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Kim Kardashian stretches for humor in T-Mobile's Super Bowl ad - CNET

Technically Incorrect: Debuting her ad on last night's "Conan," the "famous person" decides to show her funny side. Did she succeed?

Moses Brown - School Is Closed

Just in time for Blizzard 2015, Head of School Matt Glendinning has a special snow day message for you.

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How To Turn Your Personality Into Your Career Advantage

Unless you’re a second-generation dictator, genius inventor, or extraordinary entrepreneur, odds are your potential to get ahead in your career is going to depend on your capacity for getting along with your bosses, colleagues, and clients. And that requires understanding and managing your personality—coming to terms with it and being in control of it so it doesn’t end up controlling you.

Apple Q1: Apple Watch ships in April; IBM deal to pay off for iPad | ZDNet

He also added that he thinks the iPad, which continues to decline year-over-year (but this fiscal quarter beat analyst expectations) will pick up in the wake of the Apple-IBM deal. He added that he was "very optimistic" on iPad over the long-run, particularly for first-time buyer rates. He said even in developed markets, like the U.S., U.K., and Japan, around 50 percent are buying an iPad for the first time.

IGN on Twitter

Apple sells 74.5 million iPhones, posts record revenue.

Apple's blowout holiday earnings will set new company record

I can say one thing and that is by looking at today’s Apple share price movement, you’d never know Apple might break any sorts of earnings records. It really appears that if even blowout earnings are announced the stock will likely drop a bit. Apple stock performs nothing like Amazon or Netflix where just a hint of a beat pushes the stock up 10%. Netflix must have gained about 25% over a three day period which is just plain crazy. $68 billion for a quarter is no small amount and yet Wall Street treats Apple like a third-rate company. I find it quite confusing what Wall Street considers as value for a company.

The White House Drone Crash Was Apparently Caused By An Intelligence Staffer Who Was Drinking

"I've actually asked the FAA and a number of agencies to examine how we are managing this new technology. Because the drone that landed at the White House you buy in Radio Shack. You know that there are companies like Amazon that are talking about using small drones to deliver packages," Obama told CNN's Fareed Zakaria in India. " We don't really have any regulatory structure at all for it."

Oculus is now making its own virtual reality movies

The fact that the company behind the Rift is putting out its own VR movie certainly has the potential to lead new creators in a certain direction, but Unseld stresses that his team doesn’t believe that there’s one true VR movie experience to rule them all. "Often when I talk to people about VR storytelling it takes a while for everyone to understand there’s lots of parallel tracks," he says. "There’s things that can be more interactive, things that are less interactive. There’s things that are more exploratory, there’s things that are more linear." VR cinema is a medium, he says, not a single type of experience.

The Perils Of Time Tracking

"A better strategy would be [returning] to the core principles of good time management," Stack adds. "Block out time on your calendar for the non-negotiable things. [Or] have an organized, prioritized task list." Stack does note there are cardinal exceptions: Time-tracking apps can be a panacea for payroll professionals, or those who charge clients on an hourly basis.

Here’s why new competitors can’t do what Hotel Tonight does

But the latest bonus rate and rate drop features aren’t going to be quite as easy for the travel giants to rip off. For them to work, they require up-to-the-minute information on a person’s location, down to specific mileage. As a result, customers have to be accustomed to checking hotel rates and booking rooms from their phone, a concept that HotelTonight’s clientele is obviously on board with, but Expedia’s legacy user base, maybe not so much.

The Flash: The Pied Piper is Coming and He's Out for Blood - IGN

As we've seen from the marketing materials, Hartley Rathaway is out for vengeance, but more than that, he poses a threat to the team as a solid unit. He knows things about their collective and individual pasts - as well as their present - that could rock the foundation that they've build. That's all we'll say for now, but we'll have plenty more from Kreisberg on what you can expect from The Flash moving forward.

New Malware Can Bring Down Drones Mid-Flight

Imagine if a Maldrone-infected aircraft was flying over a crowded even and suddenly the engines cut out, sending the drone straight on top of someone's head. In the future, software like Maldrone could target delivery drones, rerouting expensive goods from their appropriate destination to a hacker-thief's lair. And even Sasi admits that Maldrone would make remote surveillance pretty straightforward.

New App Makes The Dress-Me Game From "Clueless" Real

Developed by fashion analytics company Stylistics , the free smartphone app feeds you daily outfit suggestions from a virtual catalog of every item in your closet, style inspirations from 135 top fashion bloggers, and access to a personal stylist for an additional $25 a month. You can sync your outfits with your Google Calendar, keeping tabs on exactly what you wore on a given day, to ensure you don’t commit the fatal faux-pas of wearing something too often. If you’re obsessively fashion-conscious, or your daily dressing routine consists of throwing the contents of your closet around the room and declaring you have "nothing to wear," the app turns choosing outfits into a systematized, fun little game.

Watch the first teaser trailer for The Fantastic Four

The first teaser trailer for Chronicle director Josh Trank's take on The Fantastic Four is finally out, and it looks amazing. Here we see the cast show off their new powers, and it already looks significantly better than Fox's first outing with the property a decade ago.

Canalys: Apple shipped the most smartphones in China during Q4 2014

For the first time, Apple has beaten local smartphones vendors in China. During Q4 2014, the company’s iPhone line nabbed first place by units shipped in the Chinese smartphone market.

This Guy Found a Way to Block Robocalls When Phone Companies Wouldn't | WIRED

The year was 2013. Using a little telephone hackery, Foss found a way of blocking spammers while still allowing the emergency alert service and other legitimate entities to call in bulk. Basically, he re-routed all calls through a service that would check them against a whitelist of legitimate operations and a blacklist of spammers, and this little trick was so effective, he soon parlayed it into a modest business.

The Euro is Like Hotel California For Greece’s Varoufakis

“The problem with the bailout is that it wasn’t really a bailout,” Varoufakis, 53, said in a Bloomberg Television interview on Jan 26. “It was an extend and pretend, it was a vicious cycle, a debt-deflationary trap, which not only destroyed our social economy but also showed that the cost of our so-called bailout for the average German, the average Italian, the average Slovak was maximized.”


MSNBC, NBC and CNBC aren't going to report on fake ghostwritten letters by Comcast. #UniteBlue

Apple Beats In Q1 2015 With $74.6B Revenue, $18B Profit And $3.06 EPS

Fortune’s consensus among analysts was for Apple to report earnings of $2.68 per share on $68.71 billion in revenue, with both revenue and EPS exploding more than 19.3 percent and 29.3 percent respectively — this is an insane growth prediction. In particular, analysts expected iPhone sales to drive the company’s performance. But these expectations were nowhere near today’s crazy quarterly earnings.

TC GameCast Episode 5: Oculus Rift And Picking A Game Console

Based on that bit of news, we spent quite of bit of time speculating about the content we’ll be able to access on the consumer model for the first few years. Based on the demos we’ve been given by Oculus, it seems that most content on the Rift will be like Wii Sports back in 2006: interesting enough to get people to buy into the concept, but perhaps not the fleshed-out gaming experience we’re hoping for in the long run.

The Verge on Twitter

@verge haha, white drone in the white house, he obviously can't see the object, not because he was drunk.

Coming Together to Advance Cloud Services Delivery

At Structure 2014 we announced SoftLayer, an IBM company and one of the world’s leading IaaS providers, as one of the newest members of the program.  Our collaboration is aimed to expedite cloud service delivery by providing customers the knowledge of underlying Intel platform characteristics running their services to provide insight of the workload performance, along with the ability to access a consistent HW infrastructure for recreating predictable workload performance at any of their datacenters around the world in minutes.

Watch the first ever video of a laser beam moving through thin air

"This is the first time we’ve looked at light just passing by," lead researcher  Genevieve Gariepy tells The Verge . "Usually you have to see light reflecting off things." In the case of lasers, observing the light is even more difficult as the photons are all moving in the same direction in a tightly focused beam. You only see the light from a laser when it bounces off an object or when something like smoke or gas is blown over it, giving the photons more particles to collide with. Gariepy explains that slightly smeared look of the laser in the video — a little like watching the aurora borealis in slow motion — shows just how precise the camera is. "The pulse has a shape: it’s not just a rectangle moving through the air."

Yahoo stock rises as it turns Alibaba investment into separate company

On the earnings call, CEO Marissa Mayer emphasized the split between Yahoo’s core business and its new mobile, video, native, and social efforts which she deemed “MaVeNS.” She went so far as to insult Yahoo’s previously mobile efforts, prior to her arrival, calling it a “confused, web-based mobile strategy” compared to the company’s current “beautiful, native strategy.”

Facebook takes blame for service outages, which hit wider Web

"If you run a service with the capacity (and complexity) to deliver media for hundreds of millions of users, it's inevitable that things don't always go according to plan," said Steve Santorelli, a former London police detective and now a researcher at U.S. threat intelligence firm Team Cymru.

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Apple Beats Expectations in Holiday Quarter, Setting iPhone Sales Record  via @DawnC331

Vectors of engagement in the click-free digital economy | ZDNet

Foremski's Take: The future beyond the "click" will be a fascinatingly complex future and complexity rewards big players. In the above example, Facebook can show the vectors of engagement that led to a purchase. And there's related vectors of engagement (VOEs) such as recommending to a friend after watching an ad, or video.

With $2.1M In Funding, GrubMarket Connects Consumers With Local Farms And Food Producers

GrubMarket hopes to take advantage of a couple of larger trends that are happening among consumers. First, a growing number of consumers have become more conscious of where their food comes from, and are trying to support local producers. The second big trend is consumer laziness, and a general desire to have all things delivered to them.

Yahoo Reports Mixed Q4 With Mobile Revenue Of $254M, Total Top Line Of $1.18B

Today Yahoo reported its fourth-quarter financial performance, including revenue excluding the cost of acquiring traffic of $1.179 billion, and non-GAAP earnings per share of $0.30. The market had expected the company to report $1.19 billion in revenue, and non-GAAP earnings of $0.29 per share.

VMware fourth quarter revenue rises 15 percent

Total revenue rose 14.8 percent to $1.70 billion in the fourth quarter ended Dec. 31, narrowly beating the average analyst estimate $1.69 billion as income from both licenses and services rose.

Ship Your Enemies Glitter Was Just One Big Viral Marketing Stunt

"It really reinforced to me how little fact checking and verification goes into a story. For example, many outlets reported I was a student at a local University which isn’t true and I have no idea how they came to that conclusion," he says.

The App Economy Is Now 'Bigger Than Hollywood'

To me, that the American app industry may eclipse the American film industry is more interesting for what it means culturally. There’s a growing sense that the products of the sector we usually call “tech” are attaining cultural primacy—the web is the new TV.

Destiny dev: DLC mistakes won't be repeated

Destiny designer Luke Smith recently addressed concerns over Bungie's future updates for the game. Namely, Smith said "the mistakes [Bungie] made with the DLC1 reward economy will not be repeated," in a NeoGAF thread, admitting the developer's previous attempts at expanding the first-person shooter with add-on content resulted in a few problems for players. Smith claims the developer will avoid mistakes such as "vendor gear invalidating the effort of [Vault of Glass] Raiders" and exotic gear upgrades resulting in a talent reset. "Our philosophy about rewards/loot continue to evolve as we see how players play and react," Smith wrote. He noted that item drop rates appear to be "much improved" in the Crota's End DLC compared to Vault of Glass, and that Bungie plans to "improve acquisition stories and frequency" as well as "lessen the grind and get players to the fun parts of their arsenal faster." It issued a hot fix for Destiny in December to boost the drop rates for the Crota's End raid mission. [Image: Activision] Destiny (The Dark Below)

Sony accepting claims on 2011 PSN data breach settlement

If you were a PSN, Qriocity or Sony Online Entertainment user at the time of the April 2011 Sony hack that disrupted the PlayStation Network for nearly a month and compromised 70 million user accounts, now's your chance to get a piece of the class action settlement levied against Sony last year. To qualify, you must have held a PSN, Qriocity or Sony Online Entertainment account on or before May 14, 2011. Each service is eligible to receive different claims, but PSN users are able to receive either one or two games - if you already received a free game in Sony's 2011 "Welcome Back" promotion, you're only eligible for one; if not, you're eligible to choose two - from a list that includes standouts like LittleBigPlanet and God of War HD . Notably, none of the games on offer are for the PlayStation 4. If none of the games tickle your fancy, you can instead choose free dynamic themes for your PlayStation 3 or free PlayStation Plus subscription time. After wading through multiple pages of bureaucratic legalese, you'll find everything you need to make your claim at the PSN-SOE settlement website .

Apple reports record quarterly earnings boosted by sales of newest iPhones

A record 74.4m iPhones were sold in the three months to the end of 2014, the California-based company announced on Tuesday, comfortably beating analysts’ expectations as sales of its two newest models soared during the Christmas holidays and found new fans in China.

In Microsoft's mobile-first, cloud-first strategy, Windows takes a supporting role

Throughout Nadella’s tenure, there’s been an assumption that “Windows first” was the silent third phrase of the “cloud first, mobile first” mantra. That might still be true—Microsoft isn’t going to throw Windows overboard in any fashion. But by slashing license fees and making Windows 10 a free upgrade, Microsoft seems to be preparing for a world where its products are funded by services, rather than one-time purchases. Microsoft would much rather you pay them $100 or more per year for a suite of services that run best on Windows, rather than a few bucks in license fees every time you buy a new PC.

Facebook Tests Translation Scores, Asks Admins Create Ads

Facebook appears to be trying out some new features, including a ratings system for translations and prompts for page administrators to create ads.

The Verge on Twitter

“ @verge : Louis C.K. has just released a new $5 comedy special online ”

UK Regulator Sets Out Priorities For Growing The Internet Of Things

The U.K.’s telecoms regulator Ofcom has identified four areas it plans to prioritize in order to support the development of the Internet of Things, after taking input from various industry “stakeholders” last year.

Apple announces 1 billion iOS devices sold

Today during Apple’s Q1 earnings call with investors, CEO Tim Cook announced that the company sold its billionth iOS device back in November.

The ultimate guide to how and where to use Apple Pay

In order to use Apple Pay, you need to have a compatible device and the right version of iOS. For in-store purchases, Apple Pay is compatible with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which are the only iPhones equipped with the requisite NFC radio antennae. Besides NFC compatibility, the other piece of the hardware puzzle is a Touch ID sensor, but iPhone 5S owners are out of luck. For in-app purchases, Apple Pay works with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3—again, thanks to the Touch ID sensor.

Google Fiber coming to southeastern U.S.

Google Fiber coming to southeastern USA Tech giant bringing high-speed Internet to Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh-Durham, N.C. Check out this story on

Six million years of evolution have brought us to the Super Gorone Desk

In an age of belfie sticks and USB cufflinks, it should be no surprise that humanity would give birth to the Super Gorone Desk - a portable surface that can be contorted into many shapes, most notably a bed desk.

Gizmodo on Twitter

+1 “ @Gizmodo : Apple Pay is coming to thousands of vending machines, parking meters, and more ”

Here’s What You Need To Know From Microsoft’s $26B Quarter

Summing all the above, the company’s cloud push is still putting points on the board, as are its hardware projects. So the “devices and services” bit is still in play. But with limited growth projected, a seasonal downturn in device sales likely in the current quarter, and falling “transactional” Office revenues which are better offset in the long-term by recurring SaaS Office fees, Microsoft will have to bust hump to meet street expectations for the next few quarters.

Dating App Sees Record Numbers During Snowstorm

Used in 29 cities nationwide, Hinge is a mobile dating app that introduces people to friends of friends through Facebook. The app curates daily potential matches based on interactions with past Hinge connections. According to figures provided by the company, 99 percent of users are college-educated, and their most popular industries include banking, consulting, media and fashion.

Gearbox seeks help crafting the next Borderlands entry

Given the massive success of Borderlands 2 and the lesser but still significant success of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel , it comes as little surprise that Gearbox is planning another entry in the over-the-top post-apocalyptic shooter franchise. "We are recruiting for next Borderlands. This is the big one," Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford recently tweeted , before offering his business email address to anyone who could be described as an "industry badass." Pitchford outlines no other qualifications, as the studio is seeking myriad people, from writers to art designers to engine programmers. Beyond the help-wanted ad, neither Pitchford nor Gearbox has offered any further information on the next Borderlands game. It will probably feature some iteration of robotic irritant Claptrap and vibrant, color-coded weaponry, but otherwise we're in the dark. [Image: Randy Pitchford/Gearbox]

Highly critical “Ghost” allowing code execution affects most Linux systems

The bug affects virtually all Linux-based software that performs domain name resolution. As result, it most likely can be exploited not only against servers but also client applications. Word of the vulnerability appears to have caught developers of the Ubuntu, Debian, and Red Hat distributions of Linux off guard. At the time this post was being prepared they appeared to be aware of the bug but had not yet distributed a ready-made fix. People who administer Linux systems should closely monitor official channels for information about how specific distributions are affected and whether a patch is available. Admins should also prepare for the inevitable reboots that will be required after installing the patch.

PCMag on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Drop Secret Photos Right in Your Facebook Feed with Wickr

Wickr uses steganography (the act of hiding a message in plain sight) to share secret photos on Facebook. Instead of seeing the image you’re sharing with select individuals, everyone will see a cute kitten photo. People you want to see the secret image can click on the kitty and the Wickr app will launch to reveal it.

Six ways in which Andrew Keen is wrong about the internet

I think the reporter is right about Keen’s overblown relentlessly negative criticisms of the Internet. But his argument would have been much stronger had he not countered Keen’s arguments with his own attempt to throw back everything and the kitchen sink in an unsubstantiated piece. For example, the claim that we are Google’s product is well understood at this point, whether Keen says it or not, but the reporter seems to need to chalk up another one against Keen by rationalizing the opposite. Traditional media, developed over a century, operates much like a flower. It offers to the user something real – e.g., a NatGeo documentary on the latest findings of dogs and humans… with commercials; a 60 Minutes report on the drought… with commercials; an NFL Football game… with commercials. You get something, the media maker gets something. It’s a win-win situation. Content on the Internet (unless stolen from traditional media makers) rarely offers a win-win. This article, for example, is just an opinion piece written at one sitting masked as news.

Galvanize’s New Nonprofit Foundation Will Give Out Scholarships For Code Schools

At that amount, the foundation can start looking beyond covering (or partially covering) tuition and start addressing the cost of living for those who would like to participate in code schools. That’s key to opening up such programs to those with lower incomes: their current addressable market only allows for people who can not only afford the classes, but also take several months off from work. Helping to cover things like food and rent with scholarships opens the door for thousands of more people to be able to even consider picking up coding via one of the many code boot camps now available.

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