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One of Budweiser’s 2017 Super Bowl ads is a tribute to the company's immigrant roots

"Born the Hard Way" highlights Adolphus Busch’s journey from Germany to America.

Putting a GoPro on a sword is either a great idea or a really great idea

This blade is unleashed.

Finn the puppy reunites with his favorite toy after 5 years apart

They're both squeaking with excitement.

Ben Affleck Isn’t Directing Batman, So Now It Might Get Made

Ben Affleck is no longer directing 'The Batman'—and that's probably for the best.

Seth Meyers takes his 'Closer Look' at Trump's 'sloppy and discriminatory' Muslim ban

We're two for two in weekends of nation-wide protests.

Former 'I'm a Mac' actor Justin Long is now shilling for an Android phone

Oh, how times have changed.

What do smart cities of the future look like for Panasonic?

In a further expansion of its smart cities strategy, Panasonic showcased several new urban technologies at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

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Apple just broke its iPhone sales record - again

For all we press like to chant doom and gloom around Apple and it’s seeming lack of innovation the past few years, the company seems to be doing just fine. The company today announced its latest financial quarter results and – surprise – it broke its own records.

Open-sourcing Chrome on iOS!

Historically, the code for Chrome for iOS was kept separate from the rest of the Chromium project due to the additional complexity required for the platform. After years of careful refactoring, all of this code is rejoining Chromium and being moved into the

Trump will announce his Supreme Court nominee on Facebook Live tonight

We asked Facebook for comment on Trump's stream, including how the social network views this as part of Live's role in the political process and whether it will offer any special support for the broadcast. A Facebook spokesperson got back to us with the following statement:

Sandberg: Trump's immigration ban defies American values

Long before this week, women - especially undocumented women - have been vulnerable to violence and abuse once they get here. Latina workers have been described as the "perfect victims" of sexual abuse; they are disproportionately more likely to be sexually assaulted at work. Undocumented women rarely contact local law enforcement about crimes like rape or domestic abuse, because they fear being deported if they do. Young women caught in refugee status are highly vulnerable to violence and exploitation and also often lose the chance at an education. We know that no investment has a higher return than girls' education - for them, for their families and for the countries they may someday help rebuild.

Comcast launches its Xfinity TV app into beta on Roku

Comcast’s Xfinity TV application launched into beta today on Roku, offering both live and on-demand programming, including local broadcast stations as well as public access and government channels. It also lets customers watch their cloud DVR recordings. But make no mistake: this isn’t really an app for cord cutters for the time being. To use the app, most Comcast customers will have to subscribe to both Xfinity TV and Xfinity’s internet service, the company’s FAQ explains.

Apple's Q1 2017 Earnings and Conference Call - Live Blog

Thanks for stopping by the live blog of Apple's fiscal first quarter 2017 earnings, by far the most exciting live blog topic you'll encounter today. There is no shortage of storylines when Apple reports results. Here are two areas to focus your attention: 1) the iPhone, and 2) the services business.

Snapchat now lets you link to websites using custom Snapcodes

Hot on the heels of its redesign from last week , Snapchat is back with another update to its app, adding the ability to make custom Snapcodes for websites. Like the original Snapcodes, which add a user on Snapchat when viewed in the app, the new Snapcodes will prompt users to open a website when people snap the image.

Tech readies next swings at Trump immigration ban

On Tuesday, the group of companies will discuss filing an amicus briefing attached to a lawsuit against Trump's order. An amicus briefing is a statement offering arguments or information to a judge by a party that's not a defendant or plaintiff. It's not clear what lawsuit the briefing would be attached to.

Game developers take a stand against Trump's immigration ban

Before joining Engadget in 2013, Timothy spent half a decade freelancing for all manner of outlets writing about all sorts of (mostly video game-related) things. Timothy’s an A/V enthusiast who adores physical media, much to the chagrin of his available shelf space. He loves music by Amon Tobin, Run the Jewels and the Deftones most of all. Oh, and he has a hard time not buying all the overpriced Calvin and Hobbes stuff on Etsy.

Uber, Daimler Strike Partnership for Self-Driving Vehicles

Daimler, based in Stuttgart, has been aggressive when it comes to developing self-driving technology of its own. The partnership could put the carmaker in a strong position to monetize self-driving cars when the technology is ready. The agreement doesn’t include plans to team up on jointly developing technology for autonomous vehicles, according to Daimler spokesman Hendrik Sackmann.

Disney's kid-friendly Club Penguin will shut down in March

As TechCrunch reports , Club Penguin's web traffic has been on the decline since it peaked around 12 million users in 2013. As of last month, the site was down to about 5.5 million monthly visitors and the launch of Club Penguin Island hopes to recapture some of that audience while bringing the next class of elementary schoolers online. The market for kids' spaces is also much more crowded than it was back in 2005, and Disney will be competing directly with services like Lego's Lego Life social network , also aimed at that under-13 demographic.

How to disable word predictions on the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Many U.S. states will continue to allow the new MacBook Pro into exams, but invigilators will be present to ensure predictive text is disabled. Follow the steps below to turn it off.

Facebook is reportedly building a streaming TV app

Although the report is short on specifics for the new app, the Journal notes that it would prioritize video content rather than simply act as a big-screen portal into your news feed. Facebook is also reportedly in talks with media companies to license a variety of long-form, TV-style content ranging from scripted shows to sports and entertainment. Naturally, the app would be a platform to distribute this new content alongside TV-style advertisements that can fetch a higher asking price than display ads on the news feed.

A Mystery AI Just Crushed the Best Human Players at Poker

Yes, poker is just a game. But the game theory exhibited by Libratus could help with everything from financial trading to political negotiations to auctions, says University of Michigan professor Michael Wellman, who specializes in game theory and closely follows the world of AI poker. In no-limit Hold ‘Em, players aren’t necessarily trying to win each small hand. They’re trying to win the most money, and that means developing betting strategies that play out over dozens of hands. A machine that masters no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em mimics the kind of human intuition these strategies require.

Facebook tweaks News Feed to show more 'authentic' and 'timely' stories

Facebook today announced changes to the News Feed to better display relevant stories. As part of the change, Facebook is rolling out new signals to “better identify and rank authentic content” as well as a new real-time prediction algorithm to spot stories faster that might be relevant to you.

Most of the 'Fellowship of the Ring' reforms after 15 long years

We can't help but notice, though, that most of the cast members seem like they have aged...except for Wood. Could the ring have...? No, no, that's crazy.

A New Star Trek: Discovery Teaser Reveals Sets, Costumes, Ships and a Captain's Chair

There’s the costumes, which feel a little Enterprise the show circa the Prime timeline . The villains kind of have a Klingon feel, but the armor is definitely new. A new ship that’s not the Discovery looks like an upgraded version of a centaur class vessel. So many cool little details.

Prince's music will soon be back on Spotify and Apple music, probably

Inside sources and coy Spotify ads point to The Purple One's music becoming available on all streaming services very soon.

Facebook is reportedly making an app for set-top TV boxes

Facebook began working on an app last summer after discussing the idea for years, according to the Journal . But it’s not enough to build an app: Facebook needs to fill it with programming. Video on Facebook today consists mostly of short clips and experimental live streams — both formats that will be difficult to sell advertising revenue against. And advertising is the whole point of the exercise, because Facebook told investors recently that it’s running out of places in the News Feed where it could insert new ads.

Nintendo kills the Wii U, at least in Japan

The Wii U wasn't a bad console by any means, but it never made as much of an impression with the public as its older sibling. After all, the Wii sold upwards of 101 million units, while the Wii U, as of the end of 2016, barely scraped 13.6 million . With the Switch landing globally on March 3rd, it's clear that the company wants to usher off its less successful device now as to not draw attention from its replacement. Although, interestingly, the Wii wasn't killed off until almost a year after its successor had launched -- another ignominy the Wii U will have to put up with.

Apple beats on revenue and profit but forecasts weakness ahead

But Apple also guided revenue significantly lower, suggesting the iPhone company could post revenue of between $51 and $53 billion next quarter — significantly less than the Street's expectation of $54 billion.

ACLU joins Silicon Valley startup accelerator Y Combinator

The ACLU joining Y Combinator is both interesting and bizarre. On one hand, it will give the organization the opportunity to network with other Silicon Valley companies, grow its influencer base, and receive mentorship on how to use its new funding to effectively induce change. On the other, Peter Thiel — a Trump supporter — is a part-time Y Combinator advisor, and ACLU donors are concerned with the accelerator’s continued relationship with Thiel given his role in the current administration. Altman has stated that he will not cut ties with Thiel because diversity of opinion is “critical.”

The Screenwriter of Arrival Is Working on a New Scifi Film

One of the many marvelous things about Arrival is the way Eric Heisserer adapted Ted Chiang’s short story, “Story of Your Life,” into a script that stayed true to Chiang’s work while adding new, cinematic elements to the story. Now the Oscar-nominated Heisserer is taking on another film in the scifi genre.

Plex acquires Watchup, plans to integrate personalized news service into media player

Plex, the company behind the media storage and playback tools, has acquired the personalized streaming news service Watchup, as part of a plan to provide users of the Plex ecosystem more content to watch from their devices. Watchup , available for iOS, combines together news from more than 150 sources —including CBS, CNN, PBS, Euronews, and Hearst Television —into a personalized newscast. Users are able to select videos to compile their newscast from a variety of international, national, and local sources, with content narrowed down based on selected interests. After preferences are set, Watchup users can then watch the content in various ways, including on iPhone and iPad via the iOS app, the Apple TV, and other set-top boxes. In addition, a dedicated watchOS app also provides details of upcoming stories in the newscast that can be set to play straight away. The terms of the deal were not disclosed by Plex, but TechCrunch claims the nine Watchup employees will join Plex's team of 90 staff. Watchup's news will be integrated into Plex in the coming months, gaining its own section in the player sometime in the second quarter, though it is unclear if the iOS app will disappear as part of the acquisition and integration.

Don't tell us to ‘stick to tech'

Just think about all the marvelous happenstance that went into making that post possible: The internet being conceived and its subsequent spread. Twitter being conceived and its subsequent transformation into a cultural phenomenon. The mechanics of Twitter used by Trump to gain influence. The subsequent subversion of those mechanisms to make fun of that influence. The fact that you understand what it means (or doesn’t mean) if an onion can match a president in a virtual but real-world metric.

Walmart ditches its Amazon Prime competitor in favor of more free two-day shipping

Walmart is killing off its Amazon Prime competitor in favor of offering free shipping on more items . The old service, named ShippingPass, started trials nearly two years ago, charging a $49 annual membership in exchange for free two-day shipping. The new system means that this service will be available on more than 2 million items to any customer, although there is a minimum purchase price of $35 (previously $50).

Trump names Supreme Court nominee on Facebook Live

The tech industry is also keenly interested in how SCOTUS could rule on the Fourth Amendment, which protects citizens from illegal search and seizure of property. That's taken on new complications with our increasing use of digital communications. Today, companies are like Google and Microsoft are forbidden to tell you when the police have a search warrant for your cloud-stored files. Currently, Microsoft is suing the Department of Justice in federal court in Seattle, arguing it should be able to intervene for customers who don't even know their files are being searched.

2K wins right to store your biometric facial data

With little evidence to suggest how their privacy would be at risk, the judge gave 2K the benefit of the doubt. Still, no matter the outcome, it's a landmark case, with biometric data sure to play an increasingly important role in identifying individuals in the future. While there is certainly nothing that suggests that 2K will use the data for nefarious means, the result of this case does raise some interesting questions about who owns the right to your digital likeness.

Super Mario Run gets an easy mode, pulls in the big bucks for Nintendo

Why this matters: My kid is 5 years old, and I have Super Mario Run on my iPhone both because I have my finger on the pulse of technology trends, and so my son can play it while we’re at restaurants waiting for food and mommy wants to drink her margarita in peace. Now he’ll be able to get past the first couple of levels without whining for my “help,” which to be fair isn’t much more than me barking “Tap! Tap! No, don’t hold your finger down!” between sips. This update is going to be better for everyone. Thanks, Nintendo.

IGN on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Every Brand Has A Cherished Storyline, And Trump Is No Different

But Trump’s speech wasn’t always so irrational. There was a time when his personal brand added up, and was his great pride. To revisit this moment is to see the narrative high he’s always chasing, the one he chased most frantically in his inaugural address, the story of a nation laid to waste by bureaucrats and street crime and in need of redemption by Trump's riches, bluster, and vanity. It’s a tale that so enchants Trump that he can’t stop telling it, ruminating on it, and trying to force it to be true again—facts of the world be damned. And unlike the various diagnoses he’s been subject to—he’s a narcissist! A king! A baby!—this tale, and Trump's commitment to rehashing it, does have predictive power, and might help us know what he’ll do next.

The future of iOS is 64-bit only: Apple to stop support of 32-bit apps

If you use older 32-bit apps on newer devices, you’ll need to upgrade your apps to make sure you can still use them. During the switch to 64-bit development, some developers released new versions of their apps that you have to buy instead of updating the old ones, so it’s possible that you may have missed the new version. You’ll need to check the App Store to find the new version and possibly buy a new version of that app.

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

The Fellowship of the Ring Is Still Ready to Take on a Cave Troll

Fifteen years later, moments like this are a blueprint for why the Lord of the Rings movies are so incredible. All the technical stuff? Yes. The script and direction? Of course. Tolkien’s story? Undoubtedly. None of that should be overlooked. Still, it was Jackson’s casting, and the fact everyone bonded so deeply during filming, that gave those characters life. You loved seeing each of them grow, cried when they departed, and cried again when they were reunited. You can probably count on one hand the number of huge blockbuster trilogies where the casts still hang out 15 years later. And now, the Fellowship is back together again.

How The Tech Industry Is Helping the ACLU Fill Its War Chest

Uber has also weighed in, though not without some controversy. On Saturday night, the ride-hailing company came under fire on social media for its decision to turn off surge pricing to JFK airport when New York City taxi drivers were on strike, refusing to drive passengers to the airport, where protests against the ban were taking place. Uber's main rival, Lyft, also continued operating during the strike, but it did not turn off surge pricing and won the PR war. By Sunday, Lyft had announced it would donate $1 million to the ACLU. Uber, meanwhile, promised legal help and three months' financial compensation for about a dozen of its employees who are currently out of the U.S. and risk being refused re-entry because of their nationalities. CEO Travis Kalanick is a member of Trump’s economic advisory group and will be attending a meeting on Friday where, he has said, he will discuss how the ban impacts innocent people .

Inside the 20-Year Quest to Build Computers That Play Poker

DeepStack and Libratus play an unusual version of poker. The computers are matched up against a single opponent, as opposed to a group of players. The number of chips each player holds is reset after every hand, eliminating the complicated psychological game through which players with more chips intimidate poorer players by forcing them to make big bets. Eric Hollreiser, a spokesman for PokerStars, the world's leading online poker platform, said this limits any threat that AI poses to the poker industry. “While on a functional hand-by-hand basis it mimics poker play, it is far, far removed from the reality of what happens at tables,” he said. 

How Amazon is trying to lure in indie filmmakers with a $100,000 bonus

“Distributors withhold digital numbers from filmmakers, so there are no digital revenue comps available to run estimates to determine if this is a good deal for my film,” producer Rebecca Green (“It Follows”) told Business Insider. “For example, the deal stipulates that a film makes money per hour viewed, but what is the average length of time a film is watched on Amazon and how does that differ per genre? What statistics do I have about past films released on Amazon Direct, in the same way I can look up box-office numbers for every film released in theaters, in order for me to determine if 30 cents per hour is a good deal for my film? I can tell you that I do not have this information for even my own two films currently in the digital stage of their release. Maybe it is a good deal, but without the numbers to back it up, I really have no idea and neither does any other filmmaker selling their film.”

The Microsoft Store is just not ready to compete on any level - TechRepublic

It may be a better strategy at this point for Microsoft to partner with an existing service like Steam. Valve wants Steam to be a one-stop shop for games, apps, music, and video, but it is having problems getting titles beyond games on its service. Microsoft can supply the music, video, and apps that Steam is lacking, while Steam can provide the games the Microsoft Store is missing so badly. Seems like a match made in business strategy heaven to me.

Despite talk, Trump postpones cybersecurity order

Despite talk, Trump postpones cybersecurity order President Trump postponed the signing of an executive order on cybersecurity Tuesday, despite a White House messaging blitz on the issue and a signing ceremony on the schedule. Check out this story on

This Goth Chicken Doesn't Conform to Your Perfect Chicken Society

The Ayam Cemani, an all-black bird indigenous to Indonesia, is the most sought-after chicken on the market right now, but not for its taste. In fact, no one would dare eat these Sith Lord birds.

AQUAMAN Movie Casts Black Manta, Plus Nicole Kidman as Atlantean Queen | Nerdist

In the DC Comics lore, (which, to be fair, has changed a few times over the decades), Queen Atlanna was exiled from Atlantis and fell in love with a human lighthouse keeper named Tom Curry. Arthur Curry was their son, who grew up to be Aquaman and would eventually return to Atlantis to claim his throne. In other versions, she was already pregnant with Arthur when she left Atlantis, and Aquaman’s father was the ancient Atlantean wizard Atlan. Atlanna would then die when baby Arthur was young, and the Atlanteans left their child to die on Mercy Reef. The lighthouse keeper then raised the exiled child as his own, but never met or married Atlanna. It’s unsure which version they are going with for the movie, but considering writer  Geoff Johns went classic with his well-received version of Aquaman in the New 52, I expect that version to make it into the film. Atlanna has turned up alive in recent Aquaman comics from DC.

5 IoT cybersecurity predictions for the coming year

Sadly, the new year promises more and worse breaches, hacks, ransomware, cybercrime, and official as well as unofficial assaults on citizens’ privacy and security. There will be controversies that draw our attention to important and often-overlooked information security best practices, that generate important research and discussion and hopefully spur real action.

Leaked Video Reveals New Boston Dynamics Robot That Can Perform Amazing Stunts on Two Wheels

Venture Capitalist Steve Jurvetson was at a presentation given by Boston Dynamics’ founder Marc Raibert, who revealed a new two-legged robot called Handle. The bot swaps articulated feet for a pair of wheels that it can balance on like it’s riding a Segway. But while that human transporter is regarded as a genuine failure, this footage—which Boston Dynamics told us was not meant to be seen outside the presentation—shows a sweet robot creation.

Police picked up a nude jogger on Microsoft's campus

The jogger in question was apparently picked up right near the Microsoft campus' Building 121, a major thoroughfare for employees with a large food court. While Redmond Police Safety notes that technically, this could be considered indecent exposure, they decided not to charge him because there was nobody around to see it.

Trump pushes drugmakers for lower prices, more U.S. production

WASHINGTON/LOS ANGELES U.S. President Donald Trump in a meeting on Tuesday with pharmaceutical executives called on them to manufacture more of their drugs in the United States and cut prices, while vowing to speed approval of new medicines and ease regulation.

Prep a Bunch of Brussels Sprouts at Once With Two Bowls

Roasted Brussels sprouts are one of winter’s many edible joys, but the prep work can be a bit tedious. In addition to de-stemming each sprout, any dirty or bruised outer leaves need to be peeled off. To save your fingers some stress and yourself some time, you’ll just need to grab two bowls.

60 Seconds on Google, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Facebook [Infographic]

Their  Data Never Sleeps 4.0  infographic shows how much we contribute and consume as global users every single minute, and how much the population of the internet has grown over the last four years.

Paralyzed patients communicate thoughts via brain-computer interface

LONDON Scientists have developed a brain-computer interface that reads the brain's blood oxygen levels and enables communication by deciphering the thoughts of patients who are totally paralyzed and unable to talk.

Chrissy Teigen completely roasts online troll who questions her fertility plan

One would think then story would end there but, when it comes to celebrities, the trolls come out to play. A woman tweeted at Teigen telling her that she should "wait a minute" and try conceiving "naturally".

Nintendo delays its 'Animal Crossing' mobile game

While a disappointment to fans of the chill village sim, it should give Nintendo more time to focus on its quality. The company has released just two apps so far -- Miitomo and Super Mario Run -- and clearly prefers a slow, considered approach. With Heroes already dated, it makes sense for the company to focus on that launch first. The game requires a constant internet connection, so Nintendo will want to watch the servers just in case it blows up like Pokemon Go did for The Pokemon Company. If you need a way to bide the time, there's always the 'Welcome Amiibo' update for New Leaf , or this sweet Animal Crossing music extension for Chrome.

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