete guide to Twitch streaming from your PC with Open Broadcaster Software
54 Legendary 'Godfather' and 'Barney Miller' actor Abe Vigoda dead at 94
55 How Going To Space Changed This Astronaut's Outlook On Life
56 How one illustrator forced Oculus Story Studio to redraw VR
57 China’s Oppo Sold 50M Smartphones In 2015
58 Facebook's price-earnings ratio near record low ahead of fourth-quarter report
59 Death Star map coming to 'Star Wars: Battlefront' this fall
60 Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break Rated for PC in Brazil - IGN
61 GoPro integrates with Periscope to live stream videos of your crazy stunts
62 New Takata airbag inflator recall covers some 5 million vehicles - Roadshow
63 Abe Vigoda is really dead, and the Internet just lost its favorite living celebrity
64 Microsoft launches technical preview of Azure Stack as a hybrid cloud play - TechRepublic
65 Apple sells 74.8M iPhones, rakes in $75.9B in revenue in company's biggest quarter ever
66 Google reveals what people really think about every state
67 Oprah loses 26 pounds on Weight Watchers, stock market goes wild
68 Things might get worse. — while west
69 'Destiny' player matching focuses more on good connections
70 Have we reached peak iPhone? It’s complicated
71 Google Glass goes dark on its social media accounts
72 Everything that's coming in the next big Apple TV update
73 Apple will reportedly allow paywalled articles in Apple News
74 Apple Forecasts First Sales Drop Since 2003 on iPhone Slowdown
75 On Today's Stream - Trying Not to Get Lost in Darkest Dungeon - IGN
76 12 epic Ellen DeGeneres pranks that will turn your bad day around
77 Apple has more than 1 billion devices online — something it's never revealed before
78 Apple has another record quarter, but iPhone sales growth slows to a halt
79 Ending Remote Control Clutter: The Hunt for the Perfect Universal Remote
80 YouTube’s New Donation Cards Help Video Creators Raise Money For Charities
81 Podcast app finally comes to the new Apple TV
82 Liveblog: Apple’s Q1 2016 earnings call happens at 5pm ET today
83 "No Cost" License Plate Readers Are Turning Texas Police into Mobile Debt Collectors and Data Miners
84 Daily Deals: Halo 5, Fallout 4, Super Cheap Memory and SSDs - IGN
85 Twitter confirms former Amex exec Leslie Berland as its new CMO
86 The world's most valuable private company hasn't had a CFO for almost a year now
87 Con Edison's poor website security puts customer passwords at risk | ZDNet
88 HTC's next flagship smartphone will look a lot like the iPhone