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#DisruptSpeciesism - Kelly

Kelly delivers a heartfelt speakout about her little girl, Snow.

Instagram Hyperlapse stabilization

With the Instagram Hyperlapse app, we were able to stabilize our video without spending $10,000 on film equipment. Read the full article here: http://www.the...

Kid on Local TV Shows Us the True Meaning of Fierce

This kid's antics on a local TV news report are beyond flawless.

Shia LaBeouf Recounts the Absurd Tale of His Arrest

Shia LaBeouf explained to Jimmy Kimmel the insane story behind his run-in with the law.

Guy opens old Magic: The Gathering deck, stumbles on $27,000 card - CNET

What was a routine opening of an original Magic:The Gathering deck turned into an accidental discovery of one of the Holy Grails of Magic cards.

11-Year-Old's 'All About That Bass' Dance Puts Us All to Shame

Taylor Hatala, the 11-year-old dance prodigy, just served up an impressive routine to "All About That Bass."

Jimmy Kimmel Is Noticing Some Curious Weather Patterns

Jimmy Kimmel points out all the penis-shaped weather patterns from local news.

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This Is Not a Joke

Let's amble down this slippery slope together, shall we? How should we deal with public figures who utter inconvenient truths on TV while not realizing their microphones are live? Let's just add a small electrical cur- rent to their mic packs so they are constantly reminded, through mild electrification, that the mic is "hot." What should we do about R. Kelly songs that are ostensibly about vehicles but whose subtext refers to sexual acts? Let's insert a voice-over that whispers "sex song" in the first 10 seconds of the track. One thing that's always bothered me is the inability to know with 100% certainty what another person is thinking. I mean, I could ask the person, but what if he or she is lying? The solution is obviously to employ a team of neural scientists and have them build "True Thought" interfaces that allow us to see what's really going on inside someone else's head.

SoftBank Snaps Up Global Video Site DramaFever To Increase Its Entertainment Focus | TechCrunch

DramaFever is an Internet TV network specializing in cross-border distribution of premium content online. The company aggregates popular TV shows from around the world and make them available on demand with subtitles through, its mobile applications, and syndication partners such as Hulu and Netflix. DramaFever is the online market leader in East Asian TV shows in the Americas, and …

How to change your Dropbox password - CNET

Hackers say they've stolen millions of Dropbox passwords, though the company says it wasn't hacked. Either way, now may be a good time to update your password.

Best Headphones

Making a short list of the best headphones is tantamount to trying to pick the best craft beers in the Pacific Northwest or the best wines from California’s Napa valley. There are gobs of options, and no matter how carefully you choose, someone is bound to come along and point out an obvious omission. Truthfully though, we’re glad there are so many great headphone options these days. In a well-saturated market, the consumer usually wins; but where do you start looking? We’ve compiled a list of our favorites to help get you going. We can assure you that all headphones listed here sound great, are very comfortable and fill specific needs for listeners. Have fun and good luck!

5 Router that anonymises internet activity raises $300,000 on Kickstarter

There have been other attempts to popularise Tor routers but they have been more expensive and less portable. Germar said the device would not be useful for people looking to download movies or stream music anonymously, as the re-routing is likely to slow transmission of large files. “This is not a toy,” he said.

How One Casting Director Made Television More Diverse

So no, maybe legion of casting directors might have been "doing it" even before she joined ABC, but there was not that much diversity on TV since then (TV tops shows, Friend then, NCIS today, lots of shows without people of color as even a regular on the show, and NCIS removed the only person of color who used to be the assistant to Ducky) until recently, showcase helping.

Joystiq Discussion: All aboard Nintendo's Amiibo train?

Just a little more than a month to go before patient Wii U owners will finally get a Super Smash Bros . to call their own. November 21st will bring more than just HD Smash into your home, though. Nintendo will also roll out its Amiibo that day, the teensy near-field communication equipped figurines that let you summon up helpers in the game. Slam that little Princess Peach on your Wii U tablet controller, and she'll show up in Smash smacking fools around on your behalf. Here's the thing, though. Those Amiibo are $13 a pop, which is mighty expensive for toys with such limited use in the game. There isn't even a bundle option for anyone interested in collecting. It would be one thing if there was a clear picture of future functionality, but Nintendo's tight lipped about any long-term plans for the toys. Nintendo says Mario Kart 8 will support Amiibo, but still hasn't said how or when. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker will use them as well, but even though that game's out in December, it's unknown Amiibo functionality won't be available in 2015. Why would people buy up these toys when they have no idea why they should? Are they cool enough as collectibles on their own? Will you pick up that Kid Icarus one for no reason other than it's rad? Take our poll after the break and discuss your Amiibo plans in the comments below.

Linux Foundation fuels open-source drone efforts - CNET

"It's a classic example of the power of democratizing a technology; we are entering the consumer and commercial drone age and I'm delighted that an open source platform is helping lead the way," he said in a statement. "Now that we have reached this level of adoption and maturity, it's time to adopt the best practices of other highly successful open-source projects, including professional management and governance structures, to ensure the continued growth and independence of these efforts."

Popcorn Time Finds A New Home After The EURid Pulled Its Domain | TechCrunch

When your product streams pirated content, it’s safe to expect some complications along the way. The Time4Popcorn fork of the popular Popcorn Time project recently had to find a new domain following the sudden removal of But the developers tell me this latest kerfuffle won’t stop the development of the program and they have already found a new domain.

Hackers claim they have stolen nearly 7 million Dropbox passwords (updated)

Dropbox has not been hacked. These usernames and passwords were unfortunately stolen from other services and used in attempts to log in to Dropbox accounts. We’d previously detected these attacks and the vast majority of the passwords posted have been expired for some time now. All other remaining passwords have been expired as well.

The Six Richest Waltons Have As Much Money As 1.8 Million American Families Combined

But the sunny jobs report doesn’t reflect another ongoing issue--the income inequality that became a lightning rod for public discourse in 2011 and helped shape the 2012 presidential race. Last week, the Economic Policy Institute, left-leaning Washington, D.C. thinktank, published a chart illustrating just how quickly the fortunes of the wealthiest Americans are outpacing those of American families with median wealth. Between 2010 and 2013 alone, the number of median-wealthy families whose assets combined to match the wealth of six Walmart billionaires on the Forbes 400 list grew by more than 600,000 net worths. By 2013, you’d need to combine nearly 1.78 million median net worths (at $81,200 each) to equal that of the six wealthiest Waltons.

Generation Flux's Secret Weapon

Thank you for this insightful, comprehensive piece. This is why I read and write for Fast Company. You deliver more than just the general entreprenuerial how to's. I would add , if I may, that this sense of purpose is what drives all of us. It is those who dare to risk and sacrifice (and go against convention) for the sake of their beliefs are the ones who have the opportunity to truly succeed in reaching and supporting their mission. Further, as you pointed out, the flux or the constant change that is the new world of doing business is something that we need to be embrace and adapt to in our professional lives. The common thread among the examples of those in your story and those who shine (whether publicly or privately) I see is that those people set their mission or their purpose or their life goals and then march on those journeys no matter what obstacles are thrown at them until they reach them. And, as Jared Leto exemplifies, evolution is a constant.

Alien: Isolation debuts 2nd in UK charts, doesn't scare off FIFA 15

Again and again, the UK charts prove that when all is said and done, FIFA FIFA and FIFA some more. This time around it was Alien: Isolation that failed to prevent FIFA 15 from notching a third week on top of the country's retail sales charts. Still, Creative Assembly's zeal for xenomorphs was enough to take its newly hatched space horror into second place. Regular charters will remember FIFA 15 held off three major new releases last week in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor , Forza Horizon 2 and Super Smash Bros. 3DS . This week, EA's sportsball sim denied four new challengers. In addition to Alien: Isolation , PS4 racer Driveclub had to settle for fifth, as it didn't manage to overtake Forza in fourth. Like Mordor which placed third, the Xbox game dropped just a place in its second week. Meanwhile, basket case NBA 2K15 debuted seventh. As for the fourth challenger, PS4, Xbox One and PC remaster Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition fell short of the top ten in 12th place. As for what kept it out, once again if you regularly keep up with our UK charts posts, you won't be at all surprised to see the two entries sat in ninth and tenth place - as ever, check out the full top ten and customary music video below the break.

NYT asks readers to help identify print ads, also launches platform for crowdsourcing called Hive

The New York Times’ research and development lab has launched a new project asking readers for help in identifying old advertisements from its print archive — and the project is the first to be built on a new open-source platform for crowdsourcing called Hive

Intel Reports Better-Than-Expected Q3 Revenue Of $14.55B On Strength Of Recovering PC Market | TechCrunch

Following the bell, Intel reported its third quarter financial performance, including revenue of $14.55 billion and earnings per share of $0.66. Analysts and the street had expected that Intel would earn $0.65 per share on total top line of $14.45 billion.

Dropbox Confirms Compromised Account Details But Says Its Servers Weren’t Hacked | TechCrunch

After last week’s Snapchat photo hack , it’s cloud storage provider Dropbox’s turn in the unsavory insecurity spotlight. An anonymous Pastebin user has claimed to have compromised almost seven million Dropbox account credentials (emails and passwords), posting the first 400 direct to Pastebin with a call for Bitcoin donations to leak more.

Amazon and rise of mobile challenge Google's search position, says chairman

Are EU regulators over-estimating Google’s influence? Chairman Eric Schmidt pointed to new competitive threats, including Amazon, in a speech in Berlin.

August’s Smart Lock Goes On Sale Online And At Apple Retail Stores For $250 | TechCrunch

At the $250 price point, however, August might be out of the price range for most casual users. That is, you better make sure that you — and everyone in your house — really wants to use it if you’re going to get one. If you do, you can find them at or your local Apple Retail location.

19 The Dropbox Blog – Dropbox wasn’t hacked

Recent news articles claiming that Dropbox was hacked aren’t true. Your stuff is safe. The usernames and passwords referenced in these articles were stolen from unrelated services, not Dropbox. Attackers then used these stolen credentials to try to log in to sites across the internet, including Dropbox. We have measures in place to detect suspicious login activity and we automatically reset passwords when it happens.

Dropbox: We weren't hacked!

Dropbox says it constantly monitors its accounts for suspicious activity, and it will reset customers' passwords when necessary. It also advised customers to take steps to further protect their Dropbox accounts, such as creating a stronger password and using an extra security feature called two-step authentication.

Skype launches video messaging app Qik to rival Snapchat - Telegraph

Skype Qik is a purely mobile app and is designed to run alongside the main Skype app. People can use Skype Qik to send video messages up to 42 seconds in length when they do not have time for a long Skype conversation.

The News According To Nuzzel

If Nuzzel has a secret sauce, it's that it has no secret sauce. All it does is show articles shared by your friends, sorted by popularity. The interface is utilitarian at best. But as it turns out, it's a powerful way to put worthwhile reading material right in front of you, where you can’t miss it. The experience feels both personalized and serendipitous, and distinctly different from those of the bevy of mobile news apps which bring more technology and resources to the challenge, such as Circa, Inside, and Yahoo News Digest.

Google discloses vulnerability in SSL web encryption technology

The problem is an 18-year old encryption standard, known as SSL 3.0, which is still widely used in web browsers and websites. It was disclosed in a research paper published late on Tuesday on the website of the OpenSSL Project, a group that develops the most widely used type of SSL encryption software.

Macworld/iWorld conference going on hiatus, no event in 2015

Early Tuesday, IDG World Expo released a statement noting that the venerable Apple-oriented trade show, Macworld/iWorld would go on hiatus and not be held in 2015 as planned. The contents of that statement are: “We are announcing today that Macworld/iWorld is going on hiatus, and will not be taking place as planned in 2015. Our MacIT event, the world’s premiere event for deploying Apple in the enterprise, will continue next year with details to be announced in the coming weeks.

Mark Zuckerberg Buys 700 Acres In Hawaii For More Than $100 Million

Flickr/Jeremy Hall Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly paid more than $100 million for a swathe of land in Hawaii where he will create a private getaway befitting one of the world's richest men.

Ebola Patient's Dog Will Not Be Euthanized, Dallas Officials Say

"It was a bit of a challenge, but Bentley, the beloved dog of Ebola patient Nina Pham is now safe with Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center on the way to an undisclosed location," a post on the Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center's Facebook page said.

An App That Lets You Converse With The Deaf, No Sign Language Necessary | TechCrunch

Transcense is developing its first app through the BoostVC accelerator program . It works by catching conversations from the voices of different individuals and assigning them a color bubble so the deaf person knows who said what. It works with a distributed microphone system on all the devices using the app so that it can distinguish each person from another. It then translates those words and starts jotting them down in real time on the app. The deaf and hard of hearing can then read what is going on as it happens. But why tell you when we can show you this demo of how the app works:

Google Express: more cities, more stores and a new name

One year ago, the first Google Shopping Express order was delivered—a box of granola. Our idea was to make shopping your favorite local stores as easy and fast as shopping online, and to help you get what you need delivered the same day. Since then, you’ve told us how we helped you restock diapers in the nick of time, made sure you had Bananagrams for family game night, and even made you feel connected to the outside world when you were home sick. Along the way, we've expanded to new locations, brought on more merchants, and offered more products. And now, we’re adding to the program you love. More cities, more stores and more products Starting today, we’re expanding to three new cities: Chicago, Boston, and Washington, D.C. Across all our cities, more than 7 million people can now access our same-day delivery service, and in Northern California almost 12 million can use our next-day service. We’re also adding more merchants: 16 in total over the last couple of months. We’ve added national brands including 1-800-Flowers, Barnes & Noble, Nine West, PetSmart, Vitamin Shoppe and Sports Authority, and regional merchants such as Paragon Sports in New York and Vicente Foods in Los Angeles.

The Evil Within review: Keep out

Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, PC Misplaced expectations can destroy your enjoyment of a game before you ever pick up the controller. Thinking of The Evil Within as a horror game, then, would be a misstep, because while it's certainly awash in grotesque imagery, it places far more emphasis on combat and stealth than it does creating an atmosphere of dread. Sadly, thinking of it as an action title won't really improve your chances of enjoying it, as the sloppy controls and hackneyed design ensure that it's a nonstop exercise in aggravating tedium, but at least your disappointment will be more accurate. The Evil Within (10/13/14) The plot is largely irrelevant, as Evil Within meanders from scene to scene apparently based solely on assumed shock value. For what it's worth, you play as Sebastian, a police detective called to the scene of a slaughter at a mental hospital. No sooner have you waded through the blood than you're attacked by a mysterious, hooded man wielding some kind of supernatural powers - powers which won't really be explained, explored or dwelled upon for the better part of the game.

The iPhone 6 Plus Gets A One-Handed Keyboard App, And It’s Glorious | TechCrunch

While I came around to the iPhone 6 Plus and its unique allure, as told in a post from a couple of days ago, Apple’s big smartphone still isn’t the easiest to use when typing one-handed. Specifically, it’s tricky to get to the requisite punctuation needed to properly express oneself. A new app, helpfully called “ One Handed Keyboard ,” eliminates this annoyance, with a simple software trick made possible by iOS 8’s support for third-party keyboards.

Anonabox Delivers Plug-And-Play Privacy For All Your Web Traffic | TechCrunch

The Anonabox can be plugged into your existing router via Ethernet and then connects to your computer wirelessly or via another Ethernet cable. Once connected it pushes all web traffic via the Tor network so it’s encrypted and anonymized, without the user having to download and configure any software. (Although it’s worth remembering that Tor itself has had some issues, including with its encryption and with  anonymity being compromised .)

Google's New Android Ads Could Be Teasing the Next Nexus Smartphone and Tablet

While Google doesn’t exactly telegraph the fact, it looks like they’re showing off some new devices. In some shots you can clearly see a comically large smartphone, with a curved rear panel and the new Android L UI displayed on the call screen.  In another shot, a passenger is seen holding a tablet, alongside another holding a smartphone, which seems to corroborate rumors that a new Nexus tablet is also expected to land alongside a new smartphone.

BuzzFeed's choice of publisher says a lot about how the site looks at media

BuzzFeed’s new publisher is not a veteran media executive or an MBA with a business background, but someone who specializes in looking at how data can influence the way that media is created and shared — a crucial skill for the current media economy

Checkr gets $9 million from Accel to capitalize on the darker side of the on-demand economy

Checkr is one of those infrastructure companies that emerged to meet the new needs of the on demand and sharing economy. It’s a risky play for an investor, because by investing in such an infrastructure it’s essentially a bet in an unproven industry. But Wong pointed out that a company like Checkr can help more than just tech startups. “There isn’t even a PayPal in the space yet in terms of someone building technology for this process,” Wong said.

H.264 support arrives in Firefox, thanks to Cisco -- but H.264 web videos still won’t play

However, Mozilla’s embrace of H.264 comes with an important caveat. The binary component provided by Cisco doesn’t actually support all flavors of H.264, if you will, but only a more basic set of features used for real-time video applications (for media codec enthusiasts: it’s only capable of decoding streams encoded with H.264’s constrained baseline profile). This means that HD video streams encoded in H.264 still won’t play natively in Firefox. Said Gaal: “We will reconsider this once support (for high-profile H.264 streams) has been added.”

Second Executive of Apple Supplier Sold Shares After Trouble Surfaced

An executive from bankrupt Apple supplier GT Advanced Technologies who oversaw its troubled sapphire production facility set up a plan to sell part of his shareholdings after the company failed to meet Apple’s technical milestones on time.

Europe to get €2.5 billion big data boost from Commission, industry

“Europe is trailing behind. Virtually every big data company is from the USA, none are from Europe,” she said. “That has to change and that is why we are putting public money on the table.”

Best Digital Cameras

Don’t listen to what anyone says: Digital cameras aren’t dead. While the rapid innovation in the smartphone segment means there are some new challenges for point and shoots, quality camera manufacturers are taking notice and evolving their own technology, so image quality and cameras themselves have never looked better. Megapixels and sensor size continue to increase and camera bodies keep on getting sleeker, all while outfitting these devices with more manual controls and simpler learner curves. Check out our up-to-date list of the best digital cameras, which runs the gamut and includes everything from Micro Four Thirds , entry level pocket cams, and full-frame DSLRs.

Driveclub's imminent update to re-enable some online features

Server woes remain ongoing for PS4 racer Driveclub, but developer Evolution Studios announced a new update should allow the team to bring more functionality to the game's online side. Yesterday afternoon the UK studio said the update was due "within 24 hours," and would mean the dev could "switch on more of the online features, so that you will be able to play more of Driveclub online." When Driveclub launched last week, its servers buckled so hard under the traffic that Evolution decided to delay the launch of the content-lighter PlayStation Plus version to ease the load, as well as the companion iOS and Android app. Over the weekend a new patch allowed the servers to handle more players, but the studio added further work would make certain online features unavailable, such as challenge and social updates. Driveclub (Review) In yesterday's post, Evolution didn't specify which features it would "switch on" in the new update. The studio simply said, "We are sorry that we don't have more concrete news to share right now, but please be patient. We will have more information for you tomorrow.

This Man's Simple System Could Transform American Medicine | WIRED

Newman’s goal for the site is nothing short of a revolution in medical practice. He wants doctors to base their treatments on good scientific evidence, not tradition, hunch, and the fear that patients will see them as doing nothing. And he wants patients to start demanding such care. That’s the big picture, anyway. For now, he’d be happy if he could just get people looking at medicine in a different way. “People tend to think that if it’s a medical intervention, there’s science behind it,” he says. Unfortunately, that’s often not the case. “It is a lie to tell patients to do something without telling them, ‘You should know we’ve done lots of research on this and we can’t find any benefit to it.’”

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel review: You don't know Jack

Xbox 360, PS3, PC Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is all about loot, murder, humor, loot, swarms of enemies and loot. It looks like a comic book, plays like a shooter, and feels like that one hilarious idea you and your buddies had at two in the morning after a night of riding around town and chugging energy drinks. Also, loot. In other words, it's more Borderlands. The Pre-Sequel introduces a few new ideas into the franchise – including near-zero gravity, oxygen management and shiny character classes based on NPCs from the previous games. Players participate in the story of Handsome Jack, before he became the villain in Borderlands 2 , back when he was just a funny dude with wild ideas about being a hero. Still, while The Pre-Sequel boasts the loot of a full Borderlands game, it's missing a touch of depth and a dash of polish. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Somehow, it feels as if there's even more loot in The Pre-Sequel than in Borderlands 2 , which was marketed as the game with 87 bazillion guns. Basically every object in the game is marked with a little green light, potentially containing money, ammo, weapons, shields or class accessories.

This Is How You Find The Perfect Car For A Batman-Obsessed Artist

I know this might be hard to believe, but not everyone is a huge gearhead. Shocking, I know. Take graphic artist Michael Buntyn, for example. He needs a new car, but isn't sure what to buy. That's where Car Matchmaker steps in.

The World’s Largest See-Through Couch

The piece, which sells for $1,860 , is loosely modeled after minimalist furniture that Starck saw in his aunts and uncles' homes. But Starck says he isn’t interested in simply capturing a throwback; he wants to embrace the old style with the “perspective of the engineer.” To create the couch, Italian furniture company Kartell injects a steel mold with molten plastic to make the material look as elegant as glass--and leave behind minimal waste. "With the biggest-ever monobloc transparent plastic–made piece," says Starck, "it is about showing a technological miracle--one you can sit on."

Heroku founder: Y Combinator developer tools request is a very big deal

While it might not seem so to outsiders, Y Combinator’s new Developer Tools Request for Startups (RFS) is a big deal. (Editor’s note: The deadline to apply is tomorrow.)  This is a request from one of the biggest tech incubators for startups that make developer tools, and it’s an important sign of the increasing value and prominence of developer products and the companies behind them. And I’m thrilled about it.

CRM and Cloud Computing To Grow Your Business -

Customer relationship management (CRM) is all about managing the relationships you have with your customers. CRM combines business processes, people, and technology to achieve this single goal: getting and keeping customers. It's an overall strategy to help you learn more about their behavior so you can develop stronger, lasting relationships that will benefit both of you. It’s very hard to run a successful business without a strong focus on CRM, as well as adding elements of social media and making the transition to a social enterprise to connect with customers in new ways.

Humble Mozilla Bundle: Powered by asm.js

Play in your browser, download DRM-free or redeem on Steam. All games in this bundle are available to play in your browser. These games play best on the latest version of Firefox but will also work on Chrome version 28 and higher or Firefox version 22 and higher. Other browsers capable of executing JavaScript or mobile browsers may also work but are not guaranteed. For maximum compatibility, please use the latest version of Firefox or Chrome.

35 Innovators Under 35 | 2014 | MIT Technology Review

Everyone on the list was nominated either by the public or by MIT Technology Review ’s editors. Some got our attention when they were picked by our international publishing partners as Innovators Under 35 for their regions. After our editors pared the roughly 500 nominees to 80 finalists, outside judges rated the originality and impact, or potential impact, of their work; those scores guided the editors as they crafted the list.

Gruveo Brings Anonymous Video Calls To The iPhone And iPad | TechCrunch

Gruveo makes it possible to make secure and anonymous video calls right in your browser, without having to install software or register for an account Gruveo's online platform allows any two parties to set up an encrypted and anonymous call just by agreeing on a shared code. Based on WebRTC, our technology is scalable, secure and provides excellent call quality. Gruveo works in the modern versions …

12 Inventive Vines That'll Pump Your Own Creative Juices

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 40 million unique visitors worldwide and 19 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Evening Edition

Argentina is facing its worst heatwave in decades  and residents have taken to the streets in Buenos Aires to protest power cuts that have left some people without energy for two weeks. Argentina’s aging power grid has struggled to keep up with demand as temperatures topped 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 11,000 people were still without electricity over the weekend, and hundreds of thousands have been affected over the preceding weeks.

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