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Programmable Fiber Optic Fairy Wings

The fairyland I believed in as a kid may not be objectively real, but when imagination, technology and a few button clicks on the internet gives you the tools to create your own glowing wings, who says you have to stop believing in magic?When Natalina created her amazing fiber optic dress last spring, she opened up a whole new world of wearable lighting magic and costume possibilities. Since then, some of us who love making ourselves glow have been playing with different ways to use fiber optics on clothing and costumes. For this latest experiment I applied the idea to some relatively simple fairy wings, hoping to create a sparkling enchanting fiber optic costume piece fit for a real fairy. To power my wings I made an easy lighting module with leds, a battery and a microcontroller that allows me to program the color of the fibers, or give them ...

NASA shows off a stunning new color photo of Pluto's moon, Charon

Pluto isn't the only speck in the sky that's come into full, glorious focus over the last few months. NASA just released the first enhanced-color, high-resolution photo of Charon, the dwarf...

Skype's Star Trek-style translator is now available to all Windows users

Microsoft has today added its Star Trek-style translator to Skype for Windows. With live translation available for six voice languages (English, French, Ge

Peeple’s app isn’t out yet and it's already hated (for good reason)

Launching in November, the Peeple app will let you rate everyone you know. Yeah, everyone. Following an article by the Washington Post, revealing the real-

Humble Bundle now offers monthly indie game subscription

Humble Bundle has carved out a niche for providing the two-fold service of bringing indie developers exposure to wider audience while giving gamers a pay-w

Postmodern Jukebow throws it back with big band-style Fall Out Boy cover

Postmodern Jukebox recorded a swinging big band-style cover of Fall Out Boy's "Sugar, We're Going Down."

Revolutionary iPhone 4U Doesn't Turn On Unless Someone Contacts You

This is not a joke. This is serious.

10 essential apps for your new iPhone 6s | Cult of Mac

Did you grab an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus today? Here are some killer apps to get you started.

The Master Adapters: Every Lord/Miller Project, Ranked By Difficulty

Turning the podcast Serial into a TV show isn't even close to the toughest thing they've pulled off.

Nest opens up Weave protocol to other developers and releases Cam API

Nest today announced several updates for its third-party 'Works with Nest' program aimed at giving developers more options for communicating with Nest prod

J.Law reveals a hidden talent and it involves marshmallows

This MTV video features an interview with Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth from 'Mockingjay -- Part 2.'

You can now buy NVIDIA’s Shield Android TV box in Europe

Consumers in the US have been able to get their hands on NVIDIA's Shield Android TV since May and from today, it's on sale in the UK, France, Germany and S

Noteslate /// Noteslate SHIRO - The first pure handwriting device

Everything starts with its pure simplicity. Noteslate brings you this simplicity in the most unique monochrome interface - the most personal digital handwriting interface. Experience pencil and paper on a new level as the natural evolution of handwriting, shaved to the basics. This archetype and essential tool for any ideation, creation, inspiration, art, or even communication ... don`t get distracted by colors (not yet) or any (so much out there ) multimedia content. Don`t click anymore. Don`t only consume. Be creative and be a part of the most human-technology shift. The handwriting movement. Let`s build the noteslate handwritten network together.

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A First-Time Director Weighs In On His Horror Movie "The Forest" As The Trailer Drops

Although Zada won’t be able to see how people feel about his movie until it comes out next year, the release of the first trailer through MTV was an opportunity for him to shine a brief flashlight into the forest of public sentiment about his work. With over 100,000 views in less than a day, it looks like there’s a lot of stirring going on in there.

Dish affiliates surrender some spectrum licenses -FCC official

The 197 licenses will be re-auctioned after the FCC's auctions of broadcast airwaves scheduled for early 2016, the FCC official said. Dish and its affiliates will be on the hook to pay the difference if the total bids in the re-auction are below $3.3 billion, the official added.

You can't unsee this picture of Donald Trump with a man bun

You can't unsee this picture of Donald Trump with a man bun

Tesla's new Model X has a 'bioweapon defense mode' button

"This is a real button," said Musk, who was all too ready to have to defend the existence of the outrageous feature. He was in the middle of discussing how clean the Model X is when it comes to air quality both in and out of the car (the air cleanliness is "on the levels of a hospital room," he said) when things got dark.

Skype now has real-time translation built in

Microsoft first released Skype Translator almost a year ago as a standalone app designed for Windows 8. The software giant is now integrating its impressive translation feature directly into the desktop version of Skype, opening it up to Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 users. Six voice languages will be supported at launch, including English, French, German, Italian, Madarin, and Spanish. Skype will now let you hold a conversation in any of them, without ever needing to learn a language.

Watch Two People With Brain Implants Control Computers With Their Thoughts

An eclectic team of researchers affiliated with BrainGate , a consortium of neuroscientists, engineers, computer scientists, and mathematicians, have  published a study in  Nature Medicine that profiles two subjects who control a cursor with their thoughts more deftly than previous systems allowed. Earlier versions of the system allowed subjects to perform such tasks as drinking from a coffee thermos using a robotic arm, or playing simple games. The latest version brings finer control and ease of use. One participant was even able to type at a rate of six words a minute, using software originally developed to help people type type with eye movement . 

Home | Newsletters | MIT Technology Review

I would like to receive information about other MIT Technology Review initiatives.

How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Companies

In the classic structure, a manufacturing business is divided into functional units, such as R&D, manufacturing, logistics, sales, marketing, after-sale service, finance, and IT. (While there is also a geographic dimension of organizational structure, which adds a layer of complexity, it is less affected by smart, connected products per se.) These functional units enjoy substantial autonomy. Though integration across them is essential, much of it tends to be relatively episodic and tactical. In addition to achieving alignment on the overall strategy and business plan, functions need to coordinate to manage key handoffs in the product life cycle (design to manufacturing, sales to service, and so on) and capture feedback from the field that will improve processes and products (information on defects, customer reactions). Integration across functional units happens largely through the business unit leadership team and through the design of formal processes for product development, supply chain management, order processing, and the like, in which multiple units have roles.

The Amazing Inner Lives of Animals by Tim Flannery

The discovery of nonhuman societies composed of highly intelligent, social, empathetic individuals possessing sophisticated communication systems will force us to reformulate many questions. We have long asked whether we are alone in the universe. But clearly we are not alone on earth. The evolution of intelligence, of empathy and complex societies, is surely more likely than we have hitherto considered. And what is it, exactly, that sets our species apart? We clearly are different, but in light of Beyond Words we need to reevaluate how, and why.

Ray Kurzweil: Tiny Robots In Our Brains Will Make Us 'Godlike'

Kurzweil predicts that in the 2030s, human brains will be able to connect to the cloud, allowing us to send emails and photos directly to the brain and to back up our thoughts and memories. This will be possible, he says, via nanobots -- tiny robots from DNA strands -- swimming around in the capillaries of our brain. He sees the extension of our brain into predominantly nonbiological thinking as the next step in the evolution of humans -- just as learning to use tools was for our ancestors.

11 New edition of TS Eliot poetry challenges perceptions of his sexuality

Hollis said the new edition honoured the official version of Eliot’s work by opening with collected works but that it also included uncollected poems from Eliot’s youth, as well as The Waste Land typescripts, poetry for children and poems intended for personal circulation. It is this final section that will challenge the received view of Eliot, which harks back to Bertrand Russell’s description of him, just two weeks after his first marriage to Vivienne, as “exquisite and listless”.

You Never Thought You Needed A Mobile Private Island... Until Now

You Never Thought You Needed A Mobile Private Island... Until Now

Twelve Tomorrows

Virgil Finlay (1914-1971) was the most accomplished line artist in American science fiction and fantasy history. He began illustrating stories for Weird Tales (1936) and eventually worked for almost every SF magazine: Amazing, Fantastic Universe, IF, Galaxy, Famous Fantastic Mysteries, etc. For awhile he was a staff artist at The American Weekly. 2500 pieces have been catalogued. 1953, he won the Hugo Award for Best Interior Illustrator. He was awarded the Retro Hugo as Best Professional Artist of 1939 and 1945. Finlay has been posthumously inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame (2012) and the Society of Illustrators’ Hall of Fame (2015). Photo: 1933 Self portrait: Copyright © Lail Finlay.

How my mind came back to life — and no one knew

Imagine being unable to say, "I am hungry," "I am in pain," "thank you," or "I love you,” — losing your ability to communicate, being trapped inside your body, surrounded by people yet utterly alone. For 13 long years, that was Martin Pistorius’s reality. After contracting a brain infection at the age of twelve, Pistorius lost his ability to control his movements and to speak, and eventually he failed every test for mental awareness. He had become a ghost. But then a strange thing started to happen — his mind began to knit itself back together. In this moving talk, Pistorius tells how he freed himself from a life locked inside his own body.


DNS Exfiltration tool for stealthily sending files over DNS requests.

Design with the blind in mind

What would a city designed for the blind be like? Chris Downey is an architect who went suddenly blind in 2008; he contrasts life in his beloved San Francisco before and after — and shows how the thoughtful designs that enhance his life now might actually make everyone's life better, sighted or not.

10 killed, 7 hurt in mass shooting at Oregon college, officials say

The shooter was killed after exchanging gunfire with two police officers at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, according to Hanlin. At an earlier press conference on Thursday, Hanlin confirmed that 10 people were killed while 7 were hurt.

21 striking photos of ballerinas, what dreams are made of

is a leading global media company that informs, inspires and entertains the digital generation. Mashable is redefining storytelling by documenting and shaping the digital revolution in a new voice, new formats and cutting-edge technologies to a uniquely dedicated audience of 42 million monthly unique visitors and 24 million social followers.

Obama on mass shootings: 'We’ve become numb to this'

"Somehow this has become routine. The reporting is routine. My response here at this podium ends up being routine. The conversation in the aftermath of it. We’ve become numb to this," he said. "We’ve talked about this after Columbine and Blacksburg, after Tucson, after Newtown, after Aurora, after Charleston. It cannot be this easy for somebody who wants to inflict harm on other people to get his or her hands on a gun."

Samsung denies using software to cheat TV energy efficiency tests

"Motion lighting is not a setting that only activates during compliance testing," said Samsung in  a blog post . "On the contrary, it is a default setting which works both in the lab and at home; delivering energy savings and helping us to reduce our environmental impact." However, the company acknowledges that not everyone will watch TV with "motion lighting" engaged. "If the customer chooses to alter their display settings or switch to a different mode then the feature switches off, which gives our customers a simple choice of whether they choose to prioritize power efficiency or performance in their TV." The project manager of ComplianTV's product lab told The Guardian : "Samsung is meeting the letter of the law but not the spirit of the law."

Instead of Gimmicks, Google Brings Real Broadband to Ghana

A few days ago Mark Zuckerberg, Bono, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and a host of other business leaders signed a declaration calling on world leaders to bring the Internet to the entire planet’s population by 2020. There’s certainly no shortage of schemes for making this happen. Facebook is building solar-powered drones that act as flying Wi-Fi hotspots. Branson is backing OneWeb, a company that plans to launch hundreds of low-orbit satellites to blanket the entire globe with Internet access. Elon Musk’s SpaceX is looking into much the same thing. Google, not to be left out of all the fun, is readying Project Loon, a fleet of high-altitude balloons designed to bring the Internet to remote areas. But the company also has a more down-to-earth project.

That time models wore other humans like backpacks

Apparently the show's theme was "women supporting women," with each of the models presenting the brand's latest looks with other models strapped onto them. Some were knapsacks, others backpacks. Others seemed like complete fleshy sheaths, with models' heads placed between women's crotches.

10 killed, 7 hurt in mass shooting at Oregon college, officials say

Early estimates of the number of victims was fluid as news trickled in. Oregon State Police Lt. Bill Fugate told local news station KATU-TV early Thursday afternoon that at least seven people were dead and 20 injured in the campus shooting. The Oregon attorney general put the figure higher and said 13 were dead.

Master the Power of Socialmedia with Twitter - smqueue

Use people’s Twitter @names when mentioning them. Then they will see your tweet and your followers will be able to connect with them readily too. For example in Number 2 above, I used @TokyoGarden and @PinkCow rather than for example their real names Tokyo Garden Party and The Pink Cow. Twitter language I guess.

13 awesome tricks your Mac just learned with El Capitan | Cult of Mac

OS X El Capitan promises to redefine the Mac experience with a host of new improvements that make working (and playing) smoother than ever.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus review: more than just a refresh

It's easy to say that these are the best iPhones Apple has ever made, but that's true every year. Like I said before, a device's worth isn't tied directly to a single feature: The important thing is how all of its components and design flourishes and features and interaction elements fit together as a unified whole. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus nail it -- mostly. They're great phones: well-built, well thought-out and brimming with potential. So, let's cap this off with a little buying advice. If you have an iPhone 5s and are itching to turn it in, now's the time. If you're an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus owner, this is a worthy upgrade, but no one will fault you for waiting another year. If you want the best iPhone you can buy right now (and don't mind a bigger device), you want the iPhone 6s Plus. And if you're tired of everyone insisting that big phones are the future and asking "What's wrong with you; why don't you have one yet?" buy a 6s and tell them to buzz off.

'Citizen Kane' to 'Call of Duty': The rise of video games in universities

Despite hardline objections from some, Lehman is optimistic about the future of video games. And, if the history of film is any indication, he has a right to be. For one thing, the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (Lehman used to be president) includes video games in its research and outreach efforts. It views video games as a natural evolution of new media and Lehman notes that many universities are adding or expanding classes on gaming and society.

Here is Twitter's crazy 136-page handbook for politicians who want to tweet

Ever wish there were a manual on how not to say something stupid on social media? Well, if you’re a politician, now there is. The "Twitter Government and Elections Handbook" was put together last year by the social network's political partnerships team to teach politicians and their flunkies the ways of the tweeting arts. You can  download it here .

NASA funds five space missions for possible launch in 2020

Five possible space missions  have been selected by NASA to receive preliminary funding, ahead of a possible launch as early as 2020. Each of the projects, chosen as part of NASA's long-running Discovery program, will receive $3 million with which their creators can hone their designs, conduct analysis, and refine their plans. By September next year, one or two of the five missions will be chosen by the space agency for continued development, at a cost of around $500 million.

Button Marketplace lets developers link to services like Airbnb and Uber in any app

Button , which brings services and apps together, has announced the Button Marketplace. The shop lets developers quickly identify services (buttons!) they want to add to an app, and the API or SDK code to make it possible.

Condolences vs. gun control: Presidential candidates respond to the Oregon shooting

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Thursday that "sensible steps" to protect communities from gun violence are a "top priority" for President Obama, after a shooting at a community college in southwestern Oregon.

A Car That Knows What the Driver Will Do Next | MIT Technology Review

A study by researchers at Cornell University and Stanford shows that a more advanced system could be trained to recognize the body language and behavior that precedes a particular maneuver. This could help trigger an early warning system, such as a blind spot alert, much earlier—perhaps thereby helping to prevent serious accidents, according to the academics involved.

Online Lender SoFi Seems To Push Back IPO Plans, Raising $1 Billion

Third Point Ventures is the venture capital arm of Third Point LLC, a registered investment adviser based in New York, with approximately $5 billion of assets under management. The firm was founded in 1995 by Daniel S. Loeb. Third Point Ventures is led by Robert Schwartz, an industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience in private equity and technology company management, and is based in Sunnyvale, …

IBM engineers carbon nanotube transistors to replace silicon in computing

“These chip innovations are necessary to meet the emerging demands of cloud computing, Internet of Things and Big Data systems,” said Dario Gil, vice president of science and technology at IBM Research, in a statement. “As technology nears the physical limits of silicon, new materials and circuit architectures must be ready to deliver the advanced technologies that will drive the Cognitive Computing era. This breakthrough shows that computer chips made of carbon nanotubes will be able to power systems of the future sooner than the industry expected.”

LRB · Colm Tóibín · Ravishing: Sex Lives of the Castrati

Balzac’s Sarrasine tells the story of a young woman’s wonder at the strange appearance of an old man at a party in Paris. Balzac has tremendous fun describing the man. First his clothes: he is wearing ‘a white waistcoat embroidered with gold’ and ‘a shirt-frill of English lace, yellow with age, the magnificence of which a queen might have envied’. Then the face: ‘That dark face was full of angles and furrowed deep in every direction; the chin was furrowed; there were great hollows at the temples; the eyes were sunken in yellow orbits. The maxillary bones, which his indescribable gauntness caused to protrude, formed deep cavities in the centre of both cheeks.’ And it was not just his furrows and hollows, it was his make-up: ‘We often see more hideous old men; but what contributed more than aught else to give to the spectre that rose before us the aspect of an artificial creation was the red and white paint with which he glistened.’ The man also wore a light wig, ‘with innumerable curls which indicated extraordinary pretensions to elegance’. He wore gold earrings and ‘a fixed, unchanging smile, the shadow of an implacable and sneering laugh, like that of a death’s head’.

The Chambong will allow you to drink champagne faster than ever before

Its website describes the contraption, which looks like it belongs inside a science lab, as "a magical device made of high quality glass that will make you feel sparkling and happy." Which means it will get you drunk real fast. It's basically a champagne flute with a glass straw as the stem, allowing for supreme air flow that will force champagne into your gullet as quickly as possible.

Gigabytes of user data from hack of Patreon donations site dumped online

Further ReadingPatreon: Some user names, e-mail and mailing addresses stolenAt least passwords were encrypted with 2048-bit RSA, hashed via bcrypt, and salted. The data has been circulating in various online locations and was reposted here by someone who said it wasn't immediately possible to confirm the authenticity of the data. Security researcher Troy Hunt has since downloaded the archive file, inspected its contents, and concluded that they almost certainly came from Patreon servers. He said the amount and type of data posted by the hackers suggest the breach was more extensive and potentially damaging to users than he previously assumed.

Shopify makes big push in Waterloo

Shopify is taking over a 40,000-square-foot building that was once occupied by the Centre for International Governance Innovation, the brainchild of former BlackBerry Ltd. co-chief executive officer Jim Balsillie. There are about 30 Shopify workers in Waterloo now, but the space could host up to 300 more. Shopify’s head office is in Ottawa, but it also has large satellite offices in Toronto and Montreal.

Why the Largest E-Commerce Acquisition Ever Is Actually a Disappointment

Zulily grew incredibly quickly on the back of limited-time sales, known as flash sales, in a model that got shoppers excited about discovering new products and led to impulse purchases. In less than four years, Zulily’s founders built a multi-billion-dollar business from scratch and attracted millions of customers in an industry typically dominated by Amazon. Industry entrepreneurs and investors loved this because when other startup investors talked about their hesitancy to invest in e-commerce companies, they often pointed to the dearth of big e-commerce companies to go public since Amazon and eBay did so more than 15 years ago. Zulily was seen by many as an example of how entrepreneurs could build a big publicly-traded company in the U.S. that would not get crushed by Amazon. (Online furniture seller Wayfair probably holds the baton for now.)

How to do a clean install of OS X El Capitan

If you've gone through the clean install processes in the last few years, these instructions will look familiar. (That's because they are almost the same as past years, albeit with changes made for the proper OS name). With a little time, it's relatively easy to create a bootable copy of OS X Yosemite that you can run from a USB stick or other drive.

Secret bank accounts, income inequality—and why Luxembourg matters

Well, this matters for a number of reasons. One is inequality; this is wealth that belongs to very rich people. If you are to have accurate measures of income and wealth inequality you need to take that into account. So, 8% of the world’s financial wealth, you could say, “Well, you know that’s not so much.” Except that it’s an average that masks a lot of heterogeneity.

Tinder will now let you 'Super Like' the people you really like

Here's how it works: if you "Super Like" someone (it's an upward swipe) that person will see that you like them before they make the decision to swipe left (and never talk to you) or right (and begin the rest of your lives together). And because you can only "Super Like" one user per day, your potential soulmate will know it's really real. Paying Tinder Plus users can "Super Like" a match up to five times per day.

Tweetbot 4 is the new best way to use Twitter on iOS

There was a time when I’d swear by Tweetbot. Tapbots’ quirky iOS Twitter client won a ton of people over way back in 2011 with its blend of smart design and strong personality — for a time, I’d have called it the best way to use Twitter.

Water Conservation, Brought to You by Las Vegas

The Mojave Desert’s premier resort destination receives, on average, four inches of rain a year, a paucity of precipitation that might have even a sun-chapped Phoenix homeowner feeling parched and thankful for the eight inches of rain his city gets. This hyperdry climate means that when you take the number of people who live in Las Vegas and divide it by the gallons of water that get flushed, drained, and—perhaps most important—jetted out of automatic sprinklers every day, you arrive at a figure that’s higher than most any other in America: about 219 gallons per person per day. Places more naturally bestowed with water—like my home base of Seattle—use less than half of that per capita; people in San Francisco, by comparison, use about 46 gallons per person per day. What’s worse, 90 percent of that water comes from the Colorado River via Lake Mead, ground zero for the megadrought that’s been bearing down on the western United States.

New to Netflix for October 2015 - IGN

Now you can finally catch up with The CW's great iZombie , from Veronica Mars' Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright. Follow Olivia "Liv" Moore (Rose McIver) as she's turned into a zombie while attending a boat party and copes with her new appetite for brains by taking a job at the local morgue. There, she shares her secret with her boss, Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti (Rahul Kohli) while helping the local police solve crimes. See, whenever Liv eats brains, she absorbs the memories of the "donor," allowing her to track down killers.

How Has Social Media, Mobile Technology Affected Teens’ Dating Lives?

Romance among teenagers has become a lot more complicated than sending your friend over to ask your crush’s friend if they like you.

Why "Peeple" Is Dangerous To Survivors… and, Really, Anyone

We could talk for a long time about the good an app like Peeple could do. Its creators seem hell bent on promoting how it allows you to prove your wonderful reputation by collecting glowing compliments from people in your network, like an extended LinkedIn but with more validation of your feelings. Peeple calls to mind Lulu, an app created a few years ago that in theory allowed women to write reviews of the men they dated. As a survivor of abuse and someone who has encountered plenty of harassment from men, I constantly wish there were some way to warn other women not to get involved with certain individuals. But there is no way to “hack” the existence of shitty people. We cannot create an app to expose abusive people because that app becomes a powerful tool in the hands of abusers themselves to terrorize and delegitimize the very individuals who would out them. They don’t even have to do the terrorizing themselves—they just have to set up the profile.

Russia Begins Bombing Operations In Syria As A Bigger Strategic Picture Emerges

It was just a matter of time before Russia’s new expeditionary pocket air force in Syria began its bombing operations. Over the last few weeks Russian drones have been flying missions out of Latakia Air Base looking for targets. Now the first Russian shots have been fired in what could be a very long battle to secure their interests in Syria.

Crowdfunding for hype isn't bad, it adds new Kickstarter users

See what I mean? Having a huge marketing and PR machine at its disposal, Pebble had not only taken money from existing members of Kickstarter but also attracted almost as many new faces. And some of those new faces have been seen helping out other founders – perhaps those bootstrapped ones that use crowdfunding the way it was meant to be used.

Luke Walton is now head coach of the defending NBA champs

It's all a strange turn of events that leads — for now at least — to Walton unexpectedly ascending to the top job just two years after retiring as a player. It's also perhaps something of a jolt for NBA fans who remember him starring for the University of Arizona and functioning as a useful cog for some very good Lakers teams relatively recently.

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