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Amazon's Kindle app gets a major update

Amazon has redesigned its Kindle app and tightly integrated Goodreads into the UI.

Google Assistant adds over 50 kids games and activities

Google is adding a bunch of new games and activities to the Google Assistant today as a way to keep kids entertained. The update, which was previewed earlier this month, includes "more than 50 new...

Master iPhone 8 Portrait Lighting with Apple's video tips | Cult of Mac

Apple published two new videos today educating users on how to use the new Portrait Lighting feature that debuted on the iPhone 8. Unlike most of Apple's v

Meet the rockers bringing YouTube stars to the stage

Live show Hello World brings fans together with Zoella and many of the UK's biggest YouTubers, thanks to rockers Jason and Adam Perry.

What's coming to (and going from) Netflix in November

Chill not included.

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Delphi acquires self-driving startup NuTonomy for $450 million

As part of the deal, NuTonomy will combine more than 100 employees, including 70 engineers and scientists, to Delphi's more than 100-member automated driving team. After the transaction is completed, Delphi will have self-driving operations in Boston, Pittsburgh, Singapore, Santa Monica, and Silicon Valley; NuTonomy will continue to be based in Boston, where both companies currently operate pilot programs. By combining efforts with NuTonomy in Boston, Singapore, and other pilot cities around the world, Delphi will have 60 autonomous cars on the road across three continents by years end.

How Pinterest uses AI to learn (and sell) your style

“Originally you think a user may want to know if this is a Chanel dress or not, but turns out that’s not the case,” Fan said. “I think a lot of users told us they want to understand: How can I style it? How can I match other things in my wardrobe, things like that. Those are the use cases where you have to go deep, talk to users, and then use your technology to match what you have instead of just saying ‘OK, I gave you the object you asked for,’ which is not what they want.”

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7 spooky Alexa tips and tricks for Halloween

Of course, one of Alexa's best use cases this Halloween is thematic party music. You can easily make (or follow) a playlist with all your Halloween favorites on Amazon Music or Spotify -- like this  Halloween Party Soundtrack  -- and ask Alexa to play it. Or you can use the  Halloween Music skill .

The Nintendo Switch now supports GameCube controllers thanks to new update

The GameCube controller adapter is still sold by some retailers online for $10-20, although they may be a little harder to find now that Nintendo no longer has them in production. The adapter allows you to use up to four GameCube controllers at a time.

Microsoft Drops DOJ Suit After Feds Limit Secret Gag Orders

The main problem Microsoft had was in how gag orders were being used. Vague legal standards were all that was required for a secrecy order to be issued, and no end date needed to be specified. So customer information was secretly being shared without specific facts or case details being known for an undefined period of time.

Apple wants you to line up early for the iPhone X

If you're planning to buy an iPhone X when it becomes available in stores next Friday, Apple says you should get there well ahead of time.

Do more from your inbox with Gmail Add-ons

Rather than toggling between your inbox and other apps, use add-ons to complete actions right from Gmail. With Gmail Add-ons, your inbox can contextually surface your go-to app based on messages you receive to help you get things done faster. And because add-ons work the same across web and Android, you only need to install them once to access them on all of your devices. Click the settings wheel on the top right of your inbox and then “Get add-ons” to get started.

Amazon Fire TV (2017) review: everything but the content

The included remote is pretty basic, but it’s also nicely-sized and far more intuitive and user-friendly than the Apple TV remote. I do wish the button to activate Alexa and the home button were flipped; I constantly pushed the Alexa button when I wanted to go home. And the lack of volume controls on the remote is inexcusable. Amazon says some TV remotes can control the Fire TV over HDMI-CEC and Harmony remotes that support Bluetooth work, but the included remote is the only remote that has an Alexa microphone. You’re going to end up having two remotes on the table one way or the other. Roku just updated most of its remotes to deal with this issue; I have no idea why anyone thinks volume is an acceptable omission from a TV device remote.

Google Lens starts rolling out to 2016 Pixel phones

The screenshot LaceratedCantaloupe provided does indicate the Google Lens is just a preview for Pixel owners and only active in the Photos app at the moment. That means Lens can only identify objects in your existing photos at this stage. The Lens function in Google Assistant doesn’t appear to be active yet.


Facebook also announced its first two out-there projects from Building 8 , its secretive hardware lab. One of them was trying to get your brain to type directly into a computer, and the other was a system to get your skin to "hear." Last week, Regina Dugan, Building 8's leader, said she was leaving Facebook.

Google launches native add-ons for Gmail

The addition will help enterprise users save a bit of time by not requiring them switch apps constantly. A DocuSign add-on is coming soon, which should be pretty helpful. Right now, Google has only added business-facing add-ons, and it’s unclear when more consumer-facing companies will be able to take advantage of the new Gmail capabilities.

RHA MA650 wireless earbuds hands-on: 12 hour battery and sweatproof aluminum design | ZDNet

The 3.5mm headphone jack is nearly extinct so Bluetooth wireless headphones are gaining in popularity. RHA Audio makes high quality headphones and this $100 pair provides long battery life and a comfortable around-the-neck fit.

Snap's 'shockingly low' internal data reveals why its Spectacles glasses flopped

Snap's internal data showed that well under half of Spectacles owners continued to use the camera-equipped sunglasses after just four weeks, Business Insider has learned. A person familiar with the data called the retention rate "shockingly low" and added that a sizable percentage of owners would stop using the glasses after just one week.

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Microsoft drops lawsuit challenging the Justice Department's gag orders, but the fight isn't over:

AOL Instant Messenger to Shut Down in December

Released in 1997, the program had largely faded into obscurity over the last decade, replaced by text messages, Google Chat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and on and on we go. But at its height, AIM, as it was known, served as the social center for teenagers and young adults, the scene of deeply resonant memories and the place where people learned how to interact online.

Bitcoin Pioneer Says New Coin to Work on Multiple Blockchains

Jeff Garzik, one of a handful of key developers who helped build the underlying software for bitcoin that is known as blockchain, has seen its shortcomings firsthand. So he decided to create a better digital currency.

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Woodenleather Bag

When a woodworker decides to make a bag, it has to include wood. A leather bag with wooden sides. It is easy to make and you decide if you want your bag plain or with decorations. I have to say it is addictive. I started with a plain bag to a friend of mine and after the first one I couldn’t stop. I had to try a bag with embroidery (the brown one). Then I wondered if my 55 year old sewing machine could sew in leather. The result: the black one with flowers. And then I had to make a bag to carry my mobile phone, keys and money with me between the shifts at work: a bag for the wood worker (or the wood teacher ;-) with a metal plate.

Dark web vendors are selling remote access to corporate PCs for as little as $3 | ZDNet

Hackers are taking advantage of lax passwords used to access Remote Desktop Protocol services and selling them on to others to secretly scrape data.

Geostorm's Weather Control Tech Is Exceptionally Bogus, Scientists Explain

There is a nugget of interesting science at the heart of this ill-conceived movie. While Geostorm ’s weather control tech is very bogus (more on that in a sec), the idea of a large-scale, technological intervention to chill out Earth’s climate is not. This concept, called geoengineering, has been around for a few decades, but until recently it was confined to the scientific fringes. As the mere existence of a film like Geostorm demonstrates, geoengineering has started to go mainstream .

Airbnb's China Chief Departs Abruptly Just Months Into the Job

Kum Hong Siew , who runs Airbnb’s business in the rest of the Asia-Pacific region, will now play an even more prominent role, though his portfolio is becoming unwieldy. He’s the deputy general counsel for the Asia-Pacific, the head of business for the region, and now the steward of the company’s operation in China. Siew has worked at Airbnb since 2012, when he joined after a nearly four-year stint as Yahoo’s general counsel for Southeast Asia.

The 6 most in-demand AI jobs, and how to get them

Robots may be coming for some jobs, but they will likely create new roles as well. Here are some spots humans are needed to fill and how to get them.

7 spooky Alexa tips and tricks for Halloween

Of course, one of Alexa's best use cases this Halloween is thematic party music. You can easily make (or follow) a playlist with all your Halloween favorites on Amazon Music or Spotify -- like this  Halloween Party Soundtrack  -- and ask Alexa to play it. Or you can use the  Halloween Music skill .

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Check out these excellent careers for people who want to work outside:

Microsoft makes another bid to be your default browser with EdgeHTML 16

One of the more useful features of this new version of Edge is the ability to pin your favorite websites directly to the taskbar. With this new feature, you no longer have to rely on jump lists to get to your most important websites. It is interesting to note that pinning a website to your taskbar in this way will override your default browser setting, to using Edge instead. This could be useful for loading Office 365 in Edge instead of Chrome, for example.

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You'll be the life of the party with these hilarious inflatable #Halloween costumes.

Uber sees its first decline as rival Lyft rises, report says

Uber's reported decline in business travelers is minimal, but it's notable since it's the first time the company has seen a loss of passengers. Certify says Uber owned 55 percent of the ground transportation market in the second quarter. But in the third quarter, it slipped to 54 percent. In its hometown, San Francisco, Uber's market share saw the biggest loss at an 8 percent decline, according to Certify.

Stranger Things season 2: to binge or not to binge?

And regarding all those moving parts you mention: you get more impact out of letting each episode sit. I get more impact out of watching episodes close together, so the story parallels are clearer. Yes, there’s a big cast, and a lot going on. For me, bingeing a show makes it easier to keep track of the subplots, and feel the impact they have on each other. When characters or plotlines are sidelined for an episode or three, it’s easier to keep up on their importance if the last episode was two hours ago, instead of two weeks ago.

Senators push bill requiring warrant for U.S. data under spy law

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Senate panel on Tuesday approved legislation to renew the National Security Agency’s internet surveillance program, while other lawmakers pushed a competing measure seeking to end the ability to search for data on Americans without a warrant.

iPhone X or iPhone 8? Price, size, camera all factor in your buying decision | ZDNet

Apple will start accepting pre-orders for the iPhone X on Friday, with some early purchasers getting delivery the following week. Should you spend the extra bucks on an X, or is an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus good enough? Here's how to decide.

How to create the ultimate USB drive for resolving Windows issues

Given this responsibility, IT needs the best tools to resolve issues quickly and efficiently, with as little downtime as possible. Hence, the USB drive we'll be creating provides access to not only Microsoft's Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DaRT) for online and offline troubleshooting of dozens of system-related issues, but also access to Windows installation media and updated driver packages to update programs, uninstall borked hot fixes, modify configurations via the command-line interface (CLI) or PowerShell (PS), remove BitLocker, reset passwords, and format and reinstall Windows if all else fails—and a whole lot more.

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Use this new hotline to anonymously let creepy guys know they're creeping you out:

Google Pixel 2 XL's display hit another snag: Screen burn-in

As for our take, we still think the Pixel 2 XL is an excellent phone, and we're particularly impressed with its superior camera prowess and useful Google Lens feature. And again, we saw the issue in two of the five review units that we had on hand. But we're continuing to keep an eye on screen issues in the coming days, to see if it pops up in other Pixel 2 XLs over a longer period of time. In the meantime, if having a superlative screen is a priority for you (and that's totally fine if it is), you may want to consider other premium phones like the Galaxy S8 or LG V30 as your top choice instead.

Uber will now charge you extra if your driver has to travel longer to reach you

Uber says the decision on when those charges will kick in depends on the market and the length of the pickup. But in general, drivers will start to earn standard time and distance rates after eight or 11 minutes of driving to pick up the rider, depending on the city. One example provided by Uber was an extra charge of $5.77 for a 4.2-mile pickup that took 11.2 minutes of driving. Riders will see long pickup fees as part of their upfront fare on trips, with an estimated long pickup fee showing in the fare breakdown. In other words, Uber’s algorithm will guess how long it will take your driver to get to your location, and then charge you based on that guess.

Researchers Hack Tinder, Ok Cupid, Other Dating Apps to Reveal Your Location and Messages

Security researchers have uncovered numerous exploits in popular dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and OK Cupid. Using exploits ranging from simple to complex, researchers at the Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab say they could access users’ location data, their real names and login info, their message history, and even see which profiles they’ve viewed. As the researchers note, this makes users vulnerable to blackmail and stalking.

Windows 10 security overhaul: Microsoft lays out the most important new features

While Microsoft added some of these capabilities with Windows 10's Creators Update in April this year, Microsoft says it is working to broaden the range of devices that support the service, with Lenovo, HP, Panasonic, Toshiba and Fujitsu due to introduce support from January 2018.

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WeWork just bought a coding bootcamp, and it actually makes a lot of sense

Photobombing baby hippo makes for the ideal engagement photo

Happy couple and Cincinnati Zoo frequenters Nick Kelble and Hayley Roll are huge fans of Queen Fiona, and were so pleased she could be there for their big day. Judging by the serene, ultra-chill look on her face, Fiona was happy to be there too.

Reaper, a massive new botnet, is a cyberattack waiting to happen

Reaper is on track to become one of the largest botnets recorded in recent years — and yet nobody seems to know what it will do or when. But researchers say the damage could be bigger than last year's cyberattack.

Simple Benchmarks to Run on Your Computer to Check If It's Working Well

At first glance the computer on your desk might look a lot like last year’s model or the model your colleague has, but looks can be deceptive—if you want to really rate your laptop and find its place in the power and performance stakes, that’s where benchmarks come in.

Delphi buys Nutonomy for $400 million to scale and deliver autonomous vehicles

Delphi today announced it is purchasing the self-driving car company Nutonomy for $450 million. Founded in 2013 by Dr. Karl Iagnemma and Dr. Emilio Frazzoli, Nutonomy is Boston-based company that develops autonomous vehicle technology. The core thought behind this purchase is to accelerate the pace of developing autonomous vehicles with Delphi.

Hulu’s CEO is going to run Sony TV, and another Fox exec is going to run Hulu

Hulu is jointly owned by Fox, Disney and Comcast*, which have traditionally used the service as a place to show their reruns, though one of Hopkins’s jobs has been to build up original programs to rival Netflix. Last year, Time Warner bought a 10 percent stake in Hulu , valuing it at $5.8 billion.

It’s a myth that suffering makes you stronger

Thirty years later the quality of my sadness has changed so radically that I can only understand it as pure creativity. In every book I have ever written there is a girl. And there always will be. My grief and my daughter’s death and my suffering were not something to “get over” or medicate or counsel out of me. They were generative of the most important forms of self-expression I’ll ever create in my lifetime. And that doesn’t just matter for my career as a writer, or even for my mental and emotional health as a woman. It’s also the path I took to learn love, so that when my son came, sun of my life, I was able to give it with abandon and joy.

Video: Cognitive hacking is the next frontier of cyber war

Workers are overwhelmed by cyberthreats coupled with social media, says security analyst and TechRepublic contributor Gregory Michaelidis.

Amazon Wine shutting down

As "Amazon continues to offer customers additional retail options for buying wine, we will no longer offer a marketplace for wine at this time, and Amazon Wine will close on December 31st, 2017," the company said in a statement. "Wine will continue to be offered through Amazon Fresh, Prime Now and Whole Foods Markets."

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How A Spam Filter Sent A Shock Through The Maker Of Tasers | Fast Company

In the first letter, SEC Accounting Branch Chief John Cash asked Axon CFO Jawad Ahsan about how the company accounts for its order backlog, which the SEC noted “increased substantially” in 2016. Cash also had questions about revenue recognition for the company’s new Taser 60 program that allowed customers to pay for the weapons in monthly installments. There was also a request for Axon to disclose more information about how much the free trial program for its body cameras”—which it launched early this year —”could impact profit margins.

How Kaspersky Lab got on the US government's bad side

Then came allegations of the company's ties to the Russian government. The US House Committee on Science, Space and Technology is set to hold a hearing Wednesday into the risks that Kaspersky Lab products may pose for the US.

51 50,000 drivers needed: Can technology save the trucking industry? | ZDNet
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53 Amazon’s new Kindle app adds a light theme and deeper Goodreads integration
54 When Hope Runs Out, Cancer Patients Are Making Their Own DIY Immunotherapy Treatments
55 Facebook announces News Feed guidelines for publishers
56 Woz: I’m not getting iPhone X on launch day
57 Illumina Is Using IBM Watson To Get DNA Tests To More Cancer Patients | Fast Company
58 T-Mobile is Also Offering up to $300 Off the iPhone X With Eligible Trade-In
59 Facebook's auto translation fail leads to Palestinian man's arrest in Israel
60 UK lawmakers ask Facebook for any evidence of Russian-linked Brexit activity
61 TiVo's back and it's got a new kickass remote control with voice controls
62 TiVo’s new Bolt Vox DVR has voice search built into the remote
63 Cosmetics Brand Tarte Exposed Personal Information About Nearly 2 Million Customers
64 Lynky combines the Google Assistant with a touchscreen and a smart home hub
65 Brad Chacos 🕹 on Twitter
66 iPhone X will be in stock at Apple stores on November 3rd
67 New Cyber Attacks Hit Airport, Metro in Ukraine - Slashdot
68 iPhone X will be available to walk-in customers on launch day
69 Apple iPhone X Shipments to Be Half of Forecast, Nikkei Reports
70 Uber sees first decline in business passengers, report says
71 Stephen Hawking's Ph.D Thesis Goes Online, Website Crashes
72 New ransomware strikes Ukraine and Russia
73 HashiCorp raises $40M for its cloud infrastructure automation services
74 Tezos leaders to tout cryptocurrency project in Vegas as promoters fight
75 NeoGAF is back online, but it's turned into an undead Nazi version of its former self
76 Bad Rabbit ransomware: A new variant of Petya is spreading, warn researchers | ZDNet
77 Apple’s ‘App of the Day’ featuring boosts downloads by 1747%, games by 792%
78 Canada just banned Soylent, Silicon Valley's favorite meal replacement shake
79 Allbirds is launching a kids shoe line called–what else?–Smallbirds | Fast Company
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81 Gmail adds support for third-party add-ons
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84 Instagram now lets people add guests to live video streams
85 The Modobag suitcase is my new hot ride
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87 How do they compare: ZTE Axon M vs Axon 7
88 Amazon takes on office supply retailers with launch of Business Prime Shipping
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90 What it's like to be a woman in Hollywood
91 Facebook finally adapts to 4K video
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94 How Pinterest uses AI to learn (and sell) your style
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