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Netflix's 'Raising Dion' is a black superhero family drama

Single motherhood is hard, but it's even harder if your kid can make his cereal float out of its bowl.

Tim Cook remembers Steve Jobs, who died 6 years ago today

In a Tweet, Apple CEO Tim Cook honors his predecessor on the anniversary of Jobs' death.

Apple posts trailer for 'Bang! The Bert Berns Story,' coming to Apple Music Oct. 24

Download the new, completely redesigned TechCrunch mobile app

The TechCrunch mobile app was in dire need of a refresh, so we rebuilt it from the ground up. Starting today, you can download the new app in the iOS App..

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Microsoft's Edge Browser Comes to iOS and Android

Microsoft today announced that it is bringing Microsoft Edge, its own web browser found on Windows devices, to iOS and Android. Microsoft says that Windows users have long requested their “browser experience to move” to their phones which is why it is bringing Edge to iOS and Android.

Russian hackers reportedly used popular antivirus software to steal NSA data

The attack, which happened in 2015 though it was only discovered last year, "is considered by experts to be one of the most significant security breaches in recent years." The files reportedly lay out key parts of the NSA's strategy for spying and defending itself against cyberattack.

Amazon wants its own delivery service to rival FedEx and UPS

For a company that now operates experimental checkout-free grocery and drugstores , owns a nationwide supermarket chain , brick-and-mortar bookstores, a smart home line, and a video streaming service, Amazon’s next move seems to be sending the message that it really can do everything. For Amazon, which spends billions of dollars every quarter on fulfillment, developing its own products and ensuring they get to your doorstep with the fewest amount of third-party businesses in between is a top priority.

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You know we’re in October right? The changes don’t go into effect until November. They’re ANNOUNCING the raises this month (October 19th).

Apple releases High Sierra update with fix for APFS disk utility, Keychain vulnerabilities

Apple updates High Sierra with fix for APFS Disk Utility flaw that revealed password instead of hint and Keychain vulnerability that let apps dump passwords

What the Heck Is Google's Plan for Android Wear?

As 9to5Google first noted, the Android Wear page is still live , but Android Wear is nowhere to be found on the Google Store page. If you navigate to the Android Wear page, you’ll find that the LG Android Wear watches launched earlier this year—and previously sold in the Google Store—aren’t even available any more. It feels like Google just quietly axed a whole section of its device lineup. If it isn’t branded as being Made by Google or Made for Google then it has no place in the Google Store.

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Google Home Max vs. HomePod and Google Home Mini vs. Amazon Echo Dot: battle of the smart speakers …

Which phone should you buy, iPhone X, Note 8 or Pixel 2 XL?

The Galaxy Note 8, the first Samsung phone with dual cameras and portrait mode, has a neat effect that saves a wide-angle version of the image along with the telephoto portrait shot, so you get both with the snap of a lens. The iPhone X and Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 2 will also save two version of the image, though the exact format and audio quality are something we'll need to test.

Some iPhone 8 Plus phones are reportedly splitting apart

A handful of iPhone 8 Plus phones have split apart in at least five different countries in the past 2 weeks, according to various reports.

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL: Google takes on the iPhone X

Using a combination of facial algorithms and a depth-mapping image sensor, the Pixel 2's camera renders blurred backgrounds for a dramatic, short depth-of-field effect. When we used Lens Blur last year, it was patchy and wasn't impressive at all. It'll be interesting to test how Google will execute it this time around, while still using a single lens, albeit with more advanced tech. You can take bokeh images with the front-facing camera too, but because only the facial training is built into that shooter, it will only work on faces and not objects.

Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface launches cryptocurrency firm

Wu-Tang Clan rapper Ghostface Killah has co-founded a cryptocurrency firm and hopes to raise $30 million during its initial coin offering, according to a CNBC report Wednesday.

Bump Stock Innovator Inspired by People Who ‘Love Full Auto’

He began selling his bump stocks in 2010 with the help of his wife and grandparents in Moran, Tex., his small hometown of fewer than 300 residents. His company, Slide Fire Solutions, won approval from federal firearms regulators, and the business moved from a portable building that had once been a dog kennel into a much larger space on the Cottle family farm.

Woman Instagrams her catcallers to prove an important point

She captioned the photos with the inappropriate things these guys would say to her to get her attention, such as, "*honks at me 3 times with his scooter, approaches from behind and cuts off my way* 'God bless, When I see you, all I get is wild thoughts, wild, Wild Thoughts!! Darling...'"

Facebook Cut Russia Out of April Report on Election Influence

Facebook Inc. cut references to Russia from a public report in April about manipulation of its platform around the presidential election because of concerns among the company’s lawyers and members of its policy team, according to people familiar with the matter.

Russian Hackers Stole NSA Data on U.S. Cyber Defense

WASHINGTON—Hackers working for the Russian government stole details of how the U.S. penetrates foreign computer networks and defends against cyberattacks after a National Security Agency contractor removed the highly classified material and put it on his home computer, according to multiple people with knowledge of the matter.

Here’s what Google announced at its “Made By Google” Pixel event

On October 4, Google held a product launch event in San Francisco . Fast Company’s Daniel Terdiman, Mark Sullivan, and Harry McCracken were there to provide live updates on the news, which included two Pixel phones, low-end and high-end versions of the Google Home smart speaker, a Chrome OS-based laptop-tablet hybrid called the PixelBook, an update to the Daydream headset, Pixel Buds headphones, and the AI-infused Google Clips camera. See below for a replay of our coverage–and read these additional stories:

Google Pixelbook

The question here is just: Why? Businesses and schools looking for a secure, manageable solution to run their web apps will go for cheaper chromebooks that run adequately and cost a quarter of the price. And for less money than the Pixelbook, you can get an absolutely gorgeous Surface Laptop and run all the Windows apps your business needs, or get a Macbook , if you're into that sort of thing.

Uber's iOS app could have recorded your screen

The capability was put in place to make the Uber app work more smoothly with the Apple Watch, said the researchers, Will Strafach and Luca Todesco. Strafach and Todesco said this permission could give Uber access to all the personal information passing across a smartphone screen. What's more, it could make that data vulnerable to hackers if they commandeered Uber's software, though there's no evidence that's happened.

Uber app can silently record iPhone screens, researcher finds

Will Strafach, a security researcher, discovered this week that Uber had been granted an undocumented private app permission allowing access to the screen-recording feature. It's one of many "entitlements" that allow developers to tap into features of an iPhone or iPad that are normally off limits to most app developers, unless they have been granted special permission by Apple.

Bill Clinton also shared a pretty awkward puberty photo for Puerto Rico hurricane relief

Colbert and Kroll have vowed to donate money to a Puerto Rico hurricane relief fund for each celebrity that is brave enough to share a photo of themselves as a pre-teen.

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We Made Two io9 Staffers Watch Blade Runner for the First Time, and Here's What They Thought

Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner came out 35 years ago to mixed reviews, but these days most people consider it a scifi masterpiece. However, it’s also a film that occasionally happens to be a blind spot for some nerdy film fans. When we at io9 discovered we were employing not one, but two people who had never seen the film, we had to take steps to rectify the situation immediately.

Apple allowed Uber use of API to record iPhone screens, feature to be removed

Security researchers recently discovered Uber's app leveraged a powerful API to record users' iPhone screens in a bid to improve interoperability with its Apple Watch app, a permission only Apple could grant. According to security researcher Will Strafach, Uber took advantage of an entitlement that allowed its app to record user screen information even while the app was running in the background, reports Gizmodo . Entitlements are basic bits of code that allow access to hardware and software features, but certain high-level entitlements are usually restricted to first-party apps. These permissions are appended in code with the term "private," and are extremely guarded as they grant access to potentially sensitive user data. Strafach says Apple's issuance of Uber's particular entitlement is extremely rare, noting no other apps on the App Store aside from Apple's own appear to benefit from the same functionality. Uber claims Apple explicitly allowed the use of the entitlement, which was subsequently used to improve memory management on Apple Watch. Specifically, older versions of Apple's wearable were unable to render maps without the help of a paired iPhone, a main feature of Uber's software.

We tried Hampton Creek's elusive ‘scrambled egg’ product that’s been in development for 4 years — here’s the verdict

I tried a small bite of the sandwich — which had preemptively been cut into quarters as though in acknowledgement of my skepticism — and was blown away. The texture was perfect and the taste was distinctly egg. It didn't seem like it could be the same product, but perhaps all the "Just Scramble" needed was a bit of crispiness and a smidge of creamy pea protein. As we talked, I ate three more pieces. Running out of time, I put the fourth in a bag to take home.

Netflix is raising its prices, again

Asking for more money from subscribers will inevitably be met with a certain amount of blowback, particularly as consumers are now faced with a growing number of options for internet-delivered TV. Netflix faces growing competition from similar services including Amazon's Prime Video and HBO Now, as well as a variety of streaming TV bundles and smaller video-on-demand services.

Harvey Weinstein made up Jay-Z lyrics in worst sexual harassment response ever

Beyond that, though, there are a galaxy of questions. What is this "retirement party" of which Weinstein speaks? (LaPierre started reporting millions in retirement benefits in 2015, but remains as CEO.) Why is it important that the party will happen at his Bar Mitzvah location? How can a movie about how awful Trump is, something we all already know, bring about his impeachment? How exactly does a $5 million fund for women directors mitigate years of harassing women employees?

Don't suffer from your depression in silence

Having feelings isn't a sign of weakness — they mean we're human, says producer and activist Nikki Webber Allen. Even after being diagnosed with anxiety and depression, Webber Allen felt too ashamed to tell anybody, keeping her condition a secret until a family tragedy revealed how others close to her were also suffering. In this important talk about mental health, she speaks openly about her struggle — and why communities of color must undo the stigma that misreads depression as a weakness and keeps sufferers from getting help.

Facebook quietly launches Mac and PC Workplace Chat apps with screen share

TechCrunch has discovered that Facebook has stealthily launched official desktop PC and Mac chat apps with screen sharing — two features users have been begging for. Right now, they’re only available for Workplace, Facebook’s enterprise collaboration software that competes with Slack and other business apps. But users would surely enjoy if the consumer Messenger app got its own desktop app and screen sharing options one day.

Melania Trump keeps wearing sunglasses at night and apparently it's a big deal

Melania Trump keeps wearing sunglasses at night and apparently it's a big deal

John Kelly's personal cell phone was compromised, White House believes

Tech support staff discovered the suspected breach after Kelly turned his phone in to White House tech support this summer complaining that it wasn’t working or updating software properly.

Washing Machine War Will Test Trump’s Mettle on Trade

Rather than bring a typical trade complaint — like those Whirlpool successfully brought twice before, claiming that Samsung and LG were “dumping” their products at unlawfully low prices — Whirlpool chose to file a rarely used type of case that could cover all foreign countries and will leave the ultimate decision to President Trump. In this kind of “safeguard” case, the president has broad authority to impose barriers, including a sweeping tariff, if the United States finds that manufacturers were harmed by rising imports.

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Kofi is hanging on here in the finals of #WWExIGN ! @TrueKofi 1 - 2 @XavierWoodsPhD

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YouTube alters algorithm after searches for Las Vegas shooting turn up conspiracy theories

How to setup two-factor authentication for iCloud

Security has become a serious issue. If you think you're immune to the ways of the hacker, think again. Anything you can do to better secure your data should be considered a must-do. Setting up iCloud two-factor authentication is no exception. Get this working as quickly as possible and rest assured your iCloud data is a bit more secure than it was before.

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Flickr exploit allowed uploading tons of unwanted pics to user accounts

Watch Freakishly Agile Lice Swing on Pubes Like Trapeze Artists

If you’ve ever had to deal with an infestation of lice, you know that these parasites really like to get in there. A horrifying new video reveals the mad acrobatic chops that enable lice to make your hair their home, flinging themselves from strand to strand with the greatest of ease.

S&P 500 sets sixth record high close on tax overhaul optimism

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The S&P 500 posted its sixth straight record high close on Thursday, its longest run since 1997, as investors cheered increased prospects for a tax overhaul with Congress moving closer to agreement on a budget resolution.

10 Games Every Sony PlayStation 4 Player Needs

Nathan Drake makes his return to the treasure-hunting world in Uncharted 4 , alongside his long-lost brother. The Drakes travel the world to uncover the secrets of Libertalia, a pirate haven rumored to have untold riches. You will shoot and sneak your way across Madagascar, Scotland, and the Caribbean as you race the bad guys for the loot. Uncharted 4 takes a more cinematic approach than the gameplay-heavy Tomb Raider games, so if you're in the mood for a bombastic interactive experience, Uncharted 4 is your game.

Unafraid of emotion, Paramore delivers the therapeutic pop-rock show 2017 needs

But there's one key difference here: Williams has never been a solo artist. Despite her star power—and there's a lot of it—she's always stayed with the band. Fans might love Williams best of all, but they also love Paramore as a rock band—one that, for many fans, has grown and changed and messed up with them. Perhaps that's why when she introduced each band member, the crowd cheered the loudest for Paramore's original drummer, Zac Farro, who returned to the group in February after six years of absence.

If macOS High Sierra shows your password instead of the password hint for an encrypted APFS volume

If your disk password for any affected encrypted APFS volume is the same as the password that you use for a macOS user account or an internet service, you should change the password of the user account or internet service.

Why Microsoft's consumer 'flakiness' could be its key to enterprise success

Orlowski complained that it is "hard to avoid the conclusion that Nadella doesn't value consumers at all." But it's not at all clear that, even if true, this is somehow bad. Sure, it's good to keep commitments to products, but not at the expense of company reputation or viability. During this same period in which Microsoft axed underperforming consumer assets, it has dramatically amped up Azure support for a host of home-grown and third-party, often open source, technologies. This, in turn, has led to ever-growing interest in Azure.

YouTube tweaks search results after backlash following Vegas shooting

The tweak to YouTube's search results was previously planned, but the rollout was sped up due to the criticism. YouTube is the world's largest video site, with more than a billion visitors a month. This isn't the first time the site has gotten into trouble because of its automated systems. Earlier this year, YouTube faced an advertiser boycott after its ad tech placed advertisements next to extremist and hate content.

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Getting a New Google Home? Here’s Why You Should Ditch Spotify for Google Play Music

Spotify’s pretty platform-agnostic, but the service doesn’t benefit from the integration found in pairings like iOS and Apple Music, or Android and Google Play Music. Sure, it works on voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo, and other connected speakers from companies like Sonos. It also plays nicer with Android devices than a service like Apple Music. But Google’s integration with its own products and services brings with it even more convenience for the same $9.99 monthly price as Spotify’s Premium service.

5 threats to centralized cloud services

Cloud services are all the rage right now. But they might not be that way forever. Here are five alternatives that could replace them.

JPMorgan's marketing chief says Amazon is a real challenger to Facebook and Google in digital advertising

"I think that they are a force to be reckoned with, they are excellent with everything they do," said Kristin Lemkau, chief marketing officer at JPMorgan Chase. "You have to do business with Amazon."

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‘The Uber Game’ offers a peek at the depressing reality of driving for Uber

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Lenovo celebrates ThinkPad's 25th birthday with a drool-worthy retro throwback

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL: Everything the pros need to know

Much like the original Pixel phone, the centerpiece of the second generation phones is Google Assistant. And now that hardware features have become so commoditized, Google will have to continue to advance its AI and machine learning capabilities through features like Assistant to compete in an already crowded market. With the announcement of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, Google leaders pointed to some Google Assistant updates, which could mean that they are already heading in that direction.

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