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Guy opens old Magic: The Gathering deck, stumbles on $27,000 card - CNET

What was a routine opening of an original Magic:The Gathering deck turned into an accidental discovery of one of the Holy Grails of Magic cards.

Watch a BASE jump down into a pool 34 stories in the air - CNET

A BASE jumper in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, makes a super-splashy entrance at a rooftop pool party, and you can fly along with him in this crazy video.

Use AirDrop to share Photos, Videos, files between iPhone, iPad, Mac

How to use AirDrop to share Photos, Videos and other files between your iPhone, iPad and Mac

Best Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week (October 8 - October 14)

For all of you still on iOS 7 with that nice jailbreak of yours, we have some new tweaks we'd like to share with you. I'm really looking forward to the iOS 8 jailbreak and I'm sure you are too, but for now we'll have to settle for some iOS 7 tweaks. Today we'll be covering CallShortcut, Flurry, InternalPhotos, ScrubAround, TypeandTalk, and Impulse. So let's get started!

Astronaut's Timelapse Video Shows Europe From Space

The music is as illustrious as the scene in a timelapse video that shows Europe--and other parts of the globe--from space.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review - CNET

As a relatively short person with smaller hands, the Note 4 technically squeezes into my back pocket, though it looks comical sticking out of it. The same scenario goes for its palm-stretching effects: I find one-handed use pretty much pointless and almost impossible, even with Samsung's software modes turned on. However, several CNET editors with larger mitts and pockets didn't have much trouble with the Note 4's size, commenting on how nice it feels to grip.

Disney rendered its new animated film on a 55,000-core supercomputer

Disney's upcoming animated film Big Hero 6 , about a boy and his soft robot (and a gang of super-powered friends), is perhaps the largest big-budget mash-up you'll ever see. Every aspect of the film's production represents a virtual collision of worlds. The story, something co-director Don Hall calls "one of the more obscure titles in the Marvel universe," has been completely re-imagined for parent company Disne y. Then, there's the city of San Fransokyo it's set in -- an obvious marriage of two of the most tech-centric cities in the world. And, of course, there's the real-world technology that not only takes center stage as the basis for characters in the film, but also powered the onscreen visuals. It's undoubtedly a herculean effort from Walt Disney Animation Studios, and one that's likely to go unnoticed by audiences.

iOS 8.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch releasing this Monday

The worst iOS ever! My msg app stop/reopen after 10 sec… every single time when i receive a txt… had the 5s , then got the iphone 6… same problem… wtf is wrong with apple now ?????! i have iphone since the original one (2007)… first big problem im having is now with this shit …. but this is really bad ! WE ARE MISSING YOU STEVE! ;( I d’love to have my 7.1.2 jailbroken on my iphone 6 (even on my 5s )and 6+ on the way…. and no complain about it… f*** iOS 8 for life!

Marvel digital timeline will suck you in - CNET

The site pulls you in like a light-gobbling black hole as you explore the rich history of one of the most well-loved comics creators in history, so it's going to take some true super powers to stop browsing and get back to work. Don't say we didn't warn you.

How Microsoft Appointed Itself Sheriff of the Internet | WIRED

It was 7 o’clock in the morning when the knocking on Dan Durrer’s front door woke him up. His dog started barking, and Durrer thought he was getting an early morning package. But when he opened the door, he wasn’t greeted by the FedEx man. He was face-to-face with a process server, a messenger from the courts, who handed him a stack of legal documents—three inches thick. Somewhere in that stack—buried in all the legalese—was the news that Microsoft had taken control of his company, but Durrer didn’t have time to read it. Almost immediately, his pager lit up with messages saying the company’s internet services had stopped working.

Retired Charreria Horses Start Second Careers in Mexico City

Daniel Flores, 73, sits next to Tehuis, his 34-year-old horse, at a corral in southern Mexico City. For the charro, his horse is as inseparable from himself as it is from the history of Mexico. "We were conquered by horses, we gained our independence with horses, we made our revolution with horses and we continue to love horses," said Flores, who began learning the skills of a charro when he was around 5 years old.


Copenhagen Suborbitals is a non-profit suborbital space endeavour based entirely on sponsors, private donors and part time specialists.

The iPhone 6 Plus Gets A One-Handed Keyboard App, And It’s Glorious | TechCrunch

While I came around to the iPhone 6 Plus and its unique allure, as told in a post from a couple of days ago, Apple’s big smartphone still isn’t the easiest to use when typing one-handed. Specifically, it’s tricky to get to the requisite punctuation needed to properly express oneself. A new app, helpfully called “ One Handed Keyboard ,” eliminates this annoyance, with a simple software trick made possible by iOS 8’s support for third-party keyboards.

Innovation Uncensored San Francisco 2014

Game Changer: A Look Inside Ubisoft’s Immersive Game Experiences - Thanks to compelling narratives, innovative gameplay, and breakthrough technology, video games these days are true entertainment experiences. At the forefront of this charge, Ubisoft has inspired communities around the world to play, connect, rock out, and Just Dance. During this visit to Ubisoft’s San Francisco office, get hands-on with some of its top video-game franchises and learn about the technology that powers its innovation. Hosted by Tony Key, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ubisoft; Jason Altman,Executive Producer, Just Dance Now; Paul Cross,Creative Director, Rocksmith

Facebook's New Tool Tells Friends You're Safe During Natural Disasters | WIRED

In the wake of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan in 2011, a team of Japanese Facebook engineers went to work on tools that would help people connect and communicate with friends and family in the event of other natural disasters. These tools were available only in Japan, but now, this same work has spawned a new Facebook feature meant to provide help in the event of any natural disaster, worldwide.

Bus Stop Zombies Scare Austrians, All To Promote "The Walking Dead"

In one iteration of the ad, multiple corpses grab and devour a pedestrian. The ad ran for two days, and the below footage shows just how realistic it was. People are terrified--massively and embarrassingly freaked out. It's a good thing that none of the unassuming victims (assuming they weren't in on it, as we always have to disclaim) were suffering from heart trouble. Though maybe now, some of them are.

Humble spud poised to launch a world food revolution

Van Rijsselberghe is happy to be seen as an entrepreneur whose interest was to grow a “value added” food crop that would tolerate Holland’s problems with water. He says he used a trial and error approach in development. “We’re not a scientific institution, we’re a bunch of lunatics with an idea that we can change things and we are interested in getting partnerships together with normal farmers, not people who want to write doctorates.” As a pioneer of organic farming in the 1990s, he faced heavy opposition, while a project to grow sea aster – a salt marsh-grown salad popular in high-end restaurants – ended in disaster when 3,000 migrating ducks made an unexpected stop and ate the entire crop in three hours. ”

Ebola Has Killed More Than 200 Doctors, Nurses, And Other Healthcare Workers Since June

I don’t generally give this article much validity, as it seems to be dumbing-down the severity of this disease. Ebola attacks the cells in between the lining of the blood cells, and also attacks your immune system, causing an overload of a certain type of ‘emergency’ detox chemical, which causes problems in liver function. (as well as other organs) The thing that actually kills you is the loss of fluid through diarrhea and vomiting. And, this is pretty easy to get. If you are in contact with, or in a however-many-meter radius of an Ebola patient for any length of time, then you’re most likely to be infected. Why? Bodily fluids are also inclusive to saliva. If said person coughs, or talks, even, spittle will spray into, and linger in the air. Not to mention a Health nurse caught it from her patient, in a full bodysuit. (Of course there was likely a leak or tear in it, or it was removed improperly) Just a word of advice, because it is a deadly disease. [Said strain that is active right now has a 75% mortality rate, up from 50%] S keep your hands clean…maybe wear a mask and gloves and go all Michael Jackson for this Halloween if you’re really suspicious.

With Android 5.0, Google Strikes The Right Balance Between Data And Design

Intuitive design? That’s what Apple does, right? Well, Google is now stepping up to the challenge with a cohesion that has escaped Apple, even in its latest iOS 8. For all of the nifty touches started in iOS 7 and all of the improvements in iOS 8, Apple’s mobile screen design feels like the product of many hands. With Material, Google has created a robust component library that will unify in-house and third-party apps into a coherent experience. (Of course, I do not believe that Google has yet solved the problem of how to get Android users to swiftly upgrade to the latest version of its OS—something Apple has mastered decisively.)

Steal Competitor's Customers with Effective Comparison Pages

One of the most effective and compelling ways to steal your competitors’ customers is to go head to head with them on a landing page specifically designed to do just that.

Meet the Aliens and Heroes of a Truly Original Sci-Fi World | WIRED

In the new comics series from writer Ivan Brandon ( Wolverine ) and artist Nic Klein ( Captain America ), there is a main character—Abram Pollux—but it’s the world he crashes into, called Ouro, that is key. Decades in the future, humans have jumped from place to place colonizing and stripping planets of their resources (this is just a guess, but that seems to place it in the post- Interstellar timeline). Humans have been there before and trashed the place. Now Ouro is something of a backwater, where a society has been built out of the junk left by the previous colonizers.

What you need to know about Google's battle with Oracle over Android

Two of the world's most powerful companies are engaged in a legal battle that has its roots in the world's most popular mobile operating system: Android. Google is playing defendant, while Oracle is laying claim to a crucial set of code in the foundation of Android. Doesn't ring any bells? That's likely due to the fact that this dispute goes back four years. Just this week, Google filed a petition with the United States Supreme Court to decide once and for all which company is in the right.

Apple Failed To Revolutionize The iPad. So What?

Manjoo suggested that Apple might want to “[give] the iPad a distinct purpose, a reason to exist that stands apart from phones and PCs.” Jan Dawson, an analyst who runs Jackdaw Research had a slightly different take on the same issue. “There was nothing in today’s announcements which would convince someone who’s stopped using an existing iPad to buy a new one – the new iPads do the same things better, but don’t do anything dramatically new and different.” And there’s something critical there: If the iPad had a unique “why?” more people would crave one. But the world doesn’t work that way, and it seems unlikely Apple was ever going to care. It’s been content for a long time to sell 4 million Macs or so each quarter in a world that sells upwards of 80 million PCs. Yet no one seems much bothered by the relatively slow growth of Mac sales in what has been a declining PC market. Instead, the iPad is a victim of its own success. The tablet market went from zero to superhero practically overnight and too many people thought this was “iPhone 2.0″ for Apple — another half-trillion-dollar success story that would catapult Apple’s market valuation into the 13-figure range.

Why Your Startup Isn't Making Any Profit

When you first start pitching your business idea to the world, there is no worse feeling than someone telling you they don’t think it will work.

Twitter Says People Like Seeing Tweets They Didn't Ask For

I've been covering the business of news, information and entertainment in one form or another for more than 10 years. In February 2014, I moved to San Francisco to cover the tech beat. My primary focus is social media and digital media, but I'm interested in other aspects, including but not limited to the sharing economy, lifehacking, fitness & sports tech and the evolving culture of the Bay Area. In past incarnations I've worked at AOL, Conde Nast Portfolio, Radar and WWD. Circle me on Google+ , follow me on Twitter or send me tips or ideas at

The Retina iMac versus the Mac Pro, on paper

The Retina iMac versus the Mac Pro, on paper   —  The 5K Retina iMac is out, and it looks incredible so far on paper — so incredible that I'm seriously considering selling my new Mac Pro to get the Retina iMac instead.  In fact, the case for the Mac Pro for anyone but advanced video editors …

Is This UFO Commuting Between Canada and Peru?

This terrifying, greenish UFO appeared hovering over Montréal last week, right in the middle of an evening newscast . It appeared to change shape and plunge to earth. Now there are reports of the same "mysterious ball" cropping up in Lima, Peru. What is this thing, and what is it doing?

Apple Pay to launch on Monday with over 500 new banks supported by next year

Apple CEO Tim Cook on Thursday announced at the company’s special media event that its brand new Apple Pay mobile payments service will officially launch in the United States on Monday as over 500 new banks agree to support the platform by next year. Apple Pay was announced last month at the company’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus event.

iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 in Pictures

Apple has focused much of its effort on the iPad Air 2, which is claimed to be the thinnest tablet in the world at just 6.1mm thin. To put that in perspective, the iPad Air 2 is thinner than the already impressively thin iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at 6.9mm and 7.1mm respectively. Let’s just hope that there isn’t another Bendgate situation for the iPad.

A Working Nuclear Fusion Reactor In Three Years? Really?

I have been a scientist in the field of the earth and environmental sciences for 33 years, specializing in geologic disposal of nuclear waste, energy-related research, subsurface transport and environmental clean-up of heavy metals. I consult on strategic planning for the DOE, EPA/State environmental agencies, and industry including companies that own nuclear, hydro, wind farms, large solar arrays, coal and gas plants. I also consult for EPA/State environmental agencies and industry on clean-up of heavy metals from soil and water. For over 20 years I have been a member of Sierra Club, Greenpeace, the NRDC, the Environmental Defense Fund and many others, as well as professional societies including the America Nuclear Society, the American Chemical Society and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

Is Saturn's "Death Star" Moon A Hidden Water World?

Earth’s moon may appear to be a dead, dry, dusty rock in orbit, but the moons of our solar system’s giant planets seem to get more fascinating with each passing year. Scientists’ latest hypothesis is that Saturn’s moon Mimas — which is almost a dead ringer for a real-life natural Death Star replica — may be harboring a hidden interior ocean beneath a thick shell of ice.

Motorola Moto G Vs Everything Else: There's No Competition, This Is The Number One Smartphone

So the article you mentioned (by Mr. Kelly) includes the word “Bargain” in the title. Here it would appear you do not do so and as such are contending that this is the best phone smartphone there is. While I think it is safe to say the phone is a bargain I think you overstate the weight of this fact in deciding whether the device is “THE BEST.” In fact, I think those concepts are divorced. Sure I love a good buffet but if I found a reliable tasty buffet that was inexpensive would I then decide it had the greatest food in the world? Probably not. In a blind taste test I might prefer other wares which might be more pricey. Those items would be “the best” now the amount by which they are better might not be worth the extra money but the food is still… better. Thus I would offer any number of devices as possibly the best (depending on one’s preferences for minutia) but not having 4G is not a willy-nilly matter of preference. The feature divides devices into classes. 3G, while serviceable for actions that require little speed or precision is not able to power many of the newer features that have made phones such a powerful tool.

The iPad Air 2 Finally Lets You Easily Switch Between Carriers | WIRED

Say you’re jet-setting around the country. You’ve got an AT&T iPad with AT&T cellular access, but you’re traveling to places where T-Mobile or Sprint have better coverage. It’s a bummer to be stuck with cellular access you can’t even use. With the Apple SIM, you can choose short term packages that fit your needs. If for one trip, you’re headed to Sprint territory, you can opt for that package. If T-Mobile has a short-term deal you want to take advantage of, you’re free to do that, too. You can even find plans from local carriers once you arrive at your destination. You don’t have to think about it beforehand.

Apple Loop: Laser-Thin iPads, Life Lessons From Steve Jobs, Apple SIM Threatens Network Domination

Taking a look back at another week of news from Cupertino, this week’s Apple Loop covers the October 16th event, the new iPads, a new marketing phrase in 5K Retina, the update to the Mac Mini, thoughts on the missing 32 GB options, OSX Yosemite arrives, iOS 8.1 revealed, life lessons from Steve Jobs, and did Apple really cripple Finland?

Pro Gamers Battle in Seoul for Championship Trophies

SEOUL—When Souaib Hanaf arrived just after noon on a recent Sunday at Nexon Arena, just off a busy road in the Seoul neighborhood of Gangnam, several dozen young men had already been waiting outside the e-sports stadium three hours to get the best seats for the afternoon’s big video game championship.

5 Tips for Building a Successful Hybrid Cloud

“Many users want to mix the clear flexibility, agility, speed and cost benefits of public cloud services with the control, security and performance benefits of private networks or the private cloud,” said John Dinsdale, an analyst with the Synergy Research Group. “Hybrid cloud services are a good answer for many of them.”

With 'Retina 5K' iMac, Apple caters to HD junkies - CNET

Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, called the display "an incredible feat of engineering." While high-definition TVs have a 1920x1080-pixel resolution, he said, there are seven times more pixels on its "Retina 5K" display. It has a 5120x2880-pixel resolution, or 14.7 million pixels on one display.

Android Circuit: Samsung's Continued Collapse, Android Loves Lollipops, Stunning Nexus Hardware

Taking a look back at the week in news across the Android world, this week’s Android Circuit highlights a number of stories including all the details of the new Nexus devices, the low-down on Android 5.0 Lollipop and the rollout of 5.0, reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Q3 numbers from the world of Android, and the upcoming update of Android Wear.

Cellular iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 come with 'Apple SIM'

The new Apple SIM is preinstalled on iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2 with Wi-Fi + Cellular models. The Apple SIM gives you the flexibility to choose from a variety of short-term plans from select carriers in the U.S. and UK right on your iPad. So whenever you need it, you can choose the plan that works best for you — with no long-term commitments. And when you travel, you may also be able to choose a data plan from a local carrier for the duration of your trip.

Pollen Set To Super-Charge Mobile App Economy With New Model For Financing Growth

While influential people in venture capital like Marc Andreessen and Bill Gurley debate whether Silicon Valley should brace itself for another dot-com bubble, growth of the App Economy, fueled by an explosion in app downloads and demand that supports some 2.9 million indie and contract app developers worldwide, shows no signs of slowing. But along with the gold rush fever as developers spend to make it big, are even greater concerns that the same market mechanisms that can catapult apps to new heights may also bankrupt entire app businesses.

GM's hit and run: How a lawyer, mechanic, and engineer blew open the worst auto scandal in history

Once he photographed the car from a variety of angles, Miller got down to business, plugging a diagnostic computer under the dash to determine what was and wasn’t working. He wanted to see if the Cobalt’s wiring had been damaged in the accident. It hadn’t. He checked the engine control module. It was fine. Then he turned to the body control module, a small computer that handles the electric windows, locks, defroster, and heater. It was OK, too. He looked at the antilock brakes, which were completely functional. The front airbag checked out, too. It had not deployed in the crash, but this wasn’t a head-on collision, and Brooke’s Cobalt didn’t come with side air bags. The only module Miller couldn’t access controlled the power steering. Still, both of its power sources were available, and the electric power steering module had voltage getting to it. Despite the recall notice Cooper shared with him, Miller didn’t believe power steering was to blame.

Rainbow Six Siege is Bringing 'No Respawn' Back - IGN

One concern the team had with the no respawn rule was the impact it would have on the players who were "out." From this concern grew "Support Mode," where players killed in battle can use visibility tools such as drones, or survey the scene from a chopper, to keep an eye on enemy movement and communicate with their team members still in the game.

38 Rescuing Aristotle

I also find this to be generally true of many people across fields and I think is a larger problem than simply people misrepresenting Aristotle. For example, just recently there was controversy on the fact that Giordano Bruno was misrepresented by Neil in cosmos, despite the fact that historians have tried to correct this false portrayal of Bruno multiple times. Perhaps more ironically, B.F. Skinner himself has a great case history of people misrepresenting him, with some even claiming his daughter killed herself due to his treatment of her, which was false but I still come across that in some intro psychology classes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like being misrepresented yourself provides a cure against misrepresenting others. I think at the end of the day, it’s just too cognitively exhausting of a task for any individual to do. The best solution I have come up with is to always add the caveat after a statement “But so I read, I can’t be sure” whenever I’m talking about something outside of my area of research.

See What Halo 2 Classic Looks Like at 1080p/60fps in Halo: The Master Chief Collection – IGN First - IGN

Yesterday we gave you a taste of what Halo: Combat Evolved looks like in Halo: The Master Chief Collection (see below), but today we are thrilled to present a deeper look at not only the Halo campaign that finally brought Master Chief to Earth, but also a 1080p/60fps look at some of your favorite old-school Halo 2 multiplayer maps – all set to the sweet guitar licks of Steve Vai. Set your IGN video player to 1080p and enjoy! And yes, we'll have looks at Master Chief Collection's Halo 3 and Halo 4 campaigns and multiplayer suites as our month of IGN First coverage rolls on.

Android 5.0 Lollipop: Updates to Sony’s Xperia Z range will start in early 2015 (Updated)

Android 5.0 Lollipop is here, and that means a mad scramble is about to occur, as manufacturers all rush to update their existing phones to the new version of Google’s operating system. Well, we say “rush” and “scramble,” but quite often, bringing out an update can be a plodding affair, sometimes taking months for it to show up. To make sure you’re fully informed, we’ve pulled together all the official news and the rumors concerning 5.0 Lollipop’s arrival on your smartphone or tablet of choice. Check it out below.


All of the above are totally different industries which would have different needs; so which networks do you need to be would be a difficult question to answer here, right now. It could just be that the more active networks that you can manage the better reach you will have but some people cannot handle this and don’t want to.   Some businesses prefer to outsource their online activities to a social media manager, with social networking stills that would provide a social media strategy and manage the networks for you.

New in OS X Yosemite: Today Widgets in Notification Center

I’ve found Today widgets on iOS 8 very useful, and I’m hoping that these widgets would be similarly useful on OS X as well. In current OS X versions, I end up opening the Notification Center way too less, but with more useful information available there, I’m sure I’ll end up using it much more.

Apple's new iPads and Retina iMac: 'Empty calories' or nutritious adds to portfolio?

In another cost-cutting move, Apple will also continue to sell 2012's original, lower-resolution iPad Mini at $249, a drop of 17%. Milanesi focused on that new lower price, and argued that faced with a decision between, say, a $199 7-in. Android tablet, one from Samsung, perhaps, consumers would instead select the $249 iPad Mini because of the Apple brand and its vaunted app inventory. "It's not a question but that the iPad is the tablet in peoples' minds," Milanesi said.

Wallpaper Wednesday: 20 Picturesque Wallpapers for iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s

Wallpaper Wednesday has been revamped to include wallpapers for the iPhone 6 alongside the traditional wallpapers that we have shared for iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s and the fifth-generation iPod touch. In the latest edition of this roundup, we have twenty picturesque wallpapers for the iPhone 6, iPhone 5s and iPod touch to download.

Leslie Lamport on Distributed Systems and Precise Thinking

This leads directly into Lamport's main area of interest today, which is specification and verification. A specification can be anything, "from a few English sentences to a completely formal mathematical description of what or how to program is supposed to do things," and all specification types can be effectively used depending on the context. According to Lamport, the most important attribute of a specification is precision. That is the reason why he uses mathematics, and the reason why he rejects the use of UML, "a language [that] was invented first and then people came around and try to get semantics."

The Grid Website Platform Automatically Adapts Design To Make Your Content Shine

Do websites dream of electric designers? Can web content  know  itself?  The Grid , a San Francisco startup, is changing the way websites are designed by radically changing the role of the designer. This new platform uses machine learning combined with constraint-based design and flow-based programming to make form dynamically adapt to content. To understand how revolutionary this technology is, you have to compare it to how most websites are made today.

47 Xur Exotic Weapon Merchant - Destiny Wiki Guide - IGN

This week, Xur is standing in the shipyard area. Head right from the spawn point in the plaza and turn right after exiting the hall to the shipyard to find him. He's just inside the Tower Hangar in this corner. 

'Dragon Age: Inquisition' Promises A 20-40 Hour Story, 150-200 Hour Total Completion

Still, a 40 hour story and a 200 hour completion does target a very specific type of player, one that is admittedly a pretty small niche in the industry. It’s well known that the majority of players often don’t even finish the story in many games they purchase. The longer the story is, the more likely that is to be true. I’d say only a handful of big games each year stretch past the 20 hour mark in terms of story, and fewer still reach 40 hours. This is of course not counting games like Dark Souls, where the game’s difficulty can easily make a player spend 80-100 hours on the “story,” but that’s a different class of games.

A Bridged History of Königsberg

To mathematicians, they are the most famous bridges in the world. Spanning the river Pregel as it flows into the Baltic Sea, the Seven Bridges of Königsberg are today virtually synonymous with the field of topology, the mathematical study of shapes.

Why Does S Look Like F?: A Guide to Reading Very Old Books—Blog

The 'E's here are typical of Donne's era in that they resembled reversed '3's, and his uppercase 'I' looks like an F or J. The most difficult difference in this script - or at least the one that tripped me the most when I was learning it - is the variation in the 'S' shapes. In the second line, the copyist writes "saying soe" using a form with a looping tail, but in "fools," he uses something like a modern cursive lowercase s. Finally, we find in the last line a very common 17th century abbreviation: 'yt' for 'that.' What appears to be a 'y' here is actually the descendant of the obsolete Old English letter thorn ) (Þ), which also appears in the classic construction "Ye Olde Shoppe." (The 'Ye' would actually have been pronounced like 'the'). You can see the writer is using 'Ye' there in the middle: "Then as the Earths inward narrowe lanes..." As an interesting note, this draft of the poem differs from the final version - in the print edition, Donne substituted 'crooked' for 'narrowe.'

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