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'Song of the Deep' is GameStop's first published game

GameStop is making its debut as a gaming publisher with 'Song of the Deep.'

Dude explains how every Adam Sandler movie is connected

Every Adam Sandler movie is intertwined. It's a conspiracy!

Netflix Making Stretch Armstrong Series - IGN

Netflix is expanding its kids content with three shows, including a Stretch Armstrong cartoon

Can AI find you the best car insurance deal? Insurify thinks so

It's a known fact of adulthood that car insurance is a pain in the butt. Trying to balance coverage, premiums, and quotes from different companies that are

What we know about Megyn Kelly, the Fox News journalist squaring off with Donald Trump

Kelly is easily the most recognizable media figure of the election so far thanks primarily to her ongoing battle with Donald Trump

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Google breaks its silence on how much they paid the guy who briefly owned

Of course, it was short lived, and Ved had no intentions of actually keeping the domain name, but Google decided to offer a financial reward anyway. At the time, Ved declined to share how much this reward was, but he did note that it was “more than $10,000.”

Barbie gets more realistic with 3 new body types and 7 skin colors

"By introducing more variety into the line, Barbie is offering girls choices that are better reflective of the world they see today. The new 2016 Barbie Fashionistas collection includes 4 body types, 7 skin tones, 18 eye colors, 18 hairstyles, and countless on-trend fashions and accessories," Mattel writes on its website.

Engadget's guide to the 2016 presidential election | Engadget

STEM education & research: “...let’s make New York the nation’s leader in preparing our students for careers in math, science and engineering. Let’s give middle school students an academic boost–let’s provide them with new math and science summer programs at our community colleges all across the Empire State. Let’s create more math and science high schools like the Tech Valley Science High School in the Capital Region -- schools focused specifically on teaching the skills our students will need to succeed in the high-tech economy of tomorrow. And finally, let’s invest in our future by providing free SUNY or CUNY (university) tuition to students who pursue math and science degrees and commit to teaching right here in New York State.” (CSPAN)

On Today's Stream - Naomi Explores Fallout 4's Wasteland - IGN

On today's stream, Naomi is ready to explore Fallout 4 and steal everything that isn't bolted down to survive in the post apocalypse.

Expanding Live Video to More People | Facebook Newsroom

In December, we started testing the ability for people to share live video on Facebook, and it has been inspiring to see all the ways that people have used Live to connect with their friends and family. Today, we’re excited to expand the ability to share live video to everyone in the U.S. via iPhone, and we plan to start rolling this out to the rest of the world over the coming weeks.

Apple Maps Stops Sending People Searching For "Abortion" To Adoption Centers

Apple’s reputation for creating products that are easy to use and understand is well deserved. However, the transformation of Siri’s lack of knowledge of abortion providers to Siri’s anti-choice suggestions is alarming, and contributes to the stigma surrounding abortion care in our country. Despite the commonness of abortion, as nearly one-in-three women will have an abortion by the age of 45, women are confronted on a daily basis with society’s shame-based messaging that having an abortion is morally wrong and unacceptable. Women continue to be bullied, shamed, and marginalized for seeking an abortion, which can lead to isolation and silence. It is in these times of isolation, when women are more likely to turn to your product to locate the health care they need, that Siri’s misdirection to adoption agencies and nurseries is all the more undermining, implying women do not know what is best for themselves.

9 Log In - The New York Times

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What Media Companies Can Learn From Facebook's Incredible Mobile Turnaround

I don’t know where you got that story from. I never had a conversation with the engineering team, where we were behind on mobile and I said, “We need to do this to make money.” That’s not really how we operate. What happened was we realized mobile was growing faster than desktop and people were shifting their usage. It was the more important thing for people’s consumer experience.

LIVE: Microsoft reports a big beat on revenue and profit, stock jumps

The best news for investors, who were hoping to see cloud computing growth, is that the Microsoft Azure business — which competes head-on with the Amazon Web Services juggernaut — grew 140% from the same quarter in 2014.

Apple buys education tech startup LearnSprout to help teachers track student performance

Apple issued it’s standard response to reports of the acquisition — “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans” — but there’s no denying it has a renewed focus on education.

Walgreens Halts Use Of Theranos’ California Lab

More bad news for blood analysis startup Theranos – Walgreens has suspended use of the company’s Newark, California lab, following news the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services said that lab posed “immediate jeopardy” to patients.

14 Log In - The New York Times

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How to watch the Fox Republican debate online

Republican presidential candidates, sans Donald Trump, on Thursday night will take the stage one last time before the Iowa Caucus. The debate is scheduled to take place in Des Moines, Iowa, and will be hosted by Fox News.

Missing Facebook Pages: What to Do When Facebook Takes Your Page Away : Social Media Examiner

“Michael A. Stelzner” such a long post and all the way your panic story for days to overcome situation, but I am sorry I am still unable to find solution on this all except asuming that Facebook will cater those request from heave investors in their ads system and rest will lay down to rot until perish and vaporized. LoLz! our official page : “/PremierBPO”has been disappeared and no way to get it back. lodged an appeal, asked on help and submitted feedback as well with some reporting form….it looks like they have altered our page….its terrifying and its dangerous to rely on them as they can evaporate you in seconds …indeed all your efforts and work you have done with to build your brand.

Mark Zuckerberg is now the sixth richest person in the world

The Facebook founder and CEO (and America's favorite dad ) saw his net worth surge overnight Wednesday to around $47 billion on the strength of the social network's latest quarterly results, pushing Zuckerberg up to number six on the list of the world's richest people, according to data from Bloomberg's Billionaires Index.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Review - IGN

For the first two act of the movies, the zombie sequences and the Pride and Prejudice-inspired scenes work well separately, but they don't come together to feel like they've gelled as one film until the final act, when the conflict with the zombies becomes central to Elizabeth and Darcy's storyline. The Pride and Prejudice side of the movie brings the humor, and the zombie side brings the action. In this world, people don't become full zombies until they've eaten human brains, and because of that some infected are still, humorously, shells of their former civilized selves. The zombies are never scary, but there are some solid jump scares scattered throughout the movie. While the undead are always a presence in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Steers was wise to lean more into the Austen of it all instead of making this a zombie action movie on a Victorian backdrop.

You can now add friends with a personalized Snapchat URL

A new feature was snuck into the latest Snapchat update: now you can create a special link that can be shared with friends online, so they can add you directly.

Microsoft Beats On Strong Cloud Revenue With $25.7B Revenue, $0.78 EPS

Microsoft today reported earnings for its second financial quarter of 2016 (I know, that’s weird, but Microsoft’s financial year ends in June). The company reported non-GAAP revenue of $25.7 billion for the last quarter and $0.78 of adjusted per-share profit.

I watched someone commit suicide in VR and it freaked me out

This wasn't how it was supposed to go. I was standing on a junkyard hovercraft, pointing my revolver at the young lady floating on the adjacent skiff. She was my enemy, but I couldn't pull the trigger. Her hand hovered between us, waving back and forth in the universal sign for "stop." Her gun aimed away from me, its barrel touching her temple. I lowered my weapon. She pulled the trigger anyway. In the world of Hover Junkers , a virtual reality game where scavengers wage war over scrap metal and resources, I was a killer -- that's my role -- but nobody ever said anything about suicide.

Xerox to Split in Two; Carl Icahn to Get Three Board Seats

Xerox Corp. is planning to split in two, according to people familiar with the matter, making the century-old company the latest to slim down and narrow its focus.

LIVE: Microsoft reports a big beat on revenue and profit, stock jumps

The best news for investors, who were hoping to see cloud computing growth, is that the Microsoft Azure business — which competes head-on with the Amazon Web Services juggernaut — grew 140% from the same quarter in 2014.

New York Department of Consumer Affairs investigates connected baby monitor hacks

The internet of things is upon us, but what’s mostly left behind when we’re talking about the novelty of connected devices is just how secure, or vulnerable they really are.

Apple Pay Is Coming To ATMs From Bank Of America And Wells Fargo

Both Bank Of America and Wells Fargo are working on integrating Apple Pay into their ATMs, according to a source familiar with the teams on the projects. Engineers at both companies have been placed on multi-month assignments to build the Apple Pay options. I’ve confirmed the identity of at least one engineer who publicly lists themselves as a Bank Of America employee.

No, 'Fable' designer Peter Molyneux isn't retiring today

"Ahh my account has been hacked, ( you can tell cos they know how to spell) I am not retiring, not closing godus," Molyneux's account tweeted just minutes after a trio of messages claimed he was done with video games.

Oracle's finally killing its terrible Java browser plugin

Oracle is taking the final step to rid the web of its terrible Java browser plugin. While the plugin started off life back in the '90s as an innocent way to bring app-like features to browsers, in recent years it has been a headache to users and IT admins struggling to fight against its mountain of security flaws and malware issues. Microsoft and Google have both killed off support for Java applets in Edge and Chrome, leaving Internet Explorer and Safari as the only alternatives for people who really need Java applications in their browser.

Flipkart and Udacity want a world without job interviews

But in technology-focused industries there is often a dearth of talent, and this is the gap that Flipkart is looking to plug with Udacity. Rather than waiting for experienced developers or those who have honed their interview techniques, they’re basing their hiring decisions purely on the potential demonstrated in a graduate’s coursework. It’s probably safe to say there will be some form of caveat in the contract that makes it easy for an employer to ditch a new hire if things don’t work out, but this streamlined process means they get first dibs on someone who could prove a rising star of the coding world.

Model 3 surprise: Tesla is preparing to announce 2 vehicles in March

Ohh, come on! It sounds like the Apple fanboys stupidity. (Writing this on an iPad.) The BMW started to develop the i3 in 2008, years earlier than Model S was released in 2012 and it’s also based on a skateboard platform. Now what? Is it coping Tesla backwards in time? If Tesla will ever user carbon fiber for body components then will you say it’s coping BMW as well? (Because we all know a couple of years ago it tried to put its hand on BMW’s CFRP technology.) If you are really EV enthusiasts then you should be happy because the EV world developing the best way it can. But if you are just Tesla fanboys… then I understand the quoted sentence.

30 Watch tonight's Republican debate with Engadget

After being laid off from his tech support job in the financial industry, Terrence decided to pursue his dream of working from home in his underwear. Through persistence and a lot of dumb luck, he eventually landed his first writing gig with the now defunct Switched. Since then he has continued to hone his craft while letting his more technical skills atrophy, eventually landing at Engadget. When not planted firmly in front of his laptop, Terrence can be found wandering the forests and mountains of the greater New York area with things strapped to his back that don't have an LCD screen.

Google Capital leads $75 million round into Pindrop to curb voice fraud and identity theft

Having the might of Google behind it is a significant step for the company. “Working closely with Google Capital gives us amazing access to their expertise in phone and voice-related technologies,” said Vijay Balasubramaniyan, Pindrop CEO and cofounder. “Voice is the future ,and today’s investment will help accelerate our global expansion and allow us to invest more dollars into research and development as we continue building the definitive platform that enables security, trust, and identity in the voice world.”

Against “Don’t Read the Comments”

And worse, we denigrate a form that used to be, and sometimes still is, a powerful way of making meaningful connections with the world. I met most of my closest friends in the comments on my blog, or by commenting on theirs. Most of the people who came to my wedding were people who became friends by reading the comments. Whether it’s been some of the most talented people I’ve had the chance to collaborate with, or some of the most inspiring creators who I never imagined getting to connect with, being a person who read the comments opened countless doors for me back when we used to assume reading the comments should be a good thing.

Google's VirusTotal can tell if your firmware is infected

"Since the BIOS boots a computer and helps load the operating system, by infecting it attackers can deploy malware that survives reboots, system wiping and reinstallations, and since antiviruses are not scanning this layer, the compromise can fly under the radar," Santos writes. "As of today VirusTotal is characterizing in detail firmware images, legit or malicious."

Exclusive: Inside Facebook's AI Hackathon

"People don’t even know what we can do," Cheung said. "If you already know what you can do, it’s easier to find the answer. So try to get more heads thinking about AI...exposing them to the current state of the technology that we have. Let them play with the technology. And then unleash 12,000 employees to come up with new ways" of using AI across all of Facebook’s apps, including Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

SourceForge and Slashdot Have Been Sold | FOSS Force

All this goodwill towards the user community might be coming at a cost, however. I’ve heard reports from credible sources of layoffs at Slashdot, with many longtime employees being shown the door, with their jobs either eliminated or handed over to less costly and relatively inexperienced staff. Goodwill or no, this can’t have a positive effect on the site’s users’ experience. We can expect that the same cost cutting is probably happening at SourceForge, which is already struggling.

36 Amazon's shares plunge as sales, profit miss Wall Street estimates

Investors came down hard on Inc on Thursday after the world's No. 1 online retailer reported holiday quarter profit well below Wall Street's estimates, raising concerns that the stock's recent spell of growth is over.

Amazon tanks 13% despite record $482M profit — more than it made in the previous 17 quarters combined

Amazon made more money last quarter — $482 million in profit for the fiscal Q4 2015 — than it did during every previous quarter  combined since Q3 2011 . That $482 million figure exceeds Amazon’s previous quarterly record, when, in Q4 2010, it earned $416 million in profit.

38 FY16 Q2 - Press Releases - Investor Relations - Microsoft

for full text of notice); All information is unaudited unless otherwise noted or accompanied by an audit opinion and is subject to the more comprehensive information contained in our SEC reports and filings. We do not endorse third-party information. All information speaks as of the last fiscal quarter or year for which we have filed a Form 10-K or 10-Q, or for historical information the date or period expressly indicated in or with such information. We undertake no duty to update the information. Forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties

Insurify raises $2 million, launches text-based virtual auto insurance agent

Starting the process of getting quotes is as simple as texting Evia a photo of your license plate. If you don’t have a license plate, you can just tell Evia that you’re looking for insurance for a specific car make and model. Evia will ask some questions to verify your identity and will ask whether you own or lease the car. Then Evia can start sending quotes for plans that would be a good fit. You can ask questions about what certain terms mean, and Evia will answer based on her own knowledge. If she doesn’t know the answer, a human will respond on her behalf. Once you find the insurance you want, you jump on a call with a person to complete the deal.

Nokia president talks Ozo and the company's big VR bet

With Ozo, its $60,000 production-ready VR camera, Nokia's poised to become a big player in that burgeoning market. Already, the company's differentiated itself within the relatively small field by offering a solution to a problem that's plagued creators of VR content: You can watch live playback using a head-mounted display like the Oculus Rift. "Ozo brings you the ability to do a live monitoring of live action on set," says Haidamus of the feature he believes filmmakers most want. Previously, directors using other VR recording solutions would have to wait until the post-production process to view the finished, "stitched" end product.

Microsoft's Surface sales up 29 percent, phones down 49 percent

On the whole, it wasn't a great holiday quarter for Microsoft. Its revenues fell around 10 percent from last year (from $26.5 billion to $23.8 billion), while its net income fell around 15 percent (from $5.8 billion to $5 billion). Still, the company saw strong cloud growth, with Azure revenue up by 140 percent. Its overall Intelligent Cloud division revenue was up five percent.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: "Pilot, Part 2" Review - IGN

That spectacle was all well and good, but as with The Flash and Arrow, it's the character dynamics that are the real meat of the show. The first episode hit on the crucial element that's going to distinguish Legends of Tomorrow from its sister series. This isn't a team of heroes. It's a group of miscreants and losers that are doomed to be forgotten after they die. Every character on the show is lonely and emotionally damaged in some way. This episode was great about exploiting that element and playing these characters against one another in both comedic and dramatic ways. Arthur Darvill's Rip Hunter played a very small role compared to the premiere, but the rest of the group had plenty of time to shine.

Cat with permanently worried eyes might break your heart

Slightly cross-eyed and perpetually upset-looking, Bum was rescued by the San Diego Humane Society along with his four siblings. Immediately, they could tell something was a bit different about him:

The Fox News Republican Debate Liveblog: Where’s Trump? Edition

We’re liveblogging the Fox News Republican debate tonight live from lovely Des Moines, Iowa!

Amazon Prime memberships grew by over 50 percent in 2015

Amazon just announced its financial results for Q4 of 2015, and one of the big trends the company highlighted was the continuing strength of Amazon Prime, a service that has its roots in free two-day shipping but is now becoming a catch all for host of free media the company gives to subscribers. Amidst the many highlights the company is calling out are some notes on pretty major Prime growth: Amazon says that worldwide Prime memberships increased 51 percent in 2015 compared to the year before. Growth in the US came in at 47 percent, which means things picked up every faster internationally.

Mashable in Discover

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Google Wants Smartphones That Can See, Understand

"What Google has been able to achieve with neural networks is providing us with the building blocks for machine intelligence, laying the groundwork for the next decade of how technology will enhance the way people interact with the world," Blaise Agüera y Arcas, head of Google's machine intelligence group in Seattle, said in a statement. "By working with Movidius, we're able to expand this technology beyond the data center and out into the real world, giving people the benefits of machine intelligence on their personal devices."

Amazon misses, stock plunges

There were multiple reports in the last quarter indicating Amazon possibly expanding its logistics business, across truck trailers, flight delivery, and ocean freight services. Amazon typically stays coy about these stuff on earnings calls, but investors will keep an eye out for any mentions of it.

Satya Nadella explains how Microsoft can beat the shrinking PC market

Otherwise, Nadella says he's focused on offsetting the shrinking market by continuing Windows 10 itself more enterprise friendly with new security and compliance features, which will encourage more of the crucial business market to take the plunge and upgrade.

BuzzHire: An engine to power on-demand startups

Think about it – in order to quickly deliver hot meals, groceries or anything else, the growing legion of on-demand startups need either a huge staff base on standby or a flexible workforce available when needed. The latter makes a lot more sense, but how do you find workers at short notice when you need them?

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65 USC will publish its student's games on PlayStation and Xbox
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