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To promote 3D Touch in iPhone 6s some flagship Apple Retail stores feature a touch-sensitive table

Apple has launched a touch-sensitive table in two flagship stores to show off 3D Touch in the iPhone 6s/6s Plus.

It's time we regulated the use of drones

The thing about unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones as they’re commonly known, is that they’re very useful. They’ve been put to use for inspecting infrastr

Video games finally are becoming mainstream - isn't it just the worst thing ever?

Can you imagine all the choice we'll have!? Disgusting

Happy Birthday! The NES is 30 years old today

I feel old

1984 Apple Macintosh replica crafted from wood and gold - CNET

An old-school 128K Mac gets an even older-school treatment as an artist rebuilds the iconic computer out of burnished walnut and shiny brass.

Nathan Fillion asked Halo 5 devs to make him look more handsome - CNET

"Hey, there's a guy in Halo 5 who looks just like you, only better-looking," people tell the actor on Twitter.

ear wax snacks

These ear wax snacks are a super easy and fun Halloween party snack! I've used peanut butter here, but sunflower butter tastes just as good if you've got any allergies to worry about. :D Many commenters have also mentioned subbing in caramel, which sounds perfect too!As a bonus, they're a great busy task for tiny hands, so kids can get involved with Halloween party prepping!

This is what success looks like on Twitch

Do you want to quit your job and broadcast on Twitch full-time? As these streamers attest, there's no one way to get there -- and it isn't easy once you do.

The '30 Rock' cast reunited for Tracy Morgan's return to 'SNL'

Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and the rest of the cast of '30 Rock' reunited for Tracy Morgan's return to 'SNL.'

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Apple-1 computer relic hits the auction block

Auctioneer Christie's is currently taking online bids for an Apple-1 personal computer, as yet another owner tries to capitalize on the interest in the 39-year-old device that launched the California company climb to fame.

Weekly Roundup: 21 new and noteworthy Jailbreak tweaks of the week (Oct 18)

My favorite release from this week would definitely be RevealMenu which brings 3D Touch functionality to older iOS 9 devices and gives almost the same experience as the original 3D Touch on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The tweak is slightly better than other 3D Touch tweaks as it allows you to invoke 3D Touch and select a menu item with just a single gesture.

How MindGeek transformed the economics of porn

If you’re a worker seeking to turn sex into money, you need a platform to advertise your wares. MindGeek, impressively, has managed to create that platform; the massive disruption it has caused in the porn industry is merely a symptom of the much larger effect it has had on sex work. Using MindGeek’s suite of websites, sex workers can reach more potential customers more safely and more cheaply than ever before. That might be bad for porn studios. But if you’re a camgirl, or an escort, there’s a good chance you think of Mindgeek quite fondly.

China gives conditional approval to Nokia-Alcatel deal

BEIJING/HELSINKI China's Ministry of Commerce on Monday approved Nokia's proposed acquisition of French rival Alcatel-Lucent with conditions, almost completing the 15.6 billion euro ($17.6 billion) deal's antitrust process.

Top Yahoo Exec Jackie Reses Heads to Square as Senior Exec (Update)

Reses rounds out a team that Dorsey has been strengthening of late and is now one of several women in top jobs at Square. Others include Sarah Friar as CFO and operations lead; Francoise Brougher as the business lead; and Alyssa Henry, as “seller lead,” in charge of product management, design and engineering for Square’s seller-facing products.

Dean Baquet Responds To Jay Carney’s Medium Post

Before she published that post, Vaccari called one of our reporters, Jodi Kantor, praised the story and said that her intention wasn’t to rebut or push back on what we wrote in any way. But she’s starting her own consulting firm, she’d gotten a lot of response to our article and she wanted to say more. She had mentioned that she got an M.B.A. at some point during her six years at Amazon but never said that was the reason for not sleeping — on the contrary, she emphasized Amazon’s outsized demands throughout her time there, including regular late-night conference calls with overseas associates. Still, she stressed her own motivation: “These businesses were my babies, and I did whatever I could to make them successful,” we quoted her saying. We never said Amazon was forcing Vaccari to work that hard, the key objection.

Google Goes After Microsoft & IBM By Making Google Apps For Work Free While Customers Still Under Competitor’s Contract

To acquire more Google Apps for Work customers, Google just announced a new promotion that’s a huge shot across Microsoft’s bow. The company says that it will give interested customers access to Google Apps for Work for free, while they’re still under an enterprise agreement (EA) with another provider. While Google didn’t call out Microsoft or IBM by name when making the announcement, it’s well understood that these are the top competitors for its Google Apps productivity suite and related tools.

Apple's auto ambitions sideswipe electric motorcycle startup

Although it has never openly acknowledged it is looking into building an electric car, Apple has recruited dozens of auto experts, many from car makers like Ford or Mercedes-Benz, which shrugged off the departures.

The massive 27-inch Lenovo Yoga Home tablet brings back the tabletop PC

Lenovo has been making and updating the Horizon line this whole time, but the company is now relaunching it as the Yoga Home 900, and adding some new components and options. The new version still has a 27-inch touchscreen display with a 1,920x1,080 native resolution, but now moves up to fifth-generation Core i5 and Core i7 processors. The built-in battery isn't designed for long-term use, but should last about three hours, long enough to carry into another room for a movie or game session.

Notes From a Weekend With Google’s Nexus 6P

This is all a long-winded way of saying I’ve had Google’s new Nexus 6P since Friday, and that’s not quite enough time to properly review a phone. (Though I’m getting close to having fully-formed thoughts. Spoiler: it’s good.) This is Google’s high-end, ultra-premium device, the one it made to show partners, developers, and the world just how good an Android device can be. It has new software and new hardware. It has a spec sheet you can’t beat. And in something of a first for Google, it’s really nicely designed.

Report: YouTube Will Soon Have A Paywall

By encouraging people to pay to watch exclusive content from its most bankable stars, YouTube is simply following the same model as other streaming services—though unlike Apple Music and Netflix, it will continue to offer a free, ad-supported tier. The effort also doubles as a way to keep talent from straying to another platform: YouTube insisted that any content creators who make money off the site's advertising must also make their videos available in the ad-free tier .

The Apple Car might cost you more than five gold Watches

Apple fans wanting a fruit-branded motor may discover a fleet that rages from a budget model with fluoroelastomer seat-belts, to a car with rose gold detailing that costs almost thirty times the entry model's price.

Facebook Should Reword Confusing Hack Warning About “State-Sponsored Actors”

At the core of this issue, Facebook is trying to do the right thing. Even if its own secure databases were never hacked, and it did nothing wrong, it’s still putting its reputation on the line to warn people they may have endangered themselves or been targeted by an attack beyond the realm of Facebook. Some people will naturally blame Facebook when it likely wasn’t the social network’s fault. But Facebook is being a good Internet citizen by warning people to the best of its abilities.

IBM revenue falls for 14th straight quarter

It was the 14th quarter in a row that IBM has posted a reduction in revenue, as the world's largest technology services company gets rid of low-margin businesses, but has so far failed to make up the shortfall with newer initiatives in the more lucrative area of cloud computing.

Celebrate "The Force Awakens" Poster Debut With Every "Star Wars" Poster Ever

Struzan is a fan favorite, having created the posters for Episodes I-III (as well as home video cover art for the original films in the '90s), and his work on The Force Awakens doesn’t deviate too much from his style—there are a lot of splashes of color coming from lightsabers, a lot of big heads floating over partial-body shots, and well-captured actor likenesses. (As a bonus, there’s no Jar Jar Binks or leaping-into-action Yoda shots this time around, either—and in a first for a film directed by J.J. Abrams, Struzan leaves the lens flare behind, as well.)

Updated: Square Poaches Yahoo Chief Development Officer Jacqueline Reses

( Update : Reses has today been confirmed as joining Square to run Square Capital. In a statement Reses said: “Square Capital reaches businesses that traditional financial institutions often neglect, and I’m very excited to expand that opportunity to others.” CEO Jack Dorsey said in a blog post: “Jackie’s understanding of the financial services industry and her background in tech and investing make her the perfect fit to lead Square Capital, and I’m thrilled she is joining our leadership team.” Square Capital is part of a new business unit that the company has set up to give it an edge on competitors and boost profits.)

Guys, Lots of Signals From Space Seem Like Aliens

On August 15, 1977, a volunteer astronomer named Jerry Ehman picked up an interesting signal while he was going through the logs of the Big Ear Radio Observatory at Ohio Wesleyan University. He noticed a burst of activity, lasting 72 seconds, in the 1420 MHz wave band—a frequency banned from Earth-bound use, and impossible to generate without a transmitter of some sort. (It’s called the Wow! signal, after a note Ehman made on the printout of the data.) The radio waves came from the direction of the Sagittarius constellation, but repeated efforts to listen into the signal again failed—leading many to believe that the signal must have come from Earth and reflected off of something in space. To be fair, no one ever figured out what the signal was…but no one ever saw it again, and the observation was after-the-fact. Maybe it was just a bug. (Or Bug-Eyed Monsters! But probably not.)

A New Twist in the Fight Against Sexism in Science

But Hunt’s defenders also joined the fray. “I started getting hammered—all kinds of misogynists and horrible names,” says Blum of her Twitter feed. “People came to me, almost entirely women scientists who had the same thing happen to them, said what I had to do to protect myself.” When I asked Karen James, a biologist at Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory who frequently tweets about sexism in science, about backlash, she answered wearily, “Everyone gets pushback on social media.” The defenders—and attackers—appear in every case, from the Rosetta shirtgate to Geoff Marcy. But in a way, the backlash only shows how serious the threat to the status quo is. Hashtag activism turned into real action, upsetting the existing balance of power.

Facebook, Target and Dell make big promises on climate change to help the White House

President Obama, speaking to reporters after he met with several CEOs on hand at the White House today, said businesses are in favor of a new climate treaty. "... I just want everybody to understand that American businesses want this to happen as well," he said. "What they do need is certainty. It’s going to be very hard for them to operate if they don’t know what the rules of the road are. And what we’re trying to do is make sure that everybody is on a fair playing field; everybody is going their part to make sure that we’re saving this planet."

'Dinocorns' is the sad new name for big, aging startups like Uber and Snapchat

A "unicorn," in the tech patois of Silicon Valley, is a private company that has reached a $1 billion valuation. They're usually young, hot startups that has amassed hundreds of millions of dollars in funding from eager investors and breathless coverage in the press. Think Uber, Xiaomi, Snapchat, Evernote.

These Hilariously Minimalist Fake Halloween Costumes Found Their Way Into a Store

These efforts include hilariously minimalist ideas like Afraid of Socks, which consists of a pair of socks to be held at length away from your screaming face (only $19.99.) Some concepts mock well-trod Halloween culture ("Sexy Potato"), while others are just plain silly (the entire "Stephen" range of costumes.) The important thing to remember is that somebody somewhere who probably eventually bought a sexy pizza rat costume briefly contemplated instead being Rake Face.

YouTube Star Lilly Singh On Showing What You're Worth

Lilly Singh (aka "Superwoman" on YouTube) built a YouTube channel with nearly 7 million followers. She also wears the hats of a vlogger, comedian, rapper, actress, and motivational speaker. She sat down with us and shared some advice on how to put yourself out there and grow.

Breaking the sound barrier by air, by land, and in free fall

All three of these historic supersonic firsts happened on (or about) October 14, but the pursuit of speed isn't some endeavor confined to a single day. The speed of sound—otherwise known as Mach 1 after an Austrian physicist—varies depending upon the medium through which that sound is passing. On a warm day at sea level, it's about 768mph, or 343.2m/sec if you prefer to think in SI units. Throughout the 17th century, scientists in England and France worked to calculate the speed of sound, getting ever closer before William Derham got there—or thereabouts—in 1709. Derham used a telescope, a pendulum, and his church tower in Upminster (now a far suburb of London) to arrive at the answer by observing the interval between seeing a rifle flash and hearing its crack. It would be more than 200 years before a human could attempt to travel that fast, however.

Mobile apps that deliver hefty ROI

"At the core of this program are care managers, nurses and social workers who spend the majority of their time out with people, in people's homes, in the community -- meeting people wherever they might be, including under bridges," says Erhardt Prei­tauer, senior vice president of government programs at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey and CEO of Horizon NJ Health, New Jersey's largest Medicaid plan.

Pioneer has a new $500 HD audio player, but who's buying?

It seems like high-end audio is still fairly exclusive and inaccessible, and the benefits of making the expensive switch are subtle at best. With the XDP, Pioneer has, like its peers, created a niche product that will likely interest those who already care about high-definition audio, not convert non-believers who don’t care to carry around a second portable device.

The US government will soon force you to register your drones and it could be a mess

The government says it will pull together a task force to come up with recommendations on how to best implement the plan by the middle of next month, and that the new requirements will be in place by December.

Should You Be Capitalizing the Word ‘Internet’?

Yet in 1999, almost 10 years earlier, journalist Stephen Wilbers published a column in the Orange County Register predicting that words like Internet and Web would lose their capitalization over time. “If you like being ahead of the game, you might prefer to spell internet and web as internet and web,” he wrote. The reason usually given for this shift in usage is that the internet and the web are changing from proper nouns—unique, named entities—to generic nouns through common use. Indeed, most people (other than techies) are not aware of any internets other than the Internet—that distinction is no longer relevant in ordinary usage. And for many younger folks who have grown up with the technology, the internet itself is ordinary—just another communication medium, like the telephone, television, and radio.

Radical Visions of Chicago’s Future Skyline

Many of the designs on display at the first-ever Chicago Architecture Biennial could be implemented anywhere. But the event’s creative team was thinking of the Windy City, specifically, when it organized BOLD: Alternative Scenarios For Chicago, a collection of radical, Chicago-centric proposals from more than a dozen local offices.

The Nexus 5X unlocks faster than the iPhone 6S

Having experiments with the Nexus 5X and iPhone 6S in the office, we can see that the iPhone 6S has to load the unlock screen and then a zoom-out animation before it's fully "open", while the Nexus 5X just goes straight to the home screen.

Your kid's Google Doodle can win them a $30K scholarship

If you frequent the Google home page (and really who doesn't), you're familiar with Google Doodles; the search giant's series of art based on the company's logo that commemorates a date or person. Now it's opening up its homepage to one lucky kid. Beginning today, its annual "Doodle 4 Google" competition is accepting entries from US students K-12 for the chance to win a $30,000 scholarship . The theme is, "What makes" Future college graduates can use any material they want and are encouraged to use a medium to showcases their uniqueness. The winning design will be featured on the site for one day. Entries must be submitted by December 7, 2015. So if you want to make a huge dent in your future college tuition, it's a good idea to get those creative juices flowing.

Yoga 900 is Lenovo's answer to the Surface Book

Being slim and portable – meaning that it's easier to carry the Yoga Home 900 from room-to-room in a home or office compared to a traditional AIO or desktop – the tablet form factor all-in-one doesn't skimp in the performance department either. Unfortunately, Skylake isn't part of the package, as the Yoga Home comes with Intel's fifth generation Broadwell Intel Core i7 processor.

A Look At The Internal Memos Of Twitch And Periscope

As with Emmett at Twitch, Kayvon, Joe and the team turned out to have very prescient vision for future forms of online social interaction and be strong product designers and scrappy operators. I didn’t have as much time to observe their execution, but from the tremendous growth in Periscope (10 million registered users and 40 years of video watched per day, according to a Q&A Periscope stream that Kayvon held), they’ve clearly managed the dual challenges of generating awareness and scaling the technical infrastructure required to support a massive user load.

10 rules of best practice for responsive design

But when this same page is viewed at smaller sizes, this layout changes a bit, with the editorial image eliminated to save space. Those images, while nice to have, are certainly not critical to the presentation of the content, so as space becomes tighter, it can safely be removed without taking away from the content as a whole. This is a perfect example of the same content being laid out and prioritized differently for various instances.

Apple’s race for electric car talent leaves one motorcycle startup in the doldrums

SAN FRANCISCO (by Julia Love) — Apple Inc’s aggressive recruitment of auto experts as it explores building a car has left a promising, if financially troubled, electric motorcycle startup in the dust.

Google now covers costs for enterprises switching over to Docs

“If you’re worried about switching to Docs because you still have an enterprise agreement (EA) with another provider, we’ll cover the fees of Google Apps until your contract runs out. We’ll even chip in on some of the deployment costs and set you up for success with one of our Google for Work Partners ,” said Google Apps for Work global sales head Rich Rao  in a blog post .

Uber’s China rival launches Didi Bus, its Internet bus-booking service

Uber’s market-leading China rival, Didi Chuxing (formerly Didi Kuaidi), today announced the official launch of its new Internet bus-booking service, which it says will be fully integrated into the main app.

37 on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

First Nintendo was almost called the Entertainment Learning System

"At the time, we were coming to the end of these naming deliberations and Mr. Arakawa [president of Nintendo of America] was in Japan. Right up until the day he was ready to go back to the United States, we were thinking, 'Okay, ELS. ELS.' The day before he was scheduled to go back, I got a call from him suddenly, saying, 'Okay, we're going with Nintendo Entertainment System.'

What happens when a giant hole opens on the sun? - CNET

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory has photographed a massive coronal hole gaping across the face of the sun. Here's what it means.

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Direct Your Audience’s Attention with the iPin Laser Pointer [Deals Hub]

The iPhone has enough power to take over as your computer. When you head into the office or the classroom to give a presentation, you can give it right off your iPhone without needing to lug your computer into the office. But to keep the attention on your audience you’ll want the iPin Laser Presenter, a laser pointer for your iPhone on sale now from the

Security firm report: China may already be breaking agreement on hacking

The attacks presented in CrowdStrike's report are "not an exhaustive list of all the intrusions from Chinese-government affiliated actors we have detected during this time period," Alperovitch noted, but "is limited only to commercial entities that fit squarely within the hacking prohibitions covered under the Cyber agreement. The intrusion attempts are continuing to this day, with many of the China-affiliated actors persistently attempting to regain access to victim networks even in the face of repeated failures."

China tried to hack U.S. firms even after cyber pact: CrowdStrike

China said it believed one of the suspects was involved in the data breach at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, according to Lewis and one of the sources. The OPM hack had compromised the data of 21.5 million government workers.

You can now fly around Hong Kong like a bird, thanks to Google’s latest 3D imagery

While this may appear to be just another addition to the 3D imagery in Maps, there’s no doubt it’s part of a wider ongoing push into the areas mentioned above. To enjoy the new imagery, load up Google Maps on your mobile device or desktop browser, and click the “Earth” thumbnail in the bottom left corner while over Hong Kong.

China hack attacks on US continue despite commercial spying pact, security firm says - CNET

CrowdStrike's warning serves as the latest reminder about the threat of hackers, which have managed to breach not only large companies, but have swiped personal data like credit card information and social security numbers. As the economies of China and the US have become increasingly reliant on the Internet, cybersecurity has come to define the relationship between the two countries. Officials in Washington have long been frustrated by China's protestations of innocence over government-affiliated hackers originating in the country.

'Digital skin' activates brain cells - BBC News

Engineers have built a flexible sensor that detects touch and, just like skin, produces electrical pulses that get faster when the pressure increases.

Got a drone? You’ll have to register it with the US government

The government announced a task force to determine which aircraft should be exempt from registration "due to a low safety risk," which might include "toys" and other devices. The recommendations, and the details of how the registration process will work, should be delivered to the agency by Nov. 20, Foxx said. Registered drones will likely host an identifying number linking to its owner.

IBM Earnings: What to Watch

International Business Machines Corp. is set to report its financial results for its third quarter, ended in September, after the market closes Monday. Here’s what you need to know.

This tiny synthesizer is a coder’s dream

The device, called the Organelle has an onboard computer that can process any instrument and allow you to synthesize, sample, or just warp it beyond all recognition. Its 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor runs on Linux and can be connected up to a PC using either the HDMI or one of the two USB ports.

Apple Maps activates transit data for Boston area; picks up Amtrak routes in Northeastern U.S.

On top of that, Apple Maps has also picked up support for Amtrak routes in the Northeastern area of the United States, extending as far as the northern part of the Midwest. Amtrak routes are essentially supported in the areas where transit information is already available, like New York City, with the longest route extending from that city all the way to Chicago, Illinois.

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