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Conan O'Brien's Clueless Gamer segment is getting its own show

Speaking about TBS' plans for Conan's show, president Kevin Reilly said that it's working on a new standalone Clueless Gamer series.

Opcom proves you can grow more than weed with at-home hydroponics

Opcom is convinced it can make a farmer out of anyone. After seeing Growbox at a CES event, and learning Growwall, it certainly piqued my interest in at-home (and indoor) gardening systems. Hydroponic gardening systems have been around forever. Chances are, your parents probably smoked some expensive weed back in the 70s that was grown hydroponically. Get the …

This bloody Home Alone remake is infinitely more hilarious

Someone has added blood to Home Alone to make this Christmas classic a tiny bit less unrealistic and infinitely more hilarious.

Chaos ensues when these snow tubers don't follow conveyor belt rules

"You just stand there."

Hello Egg is like Alexa for your kitchen

The smart kitchen assistant is one of the wackier yet still practical gadgets to be shown off at CES this year. Made by

Doorbell features a secret 'Seinfeld' ring for all those Kramers in your life

What's the deal with "ding dong" anyways?

Mom surrounded by alcohol cannot believe this Christmas puzzle miracle

We are in the presence of boozy holiday greatness.

Ford rolls out gas- and driver-less fleet of tomorrow

Ford expanded its investment into the electric and autonomous vehicle market at CES 2017 on Tuesday, with a series of new innovation initiatives.

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Fossil Announces Range Of New Wearables At CES 2017

Fossil Group announced on Thursday that it will double wearable production in 2017, adding 300 new products, which will smartwatches from new brands.

The Vergecast Live at CES 2017

No Tweets for The Vergecast Live at CES 2017 just yet. Come back once the live video starts.

People Keep Finding Coins in Their MacBooks and Nobody Knows Why

Look, I love my Macbook, but Apple’s products are often (rightly) criticized for being too expensive. We finally have an explanation for the huge price gouge customers have come to expect: they’re made with literal money!

WikiLeaks Twitter account floats bizarre idea to create database of verified Twitter users

Capping off what was already a strange day for WikiLeaks’ social media presence, an official WikiLeaks account floated an odd, unsettling, seemingly nonsensical idea for an “online database” of verified Twitter users.

5 The Best of CES 2017

Faraday Future FF91 Faraday Future has only been around for two years, and has made our best of CES list for both of them. Last year it showed a non-functional dream car, the FFZERO1 , but this year the company has a prototype that actually works. The FF91 is a self-driving automobile that runs on a 30kWh battery to deliver up to 378 miles between charges. Throw in a zero-to-60 time of just 2.39 seconds, and you have one of the most innovative automobiles ever assembled. We say assembled, but it isn't exactly clear if Faraday Future will actually make these vehicles. (The company had to stop production on its factory late last year because of cash flow problems.) Faraday Future is taking pre-orders for the FF91 now, along with a $5,000 deposit. The earliest the FF91 will ship is 2018 and there's final price yet. And then there is the fact we have no idea if its actually smart enough to safely navigate public roads. Any way you look at it, the Faraday Future FF91 is a long shot. Then again, we said the same thing about Tesla. —Dan Costa

Blasphemy! I played Witcher 3 on a MacBook Air thanks to Nvidia's GeForce Now

This GeForce Now instead is basically renting your own powerful, virtual gaming PC in the cloud, then playing any game you own on it—be it on Steam, Origin, Battle.Net, uPlay, you name it—from any PC or Mac, with saves and settings carrying over from device to device. Nvidia makes sure all your goodies stay patched and up to date in the cloud, too.

US releases declassified report on Russian hacking

“We assess Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US presidential election,” according to the report, titled “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections.” “Russia’s goals were to undermine public faith in the US democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump.”

8 Log In - New York Times

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I spent a fair amount of my life as a licensed medical testing professional. Theranos based their technology purely on using the blood sample from a finger stick (puncture). When you puncture skin like that you are also cutting open the cells of the tissue in the finger tip which leaks the cell contents as well as clotting factors into your sample. Most tests are done on circulating blood that are assumed to have a very low concentration of cell contents. An example is that sodium is high concentration

Digital Trends on Twitter

We can't wait to get our hands on these products in 2017. Check out our Top Tech of #CES2017 Award Winners!

IMDb to California: You can't stop us publishing actor ages

"Rather than properly passing laws designed to address the root problem of age discrimination, the state of California has chosen instead to chill free speech and to undermine access to factual information of public interest," the Amazon subsidiary said in a Thursday court filing . The law "plainly violates the First Amendment of the US Constitution and cannot be enforced." It also said the law violates commercial law since it affects IMDb operations outside California.

The Tech Trends from CES 2017 That Will Actually Matter

Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show hosts dozens of tech companies showing off their latest creations. Many never make it to store shelves, but it’s a great way to see how technology will evolve over the coming year. Here’s what you can expect in 2017 based on what we saw from CES.

Audi and Nvidia commit to road-ready driverless car by 2020

Nvidia and Audi confirmed plans to have a road-ready driverless car by 2020 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas.

Marvel Is Already Teasing Its Next Big Comic Event

Strap yourselves in, folks. Civil War II may have barely just ended, Inhumans vs. X-Men may have only just begun , and Monsters Unleashed might be on the way , but Marvel is already teasing a major new arc—and it seems like it’s going to be focusing around a certain evil Captain America.

CNET on Twitter

This Honda self-balancing motorcycle can drive itself -- and you'll never need to put down the kickstand  #CES2017

Like your pillow cold to the touch? You need this new gadget

So, the team at Moona added a built-in motion sensor that they say monitors your head's movements in the night. If it senses a sleeper might be close to waking before his or her pre-determined wake-up time, it'll send a fresh rush of cool water to the pad, ostensibly to encourage sleepiness. Just before your pre-set wake-up time, the device will send a rush of warm water through the pad to gently encourage waking. The whole thing connects to a smartphone that tracks sleeping patterns.

Russia is erasing Linkedin from app stores

Acquired by Microsoft last year , LinkedIn is the largest service to fall victim to the new law so far. Web access to LinkedIn was blocked in November through cooperation with the state telecom, but was still accessible to users with a VPN. The block caused serious problems for the mobile apps, but they remained available on iOS and Android app stores in the wake of that order. That has now changed, and the app is no longer available to download in either store.

Theranos fires 41% of staffers

Theranos, once deemed to be worth as much as $9 billion, formed in 2003 as a cheaper, more efficient alternatives to traditional medical tests. But it's been rattled by controversy following a 2015 Wall Street Journal report that questioned its technology and testing methods. The company has since voided two years of blood tests, faced federal probes and pivoted away from blood testing.

CES 2017: Dell brings wireless charging to laptops with the Latitude 7285 - TechRepublic

"Given that Dell tools help the world's brightest minds do their absolute best work, we are committed to driving innovation that brings revolutionary gains in productivity to the enterprise. Innovative IT teams see a future with no wires, including wireless power, as a key step toward improvements in mobility and convenience," said Neil Hand, vice president of product strategy and innovation at Dell, in another press release from WiTricity. "WiTricity's wireless charging technology makes it possible to integrate magnetic resonance in today's thin, iconic computing products."

20 FTC sues D-Link over router and camera security flaws | Consumer Information

D-Link claimed its routers were “EASY TO SECURE” with “ADVANCED NETWORK SECURITY,” but the FTC says the company failed to protect its routers and cameras from widely known and reasonably foreseeable risks. According to the FTC’s complaint, hackers could use a special search engine to find vulnerable devices over the internet and get their IP addresses. After that, the FTC says it was pretty simple to gain access to people’s sensitive data, including tax returns and other financial information.

Watch NVIDIA's GeForce stream 'Mass Effect Andromeda' to Facebook

Obviously, game streaming isn't anything new at this point. But NVIDIA reps note that it's a completely different experience sharing gameplay to your friends and family, rather than to complete strangers on the internet. It's not necessarily a better solution than Twitch and YouTube Gaming, it's simply different.

ReadWrite on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

No sex, and other lies we tell pregnant women

"When we tell women that sex isn't worth the risk during pregnancy, what we're telling her is that her sexual pleasure doesn't matter ... that she in fact doesn't matter," says sex researcher Sofia Jawed-Wessel. In this eye-opening talk, Jawed-Wessel mines our views about pregnancy and pleasure to lay bare the relationship between women, sex and systems of power.

Cult of Mac on Twitter

Details of Apple’s early P1 iPod/iPhone prototype in this extract from @lkahney ’s Jony Ive book: …

Run Away From All Your Problems With the Gif Party

Do you have a boss that puts you in danger by creating a flammable material that also combusts when exposed to water and told you neither of these things before he told you to torch the material? Well then, this gif party is for you.

AmpMe is a party in your pocket that connects multiple Bluetooth speakers or phones

AmpMe is a an application capable of syncing multiple smart devices, or Bluetooth speakers, to a single audio source. Rather than gathering your group around a single device and hoping each can hear it, you can now transmit the sound to each of their phones, perfectly in sync with the original.

Brave, sensual subway rider reads erotic fiction in huge font

How you spend your time on your commute is yours and we can think of no better place to get hot and steamy than a rush hour subway car packed to the brim with strangers.

CES 2017: Accenture helps Carnival make cruises more interactive - TechRepublic

Accenture Travel managing director Beau Williamson talks about the company's partnership with Carnival to give cruise vacations a more personalized feel.

Riot: An open team collaboration tool for everyone - TechRepublic

Once you've registered, the main window will appear, where you can start a chat, create a new room, or search for pre-existing rooms. Before you do that, you'll want to set your name, otherwise Riot will list you as "None" when you send out room invites. To do this, swipe right from the left edge on the Riot main window. Tap Settings, tap Display Name, and enter a name to be used.

5-year-old learns to write first word thanks to Gwen Stefani's 'Hollaback Girl'

"Max started kindergarten this year and he's learning to read and write," she continued. "We practice his writing every night and one day he just started writing 'bananas' all by himself and when I asked how he knew that he said it was just like in 'Hollaback Girl.'"

Nvidia and Mercedes-Benz to bring an AI car to market within a year

The news came out on stage at a talk between Mercedes-Benz VP of Digital Vehicle and Mobility Sajjad Khan, and Nvidia CEO and co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang on Friday at CES. It’s the result of a project the two began together three years ago, which helps explain why the car will be ready to get to customers by 2018.

Apple celebrates Chinese New Year with original Nianhua folk art wallpapers made on Mac and iPad

Continuing its celebration of the 2017 Chinese New Year, Apple on Friday published to its website a series of high-resolution Nianhua folk art wallpapers created using its ecosystem of devices, from Mac to iPad and Apple Pencil.

It Sounds Like the Next Season of Young Justice Will Openly Acknowledge LGBTQ Characters

Which makes it seem like that, in season three, Young Justice will at long last be able to acknowledge the sexualities of characters that it previously could not. If there was ever a silver lining in having to wait so long to get the third season of the show, well, this is definitely one of them.

T-Mobile is making customer bills much simpler

At a media event coinciding with CES 2017 in Las Vegas, T-Mobile just announced what it’s been teasing in recent weeks as Uncarrier Next. It’s not quite as radical or “big” as Music Freedom or Binge On. Instead, T-Mobile is getting much more transparent about the hidden taxes and fees that often hike up a consumer’s wireless bill. The carrier isn’t getting rid of those costs; beginning January 22nd, T-Mobile is including them in a flat, all-included T-Mobile One plan. What you see advertised is what you’ll pay, according to John Legere.

Forgetting a $100,000 Pair of Diamond-Saturated Headphones on a Plane Would Be Heartbreaking

Thanks to Onkyo, throwing on a pair of fancy rose gold Beats headphones is no longer a status symbol. Compared to Onkyo’s new Diamond Headphones which will be available—to a select few—for somewhere around $100,000, those rose gold ear goggles you were so proud of might as well be just another boring pair of white iPhone earbuds.

Incredible New Image Shows the Earth and Moon From Mars

During a recent calibration exercise, NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured a remarkable view of Earth and its moon from a distance of 127 million miles (205 million kilometers). It’s so clear, you can even make out our planet’s continents.

Intel launches modular Compute Card at CES 2017

Each part of a computer has a different lifespan, but all too often once one part breaks, the entire unit needs to be scrapped for the newest model. Intel wants to change that, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 it announced the Compute Card, a modular computer that fits inside your pocket.

GoPro CEO: Karma returning as the 'ultimate GoPro'

Beyond Karma, Woodman spoke about his plans for VR video. People are already using GoPro's to make 360 content , so unsurprisingly his focus is on making those videos easier to share. Woodman's vision is a future where you record your activities with one, multi-lensed GoPro, creating a spherical video. You'd then simply watch that back on a phone. As you move the phone around, your motion would be tracked, and the app would spit out a matching, 2D video for sharing. "With VR, 360 video will be the ultimate GoPro" said Woodman. "And If I'm saying we're calling this the ultimate, ultimate GoPro, you can imagine our focus and dedication on it."

Does this ham look blurry to you guys?

You see, after Redditor MelvinDickpictweet posted a photo of this ham to Reddit on Thursday, a lot of people have been saying that it looks out of focus. A few commenters even accused the ham of giving them motion sickness .

At CES, New Digital Assistants Restart Smart Home Race

Alphabet Inc.'s Google is using CES to tout tie-ups with its smart Home speaker, a device similar to Amazon's Echo. Microsoft Corp. has invested heavily in its assistant, Cortana. Samsung Electronics Co. is set to unveil its assistant tech for its phones and other devices in 2017. Last month, Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg showed off a smart home assistant he said he coded himself. 

A drone just collided with a passenger jet in Mozambique

The Aviation Herald is reporting that a passenger jet in Mozambique has collided with a drone, causing significant damage to the plane’s nose cone.

The Divergent 3D Printed Car Is The Only Thing At CES That Promises A Future Worth Living In

The weight savings came not from component versus component weights of traditional metal stamping versus 3D printing. Divergent’s methodology gave them better material properties, allowed the use of better materials in better locations and allowed better optimized designs. How pieces can be fit together is totally different when its limitations are opened up by 3D printing. Divergent wasn’t changing part by part; it was changing the whole system of the car. Today’s cars aren’t pieced together necessarily in the best way for strength or lightness; they’re pieced together in the best way given the limitations of stamping out big pieces of metal. Looking at how all the pieces of Divergent’s own 3D printed design gives you a sense of how differently a car can be when you remove those limitations.

Queen's guardsman granted his little doppelgänger a sweet birthday wish

Before entering Windsor Castle in the UK, one of the Queen's Coldstream Guards noticed Marshall, a little boy wearing a replica of the guard's own uniform, saluting the passing.

The billion-dollar pharma startup that Silicon Valley has totally missed

A Cincinnati native who studied biology at Harvard then earned a law degree from Yale, it was when Ramaswamy began working as an analyst in 2007 at the hedge fund QVT Financial in New York that he first observed the problem that defines his work today. He noticed that many big and small pharmaceutical firms abandon promising drugs for various reasons having nothing to do with their efficacy. Sometimes, it’s a strategic decision to focus elsewhere; sometimes, it owes to a lack of resources. Seeing an opportunity to complete the development of some of these abandoned late-stage drug candidates and get them to market quickly, Ramaswamy struck out on his own in 2014.

Vinci's AI-driven headphones want to untether you from your phone

As headphones go, Vinci is in a league of its own. The headphones aren’t the best looking, or even the best sounding for that matter. What it lacks in aesthetics and premium sound the company more than makes up for it in innovation and intelligence.

With Project Valerie, Razer squeezed 3 screens into 1 surprisingly svelte laptop

For a laptop with such ambitious goals, Project Valerie is surprisingly svelte. It comes in at just around an inch and a half thick, although we didn’t actually see it closed – it is a concept product and not officially ready for shelves, after all. It also weighs just about 12 pounds. It’s not small, but it’s only somewhat larger than most 17-inch gaming laptops.

Kim Kardashian's return continues and casts shade over Kylie

In the video, Kardashian West can be seen playing around with a Snapchat filter that distorts one’s face by enlarging the user’s lips and shrinking one’s eyes. Kim points the filter at herself first before turning the camera onto the youngest Jenner.

The New Death Race Film Comes Out This Month and Hits Very Close to Home

That looks very vintage Roger Corman: pure, low-budget schlock made with a wink and a nod. The legendary Corman only produces here, though—G.J. Echternkam directs—and you have to wonder... did the filmmakers realize how perfectly timed this would be?

Gallery: Amazon Alexa dominates CES 2017 with dozens of third-party integrations - TechRepublic

Aristotle isn't just another third-party speaker--it's a third-party speaker designed to interact with your children. It boasts all of Alexa's functionality, which can still be accessed by saying "Hey, Alexa," but it comes with a second personality onboard: Aristotle.

New smart bed watches while you sleep… in a non-creepy way

A smart alarm system is also linked to the bed’s tracking of its owners’ normal sleeping and waking patterns. The kinder gentler alarm system can sound a wake tone during the dreamers’ lightest stage of sleep during the pre-set wake-up timeframe, to ease one into consciousness without the horror of a jarring alarm clock set to drive-time traffic updates.

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