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Oops. Pixel 2's secret menu button was a mistake

But you can see it here before it vanishes forever.

How to sync and load music onto Apple Watch with watchOS 4

'Pokémon Go' is finally getting third generation pokémon in Halloween update

Please don't get scared.

Google's Pixel 2 gets bent out of shape during torture test

The torturers at JerryRig Everything get ahold of Google's new phone and it doesn't stand up so well.

Scientists investigate why crows are so playful

New experiments reveal a complex link between crow play and tool use.

In A Post-Weinstein World, Louis CK’s Movie Is a Total Disaster | Fast Company

Louis CK intended “I Love You, Daddy” to be provocative–but probably not as provocative as it’s going to be, Joe Berkowitz writes after viewing the film

Razer’s new webcam and microphone are made for streamers

Light your face and express your opinion with Razer's two new streaming-focused peripherals.

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Consumer Reports' survey ranks Tesla Model X 'least reliable'

Tesla claims, in a statement responding to the survey, that current customer satisfaction with the Model X is much higher than the Consumer Reports survey suggests, due to ongoing improvements to the car. "Consumer Reports' reliability ratings lag well behind current reality given that their survey is conducted many months before the results are published," Tesla said.

Silicon Valley CEO arrested on charges of attempted murder and child abuse

“While we do not have any information that is not in the public record at this point, these are extremely serious allegations, and we are shocked beyond words,” a Vungle spokesperson told VentureBeat on Friday. “While these are only preliminary charges, they are obviously so serious that it led to the immediate removal of Mr. Jaffer from any operational responsibility at the company. The company stressed that this matter has nothing to do with Mr. Jaffer’s former role at the company.”

Here's how mapping may help save the Great Barrier Reef

The project uses PRISM, an acronym for the JPL's Portable Remote Imaging Spectrometer, to capture spectrum data that previously couldn't be collected. Spectrometers measure the wavelength of light, which provides insight into what something is made of. The PRISM system was mounted in the belly of an airplane that flew at low altitudes above the reef and pierced the water's surface to capture high-resolution spectrum data.

Top 50 Hidden iOS 11 Features

There’s a new option in Safari’s Share sheet called Markup as PDF. It will convert the current page and will let you mark up using the same screenshot tools. This works on both iPhone and iPad. But you don’t have to markup. You can use this as a quick shortcut to convert the page to PDF. Then tap on the Share button to send it to any app. This is much faster than the convoluted Print way in iOS 10.

Homeland Security tells federal agencies to secure email now!

"You got a lot of people trying to trick people into thinking they're from the IRS, or vice versa, trying to get into US government systems via phishing attacks," Jeanette Manfra, an assistant secretary in the agency's office of cybersecurity and communication, said Monday while announcing the order at the Manhattan District Attorney's office.

We Finally Know What the Black Panther Was Up to Before Captain America: Civil War

As frustrating as the Black Panther’s absence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe up until Captain America: Civil War might have been, it makes plenty of sense when you remember that as a rule, the nation of Wakanda keeps to itself while the rest of the world gets caught up in global drama.

Stars Wars: Battlefront 2 Campaign Hands-On Preview: A Lighter Look at the Dark Side - IGN

I got to play the first three missions of Battlefront 2’s campaign over the course of about two hours, and really enjoyed what I saw. EA has referred to the single-player mode as a “tour” of what the multiplayer modes have to offer, and while the core of those multiplayer influences can still be seen throughout the campaign, I was glad to discover it also felt like a substantial and fleshed out experience of its own. It looks, sounds, and feels like a Star Wars movie, but from a unique perspective we haven’t seen much of since the likes of 1994’s Star Wars: TIE Fighter.

5 things businesses need to consider before accepting or investing in cryptocurrency

Bitcoin and blockchain-based cryptocurrency can be a tempting investment, especially considering the current sky-high prices. Don't rush in yet, though.

Tesla lawsuits allege racial and anti-LGBTQ harassment

Tesla has once again found itself facing an onslaught of news stories about discrimination lawsuits filed against the company.

A Boom in Credit Cards: Great News for Banks, Less So Consumers

Cynthia Regis, 73, worked for more than two decades as a home health care aide but has virtually no savings. To help pay her electric bill and to buy groceries, she racked up a balance of more than $6,000 on a Discover credit card. The annual interest rate is 29 percent, which makes it hard for her to whittle down her outstanding balance. One month this year, for example, her payment of $159 mostly covered her interest payments, shaving only $5 off her total debt.

11 Robert Scoble

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Google Play lets you test drive Android apps before installing them

Google has also implemented some behind-the-scenes changes that could improve your chances of seeing your favorite subscription service on Android. In a parallel to Apple's App Store reforms , Google will reduce its cut of subscription apps from 30 percent to 15 percent if a user remains with the service for more than a year. This won't take effect until January 1st, 2018, but it could make all the difference for services that previously balked at giving away nearly a third of their revenue no matter how long you stayed aboard. And that's particularly relevant on Android -- as you don't have to offer apps through Google's store, some creators have skipped the shop altogether to ensure they get all the money. They'll still lose some income if they bring their apps to the Play Store after January 1st, but it'll be much more tolerable if you stick with their service for the long haul.

Elon Musk gets permission to begin Boring Co. digging in Maryland

The Boring Company, Musk’s tunnel-digger operation, is gaining steam with a second boring machine ready to come online and start chewing away at the Earth. Maryland has offered Musk a conditional permit so he can start operations, though it’s not providing any financial support to the project at this sage. It’s probably not a huge risk on Maryland’s part, given the limited scope of the initial project — and if this works out, they can always turn the site into a tourist attraction for the start of the world-famous underground hyperloop network.

Apple gets sued over Animoji trademark

The complaint further alleges that Apple was fully aware of their trademark, claiming that Apple offered to purchase the rights to the name. While that offer was rejected by Bonansea's company, the complaint further alleges that Apple decided to make use of it anyway and made an attempt to cancel the trademark over a technicality over the company's naming: The Animoji trademark was filed by "Emonster Inc.", which while acting as a single commercial enterprise as Emonster k.k. otherwise did not exist when the trademark was filed.

Here's everything the Pixel 2's Active Edge does

During initial device setup, you're asked if you want to use Active Edge to activate Google Assistant with a squeeze. At launch, acting as a shortcut to Google Assistant is as useful as Active Edge gets.The only other thing you can use it for right now is silence an incoming call. When enabled, once your phone starts ringing, just give it a squeeze.

Sprint, T-Mobile Deal Announcement Is Likely to Be Delayed

If a deal can’t be signed by then, the companies will probably wait two or three more weeks after disclosing quarterly results to announce an agreement, said the people. That would push back an announcement to mid or late November. The companies may still announce the deal when they report earnings if they delay their reporting dates.

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Whenever they say “on the go” they mean “lite” and lite won’t cut it, which is why the 950 didn’t take off. Also Linux?! Still just PoC.

Verizon’s streaming TV service reportedly delayed until spring 2018 at the earliest

The most recent delay means that whenever Verizon’s service does launch, it’ll be considerably behind competitors like AT&T’s DirecTV Now, Google’s YouTube TV, Sony’s PlayStation Vue, and Dish’s Sling TV, all of which will have months, if not years of a head start. Plus, Bloomberg ’s sources claim that Verizon’s service will be similarly priced to competitors, so it probably won’t have a competitive advantage there.

Lyft gets $1B investment led by Alphabet, fueling its quest to beat Uber

Lyft has increasingly been working on projects outside of traditional ride-hailing. It's partnered with airline companies, like JetBlue and Delta, along with health insurers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield. The company didn't disclose how it intends to spend its new investment.

Reg Saddler on Twitter

You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

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Thank your lucky stars! The Orionid meteor shower peaks this weekend

ZDNet on Twitter

In leaked audio, Facebook security chief says its corporate network is run "like a college campus"

Lyft Builds Ties With Alphabet in Battle With Uber

Lyft raised $1 billion in a deal that values the ride-sharing startup at $11 billion, steps up competition with rival Uber and builds ties with internet giant Alphabet. Bloomberg's Eric Newcomer reports on "Bloomberg Technology." Technalysis Research President Bob O'Donnell also comments. (Source: Bloomberg)

These Top Tech Companies Are Hiring First, Training Later | Fast Company

An apprenticeship program at Visa operates a bit differently, according to global employer brand communications director Stephanie Matthews, but is no less labor intensive. It starts earlier, drawing candidates from high school and early college who wouldn’t otherwise have exposure to tech jobs. In a pilot program with the Springboard Initiative, a tech training organization, 14 student apprentices spend time in the Visa University Learning Labs and shadowing programs. Each one gets managers, teams, and a “buddy” to help them. Additionally, Visa’s HR team meets monthly with each apprentice, their manager, and a Springboard staffer to discuss performance.

Spotify's new RISE program aims to highlight music's next big superstars

Just don't get the impression that Spotify might be interested in your garage band. Spotify mainly chooses which artists it will promote for RISE by studying who's already trending, so it's less a true discovery system and more a way of calling attention to artists who are already making waves.

Amazon Echo (2017)

The original Amazon Echo was the best smart speaker, but man, was it scary-looking. It was an unfriendly, black plastic cylinder that looked like it came from the wrong side of the Force. And the later-released white version was only slightly better. The new Echo is a much more attractive speaker that will fit more effortlessly with your home décor, at a much lower price than the previous model. That's a killer combination, but we're withholding our final judgment until we test the Echo Plus next week, at which time we'll assign this review a rating.

This Weed Warrior Is Breaking Barriers In The Marijuana Movement | Fast Company

Serial entrepreneur Wanda James, the first black owner of a marijuana dispensary in Colorado, does more than just sell cannabis. She is on the frontlines of the marijuana movement, working to expand the legalization and decriminalization of both medical and recreational use beyond her weed-friendly home state. And she’s busting stereotypes along the way.

The Stitch Fix IPO is a go—here’s how much money it makes | Fast Company

Stitch Fix, the subscription clothing startup that launched in 2011, filed for an initial public offering today. As MarketWatch reports, the company’s SEC filing reveals that it was targeting for $100 million in proceeds (though this might change in future filings) and its financial disclosures reveal a company that has very strong revenues.

Someone brought this macaroni and cheese to a potluck and thought, 'This is good'

Folks, I have no words for this. The shredded cheese, which appears to have come from the ignoble Kraft "cheese mix" no one buys at Target, isn't even melted. And in a skillet — the most revered pan of all the pans — no less.

Texting your parents might not be so bad if you had a dad as funny as this

Texting your parents might not be so bad if you had a dad as funny as this

Three key criteria for picking a cloud migration service provider

"For any organization that's moving to the cloud, there's a number of different technologies and a number of different providers that all need to be made to work together," Ikram said. Having a service provider that works across the organization is critical for making the cloud journey consistent and cohesive.

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POP!_OS is a developer-focused minimalist Linux distro from System 76

Harman Kardon Invoke review: Cortana gets a speaker of its own

Not one to be left out of the party, there’s now a smart wireless speaker that uses Microsoft’s Cortana assistant. The $199 Harman Kardon Invoke is not hugely different than the Amazon Echo or Google Home. It has seven far-field microphones to hear your voice commands from across the room. It has a circular light on top that illuminates when it hears its wake word or is responding to a request. And it can be used to deliver facts, perform unit conversions, set timers or alarms, look up directions, control smart home gadgets, or add things to a to-do or shopping list.

Take a look at the new Amazon Echo

The new Echo isn't launching with any new, major features or integrations. Instead, Amazon gave Alexa's smart home controls a tune-up, with new "routines" that let you trigger multiple devices with a single command. You'll also be able to tell your Echo devices what rooms they're in, so when you say "Alexa, turn the lights off," she knows to turn the lights off in that room. All of the refinements are coming soon via app update.

Swedish lock giant Assa Abloy acquires smart lock maker August Home

The smart home market continues to heat up, and the legacy giants do not want to get locked out: quite literally. This morning, Assa Abloy, the $23 billion Swedish lock giant that owns Yale and many other brands — announced  that it is buying US-based smart lock maker August Home  to double down on new technology.

USA TODAY Tech on Twitter

10 reasons why your kid isn't ready for a smartphone

Project Loon balloons bring LTE service to Puerto Rico with help from Apple

Google parent company Alphabet on Friday said it is collaborating with AT&T, Apple and various government agencies to deliver limited wireless internet access to Puerto Rico via the company's Project Loon balloons.

Tiny Wireless Capsule Camera

It may or may not be state of the art for pill cameras. There are a number of things the experimental or top-of-the-line systems do that I don't plan do attempt at this time. For instance, one type has a camera that spins inside a magnetic field for 360 degree views. Some models also use percutaneous power (electrodes attached to the skin) to send power (and communications?) to the device. There are radio SoCs that utilize the WMTS band and theoretically experience less interference from the body (essentially a big sack of water) than the 2.4GHz bands. Unfortunately, these devices are not easy to find or buy. Still, I propose to transmit only over a few feet so it's possible that it'll still work inside the body.

PCMag on Twitter

5 Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask Themselves If They Want to Create Real Change (via @Entrepreneur ): …

This Magical Girl Superhero Is Here to Teach You How to Not Be an Asshole on the Subway

There is no torture quite as horrible as having to deal with the sociopaths on public transportation who seem to have no idea how to exist in the world without taking up too much space. Manspreaders on the bus, people who stand too close on the subway, and those who block doorways all deserve extensive jail time.

The NYPD Says It Hasn't Been Bothering to Back Up Its Civil Forfeiture Database [Updated]

New York City’s $25.9 million database holding information on tens of millions of dollars in unclaimed forfeitures could experience a technical failure at any time with little hope of recovering the underlying information, Courthouse News reported this week.

Social media crackdowns at the Times and Journal will backfire

The relationship between media outlets and social platforms like Twitter has always been tense. On some level, publishers know they have to be on social media, because that’s where the news happens, and it’s also where content gets shared—but at the same time, they are afraid of what might happen if reporters and editors speak their minds.

Apple hit with trademark lawsuit over iPhone X 'animoji' feature

Apple had full knowledge of Emonster’s app because it is available for download on Apple’s App Store, the lawsuit said.

NASA installs a sweet new HD camera on the space station

The International Space Station has been in orbit since 1998. Camera technology has come a long way since then. Astronauts out on a spacewalk on Friday just installed a new enhanced HD camera and NASA posted a first look at its eye-catching capabilities. It gives viewers a much crisper look at exterior activities like Friday's spacewalk.

Forbes Tech News on Twitter

UPDATE: Zain Jaffer, CEO of startup Vungle, arrested and charged with sexually abusing his children:

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

Stay on the cutting edge by attending the emerging tech conference of the year: #EmTechMIT . Register today! -

Gizmodo on Twitter

Some nerd in the House of Representatives has been editing the lightsaber Wikipedia page with false information:

Report: Hybrid cloud strategies growing faster than private or public cloud

Dog-loving UPS drivers created a wonderful Facebook page full of the pups they meet at work

Per Buzzfeed , he's spent the last 17 years working for UPS, bringing joy to not only humans, but their pets too. So to document his pup encounters, McCarren created a Facebook page for the community of UPS drivers who also just so happen to be dog lovers. He dubbed it UPS Dogs and wait until you see the pics..

Oh my gosh, Blac Chyna is suing the entire Kardashian-Jenner family

In the lawsuit, Chyna (born Angela White) refers to Rob as an abuser and claims the Kardashian-Jenner family began to "slut-shaming her on social media and killing her hit television show." The lawsuit explains that Chyna believes the family colluded to prevent a second season of Rob & Chyna.

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