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A Father, a Dying Son, and the Quest to Make the Most Profound Videogame Ever

Ryan Green is making a game that is as broken—as confounding, unresolved, and tragically beautiful—as the world itself.

A Father, a Dying Son, and the Quest to Make the Most Profound Videogame Ever

Ryan Green is making a game that is as broken—as confounding, unresolved, and tragically beautiful—as the world itself.

The 12 Movies We’re Most Excited to See in 2016

Another year, another slate of must-sees (we hope).

CES 2016: All the news live from Las Vegas

The biggest tech show of the year is under way

How to make a hat out of your own hair, if you so choose

Literal hat hair.

Samsung's new TVs are sleek hubs for your smart home

It's another year, and Samsung is back with the second generation of its SUHD TV lineup. Yes, the curved screens remain, and Tizen is still the underlying platform powering Samsung's TV software....

Xfinity’s Security System Flaws Open Homes to Thieves

Vulnerabilities in Comcast's Xfinity Home Security system would cause it to falsely report that windows and doors are closed even if they've been opened.

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The science of setting goals

A meaningful goal — one that truly inspires you to change — requires going deeper. “Give yourself permission and time to think about what it is you want to experience in your life or what’s getting in the way,” says McGonigal. Think about what you want in the coming year, then ask yourself why you want that — three times in a row. For example, if you want to quit smoking, ask why do you want to quit? Then, if you want to quit for your health, ask why do you want good health? Then, if your answer is to be alive long enough to meet your grandchildren, ask why do you want to meet your grandchildren? “You get to something that just feels so obviously important to you,” says McGonigal. It really drives home why that goal matters, and that motivation can bolster you as you work toward the goal.

Who Really Controls What You See in Your Facebook Feed—and Why They Keep Changing It   

Every time you open Facebook, one of the world’s most influential, controversial, and misunderstood algorithms springs into action. It scans and collects everything posted in the past week by each of your friends, everyone you follow, each group you belong to, and every Facebook page you’ve liked. For the average Facebook user, that’s more than 1,500 posts. If you have several hundred friends, it could be as many as 10,000. Then, according to a closely guarded and constantly shifting formula, Facebook’s news feed algorithm ranks them all, in what it believes to be the precise order of how likely you are to find each post worthwhile. Most users will only ever see the top few hundred.

Sony CES 2016 press conference

Sony sets the stage for the new year in tech with its big CES kickoff. Expect plenty of TVs, audio, cameras -- and maybe a bit more info on PlayStation VR. comments0facebooktwitterlinkedingoogleplusmoremore+emailtumblrstumbledeliciousredditpinterestdigg

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Intel's new commitment: Stopping online harassment (live blog)  #CES2016 #CNETatCES

Live from Intel's CES 2016 keynote

Expect to hear plenty of Intel's big ideas for the next year.

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The show will air in the spring on TBS, for "smart people" (live blog)  #CES2016 #CNETatCES

Live from Intel's CES 2016 keynote

Expect to hear plenty of Intel's big ideas for the next year.

How a Vietnamese Refugee Is Rethinking Food Delivery in America

Tran is making some surprising hires. Pascal Rigo, founder of the ritzy bakery La Boulange, which Starbucks bought in 2012 for $100 million, recently left the coffee chain after overhauling its breakfast-food business and joined Munchery as “chief customer experience officer.” Rigo wants to add things such as French bread, breakfast, and more wine pairings to the menu; he’s overseeing a new line of ready-to-cook meal boxes, which have partially prepared packets of ingredients and take about 15 minutes to cook at home. The meals, like chicken skewers with salad ($19.95) and falafel wraps ($18.95), serve two people each and put Munchery in competition with a pair of popular New York-based startups, Blue Apron and Plated, which also deliver high-quality ingredients to customers, though they cater to enthusiasts who are drawn “to the fun and love of cooking,” says Blue Apron CEO Matt Salzberg.

Twitter Considering 10,000-Character Limit for Tweets

With regards to expanded tweets, Twitter is also working out a plan for how to deal with potential spamming issues that might arise with an expanded character count, according to sources. It’s unknown, for example, if Twitter will restrict how many users can be mentioned in a single tweet, but the company is apparently thinking through those scenarios. Twitter plans to talk with some of its analytics and measurement partners to prepare them to handle longer tweets beginning later this month, sources say.

Samsung announces its 2016 lineup of TVs

The KS9500 Series marks Samsung's flagship level TVs for 2016, and includes 65-, 77-, and 88-inch models. This series is the spiritual successor to last year's JS9500 Series and, like those TVs, delivers HDR compatibility, quantum dot color, and 4K resolution. The bezel-less curved screen features design aesthetics that extend to the back of the TV, too, resulting in a product that looks great from every angle.

Oculus gives Kickstarter backers the finished Rift for free

The giveaway is a kindness, but it's likely also strategic. After all, the thousands of people who paid for development kits are almost certainly fans of VR three years later. A free headset is a small price to pay for Oculus when at least some of these people are going to extol the Rift's virtues and get others in on the action. Still, it's hard to knock the gesture too much. It's not often that an ambitious crowdfunding project not only meets its goals, but does so well that it can afford to shower its most faithful supporters with extra rewards.

13 IGN1 - IGN's 24 hour streaming channel

Destiny's Raid Experience Needs To Be in More Games

North Korea claims it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb

North Korea gave the international community a jolt on Wednesday morning local time when, it claims, it successfully tested a miniature hydrogen bomb.

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Can an augmented reality headset change the way we work?

You can't throw a stone these days without cracking the faceplate on some fancy virtual reality headset. The technology we've been lusting after for so long is about to hit the mainstream in a major way, with big releases arriving in the next year from Facebook's Oculus, Sony, and Samsung. Running parallel to this trend is the world of augmented reality, where virtual images are layered onto what you're seeing in the real world. Google and Microsoft have made major bets on this technology with Magic Leap and HoloLens.

Sony's retro throwback banks on whether you still have vinyl

It spins vinyl, but this is a decidedly high-tech turner. It will take the tunes you're playing and digitize them onto a USB for storage. You can record tracks in several different formats, all the way up to DSD quality. The best part is you can listen as the tracks are transformed into 0s and 1s.

There's Way More To Faraday Future Than Its Crazy Concept Car

The startup promises a subscription model, which, paired with the car’s ability to drive itself, will let you order the car up to your door whenever you want it. Faraday says it will build cars on a “variable platform architecture,” allowing it to produce a variety of models with different battery packs and motor configurations. The idea is to move much faster than the auto industry’s traditionally pokey pace, and building everything off one platform helps that along.

Sony's big CES 2016 press show starts at 8PM ET, join us!

Sony's big CES parade starts here. The company has leaned down in the last few years, and even turned to crowdfunding for some of its more unusual creations. That said, it's still got plenty to talk about . If it's not 4K, it'll be cameras, PlayStation and wearables. Yessir, we'll be there reporting from the throng of reporters and analysts.The show starts at 8pm ET, but we'll be warming up and complaining about the music right before it starts in earnest. Questions? Outrageous demands? Let us know!

HP's EliteBook Folio G1 may be the pro-level 12-inch laptop you've been looking for (hands-on)

There are a few areas, however, where the Folio G1 leapfrogs the MacBook. The G1 has an optional 4K-resolution display, higher than the 2,304x1,440 pixels of the 12-inch MacBook; it has a hinge that opens a full 180 degrees, allowing it to lie perfectly flat; and it uses the newer second generation of Core M processors from Intel, which, at least on paper, correct some of the weak spots in battery life and performance we saw in first-gen Core M systems.

Withings' $69 fitness tracker can (almost) compete with the big guys

The Withings Go is pretty versatile in what it does; it automatically tracks steps, distance walked, calories burned and sleep — a feature typically deserved for more pricey trackers. Its sensors are sensitive enough to know when you’re sleeping (it logs light and deep sleep cycles) and picks up when you’ve started to run or even swim. Many fitness trackers, including some that can set you back $200 or more, require you to start workouts by pressing certain buttons. The Withings Go takes that part out of the equation.

Samsung Pay is coming to Australia, Brazil and Singapore

Samsung Pay — the company’s mobile payment system taking aim at both Android Pay and Apple Pay — will soon hit Australia, Brazil and Singapore.

Samsung's Gear S2 smartwatch will soon work with the iPhone

Cotton didn't give a specific date or details, but it's almost certain the Gear S2 will lose some functionality on iOS versus its Android implementation, as is the case with Android Wear and Pebble devices. But with its round face and thoughtful rotating bezel interface, the S2 is one of the most well-designed smartwatches released to date, and might tempt some iPhone users that remain unmoved by the Apple Watch.

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Groceries by MasterCard allows for food shopping from Samsung's fridge (liveblog)  #CES2016

Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch to be iOS compatible later this year

Samsung during a CES keynote on Tuesday announced plans to make its Gear S2 smartwatch compatible with Apple devices running iOS, a surprising feature addition considering the two companies are fierce competitors in the mobile space.

Samsung's CES 2016 press conference starts at 5PM ET, follow along here

Samsung's CES 2016 press conference liveblog

Kodak's 'new' gadget is a Super 8 film camera, and it kind of warms my heart

Kodak is remaking the Super 8 camera. The Rochester, New York-based company is working with industrial designer Yves Behar to create an eight-millimeter film camera that combines features of the original Super 8 with some digital functionality, like a digital viewfinder. Kodak is showing off a prototype of the camera this week at CES, and plans to ship limited edition of the camera i n the fall for somewhere between $400 and $750, according to the WSJ . A less expensive model is expected in 2017.

Lumosity to Pay $2 Million to Settle FTC Deceptive Advertising Charges for Its “Brain Training” Program | Federal Trade Commission

The creators and marketers of the Lumosity “brain training” program have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges alleging that they deceived consumers with unfounded claims that Lumosity games can help users perform better at work and in school, and reduce or delay cognitive impairment associated with age and other serious health conditions.

29 Jack Dorsey hints Twitter will lift 140-character limit

Jack Dorsey hints Twitter will lift 140-character limit The company has been exploring extending the length permitted in a tweet for months. Check out this story on


For the last 47 years, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has served as the launching point for some of the biggest products and trends in technology, ranging from the birth of Blu-ray, the original Xbox, and ultra-thin OLED TVs. CES 2015 is being held in Las Vegas from January 6-9. IGN will be on the ground all week bringing you all of the news, hands-on impressions, and videos from the event.

PlayStation Now just got 40-plus new PS3 games

PlayStation Now just got 40-plus new PS3 games

CNET on Twitter

Samsung Gear S2 is coming out in platinum and rose gold finishes (liveblog)  #CES2016

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Razer's gaming Ultrabook lets you bring your own video card

The Blade Stealth ships this month, and you can get it at Microsoft Stores in February if you need to see it in person. However, the Core doesn't have either a ship date or a price. That makes it a real wildcard: if it's expensive or takes forever to ship, the combo won't be quite so alluring. Nonetheless, this may be your best shot at a best-of-both-worlds laptop.

Dive into VR gaming feet first with 3DRudder controller

At CES 2016 Mashable's Sam Sheffer tried out using the 3DRudder feet-based game controller to navigate through a 3D immersive world via Oculus Rift - overall a pretty awesome experience.

Live from Intel's CES 2016 keynote

Expect to hear plenty of Intel's big ideas for the next year.

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Sony's glass sound speaker is a stylish LED illuminating speaker (live blog) #CES2016

This new Samsung laptop is shockingly thin and light

Steve Kovach/Tech Insider The Notebook 9's shell is made out of magnesium, which keeps things light. It also has about 10 hours of battery life per charge, which is more than enough to get you through a day.

Under Armour and HTC built an entire fitness ecosystem

But Under Armour sees the wrist worn wearable as a gateway drug to a bigger ecosystem. At the heart of it is a completely redesigned Record app. It shows your weight, steps, workouts, and calories. But this isn't some isolated piece of software that Under Armour is building without good reason. It can stand on its own, but it also serves as a central hub for its other apps like MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun and Endomondo. If you track a meal in MyFitnessPal the calories show up in Record. Finish a run using Endomondo and, again, it'll be reflected in Record.

How Fast Is Your Internet Connection—Really?

The speed of your broadband Internet connection has never been more critical. It's the pipe that connects your computers, tablets, handhelds, even your entertainment systems and home automation tools, to the outside world. Your connection must handle content that is critical for work, for play, and keeping in touch. That content can be big, but still requires the best speeds.  The ISPs talk a lot about how much throughput they provide, but how can you be sure you're getting what you pay for?

Parrot Disco fixed-wing drone

Parrot unveiled its fixed-wing drone Disco. Price and release date have not been announced. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS AND NEWS LET'S CONNECT: Google+ ► Facebook ► Twitter ► L.A. Times ►

Floods, rain, and tornadoes are nuts, but they probably aren't El Niño

Speaking of unpredictable: Rain! In Los Angeles? Yes, in fact rain has been falling across the Golden State since October. But those earlier storms weren’t El Niño, either. Strange as it might sound after four years of drought, all the rain and snow that’s fallen so far is normal. That is to say, the storms were coming from a northeasterly direction—not where you’d expect El Niño to swoop in. “Now the storm track is starting to change, come from the west to east, showing that link to the tropics,” says Hoerling.

New Balance announces Android Wear smartwatch for running smartphone-free

Now running shoe company New Balance has announced that it will be among the first to release an Android-powered smartwatch that solves this problem. On Tuesday at CES, the company revealed that it will release an Android Wear device later this year that will function untethered.

Volkswagen announces e-Golf Touch with gesture controls

Not nearly as exciting as the electric BUDD-e microbus the company introduced a new version of it's electric compact, the e-Golf Touch at CES. Odd that it's called the Touch because the feature that makes it different from the regular e-Golf is gestures. Maybe e-Golf Swipe didn't play well with focus groups. Regardless, the car comes with a 9.2-inch configurable home screen and wireless charging for everyone in the car.

Apple will reportedly cut iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus production by 30%

(Reuters) — Apple Inc is expected to cut production of its latest iPhone models by about 30 percent in the January-March quarter, the Nikkei reported.

Alex K. on Twitter

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Volkswagen’s electric bus concept is a groovy, far out vision for the future

It blends the two panels of the instrument cluster and the central infotainment system into what is effectively one continuous screen. The "Active Info Display" is a flexible instrument cluster directly in front of the driver, while the second provides access to infotainment for all passengers. Everything is controlled by multi-touch or by voice command —  just say "Hello Budd-e" to get it listening. The car even knows who is speaking, so if a passenger in the rear asks to turn down the heat, it will only be lowered in their climate zone. Natural speech is supported too, so commands like "it's too hot in here" are supported.

48 PCMag on Periscope: "Talking Maker Toys with Microduino"

Panasonic's Technics revival has a new direct-drive SL-1200

During its CES 2016 press conference, Panasonic took some time out to talk about its new line of Technics turntables . This year it's releasing two versions of a direct-drive model: the limited edition 50th Anniversary Grand Class SL-1200GAE (limited to 1,200 units of course) and a non-limited Grand Class SL-1200G. In these editions, the reborn Technics says it even cured "cogging" with a newly developed coreless motor. There's no word on price, but the turntables should arrive in late 2016.

Faraday Future debuts its stunning FFZero1 electric car concept

Of course, the FFZero1 isn’t going to hit the streets anytime soon. Kim said, “It’s an extreme testbed for concepts we’re working on for up-and-coming vehicles.” The company said that it plans to deliver its first production vehicle in a couple of years.

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52 Control your Ford car from your armchair with Amazon Alexa and Echo integration
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54 Panasonic Goes Big on Zoom at CES
55 Reddit's compiled its best AMAs into a limited edition hardback book
56 HP's Envy Phoenix gaming desktop will support HTC's new VR headset
57 Fitbit unveils Blaze, its first wearable with a color screen, ships in March for $200
58 3D TV: the dead horse CES needs to stop flogging
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61 Huawei unveils a new line of blinged-out smartwatches to woo fashionistas
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63 Facebook’s Secret Chat SDK Lets Developers Build Messenger Bots
64 Audeze's Sine are lightweight planar magnetic headphones
65 CNET on Twitter
66 Twitter Isn’t Raising the Character Limit. It’s Building a Wall.
67 Samsung builds SmartThings control into every 2016 smart TV
68 Intel and New Balance are making a sports watch (and more)
69 CNET on Twitter
70 CNET on Twitter
71 CNET on Twitter
72 Intel and Oakley are building sports glasses that coach you
73 CNET on Twitter
74 Earthquake Detected Near North Korea's Nuclear Test Site
75 Toshiba starts selling its thinnest 12-inch Windows 10 Dynapad tablet
76 Intel and ESPN partner to showcase real-time athlete performance at the X Games
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78 Exclusive: Verizon launches auction to sell data centers - sources
79 CNET on Twitter
80 HBO's Girls will end after its sixth season
81 Everybody Shut Up About the Fake 10,000 Character Limit on Twitter
82 The Misfit Ray is the wearable you’ll want to wear
83 Sony’s new Walkman comes in splashy rainbow colors
84 Samsung’s New Refrigerator Wants To Do Away With Your Trips To The Grocery Store
85 Kia launches Drive Wise brand to build self-driving cars by 2030
86 Julio Ren on Twitter
87 Samsung's Gear S2 smartwatch will support iOS this year
88 CNET on Twitter
89 Dish's Hopper 3 DVR lets you watch four shows at once on your 4K TV
90 Dish CES 2016 press conference
91 Samsung announces price for its 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player
92 Justin Timberlake to contribute original music to 'Trolls' soundtrack
93 Dave Lee on Twitter