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Magical Cinderella Halloween costume transforms in 20 seconds

This Cinderella costume that "transforms" from rags to riches rose to the top of Reddit Monday.

Refresh, Padawan: 'Star Wars' Ticket Demand Overwhelms Theater Websites

During 'Monday Night Football,' it was Darth Vader's helmet that threw fans into a frenzy.

Real-life Pepsi Perfect will take you 'Back to the Future'

On October 21, Pepsi will release 6,500 bottles of Pepsi Perfect.

Camerawoman plans to sue one of the refugees she kicked at Hungary border

A Hungarian camerawoman who was fired after intentionally tripping refugees says she plans to sue Facebook, as well as one of the refugees she kicked.

Watch the new 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' trailer

We've been waiting for you, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" trailer.

Adorable grandparents recreate 'Up' for their 60th anniversary

80-year-old grandparents celebrate their 60th anniversary with an 'Up' inspired piano duet.

HTC Launch | HTC United States

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The Idea That Online Life Isn’t Real Is Trite—And Harmful

As a female journalist, I am tired of hearing this. The harassment I’ve been subject to online is all too real, but the prevalence of the idea that on-screen life is less authentic has meant that my experiences—and those of countless other women—aren’t taken seriously.

Apple tells U.S. judge 'impossible' to unlock new iPhones

Apple's position was laid out in a brief filed late Monday, after a federal magistrate judge in Brooklyn, New York, sought its input as he weighed a U.S. Justice Department request to force the company to help authorities access a seized iPhone during an investigation.

Twitter hires New York Times editor at large for its Moments channel

Hiring Mabry is no doubt an important part of making Moments more consumable. Though the new section surfaces some of the most interesting content on Twitter, there are questions about how relevant the editorial choices are to Twitter’s diverse users. As an editor for the New York Times , Mabry no doubt understands how to appeal to a broad national audience.

Google will provide some of Yahoo's search results

Yahoo clearly isn't wasting time now that it's free to partner with search firms besides Microsoft . The internet pioneer has revealed a partnership that will have Google providing some search results (including images) and search-based ads. It's not certain just how many queries the crew in Mountain View will handle, but the deal is "non-exclusive." If it wants, Yahoo can draw on Microsoft's Bing or any other provider. The pact lasts until the end of 2018, too, so the company isn't committed on the same level as it was when it struck the Bing deal in 2009.

China will get its 21st Apple Retail Store on October 24

Apple has announced that it will be opening its 21st retail store in China on October 24. The store will be situated in the Parkland Mall in Dalian, in the southern Liaoning Province, and doors will open at 9:30 a.m. local time.

Here Is Every Great Moment in the New Star Wars Trailer

If you’re really loving the trailer but are overwhelmed by everything, you know, moving around on you, take a minute to settle down with these beautiful stills and absorb the moments one at a time. If you make them the backgrounds on all your various screens it will almost be like you’re watching a little piece of The Force Awakens every day while you wait for the premiere on Dec. 18.

Lenovo Yoga 900 takes on the Microsoft Surface Book | ZDNet

What makes the Yoga 900 a competitor to Microsoft's new Surface Book is the price point. The entry level model can be purchased from Lenovo for $1,199 with a Core i5, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. The best configuration is $1,499 with a Core i7, 16GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage. This is over $1,000 less than the similar configuration of the Surface Book. though it lacks the detachable screen and the dedicated graphics found in Microsoft's offering.

Ex-U.S. agent gets over six years for bitcoin theft in Silk Road probe

SAN FRANCISCO A former U.S. federal agent was sentenced to 78 months in prison on Monday for stealing bitcoins during the government's investigation of Silk Road and for secretly soliciting payment from the operator of the online black market for information on its probe.

HTC says unlocked One A9s will receive Android updates "within 15 days" of Nexus line

"This One A9 unlocked edition will provide you with every Android software update within 15 days of when Google first pushes to their Nexus line," Mackenzie said. The unlocked edition goes on sale in November for $399.99. However, you'll be bogged down by a cellular carrier's update roadblocks if you buy the phone from AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, or Verizon in the US. HTC says carriers will announce pricing and availability soon.

Samsung Galaxy S7 release date, news and rumors

The fact the Snapdragon 820 chip is being linked to the Galaxy S7 is interesting, as Samsung ditched Qualcomm's offering for the Galaxy S6, instead exclusively using its own Exynos processor. Samsung didn't disclose the reasoning as to why it opted to do this, but the current top-tier Qualcomm chip - the Snapdragon 810 - has been plagued by reports of overheating and patchy performance.

Facebook Data Transfers to U.S. Face Probe After EU Court Ruling

Ireland will investigate a complaint about U.S. spies potentially accessing Facebook Inc. users’ private details after the European Union’s highest court overturned a trans-Atlantic pact that allowed the free flow of such data 15 years ago.

Microsoft says take your cumulative Windows updates, they're good for you

Microsoft thinks giving out cumulative updates is better than its previous model of allowing IT managers and users to decide which patches they want to install piecemeal, said Joe Belfiore, a corporate vice president for the company’s Operating Systems Group, in an interview. He bases this view on conversations with IT pros about using cumulative updates.

Apple Maps activates transit data for Boston area; picks up Amtrak routes in Northeastern U.S.

On top of that, Apple Maps has also picked up support for Amtrak routes in the Northeastern area of the United States, extending as far as the northern part of the Midwest. Amtrak routes are essentially supported in the areas where transit information is already available, like New York City, with the longest route extending from that city all the way to Chicago, Illinois.

The New York Times Is Giving Google Cardboard VR Headsets To Print Subscribers

Google Cardboard is easy to use, even for those unfamiliar with the technology. All subscribers have to do is download the NYT VR app, which will be available November 5, and pop their smartphones into the headset. Those who aren't blessed with a freebie from the Times can buy or make their own headset , or just watch the films through the app normally.

Apple removes hundreds of apps from the App Store due to advertising SDK capturing sensitive user data

“We’ve identified a group of apps that are using a third-party advertising SDK, developed by Youmi, a mobile advertising provider, that uses private APIs to gather private information, such as user email addresses and device identifiers, and route data to its company server. This is a violation of our security and privacy guidelines. The apps using Youmi’s SDK have been removed from the App Store and any new apps submitted to the App Store using this SDK will be rejected. We are working closely with developers to help them get updated versions of their apps that are safe for customers and in compliance with our guidelines back in the App Store quickly.”

Season of Scandal Hits Japan With Company Confession Flurry

Toshiba executives bow during a news conference in Tokyo. The outbreak of admissions raises questions about what is happening in Japan and whether more scandals are on the way. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said Japan needs more support from global investors and has pressed companies to improve corporate governance with more transparency and independent board members.

14 Things You Can Do in Android Marshmallow That You Couldn't Do in Lollipop

Whether you’ve put in an order for a Nexus 6P or you’re patiently waiting for Android version 6.0 to reach your Galaxy S6 , you’ll want to know what Marshmallow can do for you. It’s not a dramatic leap forward for Google’s mobile OS, but there are still a number of useful new features you’re going to want to know about.

1Password boosts security to avoid potential data leaks

This isn’t really an issue for people only using 1Password on their own machines as the company doesn’t save information on its own servers, but using the 1PasswordAnywhere service means the data is being accessed remotely on various machines, making it much more open to attacks.

Watch Drake bob, shimmy, and shuffle in the 'Hotline Bling' video

Drake has finally released the video for his summer track "Hotline Bling," and if you haven't already been bewildered trying to work out whether Drizzy is a good dancer or not  prepare yourself for confusion .

Google Pumps $2B Into Africa’s Biggest Wind Power Project

The move is Google’s 22nd investment in clean energy infrastructure, spanning a total of 2.5 gigawatts of power and more than $2 billion. Most of the company’s investment has been in the US, but Rick Needham, a Google director of energy and sustainability, says the company wants to promote clean energy in the developing world. “The fastest growing economies are here, and there’s a strong need for critical power,” he says of places like Kenya. “Economies are being held back because they don’t have enough power—and yet they have wonderful renewable resources. These nations can meet their future and growing energy needs by tapping into some of the best renewable resources in the world.”

’20 years ago, I created the best font in the world’

After working as a senior CAD designer at Agfa for some six years, Connare joined Microsoft as a program manager in 1993, around the time the Seattle-based software company was gearing up to launch Windows 95. “Everybody in the company was working on this program,” said Connare. “It was the biggest launch in the history of computing at that time. I’m privileged to have been part of that time in computer history — it was very exciting to be at the beginning of consumer software.”

Gotham: "Scarification" Review - IGN

"Scarification" wasn't terrible, but it did kind of feel like a return to some of the lesser aspects of Season 1. The over-arching Galavan story was in play, but we're now back to introducing famous DC villains who we'll never get a chance to see fully manifest into their future selves. Granted, I liked the female twist on Firefly, and the origin of a sad, abused character being forced to commit crimes they don't want to do (there's a little Killing Joke in there), but this is all still somewhat empty prequel-style storytelling. Like with Season 1's Scarecrow. It's become this show's crutch.

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Nexus 6P first impressions(P is for Premium). So far it is the best phone of 2015.

Zombie-head lollipops let you lick your fear - CNET

It would be tempting to give the zombie pops as a fun trick when the kiddies come knocking at your door this Halloween, but the price might deter you. A pack of 12 zombie or eyeball pops will set you back a whopping $29 (about £19, AU$40), while you can get a six-pack of the spider lollies for $15.50 (about £10, AU$21).

Fix Cydia not opening or crashing after Pangu iOS 9 Jailbreak

This process disables all the Substrate-based tweaks including the problematic tweak, and should allow you to open Cydia. You can now remove the tweak/tweaks you had recently installed to avoid hitting the issue again. After you’ve removed the tweak, don’t forget to reboot your device again, so that you can use the jailbreak tweaks.

`Star Wars' Demand Crashes Websites in Global Rush for Tickets

Cinema chains are being tested globally by demand for the seventh installment in the saga, projected to be one of the top-grossing pictures of the year, if not all time. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is the first in the series from Disney, which acquired franchise-owner Lucasfilm Ltd. for $4 billion in 2012. Earlier on Monday, Odeon & UCI Cinemas Group said online ticket sales for “Star Wars” set a record for the U.K. chain and caused booking delays at its website.

Tim Cook expects 'massive change' in the auto industry

No, he didn't specifically say that Apple was making a car -- Cook is obviously too media-savvy to let anything like that slip -- but he did say that the auto industry is ripe for change. "It would seem like that there will be a massive change in that industry," he said, and not just an evolutionary one. "When I look at the automobile, I see that software is becoming an increasingly important part of the car of the future." Autonomous driving is becoming more important, he said, and a lot of the major technologies in the car signify a shift away from traditional combustion engines to what he calls the "electrification" of the vehicle. In the short term, Cook said the company already has an automotive solution called CarPlay , which is already deployed in a number of brands in the business. "We want people as they enter the car to have an iPhone experience," he said.

HTC One A9: Be careful what you wish for?

As I said before, I loved the HTC One M7 and like the brand in general. I called for a redesign, and the A9 technically delivers it. However, though its sleek-looking curves look good on a screen, the phone feels derivative and generic — there’s no trace of HTC to be seen, beyond the logo.

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Xbox wireless controller adapter for Windows 10 now available for $24.99 …

Mac keyboard messed up in El Capitan? Here's how to fix it

If you use a non-US keyboard while running OS X El Capitan, and you have noticed that the key combinations for certain symbols aren’t working correctly (for example, option + 2 should produce a €, not an @), it’s easy to fix.

New interactive map reveals there are 94,000 tech businesses in London

Digging deeper, tech employs some 700,000 people, but turnover in the past year is down 5 percent. The biggest money earner in the sector is publishing and broadcasting making up half of the pie, followed by digital tech with a quarter of revenue. However, when we zoomed in to some of the boroughs, we found some of the businesses connections with technology are a bit dubious. For example, when I zoomed in to Tower Hamlets I found a Russian fish company.

The mobile effect: How to turbocharge your personalization (webinar)

In this one-hour webinar, VB analyst Andrew Jones will be joined by Jesse Grittner, senior director of strategy and analytics for the data and analytics company Aimia. Together, they’ll share how marketers are leveraging data — and insights — to make connections with consumers that five years ago would have been inconceivable. You might say the leap forward that mobile has given personalization is what makes smart phones truly live up to their name.

Why Can't Jack Dorsey Get Respect?

He made something as boring as a payment company a brand people care about. He's trying to reinvent Twitter. Square is going public. So why is Jack Dorsey, now the CEO of both Twitter and Square, so maligned? The reasons may surprise you. Check out this installment of The 29th Floor, featuring Fast Company 's Noah Robischon and Austin Carr, for more on this idea—then tell us what you think on, yes, Twitter with #29thFloor.

Windows 10 upgrade cycle has CIOs bracing for (and embracing) change

Organic, over-the-air upgrades provided by a raft of cloud and mobile vendors, from Amazon Web Services to Apple, are part of the change management challenge that define the new style of IT. CIOs need to ensure that they support the devices and applications employees choose to use for work, and that those technologies are compliant with corporate policies, says Clay Johnson, CIO of GE Power and Water. He says employees who are told they can’t upgrade to the latest version of iOS or some other software will work around it or become disgruntled and leave, he says. Johnson recently began testing Windows 10 on his corporate laptop; the company is on track to roll out Windows 10 in the first quarter of 2016.


The  new Apple TV isn't arriving until next week , but current owners now have a few more channels to choose from. CBS and NBC channels are now available on the device, along with Made to Measure — stylized as "M2M" — the fashion-oriented channel we  first head about last month .

The Kuerig Kold Is A Space Oddity In The World Of Soft Drinks

The Keurig Kold is such an odd product that it almost looks like it came from a distant world where no one cares about corn syrup ingestion. Clad in white plastic and covered in grills, the case is far bigger than anything else in your kitchen and makes a noise like Darth Vader taking a nap. It takes two hours to prime and then, in a minute or so, can produce a glass of fizzy beverage without CO2 canisters, syrup bags, or any of the accoutrement associated with soda fountains. On the surface it’s a modern miracle: a machine that makes soda (or pop) out of water and plastic. Then, when you think about it, it’s kind of pointless.


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Confessions of a depressed comic

Kevin Breel didn't look like a depressed kid: team captain, at every party, funny and confident. But he tells the story of the night he realized that — to save his own life — he needed to say four simple words.

The secret to desire in a long-term relationship

In long-term relationships, we often expect our beloved to be both best friend and erotic partner. But as Esther Perel argues, good and committed sex draws on two conflicting needs: our need for security and our need for surprise. So how do you sustain desire? With wit and eloquence, Perel lets us in on the mystery of erotic intelligence.

The story we tell about poverty isn't true

As a global community, we all want to end poverty. Mia Birdsong suggests a great place to start: Let's honor the skills, drive and initiative that poor people bring to the struggle every day. She asks us to look again at people in poverty: They may be broke — but they're not broken.

Human trafficking is all around you. This is how it works

Behind the everyday bargains we all love — the $10 manicure, the unlimited shrimp buffet — is a hidden world of forced labor to keep those prices at rock bottom. Noy Thrupkaew investigates human trafficking – which flourishes in the US and Europe, as well as developing countries – and shows us the human faces behind the exploited labor that feeds global consumers.

What do babies think?

"Babies and young children are like the R&D division of the human species," says psychologist Alison Gopnik. Her research explores the sophisticated intelligence-gathering and decision-making that babies are really doing when they play.

44 Homan Square revealed: how Chicago police 'disappeared' 7,000 people

The narcotics, vice and anti-gang units operating out of Homan Square, on Chicago’s west side, take arrestees to the nondescript warehouse from all over the city: police data obtained by the Guardian and mapped against the city grid show that 53% of disclosed arrestees come from more than 2.5 miles away from the warehouse. No contemporaneous public record of someone’s presence at Homan Square is known to exist.

The Bolivian women who knit parts for hearts - BBC News

At least for the patients at Dr Freudenthal's clinic, the answer to their problem is in the hands of a group of skilled women with the power of fixing hearts - weaving to save lives.

TED in 3 minutes

Terry Moore found out he'd been tying his shoes the wrong way his whole life. In the spirit of TED, he takes the stage to share a better way. (Historical note: This was the very first 3-minute audience talk given from the TED stage, in 2005.)

The World’s Tiniest Countries and the Eccentrics Who Rule Them

“I think that the golden age of micronations is almost over. The famous ones, like the Principality of Hutt River and the Republic of Saugeais, are headed by very old people,” he says. “And after their death, their micronations will disappear with them. Young people interested in micronations don’t seem to be interested in claiming a physical territory. They prefer to create new countries online. It’s not better or worse, but it’s different.”

Nexus 6P review: the best Android phone

"Premium" is a funny word when it comes to phones. It's as though everybody in the business of judging them got together in a secret cabal to come up with the most awkward language possible to describe the set of ineffable qualities that separates the very best phones from the rest. They get designated as "flagships" with "elegant" design that are "top tier" thanks to some combination of their materials, craftsmanship, specs, and of course their (usually very high) price.

Gizmodo on Twitter

The origin of life may be much older than we realized:

7 TED Talks to make your commute go faster

These engrossing stories will make your drive -- or train ride -- fly by. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you won't feel an ounce of road rage. And you won't miss a thing if you can't watch the visuals.

51 5 TED Talks on standing up to bullying
52 Ken Taylor, Legendary Canadian Diplomat, Dies at 81
53 Nexus 5X review: One for the fans
54 Google Maps for Android displays quick stops along your route
55 Ahmed Mohamed meets President Obama at White House Astronomy Night
56 Mobile Messaging and Social Media 2015
57 The Color of Debt: How Collection Suits Squeeze Black Neighborhoods
58 NASA shows the world its 20-year virtual reality experiment to train astronauts: The inside story - TechRepublic
59 The Best Language for Math
60 Libraries at the Crossroads
61 The Scientific Basis of Cryonics | MIT Technology Review
62 Google Maps Now Lets You Add A Stop Along Your Route, Check Gas Prices
63 How to listen to (and delete) everything you've ever said to Google
64 One Simple Trick Will Give You Better iPhone Battery Life
65 What we can learn about the discovery of Thomas Jefferson’s chemistry lab at the University of Virginia
66 ‘Clock kid’ Ahmed Mohamed and his family will move to Qatar
67 When Cleveland released 1.5 million balloons and two men died
68 Fantastically Wrong: The Bizarre Mirages That Once Scared the Bejesus Out of Sailors
69 See the 2015 tech that 'Back to the Future Part II' predicted, and what it missed - CNET
71 'Steve Jobs' writer Aaron Sorkin says 'my conscience is clear' on film's accuracy - CNET
72 How The Fast Times Of The Paparazzi Came To A Screeching Halt
73 15 creative places to use wallpaper in your home
74 This Is The Man In India Who Is Selling States Illegally Imported Execution Drugs
75 The Worst Halloween Costumes To Wear To Work
76 Big Data Is Saving This Little Bird
77 How Climate Change Became a National Security Problem
78 The NYPD Is Using Mobile X-Ray Vans to Spy on Unknown Targets
79 Best Fitness Trackers for 2015
80 Donald Trump could instantly upgrade his look with these 9 haircuts
81 Why privacy matters
82 Slick New Wireless Speakers Reimagine Your Home Audio Setup
83 Connected, but alone?
84 Ampush gets $15M from partner Red Ventures for mobile social advertising software
85 PewResearch Internet on Twitter
86 Even women with MBAs get paid less
87 How to Regain Your Composure When You're Having a Panic Attack
88 How to Send Email Like a Startup
89 Target is giving store credit in exchange for your used clothing
90 The AI that writes articles for you is now available for testing
91 NASA Studying 2015 El Niño Event As Never Before
92 Students in Switzerland built a wheelchair that knows how to climb stairs