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Make your own life-size BB-8 droid for $120

It's not supplanted R2-D2 in the "cute robots we wish were our best friends" stakes just yet, but The Force Awakens' BB-8 is getting close. Sadly, we're at least a few years away from the kind of...

Stephen Colbert moderated an all-Trump debate to clear up his flip-flopping

Donald vs Trump

Samsung's Galaxy S7 event is happening in three weeks

Samsung has announced its latest "Unpacked" event where the company will announce, in its usual language, "The Next Galaxy." The event is set for Sunday February 21st at 7pm CET (1pm ET) in...

A Google DeepMind Algorithm Uses Deep Learning and More to Master the Game of Go | MIT Technology Review

Google achieves one of the long-standing “grand challenges” of AI by building a computer that can beat expert players at the board game Go.

How visual effects brought 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' characters to life

These video breakdowns from Industrial Light & Magic show how the magic of CGI was used to breathe life into characters like Maz Kanata.

Samsung sends out official invites to 'Unpacked' for expected Galaxy S7 release

Samsung is expected to release at least two new versions of the Galaxy S7, and possibly three. The regular, curved and large curved display S7’s are all possible flagships expecting to see their debut on the 21st of February in Spain.

Handy Device Shows Where Patient's Veins Are Located

The VeinViewer uses harmless, near-infrared light to show precisely where veins are located and take the guesswork out of the process.

Dude explains how every Adam Sandler movie is connected

Every Adam Sandler movie is intertwined. It's a conspiracy!

Circuit City is coming back

Remember Circuit City? It's coming back this year, but it may look a little different.

The Olympus Pen-F is a classic film camera with digital guts

If you like to read photography blogs, this one should come as no surprise. But at least now it's official: Olympus is resurrecting one of its flagship film rangefinders, the Pen F, as a mirrorless...

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The iPhone 5SE is rumored to come in March with a subsequent release in April

Google breaks its silence on how much they paid the guy who briefly owned

Of course, it was short lived, and Ved had no intentions of actually keeping the domain name, but Google decided to offer a financial reward anyway. At the time, Ved declined to share how much this reward was, but he did note that it was “more than $10,000.”

This punderful game will replace Cards Against Humanity at your next party

"One part game, one part conversation starter, you don't need to be a pun master to master Punderdome: the goal is to make bad jokes and have fun in the process," according to the Amazon description of the game .

How to Improve Your Reach on Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

Priyanka Biswas of Social Media with Priyanka says that , “According to a  study conducted by Locowise , the average organic reach for Facebook Pages is about 7% and this number varies depending on the total number of likes for a Page. Pages with less than 10,000 likes have an average organic reach of 11% (slightly higher). Pages with 10,000 – 99, 999 likes have an average organic reach of 6%. Pages with over 100, 000 likes have an average organic reach of 5%.”

The Best Apps to Run a Startup From Your Phone

What it does: It enables users to track key performance indicators for their business, such as cash flow, revenue, inventory and customer-acquisition costs. Users select their industry and can use the preset indicators the app recommends, or select their own. The app then prompts them to add various actions they plan to take toward improving performance, and to enter any events that might have an unusual effect on performance, such as a holiday sale. As users enter data, the app provides feedback, such as “Your revenue is strong this month, but sales are decreasing, so you might want to concentrate efforts there.” The Yaldi app, which is made by My Gung Ho LLC, also integrates QuickBooks accounting software. (Note, though, that Yaldi isn’t available for Android.)

7 President Obama Wants $4 Billion To Bring Computer Science Education To Every K-12 School

President Barack Obama has called for more than $4 billion in funding for states, and $100 million specifically for districts in order make sure every K-12 student has access to computer science curriculum. President Obama is calling this the “Computer Science for All Initiative.”

China Just Released True Color HD Photos Of The Moon

This month, the China National Space Administration released all of the images from their recent moon landing to the public. There are now hundreds and hundreds of never-before-seen true color, high definition photos of the lunar surface available for download.

23 times Danny Dyer was the funniest British person on Twitter

LONDON — With his unique blend of sweary Cockney bluntness, no-nonsense shutdowns and occasional lip-syncs of famous movie scenes, British actor Danny Dyer is a force to be reckoned with on Twitter.

Microsoft's free 15GB of OneDrive storage ends today

The free storage will include the 15GB and the 15GB bonus for activating the camera roll features of OneDrive if you've already used the app on iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. Microsoft now plans to offer Office 365 Personal subscriptions to any OneDrive user that is using more than 5GB of free space. The free subscriptions will last for a year and provide 1TB of space during the subscription period.

Apple needs a new hit or Alphabet will overtake it as the most valuable company in the world

The change probably shouldn’t come as too much of a shock, and it’s hardly like being the second most valuable company in the world is a bad spot to be in, but the transition does show a lack of momentum around its product line, as each of its runaway hits has matured since being introduced.

Curvy Barbie is way overdue. I needed her long ago.

As someone who threw away her Barbies long ago, I can't help but look at Curvy Barbie with some glimmer of hope. Because I needed her. I needed her to exist as the chubby girl who was called an Oompa Loompa on the school bus. I needed her as the girl who would hold up her much skinnier sister's pants and sigh hard out of frustration. I needed her as the girl in The Children's Place dressing room, crying when the dress she picked off the rack wouldn't zip up.

13 Log In - The New York Times

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The Silicon Valley Children Who Get Left Behind

Indeed, cost isn’t the only reason so few low-income immigrant parents put their children in preschool. In some cases, parents simply prefer to care for their kids before they’re old enough to enter kindergarten, whether because of cultural reasons or because of unfamiliarity with U.S. approaches to early learning. In other cases, immigrant parents, especially those who aren’t documented, have a general fear or distrust of government institutions and are wary of signing up for publicly funded programs such as California’s need-based state preschools . “Interactions between and among [these] barriers can compound the difficulties facing low-income immigrant families,” the report says.

Windows Phone is dead

Windows Phone started off life as a promising alternative to Android and iOS five years ago. Microsoft positioned its range of Windows Phone 7 handsets as the true third mobile ecosystem, but it's time to admit it has failed. If a lack of devices from phone makers and even Microsoft itself wasn't enough evidence, the final nail in the coffin hit today.  Microsoft only sold 4.5 million Lumia devices in the recent quarter, compared to 10.5 million at the same time last year. That's a massive 57 percent drop. Even a 57 percent increase wouldn't be enough to save Windows Phone right now.

MIT wins SpaceX’s Hyperloop competition, and Elon Musk made a cameo

In the end, Elon Musk couldn't resist showing up to the competition he helped inspire. The billionaire SpaceX CEO made a surprise appearance at the end of the Hyperloop pod design competition at Texas A&M University Saturday, eliciting a rapturous reaction from the thousand-plus audience of high school and college engineers who were there to compete for a chance to test their designs on  Musk's personal Hyperloop track later this year.

I set up my Raspberry Pi to automatically tweet at Comcast Xfinity whenever my internet speeds drop significantly below what I pay for • /r/technology

So a few years ago I get Comcast. The apt doesn't have enough jacks for me to put the modem and tv on different jacks. I'm a Network Engineer so I have it all wired and a modem and firewall in place. Tech comes out and complains that I can't put in a splitter and there's to much stuff connected to it. I tell him it's fine. He calls and registers the modem and sets up the box, but won't check the speeds. Because it's not supported so he's not going to bother. He leaves. I check the speeds and it's getting way less then it should. I disconnect everything and just have a line to the modem and to a laptop it's still slow. Call Comcast and they do the normal bs and say they'll send a tech out and it'll be $50 plus the fee for the first guy. I say send someone new. I get another guy and have nothing connected but the laptop and modem. As he's working on it he gets a call and I hear this, "Yeah I'm there now. No there's nothing else connected and it's still slow. Yeah I see where it all was, but it's not getting right speeds.

SpaceX's Elon Musk wants to send humans to start colonizing Mars by 2025

At a startup festival in Hong Kong, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said he will announce plans for a Mars-bound spacecraft later this year, with goals of sending humans to the Red Planet by 2025.

19 Report: Wireless Charging (Finally) Coming to iPhone

Automatic Renewal Program: Your subscription will continue without interruption for as long as you wish, unless you instruct us otherwise. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the term unless you authorize cancellation. Each year, you'll receive a notice and you authorize that your credit/debit card will be charged the annual subscription rate(s). You may cancel at any time during your subscription and receive a full refund on all unsent issues. If your credit/debit card or other billing method can not be charged, we will bill you directly instead. Contact Customer Service

Google Testing New Google Fiber Phone Service

Currently, Google Fiber Phone is only available to those who have been invited to partake in the program, and Google is only inviting people who have previously signed up for the company's Fiber Trusted Tester program—essentially, its opt-in beta testing. If you're one of the lucky ones, you'll get a letter from Google asking you if you're interested in taking part. You have one week to reply to Google and, if you agree (and are selected to participate), Google will send a technician out your way to set the service up.

Annie Colbert on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Lucas Mearian on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

MIT Sandbox invites 11,000 students to innovate

Founding contributors to Sandbox include people and organizations from around the world spanning the range of pathways through which MIT students and alumni may have an impact: foundations, large companies, small companies, individual entrepreneurs, investors, and government laboratories. Pending final review, the supporters who have committed to the program include: Amazon; Danaher; General Catalyst Partners; GETTYLAB; MIT Lincoln Laboratory; OCP; Picoco; Polaris Partners; Tata group; Xerox Foundation; and individual donors (Noubar B. Afeyan PhD '87; Haejin Baek '86; Peter C. Farrell SM '67; Daniel A. Gilbert '91; Jamie Goldstein '89; Paul S. Mashikian '95, MNG ’97; Mick Mountz '87; Hans N. Robertson '99, MNG '03; Frank G. Slaughter ’84; Emilie "Mimi" I. Slaughter '87, SM '88; Peter Levine; and Jeremy M. Wertheimer SM '89, PhD '96). They will provide guidance and feedback to the students and make recommendations on which projects to fund and at what level.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will look a lot like the S6

Evan Blass has updated an article over at VentureBeat with a new image. It's apparently the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. What's notable from this image (and  Blass' associated tweet ) is that the upcoming two versions of Samsung's flagship look damn-near identical to the Galaxy S6 line. That's important for a few reasons. First, the  basic design here is worthy of praise , just as it was with the original S6. Whether or not you think it looks too much like an iPhone (and yes, it does look a lot like an iPhone), it's still a well-crafted piece of hardware. This is the first time we've seen believable images of the S7 and S7 Edge — even if they are only press renders.

Rihanna's leaving radio behind on the strange, defiant ANTI

Rihanna would rather be smoking weed. She admits as much just a few minutes into ANTI , her eighth LP and first since 2012’s Unapologetic ; she does so on " James Joint ," a bubbling, casually lusty interlude that splits the difference between Stevie Wonder and Flying Lotus. In the three-plus years since her last major release, it’s become clear that Rihanna doesn’t really need music anymore, at least not in a financial or a cultural sense. It’s the coal she shovels into the furnace that spits out world tours, music videos, and breathless tweets from fans around the world, and it doesn’t have to be much more. She’s a fashion icon , a perfume magnate, and an invested participant in music’s streaming wars.

Comcast's reply to our tweet about them was hilarious

I really hope it’s a bot. If it was a real person, we can only assume that either Comcast forces its customer service agents to reply to any tweet about connection issues, or they’re bombarded with complaints to the point where they lose the ability to filter.

This person's bot tweets complaints about internet speed

A Reddit user became so frustrated with paying Comcast for 150 mbps internet but not receiving the prescribed speed, so set up a bot using a Raspberry Pi to tweets complaints at the ISP.

Apple recalls international AC wall plug adapters due to risk of electric shock

Apple just announced a voluntary recall of AC wall plug adapters for Macs and iPads sold between 2003 and 2015 in Europe, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, and South Korea, due to risk of electrical shock. But even Americans could be at risk if they use the affected adapters sold in the $29 World Travel Adapter Kit.

Vanessa Hudgens announces father's death; will perform 'Grease: Live' in his honor

Vanessa Hudgens announces father's death; will perform 'Grease: Live' in his honor

If You Go Near the Super Bowl, You Will Be Surveilled Hard

With deadly terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino in such recent memory, law enforcement is taking no chances with this game. If all this surveillance in the name of security makes you uncomfortable and you’d rather not have your face, car, and cell phone activity tracked across the Bay Area, you have only one option: Don’t go anywhere near the big game.

Microsoft Open Sources Artificial Intelligence Toolkit

The software giant has open sourced its Computational Network Toolkit, or CNTK, which the company says is "more efficient" than four other popular solutions used to create deep learning models for things like speech and image recognition — including Google's recently open-sourced TensorFlow . Now, the toolkit is available via GitHub for anyone who wants to use it, from deep learning start-ups to more established companies processing huge amounts of data in real time.

Facebook Bans Private Gun Sales

Facebook Inc. is banning private gun sales on the social network and its Instagram photo-sharing network around the world, the company said on Friday.

Gwendoline Christie's Captain Phasma is returning for Star Wars: Episode VIII

"I made no secret of the fact that I really campaigned for the part for a long time," she said. "And then I was delighted when J.J. Abrams wanted to have me in the film and then wanted to cast me in this role that had originally been designed for a man."

Curiosity Self-Portrait at Martian Sand Dune

See a cat's worst nightmare: 'Walking Dead' mice

These taxidermy tributes to Daryl, Merle, Michonne, and the Little Girl zombie from "The Walking Dead" are cute in an undead kind of way. We talk with taxidermy artist Rachael Garcia about her unusual art.

Artist reimagines Disney Princesses as Tim Burton characters

Recently, however, the artist decided to fuse the two genres and give a bunch of Disney characters a gothic makeover. Sure, Tim Burton and Walt Disney have *slightly* different outlooks on life, but the artists share a visual vocabulary. So Tarusov darkened the Disney palette, extended some limbs, and added some mascara. What we're left with is this:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: "The War for Dimension X" Review - IGN

In terms of balancing action, humor and story, "The War for Dimension X" was one of the strongest episodes to come out of Season 4 since the premiere. Not only did it delve into the lore and history of the Kraang, but it delivered tons of action and set pieces. Even without April and Casey getting in on the fun, there were plenty of great character moments to come out of this, particularly from Sal, Mona Lisa and Bishop.

Report: Bank of America and Wells Fargo exploring Apple Pay ATMs

TechCrunch’s report is light on details about how Bank of America’s and Wells Fargo’s NFC ATMs would work, but it’s a great idea, since the same things that make Apple Pay convenient and secure to use at in-store payment terminals apply just as much, if not more, to ATM transactions. While ATMs require a PIN, the fingerprint scanner on an iPhone is harder to crack, and Apple Pay uses one-time-use tokens instead of passing along your actual account details. That also means that if an ATM has a nasty card skimmer attached to it, an NFC transaction wouldn’t result in the skimmer grabbing your card number or PIN.

The Iowa Caucuses: Live updates

Mashable 's Juana Summers, Megan Specia and Cameron Joseph are on the ground in Iowa covering the final sprint to Monday's caucuses. Stick with us until there's a winner!

Unauthorized photos from the heavily guarded set of 'The Godfather'

The “guards” did such a good job keeping Brando from public view that traffic was snarled, pushcart shopping became impossible and residents had trouble getting into their own buildings. As the temperatures and crowds mounted, the sound of angry Italians in full cry would have made Brando blush - if he understood Italian slang.

Samsung's Android browser gets ad blocking capabilities

Samsung is today adding support for content and ad blocking plugins to the web browser preinstalled on its Android phones. The updated browser, which is being pushed to Samsung phones with Android Lollipop or newer starting today, will let users install helper apps that block ads from websites they visit, similar to how content and ad blocking works in  Apple's Safari browser in iOS 9 . An ad or content blocker could reduce loading times and mobile data usage, as web pages loaded without ads are much smaller than those with advertising enabled.

What huge Super Bowl food looks like in doll-sized portions

In the U.S., game day food is all about size: dozens of buffalo wings, heaps of nachos, XL pizzas, pounds of dip, gallons of beer. But you never see those dishes in dainty, gourmet form. So, we decided to plate supersize American snacks in tea party portions — just for the heck of it.

Spotify, please don't turn into iTunes

Here again, we face the same problem. There's a bit of an identity crisis happening. Who turns to Spotify for this sort of thing? I'm going to open YouTube for 90 percent of it, and if I want to see sports highlights, I'll just load up ESPN's app. Or Twitter. But Spotify? It just doesn't occur to me, and I doubt that'll change. Spotify is where music lives. All of the music . It's where Discover Weekly continues to blow us away with playlists that somehow only get more precise and enjoyable each Monday. It's an app that, for all its weird quirks, we've grown incredibly addicted to. Just swiping through the activity feed can fill you in on what sort of mood your friends are in. And now, after welcoming The Beatles, Spotify's catalog has officially hit "good enough for nearly everyone" status. Videos and podcasts, though, aren't really a value add in my eyes. It's the total opposite. They risk cluttering up the app until it's a bloated, confusing mess. Like iTunes.

9th Annual Crunchies Awards

The Oscars of Startups and Technology. TechCrunch kicks off 2016 with the 9th Annual Crunchies Awards Show, the award ceremony to recognize and celebrate the most compelling startups, internet, and technology innovations of the year.

Influencer Marketing is About the How, not Just the Who - Jennifer Polk

Another approach that brands take when they’re scaling an influencer marketing program or don’t have the manpower to manage it internally is to outsource it to an agency or a blogger network. In general, outsourcing influencer marketing, especially blogger outreach, provides scalability and campaign coordination. But, it can be pricy, especially if it’s being managed by a digital or social marketing agency that’s billing by the hour. Consider the hours it takes to find, vet and engage influencers, not to mention execute a high-touch or complex program. Nevertheless, agencies can manage some or all of your program, from finding influencers to engaging on behalf of your brand to executing and measuring the campaign. Some, like PR agencies, specialize in this type of campaign. Those that do have great influencer relationships, but might be reluctant to hand over their lists to your team. Other agencies are essentially blogger networks, like BlogHer or Sway. They may have different specialties and offer different campaign packages and pricing, but they are similar in many ways in that they offer access to bloggers, structured campaigns with varying levels of customization, access to a metrics dashboard and documented success.

Surface 3, Surface Pro 3 blue screen of death: Microsoft offers fix for firmware update headaches | ZDNet

Surface 3 owners who installed a Surface Pen driver intended for the Surface Pro 4 have seen their efforts to gain new functionality hit a wall by Microsoft's January firmware update.

How to save time online dating

Canned responses can’t be good. Someone who says, “Hey, I was looking at your profile and I think we have a lot in common,” followed by an additional 300 words about their experience skydiving in Romania (especially when you specifically mention your fear of heights), might be interesting, but they are probably just seeing how many responses they can get without having to do anything more than cut and paste. There is a fine line between saving time and being lazy.

Buying a TV for the Super Bowl? You Might After Reading This

Let’s be real: Spending $3,000 to $5,000 on a TV isn’t exactly a super-cheap proposition. But when we’re talking about LG’s 4K OLED sets—the epitome of stunning picture quality—it’s worth considering. LG just announced deep cuts on its 55-inch EF9500 (flat) and EG9600 (curved) 4K OLED TVs; they’re both $3,000 now—one thousand dollars less than they were last year. The 65-inch versions of each set go for $5,000 now. And if you buy either set on the day of the Super Bowl through February 13, they’ll throw in a free 4K TV or $300 gift card for the higher-priced sets and a free HDTV or $200 gift card for the lower-priced sets. (Oh, and there are even deeper cuts on LG’s 4K LCD sets, to the tune of $2,000 off the regular price).

Obama seeks $4B for computer science classes

Obama seeks $4B for computer science classes President Obama will ask Congress for more than $4.2 billion to reboot computer science education programs in what the White House is calling an "Eisenhower moment" for technical education. Check out this story on

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What we learned at the dress rehearsal for 'Grease: Live':

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