Why Sonos thinks you're ready for a $500 speaker in your home Video Description

Of course, the idea of tuning a speaker is not new, but Martin says that Sonos endeavored to make it simple for the user while disguising how complex the process really is. Typically, getting a speaker professionally tuned means that it'll sound perfect in one "sweet spot" where the speaker's sound is converging -- but it might not sound great everywhere else. Trueplay takes a whole host of readings around your room and attempts to make the speaker sound uniformly great, regardless of where you are sitting. "That's much more complicated," Martin says. "It adds lots of variables, but we do it in a way that is actually simpler for the listener." And Trueplay needs a quiet room to work correctly during the setup process, but it is smart enough to know it should ignore some background sounds. For example, the Trueplay test tone emitted from the speaker during setup tends to make dogs bark, so the software knows not to take into account the sound of riled-up canines when you're setting up your speakers.

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