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Watch SpaceX launch and land a Falcon 9 rocket this afternoon

The 16th launch of ‘17

Nvidia's AI Creates Artificial Human Faces from Celebrity Photos

Nvidia researchers used an AI algorithm known as a generative adversarial networks to create photo-realistic images.

Destiny 2's first expansion is coming on December 5th

Curse of Osiris, the first expansion for Destiny 2, is hitting consoles on December 5th. The date was announced alongside a new trailer at Sony’s Paris Games Week conference, teasing the upcoming...

Square made its own payment register

Square unveiled its new payment register today, a tablet-like device that only runs Square’s checkout software. Soon, instead of swiping and signing an iPad for your coffee, you’ll be swiping and...

YouTubers put a gigantic DIY spin on a beloved chocolate bar

Give us a piece!

Wheelchair Halloween costume revs up as a retro Batmobile

Holy Halloween costumes, Batman! A DIY dad turned his son's wheelchair into a crime-fighting classic Batmobile.

'Spelunky' is one of the greatest games ever made and now it's getting a sequel

Sony had a big, unexpected surprise for Paris Game Week: A 'Spelunky 2' announcement!

The 10 biggest announcements from PlayStation’s Paris Games Week 2017 keynote

Sony kicked off the 2017 edition of Paris Games Week with a slew of new announcements for both PS4 and PlayStation VR games. For the most part, the reveals were focused on 2018 and beyond....

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Sprint reportedly calling off T-Mobile merger talks

Sprint and T-Mobile may not end up together after all — at least not in the immediate future. According to Nikkei , Sprint’s owner, Softbank, plans to call off merger negotiations with T-Mobile because the two companies can’t agree on what ownership of the combined business would look like. The two companies have been in talks for months, and Softbank had hoped to combine the two companies as early as 2013 .

Russian-backed election content may have reached 126M on Facebook

Facebook said Russia-backed operatives published about 80,000 posts that were delivered to approximately 29 million people on the social network during a two-year period. The posts may have spread to three times that many people after the posts were shared, liked and followed by Facebook users, the company said.

‘House of Cards’ Will End After Season Six

“House of Cards,” the Netflix Inc. series pulled into Hollywood’s controversy over sexual harassment and abuse, will conclude after shooting its sixth season, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.

Microsoft is Killing Premium -

MS has been killing too many products without regard to the impact on customers. In doing so, they are forcing people to question whether or not the product they are purchasing from them will be supported for ANY length of time, much less long into the future. They will likely retain a good portion of what 'Outlook Premium' was, and if that benefits you, that's great. Don't expect your 'killer' feature to be kept, however.

Facebook: 126 million Americans may have seen Russia-linked political posts

( Reuters ) — Facebook Inc said on Monday that Russia-based operatives published about 80,000 posts on the social network over a two-year period in an effort to sway U.S. politics and that about 126 million Americans may have seen the posts during that time.

USA TODAY Tech on Twitter

Russian fake accounts showed posts to 126 million Facebook users

Apple fired an iPhone X engineer after his daughter's hands-on video went viral

Though the iPhone X is on the cusp of being publicly available, it's entirely possible that the unit he had — which Peterson showed off in the video — was a pre-production unit. Even if it wasn't, Apple assuredly doesn't want its staff casually showing off unreleased products in unauthorized YouTube videos.


Netflix cancels 'House of Cards' after Kevin Spacey allegations

Media Rights Capital and Netflix are deeply troubled by last night’s news concerning Kevin Spacey. In response to last night’s revelations, executives from both of our companies arrived in Baltimore this afternoon to meet with our cast and crew to ensure that they continue to feel safe and supported. As previously scheduled, Kevin Spacey is not working on set at this time.

How Russian trolls lie their way to the top of your news feed

So if you've noticed your Facebook feed getting more negative, that's because its algorithm has been promoting arguments, Whelan said. And with the rise of bots, and trolls getting more sophisticated, it's becoming harder to tell if that person you're arguing with is even real.

Apple's Tim Cook, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg meet with Chinese president

The two tech CEOs serve on an advisory board for Tsinghua University's School of Economics and Management, and were in China as part of an annual gathering.

Apple designing iPhones, iPads without Qualcomm modems after key testing software withheld

Amidst an international legal fight against Qualcomm, Apple is said to be mulling a decision to drop the chipmaker's modems in next year's iPhone and iPad models after it was denied access to software used to test key communications components.

GameStop appears to be launching an unlimited used game rental subscription

The new program, called Power Pass, costs $60 for six months, and allows customers to borrow any used game that GameStop has to offer. Plus, at the end of the six-month period, you’ll get to keep whatever the last title you checked out was.

9 Things We Loved About Stranger Things 2 (and 4 We Didn't)

And yet it’s just not as entertaining as last year. Seeing a young girl travel to Chicago on her own to basically be exploited by a bunch of new characters serves a purpose, to be sure. But it feels too unfamiliar for the show. Not in a terrible way, but just in a slightly disappointing way. Keeping her away from the main characters also slowed down the main story considerably. Imagine if Hopper had just talked to her about it; things could have be solved sooner, leaving more time for a more involved story. As it stands now, as wonderful as her comeback in episode eight is, and how kick ass her role in the finale is, she’s kind of this season’s deus ex machina, inserted right when she needed to to save the day, instead of being an active player throughout.

What's the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

That said, modern shoppers tend to prefer online shopping, and while the deals themselves might not be quite as good on Cyber Monday as on Black Friday, the former tends to drive more actual revenue for sellers. (In 2016, CM sales hit $3.45 billion, a new record and just ahead of BF's $3.34 billion.)

It’s Been 10 Years Since Robots Proved They Could Drive

Aurora, whose sparse website promises “safe, efficient mobility,” is part of the new crop of companies whose origins can be traced back to Pentagon-funded contests a decade ago. A close-knit diaspora emerged from the Darpa competitions in much the same way early members of the so-called PayPal Mafia went on to lead or fund a long list of Silicon Valley successes. Most of the self-driving descendants have vaguely futuristic, one-word names—Argo, Nuro, Waymo, Zoox—as well as a fervent idealism about preventing traffic deaths and transforming the way people live and move. Urmson and his peers from the contest embody how far autonomous vehicles have come in a decade—and how much work remains.

YouTube TV's skinny bundle lands on Apple TV soon

To accommodate the living room, the YouTube TV app will sport a new user interface with a dark background, a live TV guide, and a background playback experience. It will also give you the option to start a show on one device and pick up where you left off on another.

How to setup Google Prompt for faster two-factor authentication

A mobile app, such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, or Authy, can also provide 2SV. Once connected to an account, the app generates a 6-digit sequence that you enter as the second step in your authentication process (after your username and password). But unlike Google Prompt and SMS, which require network connectivity, these authentication apps create 6-digit codes when your device is out of coverage. These apps also work with most other sites that offer 2-step authentication, such as Salesforce, Dropbox, GitHub, and many more .

Musk’s Plant Makeover Even More of a Long Shot as Model 3 Lags

Tesla’s plan to make half a million cars next year became all-the-more ambitious after the sluggish start the company got off to with its most important electric vehicle yet, the Model 3 sedan. Musk may be confident about solving the unspecified bottlenecks holding back production. But to meet his 2018 goal, he would have to transform one of North America’s lowest-volume auto factories into the third-highest output plant in the region.

NotPetya ransomware outbreak cost Merck more than $300M per quarter

Due to a production shutdown caused by the attack, Merck saw sales reductions of around $240 million. This was because of "borrowing from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Pediatric Vaccine Stockpile of GARDASIL 9 (Human Papillomavirus 9-valent Vaccine, Recombinant), a vaccine to prevent certain cancers and other diseases caused by HPV" and a higher-than-expected demand, Merck officials noted on the call.

‘House of Cards’ Canceled; Netflix ‘Deeply Troubled’ by Spacey Assault Claim

Netflix drama “House of Cards” will end with its upcoming sixth season, Variety has learned. Production has begun on what will be the final season of the drama series, which is set to premiere in 2018. Word of the series’ end comes in the wake of sexual-assault allegations against its star, Kevin Spacey. On Sunday […]

YouTube TV coming to Apple TV within matter of weeks

Cord-cutting option YouTube TV will finally a get a native Apple TV app within "coming weeks," a report said on Monday. YouTube TV was originally conceived as a "mobile-first" service, but YouTube gradually came to realize that a lot of people preferred watching in their living room through Google Cast, product management director Christian Oestlien told The Verge . Apart from the Apple TV, other platforms slated to get native support in the next few weeks include Roku devices and smart TVs by Sony, Samsung, and LG. For a long time, YouTube TV was only directly accessible on iPhones, iPads, desktops, and Android phones and tablets. People who wanted to watch on a full-sized TV had to make use of a Chromecast, or push to an Apple TV through AirPlay. New today are Android TV and Xbox One apps. There are no plans to bring the service to Amazon devices, reflecting the same rift with Google that resulted in YouTube vanishing from the Echo Show . Apple TV 4K owners likely won't be able to watch in 4K resolution, since that option isn't available to other YouTube TV customers or in the main tvOS YouTube app .

How to customize the Apple Touch Bar to add efficiency to the macOS desktop

As I said, I was skeptical at first. However, after a bit of customization, I've come to depend upon the Touch Bar to help bring even more efficiency to the MacBook Pro. If you've yet to find yourself on the positive side of the Touch Bar, make a few customizations and see if you don't wind up using it more and more. It might take a bit of tweaking to get it exactly as you need, but eventually you'll find that sweet spot and the Touch Bar will become your most efficient BFF.

AT&T partnership will bring 'open source AI marketplace for businesses'

AT&T and Tech Mahindra are launching a new platform called Acumos, hosted by the Linux Foundation, which aims to make it easier to build and share AI apps.

Batman and the Scooby-Doo Gang Are Teaming Up Again for a New Movie

Roly reunion, Raggy! The not-so-Dark Knight from Batman: The Brave and the Bold and the Mystery, Incorporated crew will be crashing into each other’s lives once more, decades after their first onscreen meeting. More importantly: THE QUESTION WILL BE THERE, TOO.

13 details you might have missed in 'Stranger Things' season 2

There are also some callbacks to the previous season and other little details you may not have picked up on during your bingefest.  Here's a look at everything you might have missed. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. Following is a transcript of the video.

Twitter suspends Trump ally Roger Stone after rant

The suspension came after Stone went on a Twitter rant, calling Lemon a "dumb piece of shit" after CNN reported an indictment had been filed in an investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 election.

iPhone X demand buzz propels Apple shares to all-time high

Shares of the consumer electronic giant hit an all-time high of $168.07 on Monday morning, valuing the company at roughly $860 billion. Shares are a bit off that peak, more recently trading at $166.63, up 2.2 percent from the previous close.

Square announces the Register, a $999 point-of-sale device for larger businesses

The Square Register will cost $999, plus a transaction fee of 2.5 percent and 10 cents per transaction. Dorogusker acknowledged that might sound a little pricey (“You wouldn’t consider $999 an impulse purchase”) but he said larger retailers are already spending thousands of dollars on point-of-sale hardware. Plus, the price is lower than buying two comparable iPads. Square is also offering a financing option where businesses pay $49 a month for 24 months.

Hubble hunts first exomoon, new frontiers in search for E.T.

Astronomers on Saturday pointed the Hubble Space Telescope in the direction of a star system 4,000 light-years away, where they hope to confirm the presence of an exomoon orbiting a distant exoplanet for the first time. Confirming the existence of such satellites beyond our own solar system opens a new door in the search for life elsewhere in the universe.

Space is terrifying, so NASA created this Halloween playlist filled with spooky sounds

Scientists sometimes translate radio signals into sound to better understand the signals. This approach is called "data sonification". On June 27, 1996, the Galileo spacecraft made the first flyby of Jupiter's largest moon, Ganymede, and this audio track represents data from Galileo's Plasma Wave Experiment instrument.

Facebook reveals new political ad policies in wake of U.S. election

The most significant change is that political advertisers will require verification before they can run an ad. Anyone purchasing an election ad will first have to identify the organization they represent and where it is located, in addition to including “Paid for by” information in the ad itself. Facebook users who click on the disclosure will be able to see all of the verification documentation, along with an explanation of why they saw that ad, as they already can with existing Facebook ads. New machine learning tools are being developed to identify any political ad purchaser that doesn’t actively seek verification to block them from buying space on the network.

How to delete WhatsApp messages you already sent | Cult of Mac

In the United States, texts and iMessage still rule as the communication options of choice, but everywhere else it’s Facebooks’s WhatsApp. The app is so popular and pervasive that it has convinced whole towns full of aging parents, grandmothers and grandfathers to buy crappy Samsung smartphones to communicate with their families. Businesses let you book haircuts, dentist appointments and leg waxings via WhatsApp.

Samsung's chips push it to record profits

Samsung's results come a few days before rival Apple reports its own quarterly numbers. Both companies have been facing a slowdown in the mobile market but are still attracting millions of buyers with their phones. In the case of Samsung, that's the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus from this spring and the Note 8 from September. Apple, for its part, introduced the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus last month and will launch its flash iPhone X on Friday.

USA TODAY Tech on Twitter

Elon Musk shares first pic of futuristic underground L.A. tunnel

Beijing Bike Rentals Show Data Is King, BlackRock's Wiseman Says

China’s booming bicycle-rental industry is just one example of how data can make even the oldest of businesses lucrative, and failing to adapt can prove costly, according to the world’s largest asset manager.

What Should We Sous Vide for Thanksgiving?

Hello friends, and welcome back to Will It Sous Vide?, the column where I usually make whatever you …

Apple launches new round of developer betas with iOS 11.2, watchOS 4.2, tvOS 11.2

Apple has started on the next wave of OS release testing, launching developer beta tests for iOS 11.2, watchOS 4.2, and tvOS 11.2 —suggesting that full releases of iOS 11.1, watchOS 4.1, and tvOS 11.1 are imminent. The new iOS 11.2 has build number 15C5092b. Known issues include crashing of the Podcasts app when playing back a podcast with chapter markers, and after an iPhone with the new version of the OS is used with an iPhone dock using a charger without the dock requires restarting the phone. The first beta of tvOS 11.2 has build number 15K5085b. Apple notes that App Switcher usage may result in poor responsiveness when swiping between apps. tvOS 11.2 adds APIs for automatic frame rate and dynamic range switching for apps that don't use AVKit for video playback. watchOS 4.2 has a build number of 15S5085b. Known issues include iTunes Store sign-in failure when pairing under certain conditions, and app icons may appear as placeholder images rarely. At present, it is not clear what, if any, new features have been added in each beta. AppleInsider , and Apple itself, both do not suggest installing beta releases on mission-critical hardware.

A federal judge just shot down President Trump’s military transgender ban | Fast Company

I am directing the Secretary of Defense, and the Secretary of Homeland Security with respect to the U.S. Coast Guard, to return to the longstanding policy and practice on military service by transgender individuals that was in place prior to June 2016 until such time as a sufficient basis exists upon which to conclude that terminating that policy and practice would not have the negative effects discussed above.

Shareholders Press Twitter, Facebook and Google on Fake News

“As investors, we cannot allow Facebook, Google, and Twitter to become dumpster fires of disinformation and hate,” Arjuna managing partner Natasha Lamb said in a statement Monday. “Users will abandon the platforms as quickly as they joined them.”

This Baby Dressed Up As a Porg Is Almost Certainly Cuter Than Your Baby

I do not have children. They seem like an awful lot of work and stress. I will say though that there are moments when I see a baby dressed up as, like, a turnip and think to myself “aw, that’s cute. Maybe having a baby would be fun. For like dress up.” Those moments are over now, though, because of this baby right here.

Facebook’s 2016 Election Team Gave Advertisers A Blueprint To A Divided US

Indeed, it's increasingly clear that Facebook did not police its platform effectively during the 2016 election . This week, the company will have to answer questions from Congress about its missteps, including how it allowed a $100,000 Kremlin-linked ad buy intended to influence the election and sow discord in its aftermath. Asked if any of the 14 segments were targeted in that ad buy, a Facebook spokesperson said they were not, noting that the segments were available only through sales teams from whom the Russians did not buy ads. Asked if the Russians used the broader, umbrella categories in their targeting, a Facebook spokesperson reiterated Facebook's intention to let Congress decide whether to release the ads and associated data.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have allegedly ended their relationship after 10 months

The news comes after Gomez was spotted with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber on Sunday. The two were seen eating breakfast together and heading to church.

Beyonce and Jay-Z dressed as rap's iconic couple to one-up your Halloween game

The couple dressed up as one of rap's iconic duo, Lil' Kim and Notorious B.I.G for Kelly Rowland's Halloween party on Sunday and the looks are practically identical to the real deals.

I am 100% on board with Jose Canseco's compelling 'Stranger Things' theory

Knowing what we know about evolutionary biology (very little), Jose Canseco (very little), and the timeless, otherworldly adult twins/ Stranger Things creators the Duffer brothers (very little), I see no immediate reason to reject Canseco's Origin of Species theory. In fact, I would argue that the theory deserves equal time in public schools.

Sprint's Merger Talks With T-Mobile Are in Peril

Sprint and T-Mobile have discussed a merger for years with many fits and starts, and it’s unclear whether the companies will ultimately return to the table, the people said. The logic behind the deal has been that it would create a stronger third player in the U.S. wireless market and could use 5G high-speed technology to deliver data and video service robust enough to compete with cable companies.

In This Sneak Peek at Stan Against Evil Season Two, There's a Ghoulish Blast From the Past for Our Hero

When we last saw Stan (John C. McGinley), the demon-fighting ex-sheriff of Willard’s Mill, he’d just survived the craziest events of Stan Against Evil ’s first season. Unfortunately, he was left unable to remember some very key stuff—which begins to haunt him in this clip from the season two premiere.

Another Company Surges After Announcing Plans to Get Into Cryptocurrencies

“We have the ability now, because of the digital account that we built, to very quickly add new, innovative product and we’ve got the scale to roll them out," Feller said, adding that investors are starting to take notice. “As we continue to roll out new products, people are realizing that we truly are this platform company and that obviously is part of what people are starting to appreciate in the market."

Video: Hackers are stealing data from critical infrastructure

ZDNet's Steve Ranger explains why hackers are targeting industrial control systems, and how weaknesses in critical infrastructure could lead to cyber-conflict in the near future.

Why wait? eBay Black Friday 2017 deals start this week

Set a reminder for November 6 as you'll want to check back at eBay for even more before-Black Friday savings. Just like the earlier deals, these savings go into effect at 5am PT / 8am ET one week from today. The deals listed here are not currently live.

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