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No, this toothbrush doesn't have artificial intelligence

Every year, the marketing arm of the tech industry huddles around a simmering cauldron of PR gumbo and fishes out a single word or phrase that will embody the hope — and hype — of the latest...

Uber unleashes Twitter warfare in another battle over data collection in NYC

Let the tweetstorm begin. In an effort to win its latest regulatory battle with New York City, Uber is once again trying

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Samsung’s new Chromebooks get Google Play access and a stylus

Google’s presence at CES this year is small. The company seems to mostly be working through partners at the show to demonstrate the real-world use of its various software initiatives. Take Samsung’s two new Chromebook offerings. Google was on hand to talk up the ways in which the laptops are ushering in the latest version of Chrome OS. The new Chromebook Plus and Pro are among the first to feature Google Play access, opening up the lightweight devices to a massive offering of Android apps and games. That will come pre-installed as a beta at launch.

Tesla Flips the Switch on the Gigafactory

Hidden in the scrubland east of Reno, Nev., where cowboys gamble and wild horses still roam—a diamond-shaped factory of outlandish proportions is emerging from the sweat and promises of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. It’s known as the Gigafactory, and today its first battery cells are rolling off production lines to power the company’s energy storage products and, before long, the Model 3 electric car. 1 The batteries are a deeply collaborative effort between Tesla and Panasonic, with both companies investing in the Gigafactory.

3 Log In - New York Times

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Nvidia Shield 2017 release date, news and features

Now, Nvidia has let us in on its new device, and while there's only one, this streaming box is loaded with power. What's more, it's backed by Google Assistant and a new peripheral named Spot, giving it much more capabilities than simply playing games and watching TV and movies. 

Apple confirms $1 billion investment in SoftBank tech fund

Apple Inc ( AAPL.O ) confirmed on Wednesday its plans to invest $1 billion in a tech fund being set up by Japan's SoftBank Group Corp ( 9984.T ).

Intel CES 2017 press conference

On Wednesday, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich will host a press conference all about virtual and so-called "merged" reality. comments0facebooktwitterlinkedingoogleplusmoremore+emailtumblrstumbledeliciousredditpinterestdigg

Watch Nvidia’s CES press conference live right here

Nvidia may have missed the smartphone boat, but the company accidentally became an essential chipmaker thanks to machine learning. Graphics processing units let developers run a ton of image processing tasks in parallel. That’s why carmakers are using Nvidia chips for their self-driving technologies and cloud computing companies now let you rent GPUs in the cloud.

Samsung Jumps Into Gaming Laptops With Notebook Odyssey

Matthew Buzzi is a junior analyst on the Hardware team at PCMag. Matthew graduated from Iona College with a degree in Mass Communications/Journalism. He interned for a college semester at Kotaku, writing about gaming. He has written about technology and video game news, as well as hardware and gaming reviews. In his free time, he likes to go out with friends, watch and discuss sports, play video games, read too much Twitter, and obsessively manage any fantasy sports leagues he's involved in. More »

9 Renewing Medium’s focus

Obviously, this is a tough thing to do, made tougher by the immense respect and love we have for these people who have helped make Medium what it is today. We reached this decision when Medium’s management team came together to review the last year and take a hard look at our business — where we are and where we’re headed. While we could continue on our current path — and there is a business case for doing so — we decided that we risk failing on our larger, original mission if we don’t make some proactive changes while we have the momentum and resources to do so.

NVIDIA brings GeForce Now cloud gaming to PCs Mac and low-end PC users can now play high end games over the cloud. Ever wanted to be a PC gamer, but didn't want to buy a gaming PC? NVIDIA's Jen-Hsun Haung wants your number. Taking the stage at CES today, NVIDIA's CEO announced GeForce Now for PC and Mac -- an offshoot of its cloud gaming service aimed at prospective PC gamers. Despite sharing the same name as the streaming service it offers to NVIDIA Shield users, GeForce Now for PC isn't a gaming subscription service. It's a server /rental/ program. Users of GeForce Now for PC won't load up a streaming app and pick through a list of games -- they'll load up Steam, Origin, UPlay or other PC game providers and purchase games directly from the distributor. Then they'll run that game on NVIDIA's GRID servers through GeForce Now for an hourly fee. The result is a setup that, in the stage demo, looks remarkably like running games on a local machine. The idea seems neat, but offloading your gameplay to the cloud isn't cheap: NVIDIA says GeForce Now will charge $25 for 20 hours of play, and that doesn't include the cost of the games. If you only played two hours a day, you'd spend $912 for a year of NVIDIA GeForce Now gaming. Still, if you really don't want to buy a gaming machine with that cash, GeForce Now for PC and Mac will start rolling out in March.

Users of GeForce Now for PC won't load up a streaming app and pick through a list of games -- they'll load up Steam, Origin, UPlay or other PC game providers and purchase games directly from the distributor. Then they'll run that game on NVIDIA's GRID servers through GeForce Now for an hourly fee. The result is a setup that, in the stage demo, looks remarkably like running games on a local machine.

Google sued by Labor Department over compensation data

Google sued by Labor Department over compensation data Feds say Google refused to hand over data as part of a routine anti-discrimination audit. Check out this story on

Nvidia and Audi aim to bring a self-driving AI car to market by 2020

Nvidia announced several new partners for its efforts to bring autonomous cars to public roads in a production capacity today, but the biggest by far was Audi. Nvidia is working with the carmaker to bring its AI driving tech, which is available thanks to its latest in-car autonomous computing hardware and software, to market by 2020.

inMarket orders a round of beacons; coming to a bar near you soon

inMarket has partnered with AMI Entertainment, a major supplier of jukeboxes, TVs, and other electronics to bars and other venues. It will begin to deploy beacons to 25,000 entertainment venues in the U.S. that use AMI equipment over the next few months.

Sony CES 2017 press conference

If it's new and cool and coming from Sony in 2017, expect to see it on stage at the company's CES press conference. comments0facebooktwitterlinkedingoogleplusmoremore+emailtumblrstumbledeliciousredditpinterestdigg

Live from Sony's CES 2017 press event!

Sony's press event is the final big show of CES 2017's press day. Shake off that gadget fatigue, because the company is likely to unveil plenty of TVs, devices and accessories that will hit stores before the end of the year. (Something that can't be said of all the gadgets announced at CES.) Join us at 8PM Eastern Time, right here! We'll be reporting direct from the front lines of consumer electronics' media salt mines.

16 The Vergecast Live at CES 2017

No Tweets for The Vergecast Live at CES 2017 just yet. Come back once the live video starts.

Samsung CES 2017 press conference

Samsung will show off its newest TVs and home appliances during an event in Las Vegas. comments0facebooktwitterlinkedingoogleplusmoremore+emailtumblrstumbledeliciousredditpinterestdigg

Nvidia and Audi aim to bring a self-driving AI car to market by 2020

Nvidia announced several new partners for its efforts to bring autonomous cars to public roads in a production capacity today, but the biggest by far was Audi. Nvidia is working with the carmaker to bring its AI driving tech, which is available thanks to its latest in-car autonomous computing hardware and software, to market by 2020.

Twitter Co-Founder Ev Williams’ Medium Cuts One-Third of Staff

Medium , the online publishing company started by Twitter co-founder Ev Williams, is changing its business model and cutting a third of its staff.

Snapdragon 835 specs: this is the tiny new chip that will control your life

This is the true sequel to the incredibly popular Snapdragon 820, found in over 200 Android phones around the world. There's a good chance your favorite phone from 2016 is due for an upgrade in 2017.

CES 2017: Samsung Notebook Odyssey Is the Company's First Gaming Laptop - IGN

Going off the spec sheet alone, the Notebook Odyssey looks like it could be a pretty solid gaming laptop. Memory on the 17-inch model is expandable up to 64GB, and storage can be expanded to a 512 GB SSD and a 1TB HDD. Anyone who's installed basically any triple-A game in the last three years knows how quickly a Steam sale can wipe out storage.

Nvidia is launching a game streaming service called GeForce Now

To address the large amount of consumers with low-powered laptops or older computers, Nvidia has announced GeForce Now, a game streaming service that follows in the footsteps of existing services such as PlayStation Now and OnLive.

Astronomers Pinpointed the Location of Multiple Weird Radio Bursts Beyond Our Galaxy

Fast radio bursts, powerful pulses of radio energy of unknown cosmic origin, are a source of endless fascination to astronomers and alien conspiracy theory fodder to everybody else. But while most FRBs discovered to date are one-off events—a single chirp in the interstellar void, if you will—these phenomena got more interesting last year when astronomers discovered the very first FRB signal that repeats. Now, they’ve pinpointed its location.

With the Concept-i, Toyota remembers people actually like driving

Toyota says that its Concept-I vehicle is focused on creating a welcoming experience that grows and learns about the driver. But it's also built to be driven. That's refreshing for people who actually enjoy being behind the wheel and might be concerned about the concept vehicles being shown off by other automakers that more focused on selfies than mountain roads.

Google Assistant is coming to Android TV

Google is bringing its Siri and Alexa rival, Google Assistant, to TV screens. The company just announced that Google Assistant will be coming to supported televisions and set-top boxes running Android TV “in the coming months.”

NASA Is Actually Going to Visit That Insane Metallic World

Measuring just 130 miles (210 kilometers) in diameter, the giant hunk of space ore known as 16 Psyche is located in our solar system’s main asteroid belt, three times further from the sun than Earth is. It’s believed to be the stripped core of a small planet destroyed in the very early days of our solar system. Visiting a world like Psyche could offer scientists a chance to learn more about the mysterious interiors of terrestrial planets, including Earth’s—which is one of the reasons NASA has decided to push forward with this somewhat offbeat mission.

Nvidia makes it easier for gamers to stream live to Facebook

By playing games within the GeForce Experience, users will be able to connect it directly “with two clicks,” Huang said on stage. It’ll allow users to capture more and more gaming footage, which has also become a big area where startups like Forge are popping up. And if it offers live-streamers another place to gather a big audience, it’s going to continue to make Nvidia increasingly the go-to platform.

5 ways the new connected agriculture world changed in 2016

Alerts are delivered whenever any of these metrics fall out of the ideal growing range. The data collected from users also enables Freight Farms to improve their services, giving them greater insight into how customers are utilizing their products. Container gardening is nothing new in urban areas, but it’s foreseeable that the water-efficient containers could be of benefit to regions where drought causes a barrier to farming.

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

Chile has the most dramatic tech projects you’ll ever see. Watch on our new app

HTC’s Deluxe Audio Strap is a better headphone solution for the Vive

HTC has announced the Deluxe Audio Strap, an accessory designed to provide a better headphone experience for the Vive VR headset. It works pretty similarly to the Oculus Rift’s built-in solution, routing the headset’s cables to one side and providing on-ear headphones that swing into place. The strap itself is also sturdier than the Vive’s stock unit, and is adjustable with a dial at the back.

Samsung re-enters notebook gaming with the Odyssey

After around a half-decade away, Samsung’s re-entering the gaming space. Today at CES, the hardware giant announced the Odyssey, a portable gaming notebook available in 17.3-inch and 15.6-inch configurations, both sporting a middling 1,920 x 1080 display with a top brightness of 300 nits and HDR video capabilities.

The ZTE Blade V8 Pro is yet another affordable dual-camera phone

First the Honor 6x , then the ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom , and now the ZTE Blade V8 Pro. These phones being unveiled here at CES 2017 all sport dual cameras that let you take photos with a shallow depth-of-field effect similar to what you can do with the iPhone 7 Plus . The difference is, this week's new devices generally cost much less than the iPhone (although we don't know the ZenFone's price yet), with the cheapest so far being the just-announced Blade V8 Pro. For $230, the handset offers a respectable set of features, including two 13-megapixel rear cameras, a 5.5-inch full HD display and an octa-core Snapdragon processor. From my brief experience with a preview unit, the V8 Pro feels sturdier than the Honor 6x ($250), and has a slightly better dual-camera implementation, to boot.

Hisense's laser projector promises a 100-inch 4K screen for $13k

If you prefer standard televisions, Hisense is delivering its first 4K Roku models, including a Dolby Vision-ready 75-inch model with a price tag of just $2,000. Its other 4K televisions will range in size all the way up to 86 inches, with a $6,000, for a standard 4K model, while the high-end ULED technology with local dimming tops out at 75-inches for $6,000.

Hulu nabs CBS shows for live-TV service

The deal is a meaningful step toward Hulu's goal of widening into a full pay-TV replacement. The upcoming subscription service will stream live TV over the internet, setting it up to compete against Dish's Sling TV, Sony's Playstation Vue and AT&T's DirecTV Now. As more consumer shift their video viewing online, Hulu's is angling to be the go-to place for cord cutters and young people on the hunt for live television and on-demand options online.

Samsung CES 2017 press conference

Samsung will show off its newest TVs and home appliances during an event in Las Vegas. comments0facebooktwitterlinkedingoogleplusmoremore+emailtumblrstumbledeliciousredditpinterestdigg

Faraday Future unveils electric vehicle in Las Vegas to kick off CES

LAS VEGAS Electric vehicle start-up Faraday Future showed off in Las Vegas on Tuesday a prototype of a vehicle set for production next year as the China-backed company strives to win credibility in the crowded sector and weather its funding challenges.

The best thing about Samsung's keynote was the comments

After the year it’s had, maybe the company should have turned the YouTube chat off.

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January 3 - 8, 2017 | Sands Expo and Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV

Sony's Gigantic Space Wall Is Actually Hundreds of Tiny LED Tiles

That image above appears to show one giant seamless LED display, but Sony’s new CLEDIS system, presumably intended for use in convention centers like the one hosting CES in Las Vegas, is actually hundreds of LED tiles smooshed together.

ZTE's crowd-sourced phone gets a name and a Kickstarter campaign

That early-bird price might be final, but very little else about the Hawkeye is. ZTE is still locking down the final specs so the chipset, camera, and RAM and storage configurations are still totally unknown. (As you can tell by the photos, it will have a rear fingerprint scanner.) That said, ZTE did let us fiddle around with some near-final design mockups and they're sleeker than that all-too-reasonable price tag would suggest. If these choices stick around, we'll be looking at an all-plastic body that comes in a variety of colors and texture finishes -- naturally, Kickstarter backers will be able to vote on which ones make the final cut. That said, I actually like the choices ZTE has tentatively cooked up: there's a smooth, deep navy with a zig-zag pattern that's only visible up close, a lenticular finish with a blue-to-black gradient and a wavy lime green look that sort of looks like a zen garden.

Qualcomm Announces Enhancements To IoT Network At CES 2017

Qualcomm has announced enhancements to its IoT Connectivity platform at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas, which aim to deliver “virtually seamless connectivity” across a variety of devices and technologies.

You might actually be able to afford this smart robot vacuum

Sure, we quite like models from iRobot and Neato , but expect to shell out $700 plus for a current gen model and upward of $500 even for an older Neato. Starting in March, you'll be able to buy any one of four new Black & Decker bots priced between $300 and $400.

This extension shows you just how smart Facebook's image recognition is

Install the extension, and it’ll display tags that Facebook uses as alt text for photos shared by users across its site, as overlays on each image. Facebook’s tech can figure out how many people are sitting or standing in a picture, whether they’re smiling or not, if the background is indoors or out, and whether there’s a baseball game under way in the shot.

'Passengers' provides a parable about tech ethics and space travel risks

Machines will only have as much intelligence as humans give them. There is something about humans that is so fundamental that it could never be replaced by a machine. So there’s no real need to worry too much about machines. Whether or not you need to worry about commercial space travel is something only the future can really tell. For now Passengers gives us a glimpse at a possible future.

New Details About Guillermo del Toro's New Film Are as Unusual as You'd Expect

It’s not a sci-fi [film], it’s not a genre film, but I am a creature in it. I’m a fish man that’s kind of a one-off. I’m an enigma, nobody knows where I came from; I’m the last of my species so I’m like a natural anomaly. And I’m being studied and tested in a U.S. government facility in 1963, so the Russian Cold War is on, the race for space is on, so there’s all that backdrop and that undercurrent. I’m being tested for how can they use me for advantages in military or space travel, or my technology—can we make this usable for humans? So they’re trying to keep me a secret from the Russians.

The 12 Best Video Games Of 2016

First, we spent a year playing video games. Then we spent a couple weeks debating which ones were best. Here, in alphabetical order, are Kotaku ’s top 12 games of 2016.

A New Accessory Makes the MacBook Pro Actually Suitable For Pros

One of the biggest professional gripes about the new MacBook Pro—dongle issues aside—is its lack of upgradability . Apple made the decision to solder the storage onto the logic board (just as it does with RAM), making it impossible for users to upgrade past the capacity they choose at the time of purchase.

CES 2017: Panasonic AVC Networks enters strategic partnership with Disney - TechRepublic

AVC Networks president Yasuji Enokido talks about the company's partnership with Disney to create a "new, exciting visitor experience."

Is consumer AR dead? Nope, says ODG, showcasing new glasses at CES

Osterhout Design Group (ODG) have announced new augmented reality (AR) glasses at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas, keen to show the world that AR in the consumer market is not dead.

Sony Bravia A1E review

'Hands on reviews' are a journalist's first impressions of a piece of kit based on spending some time with it. It may be just a few moments, or a few hours. The important thing is we have been able to play with it ourselves and can give you some sense of what it's like to use, even if it's only an embryonic view. For more information, see TechRadar's Reviews Guarantee .

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93 HDMI's new spec improves 8K, HDR and gaming
94 BMW, Intel and Mobileye will put 40 self-driving test cars on roads in 2017
95 Huawei’s $600 Mate 9 launches in the U.S. with Alexa pre-installed
96 Intel announces 5G modem at CES | ZDNet
97 Keep your bike (and your head) safe with the Ellipse Smart Lock
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