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I Drove a 3D Printed Car

3D printing a car sounds pretty awesome, but it's not half as cool as driving one.

The Hour of Code is coming

The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries and over 30 languages. Ages 4 to 104.

Ana Tijoux - Somos Sur (Feat. Shadia Mansour)

Ana Tijoux "Vengo"on iTunes: and Amazon:

Postmodern Jukebox Shakes Off Taylor Swift With a Motown Cover

The Post Modern Jukebox featuring Von Smith give Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" a Motown treatment.

NASA finds 'Mighty Mouse' pulsar brighter than 10 million suns - CNET

The discovery of a new unusually bright dead star leads astronomers to question assumptions about a type of cosmic radiation -- and pulsars themselves.

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Unlocking Big Data: Lessons Learned From The God Particle

Admittedly—and especially for fans of Pythagoras—this conversion is a little mind-blowing. But once you get beyond the cosmic significance, what’s equally interesting is that the resulting symphony—aptly titled “LHC Chamber Music “(with LHC being short for Large Hadron Collider, the particle accelerator that helped us find the Higgs)—gives us a window into the future of data visualization and creative innovation.

How risky is your Uber ride? Maybe more than you think - CNET

What makes this more than just an altercation between driver and passengers? An Uber ride is different from hopping into a taxi. When you download Uber's app and get into a car summoned with the mobile reservation system, you agree to a host of terms and conditions by default. And Uber is young enough that situations like this one are still largely uncharted territory.

Driveclub review: The Stepford Drives

(PS4) You choose what you look like in Driveclub , which adds a tinge of humanity to a game characterized by competitive pieces of metal orbiting a scenic road at high speed. It may seem like a trifling detail, just a simple tweak to the biped behind the wheel, but it's the subtle setup for what Driveclub is really about: a human trying to purge all emotion and blend in with a community of robot race-car drivers. The computer-controlled drivers infuse their route with a glorious, mechanical perfection – slingshotting around insane curves as sunlight ripples across their Mercs and Paganis. Who wouldn't want to be part of such calculated beauty? Who would not want to fit snugly into a 12-car snake slinking around the corner? Driveclub (Review) It's a shame the repercussions of failing to fit in are so severe. It's a tiresome thing to be bumped, smashed and shoved off the road repeatedly because you failed to synchronize with the unspoken movements of the robot hive-mind. It's an infuriating slog to play against Driveclub 's belligerent artificial intelligence and forsake humanity.

AT&T to Pay $105 Million to Settle Accusations It Billed for Bogus Fees

WASHINGTON—AT&T Inc. has agreed to pay $105 million to settle accusations that it added hundreds of millions of dollars in bogus third-party charges to subscribers’ wireless bills.

Google Play Offers Movie Pre-Orders in the US

The feature is only available in the US, although Google says more countries will be added soon. In short, it means viewers can express their interest in a title and have it ready for streaming or downloading on its release date. Google only charges viewers when the title is available, and also sends an email to confirm it’s been added to their library.

Weekly Nightfall Strike - Destiny Wiki Guide - IGN

At the large open plain where you face the Fallen, disperse your fire team along the ridge above the camp, with ne player in the spot shown above and another to his left. If you have a Warlock with Fireborn, use him to safely open the door to the next section while his friends snipe from safety.

How quickly do you die in Alien Isolation hard mode? Let's find out

Alien: Isolation is a brutal affair, wrought in the hues of '70s filmmaking and '90s PC gaming. "Checkpoints? We don't need no stinking checkpoints!" says Alien . That's just before it bites your face off, forcing you to start that whole story sequence over again, hiding under desks and in lockers, while a terrifying, two-mouthed freak stalks you around every corner. As Ludwig Kietzmann describes in his Alien: Isolation review, the game's scares and difficulty can be exhausting. Just imagine what it's like on the hardest difficulty. Let's find out together. Starting at 4:00PM EST on , we'll be streaming the middle chapters of Alien: Isolation on hard mode, doing our damndest to sneak past the xenomorph. Anthony John Agnello ( @ajohnagnello ) will play while Jess Conditt ( @jessconditt ) offers moral support and hangs in the chat. Anyone who swings by early will get to partake in the usual pre-show tomfoolery. We broadcast live on every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:00PM EST, but we also stream on other days at unusual times so mak

Want To Win Meetings? Learn When To Stop Talking

“There’s this level of inhibition when you’re younger,” said Spade, who gets frustrated when younger colleagues send her post-meeting follow-up notes with great ideas that could have been discussed during the meeting. “I’d rather have to tell them ‘you’re talking to much,’ then say ‘you have a lot of great ideas; you should really speak up in the meeting.”

Moto X (2014) Review: The Best Android Outside of Google HQ

When the original Moto X launched last year, I was in the market for a new Android phone. Yet the lure of Moto X’s $199 price tag and customizable touches didn’t sway me. Perhaps it seemed gimmicky and appeared to pack more fashion than hardware and software punches. I also couldn’t look past the budget specs at the same price as an iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S5.

Early Skype Investor Morten Lund, Who Lost It All But Came Back, Speaks At Disrupt | TechCrunch

Not long after that he invested much of his personal money from the sale of Skype, into a free newspaper venture, “Nyhedsavisen”. But when that venture failed he was declared bankrupt in January 2009. Through sheer grit and hard work, he managed to make it back from bankruptcy by April 2010, which was something of a personal journey to re-establish his reputation.

Why Technology Isn’t Truly Wearable

Despite my trouble tracking down fashionable technology that I can actually wear, New York City fashion week brings a wave of prototypes to my office doorstep. I sit at a cafeteria desk one morning fiddling with the MICA, the bracelet Intel and Opening Ceremony created together. It’s a thick plastic oval decorated with white snakeskin and a large gold clasp that hides its charging jack. The tech is on the back, a rectangle LED screen that will, in the working version, show notifications from your phone that can be checked discretely. “As a woman, I do care what I wear,” says the vice president of Intel’s new devices group, Ayse Ildeniz, who has arrived with the bracelet to explain her company’s investment in wearable tech. “There’s a reason I’m putting this belt on,” she nods to a large metallic rose clasping together an otherwise black ensemble.

Slack Exposes Team Names to Outsiders as a Feature

That’s true. It’s a tradeoff between usability & keeping the team names a secret, since each team has its own accounts. With the current design we’re making it easier for people select the team they want to sign in to. However, in the middle of overhauling the auth system as we move to support SSO & 2 factor auth which will remove this feature completely (needs mobile releases, etc.) Other info about security & privacy at   & +

Best Cell Phones

It often feels like nothing moves as fast as the mobile phone industry. A new release one day is an old phone the next and history soon after. Cell phones continue to wildly evolve, taking on drastic new forms, shapes and sizes every few months, often with new services and features. Unfortunately, most of us can only afford to buy a new phone once every two years, making our choice all the more important. Below is an up-to-date list of our favorite phones available in the United States. This list covers devices on all of the major US wireless carriers and phones from every major operating system. If it’s one of our favorite devices, it’s here.

A new study finds hands-free Siri interaction results in highest levels of distraction while driving

The research was put together through a lengthy test and trial from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, which you can read in a study they recently published [PDF]. Within the study, the AAA Foundation tested 45 drivers in a series of trials, all the while trying to determine what, if anything, caused the most distraction while they were behind the wheel. According to their findings, Siri’s high complexity and lack of overall intuitiveness led to the highest levels of driver distraction.

The Art Of Cyberwar: Amazing Images Created From Attacks On Banks

The idea for building an art gallery around the images, Rivner says, came when he discovered some of the company’s customers were using visualizations of the attacks as screen savers. The visualizations were generated by patterns malware attacks created when trying to simulate human behavior--in this case, they came from recordings of interactions made by BioCatch’s analytics back end.

HTC Re camera Preview - CNET

According to HTC, battery life is about an hour and a half for 1080p video capture and more than 1,000 stills. That's probably not while using Wi-Fi, but the idea is that you take it out of your pocket, shoot a short clip or snap a couple photos and move on.

Symantec Said to Explore Split Into Security, Storage Cos

The Mountain View, California-based software company is in advanced talks to split up its business into two entities, with one that sells security programs and another that does data storage, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the conversations are private. An announcement may be a few weeks away, one of the people said.

New Relic Buys Dashboard Tool Ducksboard As It Continues Expansion Into Analytics | TechCrunch

Today’s New Relic analytics tool lets IT pros see what’s happening down to the user level, but from a customer service standpoint, it doesn’t give much context beyond that. Ducksboard will enable New Relic customers to not only display that APM data to get at the root of the customer problem, it could also display Zendesk help desk tickets to see the history of other customer issues or show data to see how important this customer is to the company. It expands the view of the customer in a big way and breaks through the wall of what most would consider traditional APM responsibility –and that’s precisely what Cirne wants to do.

Batman Writer Scott Snyder Addresses Huge Surprise - IGN

Snyder: Not at all. I was worried, the way it came out, that it would seem that way, but I love Aquaman, and I love what Geoff did with him and what Jeff Parker is doing with him. It wasn't. It really was a matter, honestly, of I think Batman would be very prepared to fight him in that way and to dismantle him quickly, because fighting Arthur fist to fist, he'd be in very big trouble very fast. In the same way, I think he has something he can shoot at Wonder Woman, this kind of deceptive line, and it would hit her, and done. Everything is designed to take somebody out as fast as possible so that he can pivot and look at the next person, do you know what I mean? So it wasn't at all meant to be that Aquaman is easy to take out; it's just that Batman's trick to taking him out is that he knows in some way that Arthur would be waiting for him to face him and fight him with honor. So it meant it had to be something where he would fire over his shoulder, something would pop out, he would shoot him without looking, because Arthur's that dangerous. That was the point. I never wanted it to seem like he was easy to take down.

Micro-Investment Platform Acorns Lands On Android | TechCrunch

Acorns simply connects to your credit and debit cards and invests the change from each purchase (rounding up to the next dollar) into an investment portfolio. You can choose between five different risk options, from aggressive to conservative, and watch how your investments are performing over time.

Teens love iPhone more, use Facebook a lot less, says survey - CNET

More teens say their next phone will be an iPhone, Piper Jaffray finds, but the teen jury is still very much out on the iWatch.

AT&T to Pay $105 Million for 'Cramming' Bogus Charges Onto Bills

The Federal Trade Commission said Wednesday that AT&T Mobility LLC, a subsidiary of AT&T, billed millions of customers for charges from third-party companies for services people never asked to receive or were duped into subscribing to — things like horoscope texts or flirting tips. The fees were usually small — $9.99 a month — and were not easy for customers to find on their bills.

Vive, The Mobile App That Lets You Video Chat With Strangers, Raises $1.5M | TechCrunch

Lastly, in what feels like a nod towards online dating apps, you’re asked to write a passage describing how your best friend would describe you. Then you sit back and wait to be approved — a somewhat manual process that won’t scale as easily as a more free-for-all sign up process but one that presumably aims to stop Vive from becoming a place for men to show their genitalia unsolicited, Chatroulette-style. Afterwards you fill in more of your profile and can begin creating ‘topics’ so that others can find and begin video chatting with you.

Watch HTC’s ‘Double Exposure’ Phone (And Camera?) Event Live Right Here | TechCrunch

HTC is also said to be planning a new GoPro-style action camera reveal for this event, which could also help explain the ‘Double’ in ‘Double Exposure.’ This gadget has been leaked a bunch, and could resemble a little periscope. A journalist on Twitter published photos he claims are the new camera earlier today, and they resemble those found in a still frame in HTC’s own promo. I’m very curious to see why HTC thinks it can do a better job than GoPro in this market with what looks like a spiritual successor to the Flip Video camera, so I’ll be watching the above right along with you at 4 PM.

Study: U.S. teens abandon Facebook and cling to iPhones

When it comes to video consumption, teens are continuing to shift from physical rentals and purchases to streaming services. Specifically, Netflix continues to dominate the time of teens while Redbox, Amazon and Hulu lag far behind Netflix’s popularity. Not surprisingly, the popularity of renting movies in stores like Blockbuster continued to shrink and Redbox kiosk usage remained relatively flat over the last six months. When watching a film, IMAX continues to be the most popular type of viewing experience followed by 2D in the theater, streaming the film, 3D in the theater, DVD rental, video-on-demand and finally a DVD purchase.

Google announces new Chromebook for Work features, $50/year subscription option

Google, in a post on the official Google Work blog today, announced several enhancements coming to enterprise Chromebook users.  In addition to a slew of new features for places using Chromebooks for Work, Google also announced a new pricing scheme for enterprise users. For $50 per device per year, users can get access to all of Google’s Chromebook for Work features, although that only applies to customers in the United States and Canada.

Uber Skimps On Driver Training, Then Charges Drivers $65 For Basic Driver Skills Course

The reason neither Uber nor Lyft offer formal driver training is twofold: 1) these are people driving their own cars we’re talking about here (and thus they presume – reasonably, in my opinion – that their owners are already fully acquainted with their vehicles; and 2) both companies assume — arguably fallaciously — that their drivers are already familiar with the broad layouts of the cities in which they operate (they *do* live there and already own cars, after all), and that the GPS systems on their phones (or built in to their vehicles) can direct them to streets and areas they may not know. At least in my personal experience with Uber and Lyft drivers — and I’ve taken more rides than I can count with both — most have had at least a general idea of where I’ve directed them. (One who didn’t had just started on the job the day before, and he lived in the suburbs; as such, he didn’t know the downtown area I needed to go to well, but he had no problem finding it after punching in my destination into his phone.)

FBI Pays Visit to Researcher Who Revealed Yahoo Hack | WIRED

His uncertainty is an example of the general unease in the computer security community caused by aggressive government prosecutions under the CFAA. Enacted in 1986, the law makes it illegal to access a computer without authorization, but security researchers and federal prosecutors often don’t agree on what that means. Several high-profile hacking cases have played out in this gray area. Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer and Daniel Spitler were charged after writing a script that accessed information on a publicly available AT&T website, Aaron Swartz for downloading a cache of articles that he was permitted to access.

Photos of new Lego Minecraft sets leaked

Though not slated for release until November, Mir Kubikov, a chain of franchise Lego stores in Russia has prematurely placed the new Minecraft sets in their online store . Though the images are not high resolution, all the pertinent set information is there including some great images of the new Minecraft minifigures.

Go To TechCrunch Disrupt Europe: London For Free #TCDisrupt | TechCrunch

Haven’t gotten your tickets to TechCrunch Disrupt Europe yet? The hottest tech conference of the year is coming to London this October, and to celebrate we’re giving away another free pair of tickets to the main event. All you have to do is enter to win. We’ll randomly select the winning entry, and the winner will be notified by email.

HTC Just Built The Ultimate Selfie Phone

HTC is throwing in some new camera software features as well. For example, the Split Capture mode lets you use the front and rear camera at the same time, a feature that's been on some Samsung phones for quite some time. The Crop Me In feature does exactly what the name implies: It allows you to crop and scale yourself into any photo you've taken on the phone.

Fitbit Has No Plans to Integrate with iOS 8's Health App

“We do not currently have plans to integrate with HealthKit. It is an interesting new platform and we will watch as it matures, looking for opportunities to improve the Fitbit experience. At the moment, we’re working on other exciting projects that we think will be valuable to users. The question we want you to keep in mind when providing feedback is: What do you imagine a HealthKit integration would entail and what do you expect to get out of it?”

How 3-D Printing is Revolutionizing the Display of Big Data | MIT Technology Review

Weber and Gadepally say their approach is particularly useful when groups of people have to access the data at the same time. They give the example of city planners studying the patterns of traffic that occur in cities. That kind of data is difficult to reason about at a group level without a display that everyone can see and interact with. And the big advantage is that a key part of the data set, the model, is fixed—set in stone, almost. That allows complete flexibility with the data that needs to be crunched but complete inflexibility with the data that doesn’t need to be touched. That can simplify matters considerably.

34 Last Issue Is December 17, 2014 — The Magazine

The Magazine will stop publishing its every-other-week issues on December 17, 2014, cancel all outstanding subscriptions, and automatically provide pro-rated refunds (either through Apple or directly) for subscriptions that continue past December 31, 2014. (We will be in touch directly with Kickstarter backers who subscribed via our Year One book campaign.)

A 5-minute charge for this portable battery can fully recharge an iPhone 5

Most portable battery packs suffer from the same challenge as our mobile devices: They take a while to recharge. Not so with the Pronto, which can grab enough juice from an outlet in just five minutes to recharge a phone.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee calls for new model for privacy on the web - Telegraph

Sir Tim Berners-Lee has called for new model for privacy on the web, whereby people are the legal owners of their data and have full control over how it is used.

Could A Nobel Prize-Winning Innovation Have Almost Been Overlooked By Silicon Valley? | TechCrunch

Physics-based technology development and startups are extraordinarily difficult as many valuable things are. Today, Soraa is the only GaN on GaN LED in the world, and it’s on a trajectory to be the most efficient LED lighting technology by far. In the Silicon Valley tradition, Soraa defied conventional wisdom that its technology was too expensive and impractical. Many pundits advised against its approach, but today, GaN on GaN requires 80 percent less capital expenditure and 80 percent less material to produce the same amount of light as a conventional LED. Further, Soraa’s LEDs last far longer and produce better-quality light than any other lighting technology today.

I Want to Write Android Apps. Where Do I Start?

I have some background in coding, but I've never touched Android development before. I'd like to get started, but I'm not entirely sure what I need. I don't need to "learn to code" per se, but I could use some guidance on where to start with Android. Can you help?

The year of Watson continues: IBM announces a slew of new partners, public cloud integration, & more

And to think, just a year ago the only people tooling around with Watson, outside of high-level Ph.D.s and IBM employees, were Big Blue’s interns. Today, it’s poised to bring about the cognitive computing revolution — a form of computing that’s focused on gaining insights from massive troves of data, rather than the more task-oriented computing model we’ve relied on for decades.

Impact of cognitive computing on CIOs, IT

Provided by  HP AND INTEL®Over the last two decades, IT has served as an integrator of technology. But in the last four years, cloud computing, the consumerization of IT, the explosion in mobile computing, skyrocketing amounts of data and increased business complexity have changed the equation for IT. The old model will no longer work. Read on to explore the ten reasons why you should move to HP Converged Infrastructure now.Intel® and the Intel® logo are trademarks of Intel® Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.

HTC's RE camera is a GoPro for NoPros

Periscope. Asthma inhaler. PVC pipe. These are just a few items that came to mind the first time I saw HTC's first standalone camera, which the company is simply -- and oddly -- calling the RE. Even though nothing about this device is normal, it's catered to the interests of the average Joe. "If you're going whitewater rafting down rapids, use a GoPro," an HTC marketing executive said, pointing out that the RE isn't supposed to compete with the popular action cam. No, HTC's brand-new imaging device, which should retail for around $200 when it hits US retail outlets like Best Buy later this month, is in a completely different category. But the biggest challenge HTC faces is in convincing buyers that this is better, faster and easier than simply pulling your phone out of your pocket when you need a quick shot. Gallery | 47 Photos HTC RE Camera hands-on + See all 47

Inside Rolls-Royce, the luxury maker

To own a Rolls-Royce is universally recognized as "the ultimate expression that you have made it," says Warren, even by those who are unimpressed by the marque’s conservative grandeur. It is conspicuous consumption of the highest order, and the company is perfectly content with its role of satisfying that niche but highly profitable demand: "no one needs a Rolls-Royce, we are very open about that. These are purchases of the heart." And yet, in spite of its sustained popularity, Rolls-Royce is starting to lean toward a younger audience, introducing the more driver-oriented Ghost in 2010 and the closest thing to a sports car the company will likely ever do, 2013’s Wraith. The average Phantom buyer is 55, an age that drops to the mid-40s for Ghost owners and as low as the 30s for Wraith. This shift in clientele isn’t happening by lowering prices, mind you, as the most affordable of these cars still costs in excess of $350,000 before even adding any bespoke elements.

Belkin Explains Why Its Routers Stopped Working | TechCrunch

“One of our cloud services associated with maintaining router operations was negatively impacted by a change made in our data center that caused a false denial of service. Normal operations were restored by 3PM PST, however, some users might still be required to reset their router and/or cable modem to regain connectivity. Moving forward, we will continue to monitor, improve and validate the system to ensure our routers continue to work properly in the event connectivity to our cloud environment is not available.”

What You Need To Know Before Getting Your Dream Job Saving The World

As a fresh-out of college graduate who works in a non-profit, I think your article brings up a lot of interesting points about working in non-profit and how its popularity has increased throughout the recent years. In my experience non-profits were willing to take on fresh-faced idealistic young people rather than corporate and private companies. However, I really did not appreciate the part of your article that only uses the pay example of non-profit lawyers versus corporate lawyers. Of course the non-profit lawyers are going to get paid a living wage. They are not going to be starving. However, other positions (i.e. my position) does not get paid a living wage. And for that reason, non profit jobs that provide fulfilling roles sometimes do not make up for the lack of pay.We must pick up other jobs, most notably in the for-profit sector (There's a reason Starbucks baristas are mostly twenty-somethings.)

Ruh-Roh. Carl Icahn Has a Message for Apple's Tim Cook.

No one knows what, precisely, Icahn is after this time around, but whatever it is, expect a very public explanation, both in the open letter and probably on television as well. Icahn needs the bully pulpit to lay out his case, because Apple, with its $600 billion market cap, is simply too large for him to acquire the kind of sizable stake he’d need to force the issue.

Twitter Sues U.S. Government Over Data Requests

Twitter Inc. sued the U.S. government for the right to disclose more detailed information on government surveillance of its users, extending a clash between Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C., that has intensified in recent months.

New Relic acquires Ducksboard and rolls out a bunch of new data products

New Relic bought out a small Barcelona-based startup that specializes in dashboards for business users and is enabling non-coders to build internal apps that can analyze and interpret data.

LG's G Watch R is the most expensive Android Wear watch yet

That will make LG's device the most expensive Android Wear smartwatch on the market when it launches. The G Watch R's predecessor, the LG G Watch, is now available for around $180, while buying Samsung's Gear Live would set you back $200. The recently released Moto 360 is the current high-water mark, at a price of $250. But all Android Wear devices look set to be a cheaper option than Apple's take on the smartwatch — the functionally named Apple Watch  will be available for a starting price of $350 .

WePay Launches WePay Clear, A Stripe Competitor With Fraud Protection Built In | TechCrunch

WePay  — a startup from Palo Alto that competes against the likes of PayPal by providing payment services for marketplaces, crowdfunding platforms and other sites that enable online transactions between third-party buyers and sellers — is taking on another payments juggernaut, Stripe, with the launch of a new product. WePay Clear is a white-label, API-based service that works similar to Stripe that also offers a no-fraud guarantee.

Chipmaker AMD names Lisa Su its new CEO

Perennial underdog chip company AMD has appointed Lisa Su at its president and CEO, making Su the first woman to take the role at the company. Su replaces Rory Read who has stepped down as president, chief executive officer and member of the board of directors as part of a transition plan. Read will stay on in an advisory role with the company through the end of the year.

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52 Snowball Debuts A Unified Inbox For All Your Messaging Apps | TechCrunch
53 Vivian Schiller Steps Down As Twitter’s Head Of News | TechCrunch
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56 Firestone Did What Governments Have Not: Stopped Ebola In Its Tracks
57 How A Nightly Walk Can Change Your Life
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61 Police pepper spray Wake County teen inside his home after he's mistaken for burglar
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64 Berlin-Based Adtech Company Fyber Exits To RNTS Media For €150M | TechCrunch
65 San Francisco Legalizes, Regulates Airbnb With 7-4 Vote, Lots of Amendments | TechCrunch
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