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'Twin Peaks' Being Revived by Showtime As a Limited Series

Better put on some coffee. Damn good coffee.

'Better Call Saul' Gets a Bouncy, Country Theme Song

AMC releases a song all about Saul Goodman to promote it's 'Breaking Bad' spin off.

1994: "Today": "What is the Internet, Anyway?"

Some confusion is obvious on the set of NBC's "Today" show, regarding the Internet and the @-sign. This is reportedly footage from between segments that was ...

Top 10 Low Pass Flybys of All Time - Become a Fan and I'll do a flyby over your home! limited time only! Track is Angel by Massive Attack from the album Mezza...

Bill Murray Gracefully Sings Bob Dylan's 'Shelter From the Storm'

Bill Murray is a man of endless talents.

Colbie Caillat Surprises Fans With 'Smelly Cat' Song at Central Perk

Even Colbie Caillat can't resist the temptation of 'Smelly Cat.'

Guy Falls While Singing Canadian National Anthem, Recovers Like a Boss

“Oh, Canada we stand on guard fo-WHO PUT THAT DARN CARPET THERE, EH?”

What It's Really Like Filming a Hollywood Sex Scene

Get an awkward, behind-the--scenes look at a a sex scene in the upcoming film 'Stretch.'

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Enter America's Top Office Dog Competition Right Now

Hi, have you heard of the Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition? They are the first collaborative nonprofit dedicated solely to helping the pet industry navigate sustainability risks and opportunities related to pet products and services. They have partnered with reputable partners like B-Lab, Natural Capitalism Solutions, The Sustainable Packaging Coalition, WWF.. Their list of members is impressive: check it out!

Announcing The Agenda For TechCrunch Disrupt Europe In London | TechCrunch

TechCrunch Disrupt  lands in London October 18 – 21, and we’re excited to announce the full agenda. The event will span four days and feature noted thought leaders, experienced entrepreneurs and some of tech’s most promising up-and-comers. There will be a  hackathon , a hall full of innovative companies and, of course,  Startup Battlefield  where 15 startups will launch and compete for the renowned Disrupt Cup. Tickets are  still available .

Once Upon a Time: "White Out" Review - IGN

Now that the shepherd's out of the way, how about that spunky Anna? Elizabeth Lail continues to be a fantastic live-action embodiment of Frozen's heroine. It's only been two episodes, but she seems right at home in the role. The neat part about her teaching David lessons is that it showed how much she's changed since the events in the film. That Anna was too klutzy to be allowed near pointy objects, but this Anna knows she has to be prepared for all manner of situations. She has a take charge attitude, and she made pushing David into action seem endearing rather than bossy.

For H-P, Fierce Competition From Lenovo Awaits in Servers

But as Lenovo starts integrating IBM’s server unit, more challenges lie ahead for H-P’s corporate hardware division after the split. Since Lenovo announced its plans to buy the IBM server unit in January, concerns among IBM customers about the transition have created opportunities for competitors to take market share from IBM. Now that the deal is closing, Lenovo is stepping up its efforts to win back the confidence of IBM customers.

Urban Massage Lands On iOS As Same-Hour Massage Booking Becomes A Thing — Apparently | TechCrunch

Tang cites Urban Massage’s typical customers as those who are “time poor,” such as professionals who book on their way home or just before leaving the office, and stay at home mums and dads with kids to look after. The company is also picking up custom inadvertently via the NHS, with consultants starting to refer patients who want to try out alternative therapists to resolve conditions where they feel treatments such as lymphatic drainage etc. could be helpful. Another example is celebrities who want privacy, such is the advantage of having a therapist come to you.

5 Networking Secrets From A Professional Spy

My grandfather used to say, “Shoot one quail at a time.” At networking events, don't hand out 100 business cards, only to go back to your office and send out 100 form emails. You are a spy. You’re smarter than that. Instead, network like a spy: Use that intelligence you’ve gathered to figure out how to fit into that person’s tribe. Don’t push it--first contact should feel natural and easy. Talk about things that interest you both. Don’t go overboard on this, but you can even dress the part a bit. In highlighting your commonalities, as Seth Godin puts it, you’re sending the message: “People like us do stuff like this.” In other words, “We ‘get’ each other.” That’ll keep your business card from landing in the generic stack.

HP To Become Two Companies As Consumer PC And Printer Business Splits From Corporate Services | TechCrunch

Separating the two halves of the company will also mean that each arm is more free to work with partners of opportunity to extend their reach and presence. With the enterprise business yoked to the consumer hardware division, it’s possible both sides were prevented from being able to form relationships with hardware and software companies that compete with its other half. It also opens up potential acquisition opportunities, especially for the enterprise division, which has apparently been attracting some interest from players like EMC.

Shadow of Revan expansion coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic

Revan, a hero of the Jedi Civil War, has returned with an extremist sect of “Revanites” and an apocalyptic plan to reshape the galaxy, in the process bringing down both the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. Players will face off against Revan while meeting a variety of colorful characters like Theron Shan and Jakarro the Wookie.

A Washington Post magazine-style Kindle app sounds like a win for the paper and Amazon

Businessweek is reporting that a magazine-style Washington Post app will come pre-loaded on the new Kindle Fire, a deal that has potential benefits for both the struggling newspaper and for its owner’s other company — Amazon

How to generate and manage app-specific passwords for iCloud

You can create up to 25 app-specific passwords for your iCloud account. If you’re running out of app-specific passwords then you can revoke passwords individually or all at once by following these steps. You may also want to revoke the password if you believe that your device where you’re using the iCloud account is compromised.

Homeland: "The Drone Queen" Review - IGN

As for the disastrous air strike, House of Cards and The Strain’s Corey Stoll -- new to Homeland as Pakistan CIA chief of station Sandy Bachman -- is not only to blame, but also about to bear the consequences. At the same time that the leaked video of the doomed wedding party goes viral, Sandy’s previously unassailable (and unseen) informant apparently betrays him, leaking his photo to the local media and leaving him stranded at the mercy of an angry mob on the streets of Islamabad. In a tense scene that doesn’t at all go the way one might expect, Carrie and good old Peter Quinn (yep, Rupert Friend is back!) speed to Sandy’s rescue… only to lose him as he’s dragged from the car and beaten mercilessly.

Hewlett-Packard says to split in two

Personally, I think HP needs to get out of the PC market. While their market share is impressive, they don’t have the technology to compete. They are getting outdistanced by chromebooks made by samsung, undercut in their laptop industry by Acer and Asus. Frankly, the entire laptop industry is in trouble. Their printers have always been successful, it seems a mistake to bundle the two together.

Adobe’s latest Creative Cloud launch rewires the company to think mobile

Today, even Adobe’s latest desktop updates are mobile-centric. But Adobe’s goal isn’t to eclipse or ignore its desktop monopoly. In fact, all of Adobe’s mobile services feed back to the desktop. Ideally, the new mobile apps will drive “value” everywhere (if you can excuse the corporate turn of phrase) — whether or not that happens depends on how satisfied creatives already are with their existing workflows.

Zoomdata Scores $17M To Help Update the Business Intelligence Market | TechCrunch

Even as the competition catches up with these modern requirements, Langseth suggests they are bolting them onto the old platform and he believes (as you would imagine) that Zoomdata’s native approach is superior. One neat feature in Zoomdata is the ability to stream it like a video and move back and forth in time as though you were scrubbing a video, and this is a powerful feature when working with data as you can watch how your graphs transform over time.

Virgin Mobile updates its monthly plans, introduces $20 Wi-Fi-only plan

Finally, the $55 a month plan includes unlimited talk and text, 3GB of high-speed data, unlimited international texts, and 100 minutes of international calls. If you tack on $5 more a month, Virgin will add unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada. Meanwhile an extra $10 a month gives you 1,000 minutes to call mobile devices in Mexico, unlimited calling to over 70 countries, and discounted rates to more than 200 countries.

eBay Tries Its Lot With Live Auctions, Again

Under Chief Executive John Donahoe , who will relinquish his role after the company splits, eBay has worked to overcome its reputation as an online auction storehouse for items like concert t-shirts and discontinued action figures. Indeed, about three-quarters of goods sold on eBay now have a fixed price.

London Hardware Alley Registrations End This Week! Hurry! | TechCrunch

What is Hardware Alley ? It’s a celebration of hardware startups (and other cool gear makers) that features everything from robotic drones to 3D printers. We try to bring in an eclectic mix of amazing exhibitors and I think you’ll agree that our previous Alleys have been roaring successes.

Windows 10 security, privacy and manageability features

The Hacker News  suggested Windows 10 preview includes "a keylogger to watch your every move," which might be why Microsoft suggested not installing the Technical Preview on the machine you use every day. Of course, it could be because the software is a pre-release that is bound to include bugs; Microsoft made it clear that accepting the Windows Insider Program Terms of Use and Privacy Statement means users agree not to hold Microsoft response for “crashes, security vulnerabilities, data loss or damage to your device.”

Redbox Instant to shut down October 7 - CNET

Its demise underscores the difficulty new players face breaking into the subscription streaming-video market dominated by Netflix, as it and other large rivals like Amazon's Prime Instant Video benefit from a huge head start on subscriber rolls. It also casts a sharp light on how those bigger competitors have already moved on to the next phase of subscription streaming video -- becoming a creator and distributor of original content, in the mold of a TV network for the digital age.

6 eCourses & 34+ Hours Of UX Training To Help You Delight Your Users!

This course will take you through 27 lectures with 4+ hours of content. You will start by learning how to properly structure a site, how to optimize calls to action, how to improve your navigation. Then you will shift your focus onto how to achieve your UX goals and test your site’s usability. Finally, you will work with data to get an objective view of your site’s performance.

Apple CarPlay comes to Pioneer NEX car stereos via firmware update - CNET

First announced way back in May , Pioneer is finally bringing Apple CarPlay to a dashboard near you via an update for its 2014 NEX series of multimedia receivers. The new software makes Pioneer the first to the aftermarket with a CarPlay compatible receiver and, so far, the only way to get the technology short of buying a new Ferrari FF.

More Details Leaked About Facebook's Messenger-Based Payments System

Where the speculation starts is just how Facebook might benefit from the feature. It could offer up mobile payments for absolutely free in an effort to drive more users to its services (or keep them entwined with Facebook Messenger for longer). It might also skim off the top in the form of service fees for payments—if that's the case, we don't have any idea just yet of what those might be.

How to avoid an Oracle ERP upgrade disaster

While Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison hyped the company's burgeoning aspirations in cloud computing during OpenWorld this week, many customers in attendance had their minds focused more on life in the trenches, where matters such as upgrading aging ERP (enterprise-resource-planning) systems remain crucial but risky affairs.

With HP and eBay breakups already underway, could Cisco be next?

In its present state, Cisco is too big and slow to compete in a downsizing world of IT vendors, according to RBC Capital Markets analyst Mark Sue.

Zoomdata Raises $17 Million for Fast Exploration of Big Data

“[Customers] have a new ability to ask bigger questions than before in a way that was previously impossible—they used to throw away stuff they couldn’t store–and tools that from the ground up work with data at that scale are kind of new,” Mr. Olson said. “When I see a company doing that I get very excited.”

Neuze makes you wonder: What if the print newspaper had been invented after the web?

Neuze says it has developed a revolutionary product that provides an easy-to-carry news summary curated by journalists that requires no power. It’s an inside joke on newspapers — but it still makes you think about what benefits print media had over the web

Alteryx Raises $60M To Power Data Blending And Analytics

The problem with a frothy investment market is that it takes a really big funding round to gain attention. $10 million here or $20 million there doesn’t really move the needle much. But when an early stage company that has only raised a series A previously announces $60 million as a Series B, that gets attention. And that is the fortunate position that Alteryx is in today. The company is announcing a round led by Insight Venture Partners with participation from existing investors, SAP Ventures and Toba Capital .

The hardest part about Google Fiber isn't digging ditches, but buying TV rights

You thought that building out all that physical infrastructure is what has been slowing down Google Fiber’s expansion? Think again: Google Fiber head Milo Medin has called TV rights the “the single biggest impediment” to growing Fiber, according to the Wall Street Journal , which also quotes Medin saying that TV has been “the single biggest piece of our cost structure.” The problem is that Google, in order to win over cable customers, has to offer the same channels as the competition. But as a newcomer, it has to pay up to twice as much for some of the rights. No wonder internet TV ventures like the ones from Sony and Dish are struggling to keep costs under control.

Beyond the Nobel: What Scientists Are Learning About How Your Brain Navigates | WIRED

In subsequent visits, the researchers showed the students two different paths that connected the two routes they’d learned. Then they did some tests to try to see which students had put all the pieces together into a mental map of the new campus. For example, they’d ask a student to imagine standing in front of one of the eight buildings and point to the other seven. “Some people could do it well, and other people couldn’t do it all that well,” Epstein said. “That’s not terribly surprising.” What he and his colleagues really want to know is what’s going on in the students’ brains that might account for that difference.

Drones and Everything After

The privilege of seeing this way, and this much — it exists simply because he has a drone. Should it? Clarifying where drones are allowed to fly and under what circumstances has proved challenging. There are no consistent laws about whether police need a warrant to fly a drone over your property, searching for drugs or evidence. (A few state legislatures have passed laws requiring police to secure warrants, others have decided that cops do not need to, and most have set no guidelines at all.) It is even less clear how private operators, hobbyists, or governments should operate. The airspace above 500 feet is reserved for planes and other aircraft, but below that line the rules are “irregular and inconsistent,” says Troy Rule, a law professor at Arizona State — there is little clarity, for instance, about whether a property owner can prevent her teenage neighbor from flying a drone over her house. Congress has asked the Federal Aviation Administration to regulate the commercial use of drones by next September, but an agency audit has signaled it will likely miss its deadline.

Plex app on Xbox One lets you stream your own videos

You can discover similar content and receive personalized suggestions based on your viewing habits. And Plex for Xbox supports voice and gesture control with the Kinect motion-sensing system. So you can navigate the video library, control playback, and perform other tasks with the sound of your voice and a wave of the hand thanks to Xbox One’s Kinect motion-sensing and voice-recognition camera.

25 years ago, 'Twin Peaks' promised the return of 'Twin Peaks' for June 10th, 2016

This morning at 11:30AM — the same time that FBI Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) first entered the town of Twin Peaks — both David Lynch and Mark Frost announced (via Twitter) that  Twin Peaks is returning for a nine-episode run on Showtime in 2016. Production is set to begin next year.

Alleged Image of HTC's Nexus 9 Tablet Leaks Online

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

92% Off the White Hat Hacker Bundle

The White Hat Hacker Bundle includes six professional courses from Udemy that you can watch online on any desktop, and learn at your own pace. Get the training you need to improve security on your next project.

Bose QC25 Review: Amazing Noise-Cancelling Headphones All Over Again

Take a look around any airport lounge in the world and you'll immediately see a set of Bose noise-canceling headphones. They're iconic, and it's because they're good. With the new QuietComfort 25, the first refresh in five years, everything gets just a little bit better.

What to do in the aftermath of the JPMorgan breach

The Chase breach is only the latest of several high-profile compromises that has shaken consumer trust in businesses to secure customers' personal data. Retailers Target and Home Depot each lost 10s of millions of credit and debit card numbers to criminals who hacked into their electronic cash registers.

Tesla Expected to Announce Automated-Driving Features Thursday

Tesla Motors Inc. plans to unveil features that enable more computer-controlled driving of its Model S electric sedan on Thursday, following up on tweets sent by the company’s founder last week, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Samsung to Invest $14.7 Billion in New Chip Plant in South Korea

SEOUL—Samsung Electronics Co. plans to invest 15.6 trillion won ($14.7 billion) to build a new cutting-edge chip-manufacturing plant in South Korea as it seeks to maintain its lead in memory chips and grow beyond smartphones.

The Forgotten Female Programmers Who Created Modern Tech

"When they have been written out of the history, you don't have great role models," says Isaacson. "But when you learn about the women who programmed ENIAC or Grace Hopper or Ada Lovelace ... it happened to my daughter. She read about all these people when she was in high school, and she became a math and computer science geek."

Least useful hack ever puts Windows 95 on your smartwatch

What happens when you give an Android Wear smartwatch to a 16-year-old with a bit too much time on his hands? You get Windows 95 on your wrist. Now, we frankly have no idea why you'd load a desktop operating system from twenty years ago onto a Samsung Gear Live smartwatch with a 1.63-inch display, but, hey, why not? Thanks to emulator software available for Android, this technology mishmash is a reality. Check out the video above to see the results, and if you can't remember all of the amazing things Windows 95 can do, let  Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston give you some groovy tips and tricks .

How The New Yorker Finally Figured Out The Internet: 3 Lessons From Its Web Redesign

"With the redesign, we were trying to take a brand that is most well-known for its print iteration, and develop it so that it had the same connective tissue on all platforms," Mitchell says. "That doesn't mean that every version should be exactly the same, or that every reader is the same: web readers want more photography, more interactivity, and louder typography, for example. But no matter what platform they read NewYorker on, we still want it to be a peaceful haven where you can read anything from an 800-word blog post to a 17,000-word story."

In the medical response to Ebola, Cuba is punching far above its weight

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Welcome to Shoptiques, Jet-Setter! Enjoy the discovery of one-of-a-kind finds from the best local boutiques from Paris to New York! Let’s go shopping!

Passive Fitness Tracking App Human Showcases Where HealthKit Shines | TechCrunch

The Human app has been on the App Store for a while now. But this beautifully designed passive activity app received a major update that showcases how some of the main new features in iOS 8 can be useful. Human takes advantage of the brand new HealthKit APIs, syncs with the Health app and provides a widget for the Today view.

This Is Why Facebook Was So Aggressive About Migrating Users Over To Messenger

I downloaded the crap and half the time I can't use it!! It's a whole separate site that you have to connect to and it must be my reception area or something but it just says connecting and never does! I once got an urgent message and it only shows the first line, so I had to run out to my car in my barefeet and pajamas to drive down the road and sit at the gas station just to be able to read the message! This was never the case before. It's just absolutely ridiculous the inconvenience I have to go through for someone's rich pockets getting richer. I hate it.

THE SOCIAL-MEDIA DEMOGRAPHICS REPORT: Differences In Gender, Age, And Income At The Top Networks

BII The demographics of who's on what social network are shifting — older social networks are reaching maturity, while newer social messaging apps are gaining younger users fast.

How social media is reshaping news

I get Pew reports by email, as well as news from some other news sources – directly to me. I have also clicked ‘like’ on Pew Facebook page, as well as some other news source sites too. I treat Facebook as an aggregator, and skim it (which is where I picked up this report) but I will also check certain news sources directly, or get email alerts from them. I’m not sure how you’d count me. I do like being able to see news sources, as well as personal interests, like art, from all over the world and from different perspectives, and no longer be locked into 1 huge print newspaper, or a few tv channels or magazines. From a consumers point of view, this is better. From a labor point of view, it might be a lot tougher through the transition until pay problems can be figured out and stabilized.

Germs at the Office Are Often Found on Keyboards and at Coffee Stations

Turns out it's pretty hard to avoid the germs of your co-workers, even the ones you don't know personally. Just one door contaminated with a virus spreads the germ to about half the surfaces and hands of about half the employees in the office within four hours, according to a study at the University of Arizona, in Tucson. Germs traveled through the office just as quickly when the researchers infected a single person with the artificial virus.

The TheTechNewsBlog Daily

The TheTechNewsBlog Daily, by TheTechNewsBlog: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

What are you revealing online? Much more than you think

JG : Right now in the U.S. it’s essentially the case that when you post information online, you give up control of it. So there are terms of service that regulate the sites you use, like on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest — though those can change — but even within those, you’re essentially handing control of your data over to the companies. And they can kind of do what they want with it, within reason. You don’t have the legal right to request that data be deleted, to change it, to refuse to allow companies to use it. Some companies may give you that right, but you don’t have a natural, legal right to control your personal data. So if a company decides they want to sell it or market it or release it or change your privacy settings, they can do that.

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55 Cirqle Debuts A Photo-Sharing App For Groups That Works Offline | TechCrunch
56 Online Home Exercise Platform Yoogaia Pulls In $630k To Stretch Beyond Finland | TechCrunch
57 Neil DeGrasse Tyson voiced a cartoon pig last night and it was genius
58 Big Data: Career Opportunities Abound in Tech's Hottest Field
59 This $1,200 machine lets you make untraceable semi-automatic rifles at home
60 8 hours of airliners departing from Los Angeles in one single photo
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62 Six Skills For Succeeding On Social Media -- Lessons From Crystal King
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72 Fighting Ebola: Why an African Travel Ban Won't Help the U.S.
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74 Southern California's Cancer Risk From Air Pollution Drops by Half
75 With Spinal Implant, Paralyzed Rats Can Walk Again | MIT Technology Review
76 Attack code for USB flaw released
77 Adobe and Microsoft Team Up to Build Animation Apps for Windows
78 Google's Eric Schmidt explains the #1 email habit of the most effective people
79 Farming Locations - Destiny Wiki Guide - IGN
80 Happy 18th birthday, N64!
81 Matthew McConaughey's Chest Channels His 'Dazed and Confused' Days
82 Regulation Clips Wings of U.S. Drone Makers
83 Street art from election waste in Rio de Janeiro
84 Pinterest Curates Its Own Content With New Weekly Collections Called “Pin Picks” | TechCrunch
85 Latest Medical Breakthrough: A Lab-Grown Human Penis
86 Huawei Ascend Mate 7 review - CNET
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