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Jailbreak iOS 9 – iOS 9.0.2 with Pangu on Mac OS X

Learn how to jailbreak iOS 9 – iOS 9.0.2 with Pangu 9 jailbreak tool on Mac OS X using a virtual machine with our step-by-step tutorial.

BJ Novak’s Real App Makes as Much Sense as His Fake One

The actor's new venture is a platform for anyone to create any kind of list imaginable.

Watch a Tesla in Autopilot mode tackling NYC traffic

Tesla's Model S sedan has got an update to its software that lets it automatically steer, switch lanes, parallel park, and help keep you from crashing.

This Gadget Turns Paper Airplanes Into VR-Controlled Drones

Become one with your paper airplane.

Training Robots to Fall Safely | MIT Technology Review

Researchers at Georgia Tech have developed an algorithm to help humanoid robots hit the ground without breaking themselves.

Anti-drone rifle shoots down UAVs with radio waves

This shoulder mounted device shoots drones with radio waves until they lose signal and come down.

Bing's image search is now the ultimate cookbook

It's fairly easy to look up recipes online, but Bing's updated image search lets you sift through them quickly and find the most tempting ones to try.

Q&A with Lil Jon

Lil Jon is an award-winning hip hop artist, DJ, producer and actor well known for his work on tracks such as "Shots" by LMFAO and "Turn Down for What" with DJ S...

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Nevada Regulators Rule Daily Fantasy Is Gambling, Order Sites To Shut Down In State

The Nevada Gaming Control Board offered perhaps the most significant rebuke of daily fantasy sports operators today in a month full of them, finding that daily fantasy sports constitutes gambling. The Gaming Control Board wrote that because daily fantasy sports involves “wagering on the collective performance of individuals participating in sporting events,” daily fantasy sites must obtain licensing from the Nevada Gaming Commission to continue operating.

Hightail moves past file sharing with Spaces, a collaborative area for creatives

In the cloud-based file storage world, one of the first was a company called YouSendIt. The intention was to let you share files that were too big to send via email. But a lot has changed in the 11 years since its founding: For starters, it’s no longer YouSendIt — it’s now known as Hightail , having rebranded in 2013. It’s also not the only game in town anymore thanks to the rise of Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and Amazon. So what’s the company up to now?

Business Models For A Modern Artist

"You want a certain amount of spontaneity. You want a certain amount of intuitiveness in it. But you don't want to go blind, either. So when I create a drawing, I do start anywhere. But there is a process. And that process is to create an initial line. And that initial line I call the DNA of a drawing," Martin says. "Once I've created that DNA, it's almost like a crossword puzzle for me. Maybe there's a line that's smooth and round that reminds me of a side of a face. And I would draw a nose, then a mouth, then a couple of eyes. So you create this initial line that then gives you clues back. That can carry through within your business. That process—that underneath layer—has your style, your identity. It's your core."

Newsonomics: The thinking (and dollars) behind The New York Times’ new digital strategy

As we get to the 2020 memo’s most important number, let’s recall a big one that has hung in media minds from midsummer on: 1 million. The Times officially hit the 1 million digital subscriber mark in August. On one hand, it’s a breathtaking number: What odds could you have gotten back in 2011, when the Times announced its new paywall to a skeptical world, that it would find a million people to pay only for digital access within four years? On the other, it’s just a start. But either way, it’s a number that demonstrates the Times’ new leadership in the news industry and gives it standing to figure out its next future.

Music streaming service Deezer seeks 300 mln euros in flotation

PARIS Music streaming service Deezer said it aims to raise 300 million euros ($343 million) selling new shares to fund marketing as it chases more subscribers to take on bigger rivals such as Apple and Sweden's Spotify.

Pixelmator for Mac gets El Capitan optimizations, Metal-based Photos extension

Pixelmator for Mac was updated to version 3.4 on Thursday, adding things like optimization for OS X El Capitan, and a new Photos extension founded on Apple's Metal graphics technology.

4 ways businesses can close the legacy tech skills gap

One of the best ways to encourage the next generation of IT professionals to learn legacy skills and technology is by starting where they do - in schools and universities. In some cases, colleges and universities partner with IT companies to provide internships, or to jointly develop curriculum so that graduating students will have legacy tech skills when they graduate -- as well as a leg up when competing for jobs.

6 Productivity Experts Show Us What's On Their Desks (And What Should Be On Yours)

Nicknamed "the queen of putting people’s lives in order" by USA Today , Morgenstern says she prefers her desk to be a clear surface except for what she’s working on at that moment. "I might have a client file or media interview folder, but if I’m not working on it, I don’t keep it out," she says. "Once you start leaving things out, it becomes visual Muzak and distracting. I store everything else within a spin of my chair."

Netflix and chill could be the new way to nightly news

In other words, if Netflix wants to be the future of cable TV to some extent, it might make sense for the company to broaden the types of programming it does away from just pure entertainment. It’s clearly trying to do that to some extent by expanding the number of news documentaries. Could it build a stable of news-related programming that would fill out its portfolio of content? It doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility, despite the protests from Netflix PR.

What's Worse Than Helicopter Parenting? Drone Parenting

Our 13-year-old had two hours of homework a night, a three-hour round trip of soccer training, a fairly new phone, and a fondness for social media and YouTube. We not only worried that he get his offline work done, we now felt compelled to monitor his online life, and to keep up to date on his school status daily. His text messages and Instagram accounts were available to us to peruse 24/7, and every day at 5 p.m., an email was blasted to every parent and child at our school, detailing the child’s current up-to-the-minute scores in every area. Every once in a while it would appear as if he was failing a class, when in reality the teacher just hadn’t recorded the latest scores. Every time my husband or I asked him about "that zero" in science or math, there was a good explanation, and we wished we hadn’t asked. But each zero seemed to represent less than adequate oversight by a parent. And then there was the texting. We had let our son know long before he got a phone that we’d be monitoring all his activity, and we promptly set up a direct feed of all his texts to Noah’s desktop. Every week, it seemed, we heard about another local, generally good kid who got in trouble texting inappropriate words or pictures to a peer.

Apple partners with hospitals for new ResearchKit studies on autism, epilepsy, melanoma

Originally Posted by Taniwha� � Much less than you wish to believe. There is more to "Medical Research" than a gadget. �There are other developments in technology that will also contribute, but the key issues with patient information, informed consent, inclusion/exclusion and monitoring will be assisted, but by no means radically altered by the Research Kit possibilities. If the costs include the iPhone and Watch components, this will also add significant costs, which in turn will limit applicability. International data transfer of Patient monitoring and other data will be a big hurdle to overcome in relation to Data Protection regulations. All in all, its much more complex than you may wish to assume. Even "culling the useless Data" is a minefield through which you need to tread carefully, depending on the biostatistical design of the studies.

F.lux beta for iOS 9 released

The tweak has been flagged as a beta package so there are chances that you will be facing issues using it. The team has already acknowledged that they are working to fix an issue that causes f.lux to take a couple of minutes to work after rebooting your device. You should see an update soon that patches the bug.

Death to passwords! New Yahoo Mail protects with push notifications instead

Account Key effectively works like two-factor authentication, allowing you to authorize new logins via your smartphone or tablet. The only difference is Account Key is not a secondary back-up measure that kicks in after you've entered your password: it is the primary way you access your account.

A Second Snowden Has Leaked a Mother Lode of Drone Docs

“This outrageous explosion of watchlisting—of monitoring people and racking and stacking them on lists, assigning them numbers, assigning them ‘baseball cards,’ assigning them death sentences without notice, on a worldwide battlefield—it was, from the very first instance, wrong,” the source tells the Intercept. “We’re allowing this to happen. And by ‘we,’ I mean every American citizen who has access to this information now, but continues to do nothing about it.”

Square IPO to test Dorsey's ability to run two companies

SAN FRANCISCO Mobile payments company Square Inc filed for its long-expected initial public offering on Wednesday in a test of Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey's ability to take the company public as he grapples with a turnaround at Twitter Inc.

Yahoo aims to phase out passwords with new service

Starting on Thursday, the company announced, users of the Yahoo Mail app on both iOS and Android will have access to a new service called Yahoo Account Key, which uses smartphones to verify identities in lieu of traditional passwords.

Here’s what Facebook’s breaking-news Twitter competitor might look like

We’ve heard rumors for some time that Facebook is working on a breaking news app (possibly known internally as “Notify”) that will go head-to-head with Twitter. Facebook’s algorithms — which initially push out stories from news publications to just a few users, and then serve them to an increasing number depending on performance — are such that it hasn’t managed to become a go-to platform (a la Twitter) for up-to-the-minute news, despite its nearly 1.5 billion monthly active user base .

Apple updates Pages, Keynote, & Numbers for iOS + OS X w/ Split View, 3D Touch, much more

A little later than some expected, Apple has released new versions of the iWork suite of apps for iPhone and iPad with iOS 9 and iPhone 6s features. Pages, Keynote, and Numbers now all support iPad multitasking features including Split View on iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, and iPad Pro, as well as 3D Touch on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The iWork apps also gained new versions on the Mac with OS X El Capitan features and much more. Details below:

16 pieces of future tech that are probably in your home right now - CNET

Ever wonder what the future of technology will be like? Well, wonder no more: There are plenty of clues about the "next big thing" in our smartphones, homes, cars and more.

Forbes lists the top-earning YouTube stars for 2014 to 2015

Forbes has ranked the YouTube stars who earned the most for the year ending on June 1, 2015... and the money they raked in can make you seriously think that you're in the wrong line of work. The first person in the list shouldn't surprise gamers: it's Pewdiepie , who reportedly took in a jaw-dropping amount of $12 million for his video game playthroughs and commentaries. Another gamer, KSI , also made the list after taking in $4.5 million. Video gamers aren't the only ones earning sweet, sweet YouTube money, though. Comedy acts seem to be doing great on the website, as well, with duos Smosh and Fine Brothers getting $8.5 million each. Showing off her unusual talent has paid off for Lindsey Stirling , as well, seeing as she took in $6 million for dancing while playing the violin in her videos. Michelle Phan may not be uploading as many make-up tutorials these days, but she still earned $3 million, thanks to her various deals and investments.

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California launches site to help victims of revenge porn - CNET

State Attorney General Kamala Harris said Wednesday that her office has partnered with tech companies and law enforcement agencies to create an online resources hub to help people remove unauthorized explicit photographs or videos of themselves from the Internet. The hub will also help tech companies develop policies to prevent posting of exploitative images, as well as educate local law enforcement on how to investigate and prosecute revenge-porn cases.

The Verge on Twitter

Facebook says LGBT Americans are coming out on the site twice as much as last year …

Live GIF turns Live Photos from an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus into looping GIFs

It’s not for every photo, of course. Live GIF is probably not a good idea for those photos where everyone is grumbling as they line up for a family portrait. Nobody needs that behind the scenes GIF.

JetBlue will have free satellite WiFi on every flight by fall 2016

JetBlue's plans to outfit its aircraft with fast satellite WiFi are most definitely on track. The airline has announced that it not only has Fly-Fi on all of its Airbus aircraft, but that it expects to have the free internet access aboard all its remaining flights by fall 2016. That's a big deal, particularly if you're a frequent flier -- it guarantees at least one carrier that will have relatively brisk (20Mbps per device) connections on every trip, whether it's a short hop or cross-country. JetBlue no doubt hopes that you'll use its expanding service to buy a few things , but it's hard to be too cynical about the company's motives when some other airlines charge you for WiFi that's virtually unusable.

Valve wants you to mod the Steam Controller

“We’ll be doing a bunch of stuff in the future like allowing you, if you want, to get the CAD files for [the Steam Controller] or something," he continued. "Or order all the electronic guts and none of the form factor from us because you want to roll your own. We want to enable that kind of modding and hacking and see what happens. Whether it’s a workshop where you can upload your own form factors and other people can download them and 3D print them, who knows?

Tesla unveils autopilot system, but don't let go of the wheel

"The whole Tesla fleet acts like a network. When one car learns something they all learn it," he said. "As ... more people enable autopilot, the information about how to drive is uploaded to the network. Each driver is effectively an expert trainer in how the autopilot should work."

Funding Daily: Today’s tech funding news, in one place

Under the deal, the companies are investing $20 million upfront and an additional $10 million upon achieving certain milestones related to the launch of Pokémon Go. The spin-off is one of the first to happen under Google’s new structure, in which a holding company called Alphabet owns Google and a number of other ventures. The deal is one of the most significant game company investments of the year, and it gives Niantic some very powerful allies.

'AmpStrip' heart rate wearable drops athletes to focus on health

AmpStrip was originally a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo that closed on September 16, 2015 and in that time the startup managed to raise over $500,000 USD for the project (734% over the target goal). Steven Schwartz, Head of Marketing at FitLinxx, confirmed the change of direction on the product page stating: "After much discussion and debate, we have decided to suspend development of AmpStrip as a fitness product. Going forward, we are going to first focus on the device's potential uses as a medical device rather than a fitness device."

Valve wants the Steam community to build its own controllers

The good news is that Steam users that aren't quite pleased with Valve's final controller design won't have to grin and bear it when it's released this month. The company's aware that there's no one form factor ideally suited to the hands of its massive Steam base and so it's looking to crowdsource the design and even provide the components. "W e want to empower the community to get to the point where the community starts doing these things," says Johnson. "So things like creating a workshop for the form factor ... we'll provide all of the CAD files, so if you wanna get in there and start messing with things. Long term, I think we'd like to sell you all of the electronics inside as a separate thing if you wanna do that because you wanna go and build a completely different-looking one, but you don't wanna have to worry about the electronics."

DxOMark reviews iPhone 6s camera; ranks it below flagship Android smartphones

In DxOMark’s testing, the 12MP rear shooter of the iPhone 6s performed slightly worse than last year iPhones. This should not really have been a problem since the camera performance of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is pretty darn good. However, over the last one year, Android OEMs have greatly stepped up their game in the camera department. Due to this, the iPhone 6s ended up being ranked at the 10th position in DxOMark’s smartphone camera ranking.

Scientists already had major doubts about Theranos — and now it's a full-on crisis

These reports don't mean the tests don't work — there's still a lot we don't know. Theranos has repeatedly said it considers FDA approval of its tests (which is not required for tests developed in labs) the "gold standard" for saying they are effective, and it has not published accounts of how its technology works, saying it wants to protect its (patented) intellectual property.

YouTube Gaming Adds Mobile Streaming And Twitch-Like Features

Like Twitch’s partnership program , you can pay a monthly Sponsorship subscription to support your favorite streamers, get a special badge and more. It costs $3.99 compared to $4.99 for Twitch. Twitch currently has 12,000 partners out of its 1.7 million broadcasters in its partnership program while YouTube is just starting. All streamers can also enable tips on Twitch via third-party apps.

Star Wars Rebels: "The Lost Commanders" Review - IGN

“The Lost Commanders” gave us some answers on this front, as we caught up with Rex long after the Clone Wars ended – even as we were left to ponder some exact specifics. Finding out Rex (along with Wolffe and Gregor) had removed the chips that forced Clones to obey Order 66 was gratifying to learn, and made a lot of sense with Rex’s trajectory on The Clone Wars and what he saw near the end of the show. Of course, it doesn’t tell us what exactly Rex and the others were doing and how they responded when Order 66 actually occurred, but that question is no doubt being kept purposefully vague – because maybe, just maybe, we’ll get to see those specifics told in a story one day. Still, given Rex and the others were simply listed as "decommissioned", they couldn't have, say, been labeled as traitors for ignoring Order 66. So how did they avoid being a part of it?

Apple retail expert Gary Allen passes away at 67

Gary Allen — founder of the Apple retail blog ifoAppleStore, and a past contributor to AppleInsider — died of brain cancer on Sunday. He was 67. Through his website ifoAppleStore , Allen became an important source of information about developments in Apple's retail chain. He was often able to obtain early and/or in-depth information about Apple's plans, and traveled globally to attend store openings, ultimately witnessing more than 140 of them. Allen frequently waited in lines with other Apple fans, and his brother Jim told the Washington Post that he made friends around the world. "I think that's the part of it he most enjoyed," Jim said. ifoAppleStore came to a halt in March 2015. At the time Allen claimed this was because others were tracking Apple Stores, and he wanted to focus on friends and family as well as just having fun with his interest in Apple retail. Jim explained that in reality his brother stopped because of the brain cancer diagnosis, and didn't want people to worry about him. Allen's history with AppleInsider extends as far back as 2004 , when Apple was only just beginning to establish shops outside of the U.

Protesters wanting say in Baltimore's new police commissioner arrested at city hall

Protesters are demanding community involvement in the selection of a new police commissioner for the city of Baltimore. On Oct. 14, activists occupied Baltimore City Hall overnight before police arrested at least 12 on charges of trespassing in the early hours of Thursday morning. Read more:

Magic Leap’s Graeme Devine on how to design for mixed reality and the impossible

Devine: At first it’s very hard to communicate out of that bubble. But at Apple, you learn how to work around it. And at Magic Leap, I can’t understand a lot of it, so I can’t tell you about it. But I can tell you about what it’s like to make games in which reality—I can tell you about the language we use. I can tell you about what it is to make something exist in the world. I can tell you about the innovation that our thinking’s had because, golly, two years ago we thought it was the bee’s knees putting something on a table. And then two years later, “Oh, that’s easy. Let me tell you about the evolution now.” That’s been interesting.

Moscow Startups Build Their Own Eco-System In An Old Telegraph Station

Aside from Russia’s somewhat grandiose “Skolkovo” project to replicate a Silicon Valley-style startup campus just outside of Moscow, entrepreneurs who have preferred to stay outside any governmental overtures have resolutely stuck to the city, just as Startups in the Bay Area, post 2001, gravitated towards San Fransisco. The early pioneer in this was ( Digital October ), carved out of the of old chocolate factory in the red-brick, ‘Red October’ building (yes, it really was called Red October once).

Jenny Wu: VR researcher. Psychology grad. Social media dissenter. - TechRepublic

At just 23, Jenny Wu is working on cutting-edge research at the intersection of psychology and technology. She spoke with TechRepublic about higher ed, VR, and why she doesn't use social media.

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The forensics behind what shot down flight MH17

15 months after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down, a group of experts convened by the Netherlands have finished studying the crash. Their report explains what happened, and gives us a glimpse at the advanced technical forensics they used to painstakingly recreate the attack. Read more here: Everything is technology!

LG first to push Android Marshmallow to its own flagship

LG's gearing up to roll out Android Marshmallow to its devices, and you can install it as soon as next week... if you own a G4 handset and live in Poland. The South Korean manufacturer will release the latest Android version in the European country first, but it promises that America, Asia and the rest of Europe will follow. Unfortunately, the company doesn't have exact dates for those markets yet. Local carriers will likely announce the upgrade when it becomes available, though; in the US, T-Mobile already confirmed that the G3 and the G4 will get Marshmallow in the future.

Donald Glover is coming back to TV in a rap-focused comedy

is a leading global media company that informs, inspires and entertains the digital generation. Mashable is redefining storytelling by documenting and shaping the digital revolution in a new voice, new formats and cutting-edge technologies to a uniquely dedicated audience of 45 million monthly unique visitors and 25 million social followers.

Here Are Over 50 Official Star Wars: Force Awakens Images You Probably Haven't Seen Yet

It’s no exaggeration to say Disney has been very careful with content released from Star Wars: The Force Awakens . Trailers, footage and toys have all been calculated in what’s revealed and while there’s more coming soon, there’s also stuff out there you may have missed.

Review: VMware Workstation 12 gets a shine for Windows 10

The main new addition is support for Windows 10 as a host and as a guest, with integration features for both scenarios. On the guest side, Workstation’s Auto Detect and Easy Install features now work with Windows 10. That means you can pop in the Windows 10 installation disc (or ISO), Workstation will recognize the new OS when booting a VM, and setup will proceed automatically. I tried this with the latest Windows 10 ISO and a brand-new VM, and installation was the work of a few clicks.

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Another huge Adobe Flash exploit is out: time to uninstall!

The best part? There’s no fix available immediately and Adobe only says it “expects” to make an update available next week, but didn’t name a date. That’s a big risk it’s asking you to take.

Pebble Time apps can now add voice dictation

Pebble is starting to let third-party developers add voice dictation to apps for its  Time ,  Time Steel , and  Time Round smartwatches. The ability is being added through a new set of developer tools today, which will allow app creators to start building dictation into their apps — it's unclear if they'll also be able to add more advanced voice commands, too. Support is coming to the Time and Time Steel today, while support for the Time Round will arrive on November 8th. The Pebble Time already includes some voice support, but it's limited, so opening the feature up could make the Time series a lot more useful. It's also being announced today that Nuance is behind Pebble's voice features.

Mac@IBM, Zero to 30,000 in 6 Months

Results of the Mac@IBM program To much fanfare from the crowd, Previn said that IBM is deploying 1,900 Macs per week and currently have 130,000 Macs and iOS devices in the hands of users. And all of these devices are supported by a total of 24 help desk staff members, meaning that each staff member effectively supports 5,375 employees. One stat that particularly stood out was that 5% of Mac users call the help desk, compared to 40% of PC users. This shows how simple it is for the staff at IBM to use the Mac platform, and reflects the hard work the team has done to make the experience seamless.

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