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Former Equifax CEO blames breach on a single person who failed to deploy patch

The company is still investigating

Samsung HMD Odyssey Joins Microsoft's Mixed Reality World

Samsung launches new headset as Microsoft announces partner device pre-orders, AltspaceVR acquisition, and new SteamVR mixed reality program.

Google launches Cloud Firestore, a new document database for app developers

Google today launched a new database service for Firebase, its platform for app developers. The new Firestore database complements the existing Firebase..

Snapchat shows off virtual art installations around the world

Tired of turning your face into a panda? You can now see giant balloon puppies in the park.

Snapchat Is Reportedly Hiding Virtual Art For You To Find In The Real World

Spot the sculptures embedded in the world around you.

Ellen DeGeneres spreads a messages of hope and kindness in regards to the Las Vegas attack

"There’s a lot more good in the world than there is bad, and I continue to believe that.

'When did this become a ritual?': Conan O'Brien addresses the Las Vegas attack

"How could there be a file of mass shooting remarks for a late night host?"

Do not watch this final Blade Runner 2049 trailer

Not unless you’re cool with spoilers

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Yahoo says all 3B accounts impacted by 2013 data breach

Yahoo in a statement on Tuesday said further investigation into a massive 2013 data breach suggests all 3 billion its user accounts were impacted from the incident, tripling the internet firm's initial estimates. According to the statement , Yahoo said it obtained and independently verified with outside forensic experts new intelligence regarding the breadth of the 2013 data theft after it was acquired by Verizon. Following an investigation into the evidence, the company has concluded that all Yahoo user accounts, from email to other services like Flickr, were affected by what was already the largest data theft in history. Yahoo first disclosed the data breach in 2016 , saying at the time that more than 1 billion accounts were compromised as part of a hack involving cookie forging. Yahoo's security team was informed of the attack when law enforcement officials furnished the company with data files a third party claimed was gleaned from user accounts. Information revealed to hackers include user account information that might include names, email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, passwords hashed using the MD5 protocol and encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers.

Samsung Odyssey could be the Windows VR headset to beat

As far as the hardware's concerned, Microsoft is hoping that it can make VR headsets as simple as PC monitors -- you just plug one in, and it works, with no additional setup, and no worry about whether your friends' devices are compatible with yours. "If you have an HP and I have a Dell, we'll be able to play a game against each othe without having to worry about it, in the same way we don't worry about which manufacturer's monitor is connected to our PC," says Microsoft's Greg Sullivan, a director in the company's Windows and Devices group.

Paul Otellini, Intel Veteran Who Rose to CEO, Dies at 66

Otellini served as Intel’s CEO from 2005 until retiring in 2013. He handed the reins to current CEO Brian Krzanich. Otellini also served on the board of directors for Alphabet Inc. He joined Intel in 1974 and held executive positions in sales, marketing and chip architecture, as well as being chief operating officer and president of the company. He made his name overseeing the introduction of the Pentium processor in 1993.

Microsoft acquires social virtual reality app AltspaceVR

“Microsoft is excited to incorporate communications technology into our mixed reality ecosystem. Today’s social experiences can be one sided: text, photos, and videos are posted by a single person, to be consumed by others later,” a Microsoft spokesperson told TechCrunch in a statement. “But AltspaceVR takes social networks, combines them with real-time experiences, and leverages immersive presence to transcend beyond sharing posts to sharing situations. Situations of people, places, and things have deeper meaning and in turn, are more memorable.”

Apple's latest iOS 11 update fixes the 'crackling' sound problem

People started reporting as early as September 22 , the day the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus went on sale, that they experienced crackling audio issues during regular phone calls and Facetime calls while using their new iPhone's earpiece.

Russia-linked Facebook ads seen by 10 million users

The social network details data on ads with ties to Russia that were placed on the service during the 2016 US election campaign.

The White House and Equifax Agree: Social Security Numbers Should Go

The Trump administration is exploring ways to replace the use of Social Security numbers as the main method of assuring people’s identities in the wake of consumer credit agency Equifax Inc. ’s massive data breach.

Microsoft is building a 'mixed reality' empire with Windows -- and Samsung is in

The key to all these headsets, and to Microsoft's probable dominance in this sphere: ease of use. If you've played with a VR rig from Oculus or the HTC Vive, you know about the time-consuming setup, which includes identifying the boundaries of the room. With HoloLens tech running a headset, all you need to do is connect it via USB and HDMI cables to a machine running the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update released on Oct. 17: Setup is automatic. To steal an old Apple slogan: It just works.

Waymo's lawsuit against Uber is delayed to December

"The Court has made clear that Waymo's case is not what they hoped, and that more time will not change the hard fact that their trade secrets never came to Uber. We're ready to go to trial now, and will be ready after this very brief continuance."

The White House and Equifax Agree: Social Security Numbers Should Go

The Trump administration is exploring ways to replace the use of Social Security numbers as the main method of assuring people’s identities in the wake of consumer credit agency Equifax Inc. ’s massive data breach.

Wal-Mart Buys Delivery Company Parcel to Help With Same-Day Deliveries in New York

Outside of New York, Wal-Mart and Jet have offered free two-day shipping for orders of $35 or more, an attempt to blunt the popularity of Amazon’s two-day guarantee for members of its Prime program. Target Corp. offers same-day delivery for in-store purchases to parts of New York City for a fee and will broaden that offering to more cities next year. Earlier this month, electronics retailer Best Buy Co. expanded its same-day delivery from 13 to 27 cities.

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Former Equifax CEO faces Congressional probe into data breach

IRS awards Equifax no-bid, $7.25 million contract after hack

Just because your resume says you exposed the personal data, including Social Security numbers, of some 143 million Americans while practicing unsafe security, it doesn't mean you can't score a multi-million dollar contract with the Internal Revenue Service. That's the case even if your name is Equifax and you're being contracted by the IRS to "verify taxpayer identity" to combat fraud.

WhatsApp Creates Its Own Emoji Set Which Looks a Lot Like Apple's

WhatsApp has long been the only notable messaging app to use Apple’s emoji set on both iOS and Android. However, starting with the latest beta version of the app for Android, the company has decided to use its own emoji set across all platforms.

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Zenkit's first mobile app could spell trouble for Trello

Blankfein Tweets on Bitcoin That Paper Money Was Once Odd Too

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Blankfein confirmed Tuesday that his firm is still trying to determine how to handle bitcoin.

Microsoft’s Halo VR experience launches on October 17th

Microsoft is bringing Halo to its Windows Mixed Reality headsets later this month. Halo Recruit will be available as a free download on October 17th, and it’s designed to be a VR environment of characters in the popular game. 343 industries has created the experience, and it looks like it will be similar to the lightsaber VR experience available on the HTC Vive last year. It’s not a full game of Halo , nor will you be running around as Master Chief, but it’s a first attempt at how Halo could look in virtual reality.

Uber CEO meeting with London transport authority 'constructive'

LONDON (Reuters) - Uber’s new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi had a constructive meeting with London’s transport boss on Tuesday, the company said, just days after the city refused to renew its operating license.

Walmart accidentally leaks Google Home Mini ahead of Oct. 4 announcement

Thought it pulled a product page within a matter of minutes, Walmart on Tuesday briefly offered preorders for the Home Mini, a new smartspeaker expected to be officially revealed in a Wednesday Google announcement.

Yahoo now says all 3 billion accounts were hit in 2013 breach

Yahoo said it didn't suffer a new breach, but rather learned of 2 billion additional users having been affected in its 2013 incident. It's sent a notification to all its users, telling them that it had taken action in 2016 to protect all accounts, requiring password changes and blocking access from accounts with unencrypted security questions.

To beat Alexa, Google needs to stop following Amazon's lead

In terms of sales, Echo devices are way ahead of the Google lineup. Amazon accounts for 70 percent of smart speaker sales, with Google a distant second, according to eMarketer. The $50 Echo Dot (£50, unavailable in Australia) is Amazon's bestseller. The Dot packs the full power of Alexa into a small, affordable package. Plus, it plugs into your house's stereo system so you can use Alexa to play music on your speaker of choice.

Hands-on with Snapchat’s mediocre, crashy AR art

Rendering the AR art must have been processor intense — I have the newest iPhone 8 Plus and the entire app was still running slowly. At one point my phone crashed and spent about 30 seconds with a black screen and spinning loading indicator, though I was also frequently taking screenshots and using Apple’s screen recording feature, which, to be fair, may have taken up some processing power. Using Snapchat for about 10 minutes to view the sculpture also drained about 10 percent of my battery.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is now set in stone ahead of release

As everything is now finished, this is, effectively, what’s known as the RTM (release to manufacturing – the final build vendors can preinstall on hardware) version of the Fall Creators Update, all but for the fact that Microsoft hasn’t officially announced that just yet.

Tesla Semi picture allegedly surfaces on Reddit

Tesla is hardly the only company working on an electric big rig. Cummins built the AEOS , a Class 7 semi truck capable of hauling about 22 tons. With 140-kWh of batteries on board, the AEOS has about 100 miles before it needs a recharge, which it can do in about an hour using a 140-kW charger, which is even more powerful than Tesla's current Supercharger. Production is expected to take place around 2019.

Laurene Powell Jobs buys 20% stake in company that owns Washington Wizards & Capitals

Billionaire philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs, who is still a significant stakeholder in both Apple and Disney, will enter into the professional sports business, taking a 20 percent share of the company that owns Washington D.C.'s Wizards basketball team and Capitals hockey team.

Instagram shopping is getting a big boost from Shopify

Instagram first introduced shopping tags into its platform last November, but they were only available to a handful of brands, such as Kate Spade and Warby Parker. Earlier this year, Instagram opened them up to Shopify and BigCommerce. Since then, Shopify has been testing the feature with a handful of its merchants before widely releasing it and the company says seller response has been enthusiastic. BigCommerce just announced that its Instagram shopping tool is now available to US brands that use its service.

iOS 11.0.2 arrives to address the crackling iPhone 8 audio problem

I didn't have the crackling audio problem on my iPhone 8 unit, so I haven't been able to test if the update is effective. But if the patch does fix the issue, that's a relief, as some users were concerned it was a problem with their hardware rather than the software.

Everything we expect Google to announce at its upcoming hardware event

The Pixel 2 XL will have a 5.99-inch display with a 1440p (2K) resolution, which is significantly larger and of a much higher resolution than its sibling. And unlike that on the Pixel 2, the Pixel 2 XL's screen will take up almost the entire front of the phone. The bezels around the display will be slimmer, and the corners of the screen rounded — though it doesn't look like the display will be curved, unlike those on Samsung phones.

The Onion’s Las Vegas Shooting Headline Is Painfully Familiar

Most jokes, when repeated, lose their power. Yet each time The Onion publishes this particular headline, it seems to rocket around the internet with more force. A tweet with the headline from The Onion’s account on Monday had, by Tuesday afternoon, been retweeted more than 55,000 times.

Amazon’s Whole Foods Lures New Shoppers From Wal-Mart, Sprouts

This may explain why shoppers flocking to Whole Foods are also Wal-Mart, Kroger and Costco’s wealthiest customers. Thasos’ study, which compiled location data from 30 million phones across the U.S., found that Amazon’s price reductions didn’t lure lower-income shoppers. Whole Foods’ new customer base makes an average of about $77,000 a year, which is about the same annual income for customer’s that were loyal to Whole Foods before Amazon’s acquisition.

iOS 11.0.1 update causes havoc for some iPhone and iPad users | ZDNet

"iOS11 issues so far, it has almost bricked my phone: Spotify stops being shown on the lock screen, reboot fixes then occurs again after a few hours. Alarm is silent when phone is in silent mode, no fix yet. Volume control doesn't work when locked or display, reboot sometimes fixes. Remove aux cable and no sound via phone until app is ended. Multiple apps don't open properly, freeze on launch screen for 20 seconds or more, seems to work again after phone sorts itself out. I think that's all the big ones, anyone else had these issues? Edit: iPhone 6s Edit 2: can't use it as a phone. Stays on speaker phone no matter what and I can't hear or talk to anyone... Edit 3: buttons on official apple headphones don't work most of the time Edit 4: can't use official headphones as a workaround to talk on the phone (have not tried facetime yet) Edit 5: phone is now freezing and rebooting itself after updating to 11.0.1 Edit 6: can now use the phone as a phone when it doesn't freeze and reboot itself"

Why pay for baristas is growing faster than pay for web designers in the US

"The reports show that more sophisticated technology jobs like solutions architects and web designers are increasingly in demand because their mix of hard and soft skills allow them to navigate today's fast-changing tech landscape," Chamberlain said in the release. "As the need for single-skilled developers like java developers and web developers has waned, so has wage growth for those positions."

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How the "once-bootstrapped" MessageBird just received $60-million in funding

The Millennium Falcon Almost Explodes in a New Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Short

Disney continues to release the super-fun Star Wars animated series Forces of Destiny online and, in one of several new episodes, Rey, Finn, Han and Chewie have a little trouble with the Falcon.

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This high school girl built a hacking station to get people into data security

Batman Agrees With Your Batman v Superman Criticisms

Whether or not that progressions works is the big question. And, thankfully, it’s one we’ll know the answer to very soon, since Justice League opens next month. There are some related questions we may not get answers to at that time, though. Such as, how much of the tone was a result of Zack Snyder’s work or was it Joss Whedon’s changes. There’s also the question if Affleck continues to be Batman or not. All in all, there are some fascinating stories to follow. And Affleck admitting Batman v Superman got some big stuff wrong is just one of them.

Google Pulls Russia's RT Network From Premium YouTube Ad Program

Alphabet Inc. ’s Google recently removed Russia Today from a package of premium YouTube video inventory that the company sells to advertisers, a spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

Tesla's Model 3 Delays Don't Faze Investors

A successful roll-out of the Model 3 is vital for Tesla’s future. With a starting price of $35,000 before options or incentives, the car is designed to reach far more buyers than either the Model S sedan or Model X sport utility vehicle, which attract luxury buyers. Tesla has disrupted the global auto industry with its stylish electric cars, but it now faces growing competition from the likes of Daimler AG , Volkswagen AG and General Motors Co. , which are introducing EVs in droves and have much more cash to spend.

Google AI vs Siri vs Bing: IQ tests show one is smartest by a mile | ZDNet

Google's score is slightly below a six-year-old human's IQ of 55.5, but more than double Siri's IQ of 23.9. By their measure, Siri is not as smart as Microsoft's Bing or Baidu, which have respective IQs of 31.98 and 32.92. All AI's IQs are significantly less than an average 18-year-old's 97 IQ.

The creator of Papyrus saw Saturday Night Live, and is very sorry for what he's done

Papyrus, the best font for inviting someone to your grandma’s birthday party, wasn’t simply born out of the ether. It was forged by the hands of man — specifically, one man, named Chris Costello — and he is very sorry for what he’s done.

Vuforia 7 helps augmented reality blend into real life

Vuforia 7 can take any given real-world scene and figure out where the ground or flat surfaces like tables are. It can also identify objects with much better accuracy than it did in the past. For instance, it can recognize a particular car model on the street. A developer can trigger an animation to play on top of that car in an augmented reality application. So when you look at a car with your smartphone camera or AR glasses, you may be able to find out details such as specs and price.

Charlotte, Atlanta top list of 10 cities where tech salaries go the furthest

Following Charlotte and Atlanta, four leading tech hubs—Austin, San Francisco, Seattle, and San Jose—follow in a close race for adjusted tech salaries. "That means that the premiums in those eye-popping San Francisco and Silicon Valley paychecks get entirely wiped out relative to Austin and Seattle when the Bay Area's high living costs are factored in," Kolko wrote.

WhatsApp, WinZip among the most blacklisted apps in the enterprise | ZDNet

According to Appthority, in Q3 2017, WhatsApp Messenger, Pokémon GO, and WinZip were the top blacklisted apps for iOS, together with CamScanner. Poot-debug(W100).apk, an Android System Theme, Where's My Droid Pro, and weather software were the apps most likely to be banned on Android devices.

24 hours with Fitbit’s first smartwatch

All told, there is still too much pending or buggy about the Ionic's software for me to get a real feel for its prowess as a smartwatch. I was only able to try out the new features that were activated with the update, but there are plenty more to test, and I'll be doing a deeper dive when those are ready. I also want to know how the Ionic compares to the Apple Watch Series 3 (or at least watchOS 4 ) and the Samsung Gear Sport , too. Since the Ionic doesn't actually arrive until October and as so much of it feels unfinished, I'd strongly recommend waiting until we have a final version tested before you order one.

Kelp Jerky Is Your Next Delicious Meat-Alternative Snack

The kelp growing season lasts from November to May, after which farmers harvest a portion of their underwater plantings. What comes out of the water gets blanched, noodled in a calamari cutter, and then finely mixed and blended with other ingredients before being extruded into strips to be dehydrated. When managed correctly, one good harvest should lead to another. “It’s called the bamboo of the sea because every year it actually yields exponential returns for the farmers,” Boyd Meyers says. “It’s a really amazing crop like that. The nutrients that the kelp leaves in the water means that it grows faster and bigger the following year.”

Las Vegas shooting brought Twitter its saddest day

The previous record low on the Hedonometer was 5.84, recorded last year after another shooting killed 49 people at an Orlando, Florida nightclub. Twitter's third-saddest recorded day was Nov. 9, 2016, the day after Donald Trump was elected president of the US. The happiness level on that day was 5.87.

Sick of the haters? Instagram's CEO says to try his kindness-first app

Come to the site for the sunsets and cheese plate photos, stay for the lack of hate and vitriol, CEO Kevin Systrom says.

Waymo Engineer Left Trail of Deleted Files En Route to Uber

Uber Technologies Inc. hired an engineer to lead its driverless car program last year even after its own research revealed red flags about how much proprietary information he took from his former employer, Waymo.

Warner Bros. Records Gets New Leadership

Warner Music Group Corp. named new leaders at Warner Bros. Records, home to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Green Day, handing the reins of its namesake label to the company’s next generation of music executives.

How to enable automatic security updates on CentOS 7 with yum-cron

If CentOS helps to power your data center, you might be interested in knowing it is possible (and fairly easy) to enable the automatic updating of security updates. This is especially handy if you have a number of CentOS 7 machines and would like this process to happen without you having to set aside precious time each week to make it so.

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55 Cybersecurity nightmare continues: 2.5M more US consumers impacted by Equifax data breach
56 U.S. Techies Eye ‘Boring’ Ottawa Over Hipster Toronto for Jobs
57 Ukraine Turns to Blockchain to Boost Land Ownership Transparency
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59 Your Yahoo account was definitely hacked -- here's what to do
60 Michelle Obama shares the cutest throwback wedding photo to celebrate 25 years with Barack
61 Cult of Chucky Is a Fitting Step Forward For the Wackiest Slasher Series Ever
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66 'The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia' is a 320-page dream for superfans
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68 Divided Uber board reaches peace with SoftBank, governance deal
69 CEO Satya Nadella is making Microsoft nicer
70 Former Intel CEO Paul S. Otellini Dies at Age 66
71 Every Yahoo account that existed—all 3 billion—was compromised in 2013 hack
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73 After Las Vegas Shooting, Fake News Regains Its Megaphone
74 This Belgian Food Pyramid Is a Handy Cheat Sheet for Healthy Eating
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81 Yahoo now says all 3 billion accounts were hit in 2013 breach
82 Amazon delivers supplies to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico
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84 A city just voted to create Amazon, Georgia, if the company builds its second headquarters there
85 Uber’s Board Approves Changes to Reshape Company’s Power Balance
86 GM’s Cruise explains why self-driving tests in dense cities gives it an edge
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