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Tesla Model S P85D AWD and auto-pilot demo

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Bendgate Bends Back: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Fails the Test, Too

Bendgate continues, but this time, it's not the iPhone 6 Plus at the center of the controversy.

Shia LaBeouf Talks About Time in Jail: 'I've Had Some Hiccups'

Shia LaBeouf told Ellen that he's learned quite a bit from jail.

Every Episode of 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' Is Available on YouTube

A TV-loving genius on Reddit discovered that every episode of 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' is available on YouTube.

Horse Casually Strolls Into Police Department Like It’s Not a Big Deal

An English police department was visited by either the bravest or drunkest tiny horse in all of the UK on Monday.

Drones Are No Match for Hungry Hawks

A hungry (or angry) hawk attacks a quadcopter in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

'Adventure Time' fan trailer makes silly look somber - CNET

When the quirky, animated series "Adventure Time" is reimagined as a gritty live-action movie with tormented human actors, it's more morose than mathematical.

The Battle for Kobani as Seen From the Ground

Kurdish fighters and Islamic State militants battle for control of Kobani, a strategic Syrian border town that sits yards from the Turkish border.

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Raw City: Inside Ferguson's War at Home

But a small group of vehement demonstrators won’t let the world forget what happened. They stand day and night in the parking lot of a tire shop on South Florissant, which runs parallel with West Florissant and through the middle-class area of Ferguson. This is where you’ll find a handful of spas, a craft beer brewery, a wine bar and even a local coffee shop. Compared to the area where Brown was shot — where crime is high and many people live below poverty level — this is truly the other side of the tracks.

The painstaking process of gold-plating an iPhone 6 (pictures) - CNET

I caught up with Goldgenie in its office in the heart of London to see every step of how an iPhone 6 is completely dismantled, enrobed in gold and then put back together in full working order.

Watch This Tesla Drive Itself At The Press Of A Button | TechCrunch

Last night, Tesla unveiled its latest wonder , the Model S “with a D”. There are three new models that come with dual-motor functionality (all-wheel drive), most notably the P85D which is built for high-end performance, and Elon Musk plans to sell half a million of them in the next year.

BlackPhone Co-Founder Jon Callas On Mobilizing Privacy For The Mainstream | TechCrunch

“We’ll mark them to the degree which we’ve gone through them. For example, Google services themselves fall into a grey area. We know what Google’s business model is. Is that a privacy violation or is that just a way of doing business? If you’re going to do Facebook or Twitter, that is what they do. Facebook is about sharing information. There are lots of other things where we would like to say we’ve reviewed this to the point where we know that it isn’t going to steal your contacts list and send it off to a marketing agency,” he adds. “We are going to have tiers of review… That’s what we’re looking at — where we would have different levels of reviewed, certified, bronze, silver, gold, etc.”

Hacker News API

Most importantly, the reason we released an API is so that we can start modernizing the markup on Hacker News. Because there are a lot of apps and projects out there that rely on scraping the site to access the data inside it, we decided it would be best to release a proper API and give everyone time to convert their code before we launch any new HTML.

Forget LinkedIn, Conspire Analyses Email To Be Your Next Networking Tool | TechCrunch

Yet part of that may have to do with something else: Email is the bane of many people’s existence and some have gone so far as to stop using it or to use it as little as possible. Conspire understands that, too, and so it plans to incorporate other communication platforms (and data troves) like voice, text messages, Facebook and Twitter into its analysis. Twitter is likely to be the next network added. “These are all places where you can get valuable insights,” Devkar says. He adds that they would love to use LinkedIn “but they don’t make their user readily accessible.” (Unsurprisingly.)

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Tesla, Amazon Fire 7, And Withings Home Monitoring | TechCrunch

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Tesla, Amazon Fire 7, And Withings Home Monitoring

Another win for the millennials: AJ+ hires Circa’s Chief Content Officer David Cohn

Al Jazeera’s AJ+ venture has landed a bit of a coup by hiring Circa’s Chief Content Officer David Cohn to lead its audience engagement team.

A Standing Desk That Folds Up, So You Can Take It Anywhere And Even Work Outside

Probably because there are so many other standing desks available now, the Refold team claims their product is "more than a desk." It's a lifestyle choice, they say, that lets you move between places, and even work outside if you fancy it.

Millennial Mayhem: Most young people are liberal, pro-marijuana and view the term 'millennial' unfavorably

Fusion recently polled 1200 people aged 18-35 to ask about their political views . Today’s young whippersnappers say the economy, debt, and spending matter the most to them. They’re also very pro-marijuana and pro-same-sex marriage. But numbers only tell part of the story – and it’s not really a millennial trend piece without a little navel-gazing – so we got a millennial and his dad to talk about their differences. We also take a look at what just might be the GOP’s most patronizing political ads (so far).

Nadella Pay Flap: Tell Us, Have You Ever Asked for a Raise?

Here’s why we’re asking. Satya Nadella, the chief executive of Microsoft Corp. , got caught up in controversy this week when he suggested that women who feel they deserve higher pay should work hard and wait to be rewarded for their efforts rather than push for a salary bump.

Google Reveals Information About 'Right to Be Forgotten' Requests

In its report, Google also published some anonymous examples of information it had been asked to remove, highlighting the range of data people don't want to be easily accessible on the Internet — and how the right to be forgotten sometimes can impact press freedom or freedom of speech more generally.

One-button Bayonetta: Disabled gamers fight for inclusion

Last year, former games journalist Adam Sessler confessed that for the first time his age kept him from being able to play a game that he needed to complete for his job. It's a sobering reminder that we all have limits. Those often come in different forms, but nobody can do everything. Fundamentally, games are about challenge and require some form of conflict to be compelling. That challenge can come in a huge variety of forms, from puzzles to fighting game combos, but the player is always the core component to completing these assignments. Many challenges, however, can prove impossible for some players. In the past few years, video games have grown, trying to adapt themselves to suit larger and broader audiences. Despite this growth, a segment of would-be gamers continue to be effectively locked out by constraints like color blindness or physical ability. Some dedicated groups have been looking to change that, however; and the work they are doing might just open the floodgates for everyone else. What Super Smash Bros. 3DS looks like with varying types of colorblindness Ian Hamilton, an independent game designer and consultant said that he believes accessibility comes down to having a solid grasp of what a game is really trying to do, and building out from there.

UK Is Using White Space Spectrum to Livestream Meerkats

It’s not news that the UK has been looking at the ways in which ‘white space’ technology – gaps in spectrum between existing radio bands – can be used to ease the strain on mobile and M2M (machine-to-machine) data overheads, but Ofcom has today revealed that the UK could be the first country in Europe to roll out the technology more widely, starting next year.

15 Time Warner Cable Shareholders Approve Sale to Comcast

More than 99 percent of shares were voted in favor of the deal, Time Warner Cable said today in a statement after its shareholder meeting in New York. Yesterday, Comcast’s shareholders approved the combination by an equivalent margin.

Harvest Automation is planning its first robot that will work outside of agriculture

Harvest Automation’s robots are excellent at picking up and moving plants. Its next robot will apply the same skills to warehouses and e-commerce, where there are plenty of other goods waiting to be moved around.

WATCH: Hawk Takes Out Quadcopter Drone, Reclaims the Sky

Filmed over Magazine Beach Park in Cambridge, Massachusetts, recently, a large hawk gave Amazon a reason to rethink the company’s Prime Air drone delivery initiative. YouTube user and software developer Christopher Schmidt has been taking his Phantom FC40 quadcopter drone out into public areas to fly it around the skies a couple times each week. To capture 1080p video during his weekly flights, Schmidt uses a GoPro Hero 3+ Black attached to his quadcopter drone.

Are "warrant canaries" legal? Twitter wants to save tech's warning signal of government spying

Warrant canaries — which tech companies are using to tell people that the government is NOT using secret orders — are the new frontline in the legal fight over surveillance.

The Verge on Twitter: "Watch Elon Musk unveil his Tesla D supercar"

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

The Man Making Sure All 150,000 People at New York Comic Con Have Fun

New York Comic Con is a show that Fensterman has seen grow exponentially since 2006. At that time, they had trouble attracting big media, entertainment and publishing companies. The first official event (comic book conventions existed in New York City decades ago, but they were truly for nerds only) had just 20,000 attendees and exhibits over just 25,000 square feet of the convention center. This year’s New York Comic Con sold 150,000 tickets, covers 200,000 square feet and boasts 2,000 speakers and presenters.

Apple Reportedly Preparing to Remove Bose Audio Products From Retail Stores

Apple is preparing to remove all Bose audio products , both demo and sellable, from its retail environment, according to a reliable source who spoke to MacRumors . The inventory change will begin early next week, with instructions for removal being sent to employees in the coming days. The reasons behind this removal were not disclosed, but it is very likely tied to to Apple's recent acquisition of Beats Electronics. As part of this deal, Apple obtained the popular Beats headphone division as well as the company's subscription music streaming service. With Beats now featured prominently by Apple, either Bose or Apple may have decided to end their retail relationship. Bose also has a new sponsorship deal with the National Football League that has seen the league prohibit players from wearing Beats headphones while in the presence of television cameras at practice and on game days. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick defied the ban by wearing bright pink Beats headphones at a postgame press conference last Sunday, a move that saw the league hit Kaepernick with a $10,000 fine .

Spain’s Economic Recovery Helping Local Startups

Still, despite the economic recovery hype, Spain’s tech sector is far behind Europe’s other startup powers. According to Venture Watch, in the first half of 2014, the U.K. attracted 658 million euros in IT startup capital, and France 353 million euros. Luxembourg, Belgium and Netherlands combined for 172 million euros. Spain received 81 million euros in the same period.

Genius Man Creates Gun That Folds And Shoots Paper Airplanes

Anyone who has lived through the fourth grade knows that humans just don't make paper airplanes fast enough to achieve maximum mischief making. That is, until now.

Harrison Ford Gets Mad, Sarah Silverman Gets A Penis, And A 12-Year-Old Norwegian Gets Married: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

The BBC gets pop stars to cover the Beach Boys, some idiots Rock the Vote, Harrison Ford is the ocean, a child bride in Norway gets attention for a global issue, and Sarah Silverman makes a trade for equal pay.

As 4-Door Cars Go, The Tesla D Is Ridiculously Fast

The new all-wheel-drive Tesla Model S sedan, now identified by the famous "D" that CEO Elon Musk revealed on Thursday night to raucous fanfare, comes in three versions. The high-performance edition, the P85D, will cost $120,000 and do 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. 

5 Startups From The Americas and Spain To Keep An Eye On

MADRID- The South Summit conference this week showcased about 100 startups from the Americas and Southern Europe that pitched themselves to investors. Here are some of the most innovative.

Snapchat: If Your Nude Snapchat Photos Get Leaked, It's Not Our Fault

The leaked photos may drop Oct. 12 on community boards like 4Chan. The problem is, most of Snapchat's users are between the ages of 13 and 17, which potentially means a lot of photos of underage children are about to leak online.

CRM and Cloud Computing To Grow Your Business -

Customer relationship management (CRM) is all about managing the relationships you have with your customers. CRM combines business processes, people, and technology to achieve this single goal: getting and keeping customers. It's an overall strategy to help you learn more about their behavior so you can develop stronger, lasting relationships that will benefit both of you. It’s very hard to run a successful business without a strong focus on CRM, as well as adding elements of social media and making the transition to a social enterprise to connect with customers in new ways.

Nature - Week 4 Gallery - National Geographic Photo Contest 2013

The Sardine Run is considered to be one of the most spectacular wildlife events. The search for dive-able bait ball action can be long and hard, with no guarantees of being in the right place at the right time. Jumping into the water on a unique bait ball is a once in a lifetime luck. This bait ball, later christen, the Shark Ball was a phenomenal sight. Normally a the bait ball will escape fairly easily without the presence of dolphins, but the shear number of sharks, created a grid so tight around the ball, that each and every one of the bait fish got eaten.

The Model D Is Tesla's Most Powerful Car Ever, Plus Autopilot | WIRED

What’s especially impressive is that Tesla managed to improve the car’s efficiency and range, despite the added mass of the second motor. The 85D and P85D will be able to drive 275 miles on a charge, 10 more than the 85 and P85. The range of the 60kWh version climbs from 208 to 225 miles. Musk said the added efficiency is thanks to the electronic system that will shift power between the front and rear motors from one millisecond to the next, so each is always operating at its most efficient point. Tesla has long said it will offer all-wheel drive on its next car, the Model X SUV, so it’s no surprise it’s bringing the technology to the sedan.


“The goal of is to make internet access available to the two thirds of the world who are not yet connected, and to bring the same opportunities to everyone that the connected third of the world has today.”

50 Websites to Waste Your Time On

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Why 12-Foot Traffic Lanes Are Disastrous for Safety and Must Be Replaced Now

Second, you should know that these streets used to be made up of 10-foot lanes. Many of them still exist, especially in older cities, where there is no room for anything larger. The success of these streets has had little impact on the traffic-engineering establishment, which, over the decades, has pushed the standard upward, almost nationwide, first to 11 feet, and then to 12. Now, in almost every place I work, I find that certain streets are held to a 12-foot standard, if not by the city, then by a state or a county department of transportation.

The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Food

Not sure how inventing a material that makes things not stick to plastic bottles helps the environment if the plastic bottles are still made from petroleum products. How are even organic crops supposed to grow without water or water that is contaminated by human waste and chemicals from ag run-off. The chefs in these fancy NY restaurants that are looking for specialty cuts of meat are catering to fancy people that have expensive taste. I wonder how Richie Rich will like his soy steak? Milk from cows was intended for baby cows called calves and not for humans just because we developed a tolerance to it doesn't mean it is meant for us. Dairy is pushed all over and promises so many things from losing weight and help prevent bone loss. Both are lies made up by the Dairy industry to promote their products. bone loss is a natural and losing weight by drinking something that is treated with growth hormones and antibiotics? I mean really!

A Peek At London's New $4 Billion Train

The entire train is fitted with recessed LED lighting, and digital screens rather than paper billboards. Air-conditioning and Wi-Fi are built-in. Wider doors and seamless wheelchair access allow passengers on and off faster. That’s important, as larger cars will allow anywhere from 25% to 50% more people to fit--depending on the line being upgraded. At an undisclosed " phase in " date, a controversial , driverless version of these trains will roll out that operates by computer rather than conductor, allowing designers to run seating all the way to the front car. And since the cars aren’t separated by doors, a passenger’s vision is unobstructed from one car to another. So in theory, through a straight enough track, someone in the back of the train will be able to see all the way to the front.

Moonfrye Debuts Its Latest App, A Party Planning Mobile Shop Called P.S. XO | TechCrunch

Moonfrye , the family oriented startup best known as the company co-founded by former child star Soleil Moon Frye (aka TV’s “Punky Brewster”) has officially launched its second product, P.S. XO . Now available on the iPhone and iPad, the P.S. XO app allows consumers to take care of party planning activities directly from their mobile phone or tablet, including things like creating the invitations, sending “save the date” announcements, writing thank you cards, and more, as well as shop for party supplies, get party planning tips, and receive push notifications before and after the event.

Homejoy’s Adora Cheung Will Discuss Home Cleaning And Global Growth At Disrupt Europe | TechCrunch

Adora Cheung, CEO and Co-Founder of Homejoy Inc. and on the Board of the Homejoy Foundation. Prior to Homejoy, Adora worked at Slide (acquired by Google) as a lead Product Manager where she had the opportunity to learn about startups. When Adora left Slide to start her own company she joined forces with her brother Aaron Cheung to form Pathjoy, a startup connecting life coaches to clients online. …

This Floating Bike Path In The Thames Would Give London Cyclists A Car-Free Commute

All of this would not be cheap to build. The designers estimate the cost at around $964 million--not something the city government can afford. So unless the designers find a wealthy philanthropist to foot the bill, they say the idea would be to charge a small fee for cyclists and pedestrians who want to use the path. Ultimately, they believe the fee could quickly pay back investors in the project, based on the number of people who already ride in the area.

How Peter Thiel teaches Stanford students to create billion-dollar monopolies (in 3 quotes)

The crux for me is at 29:15 ish when he talks about all the innovations and scientific advances, and then says "these can be extremely valuable innovations… but the people that come up with them do not get rewarded for this." And then he says scientists are delusional. Then he appears to say that there is something tragic about Einstein not dying a billionaire? Delusional and tragic? Maybe not… perhaps they value something besides money. Perhaps they just like inventing things and helping society. To use Thiel's equation, they seek to maximize X, not the sum of X times Y. I am very grateful to live in a society where there are those that invent for public good as well as those that invent for private gain. And I am glad that I don't judge success by how much money someone has made. I hope some of those Stanford students just maximize X.

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Watch Netflix in Ubuntu today

Thanks to recent efforts at Netflix and Canonical, Ubuntu now supports watching Netflix with Chrome version 37. Chrome is available to all Ubuntu users with up-to-date installations of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, 14.04 LTS and later.

An Unconventional Billionaire Is Revolutionizing Philanthropy By Closing His Foundation

But the desire to die poor is where the similarities with Carnegie end. Today, a century after its founding with a $135 million endowment (equivalent to $2 billion today), Carnegie’s foundation, the Carnegie Corporation, lives on “in perpetuity,” in keeping with the steel magnate’s wishes for his wealth to “continue to benefit humanity for generations untold.” By law, nonprofit foundations must pay out at least 5% of their endowment’s value every year; the Carnegie Corporation carefully tracks its assets’ market value to meet its yearly spending target of 5.5%--the rest is reinvested back into the foundation to keep it running forever. Since 1913, the Carnegie Corporation has given away nearly $3 billion dollars (not adjusted for inflation), including about $108 million per year in the last decade. Whereas Atlantic’s work has taken place over a much shorter time frame: In 30 years, it’s made about $6.7 billion in grants, averaging about $360 million a year this past decade. It aims to allocate the remaining $1.1 billion of its endowment to grantees by 2016 and shut its doors soon after.

Hackers Access At Least 100,000 Snapchat Photos And Prepare To Leak Them, Including Underage Nude Pictures

Underground photo-trading chat rooms have been filled in recent weeks with hints that something big was coming. Thursday night it finally arrived: A third-party Snapchat client app has been collecting every single photo and video file sent through it for years, giving hackers access to a 13GB library of Snapchats that users thought had been deleted.

Here Are A Bunch Of F*cking Delightful Artsy Cat Photos. You're Welcome.

"Thinking outside the box is never that far a leap from your own self and the stuff you love to do anyway. I'm sure you've heard about 'journaling.' Anyone can do that. It's a wonderful practice in terms of doing lots of 'me-me-me' work. But don't feel self centered. It truly is a brave undertaking to venture deep into your own issues in order to experience any real life growth. From this place, now you could be ready to streamline your focus in terms of what you are documenting, and what makes aspects of your life original. "Try going beyond the 'Dear Diary' book, and start looking right under your nose for things your already do every day, things that interest you, subjects you already deal with. Try a journal that focuses on one of these things, using the materials that pertain to the subject, like an accumulative project. I did this by using elements from the garment manufacturing industry, as I grew up as a pattern cutter in my family's business. I started this project in 2004 and have accumulated hundreds of journal pieces. Now I install them in groupings of about 50 at a time, attached to the wall with sewing pins.

Amazon to Open First Brick-and-Mortar Site Inc. plans to open a store in the middle of New York City, according to people familiar with the plans, the first brick-and-mortar outlet in its 20-year history and an experiment to provide the type of face-to-face experience found at traditional retailers.

A Conversation on Future Urbanism, Tech Hubs | TechCrunch

I think in summary, neither system is able to stop gentrification or displacement. But New York’s regional integration and better transit make for a more dynamically adjusting system where residents have to continuously (or constantly) re-evaluate their cost of living. In contrast, San Francisco’s orientation of growth control might help it a smaller-town feel. But market-rate rents can climb dramatically with even a modest amount of population growth, while elderly and longstanding tenants can end up in a pretty jarring and tragic situation if they face an owner move-in or Ellis Act eviction. If they are displaced, the San Francisco Bay Area has a weaker and less integrated transit system. That means displaced tenants can end up with a multi-hour commute, which is deeply disruptive to family and community life and on access to jobs.

Waze Co-Founder Uri Levine Will Tell TechCrunch Disrupt London Why He Ditched Google | TechCrunch

Working at Google after your company was bought for $1 billion seems like a pretty sweet gig, but not to Waze co-founder Uri Levine . So at this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt Europe in London, I’ll ask Levine why he left Google to work on his new startup. What was it like being gobbled up by the search giant? How did Waze handle the negotiations, bidding war, and “leaks” to the press? And why is Levine’s next company FeeX , which helps reduce your retirement savings fees, more important than the impact he could have at Google?

Tilde.Club: I had a couple drinks and woke up with 1,000 nerds

Other questions I’ve been asked are: How popular is this site? How many visitors? How many pages viewed? But the only statistics I’ve seen are those the users created themselves—number of users logged in, number of blog posts updated, and so forth. I have no idea how small or big is on the larger web. I set up the server, so I suppose I could check the log files and find out which web page, or which member, is the most popular. Honestly, though, who cares? I just want to see new web pages get made.

Why Technology Isn’t Truly Wearable

Despite my trouble tracking down fashionable technology that I can actually wear, New York City fashion week brings a wave of prototypes to my office doorstep. I sit at a cafeteria desk one morning fiddling with the MICA, the bracelet Intel and Opening Ceremony created together. It’s a thick plastic oval decorated with white snakeskin and a large gold clasp that hides its charging jack. The tech is on the back, a rectangle LED screen that will, in the working version, show notifications from your phone that can be checked discretely. “As a woman, I do care what I wear,” says the vice president of Intel’s new devices group, Ayse Ildeniz, who has arrived with the bracelet to explain her company’s investment in wearable tech. “There’s a reason I’m putting this belt on,” she nods to a large metallic rose clasping together an otherwise black ensemble.

Why It's So Hard To Detect Emotion In Emails And Texts

We've all been Jill Campen and Marty Finkle at times: struggling to convey our emotions over email (or texts or tweets), and struggling to interpret the emotions of others. The difficulty of expressive writing isn't new, of course, but what's relatively recent is the overwhelming amount of electronic exchanges we have with people whose personalities we only know digitally. Without the benefit of vocal inflections or physical gestures, it can be tough to tell e-sarcastic from e-serious, or e-cold from e-formal, or e-busy from e-angry. Emoticons and exclamation points only do so much.

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57 Adam West Is a Crusader for Ben Affleck's Batman
58 13 Horses That Couldn't Be Less Excited About Halloween
59 This Device Could Detect Dozens of Cancers With a Single Blood Test | WIRED
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61 CDC Tracks Ebola in West Africa With Cell Phone Location Data
62 Flight Attendants Don't Want You Using Phones During Takeoff and Landing
63 Tesla’s Newest Car Is AWD And Goes 0-60 In 3.2 Seconds | TechCrunch
64 NASA Puts All Eyes on Comet's Historic Brush With Mars
65 I rode an electric unicycle through the streets of New York City and it felt like the future
66 Tech That's Revolutionizing Your Daily Chores
67 Ebola Death Toll Eclipses 4,000 With No Signs of Slowing
68 Google Play on Android has its flattest design yet
69 Meet The Scientists Who May Have Found The Cure For Drug Addiction
70 Smile! Marketing Firms Are Mining Your Selfies
71 40,000 suicides annually, yet America simply shrugs
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73 Calling All Black Cats: The Search for Hollywood's Meanest Feline
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75 Massive Methane 'Hot Spot' Detected in Southwest U.S.
76 Proof That Rush Hour Is Kinda Terrible Everywhere
77 An Inside Look At The Starbucks App, The Most Successful Mobile Payments System In The US
78 'Lego Batman' spinoff in the works for 2017
79 8 Ways To Keep Your Office Job From Killing You
80 Pay TV’s New Worry: ‘Shaving’ the Cord
81 Wahanda Raises Another $26M And Acquires Germany’s Salonmeister | TechCrunch
82 A Brief History of Scientists Hunting for Time Travelers
83 Swipe Your Wand Right on These 'Harry Potter' Tinder Profiles
84 Join Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong In Two Weeks At Disrupt Europe | TechCrunch
85 PSA: Wii U GameCube adapter only compatible with Super Smash Bros.
86 Bizarre Police Report Details Drunken Palin Family Brawl
87 The 404 Throwback! A Comic Con discussion with Morgan Spurlock (podcast) - CNET
88 Check Out This Fanmade Remake of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
89 How embroidery is helping women in Pakistan stand up to honor killings and inequality
90 Why privacy matters
91 Samsung wants to kill hard drives with new high-efficiency SSDs