Ben Affleck Isn’t Directing Batman, So Now It Might Get Made Video Description

In truth, it’s not that surprising for anyone familiar with the game. Overwatch is, well, horny; it has a wide, colorful cast of largely attractive characters, many of whom are sexualized in ways ranging from the explicit to the more subtle . (Both of those links are safe for work. Scout’s honor.) It’s something the game’s fandom has run with in a big way, too; a quick search of the Overwatch tag on Tumblr or any site like it  reveals an unending stream of fan art, much of it depicting every possible relationship configuration you can imagine. And the cast coming from a wide variety of geographical and cultural backgrounds is apparently paying off in the porn scene: While the game doesn’t crack the top 10 search terms globally, it’s third in Spain, second in Argentina, and the top Pornhub search term for all of 2016 in Russia. (That last one probably isn’t a coincidence. Zarya, a pink-haired heavy who many in the fandom read as a butch lesbian, is from Russia in the game’s backstory and seems to have quite the following there.)

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