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Simple Halloween Food Hacks, Bros

5 DIY food hacks to try at your Halloween party

Big Hero 6 Proves It: Pixar's Gurus Have Brought the Magic Back to Disney Animation | WIRED

The film is set in San Fransokyo, a mashup of a Japanese megacity and an exaggerated-scale San Francisco. ©2014 Disney All Rights Reserved | T: Sean Freeman John Lasseter is tearing up. His eyes are shining and his lashes are moist. He reaches out a warm hand to cover mine and looks deep into my…

How Building a Black Hole for Interstellar Led to an Amazing Scientific Discovery | WIRED

Kip Thorne looks into the black hole he helped create and thinks, “Why, of course. That's what it would do.” This particular black hole is a simulation of unprecedented accuracy. It appears to spin at nearly the speed of light, dragging bits of the universe along with it. (That's gravity for you; relativity is superweird.) In theory it was once a star, but instead of fading or exploding, it collapsed like a failed soufflé into a tiny point of inescapable singularity. A glowing ring orbiting the spheroidal maelstrom seems to curve over the top and below the bottom simultaneously.

Have your ashes dropped from near space to return as snow - CNET

A new company called Mesoloft will rocket your ashes to near space, where they will likely traverse the globe before becoming the seeds of raindrops and snowflakes.

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PCI Compliance Under Scrutiny Following Big Data Breaches

In the wake of numerous high-profile data breaches, some security experts question the effectiveness of PCI compliance. Should PCI standards do more than set a baseline for security -- and should they be given teeth for when companies don’t comply?

“Public by default” is the future of professional communication

In an analog world, duplicating and transporting information is hard. In the connected, digital world, it’s trivial. However, the first standard we used for digital communication did not take advantage of the capabilities of digital information. Email, first designed in the 1970s and still in use today, is almost a literal transcription of how snail mail works. It makes for very efficient one-to-one communication, but one-to-many feels cluttered and awkward. Sending an email to 10 people is the same as sending 10 emails to each. A forwarded email is just a new email with, hopefully, some content copied from another e-mail (no guarantee, though). Using the BCC feature is one of the riskiest moves in the Western world. And what’s better: to go for the “reply-all” and make the conversation even more confused, while annoying most of the recipients? Or stick to the “reply-to” and keep everybody else outside the loop? Decisions, decisions…

Fab And Mindy Candy Founders Talk About Their Companies’ Struggles And New Directions | TechCrunch

I’m finally getting over my post-Disrupt Europe jet lag, and I guess that means the conference is old news. But before we leave it completely in the rearview, I wanted to highlight a couple of backstage interviews that you might have missed if you weren’t watching the live stream — specifically, my conversations with Fab’s Jason Goldberg and Mind Candy’s Michael Acton Smith, two founders whose companies have had some pretty visible stumbles.

9 of the Biggest Mess Ups in Tech History

But as you all pointed out, Amazon isn't alone, but what defines a "failure" prompted some interesting answers. Of course, there are the obvious one—lots of Microsoft software for example. However, a few seem successful (and in fact were at the time), but maybe sent a company in the absolute wrong direction. In other cases, some gadgets were actually great, maybe even revolutionary, but it was the companies behind them that were blind to what they had created.

New York Times invests in Dutch “iTunes for news” company

Blendle, a Dutch startup that sells access to news and other content from a variety of European media outlets on a per-article basis, says it has closed a Series A financing round of $3.8 million that was led by the New York Times Co. and German media giant Axel Springer. The company says it plans to use the money to expand to other European countries over the next several years.

How to fix Facebook's News Feed

This article assumes the same thing that Facebook does, which is actually quite condescending - that we actually just have SO MANY friends that we don't want to see everything written by them.  What I would like is for Facebook to give me an option to say that, personally, I'd like to see EVERYTHING that my husband posts, or my best friend, or the cousin in Michigan.  Instead, I miss things, because Facebook has decided that I don't need to see everything somebody posts.  And it's even worse if the Facebook page is a business page or a non-profit.  My PTO page literally reaches between 10 - 25% of the people who have liked my page, and then it offers me the option to allow me to pay to bump that up to 35-50% reach.  It's completely ridiculous.

Whisper Suspends Editorial Team Involved In Guardian Visit | TechCrunch

The Guardian has written several articles accusing the app of breaching user privacy and reporting that members of Whisper’s staff showed the Guardian how its database could locate users within 500 meters (a little less than a standard city block in distance) of their location, including those who had asked not to be tracked. Zimmerman shot back on Twitter that the accusations were “vicious lies.” He then continued on a 20 post tweetstorm in an attempt to clear up what he said was misinformation surrounding the data that Whisper gathers.

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Teacher spends two days as a student and is shocked at what she learns

I lost count of how many times we were told be quiet and pay attention. It’s normal to do so – teachers have a set amount of time and we need to use it wisely. But in shadowing, throughout the day, you start to feel sorry for the students who are told over and over again to pay attention because you understand part of what they are reacting to is sitting and listening all day. It’s really hard to do, and not something we ask adults to do day in and out. Think back to a multi-day conference or long PD day you had and remember that feeling by the end of the day – that need to just disconnect, break free, go for a run, chat with a friend, or surf the web and catch up on emails. That is how students often feel in our classes, not because we are boring per se but because they have been sitting and listening most of the day already. They have had enough.

The windowless plane set for take-off in a decade

The screens would be made using organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) – a combination of materials that give out their own light when activated by electricity. The problems with the technology involve price and their sensitivity to moisture, which means they are generally encased in inflexible glass, mostly in mobile phones and televisions. The key development, said Helliwell, would be flexible OLEDs, which would allow the creation of screens suitable for an aeroplane. Electronics company LG recently posted a video of an 18-inch (46cm) screen which bends and contorts while the images on screen are broadcast uninterrupted.

Eyewitness to Hell: Life in Ebola-Ravaged Liberia

Throughout West Africa there are a lot of rumors, myths and misinformation about Ebola. As a result, communities struggling with real dangers and few choices also contend with anger, frustration and fear. There were some neighborhoods that believed Ebola wasn’t a real threat and that the people in their community were dying due to a lack of food or Malaria. Even the people of West Point accused me of bringing the Ebola virus to their community.

How Standing Desks Can Help Students Focus in the Classroom

How do we get kids moving when parents and teachers are sedentary and overweight?? We need to shift focus in this country. We need to look to the top countries in the world for guidance in our educational system. I am sick and tired of classroom study. I hate that my poor kids are in a seat for eight ours a day. I’m graduating with a degree in Biology next year and I fully intend on homeschooling. I’m tired of the tired old school system. It’s failing them. They need fun and play and they need to explore the world. We have no free time with public school. They work all day and work in the evening, play for maybe an hour, then go to bed. It’s terrible. It’s like locking their little minds away. And I’m sick and tired of it.

We rode a $10,000 hoverboard, and you can too

That's where the Hendo "white box" comes in. Backers who contribute to the company's Kickstarter at the $299 level will receive a complete, working Hendo hover engine and enough hover surface to play around with. It's a developer kit, Henderson says, and he wants makers to use it to build their own hover projects. If they have an idea they want to take to market, Arx Pax will work with them to make it a reality. "The most important piece of it all for me is the idea of taking away the limitations of how we think about problems in general. Not just thinking outside the box, but off the page," he says, explaining how Hover technology could be used to solve old problems in new ways. "When you do that -- when you approach problems that were seemingly impossible in different ways -- you'll never cease to be amazed by the solutions you can come up with."

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Preview - CNET

Imagine what it'd be like to shake hands with Superman. You just know he can bend steel with those mitts -- crush coal into diamonds -- but his handshake is firm, comfortable and doesn't break every bone in your hand. There's an immense power, but also a practiced control that makes it accessible to mere mortals. That's what it's like rumbling through traffic and picking up groceries in the SRT Hellcat. Also like Supes, when the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat cuts loose, it can move worlds.

New Nintendo 3DS review

There are dozens of options available in different materials and at different price points — I got a plastic Yoshi set for about $15, whereas a wood grain design is the most expensive at around $30. It’s an interesting move from Nintendo, a company that has often tried to boost interest in its systems by releasing new color variations. Other consoles from the Xbox 360 to the Game Boy Micro have featured swappable faceplates without finding much success, but at least in Japan, Nintendo is making a real effort to market them as a core feature of the New 3DS. My suspicion is that the revenue it gains from selling high-margin pieces of plastic will outstrip what it loses from the few obsessive fans that would buy multiple versions of the same console.

I am a 14-year-old Yazidi girl given as a gift to an ISIS commander. Here’s how I escaped.

This is the story told to me by a 14-year-old Yazidi girl I’ll call “Narin,” currently staying in northern Iraqi Kurdistan. I am a Kurdish reporter with a journalism degree from the University of Missouri at Columbia who covers northern Iraq as a freelancer for several international news outlets. I heard about Narin’s tale through a Yazidi friend who knows her. Aside from translating from Kurdish and excerpting her ordeal for clarity and chronology, the only things I’ve changed are all the names, at Narin’s request, to protect her and other victims from reprisal; many of her relatives are still in captivity.

Former SpaceX Exec Explains How Elon Musk Taught Himself Rocket Science

Jim Cantrell , who was an aerospace consultant at the time, became SpaceX's first VP of business development and Musk's industry mentor when the company launched in 2002. He says that Musk literally taught himself rocket science by reading textbooks and talking to industry heavyweights.

6 Simple Habits To Keep You Consistently Happy Every Day

A common thread among these great tips is humility. It's humbling to go to the gym, where some days you're slower around the track or can't lift as much as yesterday. It's humbling to pick up a new hobby or activity, especially one that really stretches you because at the beginning you're going to suck! The sweater you're learning to knit will look wonky, which teaches us patience and perseverance as we rip it out and try again. Of course, helping others is the most humbling thing we can do - it's so valuable to listen with compassion, remind ourselves that we've been there and be aware of the opportunities in our life that allow us to be able to help. Thanks for the article!

Japanese Hobbyists Build A Working Transformer | TechCrunch

Eee-urrk-urrk-urrk-urk! A pair of Japanese hobbyists have built a transforming robot that can walk or, when in sports car form, drive around autonomously. It’s called the J-deite Quarter and is four feet tall. The goal, apparently, is to make a full-sized transformer… just because they can.

Decades-old scientific paper may hold clues to dark matter

But archival data already rule out dark photons with certain combinations of properties, argues Rouven Essig, a theoretical physicist at Stony Brook University in New York, and his colleagues. The data come from E137, a "beam dump" experiment that ran from 1980 to 1982 at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in Menlo Park, California. In the experiment, physicists slammed a beam of high-energy electrons, left over from other experiments, into an aluminum target to see what would come out. Researchers placed a detector 383 meters behind the target, on the other side of a sandstone hill 179 meters thick that blocked any ordinary particles. They then looked for hypothetical particles called axions, which would have pierced the earth and reached the detector—and saw none.

How Did We Become A Society Suspicious Of Science?

Big Tobacco found the way to fight science. What do you do if the science shows that your product is deadly, killing tens of thousands of your customers a year, yet that product brings you profits beyond the dreams of avarice? You deny the science. You hire your own "experts" to do science your way and reach the conclusions you require. It is easy. The comic strip Dilbert shows just how easy. In one strip the evil CEO Dogbert enters a business with the name "Weasels R Us." Dogbert says to the weasel behind the counter: "I need three bitter and unsuccessful scientists and a hundred lazy journalists." The weasel says, "Consider it done!" The final panel shows Dilbert reading the headline "Toddlers Thrive on Pollution." You can always find somebody with "Ph.D." after his name willing to say what you want to hear. So, the way to fight science is to set up an alternative "science" of your own.

Google exec sets a new record for highest-altitude jump (video)

Move over Felix Baumgartner -- just two years after the daredevil's record setting 128,000 foot Red Bull Stratos space jump , Google VP Alan Eustace has topped it. The New York Times reports Eustace rode a balloon 135,908 feet above New Mexico and dove back to Earth, opting for just a specially designed spacesuit / life support system instead of Baumgartner's capsule + suit combo . It took two hours for the ride up, and another 15 minutes for the trip down, which peaked at speeds of up to 800 mph -- enough to break the sound barrier and create a sonic boom, making him the second person to do so outside of an airplane -- before the parachute system kicked in, and he glided back down to a landing site 70 miles away from where he started. He's apparently been working on the project since 2011, and declined assistance from Google to go it alone, working with Paragon Space Development Corporation on the project, dubbed "StratEx." He recorded the whole thing on GoPro cameras (of course) and you can watch video highlights from the feat embedded after the break.

Guy says his iPhone 6 bent -- and caught on fire - CNET

What happens when an iPhone bends too much? One man says his bent so much it punctured the battery and caught fire, causing second-degree burns to his leg.

Want To Conquer A New Skill? Do It Every Day

Thanks for sharing your insight with us. The header image takes me back to my skateboarding days in high school practicing the same kick flip everyday until I finally had it down solid. I have gained inspiration from your post as I am currently learning the Ruby programming language. I'll look back when I reach day 66 and see how much I've learned. Thanks for the share and I'll be sure to share your post!

4 Habits Of Punctual People

I admit it; I read this article because I am habitually sliding in right on time or a couple minutes late and was hoping for some insight on what I could do differently. However, I am highly organized, very routine-oriented and completely realistic about time. I do enjoy and plan down-time in my day. So reading this, it would seem that one of my problems is not providing myself buffer time and I would completely agree with that. But here's something you didn't mention: I don't like to be early. On occasions when I am early, all I can think about is what I could have been getting done at home. (I am a homemaker and also work from home.) That is usually why I am late, too, come to think of it. I'm always trying to get one more thing done before I leave. I guess maybe that could come under not being realistic about time??

New Tablet Case Recognizes Sign Language and Translates It Into Text | WIRED

But Campbell wants to change this. He’s the co-founder and CEO of MotionSavvy, an Alameda, California-based startup that’s developing a case for tablet computers that can serve as a virtual interpreter for the deaf. Known as UNI, the case uses gesture recognition technology developed by Leap Motion to translate sign language into audible speech. It then merges this with voice recognition technology to convert spoken word to text. Because there are a variety of signs for any given word, users can upload new signs using a feature called Sign Builder. The system learns how individual users sign, while also distributing each new sign to every UNI device.

Former Apple CEO John Sculley: We Need To Embrace Failure As A Way To Learn

JS: Well, I only work with people I like and who like me and I don’t have a fine line between work and my personal friends, and so to me it’s not been an obstacle because I’ve had a number of really successful companies. Business Insider just did an in-depth interview with my cofounder of Zeta Interactive, we may be the largest big data analytics company for marketing in New York. So I have a whole series of companies that I have had great relationships with the founders and CEOs. And I’ve learned things too. Because I’ve made mistakes and learned from mistakes. You’ll find anybody, I think, who’s been successful and at it for a long time will tell you that if you take high risks you’re going to make mistakes. And this is a country that looks at mistakes as permission to fail and you learn from those. You often get distracted by successes and misinterpret your successes. I think I’ve got a great life, I feel incredibly lucky.

9 Easy-To-Steal Habits Of The Super Successful

Truth be told, I think the difference between passion and delusion isn’t even very distinguishable. I suspect many an entrepreneur has fallen too far down the rabbit hole without even realizing it. It happened to me. Maxed-out credit cards, empty cupboards, and a frustrated spouse helped me wake up to the delusion I created in myself. I was laser-focused on the belief I had to succeed no matter what, which led me to lose sight of reality. My story fortunately has a happy ending. But if I hadn’t faced that reality head-on (and it did indeed feel like a crash), I wouldn’t have been able to honestly evaluate my business and redirect toward a healthier course.



Take A Rare Peek Inside The Massive Data Centers That Power Google

But not Google. The search giant has shared with the world photos that lift the veil off its massive and beautiful data centers around the world, in places both domestic, including Iowa, Oregon, Georgia, South Carolina, and Oklahoma, and abroad, in Finland and Belgium.

Googler Jumps From Stratosphere, Breaking Baumgartner’s Record

Google executive Alan Eustace jumped from a helium balloon and fell to earth from over 135,000 feet on Friday, a record.

Lifted On Giant Inner Tubes, An Old Tree Moves In Michigan

Nevertheless, he watched in awe as the big inner tubes deflated and the tree was lowered onto the transporters. It made its way at a pace of about 1 mph to its new home on the other side of the business school.

7 Habits of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People

EI should not be associated with being a "positive-look on the bright side" sort of person. This article is assuming that all emotionally intelligent people are emotionally sensitive. I don't think EI is what the author is defining; instead, Ithink he/she is defining optimistic people and their habits. I define emotional intelligence as being able to read peoples emotions and having the capacity to act accordingly. You can be emotionally intelligent and use that knowledge(some would say skill) to manipulate others to get what is in your best interest- that's not being a positive-surround myself with like-minded people...If you are "highly" EI and you come across someone who is negative and wants to vent, because of the way the sound, act, look, and so forth, you will act accordingly to whether you are a selfless or selfish person. Furthermore, if there is no personal investment, the "highly" EI can decide not to act at all because they are apathetic to the person/situation. Thoughts?

Pioneering procedure helps paralyzed man walk again - CNET

Cells harvested from a patient's nose helped return function to a damaged spinal cord. Now he is able to walk with help from ropes and guide bars.

Most People Pronounce GIF As "Ghif" - IGN

Animated GIFs have been around since the early 90s, and for two decades everyone pronounced it "ghif" with a hard G. Everyone except the creators at CompuServe, who for some reason pronounced it "jif," even though that makes absolutely no sense.

Why Successful People Have So Many Groups Of Friends

If you place yourself at the intersection of social groups, you'll have more ideas and more opportunities.

How Anthony Bourdain Slays His Lazy Inner Hippie Every Morning

I'm a big believer in momentum. As an ex-abuser of drugs, I'm not a person who should have any pleasurable interruptions. Inactivity, time for reflection--these are not good for me. I work a lot, do a lot of different things, but I think in some ways I'm overcompensating for the inner, hidden knowledge that somewhere deep inside me there's a lazy hippie waiting to get out, that if I'm given the opportunity, I'd lay down on the couch, turn on Adventure Time or The Simpsons , smoke a joint, and lay there for the next six months. If I go to work, I'm going to do things. I keep at them.

Amazon’s Spending Leads to Biggest Quarterly Loss in 14 Years Inc.’s soaring ambitions are coming at a steep cost, dragging the e-commerce giant to its largest quarterly loss in 14 years. A surge in spending on new-product development, music and video licensing, and other parts of the Seattle company’s expansion strategy led to a net loss of $437 million in the third quarter, worse than its year-earlier loss of $41 million. The wider loss came despite a 20% jump in revenue to $20.58...

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3 Ways To Tell Better Stories And Make People Care

Good stories move your customer, create loyal followers, and hook your audience to pledge their allegiance to your brand. Here's how to write something that people will actually want to read.

How A Vatican Astronomer Views The Science-Religion Divide

"I mean fundamentalists on both sides," he said, "because there are also science fundamentalists. And what is a fundamentalist? It's somebody who is clinging to the fundamentals of their truth because they don't have the confidence or the faith in their faith to be able to say, 'I'm settled, I'm happy with this, let's see where it goes.' Fundamentalism is a sign of fear."

The ChronodeVFD Resurrects Old Displays For A Cool New Watch | TechCrunch

The ChronodeVFD is a personal project I’ve been working on for a couple of months. It’s a wristwatch built around the IVL2-7/5 VFD display tube. I originally purchased a few of these tubes to build a standard desk clock, but after playing around with them, I realized I could probably build a wristwatch too. The tube has a number of features which make it more suited than most Soviet-surplus VFDs for this purpose.

The Sobering Facts About Egg Freezing That Nobody's Talking About | WIRED

Today service providers and clinics cavalierly market egg freezing to fertile women without fully understanding or communicating the risks. Though I am neither for nor against egg freezing as an idea, I believe strongly that women must be fully informed about reproductive medicine before setting their hopes on it. Facebook and Apple and all companies would do well by their employees to hold fertility vendors to the highest possible standards and not inadvertently put worker’s physical and mental health in jeopardy. Unlike smartphones or apps that can be recalled or re-engineered should they fail, egg freezing and IVF are high-risk processes with life changing consequences. And this science, particularly where egg freezing is concerned, is still in its infancy.

NYC Ebola Patient Is Ninth Case In America. Here's What Happened To The Other Eight.

Dr. Craig Spencer , a doctor who just returned from treating Ebola patients in Africa, is currently in isolation at Bellevue Hospital. Officials confirmed on Thursday night that Spencer tested positive for the Ebola virus.

NASA's new Soundcloud album: Listen to the exploration of space - CNET

NASA has created an album of sounds on Soundcloud, including rocket launches, recordings from space shuttle missions and even a song about water on the moon.

31 Killer 'Game of Thrones' Halloween Costumes

Not to say that costumes inspired by George R. R. Martin's bloody series and its HBO counterpart are tired, but you might want to stray from the store-bought variety if you want to stand out at your Halloween bash.

Vintage Apple-1 sells for a record $905K

A 38-year-old working Apple-1 personal computer sold Wednesday at auction for a record $905,000, almost double the auctioneer's high-end estimate.

Drone captures stunning footage of killer whales - CNET

"The hexacopter gives us a more sensitive metric of the whales' condition than we've previously had. Killer whales can buffer short-term lack of food by living on their blubber, and substituting water into their blubber layer, so they camouflage it when they are in poor condition. From above, we can observe and assess their girth, and know much earlier when they are in trouble," said Dr Barrett-Lennard.

10 Incredible Works of Art Made in Microsoft Excel

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 40 million unique visitors worldwide and 19 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

20 DIY Projects to Revamp Your Old Sweaters

However, just because you're clearing out your closet doesn't mean you need to let your old sweaters go to waste. As the season gets colder, you can stay warm and cozy by reusing and recycling all your well-loved knits.

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