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Daniel Radcliffe rapping 'Alphabet Aerobics' is magically delicious

Daniel Radcliffe will blow you away with a flawless cover of Blackalicious’ song “Alphabet Aerobics" on Tuesday's 'Tonight Show.'

Adam Savage's Ghostbusters Costume

To celebrate both Halloween this week and the 30th anniversary of the release of Ghostbusters, Adam shares his own Ghostbusters uniform and prop replicas tha...

T-Pain's 'weird as hell' Tiny Desk performance

T-Pain visited NPR's headquarters in Washington, D.C., on Monday for a Tiny Desk concert, proving that the hip hop artist indeed has some serious pipes.

Viral voguer Brendan Jordan works it with Queen Latifah

Everyone who knows Brendan Jordan is not surprised by his overnight Internet fame. Here, he shows off his skills with Queen Latifah.

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Xiaomi Now The World’s Third Biggest Smartphone Maker, Says IDC | TechCrunch

While Samsung remained the world’s leading smartphone makers, IDC said it was the only company in the top five to see shipment volume decline year-over-year, thanks to competition as well as “cooling demand for its high-end devices.” Its main volume drivers for the quarter were mid-range and low-end devices, which means its average sales price also fell.

LG G Watch R - powered by android wear

IFA 2014 LG - G Watch R Presentation

About.Me Launches App That Aims To Replace The Business Card | TechCrunch

Intro solves another problem: putting a face to a name. “It seems a little weird to put your picture on a business card,” says Conrad. “But I started doing that and now I’m used to it.” Now the same thing is available on a digital contact via Intro. It can help you remember what the person who gave you their contact actually looks like. That’s definitely a critical change. How many conferences go by with contact info exchanged only to totally forget who a bunch of people were and what they looked like?

Don’t be surprised to see video ads in your Instagram feed starting today

And though Adweek notes that Instagram execs screen every video to make sure it fits with the platform’s aesthetic, the ads featured in the article don’t look anything like the kind of video you would normally see on Instagram. The Call of Duty ad looks like a typical TV commercial; same goes for Disney’s “Big Hero 6” spot. Banana Republic’s time-lapsed sketches would be right at home on Vine, though they wouldn’t look out of place on Instagram, either. The clothing company’s photo ads already show up in my feed, so I wouldn’t bat an eye if this video appeared in my stream.

Battlefield Hardline delayed to deepen cops vs. robbers fantasy

Battlefield Hardline is due out in March 2015, following a delay announced in July this year. During EA's financial call today, CEO Andrew Wilson explained that feedback from beta tests and trade shows drove the decision to give developer Visceral Games more time. "The cops and criminals fantasy – this is kind of the foundation for the game – resonated very, very strongly not just with existing fans, but with new players to the Battlefield franchise," Wilson said. "But the feedback was also universal that we should go deeper with that fantasy and really deliver against that to a greater degree. What we've done is given the development team that time to go back in and really look at how to truly deliver on that cops and criminals kind of gameplay as it exists in a Battlefield world." Battlefield Hardline pits players against both police officers and well-supplied criminals in large cities, rather than taking place in the traditional military FPS landscape of a warzone. When Battlefield Hardline was delayed, Visceral said it wanted to flesh out the game's multiplayer experience, single-player story depth and its overall stability.

This Ad Shows Just How Romantic The Internet Of Things Can Be

Home automation tech brand WeMo and agency CP+B put a romantic spin on the potential of Internetting your stuff and your life with this new ad. Here we meet Rachel, who comes home to a Rube Goldbergian assembly of web-enabled devices--from the stereo and lights to the crock-pot and TV. It's all an elaborate anniversary gift from her husband Dan who can't be home for the occasion.

The iMac’s 5K Retina Screen Is Spectacular

First, of course, the higher resolution the screen, the more expensive it is. $2,500 may be a bargain among 5K monitors, but it’s still $800 more than the regular, 27-inch, non-Retina iMac. That’s right: For the price of the 5K-er, you could buy a regular 27-inch iMac, a beautiful new iPad, and still have enough money left over for a week of celebratory dinners at Applebee’s.

Groupon Q3 Beats The Street On Sales Of $757.1M, EPS Of $0.03 | TechCrunch

Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) is a global leader of local commerce and the place you start when you want to buy just about anything, anytime, anywhere. By leveraging the company’s global relationships and scale, Groupon offers consumers a vast marketplace of unbeatable deals all over the world. Shoppers discover the best a city has to offer on the web or on mobile with Groupon Local, enjoy vacations with …

Instagram Is Down

Instagram's website and mobile app were both down this morning, but now the service seems to be working again. Here's what you would have seen when the website was down:

Tapkast Brings Ephemeral Status Updates To Your iPhone’s Lock Screen | TechCrunch

“The problem now is that when you share on Facebook (or many of the other popular networks), you have no idea who will see your update and when they might see it. You also frequently miss the interesting stuff from friends because they’re shoved into a feed full of BuzzFeed articles and viral videos,” explains Million. “So we made Tapkast ephemeral, only your latest post is saved. Next time you share something, your previous update and any of its replies disappear. We also added a feature so your status is cleared after 24 hours to keep it relevant.”

New EU Digital Chief Floats Tough Anti-Google Regulations

He’s not even officially in the job yet, but incoming European Commissioner for the Digital Economy, Germany’s Günther Oettinger, seems to be champing at the bit to curtail Google Inc.’s power on the continent.

Researchers Say They Have Found A Piece Of Amelia Earhart's Plane

A 19-by-23 inch piece of aluminum found in 1991 has now been identified as a piece of Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Electra, "with a high degree of certainty." The famous aviatrix disappeared on July 2, 1937. The incident became one of aviation's greatest mysteries, prior to the loss of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 this year.

Autodesk puts up $100M fund for 3D printing companies

“We will look carefully at companies small or large that are able to both innovate and enhance the ecosystem,” Autodesk consumer group vice president Samir Hanna said in an interview. “We want to make sure we bring the best minds together … that will develop in the fastest possible way the 3D printing ecosystem, hopefully at a much faster pace than has happened to date.”

Stephen Colbert takes on Gamergate with Anita Sarkeesian

He also asked why women couldn't just have "separate but equal games," a direct reference to the infamous and racist "separate but equal" law that enabled racial segregation in the United States. The 10-minute segment closed with Colbert asking Sarkeesian whether he was able to call himself a feminist. In order to give himself the tag, and join the ranks of Gamergate's hated "social justice warriors," Sarkeesian queried simply whether he believed in equal rights for women, to which Colbert replied — "sure, I guess."

The kindest cut: my journey into the nether regions of male birth control

The doctor gives my scrotum a firm tug, stretching the skin flat. “This is where I would punch the hole,” he explains. I wince, and he says, “I can assure you, it doesn’t hurt at all.” From there, he explains, it’s a simple process to extract and sever my vas deferens, the tiny tubes that carry my seed. Just to be safe, he’ll cauterize the cut ends before tying them back together, burning my baby-making apparatus into oblivion.

Top Internet Censor Hints at Facebook’s China Challenges

A senior Chinese Internet regulator on Thursday showed the hurdles Facebook could encounter trying to get into the Chinese market — no matter how impressive Mark Zuckerberg’s Chinese might be.

The Best Thing About Microsoft's Health Tracker Is That It's Cross-Platform | WIRED

While Health and Fit are locked into their corresponding operating system silos, Microsoft hopes to ford digital and hardware divides by making Health and its hardware constituent the Microsoft Band cross-platform. This is a smart move for a company whose mobile OS still only retains a four percent marketshare in the U.S. By packing the wearable with a handful of unique features like UV monitoring and guided workouts, the device could attract health-focused folks who might not otherwise go for a Microsoft product, and thus introduce them to the company’s ecosystem just as the iPod did for Apple back in the early 2000′s (“If you like the features and quality of this product, why not get even more by switching to a Windows Phone device?”). It’s a long shot, but perhaps one of the best chances in years Microsoft has of luring people into its mobile world.

James Cameron doesn’t think Oculus is a big deal

Avatar director James Cameron thinks about VR every day, but he doesn’t believe that Hollywood will take advantage of the technology for a few more years — and quite frankly, he doesn’t share all the recent hype about Oculus: “There seems to be a lot of excitement around something that is… a yawn to me,” Cameron said during an on-stage interview at the Wall Street Journal’s WSJ.D Live conference in Southern California Wednesday.

Microsoft Adds IoT, Big Data Orchestration Services to Azure

"With Azure Stream Analytics, businesses can gain insights in real-time from data generated by devices, sensors, infrastructure, applications and other sources," Sirosh says. "Developers can combine streams of data — such as clickstreams, logs, metering data or device-generated events — with historic records or reference data. Complementing Stream Analytics, Azure Event Hubs is a highly scalable publish-subscribe ingestor that collects millions of events per second, allowing users to process and analyze data produced by connected assets such as devices and sensors. Stream Analytics provides out-of-the-box integration with Event Hubs — when connected, these two solutions enable customers to harness IoT by processing and analyzing massive amounts of data in real time."

What’s wrong with automatically scanning Twitter for suicidal tweets?

“Bear Faced Lady” had similar concerns: “I never expected when I first joined Twitter in 2009 that it would become a trusted and safe space for me to talk about the depths and despair of my mental health but it has. It has for many. It’s a hard, sad fact that people kill themselves. That they genuinely see no place for themselves in the world, or the world they inhabit is just too damn hard. What is harder is to accept that it is their right to seek help or not. You can show them support. You can be a friend. You can tell them you care. You really don’t need an app for that.”

Tim Cook: 'I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me'

“I’ll admit that this wasn’t an easy choice. Privacy remains important to me, and I’d like to hold on to a small amount of it,’ he said. “So if hearing that the CEO of Apple is gay can help someone struggling to come to terms with who he or she is, or bring comfort to anyone who feels alone, or inspire people to insist on their ­equality, then it’s worth the trade-off with my own privacy.”

South Park: "The Magic Bush" Review - IGN

This week's South Park combined Ferguson and drones to tell a clever story involving Cartman, Butters and -- of all things -- Craig's mom's nether regions. While certain elements didn't quite come together here (Stephen Stotch's drone conspiracy among them), "The Magic Bush" did a great job of melding satire and "boys being boys" shenanigans.

Going Beyond Coconut In The Great Water Wars

"There are words that are tricky…juice, water, ice," Goldin says. "FruitWater has absolutely no fruit it in. Sparkling Ice, a sweetened fruit soda drink, is advertising itself as "The Bold Side of Water." Aloe water has been shown to be linked to cancer in some tests. Maple water is touting itself as healthy, with absolutely no studies to back it up." So far, the drinks getting the most buzz are aloe and maple waters--drinks you may know better as “aloe juice” and “maple sap.” There are multiple companies making “water” from the soothing succulent best known for sunburn relief. One, Detox Water, far surpassed its $20,000 Kickstarter goal, with 291 backers pledging $31,030 in July. (The makers of Detox Water claim it has many health benefits, including being an anti-inflammatory, but topical aloe vera is going to be a better solution for that sunburn.)

Xiaomi Poaches Spotify’s Donovan Sung To Lead International Product Development | TechCrunch

Now that it’s apparently the third largest smartphone maker in the world , China’s Xiaomi needs experienced heads to help it build its business outside of Asia. And that’s exactly what it’s getting. TechCrunch understands that the company has completed a significant international hire, poaching Donovan Sung, who was Spotify’s first product manager in the US, to run its international product development team in a role based out of Beijing.

Google Releases Its New ‘Stars’ Bookmark Manager for Chrome

After multiple leaks  over the past few months, Google’s new Stars interface for the Chrome Bookmark Manager has launched on the Chrome Web store. Downloading the extension completely replaced Chrome’s old bookmarks interface, so you’ll want to keep that in mind if you’re thinking of installing.

Game on! Nintendo jumps into health tracking with a sleep sensor

While a fitness-tracking wristband may have been a more predictable step for the gaming company — we'd like to see one with Super Mario-like gamification that lets you unlock new levels the more you keep moving — this is a big step into the popular health and fitness tech category.

MSI fit a full mechanical keyboard in its new GT80 Titan gaming laptop

The mechanical keyboard's become pretty prevalent in certain gaming circles over the past few years, as more and more people are liberated from their mediocre rubber dome lifestyle. If there's one area that's yet to take advantage of the rise of mechanical keyboards, however, it's laptops. And that makes sense—laptops are on an ever-present quest to get thinner and shed more pounds while gaining performance, which is why most use scissor switches or a modified scissor switch variant.

Android founder Andy Rubin is leaving Google

Rubin is best known as the public face of Android, the mobile operating system that he initially began to develop with a startup in 2003, and which was subsequently acquired by Google in 2005. But he was also a co-founder of Danger, a company that developed the first cloud-based smartphone, the Sidekick, some 15 years ago.

Nintendo CEO Iwata recovers from surgery, returns to work

Good news, Nintendo fans -- CEO Satoru Iwata has returned to his position at the company following a medical-related absence, and notes that he has recovered well enough to resume his regular duties. Iwata missed a shareholders' meeting in June after revealing that he required surgery to remove a bile duct tumor. Iwata told Reuters that he lost weight during the past few months, but otherwise feels "healthier" after the operation. Welcome back, Iwata! For real though, what's with the bananas? [Image: Nintendo]


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Out with the air: Bridgestone shows off tires you never have to inflate - CNET

At the Paris Motor Show here, Bridgestone showed off a second-generation prototype of its Air Free tire, which replaces conventional tires' cushion of air with an array of shock-absorbing resin bands that resemble thick, angled spokes. The outside of the airless tire is coated with a replaceable tread made of a thin band of solid rubber.

Surprise! Controversial Patriot Act power now overwhelmingly used in drug investigations

So since the Patriot Act passed, the number of of sneak-and-peeks each year has grown from about 16 per year to over 11,000 in 2013. Meanwhile, not only have the number of sneak-and-peek investigations unrelated to terrorism increased on a massive scale, the percentage of sneak-and-peeks that have anything to do with terrorism continues to drop. In other words, sneak-and-peek is increasingly ubiquitous while the justification for granting the government this power in the first place — terrorism — is not only irrelevant to the tactic’s increasing pervasiveness, it gets more irrelevant every year.

Tim Cook Speaks Up

I don’t consider myself an activist, but I realize how much I’ve benefited from the sacrifice of others. So if hearing that the CEO of Apple is gay can help someone struggling to come to terms with who he or she is, or bring comfort to anyone who feels alone, or inspire people to insist on their equality, then it’s worth the trade-off with my own privacy.

Watch the trailer for 'Ex Machina,' a sci-fi thriller from the writer of '28 Days Later'

If you're a sci-fi fan, you're probably familiar with some of Alex Garland's incredible work: he wrote the tense thriller Sunshine and the revered zombie film 28 Days Later . Now Garland is directing his first film, and  the result is Ex Machina : a thriller about two men testing the intelligence of an AI inside a robotic woman's body. The men, played by Oscar Isaac and Domhnall Gleeson, both work for an "internet-search giant" — so it's easy to imagine what the film may be trying to parallel there — but the crux of the story appears to be around some strange emergence of sexuality and deception. This is definitely one to look out for. It'll be in theaters next year on April 10th.

Science Graphic of the Week: How Magic Mushrooms Rearrange Your Brain | WIRED

Perhaps some aspects of consciousness arise from these meta-networks—and to investigate the proposition, the researchers analyzed fMRI scans of 15 people after being injected with psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, and compared them to scans of their brain activity after receiving a placebo.

The Real-Life Inspiration for the Super Friends' Hall of Justice Is in Danger | WIRED

When the Super Friends of the classic 1970s cartoon series gather at the Hall of Justice, Cincinnatians find it eerily familiar—after all, the hideout drew inspiration from the Queen City’s Union Terminal. But now the art deco masterpiece is in need of some super friends itself.

This CEO Spent His Stanford Years Taking Dance Classes--And They're Key To His Success

Ta-da! The power of social dance triumphs! (cue Valkeries music) The magic of partner dancing is that there are so many wonderful elements happening all at the same time, in such a visible, intimate personal space. All the problems of life are solved by social dancing! Life comes down to relationships, and partner dancing is the most marvelous visible, kinetic way to experience the beauty of a functional, graceful relationship between two imperfect people, to experience the transcendence of a delightful interaction of moving harmoniously and perfectly to music, even if only for a few moments. It takes our breath away. Thank you Richard Powers and all the dance teachers who teach us. p.s. come join my Santa Cruz Sunday Social dance, when you're in town

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Photos that give voice to the animal kingdom

Nature photographer Frans Lanting uses vibrant images to take us deep into the animal world. In this short, visual talk he calls for us to reconnect with other earthly creatures, and to shed the metaphorical skins that separate us from each other.

How The Most Successful People Conquer Burnout

After several years of head-down-focused work, day in and day out, you’ll start to feel the rigorous training you’ve forced your body to adopt has taken a toll. You’ll either push through or hit the wall hard. The most successful people have all dealt with this life-work challenge at some point. Below, seven of them share what they did to reset and recover.

The Web at 25 in the U.S.

The internet and the Web are not the same thing. The Web is a service that uses the internet’s architecture and is technologically distinct from some other internet functions such as email and peer-to-peer file sharing. In our survey questions, we broadly use the word “internet” when we are asking about what people do online. Many of the things people report to us involve Web activities, even if respondents do not necessarily know that is the layer of the internet they are using. As a result, it is a common practice for us in this report and earlier work to use the words “internet” and “Web” interchangeably, even though they are different things. ↩

OperationSAFE is on JustCoz!

“A children's worker in East Samar learns a new craft via @operationsafe training”

The unexpected math behind Van Gogh's "Starry Night" - Natalya St. Clair

Mobile Advertising Is Exploding And Will Grow Much Faster Than All Other Digital Ad Categories

The report looks at the most important mobile ad formats, including display, video, social, and search. The report provides exclusive breakdowns on how spend on each format will grow and why, and examines the overall performance of mobile ads. It also looks at how programmatic ad-buying tools, including real-time bidding, are reshaping mobile advertising.

About.Me Launches App That Aims To Replace The Business Card | TechCrunch

Intro solves another problem: putting a face to a name. “It seems a little weird to put your picture on a business card,” says Conrad. “But I started doing that and now I’m used to it.” Now the same thing is available on a digital contact via Intro. It can help you remember what the person who gave you their contact actually looks like. That’s definitely a critical change. How many conferences go by with contact info exchanged only to totally forget who a bunch of people were and what they looked like?

Introducing osquery

After talking with several external companies, it became clear to us that maintaining insight into the low-level behavior of operating systems is not a problem which is unique to Facebook. Over the past few months, we have released the osquery code and binaries to a small number of external companies. They have successfully deployed and tested osquery within their environments and they've given us great feedback.

Estonia’s Jobbatical, A Job Site For Work Sabbaticals And Career Breaks, Raises Seed Round | TechCrunch

“There are employers looking for experienced professionals for short term hires, and individuals either working as freelancers or just seeking a working sabbatical to use and develop their skills and interests. There is a demand and supply for short-term hiring, but no platform to do the matchmaking,” she says, adding that four out of ten companies in the UK and close to three out of ten in the U.S. allow sabbatical breaks for their employees.

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