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Apple fires iPhone X engineer after daughter’s hands-on video goes viral

Apple has reportedly dismissed an engineer after his daughter’s iPhone X hands-on video went viral on YouTube. Brooke Amelia Peterson published a vlog earlier this week, which included a trip to...

15 horror movies to stream this Halloween weekend

The great, the gory, the stupid

Why Snapchat Spectacles failed

How come only 0.08% of Snapchat's users bought its camera sunglasses? Hundreds of thousands of pairs of Spectacles sit rotting in warehouses after the..

Watch the first behind-the-scenes glimpse for MGM’s digital-only Stargate prequel

Stargate Origins is now in production

A seven-year-old baseball fan with a 3D-printed hand is throwing out the first pitch of World Series Game 4

Hailey Dawson is already a veteran of tossing the ceremonial first pitch at the ripe old age of seven. She’s got two Major League games under her belt and..

Wheelchair Halloween costume revs up as a retro Batmobile

Holy Halloween costumes, Batman! A DIY dad turned his son's wheelchair into a crime-fighting classic Batmobile.

Linkin Park debuts 'Looking for an Answer' in honor of Chester Bennington

The song was written by Mike Shinoda.

This Light Bulb Confuses Smartphone Cameras To Protect Your Privacy | Co.Design

Researchers have developed a new light that can protect locker rooms and stage performances from omnipresent smartphone surveillance.

Assassin’s Creed Origins review: A living, breathing ancient world

Sometimes-mundane tasks can't diminish the grandeur of the pyramids.

Arcade shooter 'Nex Machina' gets a physical release November 10th

After years of digital-only game releases, Housemarque is launching a hard copy: 'Nex Machina' is coming to old-fashioned discs on November 10th.

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Which 'Stranger Things' character has your taste in music?

Whether it's Jonathan introducing his younger brother Will to the sounds of The Clash, or even just the ominous theme song of "Stranger Things" itself, the '80s music soundtrack often reflects not just the tone of a scene but the very personality of a character as well.

HTC U11 Plus, U11 Life: Everything you need to know (photos) | ZDNet

HTC could reveal two new smartphones on Nov. 2: the HTC U11 Plus and HTC U11 Life. Here's what teasers and leaked renders suggest HTC will announce.

How to change the LibreOffice Interface

Unfortunately, at the moment, you can't get to those shiny new interfaces out of the box. In order to gain access to the new layouts, you must enable an advanced option. Here's how. Open up one of the LibreOffice tools (such as Writer) and click Tools | Options. In the resulting window, expand the LibreOffice section and click on Advanced. In the resulting window, click to enable experimental features and then click OK.

Best Qi wireless chargers: Charge up your iPhone X and iPhone 8 | ZDNet

Ahead of Apple's release of the AirPower mat, there are many wireless charging options available for the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus.

How to run Windows or Mac apps from your Chromebook

Image: Andy Wolber/TechRepublic You can run Windows or macOS apps from your Chromebook thanks to,, and, which each supply a desktop-to-your-browser. Frame and Paperspace provide access to the Windows platform, while MacinCloud gives you access to macOS. All three of these providers let your Chromebook run Windows or Mac apps remotely. Use Quickbooks to manage your business financials. Edit images in Photoshop. Run an educational app that requires Java. Run XCode from your Chromebook to create iOS apps. In every case, setup is similar: Login to your desktop-as-a-service provider, create an account, enter your payment information, start your desktop, then install your apps. More about Mobility Apple iOS 11: The smart person's guide 3 critical ways that 5G will impact your business 10 signs that you aren't cut out to be a telecommuter (free PDF) Mobile device computing policy (Tech Pro Research) All three providers offer monthly plans.

Top 17 Facebook Messenger Tips and Tricks for iPhone

You’ll see a little three dotted button at the end of the toolbar, right next to the Send button. Tap it and Facebook Messenger will show you a list of apps specifically made to interact with Messenger. You’ll find all sorts of crazy and fun apps here. For creating GIFs, videos and all sorts of fun stuff. Of course, you’ll need to download these apps to be able to use them. But once downloaded, they integrate seamlessly with Messenger.

Apple Sending Emails to iPhone Upgrade Program Customers Whose iPhone X Pre-Order Failed

Apple is sending out emails to some iPhone Upgrade Program customers who had pre-ordered the iPhone X and ran into some issues during the process. The company is asking such customers to again place an iPhone X pre-order through the Upgrade Program.

Here's what that creepy 'Stranger Things 2' ending means for Season 3

"We very, very consciously limited the plot cliffhangers that commit us to Season 3 storylines. We learned on the first season, as soon as Hopper got in that black car, we had answers that we needed to get. As soon as Will coughed up that slug in the sink, we needed to give explanations. As soon as [Hopper] put those Eggos in that lock box, we were committing to a storyline," he explained. "On Season 2, we definitely implied that evil has not left Hawkins, and that it's lying in wait. Other than that, I think it's a wide-open horizon for the storyline of Season 3. We're just starting to develop it, and we're enjoying the kind of wide-open freedom to take these characters almost any way we want, without being too obligated to explain things that we left as breadcrumbs at the end of the finale."

It's cosplay Australia-style at PAX gaming confab

There were plenty of excellent Junkrats at PAX AUS, but this one won points for LED lights in the hair, detachable grenades and a serious commitment to the peg leg.

You can shape sound and music at this museum

The Museum of Arts and Design's current exhibition, "Sonic Arcade: Shaping Space with Sound" features three floors of interactive installations, immersive environments, and performing objects that explore the ephemeral and abstract nature of sound. This kind of art usually sounds awful, but this show was actually really good, thanks in part to the KEF speakers and headphones (they are also one of the show's sponsors) used in many of the pieces. The Sonic Arcade exhibition is open now and runs through February 25, 2018 at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City.

Bad Rabbit ransomware spread using leaked NSA EternalRomance exploit, researchers confirm | ZDNet

An SMB vulnerability helped propagate BadRabbit, but not the one first suspected -- security researchers have tentatively linked it to the mystery group behind NotPetya.

China’s Elon Musk Is Ready for His Star Turn

While Wang has often been called China’s Elon Musk, it might be more accurate to say that Musk is America’s Wang Chuanfu. Both rose to prominence by betting big on the possibilities of lithium ion batteries to power vehicles and break the century-old stranglehold of the internal combustion engine. But Wang was usually ahead of the U.S. innovator, starting his business as a maker of cell phone batteries and building his first large-scale vehicle-battery plant in 2003. Wang sold his first mass-market EV in 2008, constructed his first solar panel factory in the same year, and began production of electric commercial buses in 2009. Tesla Inc. , which delivered its first EV in 2008, got into solar panels in 2016.

WIRED on Twitter

Want to have 7-foot long arms and be able to lift 500lbs? All you need is this bonkers robot:

Where are the iPhone X carrier deals?

Wireless carriers aren't competing as aggressively as they were a year ago to get iPhone users to switch to their networks or to keep them. This means the deals that are out there aren't quite as attractive as before. But if you're interested in getting the iPhone X and you have an older iPhone or premium device to trade in, now's probably a good time to make the purchase. The trade-in deals the carriers are offering are for a limited time.

Video: Why 2017 is the year of the Dark Web market takedown

This year major Dark Web markets-from AlphaBay to Hansa to Dream Market-have been taken down. But can law enforcement keep up with overwhelming demand for illicit data?

T-Mobile is Also Offering up to $300 Off the iPhone X With Eligible Trade-In

And now that those two are out of the way, T-Mobile has decided it’s a good time to reveal its own plan. Announced today, T-Mobile is offering up to $300 in credit towards the purchase of an iPhone X, but there are some important details to be aware of, as usual. First, you’ll need to pick up the iPhone X either through the Jump! On Demand program, or the Equipment Installment Plan.

Video: Amazon Key will unlock your heart (and your home)

Amazon Key includes the Amazon Cloud Cam, the Amazon Key app, and a smart lock. Larry Dignan and Bill Detwiler debate the business and privacy implications of the company's new home delivery service.

HTC U11 Plus teased: Here's what to expect November 2 | ZDNet

HTC is teasing a smartphone announcement for Nov. 2, and it looks to be the rumored HTC U11 Plus with an 18:9 aspect ratio display. HTC is also expected to introduce a mid-range U11 Life at the event.

iPhone X pre-orders are being scalped on eBay for $1,500, on average

We are thrilled to be taking orders for iPhone X, the future of the smartphone. We can see from the initial response, customer demand is off the charts. We’re working hard to get this revolutionary new product into the hands of every customer who wants one, as quickly as possible. We will keep accepting orders online, and iPhone X will be available at Apple retail stores on Friday, November 3 starting at 8 a.m., as well as from our carrier and retailer partners around the world.

Apple could only make half as many iPhone Xs as planned

Reports from early September claimed that Apple was producing the phones at a rate of 10,000 iPhones a day . But now Nikkei says current expectations fall at 10 million iPhone Xs made per month, which breaks down to roughly 33,333 handsets per day (assuming 30 days in a month). This paints a less dire picture than initial reports led us to believe, but if it does turn out that it's half the volume Apple originally planned, that production rate still spells shortage.

Elon Musk shared a Boring photo of his company's Los Angeles tunnel

To be fair, it's not clear just how much work has been completed from this one, freshly shared photo. But given the pace that things often move in corporate America, The Boring Company's evolution from newborn to first project approval to execution is nothing short of dizzying.

Reg Saddler on Twitter

How to Create and Use Facebook's Dark Posts  #SocialMedia #Marketing #smm

Puerto Rico Is Investigating How It Screwed Up Restoring Power After Maria So Badly

The Puerto Rico Energy Commission has launched a probe into why its efforts to rebuild the commonwealth’s electrical grid after taking a direct hit from Hurricane Maria in September are proceeding so slowly, with less than even a third of the electrical grid back online to date.

Koss’ all-new $30 KPH30i headphone is a real winner

The sound is beautifully balanced, with an amply endowed midrange tone that flatters the sound of vocals, and the upper bass is also rich and satisfying. This on-ear is classified as a semi-open design, and indeed the stereo imaging is broad. Treble detail is soft, the KPH30i isn't by any stretch a high-resolution headphone. There's a fuzziness to the sound to be sure, but it didn't intrude or detract from the music.

'Game of Thrones: The Touring Exhibition' up close in photos

The exhibit features costumes, authentic props and iconic sites from the HBO show, like the Iron Throne Room or Castle Black, home of the Night's Watch.

Macworld on Twitter

Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 review: Artificial intelligence goes to the movies

I went to Best Buy to buy a Pixel 2 and it was strange

He added that the store had very few Pixel 2 phones because the number it was shipped was based on how many Pixel, um 1, phones the store had sold. Which wasn't many. He admitted -- with a hoarse laugh, it must be said -- that the store hadn't sold many iPhone 8 devices either.

'Stranger Things 2' is here to take your weekend to the Upside Down

Here comes some bonus content not found in the audio below. One of my favorite things to watch around Halloween time is "The Twilight Zone." Four seasons of the show are available on Netflix. The show's pacing may not be that fun for kids, so if you're looking for a spooky family option, there's always "Goosebumps." Five seasons of the anthology series are available on Netflix.

PAX AUS confab brings gamers (and badass carrots) to Australia

PAX AUS kicked off in Melbourne, Australia, on Friday, bringing gaming fans from all over Australia and the world together to geek out on video and tabletop games.

Bug Prevents iOS 11 Calculator App From Doing This Simple Calculation

Apple has multiple times in the past called iOS as the world’s most advanced operating system. The company which was once known for its attention to detail and high level of quality now seems to be struggling to maintain the same standard. A bug in the iOS 11 calculator app prevents an iPhone/iPad from doing a calculation as simple as 1+2+3.

Rumors That Facebook Is Secretly Recording You Refuse to Die

None of this means that in the future, Facebook will not lure users into sharing more and more of the world around them—for example, by perfecting their AI assistant to work with voice commands and then subtly pushing users towards being comfortable with it recording more and more of their day-to-day lives. They accomplished the same feat with profile information, status updates, messaging, and location tracking, so it’s probably inevitable the company will try to find a way to normalize recording your voice all the time too.

You Can Now Search eBay by Image

Searching eBay requires faith—faith that the seller listed their item with the same keywords you’d use to describe what you want. Sometimes you have different ideas of what constitutes “turquoise.” Sometimes you have a picture of what you want but don’t know the name for a certain style. Well, now that picture is all you need.

Macworld on Twitter

iPhone Upgrade Program FAQ: What you need to know ahead of the iPhone X pre-sale

The Best Gaming Headsets of 2017

Most high-end gaming headsets claim to offer some form of surround sound, but this isn't accurate. The vast majority of surround sound headsets still use stereo drivers (often a single 40mm driver for each ear) to produce sound. The surround aspect comes from Dolby and DTS processing technologies that tweak how the headsets mix sound between your ears to give an impression of 360-degree audio. It's an artificial effect that wouldn't provide a true surround sound image even if the headset had individual drivers for each channel; there simply isn't enough space for the sound to resonate to produce the impression of accurate directional audio. However, it can add some immersiveness and improve your ability to track the direction sounds come from, from left to right.

How to Make Cheap Stew Meat Taste Great

Frugal, cozy people, rejoice—stew weather is here. There’s nothing better than a bowl of stew in cold weather, and there’s nothing more satisfying to a penny-pincher than quarts and quarts of single-bowl meals made with the cheapest cuts of meat. Stew is easy, but to get the best flavors, stew meat needs a little extra care.

Saudi Arabia plans $1 billion investment in Virgin's space tourism

Although Saudi Arabia's contribution will come from the country's Public Investment Funds, Virgin will remain based in the US. The partnership could lead to the development of a space-centric center in Saudi Arabia, though -- Virgin even commissioned an artist to draw a render of the futuristic facility, which you can see in the image above.

The Best Security Suites of 2017

Most entry-level suites include antivirus, firewall, antispam, parental control, and additional privacy measures such as protection against phishing sites. Advanced suites typically add a backup component and some form of system tune-up utility, while others throw in a password manager and other extras. But what do you need really need to keep your PC safe? We tested, rated, and reviewed nearly four dozen security suites, and these 10 get top marks and our highest recommendation.

Amazon Echo Review: Second Generation, Still in First Place

Your voice can now be your Alexa password. WSJ's Joanna Stern teaches you how to set up, use—and maybe even trick—Amazon's new voice recognition features. Photo: Heather Seidel/The Wall Street Journal

Rip-off alert: Best Buy wants an extra $100 for iPhone X

"Sometimes customers aren't able to purchase phones at other locations because their desired plan or carrier makes them ineligible," a Best Buy representative said in a statement. "That's not the case at Best Buy, as our prices reflect the fact that no matter their desired plan or carrier, or whether a customer is on a business or personal plan, they are able to get a phone the way they want at Best Buy. Flexibility has a cost, but it's something our customers have told us they want."

'The Good Place' is the ethics lesson America needs right now -- and it's forking funny

We can go so far as to say The Good Place is the show Trump's America (not to mention Brexit Britain) needs most desperately right now. In a world where our leaders appear to have abandoned all pretense of morality and objective reality, where the entire edifice of the White House is built on the shifting sand of whatever the president decided was true this morning, we need the eternal truths of legend far more than we need another lying reality show.

Lego Dimensions is officially dead

We called it one of the best "toys-to-life" experiences of its kind when it debuted in 2015. Two years later, Lego Dimensions is done.

Facebook working on adding state, local election ads to archive

One of the planned changes includes Facebook building an archive of federal election ads that have run on its network. The archive will provide information on how much money political advertisers spent for each ad, the number of impressions the ad garnered and demographic information about the audience the ad reached. The archive is intended to help counter complaints that Facebook hasn't done enough to curb misinformation distributed on its network, which reaches 2 billion people a month.

The Verge on Twitter

This robot is wonderful. I’m glad Saudi Arabia gave it citizenship. Did they give robot a drivers license?

The utter stupidity of the Equifax breach is something to behold

The revelation is yet another piece of embarrassing news for Equifax, which has taken a series of missteps since the breach first came to light. Now, Equifax's mind-boggling negligence is coming to light. It's hard to imagine that the company could be this dumb.

Video: Bad Rabbit is ransomware with a hare trigger

Bad Rabbit hit Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and Turkey. TechRepublic's Brandon Vigliarolo explains how the year's third major ransomware attack spread through Europe.

How to fix missing apps after installing Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Among these issues is the apparent disappearance of various apps. This is not down to apps being removed from Windows, but Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has rendered some apps completely inaccessible. If you've experienced this problem, here's how to fix it.

Magazine signed by Steve Jobs sells for over $50K

After the unveiling, she said, Jobs came down and sat on a table close to her. She asked if he would sign one, to which he responded, "I don't do autographs." Williams said she asked him to "write something from your heart then," at which point he smiled, hesitated and then pulled the Newsweek and wrote "I love manufacturing." After hesitating again, he underlined "love." Then he looked at Williams and signed it.

The Best Laptops of 2017

Walk down any laptop aisle and you'll notice that the selection of laptops has become dramatically thinner and sleeker. Each of these wafer-thin systems represents a new vision for ultraportable computing: a no-compromises laptop light enough that you'll forget it's in your briefcase, with a long-lasting battery that will keep you working even when no power outlet is available. Fast storage, whether by way of a full 128GB or 256GB solid-state drive (SSD) or, more affordably, 32GB to 64GB of eMMC flash, give these ultraportables the ability to resume work in seconds after being idle or asleep for days. Intel's marketing focus has migrated to the convertible-hybrid laptops and detachable-hybrid tablets that it refers to as 2-in-1 devices (see the next section for more information), but ultraportables are still a distinct category.

'Stranger Things 2' made #JusticeForBarb unbelievably sad

While drinking, Nancy's fears shoot straight for the surface; here she is being a dumb teen at a party with her popular boyfriend while Barb is on some other plane covered in slugs. It's not fair – to her or to Barb or to us as viewers while our hearts go out to this character once more.

How Floyd Mayweather Helped Two Young Guys From Miami Get Rich

Celebrity endorsements are helping start-ups raise big money in so-called initial coin offerings. But it is not always clear what they are selling.

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