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iPad Air 2 First Impressions and Hands-On Videos

A number of major tech publications have posted their first impressions and hands-on video reviews of the new iPad Air 2.

Giant comet to pass Mars for the first time in a million years - CNET

The closest look ever at a new comet will happen when the mountain-size comet Siding Spring buzzes past Mars this weekend.

History of Kids Are Heroes (Part 1)

Now that MaryMargaret is older she looks back on the history of Kids Are Heroes and ponders what's in store for the future.

Finally, a Game That Lets Us Become Bread

The life of bread is an exciting life, and certainly one worth turning into a game.

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Apple Announces Apple Watch SDK, Launches In November | TechCrunch

Apple just announced its SDK for the upcoming Apple Watch. Called WatchKit, the kit launches next month. The word comes from Tim Cook speaking today at an event held at the Apple Campus.

Facebook warns its users who use the same credentials as those stolen in earlier Adobe breach

Facebook warns its users who use the same credentials as those stolen in earlier Adobe breach   —  Facebook Warns Users After Adobe Breach  —  Facebook is mining data leaked from the recent breach at Adobe in an effort to help its users better secure their accounts.

Bermuda Braces for Collision With Hurricane Gonzalo

Update: 2 p.m. ET: The core of Hurricane Gonzalo, where the highest winds and waves are located, is now moving through Bermuda. Winds have picked up to tropical storm force, and should begin to edge up to hurricane force (74 miles per hour or higher) by 5 p.m. local time, which is 4 p.m. ET. The National Hurricane Center says the storm is beginning to weaken but will still be a Category 3 hurricane when it moves over the island.

The Spirit Of Coopetition Is Alive And Well In The Cloud | TechCrunch

Increasingly, companies that compete directly with another have been announcing major partnerships, and we saw a couple of good examples this week with Microsoft and Salesforce and IBM and SAP. Not coincidentally in my view, they both involved the cloud. That’s because companies may want to compete, but customers want their technology vendors to just get along. They need products to play nicely together –and it seems it’s much easier to do that in the cloud.

How to convert FLAC to MP3

There’s something to be said about an audio converter that requires little more than a simple, drag-and-drop maneuver and a single click to convert a file. All2MP3 is just that, a plugin-free piece of software that uses AppleScript to convert a variety of audio files, from FLAC to MOV, directly to MP3. The barebones software features quick conversion speeds and a light footprint, but offers no intensive quality preferences or an output option other than MP3. However, the lack of bells and whistles only adds to the software’s innate appeal. All2MP3 is capable program that works as intended on Mac OS X.

Pay attention: Zwipe is a credit card with a fingerprint sensor - CNET

Started in 2009 by Norwegian entrepreneur Kim Kristian Humborstad, Zwipe is a company seeking to replace your credit or debit card's personal identification number (PIN) and your signature with your fingerprint. The result is a fingerprint sensor in a bank card that knows who you are in order to make sure no-one else can use your card.

Project Cars delayed to March 2015

The launch of Project Cars has been delayed to March 2015, Bandai Namco announced today. It will now arrive on March 17 in North America and March 20 in Europe and Australasian regions. The delay affects the game's Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC versions, which were previously scheduled for November 18 and November 21 in North America and Europe, respectively. The decision "positions the title away from the competitive holiday scene dominated by household names while affording the team at Slightly Mad Studios additional time to extend and polish" the game, according to the publisher. Slightly Mad Studios also has a Wii U version of Project Cars on the way, though it was already planned for 2015. It's currently unknown if the Wii U edition will align with the others in March 2015; we've asked Bandai Namco as much and will update as we learn more. The Wii U version was announced in January 2012 prior to Xbox 360 and PS3 versions being cut from the developer's plans in November 2013 . Update: Bandai Namco says "the announced date is still 2015" for Project Cars on Wii U.

3D-Printed Prosthetic Hand Could Make Kids Feel Like Iron Man

A designer is using 3D-printed technology to build prosthetic hands that could make kids look and feel like Avengers.

A City Sleeps review: Bullet purgatory

PC, Mac A City Sleeps marks a bold new direction for developer Harmonix. After spending the last several years working on the big-budget Rock Band and Dance Central franchises, Harmonix is now scaling back its internal studio culture, forming small independent teams within the company to encourage new gameplay concepts that can be fleshed out quickly. A City Sleeps is the first project to launch in the wake of this major shift for the studio. While it doesn't require any musical instrument peripherals to play, the finished product retains much of Harmonix's signature charm, skillfully implementing rhythm-driven gameplay elements in the context of a side-scrolling, arcade-style shoot-'em-up. A City Sleeps succeeds on many fronts, but its short length and uneven difficulty curve make it a tough prospect even for hardcore shooter fans. A City Sleeps In A City Sleeps , players control Poe, a "dream exorcist" who saves people from endless nightmares by slaying their inner demons. Poe's adventure unfolds in the context of a bullet-hell shooter, challenging players to navigate endless waves of neon-colored bullets that fill the screen at all times.

Your Handy Tips and Tricks for Mastering OS X Yosemite | WIRED

You’ve just downloaded Yosemite, Apple’s latest update to the Mac platform. There’s a lot that’s familiar, but a number of features still look, feel, and function differently. If you haven’t already been using the public beta, it can be a lot to take in. Lucky for you, we’ve got a primer.

Jolla Does Angry Birds Themed Android Launcher To Fling Its Sailfish OS Further | TechCrunch

Jolla , the Finnish smartphone startup that expanded the MeeGo open source project into its own Sailfish OS, has released its first Android launcher — to give users of Google’s mobile platform a taster of what its alternative OS has to offer.

Whisper Denies Tracking User Info And Sharing It With The U.S. Government | TechCrunch

While you’re downloading or using our mobile applications or Services, we may ask for, access, or track location-based information such as device-provided latitude or longitude, if you have location services enabled for the application. One reason for doing this is to help you explore postings in your area or for us to determine how many postings come from a particular area. However, giving us permission to access or track any location-based data is absolutely voluntary. In fact, you may freely opt into or opt out of location-based portions of our Services at any time. However, please bear in mind that, even if you have disabled location services, we may still determine your city, state, and country location based on your IP address (but not your exact location).

Tumblr Debuts Its First Desktop App On The Mac App Store | TechCrunch

On the heels of the release of Apple’s new Mac OS, OS X Yosemite , blogging platform Tumblr has just rolled out its first official desktop application with the launch of a Tumblr app for the Mac App Store. The app allows users to post to their personal Tumblr blogs from anywhere on the Mac, whether that’s content like links, images or videos you stumble across online, or files you have saved locally to your computer.

Twitter's Finally Explaining Its Suggested Tweets Strategy

When Twitter first started testing these suggested tweets a few months ago, it didn’t explain the change very well to users, most of whom were confused and even angry when they started seeing content in their stream from people they didn’t follow. Twitter often experiments with new features without adding much of an explanation early on.

The Current State Of The Apple SIM, And Its Possible Future | TechCrunch

As for the carriers not on Apple’s list of supported providers, there’s no technical barrier preventing them from participating – Apple is very clear that there’s only one model of cellular iPad this time around, with enough LTE bands to cover most networks in most markets. It’s much more likely that the reason players like Verizon are holding back is that they’re reluctant to hand over so much customer control to Apple, even if it is in the relatively contract-free world of iPad data plans. The problem is more the precedent, in a market that’s already showing signs of potentially moving to favor pre-paid, bring-your-own-device arrangements.

Octopus Ventures De-Cloaks — Reveals Its ‘Evergreen’ £60m Early Stage Fund | TechCrunch

Octopus Ventures ( CrunchBase listing ) has become one of the most active early stage investors in the UK, backing many early individuals and businesses which went on to greater heights. These include backing Alex Chesterman all the way from Screen Select to LOVEFiLM and then from the early stages of Zoopla through to IPO. Another example is William Reeve , also from Screen Select and the LoveFilm days, all the way through to starting It’s been an early investor in Secret Escapes , SwiftKey and YPlan among others.

Google releases Android 5.0 Lollipop SDK and Nexus preview images

The first set of devices to run Android 5.0 (the Nexus 6, Nexus 9 , and Nexus Player ) will be available in early November. In the same timeframe, Google plans to roll out the Android 5.0 update worldwide to the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (2012 & 2013), and Nexus 10 devices, as well as to Google Play edition devices.

How Facebook protects your account and passwords from hackers

By cross-checking stolen account information on websites that hackers post to, Facebook can update its users on whether or not their data has been compromised.

At Apple's October Event, Specs Mattered More Than Usual, And That's O.K.

I think the fact that Apple waxed hard on specs this launch event is indicating they don't have any meaningful features to announce. And that's fine I guess, except for a company with Apple's expectations. It's fair and unfair at the same time, for consumers to expect Apple to splash big every time they drop a new iPad or iPhone. But reality is what it is. Tablets have hit a wall in terms of functionality and features (especially so, hardware wise), so whatever revolutionary gains are going to come, I can only see them being from software side. Most use-cases I've read about for tablets revolve around streaming media or reading books. That's not a really compelling consumer product when phones are getting bigger and bigger. I'm hoping for the next big thing, whichever company it comes from!

Tech Time Warp of the Week: Get a Glimpse of the Lost Touchscreen Tablet of 1992 | WIRED

Although it’s often described as a PDA today, the Star7 was actually more of a tablet computer, one specifically designed to interact with your television set. You could browse a television guide, pick a show, and then drag its icon onto a picture of a VCR to play it. But it was more than just a high-tech remote control. You could also share content between Stay7 devices. Gosling shows off a tool called “white boards,” which not only let scrawl handwritten notes, but drag stuff to someone else’s device.

Twitter to roll out its Buy button to general public in early 2015

The company previously said it will gradually be adding more organizations to test the Buy button, but thus far it hasn’t announced when it will launch this new feature to everyone. Sources, however, tell VentureBeat that Twitter is planning to roll out the Buy button within the first three months of 2015.

Dyson takes a bite out of Shark's vacuum advertising - CNET

Shark based its "America's Most Recommended Vacuum" finding on online surveys. The surveys ask a simple yes or no question post purchase -- would you recommend this vacuum? Shark showed positive responses from 94.2 percent of participants versus 89.9 percent for Dyson according to data gathered from Amazon; Bed, Bath, & Beyond; Best Buy; Costco; Home Depot; Kohl's; Lowe's; Sam's Club; Sears and Kmart; Target and Walmart. Between these retailers, Shark claimed to have accounted for more than 85 percent of US vacuum sales. Shark then proceeded to use the phrase "America's Most Recommended Vacuum" and "America's Most Recommended Vacuum Brand" in its television and website advertising.

PS4 '2.0 update' adds broadcast archiving, USB music player

PlayStation has revealed a fresh slate of changes coming to the PS4 interface in the upcoming 2.0 system update alongside a few items we already knew about, such as the ability to gussy up your console with themes. As part of the new update, PlayStation 4 owners can jam out to their own beats with the USB Music Player. Though players can't transfer music to the console, they will be able to play MP3, MP4, M4A and 3GP files directly from an inserted USB stick as background music during gameplay sessions. In an effort to increase social interaction, the PS4 will now list suggested "players you may know," recommending PS4 users your friends frequently game with. Additionally, if purchasing themes doesn't interest you, the update will allow players to customize the background color of the PlayStation 4 user interface. Saving hard drive space, the new update will feature an option to add a game to your library, rather than forcing you through the steps of canceling a download. Growing libraries will also be easier to manage, with improved filters to organize your collection.

Make that three: Univision wants to stream to cord cutters as well

It’s unbundling time! Univision is the latest broadcaster to announce that it plans to stream videos to customers that don’t have a pay TV subscription.

Uber Deactivated A Driver For Tweeting A Negative Story About Uber

For you who think that you are making money with Uber, here is a fact from a transportation professional. Have you asked yourself about the cost of a ride per mile? Don’t worry The answer is $0.53 per mile, that covers your Gas, Insurance, car depreciation, Tires, and mechanical, Parts etc.. not including food (if you are saying that your car runs great and you don’t need to ad mechanical cost into this, you are wrong. You are just saving for it, unless you a have a new car under warranty which is even worse) I assume you are in a big city, Example Chicago. We all like airport trips right? If you take someone from Downtown to the airport, you are putting about 20 miles and it will take you about 1 hour. From that 1 hour of work that trip will cost you $0.53 X 20 = $10.60. Uber Charges $0.90 per mile and $0.20 per min so 20 Miles = $18 and time 60 min = 12, your Total revenue will be $30. Take away Uber’s 20% you are left with $24 as a gross revenue from that trip. Stay with me. $24 minus your cost of 10.60 you walk away with $13.40. This is the amount you are making while customers are in your car.

In win for tech industry, White House nominates ex-Googler Michelle Lee to lead Patent Office

The choice of Michelle Lee, a well-regarded lawyer, to fill the long-vacant position of Director of the Patent Office is good news for Silicon Valley and for patent reform advocates.

The many ways Apple could seize control from the carriers with its new SIM card

Apple has long given up the ghost of hardware exclusivity. In fact, it’s making a big deal about the fact that there is a single hardware version of the new cellular iPad Air 2 that is designed to work on 3G and 4G networks most anywhere in the world. But that doesn’t mean Apple is giving up control over what networks its devices can connect to. It’s just moving that control from the device’s radios to this new SIM card technology it’s been developing since at least 2010 (Gigaom’s Stacey Higginbotham broke the original story ).

What Is Google Chrome Helper, and Why Is It Hogging My CPU Cycles? | WIRED

If you use a Mac and Google’s Chrome browser, you may occasionally be haunted by a ghoul that goes by the name of “Google Chrome Helper.” You’ll find this mysterious phantom lurking in the Activity Monitor menu—sometimes hanging out in packs of seven—feasting on the raw flesh of CPU cycles and system memory, provoking deafening screams from your laptop fan.

29 Privacy experts call for Whisper to be investigated over tracking of some users

Chris Calabrese, legislative counsel of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), said: “There is no question that the FTC almost has to investigate. Beyond the fact that they seem to have violated the promises they make to users by telling them they can opt out of location and then tracking them, the entire way Whisper seems to be working behind the scenes to identify people is just so diametrically opposite to the promise of the site, which is anonymous, not identifiable speech. When the FTC sees something like that I don’t see how it can’t investigate it.”

Snapchat to Begin Running Ads This Weekend

The ads won't appear in users' snaps or chats. "That would be totally rude," the post continues. "We want to see if we can deliver an experience that’s fun and informative, the way ads used to be, before they got creepy and targeted. It’s nice when all of the brilliant creative minds out there get our attention with terrific content."

Facebook may have solved mobile, but Google is still struggling with it

The big picture is that Google is still doing well — its executives repeated the word “thrilled” like a mantra on the earnings call — but investors do have concerns about slowing growth. The money Google makes when a user clicks an advertisement, the cost per click (CPC), has been on the decline for awhile now because advertisers pay less for mobile clicks. Today’s earnings don’t reverse that trend, even though the CPC dropped less than expected.

Twitter’s Music Strategy: No App, Just Better Listening | TechCrunch

The Audio Card finally treats music as a distinct content type meant for background play. Songs from SoundCloud and iTunes play with a single click, and can be docked to continue playing while you browse Twitter. It would make a lot of sense for Twitter to work out partnerships so songs from YouTube, Spotify, Rdio, Google Music, and more play nice in the Audio Card. Spotify and Rdio were launch partners for the Twitter Music app after all. Perhaps Twitter could one day parse what song is being shared and let you listen in whatever music service you prefer, similar to’s song links that let the listener decide.

Tumblr Debuts Its First Desktop App On The Mac App Store | TechCrunch

On the heels of the release of Apple’s new Mac OS, OS X Yosemite , blogging platform Tumblr has just rolled out its first official desktop application with the launch of a Tumblr app for the Mac App Store. The app allows users to post to their personal Tumblr blogs from anywhere on the Mac, whether that’s content like links, images or videos you stumble across online, or files you have saved locally to your computer.

Google's Schmidt: 'I resigned from Apple board for the right reasons' - CNET

The solution, Schmidt explains, was for the Google boss to step out of the room when the subject of Apple phones came up in board meetings. However, he says that in discussing this arrangement with Jobs, the two bosses decided "it just didn't feel right." That's when Schmidt took the decision to step down from the Apple board, asserting now that "I resigned for the right reasons."

'Secret' app denies tracking claims

The Guardian also claimed the app was tracking "newsworthy" posters and was sharing data with the US Department of Defense in instances where secrets were uploaded from military bases.

36 The Verge

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An Illustrated History of Unbelievably Camouflaged Ships

It's difficult to hide from an enemy when you're inside an enormous ship, or part of a vast Naval fleet. And yet many ships in history have been well-camouflaged, despite a distinct lack of cloaking devices. Here are some of the most amazing examples.

How great leaders inspire action

Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership all starting with a golden circle and the question "Why?" His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers ... (Filmed at TEDxPugetSound.)

Facebook Versus Twitter In Numbers [Infographic]

Twitter hasn’t fared too badly either. Though it can’t compete with Facebook’s massive user-base or its mountain of cash, the micro-blogging platform still has an impressive 271 million active users per month with $312 million in revenue.

The media is doing an awful job explaining Ebola, and #ClipboardMan is proof

But here's the thing: although #ClipboardMan could be wearing more protection — gloves and a face mask wouldn't hurt — he doesn't look like he's touching Vinson. He doesn't look like he's touching the people wearing protection either. So if what we see in the video is all that happened, #ClipboardMan's risk of getting infected doesn't appear to be very high. After all, Ebola isn't airborne. It can only be transmitted by coming into contact with the bodily fluids of someone who's showing symptoms. Vinson, of course, has been showing symptoms for a few days now, but if she isn't projectile vomiting, and #ClipboardMan isn't going out of his way to touch things she has also touched, this probably isn't a big deal.



43 Activists use GPS to track illegal loggers in Brazil's Amazon rainforest

The activists went undercover in the remote and dangerous state of Pará to secretly place GPS tracking devices on trucks suspected of illegal logging, the first time the tactic has been used. It revealed 200-mile-long journeys deep into protected regions of rainforest to collect logs and return journeys under the cover of night to sawmills in the Amazon port of Santarém, from where timber is exported to Europe, the US, China, and Japan. Satellite and aerial images were also collected and analysed during the hi-tech operation.

'Minecraft' movie may be made by 'Night at the Museum' director Shawn Levy

The Lego Movie made it clear that a film based on a plotless, block-based property could somehow be wildly successful and really funny, so we really ought to be looking forward to the upcoming Minecraft movie. Work on the movie  was first announced last year , and now  Deadline is reporting that Shawn Levy, director of children's films like Cheaper by the Dozen and the Night at the Museum series, is in talks to direct and develop it. Producers behind The Lego Movie and Mean Girls are already on board, which definitely seems like a good sign. It otherwise doesn't sound like work on Minecraft has gotten too far, which means there's no word yet on what the movie will actually be like or how many hours of it will involve watching someone hit cubes with a pickaxe.

ModCloth Hit By Second Round Of Layoffs | TechCrunch

We’re hearing that most of the San Francisco team has been affected, with a headcount of around 40 or 50 or so being let go, and possibly some cuts in other offices. According to multiple sources, layoffs were made across the engineering and product teams, and the social team is being scaled back this December. Some copywriters in San Francisco were cut along with the blogging team. The producer team is not being dismantled, but it is being relocated to Pittsburgh after the holiday season. Also, ModCloth’s creative director is being let go.

OS X 10.10 Yosemite: The Ars Technica Review

Ah, the old tension: which platform does Apple love more? iOS continues to dominate Apple’s business in terms of unit sales, revenue, and profits. Last year, some Apple watchers had openly wondered whether Apple would even bother updating the look of OS X. And yet for the past several years, Apple has loudly and publicly insisted that it remains committed to the Mac as a strong, independent platform . Yosemite aims to fulfill that commitment—but in an interesting way.

Baby Groot — Officially Licensed! — Will Dance Under Your Christmas Tree

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 40 million unique visitors worldwide and 19 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

The Next Greatest Generation?

We want to be creative but channeling our creative impulses is no small feat. Is creativity something we are born with or can we learn it? In this hour, TED speakers examine the mystery of creativity.

1 in 3 teenagers meet social media 'friends' in real life

"When you're 15 and you're very effective at identifying friends and risk, it's easy to assume you can do that online. It's not safe in that they may not be who they say they are and you know nothing about them apart from the conversation you've had online - which is a very small part of their lives and the person they may be."

The SIM card is about to die

It's easy to bemoan the death of the removable SIM; for GSM customers, it's a symbol of freedom, a way to move between phones at will. But in reality, Apple's rapid progression from mini- to micro- to nano-SIM has already left us with a fragmented market, and tossing a SIM between Android and iOS phones can lead to provisioning issues that leave you stuck on the phone with customer service anyway. If Apple forces this issue — which, by all appearances, it's going to — it'll light a fire beneath carriers and competing phone makers that makes switching carriers easier than ever. (Switching devices , not so much.)

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