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‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ trailer pits John Boyega against kaiju

Pacific Rim Uprising's trailer is here, and it's glorious.

How to Switch From an iPhone to an Android Phone

Are you over Apple? Here's how to easily make the change from iOS to Google's Android ecosystem.

Watch an Emirates A380 make frightening landing in wind

Commentary: Germany's Dusseldorf airport is notorious for its crosswinds. In this video, Emirates pilots seem to be battling the gusts even after landing.

There's a tiny Master Chief riding a scorpion in the Xbox One X

An imprint of the main character of the Halo franchise can be seen riding a scorpion on the circuit board of the new console.

Wildlife biologists use Intel drones to spy on polar bears | ZDNet

Intel's Falcon 8+ drone launched from research boats despite steel interference.

AIM graveyard: An ode to the chat app that defined my social life

A trip down memory lane with AIM.

Download the new, completely redesigned TechCrunch mobile app

The TechCrunch mobile app was in dire need of a refresh, so we rebuilt it from the ground up. Starting today, you can download the new app in the iOS App..

Man imitates how cats behave at 3 a.m. and the accuracy is uncanny

Just another example that dogs are the best.

What happens to your digital video game library after you die

What we agree to in the terms of service.

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If you were a 90’s kid, chances are there was a point in time when AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) was a huge part of your life. You likely remember the CD, your first screenname, your carefully curated away messages, and how you organized your buddy lists. Right now you might be reminiscing about how you had to compete for time on the home computer in order to chat with friends outside of school. You might also remember how characters throughout pop culture from “You’ve Got Mail” to “Sex and the City” used AIM to help navigate their relationships. In the late 1990’s, the world had never seen anything like it. And it captivated all of us.

More reports of alleged iPhone 8 Plus battery swelling issues have emerged

Owners of new iPhone 8 Plus devices in Canada , China , Greece , and Hong Kong have also allegedly found their brand new iPhone 8 Plus devices bursting open, likely because of a battery swelling problem. Mashable also received a tip from a reader who claims his new iPhone 8 Plus split open after just a week of use. We also found another incident posted on Reddit. That brings the total alleged battery swelling incidents up to nine.

Take a look at 29 of the new emoji Apple is about to put on your iPhone

This is just a partial look, we’ll be able to see the “hundreds of new emoji” when Apple seeds a beta of iOS 11.1 to developers and public beta users next week. These include new options like “Woman with Headscarf,” “Bearded Person,” and “Sandwich.”

Here's how your Uber is learning to drive

At the ride-hailing company's autonomous vehicle training facility on the banks of the city's lush, green Monongahela River, aka "The Mon," Uber's self-driving cars learn to navigate the roads. And prospective safety drivers spend three weeks learning to operate the robo-cars -- Ford Fusions and Volvo XC90s -- so they can take over when needed.

The Pixel 2 just stole one of iOS 11's best features

The new Pixel Ambient Services app , which will come preinstalled on Google's latest flagships, includes the feature -- though it's off by default. You'll need to enable it in the Do Not Disturb settings before it starts checking to see if you're driving.

Elon Musk delays Tesla's semi truck unveiling

According to a new tweet by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, we will have to wait a little longer than expected to see the company's previously announced electric freight truck. But unlike those folks waiting for delivery of their Model 3s , the freight truck unveiling is in November

Fake guns, real problems at Comic Con

While Phoenix Comicon's full-on weapons ban was new to the comic convention scene, costume weapons check stands are already the norm there, and at other conventions. Cosplayers carrying weapon props like guns, swords, katanas, spears, hammers, axes, whips, daggers and knives are expected to line up at checkpoints to clear their props with security.

Russian hackers reportedly stole cyber secrets from NSA in 2015

Secrets stolen in the hack included information on penetrating foreign computer networks and protecting against cyberattacks, according to the Wall Street Journal. Hackers were able to access the data because the contractor was running antivirus software from Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab, the newspaper reported, cutting anonymous sources.

Disqus reveals its comments tool was hacked

The company said in a blog post , posted less than a day after Hunt's private disclosure, that although there was no evidence of unauthorized logins, users whose passwords were exposed will receive an email notification to reset their passwords.

How artificial intelligence & machine learning produced robots we can talk to

There was a time when even some of the most prominent minds believed that a machine could not be as intelligent as humans but in 1991, the start of the Loebner Prize competitions began to prove otherwise. The competition awards the best performing chatbot that convinces the judges that it is some form of intelligence. But despite the tremendous development of chatbots and their ability to execute intelligent behavior not displayed by humans, chatbots still do not have the accuracy to understand the context of questions in every situation each time.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable at That Desk

The corporations setting the new standard are not young Silicon Valley companies known for free food, slides and foosball tables at work — or for carefree spending, as at Apple, whose new corporate mothership cost a reported $5 billion. Nor are the designs one-of-a-kind projects that veer toward eccentricity. Salesforce’s new skyscraper campus in San Francisco, for example, has areas on every floor for meditation, partly inspired by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist monk.

iPhone 8 Plus loses its camera crown: One-lens Pixel 2 snatches it with record score | ZDNet

Despite the new top score, if you love zoom and natural-looking blurry Bokeh backgrounds, the better choice is the still dual lens iPhone 8 Plus or Samsung's Note 8. But on all other fronts the Pixel 2 offers better photography and video, according to DxO's review .

13 Halloween costume ideas for your most exotic pets

As the spookiest day of the year approaches, the hunt for the perfect pet costume heats up. But depending on how exotic your animal is, you may have trouble finding a winning getup. Fear not, here's all the inspiration you need to make sure even the most obscure creature can join in the fun.

81% of organizations fail to properly address cloud vulnerabilities, report says

According to RedLock's Cloud Security Trends, released Thursday, 81% of organizations are not managing host vulnerabilities in the cloud, which sets them up to potentially be the victim of an attack or breach. The reason for this is that previous vulnerability management investments simply don't have the context necessary to help IT manage the new threats in the cloud.

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This startup wants to clear cities of cigarette butts using crows (yes, the bird)

White House chief's personal phone breached, report says

Hackers or foreign governments may have had access to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly's personal phone as far back as December.

Elon Musk just said he's delaying Tesla's semi-truck reveal to focus on struggling Model 3 production

Tesla CEO Elon Musk just announced that the company will delay its electric semi-truck reveal to focus on Model 3 production after missing its target for the much-anticipated car .

Facebook reportedly cut Russia from election meddling report

Facebook whittled down a public report on election meddling to remove mentions to Russia, The Wall Street Journal reports.

GM's SURUS fuel-cell truck platform could be a disaster-relief hero - Roadshow

Meet SURUS, an autonomous hydrogen fuel-cell truck chassis concept. The large-scale platform employs GM's latest Hydrotec fuel cell system, which is good for over 400 miles of range. SURUS, which stands for "Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure," features a two-motor drive unit, four-wheel steering for maximum maneuverability, and a lithium-ion battery system. It's been designed, GM says, to "solve some of the toughest transportation challenges created by natural disasters, complex logistics environments and global conflicts."

Elon Musk talks with Puerto Rico about Tesla power options

The Tesla CEO and the Puerto Rico governor exchange tweets about the potential for a new electricity system.

Apple design chief Jony Ive on Steve Jobs, iPhone X, and his design process

Question about the possible negative impacts of iPhone. Ive: "There's certainly an awareness. I tend to be so preoccupied with what we're working on at the moment. Like any tool, there's wonderful use and then there's misuse. Of course, I feel a joy when the products connect to people. We get, our customers are fabulous, and aren't reticent about feedback. We do get so many letters, when someone takes the time to write a letter, that means something. On one side, when we look at the letters we're recieved, and the stories, that's encouraging"

U.S. House committee calls new hearing on Kaspersky software

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. House of Representatives committee said on Friday that it has scheduled a new hearing on Kaspersky Lab software as lawmakers review accusations that the Kremlin could use its products to conduct espionage.

Uber and Lyft may not have to fingerprint drivers in California

Ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft have had some issues with driver background checks over the years. More than 8,000 drivers from both companies failed checks in Massachusetts this year, while Uber was reported to have missed criminal records as far back as 2015. Uber was sued in California over misleading statements around rider safety last year, and both companies promised to leave Austin if fingerprint checks were required. This week, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that the ride-hailing services would avoid fingerprint checks in California. Instead, the California Public Utilities Commission proposed that Uber and Lyft would instead have to ensure that background checks are done by an accredited vendor on an annual basis.

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Very evil parents and their very upset kids are all over the first trailer for Marvel's Runaways

Russian Soldiers’ Selfie Days May Be Numbered After Accidental Leaks

Russia’s Ministry of Defense has drafted a law to ban soldiers from posting something as seemingly trivial as a selfie. The law would restrict contractors from posting photos, videos, and geolocation information online as well as anything related to the activities of their military department and other service members. The ban will reportedly be implemented in January 2018, according to Russian news agency Interfax .

How to scan documents directly to Google Drive

To enable the ability to scan directly to Google Drive you'll need a network-connected scanner—or a multi-function printer/scanner—that supports a Google Drive connection. For example, I've configured both Brother and HP printers to scan directly to Google Drive. You'll also need access to both a web browser and the Google account where you want to store scanned items. Follow the steps below to connect your scanner to Google Drive.

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Lenovo celebrates ThinkPad's 25th birthday with a drool-worthy retro throwback

Flexport’s epic plan to build a freight empire with its $110M raise

Customers like Ring, Osmo, and Le Tote could get their freight financed and forwarded all at once, cutting down their logistical headaches while giving Flexport more….flexibility in how it prices both the shipping and the loans. “It’s pretty sticky. If you’re funding your business on the platform, you won’t switch” Petersen says. “You could make the loan cheaper because you’re making money with the freight, or offer cheaper freight because you’re making money on the financing.”

McDonald's is testing out a McVegan burger in Finland

The fast food chain is testing out a veggie burger, the McVegan in Tampere, Finland. The new burger will only be available until Nov. 21. So, you might want to catch the next flight out if you're feeling hungry.

Bus driver gets so into his jam, he gets up and dances while speeding down the road

This driver becomes so into his jam session that he irresponsibly gets up from his seat, starts singing and dancing to an emotional love song, and continues for over a minute. He appears to be asking his passengers to sing along with him, while he doesn't even look at the road.

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YouTube pulls ads from Casey Neistat video raising funds for the Las Vegas victims

Delilah S. Dawson's Phasma Novel Has Its Own Soundtrack, And It's Rad

Speaking at the Lucasfilm Publishing panel at New York Comic Con today, Dawson revealed that she crafted a Spotify playlist of music to go with her process of writing the recently-released Phasma , one that we can now all listen along to as we read the finished book. And, as you might suspect, it’s a pretty fabulous playlist—mainly because it’s one part Junkie XL’s Fury Road work; one part Michael Giacchino’s excellent, quickly put-together Rogue One work ; and one part John Williams in the form of The Force Awakens soundtrack.

Apple's Bruce Sewell retires as general counsel, replaced by former Honeywell exec Katherine Adams

Apple on Friday revealed that the company's current general counsel, Bruce Sewell, will be retiring at the end of 2017, to be replaced by Katherine Adams, who was previously a senior VP and general counsel for Honeywell.

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These are the ages you peak at different aspects of life

Lifehacker on Twitter

Our readers' best tips for Phoenix, AZ:

a vry sad eulogy 4 aim by me

tho communicating online has never ben easier then it is now, the thrill that aim inspired has yet 2 b matched by any of its predecessors. getting home frum skool n seein ur bff was online was more thrilling then the latest song by puddle of mudd. it was the only way we culd talk 2 each other back before cell phones n its where most to the school gossip got shared.

A Shocking Return in the First Pages of DC's Doomsday Clock Will Blow Your Mind

Ozymandias is still at large as the world’s police authorities desperately hunt for him in hopes of bringing him to justice for his crimes. Meanwhile, Dr. Manhattan is nowhere to be seen. Russia has launched an invasion of Poland and the US has announced plans for retaliation. The American government has also mandated that multiple major city centers have to be evacuated in anticipation of a Russian response. As a newscast of the mandatory evacuations plays in the background of a jail cell, prisoners beg guards to set them free. As the guards themselves rush to flee the building, an inmate manages to grab a CO and threatens to kill him unless he’s set free.

The New Once Upon a Time Is Surprisingly Good... When Its Own Legacy Isn't Holding it Back

And here’s where we encounter the biggest problem with the show: These three older characters have no place in this new world. They all feel like tacked-on additions that distract from the promising storyline, adding little except brand recognition. Colin O’Donoghue seems unsure of what his character is supposed to be doing as a non-pirate, and Robert Carlyle looks disinterested as hell to be reprising the part of Rumple. The one who’s most at ease is Parrilla, but even she fails to feel like a natural part of this new story. I know they’re trying to adjust fans to the new direction the show is taking, but they feel like baggage that Once Upon a Time would have been better off leaving behind.

Google: Windows 10 patches put Windows 7 users in danger | ZDNet

Google's Project Zero researcher Mateusz Jurczyk has gone into the gory details of several Windows bugs he found to illustrate that Microsoft should fix the same bugs in Windows 7 as it does in Windows 10.

Photo editing gets easier and faster for Mac users with Aurora HDR 2018

Primary among Aurora HDR 2018's features is its ability to process bracketed HDR files. For those unfamiliar, many digital cameras can create bracketed HDR photos, which collect multiple exposures of the same image. A compatible photo-editing process or application, such as Aurora HDR 2018, can stitch all three images into a single image while simultaneously correcting for exposure issues, resulting in better quality photos.

How to Take Care of an Introvert

Introverts, those much-maligned and too-often-misunderstood creatures, are finally, comprehensively explained in this video, created by exurb1a . But why has this information been hidden from us for so long? Why didn’t we know before that a baby introvert is known as a “shylet”? Or that a group of introverts is called an “angst”?

Testing Cliqz in Firefox

One of Mozilla’s core privacy principles is No Surprises : we will use and share data in ways that are transparent and benefit our users. That is why we are telling you about this today. We want users to understand why we’ve taken this approach and what it means for them. While still a small experiment, the data collection and new search experience are major changes in the way this build of Firefox performs. We hope that users will appreciate the improved experience, but if users want to turn it off, they can always disable data collection or remove the Cliqz add-on entirely.

More reports of alleged iPhone 8 Plus battery swelling issues have emerged

Owners of new iPhone 8 Plus devices in Canada , China , Greece , and Hong Kong have also allegedly found their brand new iPhone 8 Plus devices bursting open, likely because of a battery swelling problem. Mashable also received a tip from a reader who claims his new iPhone 8 Plus split open after just a week of use. We also found another incident posted on Reddit. That brings the total alleged battery swelling incidents up to nine.

7-year-old girl had a few words for Cam Newton involving pass routes and a unicorn

7-year-old girl had a few words for Cam Newton involving pass routes and a unicorn

The 10 most high-tech SUVs on the market

3. The Tesla Model X has a sleek exterior with its sweeping, falcon-wing doors. The best part of the Model X is arguably that it is a luxury car with Tesla's Autopilot feature, which lets the car steer, brake, and even change lanes for you while driving on the highway.

These Are The 5 Brain Skills You’ll Need In The Future Of Work

Indeed, as Swart points out, there’s a growing understanding that deeply human capabilities –the skills, including those  rooted in emotional intelligence , that  aren’t  so easily automated–may be rising in value in the future job market. But from a brain-science perspective, she explains, many of those core skills have always been among humans’ most valuable evolutionary assets. “The ‘executive functions’ of the brain are the highest functions of the brain,” Swart says, and those include the ability to:

Holy Shit, Conch Eyes

One 1976 paper dug into the specific behind these animals’ alien eyestalks. Sitting at the tips of long stalks, they contain retinas with both sensory cells and colored pigment cells. But the story gets weirder because obviously, it gets weirder. After amputating the conchs’ eyes, a fully-formed replacement took its place 14 days later. Humans, we really are losing this evolutionary game.

Nervous Gulf Coast States Brace for Yet Another Hurricane (Updated)

In what has become a numbing succession of severe storms, tropical storm Nate has emerged in the southwest Caribbean. The storm, which has already produced deadly flash flooding and mudslides in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Honduras, is expected to intensify into a Category 1 Hurricane and reach the US Gulf Coast early Sunday morning.

James Gunn and Other Top Directors Call on TV Makers to Finally Kill the ‘Soap Opera Effect’

It’s commonly known as the “sports effect,” the “soap opera effect,” “motion smoothing,” or “motion interpolation” and it makes sports on your TV look great, while movies look... weird. TV manufacturers turn this setting on by default and all too often it just gets left that way. Now, James Gunn is getting his Hollywood buddies to help rally against it.

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Netflix DVDs are still around -- and they should stay around

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80 Here's how your Uber is learning to drive
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84 Longer jail terms for viewing terror content online
85 South Korea's Gorgeous Thor: Ragnarok Poster Is Based on a Classic Work of Art
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87 Ford's two new police cars complete harsh testing, are ready for duty
88 Nintendo fans bid farewell to the Miiverse in hilarious and touching ways
89 Pixel 2 supports 27W chargers, won't actually charge faster (update)
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