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New Hunger Games TV Spot Teases Every Epic Finale Scene

It might seem like this new TV spot is just a rehash of all the previous films and all the previous trailers, but keep watching.

Bill Hader falls for Nigerian scammer in new iPhone 6S ad - CNET

Technically Incorrect: Siri merely follows orders. So when the comedian asks her to reply to an email scammer, can she do anything but oblige?

GoPro shows off footage from its first camera drone

GoPro still isn't ready to show its first drone, but you can at least see the video quality you'll get.

Intel IoT

Introducing the Intel® Internet of Things hub which brings you the best IoT Instructables. See the projects from the Intel IoT Invitational here!Learn More at the Intel® IoT Zone

head in a jar prank

Hungry? Scare those fridge-bound famished food foragers with a head in a jar! Using a photo editor, two pictures are blended together to create flat image of a head, which is then laminated and submerged in a jar. When the flattened image in inserted into the curved jar, along with the distortion from the water, gives the illusion of a decapitated head in a jar of preserving fluid. Here's what you need to make your own: Photo editing software Large jar food colouring computer printerpaper lamination (also available at local print/copy store) Making your own head in a jar is easy, but requires some photo editing skills. I've included a tutorial on how I made mine, and took me about 30 minutes to compose. Personalizing this prank will make it more effective. But, if you're not a pro with photo editing, you can download my flattened head image below.

Build a vertical aquaponic veggie & fish farm for small yards & houses

This low-cost vertical aquaponic system can grow leafy greens, herbs and raise fish for a small family year round, and it fits in a 5' by 3' space. Sean Brady, the aquaponics projects coordinator at the Center for Sustainable Aquaponics and Nourish the Planet in Loveland, Colo., showed us how to build a system from scrap he found around the greenhouse. We published a version of this how-to guide at, and it's one of the good ones, so we'd like to share it with Instructables, too. What it is A vertical aquaponic system grows vegetables without soil in columns above a fish tank. By growing vertically, you can produce about twice the amount of plants as you can with a hydroponic system of the same area. One five-foot tower can produce more than 200 heads of lettuce per year. And it uses a small fraction of the water needed to ...

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Apple defies China slowdown fears with strong iPhone sales

"If I ... just look at how many customers are coming in our stores regardless of whether they are buying, how many people are coming online and in addition to looking at our sales trends, I would not know there was any economic issue at all in China," Cook said on a conference call.

How Microsoft And ThyssenKrupp's Elevator Tech Saves Office Workers Years Of Waiting

ThyssenKrupp is launching MAX today, extending offers to install the system on elevators it services (both the 1.2 million ThyssenKrupp-built elevators worldwide and third-party elevators). At an announcement today at a midtown Manhattan Westin hotel, Andreas Schierenbeck, CEO of ThyssenKrupp, said it has "a couple hundred test installations in Seattle, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain." That could change: The company services elevators in major skyscrapers all over the world, including One World trade Center in New York City, the Metro Sao Paulo in Brazil, and the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany, to name a few. In the 18-month launch period the company aims to connect some 180,000 units in the U.S. and Europe before becoming available to 80% of elevators across all continents in two years. And if conversion happens, it will happen fast: MAX can be installed in about 15 minutes. ThyssenKrupp is playing the long game: When 70% of the world’s population lives in cities by 2050 , any moment we can shave off commuting is another we can spend living.

Honda's Clarity Fuel Cell car goes on sale next year: We drive it in Japan

While that 174 horsepower figure won't exactly leave you thrilled, it's delivered with that rush of electric-vehicle torque that makes it feel faster than it actually is. Interestingly, this is the first fuel cell-powered car I've driven that actually makes a distinctive sound. You can actually hear the exhaust from the fuel cell whooshing away, in addition to the whine from the direct-drive motor. It's a distinctive sound, if not quite pleasant.

YouTube Star Lilly Singh On How To Ask For A Raise

YouTube personality, actress, and "Superwoman" Lilly Singh shares her advice for getting what you are worth and fitting in at work.

Apple seeds first OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 beta to developers

Apple has officially seeded the first beta of OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 to developers out there in the wild. This comes just one week after Apple released the public release of OS X El Capitan 10.11.1. The new software is available in the traditional avenues, either through the Update section in the Mac App Store on machines running beta software, or through the Apple Developer Center.

Funding Daily: Today’s tech funding news, in one place

Enlitic , a startup using a type of artificial intelligence called deep learning to help radiologists do a better job of understanding medical images, is announcing today a $10 million round of funding. The money comes from Capitol Health Limited, a publicly traded company that provides diagnostic imaging services in clinics across Australia.

Yelp revenue beats Street on higher advertising sales

San Francisco-based Yelp, which gets about four-fifths of its revenue from local advertisers, said the number of local advertising accounts rose about 37 percent to 104,200 in the third quarter.

First look: Microsoft Azure Active Directory Domain Services puts it all in the cloud

There is complete feature parity to ensure compatibility with existing applications that you forklift up to the cloud, but there are also new Azure-specific features that extend AD functionality beyond what you get from Windows Server on local hardware. It's a very interesting milestone, and in this piece I'll take a close first look at what it is and what it offers.

Don’t Blame Google Fiber For That World Series Outage

The first game of the series between the Kansas City Royals and New York Mets went dark at 9:20 pm ET when Fox, the network hosting the event, experienced “technical difficulties” that cut off the broadcast to the millions of people watching the game. The outage followed a Google Fiber collapse in host city Kansas City that left countless people in that city staring at blank screens.

Try Taking These World Leaders Seriously When They Have Man-Buns

Previously, we've seen what world leaders might look like as hipsters —a term that basically means nothing anymore. Now, we're getting a flavor of President Obama and company in man-bun country. Created by the team at DesignCrowd , these images will shake your trust in our safety to its fundamental core. After all, if you've had to contemplate a man with his finger on the button having a hairstyle that suggests he might at any moment start performing karate or the music of Rusted Root, it's difficult to imagine him any other way.

Make Apple Photos for OS X more powerful with an editing extension

Have you ever found the perfect scene—perfect, that is, except for the person or distraction that draws the viewer’s eye to the wrong place? Sometimes I feel as if a quarter of my photo library could be titled Homage to Trash Bins I Didn’t Notice at First. MacPhun’s Snapheal extension lets you paint over an object that you wish to remove (using a paintbrush or selection lasso) and then erase that area, which is then filled by the software based on the surrounding area. Once you’ve defined an area, you can let the extension take a few cracks at it by switching the method used to calculate the filled area, including modes designed for working on facial blemishes. A Clone tool enables you to define a nearby source area and then paint using those pixels to achieve the same effect.

I’m Charley, an Adult Who Finally Watched Star Wars

Although by the time Obi-Wan left him to die in the lava of Mustafar, Anakin was so irritating that I didn’t really care what happened to him. Anakin’s delusional reasoning can be interesting to watch, yes, and his massacre of the young Padawans was inhumane. But mostly, he’s just a weak-willed creep. “From my point of view, the Jedi are evil”? What kind of villain gives an IMO disclaimer? From my point of view, you’re boring, Anakin.

How Ikea Designs Its (In)famous Instruction Manuals

If the end result does sometimes feel like a civil engineering project (as Dickner admits with some pride), it’s because a high level of precision and redundancy is exactly what undergirds even the most complex or tedious Ikea assemblies. They may not be pleasant, but they are at least rational and comprehensible—even sympathetic—by design. Think of that big-nosed "Ikea man" who’s shown calling the company when he gets stuck. He’s not mocking or condescending. If anything, he represents some designer at Ikea who has already gone through exactly what you’re going through now on your living room floor: half-quizzically glancing from instruction booklet to pile-of-parts and back, hoping for the best, but trusting that it will all, at the very least, make sense.

Facebook Message Requests wants to replace your phone number

The story behind the story: Facebook has much bigger ambitions than just improving the Other inbox. With Message Requests, the company hopes more people will turn to Facebook to message people they don’t know but want to contact—the idea being Message Requests will one day replace the always awkward ask for another person’s phone number. It may also replace the even more awkward Facebook friend request and potential rejection thereof.

Kit, the artificially intelligent CRM, now builds Instagram ads for you

Kit also builds video ads in the same way. And if you’ve already uploaded content to your Instagram account, Kit can easily promote that post for you by turning it into a sponsored photo or video. In fact, Perry told me that it can run a campaign for you, from a source image, on both Instagram and Facebook simultaneously in four, short, SMS-powered steps. All e-retail business owners need to do is answer Kit’s text messages.

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Nexus 6P first impressions(P is for Premium). So far it is the best phone of 2015.

GoPro Publishes Sneak Peak Of Upcoming Drone An Hour After Reporting Disappointing Earnings

GoPro is working on a drone that’s scheduled for release in early 2016. The company just posted a sneak peak of footage captured from the new drone. Spoiler: It’s silky smooth.

Flipboard's Fanfare Fades as Executives Exit, Sale Talks Stall

Flipboard Inc. debuted in 2010 with the kind of fanfare any startup would envy. The news-reading app piggybacked perfectly on the debut of Apple’s iPad tablet and Steve Jobs’s promise of a new era for digital media. Critics loved Flipboard’s magazine-like layout, created by one of the first software designers of the iPhone, and investors poured money into the company.

Apple TV now up for preorder at Best Buy - CNET

The 2015 Apple TV is the first major revamp of the device since 2012, but it faces competition from similar media devices made by Roku, Amazon and Google. In its battle for consumers, the new Apple TV offers access to such video services as Netflix, Hulu Plus and HBO Go. It also features universal voice search via Siri and a new touchpad-based remote control.

Microsoft is revamping its Outlook mobile apps for iOS, Android | ZDNet

Microsoft is planning to retire eventually its standalone Sunrise calendar technology, and is integrating it into coming new Outlook mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Can the iPad Pro save Apple's slumping tablets?

The iPad numbers will improve - it's a more seasonal product than other Apple kit, so for example iPad Minis are big sellers as gifts in a way that, say, Mac Pros aren't - but seasonal variations aside, the trend is still downwards. What's going on?

Samsung's Galaxy View is an 18-inch tablet/TV you carry around like a briefcase

"We wanted to rethink how you're consuming content and how you're accessing that content," Dennis Miloseski, the vice president of Samsung Design in America explained to me. "[The Galaxy View] is a product that's within arm's reach and gives you an experience like a 60-inch television." Miloseski's exaggerating, but it does feel like all of your movies and Android apps are bigger and more in-your-face than on a smaller tablet.

Bill Gates at 60: A look back

Bill Gates -- founder of Microsoft, the world’s richest man, and a philanthropist for the ages -- will celebrate his 60 th birthday on Oct. 28. He doesn’t look a day over 50. To commemorate the occasion, we’ve put together a collection of Bill Gates photos, some iconic, some surprising and one or two that are less than flattering.

Snapchat is adding video filters so you can speed up, slow down or rewind your shoots

Snapchat is edging further away from its linear, ephemeral nature. Today, the app is adding video filters that let you slow down, speed up or rewind.

The NBA’s VR "Experiment" Far More Compelling Than The Presidential Debate

NextVR isn’t saying how many people watched the live-stream—just as it, to date, hasn’t revealed how many people watched the Democratic debate. And it’s a safe bet that one reason is that although the league believes VR technology is now ready for public consumption, it still wants to work out the many kinks that VR presents. At the same time, there are no standards for how many cameras to use, where to put them, and how to let viewers choose between multiple views—which wasn’t possible during the Warriors-Pelicans game.

Now You Can Design Your Own Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard. It’s a capable little PC which can be used for many of the things that your desktop PC does, like spreadsheets, word-processing and games. It also plays high-definition video. We want to see it being used by kids all over the world to learn programming. The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a UK registered charity …

Fantasy sports industry rushes into self-regulation

With its rounded edges, plentiful glass, and satiny Alubeam paint, the Vision Tokyo looks like a minivan from the high-tech future out of a William Gibson story. Up front, the windshield wraps all the way around, and the side glass is screen-printed in silver for privacy. The massive grille is illuminated and can even show the sound pattern of the music playing inside. Meanwhile at the rear, red LED lights surround the oval window. While the exterior is fairly minimalist, the Vision Tokyo puts its biggest emphasis on pampering the five passengers inside. They enter through a massive gullwing door in the concept's side, and rather than traditional rows of seats, there's a wraparound couch. Once comfortable, occupants can use LED screens on the walls, and in a truly sci-fi touch there's a holographic entertainment system in the center. Should someone actually need to drive, a seat can also deploy from the couch, and a steering wheel slides into position. Riding in this metallic chariot at least isn't too bad for the environment. The powertrain combines a hydrogen fuel cell and batteries capable of inductive charging.

Zuckerberg Vows to Stop Annoying Facebook Game Invites

The topic came up during a Q&A at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. Mr. Zuckerberg said a question about stopping the notifications was voted most popular on Facebook ahead of the gathering. He credited the world’s largest democracy Wednesday for alerting him to the gravity of the problem and said this is an example of why Q&As are really valuable. He added that he asked the person in charge of Facebook’s developer platform to look into a solution before the town hall even began.

Samsung Pay will support gift cards and 14 more U.S. banks in the coming months

Launched in the U.S. in September , Samsung Pay supports both NFC payments and Samsung’s MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) protocol, meaning it can be used at more merchants than Apple Pay or Android Pay . Thus far, Samsung Pay has only worked with credit or debit cards from American Express, Bank of America, Citi, and U.S. Bank, but at the Money 20/20 event in Las Vegas today, Samsung revealed additional banks will be added to its roster.

Yamaha enters the sports-car arena with its Sports Ride concept - CNET

Yamaha makes nearly everything -- musical instruments, motorcycles, semiconductors, you name it. The Japanese corporation even built furniture in the early 1900s. But they've never built a sports car -- until now, that is. Enter the Sports Ride concept, a four-wheeled motorcycle that uses some very interesting technology.

Halloween, Inc.: The Spooky, $7 Billion Evolution Of America's Sweetest Holiday

[Photos: Kathy Konkle/iStock (Halloween icons); Stefano Bianchetti/Corbis (The Sacred Mistletoe); Chronicle / Alamy Stock Photo (Arch Druid Smith); age fotostock / Alamy Stock Photo (Les Druiudes); Classic Image / Alamy Stock Photo (Map of the Roman Empire in the 4th Century); FALKENSTEINFOTO / Alamy Stock Photo (Pope Gregory III or Gregorius III, Pope from 731 to 741, Papst Gregor III); Heritage Image Partnership Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo (The Forerunners of Christ with Saints and Martyrs); Leon Werdinger / Alamy Stock Photo (Painting of Satan in the cloister of the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore, Tuscany, Italy.); Mieneke Andeweg-van Rijn / Alamy Stock Photo (Medieval fresco of the angel Gabriel in Dorchester Abbey, Dorchester-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, Great Britain.); kimeveruss/iStock (Door handle keyhole old creepy fading); Corbis (Scene at the Irish Emigrant Office in Ann Street Illustration); mak / Alamy Stock Photo (A Halloween jack-o'-lantern lit with burning candle.); Barry Gregg/Corbis (Candy corn); Kirn Vintage Stock/Corbis (A group of costumed revelers pose for a group portrait, ca.

YouTube's new engineering chief talks about promise of virtual reality - CNET

For Google, YouTube has become a crucial part of the company. When the search giant announced quarterly results last week, a big part of Google's success was the "amazing momentum" of YouTube, said Google CEO Sundar Pichai. There has been an uptick in mobile advertising, and people are spending 60 percent more time watching videos on the site than they did a year ago. Meanwhile, competitors like Facebook and Amazon's Twitch, aimed at video gamers, have become more aggressive in going to battle with YouTube.

Senate passes controversial CISA bill that give companies a free pass to invade your privacy

The new bill essentially allows companies to share cybersecurity threats with each other and government agencies. This is a huge invasion on the privacy of end consumers.

Mazda's gorgeous RX-Vision concept revives the rotary engine

For decades, Mazda had been known as the sole remaining automaker producing cars powered by rotary engines — that is, until the RX-8 left the market in 2012. But at this year's Tokyo Motor Show, the company announced plans to bring the rotary engine back to life, and these are the lines along which it's thinking: meet the beautiful RX-Vision.

Certificates, Reputation, and the Blockchain

Issuing a certificate is relatively simple: we create a digital file that contains some basic information such as the name of the recipient, the name of the issuer (MIT Media Lab), an issue date, etc. We then sign the contents of the certificate using a private key to which only the Media Lab has access, and append that signature to the certificate itself. Next we create a hash, which is a short string that can be used to verify that nobody has tampered with the content of the certificate. And finally we use our private key again to create a record on the Bitcoin blockchain that states we issued a certain certificate to a certain person on a certain date. Our system makes it possible to verify who a certificate was issued to, by whom, and validate the content of the certificate itself.

Can BlackBerry Edge out Samsung with the Priv?

A 'leaked simulator' from Canadian network Telus has shown that the dual-edge curved display of the Priv will be for more than just fancy looks - it'll come with extra tricks that will enhance productivity.

IGN on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Samsung’s 18.4-inch Galaxy View tablet is basically a portable TV

Samsung first teased the massive Galaxy View  back in September at IFA , and has now finally unveiled the massive 18.4-inch Android tablet in full. The View is built for watching movies and TVs around the home, says Samsung, and has a 1920 x 1080 resolution display, stereo speakers, a 1.6GHz octa-core processor, and up to eight hours of video playback time. Oh, and it's still got that weird handle-slash-kickstand on the back.

Facebook goes slooow with '2G Tuesdays' - CNET

For many in the US and other developed nations, it's easy to take for granted the faster 3G and 4G connections that give us seamless streaming video and easy Internet access. Facebook said people living in underdeveloped countries are coming online at "a staggering rate" using much slower 2G connections, which can take up to two minutes to download a single Web page.

US might begin spying on citizens in the name of cybersecurity

This bill will make our digital lives both less secure and less private. It will funnel an enormous amount of sensitive information into government hands, where it can be used in cases that have nothing to do with cybersecurity. The government will be able to use this private data for programs that look exactly like the mass NSA surveillance revealed over the past several years. We thank those senators who sought to improve the bill, and especially those who opposed it outright, but this is a bad day for civil liberties.

Spice up your Skype video messages with a new collection of zany filters

The impact on you: Skype’s strong, cross-platform presence makes it the default service for many when it comes to video messaging. That’s because Microsoft has built up Skype to perform well with each platform’s unique feature set, such as 3D Touch, Android widgets, support for Apple Watch, and Android Wear.

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Yamaha built a motorcycle-driving robot, and it's already challenging a world champion …

Honda unveils hydrogen-powered car with 400-mile range

The fuel cell powertrain was also made as compact as a typical V6 engine. That is a first for FCVs in that the hydrogen fuel cell stack and electric motor can now fit under a vehicle's hood. Previously, FCVs required the powertrain to take up space in other areas of the vehicle. The smaller engine means more room for passengers and their cargo. The technology can also be fitted into a variety of other Honda vehicles.

The State of Mobile Application Insecurity - Report - TechRepublic

Customer need and demand often affect mobile application security. 65% of the participants in this study strongly agree that the security of mobile apps is sometimes put at risk because of expanding customer demand or need. The “rush to release” phenomenon challenges an organization’s ability to address the risks of data leakage and malware. Read this study to learn more about other findings organizations face when trying to combat mobile security challenges.

Russia just announced that it is sending humans to the moon

On Tuesday, at a space and technology conference in Moscow, the head of Roscosmos Energia — Russia's version of NASA — announced: "A manned flight to the moon and lunar landing is planned for 2029."

NOW TV box (2015) review

What's different about the NOW TV service compared with other streaming options is that it's not just offering on-demand or catch-up content. The movie pass does give you that, but you also get 11 Sky Movies channels, the entertainment pass gives you 13 live channels, and the sport option nets you all seven Sky Sports channels.

Boy, Honda’s Not Giving Up This Whole Hydrogen Car Thing

For that reason, it’s a safe bet that the Clarity is headed to the US eventually (Honda leased an earlier version, the FCX Clarity, in California for awhile). For now, it’s being offered only in Japan, and only to those who live near a fueling station. Potential customers must complete an application and do a phone interview before forking over their cash, as clear a sign as any that this technology’s not ready for the mass market.

Outlook for iOS and Android gets a subtle redesign as Microsoft moves to unite email apps

Microsoft announced Wednesday that 30 million people use Outlook for iOS and Android every month. That’s some serious traction for a heavy-duty productivity app, and it also consistently holds a position among the top 20 most downloaded productivity apps in both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. (In the grand scheme of things, Outlook’s position isn’t nearly as strong as Facebook’s, which reported in July that it had one of the most popular apps with 1.31  billion monthly active users on mobile.)

Anyone for a Grog? 10 video game drinks we'd really like to try

Think like Geralt for a second. You've been hunting your adopted daughter for years. Now finally, she's nearly within your grasp - but you have to wait a night for an experiment of your mentor's to almost certainly fail. And you've a choice of spending that night with your love, Yen, who you've not seen properly in years, or your two oldest, most curmudgeonly companions - two fellow Witchers, one of whom has taken up brewing moonshine in his spare time. (Spoilers after the break).

Nintendo will announce its first mobile game on October 29

According to a report published by The Wall Street Journal , Nintendo is planning on unveiling its first true smartphone game on Thursday, October 29. What that game will be, though, remains a mystery. Nintendo has managed to keep the game under deep, deep wraps, which is a victory in and of itself, considering how leaky the smartphone industry is as a whole.

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54 Facebook has given startups $250M in FbStart benefits, schedules F8 developer conference for April 12-13
55 Windows users often forget to patch their Apple programs
56 A 'Quake Live' Steam update raises the game's price from $0 to $10
57 FDA Inspectors Call Theranos Blood Vial ‘Uncleared Medical Device’
58 IBM Will Acquire The Weather Company’s Digital Business
59 Facebook updates Messenger with Message Requests, attempts to kill phone numbers
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61 Your body language shapes who you are
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63 Modern art was CIA 'weapon'
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