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The iPhone 6 'Hairgate' Is Not a Thing

Getting hair caught in your iPhone 6? Yes, apparently that's now happening. Not.

Flow - Manipulação de objetos - object manipulation - Buugeng / S-staff

Support / Apoie: In "Flow", Gustavo Ollitta manipulates S-staffs (buugengs) and triple buugengs skillfully. The illusion b...

World Wide Web Timeline

A timeline of the major milestones and small moments that have shaped the Web since 1989.

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Is Kim Kardashian West a Mobile Genius? I'll Find Out at Code/Mobile.

How exactly does Kardashian West fit in with this techie crowd? Well, the answer is that she does a lot and she does not, which will make for a fascinating interview. But whatever you think of her and her much-chronicled family, they have used social media, especially mobile, very adeptly. In the age of instant communication by celebrities to their fan base, she is one of the most effective users of these tools.

Panasonic says initial investment in Tesla battery factory will be 'tens of billions' of yen

Tens of billions of yen is what…$100? It’s as bad as the peso in that you need a bloody wheelbarrel of ‘em to buy a gumball. Of course, the dollar is headed that way too. More and more folks (and stores) are treating the nickel as the smallest useful denomination.

Organic LEDs Could Make Whole Ceilings Glow | MIT Technology Review

The next big thing in lighting could be glowing sheets that use half as much energy as an equivalent fluorescent fixture and can be laminated to walls or ceilings. The sheets will contain organic LEDs, or OLEDs—the same kind of technology used in some ultrathin TVs and smartphones.

SolidFire Raises $82 Million for Pooled Storage on Flash Memory

Greenspring does late-stage rounds and is well-known to public market investors, he said, while the sovereign-wealth fund is a limited partner of New Enterprise Associates, another SolidFire investor, and would be willing to invest more money later should SolidFire need it. There is no timetable for an IPO.

5 Ways To Get Your Life Back When Work Is Crazy Busy

So, be sure you’re still making time to sing your favorite jam in the shower, write posts for your blog, or send your mom a thoughtful card in the mail, no matter how busy things are in the office. Yes, there is always one more thing on your to-do list and you can always find more reasons to work, but if you don’t pause to take a timeout, you’ll stop being productive.

Mercedes Is Making a Self-Driving Semi to Change the Future of Shipping | WIRED

The latest truck concept from Mercedes-Benz doesn’t look like anything crazy. Its design is a bit unusual, and it’s loaded up with LEDs instead of headlights and cameras instead of side mirrors. But those modest tweaks to conventional design hide the fact that this is a serious bid to revolutionize the trucking industry. That’s because the “Future Truck 2025″ drives itself. And while it’s a prototype, Mercedes is serious about spending the next decade getting it—and us—ready for commercial use.

PewDiePie talks management, considers starting network

If you made more than $4 million a year handling all production elements of your own content, wouldn't you consider venturing outside an established network? YouTuber Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg has entertained the idea after communication issues with two prominent networks, as detailed in an interview with Icon Magazine. Kjellberg hired a lawyer to help free himself from a lifelong contract with Machinima, where he says management ignored his rise to stardom. He then signed with Maker Studios, a network that Disney purchased earlier this year for $950 million, as reported by The New York Times. Kjellberg cited a problematic lack of communication during his time with Machinima, but aside from answering requests for help, he added that working with Maker hasn't really changed things. With his current contract expiring in December, Kjellberg seems poised to start his own network: "I'm in touch with a couple of people who I think would be so right for this," he explained, adding that he's eager to start such a project and would like to help other YouTubers in the process.

Samsung Girds for Cost Cuts After Downbeat Guidance

SEOUL—Samsung Electronics Co. is bracing for more cost cuts and a potential management change later this year as it struggles to halt a sharp slide in profit.

Exploring modern Paris to find the roots of Assassin's Creed Unity

During the Paris tour, Ubisoft stopped and compared gameplay video on a tablet to real life monuments. Many of the 3D landmarks are dramatically similar to the real deal, with the added touch of grit and atmosphere from 1790s Paris. For instance, Notre Dame (top image) is a drop-dead match to its real life doppleganger. But Ubisoft's historians learned that the Cathedral was used for stocking arms and livestock during the revolution -- so the interior is loaded with weaponry and cows.

Ski Safari: Adventure Time - IGN's Free Game of the Month

Free Game of the Month

The Cities With The Latest Bedtimes, According To Jawbone

So, who stays up the latest? Surprise! It's Brooklyn, with an average sleep time of 12:07 a.m. Manhattanites stay up pretty late, too, with an average bedtime of 11:55 p.m. Maybe everyone is watching Scandal or something.

Inside The Bizarre World Of Rogue Taxidermy

Ironically, the Internet has enabled this old-school art form to regain popularity: “Social media have allowed taxidermy work, art, and ideas to be shared in real time, all around the world,” Marbury writes. The common trait among all these artists, he says, is "a curiosity about death." For the book, Marbury profiled a series of creatively morbid Rogue Taxidermy artists around the world. From zombie weasels to puppies in tiaras, the work of six of these are featured in the slide show above.

GitHub Partners With Digital Ocean, Unreal Engine, Others To Give Students Free Access To Developer Tools | TechCrunch

A GitHub spokesperson told me that the company already has about 100,000 students on its free plan, but with the Developer Pack, they can now get free access to a GitHub micro account (usually $7/month) with up to five private repositories for as long as they are students.

Blockchain Goes From Bootstrapping To Scoring $30 Million | TechCrunch

Given Blockchain’s footprint, the company has been talking with VCs for a while. “This time we were sharing a vision and it’s not just cash. We found partners that we were comfortable with, and were adding value,” Smith said. But the funding will also be a key asset when it comes to keeping up with the competition and convincing the next 10 million bitcoin users.

MiniLuxe Brings Its High-Tech Beauty Salons Nationwide With $23M In New Funding | TechCrunch

In addition to new physical locations, the company is also launching a booking app for mobile devices. But its application of technology extends beyond mobile apps, the company uses high tech point of sale systems, and employs a large data mining and collection system on the back end. For instance,changes in temperature lead to higher bookings of manicures and pedicures, so the company’s flexible staffing system bulks up for hours when more beauticians will be needed in the salon.

'Hairgate': iPhone hit by new social media storm

Fresh from the online uproar over whether the shiny new iPhone 6 bends when carried around in pockets, Apple has been hit by a new complaint - that the handset traps users' hair or beards when they make calls.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker US Release Date Announced - IGN

Speculation regarding the new date was largely fuelled by the fact the game already saw its European release pushed back into the first quarter of next year, along with a retailer listing.

JPMorgan Chase hackers tried infiltrating other institutions: WSJ

(Reuters) - Hackers who breached JPMorgan Chase & Co's computer network earlier this year also tried to infiltrate other financial institutions, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the investigation.

See Benchmark’s Peter Fenton And Software’s Hottest Container Store, Docker, Onstage At Disrupt Europe | TechCrunch

One could argue that with Fenton’s other investments in companies like Zendesk, a provider of on-demand customer support; and New Relic, which provides application management services on-demand; he’s working with companies that are at the forefront of a new revolution in enterprise computing. Fenton began his career as a consultant with Bain before moving to Accel Partners, where he worked for seven years before moving to Benchmark in 2006.

H-P Move Highlights Disruption in Tech

For several years, early pillars of Silicon Valley have felt the rumblings of change. But Hewlett-Packard Co.’s stunning decision to break itself up underscores how strong the shaking has become. Iconic tech giants such as H-P, Intel Corp., Cisco Systems Inc. and Oracle Corp. built huge franchises as computers spread to virtually every home and company. But growth has slowed for those technology pioneers, largely because they haven’t...

In the name of the king: Hennessey announces 717-horspower Mustang HPE700

The Hennessey has its counterparts beaten in power as well, as the American tuner has managed to extract a Hellcat-humbling 717 horsepower from the ‘Stang’s 5.0-liter V8. A Roots-type supercharger provides the added grunt and brings torque output up to 632 pound-feet, beating its closest challenger, the 640-hp, 565 lb/ft Saleen.

Tell us your secret characters, new Super Smash Bros. screens

Anyone hoping to avoid spoilers regarding the character roster for Super Smash Bros. should calmly exit the internet now. Nintendo has updated the official Super Smash Bros . website with a section dedicated to secret characters, and posted a slew of screenshots showing them in action on both the Wii U and 3DS versions. Abandon all hope, ye who proceed to the next paragraph: here there be spoilers. According to the updated page, it looks like we can expect to see some old favorites returning to smash it up and duke it out. Ness from EarthBound , Falco from the Star Fox series and Wario from ... uh, our nightmares(?) will appear in Super Smash Bros . when it comes to Wii U. You check out a gallery of the trio trading blows below. Of course, if you've picked up a copy of the excellent Super Smash Bros. for 3DS , these probably don't come as much of a surprise. Even if you haven't already unlocked them yourself, Japanese players began showing off the recently-announced fighters (and plenty others) last month. [Image: Nintendo] Super Smash Bros. 2014 (Secret

The Innovators Review: Taking the "Great Man" Out of the Garage

Maybe the biggest problem with Isaacson's book is that he wants to have it both ways. He decries the petty battles over claims to "first!" and rightly points out just how messy history really is. But in the end he clearly has strong opinions about precisely who deserves credit for a given innovation. Isaacson wants to appear as though he's rising above the fray, when in fact he's right down there digging in his heels and setting the agenda. All the while sprinkling in quotes from Albert Einstein and Ben Franklin, because he clearly can't help himself.

Medal System Added to Halo: CE and Halo 2 in Halo: The Master Chief Collection - IGN

"New medals have been added to both Halo: CE and Halo 2 for campaign and multiplayer," 343 told us. "There are nearly 100 unique medals in both Halo: CE and Halo 2. We felt this addition would make the multiplayer experience feel more modern and give players more ways to track their progress and style. For players who want a classic experience, medal display can be turned off for Halo: CE and can be toggled between off, classic medals, and modern medals for Halo 2 Classic. Campaign medals are awarded for enemy and style kills as part of the unified campaign scoring system, which is a new variation of the systems in Halo 3, ODST, and Reach."

Meteor Acquires YC Alum FathomDB For Its Development Platform | TechCrunch

The Meteor team is currently preparing the platform for general availability, DeBergalis tells me, and the current expectation is to launch version 1.0 later this year — most likely even before Thanksgiving. At that point, the project will be able to offer businesses a stable API to work with. Many of FathomDB’s features will become part of this 1.0 release, it seems, but maybe even more importantly, they will become part of Meteor’s commercial offering, too, which will launch soon.

Ambi Climate Gives Any Air Conditioner Nest-Like Powers | TechCrunch

It tries to maximize the energy efficiency of your system while keeping things comfortable, and the founders claim that it can cut your energy bill by up to a third when used constantly. There aren’t any tools for installation as with other options like Nest, and it works even with apartment window air conditioners, so long as they’re new. The IR method might actually not be compatible with a lot of central air systems that Nest would work best for, so Ambi Climate might be well-positioned to pick up the parts of the market not covered by the Google-owned firm.

Finding a Video Poker Bug Made These Guys Rich—Then Vegas Made Them Pay | WIRED

John Kane was on a hell of a winning streak. On July 3, 2009, he walked alone into the high-limit room at the Silverton Casino in Las Vegas and sat down at a video poker machine called the Game King. Six minutes later the purple light on the top of the machine flashed, signaling a $4,300 jackpot. Kane waited while the slot attendant verified the win and presented the IRS paperwork—a procedure required for any win of $1,200 or greater—then, 11 minutes later, ding ding ding! , a $2,800 win. A $4,150 jackpot rolled in a few minutes after that.

'Gotham' Episode 3: 'Balloonman' Is the Vigilante Gotham Needs Right Now

Something’s going on at Arkham Asylum. The world’s most notorious looney bin has been dormant for 15 years now, and though the Waynes had some kind of designs on it before they were cut down in the street, now members of the crime syndicate are saying cryptic things about it: “People are acting crazy, and crazy is bad for business,” Don Falcone tells Fish Mooney, who responds, “You’re talking abou Arkham. I thought you had that locked up.” Could the Waynes have been killed because of what they had in mind for Arkham? And we know the Joker is going to play a role in this — but what could it be? And have we laid eyes on him yet?

Dorkfood Sous-Vide Temperature Controller (DSV) review - CNET

Using the DSV is about as simple as it gets. Dorkfood's plug has a socket on its back -- plug the thing in, then plug your slow cooker in behind it. You'll hold down the "Set" button until the display flashes, then use the "+" and "-" buttons to set the target temperature. Press set again, and Dorkfood will begin doing its thing. Just fill your cooker with water, drop the probe in, and wait for the DSV to bring it up to temperature, which can take anywhere from thirty to ninety minutes depending on how high you're cranking it up and how hot the water is to start. It's worth mentioning that both Anova and Nomiku were able to heat a lidless stock pot of water much faster than Dorkfood was able to heat a slow cooker with a lid on it, though your mileage may vary depending on the specific slow cooker or rice maker you're using.

Less than half of the Apple devices visiting the App Store are running iOS 8

47 percent of iOS devices visiting the App Store are running iOS 8, according to figures Apple reported on its developer site. That is an impressive uptake over three weeks but it appears to be at a slower rate than last year.

'Super Smash Bros.' Finally Gets a Wii U Release Date

After the release of the handheld Super Smash Bros. to 3DS on Friday, Nintendo has finally told us the release date for the game's Wii U version. The newest iteration of the Nintendo franchise fighting game will be out Nov. 21 in the United States.

Plastc wants to replace your entire wallet with a single card

You can put your wallet on top of an included charging mat to charge up Plastc overnight. (But if you don’t, it lasts 30 days on a charge.) And like Coin, Plastc includes various security measures, like a PIN code you must enter on its E-ink screen, and a requirement that you can only add cards with your name on them, which makes it more difficult to use for card skimming. And then there’s Plastc’s "remote wipe" mode, which can wipe your card when it’s lost, and the ability to show live card balances on its E-ink screen so you can check before you pay. You can pre-order Plastc today for $155 and ships next summer, though it's worth noting that I haven't tested a prototype of the device. Like with any crowdfunding or pre-order campaign, there's no guarantee that Plastc will come through on its promises.

Adobe’s e-book reader sends your reading logs back to Adobe—in plain text

Adobe Digital Editions allows users to view and manage eBooks and other digital publications across their preferred reading devices—whether they purchase or borrow them. All information collected from the user is collected solely for purposes such as license validation and to facilitate the implementation of different licensing models by publishers. Additionally, this information is solely collected for the eBook currently being read by the user and not for any other eBook in the user’s library or read/available in any other reader. User privacy is very important to Adobe, and all data collection in Adobe Digital Editions is in line with the end user license agreement and the Adobe Privacy Policy.

Memphis News Station Tweets a Link to Porn; Pornhub, of Course, Responds

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

CEO Nadella to talk up what's next for Microsoft's cloud | ZDNet

Summary: Microsoft execs, including its chief executive Satya Nadella, are on tap to talk more about the company's cloud futures on October 20.

Nvidia’s GTX 900M-Series GPUs: What You Need to Know - IGN

Of note is that while Nvidia's hinted at extending support for DSR and MFAA to older desktop cards, it hasn't made any statements to that same effect for mobile GPUs. When we inquired about this, Nvidia told us that DSR and MFAA are “Maxwell-only” (GM204) features. Also, if you've studied the chart above, you might have noticed that TDP isn't listed. Interestingly, among all the numbers Nvidia gave us, it's kept rather mum about the actual numbers for the 980M and 970M's TDP. During our demo, Nvidia attributed this lack of specifics to the fact it varies by game.

Twitter sues Justice Department for right to reveal surveillance requests

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Twitter Inc ( TWTR.N ) sued the U.S. Department of Justice on Tuesday, intensifying its battle with federal agencies as the Internet industry's self-described champion of free speech seeks the right to reveal the extent of U.S. government surveillance.

British bitcoin start-up Blockchain raises $30m - Telegraph

The series A funding round was the first to bring in external investors on board and also included Sir Richard Branson, Mosaic Ventures and Prudence Holdings. Bitcoin, although controversial for its association with illegitimate purchases since it can be used anonymously, is gaining credibility thanks to endorsements from well-known investors.

Ouch: Samsung warns of 60% profit drop as sales slow

After rising through the ranks to become the top smartphone seller in the world, Samsung is starting to fall from grace. The company warned of a large profit drop as the easy mobile device growth is gone.

Study: Internet Firms Take Up Most Office Space in Asia

Internet companies including Yahoo! Japan and LinkedIn  took up the most new office space in Asia in the second quarter, according to a study by property consultant Cushman & Wakefield. These firms leased a combined  1.1 million square feet last quarter, mainly in Japan, China and Singapore. That was nearly 22% of all office space up for rent during the quarter.

Square Cash For iOS Now Lets You Send Money To Nearby Friends Via Bluetooth | TechCrunch

The Cash app for peer-to-peer payments originally grew out of the way some portion of Square users were interacting with the company’s flagship application and card reader. That is, they were using to to split tabs or for paying back friends after large group purchases of some kind. But with Cash, users can transfer money back and forth for free, instead of incurring the charges associated with credit card payments.

Secret and Whisper, look out: Facebook is reportedly going after anonymity

Basically, we don’t know much. But the simple fact that Facebook is exploring anonymity should make Whisper, Secret, Yik Yak, Reddit, and their ilk at least a little nervous. According to the report, Facebook has been working on this product for a year — no small potatoes in terms of a time investment. It’s never fun when the reigning social media champion cottons onto your product.

Docker acquires testing-centric startup Koality as it continues to build out its paid services

While Amazon’s CTO Werner Vogels pointed out Koality as an innovative startup during last year’s Amazon re:Invent conference, Koality — whose CEO and co-founder Jonathan Chu once worked as a software engineer for Palantir — doesn’t just cater to the cloud exclusively. The startup also allows for developers to test out their code within their own infrastructure with an on-premise component, which is important for Docker as it sees more traditional industries like banking, manufacturing and government agencies willing to try out its container technology,

AT&T Admits That Former Employee Illegally Accessed Customer Data

"We take our customers’ privacy very seriously and value the trust they have in us," AT&T wrote in a statement. "Unfortunately, we recently learned that one of our employees did not follow our strict privacy rules and inappropriately obtained some customer information. This individual no longer works at AT&T and we are directly contacting the limited number of affected customers."

Skin Printing Just Got Faster, Cheaper, And Smaller

Unlike pharmaceutical testing, which is fairly straightforward from a regulatory standpoint, actually printing human flesh in a clinical setting is going to need government approval. That fact, combined with the additional R&D needed to perfect the process, means we're probably a few years away from seeing 3-D printed skin grafts in the wild.

How we built it: When it comes to packaging, sweat the small stuff

We had several versions to address physical issues so that everything fit in the packaging nice and snug. For example, there are three steel mounting plates that rattled very loudly in the “shake test,” so we had to add a cardboard wrapper around the plates to keep them quiet. We also discovered after having units shipped to our office from the warehouse that the August would spin in the package and when a consumer open the box they wouldn’t see the logo badge in the right position. To fix this, we added a small pad under the device so it would stay upright and display the logo properly.

Samsung lands a hit with Milk Music... in Korea

Samsung’s Milk Music has become the most popular free app on Google Play in South Korea — but local labels are threatening to cancel their contracts.

Blockchain Lands Biggest Ever Venture Funding Round in Bitcoin Industry

Bitcoin wallet and data analytics provider Blockchain raised a little over $30 million from venture capital investors, the biggest single funding round yet for a digital-currency firm and a sign that Silicon Valley remains excited about bitcoin’s prospects even as its price has fallen far from its highs of last year.

Fight for your life in The Evil Within's latest trailer

When you encounter a large man ripping out a corpse's innards, "Hey! What are you doing?" maybe isn't the best response. Bethesda's latest The Evil Within trailer showcases The Haunted, the single-minded horde that stalks hero Sebastian Castellanos throughout his gory quest. The trailer also gives a glimpse at the deadly traps that will crush, ensnare, or puncture players at every turn when The Evil Within launches next week for consoles and PC platforms. [Video: Bethesda]

Secret iBeacon network uncovered, shut down in New York City

BuzzFeed discovered the beacons with an Android app called iBeacon Detector , which shows information about beacons operating within reach of the device on which the app is installed. With the app, BuzzFeed uncovered more than 13 of Titan's beacons operating "on a 20-block stretch along Broadway and Sixth Avenue" in Manhattan. A spokesman for New York City’s Department of Information Technology and Communications (DoITT) told BuzzFeed that Titan had installed about 500 of the devices throughout the city.

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