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iPhone Universal Learing Remote with Arduino

Hello, and welcome to my first Instructable.I don't know about you, but I can never find the remote for my TV. It always seems to disappear whenever I need it and then only turns up days later wedged inside the sofa by one of the kids. One thing do I always have with me though, is my iPhone. My iPhone can happily read my email, browses the internet, plays games and even turns my heating on and off. What would be great is if it could only operate my TV too. Operating an infra red controlled TV with the iPhone gives us a few problems to solve. Firstly, iPhones aren't blessed with an IR emitter. Secondly, how do we know what IR codes to broadcast to operate the TV?If we had a magic box that could read codes from an IR remote, transmit IR codes to a TV and have ...

Kamigami: The affordable origami robot that anyone can build - CNET

These adorable bug-bots can be assembled by hand without tools, then programmed and controlled via smartphone.

This modified DeLorean is the ultimate self-driving drift machine

A team of researchers at Stanford University's Revs Center have tweaked an iconic DeLorean to be able to execute drifts and donuts all by itself.

Stanford built a self-driving, electric DeLorean and it does donuts

Finally. A Back to the Future tribute that's genuinely cool.

Wall Pocket

Is it a shelf, is it a book case, is it a shelfie? Nooo: it’s a Wall Pocket.It’s a shelf with a new function and that is to store not only a couple of books but also stuff that would normally fall of like hats and gloves. A cat would fit ;-) but also magazines and plants, this structure is very firm. Fill the pocket with a lamp and your room will be magically illuminated.It’s not a to difficult project if you have access to someone with a wood laser cutter or a Woodcraft precision saw. Without it you’ll have to cut out all the parts yourself with a small saw.Use my drawing of all the nested parts and take a 600mm x 900mm x 6mm (23,6 inch x 35,4 inch x 0,24 inch) plywood or MDF for this design. My parts were laser cut at Snijlab in Rotterdam.Things you ...

Back to the Future DIY Projects

Great Scott! These Back to the Future DIY projects are sure to knock your socks off. (And maybe even your self-drying jacket.)Who didn’t want Marty McFly’s sweet hoverboard (at least until he got stuck over the water)? Now you can make your own replica. And no need to wait around a parking lot for black-market plutonium — you can make these flux capacitors with components you have laying around the house.Where you’re going, you might not need roads, but DIY project inspiration is always welcome, no matter what decade you happen to be in.

Season finale arrives for the time-bending 'Life is Strange' game

Appropriate, coming this close to the 'Back to the Future' anniversary

Robbie Williams accidentally flirts with teenager, regrets it immediately

Robbie Williams compliments a fan on her "sexy secretary" look and then and it all just goes a little bit south.

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Apple Releases iOS 9.1 With New Emoji, Live Photos Improvements

Apple today released iOS 9.1 to the public, marking the first major update to the iOS 9 operating system that launched in September. In testing since before iOS 9 was even released, iOS 9.1 was beta tested for more than a month before its launch, with developers and public beta testers receiving five betas in total . Today's iOS 9.1 update is available as an over-the-air update to all iOS 9 users. It is the third update to iOS 9 so far, with Apple having previously released iOS 9.0.1 and iOS 9.0.2 . Apple has also released Xcode 7.1 and the tvOS golden master (GM), which represents the final version of the software that will be available when the new Apple TV launches next week. iOS 9.1 has a limited number of outward facing changes. It includes support for Unicode 7 and 8, introducing a range of new emoji like taco, burrito, cheese wedge, middle finger, champagne bottle, unicorn head, and more. A selection of the new emoji in iOS 9.1, via Emojipedia iOS 9.1 includes an update for Live Photos, which now sense when the iPhone is raised or lowered to refrain from recording unnecessary movements.

Zillow's Recipe For Scaling A Business The Smart Way

"It, as we say, turns on the lights, which means that you have the same information as a practitioner. So a real estate agent should have the same data as you, just like a doctor would have the same data as you, ideally. But the professional helps you interpret it. So it's still very, very difficult and confusing and complex and expensive to consummate a real estate transaction without a professional adviser. And the goal of Zillow is to give you access to the same information as the practitioner, but then you're probably still going to use a professional."

What Part of Back to the Future II's 2015 Are You Bummed We Didn't Get? - IGN

In honor of Back to the Future Day, we'd like to know which element of the sequel's depiction of 2015 you're most disappointed we didn't actually get, from hoverboards to flying cars to self-walking dog leashes to Jaws 19 .

How to stay sane in a dysfunctional environment

Working in a dysfunctional environment? The key to your success is to understand your sphere of influence and control, and do your best within those boundaries.

The mysterious startup that raised $500 million from Google has an insanely cool website

Magic Leap, the mysterious augmented-reality startup that raised $542 million from Google, has one of the coolest websites in the world.

Twitch finally gets a proper PS4 streaming app

PlayStation 4 owners: you're no longer forced to use Live from PlayStation (and limit your viewing to fellow PS4 gamers) if you want to watch Twitch through a native app. As promised , Twitch has launched a full-featured PS4 client that lets you tune into any stream, no matter which platform it's coming from. It'll seem quite familiar if you've used the Xbox One app (shh!), but there is a section to help you find PS4-specific broadcasters. The app is ready at this very moment, so give it a shot if you enjoy viewing games as much as you do playing them.

Comic book artist Dan Parent test-drives the Surface video - CNET

The writer and artist offers his hands-on first impressions of the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.

Western Digital encrypted external hard drives have flaws that can expose data

The hardware-based encryption built into popular Western Digital external hard disk drives has flaws that could allow attackers to recover data without knowing the user password.

Senate considers controversial cyber security bill

Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate could pass the bill within days. "We intend to pass the cyber security bill," he told reporters, "hopefully by early next week."

23andme's Genetic Health Tests Are Back On The Market

Since the FDA letter, 23andMe has also been focused on redesigning its website. The company's product team has focused on translating highly complex genetic information into terms that are more comprehensible to users, regardless of their background or education level. The new website is therefore less cluttered and clearer than the old one. The stakes of this design challenge are high: 23andMe sells its tests directly to consumers, so most customers will rely entirely on the company's website to help them interpret their results, without the help of a doctor or a genetics counselor. Their task was made even more crucial because the FDA's warning letter expressed concern that customers might use their reports to make irreversible medical decisions, like not taking their doctor-prescribed medication, so 23andMe needs to make sure that users understand the personal health reports they read on the website.

Web personalization: Learn how top companies go predictive to get results (webinar)

In fact, a new study of 527 senior marketing professionals, conducted by B2B personalization vendor EverString , found that 68 percent of adopters of email, CRM, and marketing automation solutions believe that predictive marketing is the key to success. A whopping 98 percent of the most mature (defined by sophistication of MarTech tools used) marketers surveyed, who comprised one-third of respondents, revealed that they are either fully committed to deploying predictive marketing or are currently implementing predictive marketing in some capacity. But it’s not just the top dog companies that are seeing success with predictive analytics. Companies great and small now have unprecedented access to tools like these to inform future decision-making and create great, personalized experiences for their customers.

US undercover agent jailed for six years for Silk Road Bitcoin theft - BBC News

A former undercover policeman has been sentenced to six and half years in prison for stealing $700,000 of the virtual currency bitcoin.

CSO salaries expected to sky rocket

According to the 2016 Technology Salary Survey released this month by Robert Half Technology , top CSOs can now expect to earn just under a quarter million dollars in base pay. To be more specific, salaries for CSOs will range from $140,250 to $222,500 in the New Year. This represents an average pay increase of 7.0 percent, the fourth highest in the entire salary study. Only wireless network engineers (at 9.7 percent), big data engineers (at 7.5 percent) and data security analysts (at 7.1 percent) will see larger pay hikes.

The psychology of visual UX

The Web is now certainly a visual medium, though in its early days it was largely text-based. As bandwidth concerns become less of an issue, though, visual media now dominates almost all corners of  the web. A website devoid of images looks out of place and often gets ignored in favor of one that is well illustrated and full of rich animations and interactions .

21 Gadgets That Can Help You Sleep Better Tonight

Whether you're trying to catch some shuteye on a long flight or hoping to stop tossing and turning all night, there are tiny tweaks you can make to your nighttime ritual that will help you  sleep more soundly . For some, a simple eye mask may do the trick, while others may experience sweeter dreams after doing a round of guided meditation .

Tesla shares plunge after <i>Consumer Reports</i> drops Model S recommendation

Tesla shares went on a wild ride after Consumer Reports withdrew its recommendation of the automaker's flagship Model S P85D sedan.

The Two Counterintuitive Things You Should Do After Getting Fired

"A simple thing to do," Weinberg suggests, "is go through the job that you had and make a list for yourself: What did I like about this job? If I were going to do something else, what are the things I’ve been doing that I’m really successful at and really enjoy doing, and how can I take those transferrable skills into another career?"

Yahoo will now Google your search queries

In its third-quarter earnings report , Yahoo said that it will begin showing search results from Google, alongside others from Microsoft’s Bing as well as its own engine.

How Facebook Turned Unloved ‘Paper’ Into ‘Instant Articles’

Yes, Facebook’s Instant Articles only achieve their full effect on Facebook. But in building these articles, publishers use standard HTML tags—the lingua franca of the worldwide web. That means these articles can appear anywhere else without recoding (though in a slightly less dynamic form). And because Facebook has “open sourced” tools like AsyncDisplayKit and Pop—making them freely available to the world at large—publishers could build their own version of Instant Articles. For publishers, the options are now myriad, thanks, at least in part, to a little used app called Paper.

Facebook rolls out instant articles to all iOS users and announces an Android beta

Five months after  introducing its fast-loading instant articles into the News Feed, Facebook is now  rolling out the format to all iPhone users, the company said today. Speaking at The Wall Street Journal 's WSJD Conference in Laguna Beach, California, Facebook's Chris Cox said thousands of articles a day will now be published as instant articles. Facebook will also test the format in a public beta for Android users that launches today, said Cox, Facebook's chief product officer. Instant articles for Android will become widely available later this year.

Garmin's New GPS Running Watches Bring Bigger Screens and Better Smarts

The Garmin Forerunner family has long been a pretty great way to bring some science to your running. For the latest versions, what’s mostly not broke ain’t being fixed, but there are some neat-looking new features.

How CEO Anne Wojcicki Turned 23andMe Around After Falling Out With The FDA

23andMe is also confronting a design challenge, since the FDA has made it clear that if the company is to proceed with selling health tests, it must ensure that consumers are fully aware of what they are getting themselves into and that they understand what their test results mean. Since 23andMe markets its tests direct to consumers, there's no doctor or genetics counselor in the room to explain results to users when they read their test reports—most customers rely primarily on the 23andMe website to help them interpret their results. "One of the positives of having to be off market for two years is that it gave us time to rebuild the entire site," Wojcicki says. "We asked ourselves what we had learned over the last seven years and what it was that we had always wanted to improve on the experience—and just do it."

Apple can't and won't give governments back door into new iPhones

“In most cases now and in the future, the government’s requested order would be substantially burdensome, as it would be impossible to perform. For devices running iOS 8 or higher, Apple would not have the technical ability to do what the government requests—take possession of a password protected device from the government and extract unencrypted user data from that device for the government. Among the security features in iOS 8 is a feature that prevents anyone without the device’s passcode from accessing the device’s encrypted data. This includes Apple.”

Remember All Those Days Everyone Said It Was The Day From Back to the Future... That Day Is TODAY!

When Marty McFly finally arrives in modern-day Hill Valley, California a little later this afternoon, I admit I’ll be a little sad. Because his arrival signifies the end of one of the best internet memes of all time.

Facebook launches TechPrep: ‘By 2020 there will be 1M programming jobs left unfulfilled’

Facebook today announced the launch of TechPrep , a new online computer science and programming resource, to address what it sees as a “lack of exposure to computer science and careers in technology,” especially prevalent in “underrepresented groups including Black and Hispanic communities.”

Watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens actors react to the new trailer

So, last night  the new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was unleashed upon the world and it was good. Very, very good. But as well as excited fans freaking out over  every little detail (did you spot Jakku? Famously the site of the climactic battle between the Rebels and the Empire? Just checking), the Star Wars stars themselves were just as pumped.

WikiLeaks just released a batch of emails from the CIA chief's personal account

Brennan's "government career" to that point consisted of decades at the CIA. It's not clear what Lovell's role was at the British Embassy. The State Department in 2009 listed Lovell as a "counselor" in the British Embassy. His LinkedIn profile currently lists him as working at the British Ministry of Defense.

Indiegogo launches Generosity, a stand-alone crowdfunding platform for nonprofits and social causes

Why the new domain and branding? Well, it seems having the good causes platform alongside the main Indiegogo offering created some confusion, with many users attempting to raise charity funds through the normal channel, rather than through Indiegogo Life, and attracting the usual platform fees. Moreover, the new platform is open to all nonprofits, not just individuals with personal causes.

'MythBusters' to bust its last myths next year

“Making MythBusters has fundamentally and irrevocably altered the way I think as a person, as an artist, and as a scientist," Savage said in a statement via Discovery. "I’m glad for the chance to say goodbye with some of the best television we’ve ever made. I will miss making this show.”

Bowers & Wilkins' First Wireless Headphones Are Brilliant—Except for One Thing

Connectivity issue isn’t supposed to be an issue. The P5 wireless cans come with Bluetooth aptX which promises “CD-like quality” over the air. And as advertised, the sound quality is great. But I found myself consistently annoyed by how quickly the headphones disconnect after a few idle minutes. Maybe this is a battery-saving trick (the impressive 17-hour battery life is convenient), but I just hated going into my Bluetooth settings several times a day—especially since the P5s wouldn’t automatically connect like so many other wireless headphones.

YouTube Will Completely Remove Videos Of Creators Who Don’t Sign Its Red Subscription Deal

In theory, if YouTube presented an offer that made creators more money without a significant loss of control, they’d happily volunteer. But the coercion involved  It sets an alarming precedent about how YouTube and Google might work with creators in the future. Being the defacto video platform of the Internet affords it enormous strength behind its threat of removing their content if they don’t play ball. So what’s to stop it from altering the deal any further?

Introducing Eight New SDKs on Fabric

We know first-hand that building great mobile apps is hard. Developers face many of the same challenges day-in and day-out: making their apps reliable, testing before going live, driving downloads, onboarding new users, engaging them, understanding their apps’ growth and monetizing. Built by a hardcore team, Fabric is a modular, cross-platform mobile development suite that helps you solve any one – or all – of these challenges and build the best apps with the least effort.

Apple releases OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 update

Apple on Wednesday released an update to its Mac operating system, El Capitan. The 10.11.1 update is available in the App Store under Updates. You can also go to the Apple menu, select About This Mac, and click the Software Update button in the Overview window.

Mr Hoverboard

UPDATE 10/4/15 The road from prototype to manufacturable product was an overwhelmingly surprising journey. It tested my patience repeatedly, but I finally found a way to make this available to those who don't have the skills to make one themselves. I know to a lot of people here think this sort of thing is old hat, but I'm happy to bring this amazing technology to new audiences. Thanks, Ryan aka Mr H Plans at Twitter: @Mr_Hoverboard Instragram: #MrHoverboard Facebook: Gmail: MrHoverboard@

Intel may invest up to $5.5 billion in China facility

Intel Corp said it may invest up to $5.5 billion in manufacturing semiconductors in China, stepping up efforts to improve ties with Beijing as it seeks new revenue streams while demand for its core computer processing chips falters.

Chevy is working so closely with LG on the Bolt, it's almost 'the LG car'

Today, GM announced an enormous level of partnership on the upcoming Chevy Bolt with LG, saying that this is "the first time that GM integrated a full EV component supplier so early in vehicle development." Of course, GM hasn't made that many EVs — and automakers work extensively with component suppliers all the time — but a pretty diverse and long list of Bolt parts will be either developed or manufactured by LG, ranging from the motor to the batteries to the instrument cluster and the infotainment system in the center stack. All told, GM says that LG has invested over $250 million in facilities in Korea to support the partnership.

Here’s How Nike’s (Real) Self-Lacing Marty McFly Shoes Work

So then, the real question: When will you get yours? That remains to be seen (spring?), but until then, we went deep into Nike’s patent for an Automatic Lacing System to explain a little better how this magic is actually working. Very, very basically speaking, Nike patented a motorized system that will guide laces into their correct positions. An ankle cinching system will use a coil spring to tighten, keeping you snug, totally hands-free. But don’t just take our word for it: Check out the patent images and descriptions for yourself.

WIRED on Twitter

Nintendo re-releases Marty McFly's favorite video game this week

Domino's unveils the DXP, the first purpose-built pizza-delivery vehicle - CNET

Furthermore, the driver's seat is now the only seat in the vehicle, considering delivery is a one-person operation. The rest of the vehicle's interior was cleared out and replaced with various storage solutions for items like dipping sauce and two-liter soda bottles. The trunk retains additional space in case of overflow. All in, the DXP can hold up to 80 pizzas.

The Verge on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Surface Book review: The hybrid that really does replace your laptop

What this all means is that the screen is bright, beautiful, clear, and crisp. To the extent that I can judge—I'm devoid of any meaningful artistic talent, and my handwriting would shame a six-year-old—the pen is precise and lag-free. The higher resolution makes it look better than my current generation 13-inch MacBook Pro, and even on laptops, I have come to find touch interaction indispensable. My MacBook Pro is forever picking up fingerprints from where I idly try to scroll a PDF that I'm reading or tap an on-screen button. The Surface book supports these actions. The MacBook Pro, alas, does not.

Amazon Tested Package Delivery by Newspaper Trucks

Indeed, Inc. conducted a test briefly this fall using newspaper carriers to make package deliveries along their routes, according to people familiar with the matter.

Logi Circle review

I imagine that security experts wouldn't recommend this camera because of its lack of constant recording capabilities and comprehensive backup options. But the Logi Circle isn't made to defend Fort Knox. Its design puts the focus on all of the fun things that happen around your home, with the peace of mind of having a camera watching over you as an added bonus.

Reddit’s move toward respectability means leaving behind some of what made it great

For all the ways digital media have made the Web an exciting space, comment sections can quickly remind us that it’s not always comfortable. To its credit, the negotiation between Reddit as a community platform and Upvoted as a slick new site is playing out openly. At the /r/upvoted subreddit, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian is responding to concerns:

Google wants you to pay $9.99 per month for ad-free YouTube

Rumors of paid content started swirling in April , when a letter sent out to YouTube program partners made its way to a few media outlets. The letter promised to pay out 55 percent of net revenues from subscription fees. During the event today, the company wouldn’t say exactly how much of subscription revenues would be shared with its creators, but chief business officer Robert Kyncl said it would be “the vast majority of the revenue coming in.” The people who get the most viewership will get the lion’s share of those revenues.

With Customer Care, Twitter Wants To Sharpen Its Profile As A Platform To Do Business

“In 2008 or 2009, before we monetized at all, we saw 1 million people sign up to follow Starbucks… That is incredible commercial value,” he said. “We saw companies large and small, Twitter formed a connection between brands that didn’t really have a community channel. Now it’s a major source for customer service and marketing, there’s a robust business there… That part’s always been very powerful [and] as the utility and business grows that naturally grows with it.”

This Tiny Segway Means You'll Never Have To Walk From The Couch To The Fridge Again

The Ninebot Mini, A Tiny Segway, Means You'll Never Have To Walk From The Couch To The Fridge Again

Mashable on Twitter

Greedy white dwarf caught chowing down on rocky planetary snack

The NYT Is About to Launch VR’s Big Mainstream Moment

But while the CNN livestream required specific Samsung phones and a $100 to $200 headset, this upcoming New York Times is designed to be more accessible to those who haven’t yet experienced VR, and as a result, more widely viewed. By distributing 1.3 million Google Cardboard viewers with its upcoming papers—and by launching a free NYT VR app for iOS and Android—the Nov. 7 issue should have a massive impact in the world of VR and journalism. It may even introduce an intersection of the two, and set a new precedent.

eBay is surging

EBay reported third-quarter earnings after the market close on Wednesday that were better than analysts expected.

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55 Leica goes mirrorless with a stunning new full frame camera
56 Giphy launches a super simple GIF creator for the web
57 Microsoft Surface Book review
58 How Black Lives Matter Uses Social Media to Fight the Power
59 Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes fires back at report attacking her company’s blood-testing tech
60 Docker acquires container deployment startup Tutum
61 If I start watching Back to the Future II at 4:25:39 PM today, the time circuits in the movie and the actual time will line up exactly when they first arrive in 2015. • /r/Showerthoughts
62 Curious World Debuts A Subscription Service For Kid-Friendly Videos, Games & Books That’s The Same Price As Netflix
63 Apple’s iOS 9.1 Shuts Down The Pangu Hacking Team’s Jailbreak
64 On my 30th birthday, the technology I want to see by 60
65 Twitter Revamps Twitter For Mac Desktop App
66 Apple continues expansion into north San Jose with 202,000-square-foot office space
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71 How to live passionately—no matter your age
72 Why 30 is not the new 20
73 Why city flags may be the worst-designed thing you've never noticed
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76 Incredible space stone seems like it has a nebula trapped inside
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79 Study: Black kids are given less pain medication than white kids in ER (or your daily dose of more proof that racism isn’t over)
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