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Monster Hunter World review: king of beasts

Monster Hunter World is a glorious, long overdue overhaul of one of my favorite video game series of all time. It preserves almost everything that makes its unique blend of skill-based combat and...

Japanese swordsman absolutely destroys a few unlucky snowmen

Every snowman must go.

Samantha Bee says Trump aide Stephen Miller is a result of '10,000 spiders who really made a commitment'

We need to talk about Stephen.

Nintendo's Miitomo Social Network Is Shutting Down

Miitomo users have until May 9 to enjoy Nintendo's mobile social network.

The XFL is coming back because time is a flat circle

Get ready for some mediocre football!

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Robinhood adds zero-fee cryptocurrency trading and tracking – TechCrunch | Hacker News

> “We’re planning to operate this business on a break-even basis and we don’t plan to profit from it for the foreseeable future” says Robinhood co-founder Vlad Tenev. Is that another way of saying we'll charge fees once we've lured enough people away from Coinbase? reply

Apple, playing catch-up, bumps its self-driving fleet up to 27 cars

Apple kept mum in recent months as  Waymo , General Motors, Ford , and Lyft continued to make announcements about their self-driving car projects. But Apple has been at work all the while, quietly growing its Bay Area test fleet to 27 autonomous vehicles , according to Bloomberg . After registering  three cars under the California Department of Motor Vehicles program for testing autonomous cars in April 2017, Apple has since sought permitting for an additional 24 cars.

Benchmark’s suit against Travis Kalanick is now over

A judge on Thursday permanently dismissed the venture firm’s case against the former Uber CEO following Benchmark’s agreement to dismiss the suit. That ends a messy legal entanglement that was a leading part of Benchmark’s attempt over the last six months to marginalize Kalanick. It was Benchmark that led his ouster from the CEO chair at Uber.

Startup Robinhood to launch commission-free cryptocurrency trading

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Online brokerage startup Robinhood plans to launch commission-free cryptocurrency trading, the company said on Thursday, riding a wave of interest from retail investors for the new asset class.

CNN parts ways with YouTube star Casey Neistat

But that lofty vision never materialized. And on Thursday, Neistat confirmed that he and Beme co-founder Matt Hackett are leaving CNN. Matt Dornic, a spokesman for CNN, said that Beme "will no longer be a standalone business," although the "brand and products will live on at CNN."

Captain Marvel Set Photo Reveals Brie Larson in Green Costume - IGN

As revealed at Page Six and in various tweets, Larson's Carol Danvers is wearing a green, black and silver spacesuit. In the Marvel Comics, Captain Marvel's suit has been red, blue-black, and gold. There is, however, precedent to Carol wearing a green costume in the comics.

Tech Firms Let Russia Probe Software Widely Used by US Government - Slashdot

The practice potentially jeopardizes the security of computer networks in at least a dozen federal agencies, U.S. lawmakers and security experts said. It involves more companies and a broader swath of the government than previously reported. In order to sell in the Russian market, the tech companies let a Russian defense agency scour the inner workings, or source code, of some of their products. Russian authorities say the reviews are necessary to detect flaws that could be exploited by hackers. But those same products protect some of the most sensitive areas of the U.S government, including the Pentagon, NASA, the State Department, the FBI and the intelligence community, against hacking by sophisticated cyber adversaries like Russia.

10 companies that are spearheading digital transformation in their industry

While this list is by no means comprehensive, here are 10 companies across different industries that have seen positive results from early digital transformation efforts.

Microsoft releases new Windows 10 preview with font, privacy, Timeline, shell, and settings improvements

Microsoft today released a new Windows 10 preview for PCs with font, privacy, Timeline, shell, settings, Hyper-V, and access improvements. This build is part of the RS4 branch, which represents the next Windows 10 update the company has yet to announce (but we already know a little about ).

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Intel, Arm, Microsoft, Amazon and Google face grilling from US lawmakers over Spectre and Meltdown secrecy

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Apple's got another TV series on the way. This one is from the Damien Chazelle, the writer/director of La La Land and Whiplash. 

How and when to preorder HomePod: The official Apple Store app is your best bet on Friday

It's a mystery how high demand for Apple's HomePod will be, and it's also unknown how many units the company will produce for launch. Because of those unknowns, you'd better be ready come Friday —and early. Preorders start Friday in the U.S., U.K. and Australia Apple hasn't announced a specific time for HomePod preorders on Friday, Jan. 26, but if it follows in the path of anticipated product launches before it, sales will kick off at 12:01 a.m. Pacific, 3 a.m. Eastern. To be perfectly clear: That's just a guess! Don't blame us if you wake up at 3 a.m. and you can't buy it yet. Preorders will start in the U.S., the U.K., and Australia (though technically you'll be waiting until Saturday for Australian preorders). If you're in France and Germany, you'll be waiting until the spring. Still no word on a Canadian launch. Stick to the Apple Store app on your iPhone or iPad Apple will also make the HomePod available through select resellers, such as Best Buy in the U.S. But it's unclear if and when those resellers will begin taking preorders, or even how many units will be available on the launch day of Feb.

Despite YouTube and Amazon’s efforts, record numbers of teens are still eating Tide Pods

The AAPCC recorded 39 cases of teenagers intentionally eating the pods in the entirety of 2016, and 53 cases in 2017. That number continues to rise despite efforts from companies like YouTube and Amazon, which have taken steps to remove harmful Tide Pod content from their sites.

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Failed your New Year’s resolutions already? Time to try a habit-breaking app

Xiaomi overtakes Samsung in India

Xiaomi has been slowly increasing its shipment share and riding Samsung’s tail in India since its entry in 2015. And by Q3 2017, Xiaomi   boosted   its market share in India’s smartphone market to 23.5%, placing it on par with Samsung in the smartphone segment. Collectively, Xiaomi and Samsung account for 52% of India’s smartphone market. Overall smartphone shipments in India grew 6% to reach just under 30 million units in Q4 2017.

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Sonos offers 2 speakers for the price of a HomePod

In wake of #MeToo and #TimesUp, Casey Affleck decides not to present at the Oscars

“I believe that any kind of mistreatment of anyone for any reason is unacceptable and abhorrent," Affleck said, not referencing any specific situation. "And everyone deserves to be treated with respect in the workplace and anywhere else.”

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo makes net neutrality state policy with executive order

Net neutrality supporters have vowed to continue to fight for protections. Before the ink was even dry on the FCC's order to remove net neutrality regulation, lawmakers in states across the country vowed to use a mix of legislative action and legal moves to fight the FCC's repeal. Attorneys general from 22 states, including New York, filed a lawsuit last week to block the repeal. The executive orders signed by the governors in New York and Montana are another prong of this strategy. And they could end up having the most immediate effect in making sure that companies comply with the old rules, according to Travis LeBlanc, former head of enforcement at the FCC and a partner at the law firm Boies Schiller Flexner.

Reese Witherspoon appears to have 3 legs on the cover of 'Vanity Fair'

Let's direct our attention to the cover, on which everyone looks very nice. Also, Reese Witherspoon appears to have three legs: one standing straight up and two bent at the knee. Some people say the unbent leg is the back of her dress or a chair or whatever. I am not saying they're lying , but I simply do not see it. Reese definitely looks like she has three legs.

These Two Simple Exercises Can Help You Radically Rethink Your Career

Before you find the nearest wall to bang your head against, take a step back and turn the question inside out. Instead of, “What’s available to me?” ask yourself, “What type of work will make me happy?” It’s not as idealistic as it sounds. If you can come up with an answer–even a vague one–you may be able to reverse-engineer your way into a career change that you never would’ve considered possible.

We can guess how you vote based on the brands you like

A survey from Morning Consult published Thursday identified some of the most polarizing brands in America based on party affiliation. Brands that were once seen as studiously neutral have become explosively divisive. Even chain pizza, the last bipartisan cultural good in America, has found a way to step into the political ring.

The backlash against Judge Aqilina is a perfect example of sexist “tone policing”

But minutes after people cheered the righteous no-BS manner of Michigan Judge Rosemarie Aquilina, the backlash began. Many men (and some women) didn’t appreciate Judge Aqilina’s harsh words for Nassar. (Notably, Aqilina said “I just signed your death warrant” as she gave the sentence.)

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Robinhood’s fine print on free bitcoin trades is a real buzzkill

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Even Twitter is trying to be like camera-friendly Snapchat now

Currently in the Twitter app, getting to your camera is a two-step process. After opening the app, users have to click the compose button in the upper right hand corner, and then the camera button below the body of their nascent tweet. Then, of course, Tweeters have to decide to share what they've captured or written and actually send that Tweet out into the world.

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With this R2-D2, you won't have to go to Toshi Station to pick up some power converters

Top 5: Tips for getting the most out of Google Docs

Sometimes there's so much awesome collaboration you can't see the text anymore. If you want a clean version of the doc you're working on without comments or suggested edits, choose Tools then review suggested edits. You can preview as if you're accepting or rejecting the edits. This menu also has options to accept or reject all changes at once.

Meltdown and Spectre response hampered by 'exclusive club' secrecy | ZDNet

Open-source community leaders have slammed the 'absolute sh*t show' of an embargo process that left many key constituencies just days to develop complex software patches.

Reddit now offers two-factor authentication to all

Reddit has finally rolled out two-factor authentication (2FA) after months of testing with beta users, moderators, and third-party app developers. Reddit’s 2FA adds a second layer of security by prompting you to enter a 6-digit verification code generated by your phone after entering your password. The security tool works across desktop, mobile, and third-party apps, and requires an authenticator app like Google Authenticator, Authy, or any that supports the Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) protocol.

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The US intelligence community apparently wants someone to build them a brain

5 tips for providing better staff training and development opportunities

It can be tempting to offer a veritable buffet of coaching to staff, especially those who are new to your company or earlier in their careers. While your intentions are good, offering more than two or three development areas is almost as bad as offering no advice at all, and it creates stress and confusion in your staff as they try to develop in so many areas that they ultimately don't appreciably develop in any of them. Even if there are multiple development needs, try to identify the low hanging fruit first, and spend a month or two focused on that area with your staff. Once they show progress, move on to the next development area. Ideally, some intelligent sequencing can mitigate multiple issues.

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Off-the-shelf nuclear plants could soon help power electric cars

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Rian Johnson explains another major Last Jedi moment that didn't actually need explaining

10 new VM escape vulnerabilities discovered in VirtualBox

Support for the VirtualBox guest driver is also being integrated into the Linux kernel, as of version 4.16. Work on mainlining the shared folder driver is also underway, though this is not anticipated to be ready in time—it is expected to be added in the merge window for kernel 4.17. The next step for Red Hat's Hans de Goede is landing the "vboxsf" driver for VirtualBox guest shared folder support. The shared folder driver depends upon vboxguest and the patches for review are now on the mailing list, but likely will be too late for getting into Linux 4.16.

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A tiny singing dog might be the solution to your lousy commute

Google may have just revealed Android P's official name on its cryptic I/O conference website

Google may have just revealed Android P's official name on its cryptic I/O conference website

Here's what would happen to large countries if the internet shut down for 1 hour

"It was surprising to see just how immense China's losses would be compared to its peers; there's a gap of over $100 million between China in first place and the US in second place, which is indicative of the kind of money China's biggest e-commerce site, Alibaba, is generating," WBE's Alex English said in the report. "Though Amazon is fast establishing a monopoly on e-commerce in the western world, this research shows that an internet blackout in Asia could be far more costly."

Kotlin and Linear Programming Part I - Binary Programming

For scheduling problems however, pure linear programming is not enough. Shifts often are modeled as discrete “slots” which can be represented with whole numbers. For instance, I may have a 12-hour day and I need to assign workers for that day. I could arbitrarily decide a “slot” is 1 hour, which would result in 12 slots. I could make a slot 4 hours, which would result in 3 slots or “shifts”. My model then describes the problem as “Slot1, Slot2, Slot3”… and so on. This is known as integer, or “discrete” optimization.

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Lyft says it's investigating whether employees accessed customer records of their exes and Mark Zuckerberg

Senate committee moves toward releasing Trump-Russia interviews

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Republican chairman of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee said on Thursday he wanted to release the transcripts of interviews the committee has done about a meeting at Trump Tower central to investigations of Russia and the 2016 U.S. election.

Apple Prepares MacOS Users For Discontinuation of 32-Bit App Support - Slashdot

When users attempt to launch a 32-bit app in 10.13.4, it will still launch, but it will do so with a warning message notifying the user that the app will eventually not be compatible with the operating system unless it is updated. This follows the same approach that Apple took with iOS, which completed its sunset of 32-bit app support with iOS 11 last fall. Developers and users curious about how this will play out will be able to look at the similar process in iOS for context. On January 1 of this year, Apple stopped accepting 32-bit app submissions in the Mac App Store. This June, the company will also stop accepting updates for existing 32-bit applications. iOS followed a similar progression , with 32-bit app submissions ending in February of 2015 and acceptance of app updates for 32-bit apps ending in June of 2015.

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Oldest human fossil found outside of Africa

Walmart to launch online grocery delivery in Japan in deal with Rakute

NEW YORK/TOKYO (Reuters) - Walmart has struck a partnership with e-commerce firm Rakuten Inc to launch an online grocery delivery service in Japan, its latest effort to forge an alliance with a popular homegrown chain to crack a competitive market.

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

There’s already plenty of concern over the hold that big tech companies have on our data—trusting them with security could make businesses even more dependent on them. 

How to turn off battery throttling on your iPhone

Until iOS 11.3 is released as a public beta, trying this new feature is reserved for members of the development program. Those lucky enough to have access to iOS 11.3 can read on to learn how to disable battery throttling to restore device performance.


Similar to Uber's " God View" scandal , Lyft staffers have been abusing customer insight software to view the personal contact info and ride history of the startup's passengers . One source that formerly worked with Lyft tells TechCrunch that widespread access to the company's backend let staffers "see pretty much everything including feedback, and yes, pick up and drop off coordinates." When asked if staffers, ranging from core team members to customer service reps, abused this privilege, the source said "Hell yes. I definitely looked at my friends' rider history and looked at what drivers said about them. I never got in trouble." Another supposed employee anonymously reported on workplace app Blind that staffers had access to this private information and that the access was abused. Our source says that the data insights tool logs all usage, so staffers were warned by their peers to be careful when accessing it surreptitiously. For example, some thought that repeatedly searching for the same person might get noticed. But despite Lyft logging the access, enforcement was weak, so team members still abused it.

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

The technology behind floating 3-D laser images could eventually be used to create truly mind-blowing new kinds of 3-D displays:

Snap falls after report Twitter is the latest competitor to copy Snapchat (SNAP, TWTR)

Snap falls after report Twitter is the latest competitor to copy Snapchat (SNAP, TWTR)

51 Gizmodo on Twitter
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54 The Doomsday Clock is the gimmick we need to think about nuclear tensions
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56 How US companies can defend against cyberattacks from state actors
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58 Astronomers really hate that bright disco ball satellite secretly launched to space
59 15 things you need to throw the perfect game day party
60 San Jose mayor says he’s quitting FCC broadband committee because Big Telecom is running it
61 Microsoft starts selling a Surface Laptop with Windows 10 Pro pre-installed
62 Samsung's Galaxy S9 is almost here — here's everything we know about the phone so far
63 Google Chrome just fixed the worst thing about the internet
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66 6 months after being accused of sexual harassment, the former CEO of BetterWorks is launching a new company
67 The Legislative Fight Over Loot Boxes Expands To Washington State - Slashdot
68 Intel posts record $17.1 billion Q4 revenues, but security flaw fears linger
69 “Ok Google, read my book”... Introducing audiobooks on Google Play • r/Android
70 Mayor quits FCC committee, says it favors ISPs over the public interest
71 Alphabet unveils Chronicle, a security company that uses big data to detect vulnerabilities
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73 Dutch intelligence reportedly hacked Russian election hackers in 2014
74 Lyft probes allegations of employees misusing customer data
75 Intel CEO tries to calm investor concerns about security flaws
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77 6 helpful strategies to take into your performance review
78 The TheTechNewsBlog Daily
79 Tesla denies further Model 3 production issues
81 Microsoft Mixer will offer more ways to fund game streamers
82 TechCrunch on Twitter
83 Intel data center sales surge, warns of potential security flaw fallou
84 Intuitive Surgical sees thinner profit margins in 2018, shares fall
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86 Facebook: Russian agents created 129 U.S. election events
87 Amazon adds single sign-on for Fire TV
88 Michael Kors offers Android Wear smartwatches in more colors
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93 Crock-Pot speaks out on Facebook about starting a fictional fire on 'This Is Us'
94 Western Digital's strong forecast eases fears of fading chip boom
95 Apple orders drama series from director of 'La La Land'