Karl Pilkington Strangely Predicts an Episode of BLACK MIRROR | Nerdist Video Description

Even though part of a recent episode of Black Mirror was based on a short story written by magician Penn Jillette, we feel the folks behind the Netflix series may owe a thank you to comedian Karl Pilkington. “ Black Museum ” is the sixth episode of season four of the sci-fi and horror anthology series, Black Mirror . The episode consists of a few stories (it’s an anthology in an anthology) showcasing proto-versions of futuristic tech we’ve seen in other episodes with some downright awful revelations of what can be done with them. They all, in some way, revolve around the transferring of consciousness. One story tells the tale of a coma victim’s mind being uploaded into the mind of her husband while the other, the one based on Gillette’s “The Pain Addict,” deals with a doctor being able to feel what a patient is going through.

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