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Satechi’s $30 Power Meter is designed to weed out bad USB-C cables

Satechi couldn’t have picked a better time to announce its USB-C Power Meter. Early last year, Benson Leung of Google’s Chromebook Pixel team discovered..

'Alien,' 'Harry Potter,' 'Doctor Who' actor John Hurt dies at 77

John Hurt, the British actor known for playing eccentric, empathic characters such as the Elephant Man, Harry Potter's wand maker Ollivander and Hellboy's guardian, passes away.

Everything Leaving Netflix in February

Prep yourself a binge-watch of these flicks and shows before they stop streaming.

NASA uses pressure-sensitive paint to test its rockets

'Unsteady PSP' produces light in reaction to oxygen and helps scientists measure forces on a rocket during wind tunnel tests.

'Flappy Bird' creator returns with another infuriating game

Who knew ninja training could be so hard?

Artificial intelligence can spot skin cancer as well as a trained doctor

Researchers at Stanford University have created an AI algorithm that can identify skin cancer as well as a professional doctor. The program was trained on nearly 130,000 images of moles, rashes,...

My connected coop brings all the chickens to the IoT

My Connected Coop is an IoT solution for chicken owners that want to find an easier way to raise chickens with better analytics.

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Google Criticizes Impact on Staff of Trump Immigration Order

Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai criticized President Donald Trump’s immigration order in an email to staff late Friday, saying the U.S. ban on foreign nationals from seven countries affects at least 187 Google employees.

Mark Zuckerberg drops suits to force sale of Hawaiian lands

Mark Zuckerberg drops suits to force sale of Hawaiian lands 'It's clear we made a mistake,' Zuckerberg tells local community Check out this story on

#Transparency update: Twitter discloses national security letters | Twitter Blogs

We continue to believe that reporting in government-mandated bands does not provide meaningful transparency to the public or those using our service. However, the government argues that any numerical reporting more detailed than the bands in the USA Freedom Act would be classified and as such not protected by the First Amendment. They further argue that Twitter is not entitled to obtain information from the government about the processes followed in classifying a version Twitter’s 2013 Transparency Report or in classifying/declassifying decisions associated with the allowed bands. We would like a meaningful opportunity to challenge government restrictions when “classification” prevents speech on issues of public importance.

How to get a free data plan for your tablet

A compatible tablet. You can try T-Mobile's device-compatibility checker to see if yours qualifies, but I'll make it simple: If you have a Wi-Fi-only tablet, it doesn't. As noted above, you need a model that also has cellular capabilities. Just as important, it must be unlocked and/or compatible with GSM networks. Virtually all iPad Air and later models fit that description, because Apple sells them unlocked and with support for both CDMA and GSM.


RIP to Veteran Actor John Hurt, Star of Alien and So Many Other Films We Love

Sad news today, not just for scifi fans, but for fans of great actors: John Hurt has reportedly died at the age of 77. His vast resume encompassed over 50 years, and included works like The Elephant Man , 1984 , Alien , Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone , Hellboy , Doctor Who , and V for Vendetta , to name just a handful.

Zuckerberg defends immigrants threatened by Trump

While other tech leaders glad-hand with The Donald, Mark Zuckerberg is facing him head on. Today the Facebook CEO called out the president for his unAmerican views that demonize immigrants, while also tactfully encouraging the few positive policies and comments Trump has offered on the subject.

Google reacts to Trump immigration order by recalling staff

New York Daily News reported that green card and valid visa holders were already blocked from boarding flights to the US as soon as a few hours after the order was signed. Since the Google employees from those countries are definitely at risk of being blocked from flying back, the tech titan asked them to reach out to the company's security, travel, and immigration teams for assistance. "No one is really sure whether a green card holder from these seven countries can return to the US now," immigration lawyer Ava Benach told Bloomberg . "It's fairly clear that an H-1B visa holder can't."

Become a certified data analytics pro with this comprehensive Python training (90% off)

Knowing how to mine useful data from the minutiae of business reports, then using it to spot patterns to boost your company’s bottom line? That’s a skill set that can put you in line for some incredible, high-paying job prospects. With the training found in this

Apple CEO Tim Cook on Trump's immigration order: "It is not a policy we support"

There are employees at Apple who are directly affected by yesterday's immigration order. Our HR, Legal and Security teams are in contact with them, and Apple will do everything we can to support them. We’re providing resources on AppleWeb for anyone with questions or concerns about immigration policies. And we have reached out to the White House to explain the negative effect on our coworkers and our company.

Badass photos from GoPro cameras

Tomasz Furmanek , a photographer from Norway, has spent years taking photos of the majestic landscape from the seat of his kayak. This photo, from January 2017, was shot in Aurlandsfjord, Norway, using a GoPro 5.

Decrypted by Bloomberg on iTunes

We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. To download and subscribe to Decrypted by Bloomberg News, get iTunes now.

The Best 4K TV Deals for the Big Game

Looking for brand new television for the big game? Today, Dell is offering up some of the lowest prices we've ever seen, and it's throwing in some substantial gift cards to sweeten the deal. Better yet, if you order by today, you'll have your TV in time for football's biggest event, the Super Bowl.

2017 Honda Civic Hatch Sport is one for the drivers - Roadshow

The 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback takes what's great about the Civic sedan, and gives it a larger tuchus.

Security is the categorical imperative of the Internet of Things

Unfortunately, IoT device manufacturers have tended to tilt toward the “Internet” side without seriously addressing the consequences of not securing the actual “things” they are selling. However, reasonable methodologies for ensuring IoT device and system security follow the same engineering best practices espoused in other manufacturing disciplines. There is really no excuse for poor security implementation. It’s just been easier and cheaper to push responsibility on to the next participant in the IoT chain. Ultimately, the onus of properly securing services or devices has fallen to the end user, who is usually ill-equipped to handle the job.

Scientists unveil new form of matter: Time crystals

Time crystals repeat in time because they are kicked periodically, sort of like tapping Jell-O repeatedly to get it to jiggle, Yao said. The big breakthrough, he argues, is less that these particular crystals repeat in time than that they are the first of a large class of new materials that are intrinsically out of equilibrium, unable to settle down to the motionless equilibrium of, for example, a diamond or ruby.

Snap Inc intends to file its highly-anticipated IPO next week

According to sources familiar with the matter, and Recode — who broke the story — Snap Inc plans to file its highly-anticipated initial public offering (IPO) late next week. As for the nuts and bolts, that would put the timetable at around March that the company could first offer shares to Wall Street investors.

The $99 Billion Idea: How Uber and Airbnb Won

Chesky and his team watched Uber’s travails, following Kalanick’s series of defiant stare-downs with city councils and regulators, and insisted somewhat dubiously that Airbnb’s approach was different and softer than Uber’s. “They have their own way of seeking growth,” says Jonathan Mildenhall, who joined Airbnb as chief marketing officer in 2014. “I think for us, our community and the humanity of our community actually drives a lot of the things we do. So we approach any kind of awkward situation or any challenge with a lot of empathy and a lot of open collaboration. ... We don’t want to kind of bulldoze our way into success. We actually want to partner our way in.”

People that can't get through to the White House comment line are now calling Trump hotels

People didn’t give up on trying to reach the White House after Trump failed to re-open its call-in hotline. Instead, they got creative and started overwhelming his hotels with calls about their concerns.

Introducing The Upgrade, a New Podcast from Lifehacker, All About Upgrading Your Life

The Lifehacker podcast is back, and it’s called The Upgrade !   It’s a whole new format, but the same great tips and tricks to help you live your best life. Whether you were an avid listener to the old Ask Lifehacker podcast , or never knew we even had a podcast, you’ll want to tune in for this.

Top Silicon Valley investor calls on tech CEOs to speak out against Trump's immigration order

"The tech community is powerful.  Large tech companies in particular have enormous power and are held in high regard.  We need to hear from the CEOs clearly and unequivocally.  Although there is some business risk in doing so, there is strength in numbers—if everyone does it early this coming week, we will all make each other stronger."

Score Some Sweet Lifehacker T-Shirts, Stickers, and Hoodies in Our New Store

You’ve asked when we would sell Lifehacker t-shirts and stickers, and well, today’s the day. Maybe a decal for your laptop, or a t-shirt to show the world you’re not only good looking, but well-read, too. Now’s your chance! The Lifehacker Store is open for business.

Following Trump’s executive order on entry visas, Google orders staff back to US

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has issued a memo to Google staff members currently overseas, ordering them to return home immediately following an executive order from President Donald Trump that banned travel from seven majority-Muslim countries . Bloomberg Technology obtained a copy of the memo, in which Pichai commented that “painful to see the personal cost of this executive order on our colleagues.”

The Morning After: Weekend Edition

Dell's bezel-starved XPS lineup has long been a leader in the laptop PC market, and now it has a convertible version. It turns out the 2-in-1 edition doesn't lose much by swapping in the new hinge, although you may have to trade a few points in benchmarks for extra flexibility. It also loses old-school USB ports but its keyboard is still comfortable and the touchpad is among the best Devindra's experienced on a Windows laptop.

25 Job opening: Data Engineer at Bayes Impact

You’ll help Bayes Impact to build data-driven social services for the country’s most pressing social challenges, such as police use of force and national healthcare for the underserved. This is not a simple software engineering role. As a member of small and agile team, you will build, hack, and code in various platforms, using multiple technologies. You’ll have the opportunity to grow in a highly motivated and talented team. You will be a critical member of an early stage team that will drive our culture and influence the impact of our organization.

Apple's Cook fires back at Trump's immigration ban

In my conversations with officials here in Washington this week, I've made it clear that Apple believes deeply in the importance of immigration -- both to our company and to our nation's future. Apple would not exist without immigration, let alone thrive and innovate the way we do.

3DSignals decipher machine maintenance with sound analytics

“I was riding a train in England between Cambridge and London, when suddenly the train made this terrible noise. I was trying to figure out if this was the end… but then a few seconds later if it was gone and everything was back to normal. My first thought was, I wonder if the train engineer was sitting here in this carriage, would he be able to say if the noise was normal or not and if it was a problem with the bearings, a problem with the suspension, maybe something on the tracks that the train hit, or if this is just one of the dynamic sounds that the train makes? These trains are pretty long, so I guess it’s very difficult to analyze all the different noises they make in the repair/maintenance garage. So I wondered if they let train engineers drive the trains in the garage to monitor how they sound, as this is a very clear way to understand what is going on.”

What would it take to make audio 'cool' again?

So when I pose the question, what would it take to push the audiophile hobby into the mainstream, please don't say cheaper hi-fis. I've covered very inexpensive audio countless times on this blog, and it's easy enough to put together a tasty system with a pair of Andrew Jones designed Pioneer SP-BS22-LR speakers, currently selling for $120 per pair on Amazon with free shipping for Prime customers, and a Yamaha R-S202 stereo receiver for $150, again with free shipping. If you're playing vinyl, the Audio Technica AT-LP60 is the perfect starter turntable at just $99 on Amazon. For digital audio I'm a huge fan of Schiit's Modi 2 converter that goes for $99. Of course, I could spout an endless shopping list of more expensive gear that sounds better, but right now I'm just pointing out that there are highly-affordable, very decent sounding products out there.

The FBI's Colossal Failure Investigating GamerGate

It’s not clear what “group chat” the first suspect is talking about, although the document refers to the imageboard 4chan in similar terms. Horrifying levels of internet ignorance are revealed by the document. For example it calls 4chan a “chat room”; refers to Twitter as “Tweeter” and the Tor browser and “Thor”; failing to ascertain a suspect’s IP address due to basic countermeasures like proxies. Between several credibly-worded bomb and shooting threats is a letter obviously penned by a troll claiming there are “over 9000 bombs that we will use to blow up the [Taggert Student Center],” making use of an old Dragon Ball Z-based meme .

The Doomsday Clock is the closest it’s been to midnight since 1960

The Doomsday Clock has been a symbolic way of representing threats to global security since 1947, and was created as a reaction to the United States dropping nuclear bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Initially it was a measure solely of the likelihood of global nuclear destruction, but in 2007 the scope was expanded to account for other worldwide threats — primarily climate change.

How to Find Affordable Health Insurance During This Year’s Open Enrollment

Health insurance: you’re screwed with it, and really screwed without it. This year we’re in for an extra treat, because premiums are set to increase by record amounts. Want a fighting chance at getting insurance you can afford? Here’s what you need to know.

A Harvard student who received internship offers from Google, Apple, and Facebook explains how she tackles the trickiest interview questions

A Harvard student who received internship offers from Google, Apple, and Facebook explains how she tackles the trickiest interview questions

Zoo wants your help collecting deadly spiders

Would you offer to catch poisonous spiders in the name of science? The Australian Reptile Park hopes so.

3 Ways to Use Psychology in Your Social Media Marketing : Social Media Examiner

Connecting with your audience is one of the most basic ways to increase your social media engagement. This neuromarketing tactic makes use of the emotional reaction that’s triggered when people feel connected to you. When people feel close to you and can relate to you, there’s a great chance they’ll engage with your company.

Lego Victorian dream home proposed

Build a Victorian house replica one brick at a time with this new project up for a vote on the Lego Ideas site.

'Fully loaded' Kodi box seller pleads not guilty

Whether the makers of Kodi (by now you should know that's the new name for what used to be XBMC) like it or (definitely) do not , people have built businesses around preloading their software on players like a Fire TV stick and advertising it as an avenue for watching pirated video streams. Over in the UK, the authorities raided Brian Thompson's Cut Price Tomo TV's and have charged him with two offenses under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act. Now, as TorrentFreak explains, the court will decide what role Thompson played in any potential copyright infringement by the people who purchased the devices.

Snap plans to publicly file for its much-anticipated IPO late next week

According to sources, Snap Inc. plans to publicly file for its much-anticipated initial public offering late next week. That means the company will likely go public sometime in March, after a typical road show schedule that lasts nine weeks.

Student team aims to brew beer on the moon | ZDNet

"The idea started out with a few laughs amongst a group of friends," said Neeki Ashari, a fifth-year bioengineering student at UC San Diego. "We all appreciate the craft of beer, and some of us own our own home-brewing kits. When we heard that there was an opportunity to design an experiment that would go up on India's moonlander, we thought we could combine our hobby with the competition by focusing on the viability of yeast in outer space."

Why Scientists Are Planning Their Own March on Washington

In the Trump administration’s first week, the newly elected POTUS has followed through on his promise to silence scientists at federal institutions. In the last few days, the White House ordered media gags on the EPA and the USDA . It also forced the National Park Service to cease communications on Twitter after it tweeted facts about climate change.

The best virtual reality from the 2017 Sundance Film Festival

Whatever problems virtual reality had in 2016, the industry also laid important groundwork, and it’s starting to pay off — particularly at the experimental New Frontier showcase of this week’s Sundance Film Festival. Last year, VR took over a New Frontier that felt somewhat ill-prepared for it, leading to crowded rooms of people awkwardly crowding onto couches with mobile headsets. This year, New Frontier feels like a distinct part of the festival, and the pieces themselves are more mature. While there’s still plenty of experimental work that will interest enthusiasts more than newcomers, the winners in each category below are thematically innovative, technically impressive, and artistically compelling.

Everything Trump Fucked Up in Science and Technology This Week

It’s amazing to think that we’ve all been alive for a thousand years, our bodies swept by a burning wind into nothing but dust and a lingering scream. Except we haven’t—it’s just the end of the first week of the Trump administration, and a disconcertingly large number of horrible things have already happened.

Dell's XPS 13 2-in-1 nearly lives up to the original

Those hinges make the convertible XPS 13 look a bit less refined than the original, but at least they're put to good use: They allow the display to swing around 360 degrees. The XPS 13 2-in-1 can flip around in a "tent" formation, which is ideal for bingeing on Netflix in bed, and a "stand" mode, which puts the display facing toward you with the keyboard resting facedown. And, of course, moving the display all the way around turns the machine into a tablet (albeit a fairly hefty one). Thanks to the hinge design, I was able to smoothly transition the 2-in-1 among all of its different modes, and I was pleased to see that the display held steady at just about every angle. Sure, Dell is aping the convertible design that Lenovo pioneered with its Yoga line, but it's hard to blame the company for copying when so many others are doing the same.

How to use Zarp for penetration testing - TechRepublic

Network or systems administrators must conduct pen testing to discover any possible security weaknesses. Find out why Zarp is a very powerful pen-testing tool to have at your disposal.

Elon Musk-inspired hyperloopers battle in LA

Elon Musk-inspired hyperloopers battle in LA The futuristic high-speed transportation alternative might get a boost from new administration. Check out this story on

Americans "divided" on government access to encrypted messages

Pew Research found in its latest report on cybersecurity that 46 percent of Americans would allow the government to access encrypted communications to investigate a crime, whereas 44 percent are in favor of encrypted apps and messaging that are unbreakable to law enforcement.

The $99 Billion Idea: How Uber and Airbnb Won

Chesky and his team watched Uber’s travails, following Kalanick’s series of defiant stare-downs with city councils and regulators, and insisted somewhat dubiously that Airbnb’s approach was different and softer than Uber’s. “They have their own way of seeking growth,” says Jonathan Mildenhall, who joined Airbnb as chief marketing officer in 2014. “I think for us, our community and the humanity of our community actually drives a lot of the things we do. So we approach any kind of awkward situation or any challenge with a lot of empathy and a lot of open collaboration. ... We don’t want to kind of bulldoze our way into success. We actually want to partner our way in.”

'Resident Evil 7' is the most terrifying VR game on the market

But despite some pre-puke symptoms, Resident Evil 7 is a fantastic survival horror game, inside and outside of VR. It proudly carries on the series' traditions of puzzle-solving quests, horrifying boss fights, laser-sight shooting and inventory management, but this time around, it's all packaged in a gorgeous first-person world.

FBI request for Twitter account data may have overstepped legal guidelines

In June of last year the U.S. Senate narrowly rejected a Republican-backed proposal to expand the kinds of telephone and internet records the FBI could request under an NSL to include senders and recipients of emails, some information about websites a person visits and social media log-in data.

Netflix and Amazon dropped millions on these Sundance movies everyone will be talking about

Produced by Judd Apatow and starring “Silicon Valley” cast member Kumail Nanjiani (who cowrote the script), this comedy about a couple dealing with their cultural differences is one of the biggest hits at this year’s festival. Amazon will handle a theatrical release of the film before streaming it later this year.

The Best iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Cases for Every Level of Protection

It’s only fair to trust the people who make the iPhone 7 to make decent cases for it. Well the Apple Leather Case is more than decent — it’s a fantastic mid-range case. That is, it offers just about enough protection for the majority of customers. It protects against scratches, bumps, and maybe even light drops too. Plus the Leather Case is sleek as can be. I’m currently rocking the black color on my black iPhone 7 Plus and it looks tremendous, especially with the machined aluminum buttons on the sides. The Leather case, being made of authentic leather, isn’t cheap though. If you want a great mid-range alternative, try Apple’s Silicone Case for $10 less.

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